The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 29, 1923 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1923
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN. 'OassnlEnedl~ Adls PtoBn© 3 aumull Call CJouSsffitfdl Adl IDept. 1 ItiKRrtlon lr per word 4 Invert Ions 3c per word 4 to 10 liiarriluns %c per word (ifr isiuft 10 Insertions "o per word If) 11) 26 Insertion*! .7-10c per word por IBSUO ITI in*<M lions He por word per IBBU« Minimum chaigft • .. .tOa RrF .riAL UATK for advprtlsdr* UHIHR l or moro inchr-a per day for » month, rnn .iniK name every dny or Bubjcct to change, can b# obtained bv c*llin» Th« Ntw. ' :,*.-^Uifc'i Departmcnt. Aria under regular classification mu« bo entered or withdrawn before 11 o'clock noon From i2*0O nil A'.ffl p. m.. ndn «o under "Too La:* to Classirv." Phona firdfis accepted for y>ui runvenlenre, to be paid upon pr (Mentation of btlt THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. FKIUA.Y, JUNK VJ, W£M Cfrstiii'.VjlUl." AM A-US AN.SWiCH-S TU UIJNU ADS J-l '.3~ 1. K-65- 2. K-6H- 1. 4. N-63- -1. N -G4- 0. U-'je - 1. ()• 07- 1. V 63 », B -G4 — f. -£. K-<;<'- .1. U -S .V 7. V-M- 1. W -06 POSITION WAN TP rj—MALE (Cont'd) if ii ROJd carpenter, phon* am. to I 1 a.m. and 4 ti.m IK in n.-.'il 21M> from ' to a p.rri. WANTliU I.> MW ;.nn window B^raan work. Also po:ch boxes made to order, Phontj 25S9. 6-22 -Mt WHV'.AT hui hauhnj;. fii PAINTING nti.1 P R .);IL« 2.27W. and K^numl I ;>;tv>; money. n ;s -8l r decorating. f. 4-t»t rOR RENT— rtESfOCNOES tCont'd* TJ1T3 WORkD MOVES AND SO DO WB redded vnm and auto truck*. Pooled cars of household ffooUn and automabUfli •hipped to Cailfarnftf and other point*. We tutul anything anywhere. Cifty TTmaiffidfcr ANO irrouAah: OOMPANT Phcne No. » It Weit First, Hutr.h.naon,. Kansas. - t i-ifit Schall Transfer and Storage Ctmipsny- Thirty years' experience movinjr and packing household good*. Office 1* Weal Ami OippoirtannSfty to Saw© M@na<$y - Brooms, frarao; 2 bed rooms, J^JM finish and floors. Condition good. Screens, pavement, sId«waJk; electricity, sower and water. $2,500. Bmall cash" payment, terms on balance. i —•ask McSfotfhtoin 8 Realtor. 7 2-251 PAHTIK.-: wwh I.'iasoil W'i'H'k, ng petering or general ph.»iw.- 1576. 6 £3-2 ?t PAP Kit hanijh;,,-. pain tLug. I*)iin?, phon- ZktGW. Harry F. 6 21-251 -v ANT F.O—M *.u E Hti - JM .'I V IIU T fi? Urn *ait Ciy .-sH and I".- ready for .1 ;><•:•" ion WIJU-J m -JiitliM. l .«--.v "Jd.uii, in^lrvii'l:"ii. I'owitiuna fur JL.( I'l '.in' i,v \srUu U--.: SA.L Cit> u-tm Cul.^e. Hutchinson, Kan, ^ F vRN P\"l'r.A ...... .JJNO MONK* IV si'l.MNC, TH'v NKWS AKTLCH " :'1,V TO MK. Git AG 1.5, NK\Wt AIM' I .Hi theii p .iViii '-n ltf i'j-atit (•i .i :i ,-t .s .^M.)iH ; long univ Udly M;dvv:.