Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 15, 1941 · Page 52
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 52

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1941
Page 52
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Page Eight D Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Saturday Morning, February 15, 1941' Thrills Come Fast And Furious As Thousands Watch- MEN, ANIMALS STRUGGLE: The Phoenix World's Championship Kodeo yesterday afternoon brought many a spectator to his feet with the wide variety of thrills offered. The performers can testify that it was just as exciting—if not more so—out there fighting the animals as it was from a safe seat, just watching. TOP LEFT— Frank Finley of Mesa leaves the hurricane deck of hard-pitching Back Fence. The Mesa contestant was not injured in the fall, however. CENTER—Bcfo Walden, Sonora, Calif., tugs and puffs at an ornery steer, trying to wrestle the four-footed monster off its feet—which Walden finally did, after 29.9 seconds. His effort failed to bring him a place at the end of the first go-round of the bulldogging event, but most cowhands are philosophical about such matters and .figure the next steer may be easier. RIGHT—.lack Wade of Halkirk, Alta., Can., is tossed to the ground by a vicious ' Brahma bull. Spinning crazily in front of the chutes, the bull caught Wade's cheek and ripped it open, but attendants at St. Joseph's Hospital released Wade after treatment. BELOW— Bernice Taylor, beauteous Phoenician, does a stand astride her horse during the trick riding event—(Republic Staff Photos.) Sees God's Need Religious Week Leaders Named A Phoenix committee for the observance of Religious Brotherhood Week, February 22 to 28, has been organized to see that proper public- itv is given the observance, the Very Rev. Edwin S. Lane, dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, said yesterday. Those on the committee are Dean Angeles, told a Lane the Rev. Louis Schoen, O. F. at a Lincoln Club dinner in Hotel M pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Westward Ho last night. Church; the Rev. Dr. Richard N. The speaker pleaded, too, for hisi we pu fin power, 'Whatever you do Merrill, pastor of the First Meth- listeners, following the ideals andjj s a n r j grit w ; t h US 9 •• • odist Church and president of the;traditions of the Great Emancipa- -- » - - - America needs to return to the spiritual lights which guided Abraham Lincoln, Joseph Scott, Los Phoenix audience years of high school and four years of college—and never read, in its entirety, the Declaration of Independence." "Are we going to shrug our shoulder and say to the authorities Ohio Columnist Weds At Yuma YUMA, Feb. 14—(AP>—Fred D. Burns, 51 years old, columnist of the Cincinnati, O., Times-Star, and Mrs. Rexa Louise Morton, 38, Hollywood, Calif., were married in a Valentine's Day ceremony at one minute past midnight today. They met during the 1939 World Series in Cincinnati. They left by automobile for Cincinnati after the ceremony. Phoenix Ministerial Association; and Rabbi A. L. Krohn. The 1941 theme of the observance, according to Dean Lane, is "One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." tor, to be "patient, kind, humble, tolerant of each other". He stress- AFL Opposes Sabotage Bills MIAMI, Fla., Feb. 14—(AP)— Proposals that the states enact laws providing stiff punishment for sabotage of defense industries met sharp opposition from the American Federation of Labor today. The suggestion, backed by the j National Conference of Mayors and 'already under consideration in some legislatures, is intended to punish sabotage but actually may be used against innocent union ,men, said the federation's president William Green. In fact, he said, picketers, legitimate strikers or workers making normal mistakes might be punished under such legislation. "Of course we all favor the pun- jishment of anyone who sabotages Oklahoman Annexes Brone-Bus ting Lead Eddie Curtis' ride on Hell's jbination, John and Tom Rhodes of Angels, called the "world's worst; Sombrero Butte, completed two bucking bronco", gave him first (ties—at the end of the second go- place in that division with tabula-i round—with a total of 36.8 seconds tion of results through last night's'Second were Lawrence Conley of performances at the Phoenix World i Phoenix and Hugh Bennett of Fort Championship Rodeo. Thomas, 39.2 seconds; third, Conley Closely following the El Reno, and Bud Spilsbury of Bisbee. 