Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on December 5, 1965 · Page 28
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 28

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1965
Page 28
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25 RIGS ACTIVE Area Drilling Is Constant Vernon 4-H Africans Fear Inflafion Drilling activity in the Lake Charles oil district held constant this week with 25 rigs running, according to a report issued from the local office of the State Department of Conservation. Activity reflected in the report is: ACADIA PARISH Jennings — E. A. Courtney Agent No. 3, Conover Community, 40-9s-2w, drilling at 6364 feet. North Jennlnss — J. C. Trahan Drlg. No. 1, B. N. Sweeney Est. 12-9S-3W, test- Ing at 10,500 feet. ALLEN PARISH W. Pilgrim Church — Lamson & Bennett No. 1, Powell Lbr. Co. 34-Ss-Sw, drill- Ing at 5300 feet. CALCASIEU PARISH Coule* Hlppolyte — Continental Oil Co. No. 1, Willie Brcaux, 33-10s-8w, testing at 10,007 feet. South Bell city - Sunset Internal'l Pclr. No. 1, 0. P. Mallei, 17.tls.6w, ot 11,970 Icet. CAMERON PARISH Black Bayou — Shell Oil No. 125, J B. Walklns. 17-12s-12w, drilling at 2798 feet. E. Hoekberry — Texoco Inc. Na. 120, 12,679 feet. Texas Pacific Oil No. 5, S. L. 410 Watklns, — I2s-9w, testing at PB4943 feet. W. Haekbsrry — Lawrence Oil No. 1, Arlhur Lltllc, 29-12s-10w, plugged and abandoned Dec. 1 at 3500 feet. Pan Am. Pclr. No. 124, Gulf Ld. A R-A B, 124, 15- 125-lOw, completing at 6500 feel. LIIHa Pecan Luke — Pan Am. No. 8, R-1 SU C; Miami Corp. I, 2-15s-4w, test- Ing at PB12.850 feet. CALCASIEU PARISH South Manchester — Coastal Stales Gas No. 2, Farmers L&C A. 21-10s-8w, at 11,Wildcats — Gulf Oil No. 1, L. Dalgle, 5-10s-7w, drilling at 12,552 feet. CAMERON PARISH South Pecan Lake — Pan Am. No. 22, Miami Corp. l-15s-3w, drilling ot 11,520 teet. South Thornwell — Pan Am. No. 7, SMH RH SUF; Lac B, 5-12S-4W, at 15,000 W'ildcat — Texaco No. 2, Miami Corp. LC Office Okays Drilling Requesfs Thirteen applications to drill were filed in the Lake Charles office of the State Department of Conservation this week. Applications are: ALUEM PARISH North Elton — Bel Oil Corp. No. 5, J. A. Bel Et al, 22-6s-3w, 2055 feet south 860 feet west of NE cor. Sec. 22, to 7950 feet. Singer Flelschaker Oil No. 1, Archange LeDoux, 29-6J-3W, 660 feet cast and 660 feet south of the NW cor. of Sec. to 8300 fete. Area Had Nine We/1 Completions Nine completions were report" «d this week through the Lake Charles office of the State Department of Conservation. Shell Oil No. 129, J. B. Walklns, 18-125- 12w, In Black Bayou Field, Cameron Parish, completed Nov. 19, 78 bbls., -64 Inch choke TP 610, GOR 949, Gr. 27 degrees, pcrfs. 3331-36 at 3415 feet. Texoco Inc. No. 119, St. E. Hackberry, —12s-9w, East Hackberry Field, Cameron Parish, completed Nov. 16 34 bbls., 1264 Inch choke TP 1700, GOR 44,643, Gr. 48.3 degrees, perls. 10,091 to 108 at 10,325 feet. Texas Pacific Oil No. 5, S. L. 410 Wotklns, ~12s-9w, testing at PB4943 feel. Lawrence Oil No. 1, Arlhur Little, W. Hackberry Field, Cameron Parish, 29- 12s-IOw, plugged and abandoned Dec. 1 at 3500 feet."Pan Am. Pctr. No. 119, S. L. 42. 19-12s-IOw, completed Nov. 22, 32 bbls.. 1 Inch choke TP 130. GOR 500, Gr. 29.9 degrees, perls. 5311 to 18 at PB5322 feet. Onion Oil of Calif. No. 50, Yount Lee Oil Co., 12-13s-8w, In Sweetlake Field, Cameron Parish, completed Nov. 27, 69 bbls., 8-64 Inch choke TP 250, GOR 208, 28.5 degrees, perls. 