> ShiAVM,, Uil- W ANTLOD n uiul yard work. Cal/ luinftH phone jOU. 6 12-7 ;U LAWN (in .l e;iidt»j v,ojlc. Cali 702 KRM HiKrnian. \VA: TCP Any i-23t carpentni'lng. 6 l-'iSt F(>U UK XT—1^4 Y<aj*t A. nino rooniH, hoarding and looming bonne, closo t«> tiuainesa cuiicRf, vacant July I. WW l«ase at ^40. T-TVB rooms at 15 West Fifth. 1 1 El. ^even rooms at 112 Kast Kourth, 3S5. Krchm Realty <;o, 7 -ES-U FOR KENT -610 North Main, aix rootna and hath, 52ii . Seven rooms, four bedrooms at 112 Kast Fourth, $Sa. SeV'en rooms, 227 Kasit Fourth, fnrnuce, ahado, j:i;>. 226 KaHt li, bath. $22.50. Prehm HeuUy Co. " v,"K move you anywhere; long or *hort haul* make no difference; all work guaranteed. Cody Transfer Cumpuny. phono ?lfr t>r 838, 123-125 Kant Sherman. - 7 13-S»t FOR KKNT—Seven roams nn<l bnlli. full biuJinu'ti t, two-atory, modern, Hyde 1'urK houiie. 10J Wt'st F.ithUi. nth; reus,-, onabie. Phone 1409W. 7 2d -4t KXPKitlKNi '}•:]• c-hjiuff* .ir warns p-»ai- 'ion. Can t*::::\v. ^ 2^-2 CALl^ SilTW ajji] ]]jiv»- yoUf house roofed or it-paired. Satisfaction guur:uitPed. £-23-^Jt. reriiiimh e Z7-3t>t WANTKD-Furniture \Q rspoir. and uphoiitei. Call 725. WANTEP--AI1 Phon-j 17SIW. kinds of trash Mauling. 613 -2Bt SAWS filed at shop; 525 Wp B t Flrtt, ii 2-25t FOR • KFNT -ElRht- room. fuinlshed house, for July and August. modern, large rooms well ventilated; party polug away. Call 1S4S 7 ^7 - it V IVIC - r < >om, m od e r n co 11 age for rent June 51, with a Raraae, 311 West Fifth. Pimm.- Harlow U'05 . 7 wfm C0-4t. Reasonable Commission Published 1S8S REALTORS No. 4 Bait Shermu WANTED—LADIES TO SEE OUR NEW "HOT- WEATHER" DRESSES WE ARE SELLING FOR OTHER COOL COMFORTABLE DRESSES FOR $3.75, $4.75, $7.75, $8.75, $9.75, $10.75, $12.75. Part Payment Down, Balance $1.00 a Week. Blouses, Satin Slippers, Patent Slippers, Black 'Kid Slippers, Brown and Black Oxfords, Part Payment Dcwn, Balance 60c a Week." Comer Commerce Co. 17-f9_North Walnut Street. S3 FOR nKNT ~Kive located, modern ruge. Fhone 725J. -rwm except cot tage furnace; tn put f.'Uv a* i Inituln- '.MT J-'aijt v!ff f *M f.4 Tin POSITION WANTED —FEMALE • \ NTKI > I '.tuition as couk in cook .\i<•',(. I ;.<-d r*'hahi,> lady, ^llno ^•l,.-4 p .-r i.iii-ittdi-r or In niDtl^r- • Imii! A.idi i .-i*^ Anna Kwin^, Kt-n- 1 d .d .\'vy. '.'ilv, MUwuir;. (i 29-7 f-'OU P.l-JN'T- (.Jood, flve-roo«i, modern house at 114 West Seventh. JmjuLro l'Ts \ypRt Seventh. • 7 23-It FOR KENT—-Good five-room, stucco bungain'.v, Ktrictly modern, to adultH. I'hune 2217. 7 l-2tt Foil 11.KXT or 8ale --Four-rooir! 1 modern hitriffaiow; splendid ttruw; 211 .Kast i.t. Phonfj 3040. 