419 L' 1 -„ cowboy were Stub Bartlemay; seconds; and fourth, Tom Rhodes "'•--"- Ore., for his staying! and Jim Hudson of Willcox, 42.8 defense industry," he added. Will Fight Measure The executive council of the ed Lincoln's "honesty" his lectual honesty". "Fervently, humbly, respectfully he queried. "Let us"think of our children and! grandchildren before we commit, such indifference. Hiram Johnson :— Pair Takes Cab And Cash Two men last night took a ride in a Checker taxicab, then at gunpoint forced the driver to allow them to take him for a ride, and finally took about $12 and his vehicle, leaving him stranded on Lateral 15 and Christy road. The driver, Joe E. Jarvis. 40 years old, 1913 West Monroe street, told officers he picked the two men up in front of Hotel Adams and was asked to drive to an address on West Monroe street. In the 2000 block on West Monroe, one of the men produced an automatic pistol and ordered him to stop, get out and into the back seat, Jarvis said. The driver complied. . Then, officers were told, followed a ride around the west side of the city, with one robber doing the driving, wearing Jarvis' cap, and the other keeping the driver covered in the back seat. After taking slightly more than $12, the gunmen let the driver out on Lateral 15, whence he notified police. . Jarvis said this was the third time in seven years he had' been held up. Officers still were seeking the cab early this morning. Kin Of Arizona Pioneers Dies Word of the death of Mrs. Eva Pemberton Goodloe of Hollywood. Calif., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Pemberton, Arizona pioneers who came to this state in 1888, was received here yesterday by her sister. Mrs. H. Clay Parker. Mrs. Goodloe left Phoenix 30 years ago, but had visited here periodically since. Funeral services will be held today in Hollywood. She also is survived by her husband, former superintendent of the Congress mine at the peak of its production: two sons, Meade, jr., and David; a daughter, Mrs. Bernice Scott: two brothers, T. W. and Harold Pemberton: and another sister, Mrs. Gertrude Burdsall. Tucson Airport Allotment Made I say it," he said. "—we've got to get the 'spirit of Lincoln in Washington. "Lincoln was a humble mar. He never lost his temper. It's unfortunate that today humility is a very rare virtue. "In the old days they had a court jester who could say anything he wanted to to the king, just so the king would keep his head. With nothing but yes-mrn around all the time, a person is bound to lose his head. "In the days of old Rome, before it became decadent, when a conquering general returned from the wars and rode in his brave chariot down the Appian Way to receive the hysterical cheers of the pop- ""olace, the wise senator ordered that there be always a slave in that -chariot who every few feet tugged at the general's toga and reminded, 'Remember, man, thou art but mortal'." White-haired, the 73-year-old attorney stood with feet braced and spoke, sometimes with fire, sometimes with softness, in a voice alternately sharpened and sweetened by a lilt of Irish brogue. Three things in particular he landed: Lincoln's appreciation of the Creator, Lincoln's courage and Lincoln's "understanding of the spirit of the founding fathers". Three things in particular he condemned: "Failure" of the schools— with special mention of Los Angeles—to make Americanism a liv- intel- ma( j e the comment, 'Before this thing is through I may be in a concentration camp.' That's no AFL voted to use its influence against the measure in each state. It then studied the results of its effort to avoid strikes against industries that are engaged on defense jobs. Daniel W. Tracy, second assistant secretary of labor, reported to the council that the labor department's . conciliation sen-ice recently hadl m & subject and see that teachers added 10 or 12 men to its staff| are " true Americans": the "ten- . . and. generally had been able tol dcncv o£ Americans to exchange Republican treasurer; Mrs. M. C jsettle disputes between labor and> freedom for security in spite of D — J :J —' -' "-- ' J _<•„__«. ;_ j * Tnf forenrt'e «*at*ninrr that t n tru'A joke—the mayor of Montreal is in a concentration camp!" Of Hollywood's "pink intelligentsia" he commented: "Martin Dies' committee has a " . , T, I "-.7 v^.l_v*.ta uw» JIW.V»».