The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 2, 1966 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
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Wednesday, March 2, 1966
Page 2
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Vbr Vagtaom &mt Wednesday. MarcK 2. 1966 Rep. Cameron Hightower of Liberty, who represents Chambers and Liberty counties in the state legislature, prepared these questions and answers on Texas" new voter registration law. WHO MAY KEGISTEK? Pecent law is not changed. Anyone who is 21 years oJd. a U.S. citizen, who has lived one year in the state and six months in the district or county may register and vote. Those over 60 years of age don't have to register if they do not reside in a city of 10.000 or more inhabitants. If a person over 60 moves from a town of less than 10.000 to a town of more than 10.000 after the official registration period, he can register at any time after moving up to four BIRDS OF A FEATHER— Reaciy for flight, a. falcon spreads its wings atop an AIM-4D, latest air-to-air Falcon missile developed for the U.S. Air Force by Hughes Aircraft Company. Culver City, Calif. Bart Warren, Hughes test pilot, is displaying the deadly, infrared-guided missile which hunts down its aerial targets at supersonic speeds. Other Falcons are in the background. Living Cost Pause May Be Temporary WASHINGTON (AP) — Don't j All right, we won't Hip. Infla- attach too much significance, experts warn us to January's pause in the steady rise of living costs. There were such pauses now and then in 1365, they point out. but the year-long trend was upward. January would have been up a little, too — about one-tenth of 1 per cent — except for the New- Year's cut in excise taxes on phone bills and cars. The unpleasant behavior of meat prices alone is likely to push living costs up for some months to come. And bad news from Viet Nam could make far worse things happen. tion isn't licked yet, we know. QUESTIONS ON VOTER LAW ARE ANSWERED BY SOLON and an annual system of registration will come into existence. If the legislature had passed a permanent registration system. WHAT ABOUT FALSE REGISTRATION ? the poll tax wffl be abolished j if they vi-Ul be able to vote,; — , ..._,.— _. —-. 'however. This will depend onj the final action of the Supreme; False registration is a felony. Court on the constitutionality of!with a prison sentence of 1-3 the poll tax. Gov. John Connal-j years, if convicted. There are it would automatically become !y will issue a proclamation if j two provisions for challenging unconstitutional in November, if!the people who register during!the registration of a person, if the people of Texas voted for 1 this period will actually be al- there is doubt that he is legally jtrar' s decision is to the district If a person goe? to register j challenging must file a. sworn and his application is challenged | statement with the Registrar set(denied) by the Registrar, then ting out the grounds for his the Registrar must conduct a [challenge. Notice is then given hearing to satisfy himself as toito the one challenged and a the applicant's entitlement to]hearing is held by the Regis- register. Appeal from the Regis- trar. Appeal can be had to the Tasting Bee TASTING BEE tickets are available from all school cafeteria employes for the food spread which begins at 5 p.m. Saturday at Robert E. Lee High School. this particular WHERE DO amendment.) REGISTER ? j Sowed to vote. In the meantime, or properly registering: (1) chal-j court. If a person's application ithn*. ,.-K~ *SA~-+ „ !,„„- ,i,«:..h v_. .u_ : —.. ,o^ to register $5 challenged (questioned) by a registered voter of j those didn't purchase their jlenge by the registrar, and (2) The county tax assessor-col- j poll tax thi s year should regis- j challenge by any registered vot- lector shall be the registrar of jter during this 15-day period. jer in the county. voters in each county. He is to! | the county, the person doing thejistration. district court. The challenged voter may continue to vote until a final decision is made canceling his reg-: Rent A Car Service As Low As J5.00 Call M2-81M THAD HELTON voters, keep proper! prepare registration register records, lists, etc. The expenses of this new duty are to be borne by the county; however, the state win! pay 25 cents for each registered' voter to the county to defray the expenses of the Registrar in] handling these new duties. Any days before any election at of the duties of the Registrar which he wishes to vote. jean be performed by any of his! (Many people felt that all vot- j deputies except the duty of hears ers. regardless of age. should ing of appeals on denial of reg-j have to register, but it was pointed out that, with the limited time and notice available to publicize this possible change, should it be made, many older people, who couldn't get news easily, might well be denied their vote. This is one of the major areas of change which the Legislature decided to consider at a later date.) WHEN DO I REGISTER? The