7 a ;>-llt We have to offer one of Hutchinson's finest hojnes. The location is icleaiy heing walking distance from town on Kast Sherman Boulevard. Many shade trees and shrubs with winding; front drive to garage. You enter central halt with living room, den and sun porch to your right; dining- room and kitchen to left; with four bedrooms and sleeping porch upstairs; complete bath upstairs; lavatory and toilet down; a complete basement with hot"water heat; large fireplace. This nice home will stand the closest inspection and compare with nny. Shown by appointment. Might trade for .smaller modem home well located. ]K©sSdteffii<£© Pr@p®r(iy Wffloaft© Wn have th« following proportion* to trado for Ilntohtnson residence property. Wilt pay difference: Good lots, well located north part of town, lftl) ai 'Tes, Scott county,--6 mllea of ru'lroad town. 320, Morton county, 0^ mlleR of railroad town. 80 acres, oloae to Ilutchlnnon, Improvod.- Koontlng house, grood louatlori. trood elean record, and making money. Good five room coltaue, for modern bungalow. Duplex fur modern north end bungalow. COHNEES & DYC1S 104 rir« Natl. Jtlig. - fhon« S27I. We buy. find insure property. If you want to sell your property, list It with ua. .am ; l .hon Jill. a«.s h- indtltchlng, 1 ii. MI». I). V. Ki)l),.rtu. Wf*l Sixth. 6 li-Mt HUMSTITCUINtl; v.. unleis any',v,.:.-r! I'V. AIIM. ii. luieii. SALESMEN An-© If ©n A llvV, r!l;.: icl Bill:. 1. I-la. i KA1.K: \V.ilTUlt, Jdi' WASHING y \v •sit guaranteed. Mall uiiinlly. Fiee dehv- li '-J L'.tat Tenth. C 29-2St Paudoi, sOU Noith ti l-2ot ITlcea'j hauhny j FOH I IF. NT to responsible parties —Uoau- ttfuilj furnished home. 715 Norm Main. 7 36-4t t» East Shermaa aEALTTT CO. Realtor! Phone 43 .'. llv.ilillK Witlit Ai«n nil kll/'la II:;: I'h-.i:.- 3r.;:7.I. -i.MAKi-.n .Mi j '.ilnii of wi 'ivlng. 3«»V» Surtb Main, ri .i-. » Mt..»;,», ii 2*-» ^\'A\'-n:i i - • i',.silloii - by cxpprli.iio»U I..., |. U..-.-I,..]- an.l t :U ..iujt ,-iai <li .--i-. AddT .:.Rit J -tl:;, .•:•!-.- .VtMi N ti Z'i-il Fin.ST-CLjvSa • Srt.sftmaklna. humatuch- ins- Mr.. J. E. Sorrille. &3« Eaat Thlra. j r ..rk. nil uiul huusfiwoTlt, ;;nlii \V, 4^: l-;atit I" "..I •-. sr. ii.-d in ywn Th.: Aiuiu.: V\ ANT E.O—FEMALE HELP Mli 'iv 1 li \.\ V, : : \ \\ !h th v K -U.iis i,l ; ue aii'U.t- ,i, u; JL - .ii :n iir. 11:.'. ii • ll.fe' •• -i ' , "t-H Sp rati'. 1 ! i" rst HJ'd t>plei=. Sinn .'tllllU t 'SI""!! t .itl fu,' C'li- h.'«t- i t .c«.uie 1V it ii. A u. i : ui; a J d <•' I i ti (' I Si,,,, 11, lS Mi, iuL ri!a.tii l -J .w.tiiiTigt 1 1 i-iiirt 1-1 iO K. 4a-a .-.t WANTKl* - t • 1 : S 'lir II' 1 '.'.' ! "'i -< M JO • $.7 .t :inu ; A 1 '* h«*r etmi. aimfi,. La..h- 1 »!->•** ••> LOT tl 'i , .fi .iIT ;.,,.> lut-nt di.-.Vii, l-.Ui .lt4W ji \ ('".•:). i" ri.niiii.-ri.'o '."o., ii -ii' Nurfh '.\ .'t.j; \V A : ; >']•[•« • dy 'i !;*}•..- . iu.t('," f.l' t'ntni- l/i r I tl-'USi", ;i iii >ti i li.o n ts |. H r. t .. tl Hutch. ili.s^i: i.i nil 1 1.'