4449 to 74 at PB4502 feet. Union Oil of Calif. No. 3, Pon Am U t, 27-9s-5w, In Welsh Field, Jeff Davis Parish, completed Nov. 23, 139 bbls., 7-64 Inch rhoke TP 1075, GOR 544, Gr. 36 degrees, pi~r(5. 7738 to 43 at 7850 feet. Vincent & Welch, Inc. No. 1. W. E. Wolker. 7-9s-5w, In Woodlawn Field, Jeff Davis Parish, completed Nov. 27 99 bbls., 66.1 Inch choke TP 1125, GOR 698, Gr. 41 3 dearees, oerfs. 7038 to 41 at 9428 feet. Gen. Am. Oil No. 13, S. L. 1134, lone 2, W Cam. Blk. 45, completed Nov. 24, 134 bbls., 17-64 Inch choke TP 6970. GOR 78,200, Gr. 50 degrees, perfs. 11,520 to 74 at 12,102 feet. Socony Mobil No. J, S. L. 1153, zone 3, W. Cam. Blk. 110, completed May !8, 10 bbls., choke 20-64 Inch, TP 3150, GOR 611,000, Gr. 41.5 deg. perfs. 11,567-600, shut In gas well at 14,000 feet. Legion Post At Jennings Sets Election JENNINGS - J. W. (Bill) Watson, commander of the Jennings American Legion Post said that balloting for new officers will be held from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday. The voting will be at the Legion Hut, Watson said. The Legion's regular meeting Tuesday, will begin at 7:30 p.m. Watson said. A duck gumbo and green salad prepared by Hazard Guillot and Wesley Douget will be served. Storks Canal, t-Hs-Hw, drilling at 11,675 feel. JEFF DAVIS PARISH Welsh — Union Oil of Cal. No. 1, Cam 1, SU FF» iColo Tex. 27-9s-5w, pren to run log at 6728 feel. Welt Lake Arthur — Chevron Oil No. 3, Morgan Plantation, Inc. 21-11s-3w, drill- Ing at 12,464 feet. Watdlawn — Vincent J, Welch Inc. No. 1, 0. Miller, 7-?s-5w, logging ot W35 feet. OFFSHORE DRILLING E. Cam. Blk. 4 — Union Oil of Calif. No. 1, S. L. 4436, zone 1, drilling at 14,135 feet. E. Cam. Blk. 89 W-C— Forest Oil No. 6, DCS X3 0935, zone 4, drilling ot 10,800 feet. Cont. Oil No. A-2, DCS O 0934, zone 4, at 3428 feet. W. Cam. Blk. 17 — Chevron Oil No. 2, 5, L. 4418, zone 2, drilling al 14,320 (cot. Odeco No, 3, S. L. 3841, zone 1, at 16,436 feet. W. Cam .Blk. 13 — Humble 08.R No. 1, S. L. 4416 al 12,500 teet. W. Cam. Blk. 45 — Gen. Am. Oil No. 2, DCS G 1352 zone 2, drilling at 8857 feet. W. Cam. Blk. <8 — Shell Oil No. A-1, OCS G 1354 zone 2, at 3650 feel. W. Cam. Blk. 280 W-C — Union Oil of Cal. No. 1, OCS G 0911, zone 4 temporarily abandoned Nov. U of 10,480 feet. Members Get Checks 1.EKSVILLE - Ten Vernon | Parish <1-H club members last week received checks from the United Gas Corp. in the amount of half their premium money won at the recent State Fair at Shreveport. The additional money was given to recognize their success with their projects and to encourage them in agricultural and homemaking projects, according to Ed Parkes, United Gas manager. The winners were Babs Broyles, Brcnda Stenly, Rose Hilton, Randall Stevens and Robert Nell Williamson of the Leesville club; Gayle Harvey of Evans, and Ester Marie Hall Gary Hall, Ellean Owens and Randy Williamson of the Simpson club. Threatens Wife Market By KENNETH L. WHHNG LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) - The higli cost of wives is arousing many modern Africans. Government price controls have been suggested to curt) inflated prices. Many want to abolish the auction-like atmosphere surrounding marriage arrangements. The bride price is a hallowed tribal custom which demands a down payment from prospective husbands and additional installments