registration period will be the same as the present period and procedure for the payment of the poll tax. Voters istration and the hearing of chal-i lenges for registration. i DO I REGISTER ONLY AT 1 THE COURTHOUSE? ] The tax assessor - collector's j office is the main place in each: county to register. However, he! can have as many authorized! deputies as he deems necessary! stationed in fixed locations' throughout the county in places! customarily open to the public, j In addition, during the registration period, the Registrar may assign a deputy to go to each hospital, rest home, convalescent must register annually, and the j home, or other similar institu- registration period will be from j tion to register qualified voters Oct. 1 through Jan. 31. (Some people argued that registration should be permanent; registers he to register that once a should not have who reside there and who, because of age, illness, or infirmity, couldn't reasonably otherwise apply for registration in person or by mail. some satisfaction from the January figure anyway, because it means that inflation hasn't really begun yet, either. After December's four-tenths DECKER DRIVE-IN THEATRE - TONIGHT -BARGAIN NIGHT ADULTS .... 25c Always 2 Features "MAN WHO COULD CHEAT DEATH" —PLUS — "ELEPHANT WALK" THURSDAY 2 FAMILY HITS 2 SvVinqirf —— vs Riotous Laffsvilfe when the boys from the bo«rfery HUHT2 MALL LEO GORCEV and ARNOLD STANG crash the jamboree of 3O COUNTRY MUSfC STARS I BRENTDA USE Uf "HOOTENANNY HOOT" again, unless he moved from)CAN i REGISTER BY MAIL? the district or county of regis- y es . A person can register in tration. However, the proposed j person or by mail. If you apply " by mail, your application is to stitution on which the people of Texas will vote on Nov. 7, 1966 would, if adopted, do two things: (1) abolish the poll tax, and j (2) institute systtms of annual o fl per cent rise in living costs | registration. So, regardless of *Ka F/siTY-rKt ^v*Mnc«/»n1->\r£> rr>/-*r>i'Vi_ . . _ „ , ,1 _ — the fourth consecutive monthly jump and the biggest for any December since 1950, when Red China entered the Korean War. no one could be sure that the price creep wasn't breaking into a gallop. It looked to many as if "infla-j tion psychology" was taking hold. That's a type of behavior which is really speculation. It impels housewives to overload the shopping cart with sugar. It causes manufacturers to order twice as much copper as their production schedules warrant. It leads retailers to mark their price tags up so they'll be plenty high in case of a price freeze. If those things were happening. President Johnson almost surely would iiave to call, sooner or later, for a stiff but temporary general tax increase to siphon more money out of the pockets of consumers and businesses. Well, January proved — to the be signed by you or your agent. If an applicant can't write, he can affix his mark. If you mail your application, it must be postmarked within the registration period and received by the what the courts do a"bout the j tax assessor - collector (regis- poll tax, if the people of Texas vote for this amendment, then satisfaction of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, at least — that the economy is "safely below the threshold of inflationary phenomena — that we stil! have substantial price stability." I Those were the words of Bureau Commissioner Arthur Ross. He told reporters that if the "phenomena" — hedge-buying, inventory' - loading and hoarding — had been prevalent, the January leveling-off of living costs could not have occurred. Most particularly, it could not have occurred in a month when unemployment dropped to a nine-year low of 4 per cent. pressures tend to rise almost the whole labor Price when force is drawing paychecks. In fact, no industrial country- has been able to prevent a price climb under conditions of high employment. This country's increase of about 1.5 per cent a year have been modest compared with Western Europe's. Loss Of Leg No Barrier HOLLYWOOD (AP) -- The loss of a leg might spell doom to the career of an actor, particularly one like Jay C. Flippen who specialized in playing rugged, hard-bitten characters. Yet Flippen has returned to action in a television Western, 'The Virginian," just a year after his rigbtleg was amputated because of gangrene. The 65-year-old actor is not yet able to walk on his own for a role, but the makers of "The Virginian" found a period wheelchair for him to emote from. Those who watched the filming report that Flippen comes on as strong as ever. "I think it went very well," he said afterward. "It was a good, tough part of a rancher who has two sons, one a do-gooder and the other a no-gooder. They had me play the role with a blanket over my legs, so nothing was made of the missing leg.'" The drama, titled "Wolves in Front, Jackals Behind," will appear on the NBC series March 23. Born in Little Rock, Ark.. Flippen first exercised his wry, raspy comedic style in minstrel shows then in vaudeville. Hei was a popular