.'- ti , t iii-..!ii ii u tth i 'iion arid b.,anl. WrJU- -Tie Andcr- HUH, Sonera] .iuiivi i y, IJ uteijinaon, Kan. i 29 Hi.I.i' w,\n .-.1, 1 V« iv.'oU ev-rv WOI.-.J to -Uhl'Mlff In Hiit -'hlriMHi ID l-.sicw and fft.. i .!nin* i itd t 'Hli'J ;e.- s-rvi, c, ] Tiv i a Il«;;it, <:1* i-.ti.l r.,ti.-!.- '' 1 ;t. ?:.cur..-'l lt.t? nieiUiS To!; \ • .Wht 1 'hunt- 'ji'O 4 :s \Vai .t*->! -1.:: lu.i • (.. rH'V ulil tl-W ttt.'-V-- L->H ::1 It S v. c;i t er« i'Ji- ;-"•;.». 1 Jii.;it<#-,i J!' .... M S ">. 7 r> i 'H ,rt. i»T! :• iw-u i diiwn, U'.-ek. O'iH . f 1 ""nifiiiTo- i \>., IV- Ti. vVuln it. 4 ft \V .W 'l 'Kii Virt«" lor M "a Mitlw,-.y 11". 1J • vt .-md wilm.K to i'li S "i (!!!!• \ . ''.'•! l-.-i;\> ( , r nlHlil. • IT, i'. . i'; i,\ '.' i nit! , .Mi.ii r's Mitlun-. .•••!.•'••\s. n -i 'ii 'Iitthricr:.- iintt 1. -1 L'l) \VA .vn.J <- i/.- K'J -J f '-r ))•«'(!)•:•;. A I's-.y in.. 12 ;10;,a ^ ! "'j KiiHt r.Scvt 'iitlt. <*al nursing; no 2-i24\V. w.,.]k by th« ho oik. I'hoitc iiOOU'. iishms, ironing and ulir. ^'.'0 (. ti C *h <den bulldlrifr fciiVs hi "Crescent Park, the Ueauttful" at low prlcea. to clean up the sale uf thtd lovely residents- district and a chunce TO exohaiigo other property for these sites: What an opportunity! Ywti want to own a sit* in fr«sce;H Fa;ic, "KventuuUy—Why no!, now?" U'e purchased ih\H i.'r-i*cent Park tra''t us raw land, and In 3 years have converted a slightly roHlni; wheat and alfalfa iieM into the "lU-wuty Snot of fill Kanaa**," with nearly 100 tnodwrn home* nlready con.Htructed, beautiful trees, shruh.s. Iinviim, with all EtretMS paved, water, liehts, gas and all modern utilities ready for use. Cretfct-ut Fark sites tind buildings ;-.rf- now wr-rth MOUF. TIIAX ONK MIPPIOX DOLIJAUS. and other now homes are under- construction. Itesirlnfj now to clejin up on thu few rirmainin^ unsold sitea In O'wscent l'a:k, a flmtted but cei / in tor**- 1 * ting, list In ^tHttercil locutions freni Main strt*,'t ••ustwurd. wo aro offeritiK tiioso few aPws at downright t>aritu,ln prices, on tilmobt any teriiLs of pa> mem*, or wll! t-x'-tiaiigo for real estate mtTtguses, contracts, . notes, good autos, or t-qultle.s In k.inta from Jli'00 to 5U>,t> ,, » in valu.--. Vmi will never have the einml of this opportunity again \ 0 localo in Crescent Park. "The Beauty Spot of AJi JCiiitfaa." Wire, phyii* or «T]te. wr let ua aee yon In person.. UEAI.TQRS .Mi.-. P. F. Co<i. Atlmrt Thomson, E. 0. A.-hi-, l-Ji-rol Milii-rmi.rt, FOIt I'.Ii.NT- iiiihts. 11; ITS'jW. i-i-iiom houv.\ ) Fifth; a.lulls :i» an.l I' HKNT - - Flv-.-rooin. turnlaiieU HhAv, alrtctly niuilein. l'honfi nil,- l.y Hi CUUTALN si.tclall.t. t...|i..(irajilii lU-itti- 25-ii.t J»04'iV. 8 ->-2it WA.NT1.I1 yotitif li. e u-iut WASHING and Irunlns. C»ll 320 F.a>i F.iKhth Of phOIlc ;i..