in exchange for permission from the bride's family to marry. In Nigeria the fee is usually cash, payable before the marriage. Kenya custom sometimes permits payment in goods such as livestock, lumber and bicycles. The. dowry in Kenya can be the equivalent of five years of the groom's income. Angry young men in Nairobi formrcl a dowry reformation movement to protest payment for brides (o greedy fathers. "Love should make the decision of matrimony — not money," says the movement's president, Melody Omegoroh. The Obosi Youth Association in eastern Nigeria placed a $75 price ceiling on brides "in order to make it easier for young girls in the town to get husbands." An association spokesman said (his price applies to all classes of girls, regardless of education. The bride price is a primitive form of marriage insurance. Custom dictates that the husband gets his money back if the marriage breaks up because of the wife's misdeeds. If he is at fault, he loses bride and dowry. SUNDAY, DEC. 3, 1965, Uke Charles American Press Classified Ads For Fast Results OIL & GAS LEASES Wanted for Drilling fay Texas Independent Operator ALL REPLIES CONFIDENTIAL Send Property Description To BOX FM Lake Charles American Press BgAUREGARD PARISH Bancroft — North Central Oil No. 1. E. L. Lowcrv, ?-<s-13w, 1650 feel FNL and 1651 feet PEL of Sec. V to 8250 feel. CAMERON PARISH Black Bayou — Shell Oil No. 82-D, J. B. Watklns, 12-12s-13w, 3100 feet from norlh line and 480 feet from east line of Sec. 12 to 8219 feet. Norlh Deep take — Kllroy Co. of Texas, Inc. NP. 3-D, Miami Corp. B, 22-15S- 3w, ben. at the NE cor. of Sec. 22, thence Norlh 89 deg. 11 minutes 10 seconds west J500 feet alo'na the sec. line, thence south 0 dea. 56 minutes 17 seconds west 500 feet to loc. to 12,333 feet. Kllroy Co. of Texas No. 1-D, Miami Corp. B, 22-15s-3w, beg. at the NE cor. of Sec. 22, thence south 0 deq. 54 minutes 17 seconds west 2200 feet along the sec, line thence norlh 89 deq. 11 mlnules 10 seconds west 900 to loc. to 15,795 feet. West Hackberry — Lawrence Oil No. 1, Arthur Little ot al 29-123-lOw, starting at SE corner of Sec. 29 ,go north 1340 feet and west 2200 feet to the location of 3500 feet. Pan Am. No. 124-D, Gulf Land A RA B, 15-lJs-lOw, from SE cor. of Sec. 15, go north 1681 feet and west 1810 feet to 2500 feet. Sweetlake — Great Yellowstone Corp. No. 1, Pon Am Fee 7-13S-7W, commencing at the NW cor. of Sec. 7, thence south 89 den. 42 minutes 45 seconds east 2102.3 feet thence south 3 deg. 03 minutes 57 seconds 1550.0 teet to loci In Sec. 7, to 8500 feet. JEFF DAVIS PARISH Welsh — Union Oil Co. of Calif. No. 2, J. A. Bordagcs, et al Unit 1, 27-9s-5w, 330 north and 330 feet west of the southeast corner of unit to 7950 feet. Roanoke — Wolf's Head Pcnnzoll No. 1, Oils E. Ferguson, 13-9s-4w, 1650 feet norlh and 1250 west of the southeast corner sec. 13 to 9000 feet. Welsh — Gulf Oil Corp. No. 2, Cam 1, SU-CC, WMD Lee Fee B, 2<-9s-5w, north 89 deg. 24 minutes west 2587 feet and south 0 deg. 36 minutes west 2878.96 feet from the NE cor. ot Sec. 27 to 7900 feet. OFFSHORE W. Cam. Blk. S W-C — Ocean Drlg. & Explor No. 2, S. L. 3759, 2850 feet norlh and 5300 feet west of the southeast corner blk 8 to 14,500 feet. Two Negroes To State Units BATON ROUGE (AP) - Two Negroes, one a retired minister and the other a university administrative officer, have been named to all-white state commissions. Records