*~»» .. f.u.. **J lot to learn about the elite of Holly-! reconcentra t e government-owned Senate Votes Cotton Plan WASHINGTON, Feb. 14—(AP) I Legislation to block the Commod-| ity Credit Corporation's plan to Producers Copper I NEW YORK, Feb Copper producers set an 7 record during January shipped 119,736 tons „,, States consumers to show „ crease of 7,065 tons over thi? ous high month in Decembi the Copper Institute annoi day. The institute credited precedented demand for ci copper products to the deiense program and tori by industries supplying " turers of defense orders Refined stocks, meanwhiBsf ped 26,431 tons to 116,34p' end of January. This en with stocks totaling 142 7721 the end of the previous montk, Blister stocks, which musttf go additional refining be taining a consumable sta decreased by 9,948 tons di month of January. Panama's new constitu clares the Panamanian n», be an independent state will publican form of goveri LOS ANGELES, Feb. (AP)— A war department allotment of $314,212 to continue general construction on the Tucson. Ariz., airport was announced by the army engineer's office. The project will cost $1,947,812. Cappeli Cut Rate Ma 237 EAST WASt Effective Fri."7l We Kedeem Your Fa Sea Trout Sea Bass ». 14 Bacon lr?.': H Jowls ["'I!!' Jowls 2*.... 1>Sk "OAST. HID Standing l.b.....J Cheese IVIftcon.sIn, Full i Roast i LambS?. 0 !'?:.. SM Boast Lb Lamb Lard.T Chickens, h Rnastini Fryers S^:. Steak^ Steak ....2, Bologna u . 15 or 1MEXERS wood, pinks who say it's nuts if you believe in God." He is sure, he said, Britain will win in its struggle with the axis, hut he warned that "the way is being paved" to send an American force overseas to "help settle Hitler". The danger lies not with Hitler so much as with Russia in such an instance, he declared, tie ridiculed the possibility of the British fleet, turned ov. r to Hitler, ever sailing against America and said every British sailor would die first. Others appearing on the program were Harriett E. Marks, Lincoln Club president; Joseph Morrison, cotton on the basis of competitive warehouse bids was approved today by the senate. It now goes to the house, where cotton-state members promised speedy action. The commodity corporation has postponed making contracts under the bids already received until March 24 in order to give congress time to consider the question. • The measure passed by the senate would guarantee interior warehouses at least two thirds of the storage business on government cotton. Southern senators estimated this would permit the corporation to move about 500,000 bales from interior to port ware- defense industry- Green said there had been some increase in labor disturbances due to greater activity on defense work. I Jefferson's warning that to give 'up freedom ultimately means to give up both freedom and security"; and Hollywood's "pink intelli- Antistrike Laws Hit with Walter Winchell. Tied for seconds, third and fourth positions were Pete Grubb of Florence and Burel Mulkey of Chandler for rides on Texas Bud and William F. Morgan, respectively. Calf roping, with two complete Best time for the day in that event went to the Rhodes team with 14.9 seconds for one tie. Results of bulldogging events— nothing more or less than bull rounds completed, found Clyde Burke of Comache, Okla., in first .uuint: ui v-ulllaulte, UKJel., in llrSl Q iirvio place with 36.7 seconds for his two * V. ties. Second was Everett Bowman wrasslin'— for the first go-round left Spilsburry in top place with . « __ «J X«l- s ? c ° nds ' 9, the , r r Hu K h . Bennett of Fort S H °D-: Tempe '43 seconds"' ~' "i° r phoenix . fourth, 15.4 secortds. In team roping, a father-son com- \ R - esult ? °- f first EO-round wi Betts' Horses Win In Parade stated, in first place with a time of 20.4 seconds; Jauregui in second place, 20.7 seconds; Sonny Hancock of Roswell, N. M., third, 