^;4. 6 2-2 &T VOl I l.iniK :,t-..>7 \x. FOR I'.KNT Stiven loair.H. ;uul bath. 211 Wnat Tmith avenue. Call • -V-llS or 211UJ. 7:0-6t FOR 11KNT- Six-room n-l't ftiinuct:; fihu •Jiisuw. .jiiH-i, iTtod ..'rri c.x- lLt.ittioli. t'lione 7 2ti-H | WIU. EXOI-LVN-OE FOR HUTCHINSON PKOPERTV C-room modern house, on paved sKreet, S blocks from center of the city, for only ?4,6(X>.00. Oak -floors, garago, 'hot air heat, built ruci'iU'ly, houso saiiio as now. Might take a small tract as pari payment. LET US SHOW YOU. EGL M D MO©ME D E©^®IT Forty-nlno Year* in Hutchinson. No. II Shormnn East, Ground Floor Office Talophnne 310» THANK PI1M. Manner Ileal Estata. Phono 123 After 6 P. M The man who sing's Home, Sweet Home in a rented flat is kidding himself and serenading his landlord. We have money to lend you to buy your own home with. Asg®cna (lQ@2 [i Room No. 819 RorabaughWiley Blrig. Phone 2157 WAMTMD- -,l':iiil :J !:tr, in.rilng anii llif by tli^> hour. KillM. 6 it'.-an- :-,-26t IVA.VTI.:)*- 71 -1 Noi-lti Fr .-io 'n.:, I in I '.iplar. r -illif. Ffiom? 2yiH. WANTKl I I'll! III.) I '.lf - giving Hild fiituiywortr. G 28--!t WANTlOIi - ISS7W. Work hy hour, 30c. 1'hnno 6 H-10t \VAXTI-:I<— liliill.I. -V.'oilt try lht? JiL-ur. Phone 6 2S-25t H'ANTEU- WaHllhitiS. L'hone 89S7W. li 7 -25t WA.NTED- -Wanh!nt»a. Phone J>15. II 9-26t H'oIlK IJ> hour, I'ui;. Phone 22ti!)W. WAN'TFIl - tlriiHalti^klUB. Pliumi 2i'jbJ- J?OK KENT—Five-i-ooui :-,siil..iir.'. J i.lio Fast St-cyliil. Inquire 211 I'ark atr .M -t, FOK HI 'IM'- l.-oiir-rooiii house, fine eort- tlltK.ii, Jt^ t "-'f mouth. Thorn- -l <10. 7 2J-0t lilt North Mom-uo and Jul utvnur, 612 Kant K. 7 2S -lt 'OR R1!.\T- I.}. So SIX-rnom h .iuyi. with uftraKu f.,r rent, 700 Hunt Ki'venth. Phona 1013. 1 27-20 FOR RKNT—Flvn-rifcm. furnished, cottage oloae In. 136, I'huna 32'J9J. 7 26-4t FOH HENT--Thro.i-rooin houaft. Eurnlah- cd, *2 West Firth. I'hone Uti. 7 23-H FOR XtK.S-T--r'our-rooni 1IOUE<I , t'OO hlook F.aut Third. Phone 1227W. 7 28-3t ollutlo In 7 27--H This traot Sntiiuilea 8 acres of the flo««* eotl in Heno County, ia completely fenced with woven wh-e. haj» a row of beautliul elrns and ina.[.U\i on each of Ihreo Bides, n KCKXI barn, WO-hen chicken house, gxiod barn and hroo.ler; Kooi house, having two laj-jre riKinia, clofa-et ami pantry, - electric li«htii tind natural gas. This homo la located in Haven, luui.. ivlf^ro sehuulinK facilities aro unsurpassed. WTi WIL.I, SHOW TOU AN X TIME. lnaaror Lloyd S. Brown Realtoi 41S Norti Main Phone 371 LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS. (Con.) N'liTW two larfte roomoil bungalow furnished for light housekeeping; ivator and Hshts; alao «ar«Bo; IS per wook. 125 East Ninth. S 2»-lt FURNISHED downatalrs; room upatAlrs 2004W. light houMkeeplng; rooms also on* housekeeping 410 Ji ^ast Sh«nnan. Phona 8 2 *-6t 'mVO rooms furnished for light housekeeping In modern home with private front entrance. 