emcee-comedian | smaU fee - However, the in the heyday of radio and starred in Broadway musicals like "Artists and Models" and "The Second Little Show." Later he shifted his career to Hollywood and became one of the busiest character actors in films. His most frequent roles were as a Western sheriff or the "If those phenomena do not (tou&h . as . nails t sergeant of •rtttf W/-ir-e- e-oiH * tViii e-it»t^i_J " c =* occur." Ross said, "the situation is not dangerous even with an annual price Increase of 2 per center more." Ross and other economists ngree that even a considerably stepped- up effort in Viet Nam should have far less impact than did the Korean War on the! fighting outfit. While playins in "Cat Ballou" a year and a half ago. Flippen noticed a sore on his leg. He tried home remedies, but the sore wouldn't go away. Infection spread, and the leg became gangrenous. Flippen was hospi- Tiuch smaller XJ.S. 15 years ago. economy of HURRY ONLY 1 BIG WEEK COLOR OEtUXE CINEMWCOPE weeks in constant pain. Finally his doctors told him: "Lose the leg or become a vegetable." "I've been working at the UCLA hospital with my prosthe- Flippen reported this trar) no later than five days after the end of the registration period. CAN SOMEONE REGISTER FOR ME? Yes. The husband, wife, mother, son, or daughter of a person entitled to register may act as agent in applying for registration, provided the agent him-: self is a qualified voter of the county. Anyone else who acts as an agent in applying for reg-j istration is guilty of a misde-| meaner. I CAN I GET HELP IN FELLING! OUT APPLICATION? Yes, but be careful here. The Registrar or any of his deputies can render aid to any applicant who is physically unable to complete application or to any applicant who needs help in completing his application because he can't speak or write English. Any member of your immediate family can also help, i but be careful about getting oth-j ers to help. It's best to get the! help of the Registrar or one of his deputies if your immediate family can't help. IS THERE A FEE FOR REGISTRATION? ! No. The main reason the federal court gave for abolishing the poll tax was that the right to vote should not be denied because of financial considerations. It appears that any fee charged to any voter as a condition or pre-requisite to voting, will be held unconsitutional. Thus, the legislature did not want to run the risk of even a State cents P av county 25 is for refund. However, who have already paid for each registered voter to help j the county pay the costs ofj handling registration. I WHAT ABOUT THOSE WHO | HAVE ALREADY PAID POLL! TAX? | Sorry, but there will be no re-j fund. The poll tax was legal | when paid, so there is no bas-j those; their! poll tax or who obtained their j execmption certificate, if need-j ed, will automatically be regis-1 tered under the new voter registration law. If you did buy] your poll tax or were exempt i you don't have to register this! year. WHAT ABOUT THOSE WHO ! . DIDN'T GET POLL TAX? From March 3 through March j IS, 1965, there will b e a special j voter registration period for] those who didn't pay this year's SIS. week "I'm not looking for any .'poll tax or get an exemption miracles, because it's more dif-j certificate, if needed. All quali- jficult to learn how to use an ar- fied voters can register during i tificial leg when above the knee." the cut was this period, if not already provided for. We still are not sure NOW SHOWING THRU SATURDAY FHEIR COURAGE BUSTED A WAR WIDE OPEN! COLUMBIA PICTURES PWWJ A BENIGN FILM PRODUCTION KIRK DOUGLAS RICHURP HARRIS ANTHONY MANN'S TH£ PANAVISIOIM- COLUMBIA COLOR 59o TTU, 1:00 PJVf. MON., THURS, FRI. OCCIMC MAma Fairmont Park AX ESTABLISHED COMMUNITY 2 MILES WEST OF LA PORTE ON SPENCER HWY. GOOD DESIGN p!us GOOD CONSTRUCTION plus GOOD PROPERTY STANDARDS equal "GOOD VALUES" V.A. -- F.H.A. « Conventional M 515,000.00 to $35,000.00 What Do You Expect From Lee College? You Will Answer This Question By Your VOTE On This $1.3 Million Bond Issue SATURDAY Here Is What The $1.3 Million Will Provide - OUR COST: Academic Building Technical-Vocational Facility Mechanical Center Land Purchase $453,690. $503,256.78 $206,859.22 $ 136,194. GRAND TOTAL $1,300,000.00 Lee College IN THE PAST 30 YEARS HAS PROVED WHAT IT CAN DO FOR THIS COMMUNITY IN FURNISHING TWO YEARS OF COLLEGE WORK FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO, OR MUST, Do THIS WORK AT HOME. LEE COLLEGE FURNISHES ADULTS THE OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE COLLEGE WORK FOR CREDiT OR FOR ENRICHMENT OF THER OPPORTUNITY. LEE COLLEGE, THROUGH ITS VOCATIONAL PROGRAM, OFFERS TRAINING THAT WILL ENABLE ITS STUDENTS TO PREPARE THEMSELVES FOR JOBS THAT CAN BE DONE ONLY BY SKILLED CRAFTSMEN. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT.,. SATURDAY IS THE TIME TO VOTE. LEE COLLEGE DESERVES YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT. Citizens For Lee College Growth JAMES HARROP, Chairman r U

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