showed Friday Dean E. W. Bashful of Southern University in New Orleans and the Rev. Norman Holmes, retired New Orleans minister, were appointed by Gov. John McKeithen. The appointments were made on recommendation of the 42- man Advisory Commission on Human Relations, Rights and Responsibilities, a biracial advisory group, appointed by McKeithen. Bashful, 48, was named to the Louisiana Youth Commission, and the Rev. Mr. Holmes, 73, was appointed to the Louisiana Commission on Alcoholism. "I do my best job when the customer has confidence in me? lays Dave Williami, Mancobar Fining Mud Engineer. "Confidence is made up of a lot of little things. And thes>e little things take time to achieve. Its being there whe» the drilling engineer or pusher needs you. It's making a suggestion and having it work out right. In fact, it s having all your suggestions work out right. Most of my customers trust my judgment, and I try to do a first-rate mud job for them." Dave Williams began preparing to be a Magcobar Mud Engineer at A. and M. University of Texas. He has been a Flying Mud Engineer in the New Orleans District for Magcobar for the past nine years. So he knows what he can expect on the wells he takes charge of. He knows what has worked and what has failed o«""- the past nine years with wells in this same area You'll find you can drill better wells for less when you take advantage of all that Magcobar offers. You set the detailed experience and conscientious service of Magcobar Mud Engineers like Dave Williams. You are also getting the backing of Magcobars full resources. You can't do any better than that! MagcoDor DC-65-17 Shop Henke's for Low Priced • r n remember you get Double T.V. Stamps Tuesday Kwick Kr;sp Thick or Thin Sliced Bacon 2 feM H With $2.50 Purchase A Division of THE KROGER CO. Cli Kwick Krisp aeon Rich In rsc! couniry breokfost flovor. Cooks to golden crisp good- nesi . . . keeps ell its country smoked flavor and tantalizing aroma. Try It todoy, Sliced 1-Lb. Pkg. Specials good Monday, Tuc » d o y, Wednesday, Decembei 6-8, 1965, Right- to limit reserved. Prices plus tax wtwnt applicable. iCTHE KROGER CO, 1965. Eire Size Boneless Beef Stew Lb . 69c Young, Tender Yearling Liver Lb . 49c Gorton's Perch Filiels ';£ 45c SHOP OUR GIGANTIC TOY DEPARTMENT I Discount Prices Plus Top Value Stamps —LAYAWAY PLAN— Kroger i*. — ^"<«; Kroger Frozen r tf* I • ^ Orange Juice Sun-Sweetened from Florida Homestyfe or Buttermilk Limit 6, Please it*! 6-Oz.| Cans Ruby Red Grapefruit Sara Lee Frozen Coffee Cake Maalox Bama Liquid LARGE SIZE Only 18-Oz. Jar 12-0*. $1,49 Size Jf, , f . Luxury Room Size 100% Viscose Big 8 J / 2 ' x IIW TWEED RUGS With "Built-in" Foam Paddinjr Resists Soil and Footprints Practical and Durable Decorative Compare Quality Compare Weight Get TV Stamp* TOO R-PJU. Mi toad Meodowlake Margarine 2 iii: 49c Lawry's Garlic Spread 4 s°: 39c , New Orleans •French Bread IS 19c Country Oven Fresh Cinnamon Rolls DO,. 33c Golden Ripe Bananas Lb . lOc Drene Jhampoo *l™ 59c 100 FREE EXTRA TV STAMPS With This Coupon and Purchase of 3-Lb. Pkg. Ground Beef A* Hoik.'i. Good Pec. 6-8, !9€5. M Stomp* 9-Mves All Tuna Cat Food Chun King Soy Sauce 21c 5-0*. Size Chun King Fortun* Cookies 3 sS 49c Chun King Noodles 2 c«n$ 37c Chun King Beef Chop Suey dlaj 69c With Combinatioa Pock, Only Folger'* Coffee 1-Lb. Sixe, Net

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