323 Kast Fifth. 8 2»-a» Foil RF.NT - Furnished, small Mnnltou. t:ulo. Phono 175r,W, i..iiimlry • .ork at 20C ]%st I'.. trja -7:;! i-USir.OJ.- WANTcD—MALE It ( Shcei Metal Work and ll.'iCfS rilM.NK MJ. ail, Ni.ilh \S ai.'na. ila; hniitoii, Kaiifiiis. AiiuhlntB. Phone 2D57W. 0 7 WANTICD—Sewing. Phone 1010. e 2-26t FOR BENT— HESIDENCrs UPjlTO-TllK-MIN'UTE SEBVIff 7 4-S7t FtiK HKN'T Six Ninth. I'l.on.' FOR RE.VT- Five Phope 2iit'0W. FKrHT-room house and Ulster. Phone. 3085. 101 Kast 7 25-It • >oin, furnished house. 7 27-10t FOUR furnished rooms and bjUh with screened porch for housekeeping. Phoue 22;.a«', 208 South Ford. 8 20 -41 TWO three-room houses located on East E, furniahod fur light housekeeping. Inquire 324 West First. S 29 -4t FOR JtENT— W. Phone 1323J. 11 furnished yinall houso. I 7 28-2t Fill; ItiCX'l'—Nine-rooif, modern house at 217 Kast Sherman. -Cal! at 2tr. East .Sherman. 7 16-ZM FOR RK.NT Furnlahed, modern light barn. 2S WesV houhekeeplng room; also three furntah- " '0-lOtt-ftd rooms and Bleeping porch, 501 PJast C Phone 3952J. S 25-lt L7SHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOM* 0 Work guaranteed, Mail orders anprvered promptly .Free delivery .Mrs. Mendell. ICS Eant Tenth. H3SW. 6 27-25t FOR UF.NT—Two nicely furnished light housekeeping rooms. No children. Phono 883W. 8 2S-4< FOR RENT—X>ne or two nice modorn rooms with kitchenette. Phone 2767J. 8 19-ltft Deposited, hero 3 '7<? your cash Is safe and available Sal Cifty Baffiygia| B L®aia <J& Saw. ^SSBS. Deposit your bonds with The Salt City Building, L/oau and Savings Aas'n Lloyd Brown, Sec'y, 413 North Main. Phone 973. I^et us make you a S3 year loan on your farm. No revenue stamps—-no rom- HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS 1'OR YOUR CONVENIENCE (o be loaned you through (Undt-r the supervision of tha U. S. Govornnmnt) Call at our office or seo our local agont in your County. L. L. TAYLOR & COMPANY Dodge City, Kansas. IMatrlct Uepve»»ntaliV6 Hutchlnaon, Kansas—712 K.-W. Bids. TWO or four-room furnlahed apartmont, cheap. 306 Weal Seccnd. 8 2-26t FOR RENT— lAght houoakaeptng rooraa. 104 West Fourth, 8 16-12t L^OHT^JH ^USEKEEPINa ROOMS (Con.) HouB-ikeeplng- pan RBNT - Eaat Fifth. room?, ' 8 27 rUHNIBHED housGkeeplng Ea«t H. rooms; 313 S 2-26t L 'I . •; ..-l i Ki .I; TH '\ MI ;I.-I int.-i.tu-ut., *vai«.ir- w> .i rib bU-m.>, f ii; i a i ion plan la, aanl- lnr> -'I- ay ttttnui, disposal idantB, lii.fu tiiiiiis. iiianhtji'- ctmc'rt'ii' and brick wtjiK. C ri. fcihurt. uhuim M'jQ, VJoO Knai Si^ th htrct-i. & i -2bt and puintiiiii, sij'.