The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 22, 1971 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 22, 1971
Page 5
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Penn State wants Texas in Cotton Pro Grid Standings H> AHSOCIATKI) I'ltKKH I'enn Slate will b« pulllnK hard for u TPXAI victory over Ihe Temi Agnle* ThanJi»Kivjijji Day beeauws Ihe Nittany Mont till) feel Ihcrr't »annr unsettled butiiK-u Irotn tlw \Wi waM*> You remember Ow luu T«A» iWt?at«l ArtariMU in Dig $}ttxduul ] wllh I/HJ n«li(xi and l'rr»i(Jcnl Nintx) luukiiijj on He (ir«ct«im«4l T**»t lo l* rov '«' wiwlvm nallwul cti»m|^wi arxi itu* Longtturnt grahbrd (her mjlluul otlr *ttlt a 31-17 victor) uirr NtXr«r !)««)<• in »*«***««**•»**« w#»«*«»#«»*»*»*«»** Till- HHA'/,OSI»()HT FAC1X, Frwport, T*XM. SPORTS '< I ' '.!». cm i o«v» !x...,>f " I I f« I'lt Of * ) I 1*1 )» l» > t » »Jk lit !» < « 4 <m in x* o n !i cc/j »»< >•* Shooting troubles cause loss Exporters drop opener t ( vn >u in * 1 <!! •/» ID > ) IH ftt 1M < ' "I ill lit < » •* «l) j» ' ! .•« lit 'H .Moodijr. Navtmbrr 22, 1971 . Ik-ginning bankclhall scawn ofi Ihe road U h»ir<] enough. lkf(innlr)K It with a I'm U even harder Tin; tir;uo»|Kirt Kxportcr» trsvt-M In Sanle Kc to open their cajjc .H-aison with a &M3 low Hiilunlay. Tl«.' )>lf!gc*t 1 PM IMS jmi lew yeart We d to I'pdn Si<»!<! ralwitl thr Nuutt) Uix to fiby the l<» go lo Ij* Mill l*Ul up a "w thovttivwn Ids Soulhwui ch»ffipl«s».(<i|» also ubelhrr in HIT* I [>tx » w, n»llunal ti<» wrfi- Dmuue rni Uw likely lUtlrr »l oiRival caller "Jit* bvai lr.iln v i( il tMraU ![«• U«*ft> Si* ,< (M-lr tu »( l,)lk£t ili'.rJx-il IVtin fkivr nr-i« Ift ,SVi( i ti<r<J to jfo §41 !h« Of t ii". S'W» "U «<• had t k> ii'.ic !£.»( Jims f i"jc'»irss \IitSr (f.r r ««"At n is »5j\*\£ is ^ « JLl £>;. ',,v '.Jw Or 4 \l-jff. O!!c!',»ut {JKi.Sc Ji* *! i'wf i uh «rlf».l Angleton Bowling T14KI ,!..-:-•! I. VHI \ Itlltll I J <t--!t i r I'r .' ,<-? ^ i,; ;i|i MMilN \ I t M.I I - .- CIMflt M.I » V \ !'. i .,.», V,rr ,.»,., til SINK.SS I J \(.l \ |v, r v.r: .,.,! • HIT & MISS II: i ., Ay*,, Si C '' •' ' ' J * < •»'<• " H J 'AjfixT j -vj; ;v.3 I j >;.:.:!< J r Ho irr 4 >**•:! KiHrt j v.) tuft fit I t I- If. M.I K f jndhjiF dr»! «j»,( •*»!(» x: I Presenting the KNIT FASHION Collection kll.l lw«tt. tlftihl «A4 viW'f (04(1 «**>UIH« 4ftfwttc«t Arid, in Uvt UKlHOKMOKUt! 1-d il.l,, t , film »<*<k. tolvi, I'tw.n., <«« Vrt>l|««»rl JWItl fHOM HUM tpof I <*«ll Irvm Ul II *;: ;i» iitd I V.ilr ^srlr-TT -> «,\* jjlj as,n U.tfT *r«1 Arc hn- •*•.•(-, »^;n M-rffMri !H»IO! A f.«T .-..C :^« .n.f .«< !'.«> ,!.<f.r, '.:,, i. rt.(C,> » IUrN-T S,V>i> *>-. '.f. .vur.jrt hJ\r V' !« i M-\ !S,\ Valir l FISHING at-ailance hi IU slUf. Hwch. tUit ami Tackle rci«.»rt* She ttjy i» full o( rrvls (HI! live uiixl i» to mjkr !)