22.4 sec- jonds; and Irby Mundy, Shamrock, fourth, 24.4 seconds. Best team of horses entered in Maricopa county's sheriff, Lon the rodeo parade Thursday were Jordan, had better Juck in the those of H. R. Betts, Winter road' sheriff's team roping contest than snd 14th street, and ridden by Vic< ne experienced Thursday. Johnson, Phoenix, and Miss Eliza-j He and Asbury Schell of Tempe beth Lickfitt, Medallia, Minn., it t1ied tneil- s'eer in 52.4 seconds, but was announced yesterday. Prize for the best-groomed man and horse went to Mr. Johnson, placed third behind I. V. Pruitt of Cochise county and Pete Newman of Yuma county, who look first and riding one of Mr. Betts' mounts. second place, respectively, with In the parade judges' list, the their helpers. Afternoon times best team erroneously was credited | were 45.4 seconds for first place to J. H. Johnson, guest at the! an( J 52.3 seconds for second. The labor department's help was enlisted, through Tracy, in opposing congressional proposals for antistrike or compulsory mediation laws, against which the council already had gone on record. The council slated a conference tomorrow with Col. Philip Fleming, wage-hour administrator, and agreed to urge upon him that no changes be made in the law he administers. Green reported a "very encouraging outlook" from conferences designed to bring back into the federation fold 80,000 members of the International Typographical Union, suspended in late 1939 for refusing to pay special assessments into a war chest for fighting the Congress of Industrial Organizations. Consideration of the AFL's organization work in the auto industry was deferred until next week. New Sub Chaser Enters U. S. Port SAN DIEGO, Calif., Feb. 14— (AP)—The Canadian corvette Wetaskiwin, a newly-developed submarine chaser, remained in port today, apparently on a 24-hour extension to permit engine repairs. Jhe Wetaskiwin arrived here gentsia". Emphi sizing Lincoln's spirituality, he commented that. "We are living in a pagan civilization. The bulk of the American people do not believe in God." Born in a one-room log cabin, forced to walk nine miles to attend school, "if anyone had an opportunity to grouch, it was Abraham Lincoln," the speaker said, "but he didn't say that the should support him." government He quoted many passages from Lincoln's writings and addresses to show Lincoln's "understanding" that it was the intention of the founding fathers that the American democracy operate "under God", with man and "his sacred freedoms" first, not the state first. Mr. Scott decried a teaching system "under which our boys and girls can fa through eight years of grammar school, four was erroneously credited on the official judges' list. Parade officials also announced the pa Gold. Second place was taken by Frank Finley of Phoenix on Buckskin Joe, third place was won hv e number of animals that tooki c ? r l Dnssey of Phoenix on Canada it as follows: 732 saddle horses, IKid and fourth place went to Chuck 75 horses, mules and donkeys hitch-[Haas of Bakersfield, ed to conveyances, one Brahma I Lovely Lady. Calif., on steer and two dogs. LaGuardia Field Fog Halts Plane Travel NEW YORK, Feb. 14— (AP)— Fog tonight kept all planes on the ground at LaGuardia Field, New York's municipal airport Flights were first canceled during "the morning because of "X" weather ™p»nt . a h ' r ? 0rt ?" icials ^Plained meant that ccnd.tions for landing TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY Night places in bareback bronc riding: Mitch Owens of Fresno, Calif., on Floating Power; tied for second and third. Bob Walden of Sonora, Calif., on Diamond Block and Hank Mills of Montrosc, Calif., on Guess "hat; and fourth, Paul Carney of Chandler on Six Bits. Places for the meet to date in that event were not available - -£?