^n \,u:k. inii,: g«'-U"rai itjimirn. J. 1:1. Cit.u«lh; .tk«, i«iii.m.; ;;l]"W t. W-Ji)t \\/.S'l'l.D -To tslnnpin uiul topair lawn ii.owi-i s, KiinB, futiitiiirc, ki;\ving nia- riiK.i -rf, lotika uiul ki-y.-i. hu , y<.iv.s, nawa, Kfi &Hfjts, kiiivirrf, nil kiiuiH tu<.'h». Uiou n liiOt'k 1 Kiure, phoiu- ^470. 5 18-a'it I' , lllL-iT-'' tii'.'iiin t.-ivprriciii'i* «uii!s ' i'<_'Ii;i UltJ hr'-'allfi ni; -ililuA, t;i.-in 'j ;tl tl Kan. ''iiUJiitcr, 20 ) I 'iira' pusiipiu with Koud II . Ailiir i -aa John •iJVr.-ry, lluit-hlnaoji, S 25-30 i:.Nt»iNi".KK <'f ,'.:is trai t,.- .Miiu.ln.- huiv.-ht. fiid'-r ]f >li i liiiidt' W.-avi-r. pho:^ STI'lA M ' jai-ii'i' t-ri);':' 1 iirricCr..-, \»>0'>l ii -jl w. (.;. C. t'hii'.nlM-r.-i, Sluf;\ WI-J IIL' Mhinslm;{ and e;uv> any i;uid; iiatU-faclicii r thiPHUhUJ A'lilihl t^oii - uh-r. Pi unk it^-i' wgrk of jjuai Hii '.-rr'Tii. KlfiWINi: macjitno cU-anlng. ov.-rh*" uhng; work iiuiirantftd. P. Banntan, Phono i.l«»,, £ 3 -iiat Uoof paini ni(j a Hl '.-riaUy , iiumuntDcd, I 'huf .g Zil'jJ. all wi b U-7:2l A sli room cottagf on Zlaventh Haat, close to Main; strictly "mud -urn, nice shade ami lawn. Priced very reaaonoblu, with tonus. A atrictly modern (now) bungalow on Fifteenth F.aet, tn 200 block; every built-in fnaturo that you deahe, and a dandy well built home utiatdea. Priced ^ eTJ 400 Eighth Eaat, a strictly modern five room bungalow, garage and corner lot. l*riced $4,400; sonw terms. A real 'baxsatn. Let ua show you this six room cottage. X block of Milln, close in, for $-l,J50. See— 2io State Exchange i Bldg. Elarl W. Bressler, Realtor. Phono 2055 POR BEMT—rUHNI»H«D nOOMS^t cool, FOR RF.NT, reasonablft-l^arge sleeping pv/ms olose In; ,.,„ Darland. 3!>» East A, Phone 2066W_or o US. tit 139 9 28-Hit 12«, BAST Pirth-Tvvo cool rooms n private apartment upstairs; private entrance, reasoniihle. Phono 1464J. FOR RENT—South sleeping room to middle aged working lady. Also a good organ. 202 East Ninth. Phone 1*70W^ FOR' P .KNT- Nice, cool, furnished sleeping room, SOS East 11. » 2B-4t MODERN, slouplng rooms, 116 Sherman. Phono 2558. 1 East 2-S5t For Rent—FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT—Large, cool sleeping room, reasonable. Close In; car line. .Phone 2008W, Dr. Darland. -jlli-25t MODERN bedroom with sleet. Ing porch, lavatory In room. 14 East Sixth. P -,ono 1450. 9 fm-.v 29-lOt MODI3RN bedroom wllh sleeping porch, lavatory In room. 14 East tii:;tti.- Phone 1436. a eod L'S-lOt FOR RF.NT—Modern Bleeping . No. 2 Atwood Flats, phone 1229 \V. V 25-lit FOR rtElNT--Modern southeast room. 214 West Eighth. Phone 3012J. 5 2S.-U TWO or threi . ^talrs rooms. largo furnished, Phone 80341V. The Doo Dads—The Lobster and The Sausage. By Arch Dale

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