><• (iviuii^ rough Tl« % wairr >» . houc^rr Mll.ST\S\ Tti. ~:>1 trml jivl whitiiit; a (i'« ri-d> ! ou v r ihc The Gulf U clear and ralm, IKII the hviT i> rough If the vkind dot-ill I die down, llw dining will be ikini|>> here. ,iUo OKKtillOKK .Several IxijU lr(l ilndjjf llartior ovrr (lie vkifki-nd, and brought back a lot of rod VIUPIHT and bull rods II was too windy 10 go out today, bul if it dies down this afternoon, live boats will be able to go out tomorrow. Br«w»port Village , FOitiXYRA C*( IF AST SERWICE. a-ayt it f'M-.«j xt.uts r<*a!lj !.«- (Ht/Oll-OH ^/ M difference In the contest wa* Bra*o»poft'» foul*. While Sanlc Kc made a remarkable 31 of 45 free thrrw attempt*, the Exporter* hit wily neven of 25, "We couldn't hit the banket in the first half," uaid Bra/osport coach K. Jim Davij. "There wa* plenty of good effort, Ixil the offcn*o wa» cold." Mike Schroedcr waji Uie leading *corer (or the Ships •*ith nine poinU and tl/jy Khodes followed with eight. Harry Hobba cleared the 44.30 W | n over the Sanlc Pe board* for II rebounds, jy-g with II poinU, The Ship The exporter* came within Ju " lor f 'ft ^ *""" f m ?i four poinu in the second half Tonlf?ht »««»?»«lake* otl but failed to rnurter a big t ? Alvln for *« "c 0 "* 1 ^ a a*,-" •« —- "^Kis.'fi*^ going and cut some of these Clifton Sander* led the fouls," Davis said. "We had a Brazosport Junior Varsity loa lot of first game trouble*." KUbfcKI MFTCHUM GOING HOME JBRftCOH THEATRE "--« OYSTERS Pint, QL 4 GAUON ALSO FISH - SHRIMP & DRY ICE TEXAS SEAFOOD CO. J23 W. BRAZOS FREEPORT 233-5611 Holiday Shoppers' Best Friend Frcxn Mighty to Mini, Horxki has tt URFSIDE CYCLE CENTER v-. REPLACEMENTS FAST-EFFICIENT EXPERT INSTALLATIONS h"»e ol mjnwlj;' »; ii't.ta PPCi c <! if- mutt *fv) '-r.^J i'-»Hi;«i.r>.-,i HURRICANE GLASS CO. 5 N. GULf BLVn FRFFPnRT give and enjoy on Thanksgiving ' I LB. $2.00 ASSORTED CHOCOLATES The Card Cottage i ilK'S I'l VM\Jll)\ AS THK HULIIJAV shoppers fKrs( frierxl. it brings you UK- very r.r»f>.l «jf| idf-^i jrsd UK- .st«rt-s' finest valuCT r'ui;. after day With piclures.pncfs Jf»d delaib to help;, wu IUK] happy ami ttinfty solutions to so niany of your Stopping Helps You H (IK SI'KK to read it ever;, flay, for exciting news, thnllmg picfurt-j.. and pleasing tetures, as v,ell a.s for ways to save more- more time and money in cioing your Holiday shopping If ;!«, wt U'lfig delivered to >our ten-.f w*, ptvv.e us tfxlay and a carrier will verve NOU totnorrcr* IIAVIV, THK llHA^.ijSPnHT FACTS home- d»-ltvemi fich day ii the sure way to get full ad- -.anU^r of its man? helpful iervicwi ttx- h«xtic Holidj) St-ason' T1IK UKAZOSPOHT F.-\t~TX Tin- lamily daily paper of Brazoria Coumy ("ALL J33 3311 To Subx-ntx; Bray.osport"Beauty College ANICURING HAIRSmiNG ADVA*NCED WIG STYLING SAVE White Color! 2S9.U 2M.M ELECTRIC *• '' * ^ •-.'*» • » *- ' v - , ;. V .-' * " FREEPORT I'l « SECOND 1)1 Ml LAKE JACKSON VILLAGE CtfcTER 3-Piece 8-Track Stereo TAPE CARTRIDGE PUYER Now 79 . Up, c,,,,o, tv .,„ « UM „„ „,„,„ ,1,1,0 K.jl,,,^ pjj,,, ,,, mlK|1M ,,„,' ,„„ " ,„,,„ RADIO SHACK Like to save? Ask about the StateFarm Car Finance Plan. R, i, FRANKLIN 22j»* AH K INC. \V.\Y LAKEJ \CKSOS ^m^ Inturanc* Co Monw O(lic»s.-

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