±,nl^" d °u ge ^ ' ast "Wil port shortly before noon. Under vessel could remain » o only 24 hours for refueling unless an i extension was granted. The vessels are 190 feet in length and have a speed of 17 knots. Equipped with a four-inch gun antiaircraft pom-pom and depth charge throwers, the ships are particularly adapted for convoy duty. The Canadian naval officers said the ships could be built rapidly economically and in quantity and mat many of them soon would be on convoy duty on the Atlantic coast. Panama's new supreme court will be composed of five principal magistrates and five alternates -found Joe" Mend«"of S Vtauta Q l f Al I flllCrd ^s,^d s ^urrS|WlOU5E5 ^U^^^^^l^^^^^ ' ! niv -*«,] I«T_>J--_ "151 ui .rnoe- i and remove callouses get 1 W, Buckeyeadn'one S-hm D- r ScfjO//S 7lno -pods "FOLKS don't let anybody fool you with them trick names ... "There ain't no better gas than Butane." BEGINS WHERE THE CAS MAIN ENDS It's the No. 1 fuel for suburban home heating, water heating and cooking. Learn the facts . . . visit the BUTANE CORPORATION 11 East Van Buren St. Phone 3-2639 master of ceremonies; E. S. Clark, j houses. who presented Mr. Scott with anj The corporation had planned, by honorary membership badge of the!accepting the low bids, to recon- Lmcoln Club, and presented Mr.! c entrate upwards of 1,500,000 bales Marks with a past president's em-|at port warehouses. Officials said blem; the Rev. C. Arlin Heydon.lthe bids offered savings of about invocation: Rabbi A. L. Krohn,!55,000 a day to the government and benediction; Harry Robertson, jr.,i farmers. who gave an impersonation o Lincoln and delivered a portion o the Gettysburg address; George O Ford, who saw Abraham Lincoln and Lloyd Steiner, accordionist. Those introduced included Clar ence Budington Kelland, Republican national committeeman for Ari zona; Lloyd Lakin,. chairman of th( Arizona Republican State Centra Committee; Eben E. Lane, state Republican treasurer; Mrs. M. C Rand, president of the Maricopa Women's Democratic Club; Ward Powers, secretary of the Lincoln Club; and other Lincoln Club offi cials. Officers Seek Slayer Of Dog GLENDALE. Calif., Feb. 14— (AP) —Lucky, a six-month-old puppy of uncertain lineage, managed to drag himself to the porch of his owner's home with an icepick jabbed in his heart. He fell against the door and Mrs. W. Whitt said later she thought someone had knocked. Lucky died within a few minutes after Mrs. Whitt found him today at her doorstep. But Glendale police and humane society officials assured eight-year- old Donald Whitt they would try to determine who killed Lucky. They took fingerprints from the handle of the icepick and began making inquiries in the neighborhood. f t\ P's for Schilling PAPRIKA* the appetife-wherter Makes fish, for example look and taste better! Schilling • F SMCIS-l* IXTIACT! Hi — There Royal Crown Cola is the Cola I Want 12-0z. 5 churn-fresh SNOWDRIF Wesson-Creamed.and. Smoother, Quicker-to-Mix than* LOOK! HOW UtHT AMD KNOCK SHOW9*irr MAKfS MY FAVORIJl CAM Vi cup Snowdrift V/\ cups sugar 2 cups cake four 3 teaspoonfuls baking powder V\ teaspoonful salt 1 teaspoonful n 3 egg whites Mix Snowdrift and sugar together until light and fluffy. (Quickly done-Snowdrift is always so creamy to start widi!) Sift dry ingredients together three times; add alternately with milk, vanilla to Snowdrift and sugar mixture, beating after each addition. (Snowdrift creams through and throug the batter for high, light and lovely Of \ ers.) Fold in egg whites, beaten stiff Poor ,j batter into two S-inch pans grcasea w™ ' Snowdrift. Bake in a 350' F. oven about; 30 minutes. 2 cups sugar Vl cup water 2 teaspoonfuls light corn syrup 2 egg whites M teaspoonful salt \Vi teaspoonfuls vanilla Yl cup coarsely cut figs ^ cup chopped peons Vs cup chopped raisiM Put sugar, water, syrup in saucepan. Stir cool and holds its shape. Add fruit, nuB'J over low flame until sugar dissolves. Boil to ^ of icing. Cover one layer of cake| without stirring to 242° F. or firm-ball —-**- - L: — : — : -"—-«»^-«* !*«£.*• . stage. Beat whites until stiff; add salt. Gradually pour in hot syrup, beating constantly. Add vanilla. Beat until mixture is widi this mixture; top widi sptead plain icing on top and sides. TWICE AS GOOD, TWICE AS MUCH HERE'S WHY CHURN-FRESH SNOWDRIFT IS SO SATIN.SMOOTN AND GOOD. n«$T...W c p£ k fa cream of &e purej£ vegetab , e oils. We can, because we're the largest producers. THIN...We churn Snowdrift to satin-smoothness. NOW...Widi new Wesson-Creaming, Snowdrift is made even smoother, even quicker-to-mix. ty the Wesson. Oil f>eof>le

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