Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 8, 1930 · Page 2
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1930
Page 2
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RtadymSde 98e 39c 23c Avoid Colds By Keeping Your Throat and Mouth Free From Germs' Mi 31 Solution 111 II ^ilHtliHI , ..I,, ,.t (ll , itlllllltlKt l l l l t l « | t l l H tllHI LHH bu ii nl tn I 11 IU n Anil m niUi w i t h . m l l i i i n l i i L , n l i i U i i t l n K UH K l t l t n lUMtm in I t k l l l i tllH i» nl nil-mi In i r, K t t f , ,,,), - i LI KM lioih nuft ntlil ufrac- th i)lcl v nlv mt Hoth.Jnhiiniii Prescription Facts Tim most tlcllcatclj bdl- anecd scales RIC used In t h . t t o t h - J o h n s o n P i e s c i l p lion Department To tho sivulk^i riactlon o f a g i a i n or a ilio|j, the Instructions ot voui Phvilelnn aie c«r- iltd oul Nn cipcnso or cat n it sjjaiixl in remicrlng- the mo*t painstaking preset ipllon so i vice at thli at firs "Otooic Your Pbmmawt 4i Caiefully As You Void Physician "" madfl by Piof J A Mot- iso ot Milllkln unlvotuily wcie tho uts landing feature of the national or tho Natlonnl S«fely coun- 1 in Pittsbuiffh. Pa InHt week, BC- ordlnp to a Icltei fiom W H manuptng dlrcctot of tho rounetl, to Royal MtOlellarnl ««crc- tary of tho Decatut Safety count;!! Prof MeltMP made four addiosuefl n "Motivation " His talks stood out mong those of 303 B peak era In 141 AFETY DIRECTOR LAUDS MELROSE ON PITTSBURGH TALKS Poor Pistons WOULD COST YOU MORE If You Got Them for Nothing Install COS* 13 soon repaid. Been Ions of the conxirHs, Mr Cameion vrtote. Betnuut, ot tho Inloient In what Prof, Mfilroso naiJ, Mt Cameron IB having thp Htcnosisphln lu- portfl of tho speethos reprinted to b* sent to snf*ty connclln and Industrial oi(-anliotlons J K Stafford of the Mississippi Valley Structural Steel company sent a paper to be read ,betore the congi«BH, on "Somo Common Sinn In Writing" Boeims* ot his tecontly assumed chitlw aft inanagft ot the new Citizens building Mr Stafford could not attend the PlHsbutfih meeting Ho i* prfBldcnt of thp De- oatur Safety council His paper dealt with the publication of house organa and organization Journals, pirtlculaily the bad ·writing that often appear* In them While In Pittsburgh, Prof Mehosd met aeveiul Miltlkln alumni and via- ited In the home of Ernest Hartmnn, aon ot Mrs B E Haitmann, Deoa- tur. Mi Hot t man n ip in thp Inborn- tot y of the American Aluminum company KILLED^BY TRAIN Miss Marie Oftthtitmer, formeily of Dccatui, «u« all nek and killed near Indianapolla Tueedey motnlng by n railway tialn, accotdint; to word which reached Docatut letatlvOH during the day Miss Osthelmet was the ' · -MCI of Mt and Mil L J d* thclmer, who lived In Docalur 30 , U I H m;o Ftmetal soivlcus foi Mlas (Mho 1m er will be conducted at n o clock morning in Indianapolis School Children to Be Informed of Traffic Laws $uf«ly tslk* will b« given In schoolH of Dccdlur, Iho county nnJ Ilio Htiil* hy nulomobllf lnv«BU((Hltri nt the necrclnry of atate'» office, K M Bookdi. Invwllitriilor for Mucnn, Platt, Dfwitl and Moultrie countiaft Announced Tucsdny. Th« tulks will he of nhoit duration and will emphn ul«e the need for caution on Ihc pflit of school children in crowing ettcetx Also the InvpiHigulorB will iMwcua' tuifflo laws, In tciirm undurslunJ nbl« by children, The children will b» loW how to walk miWy upon (he dhouldcrd of slate hlifhwuyif Prlvlnft hints will be given for the benefit ot parents Mr Booker bcnnn hi* lulkn Monday In Brush ColleiK schools No t and No a Noxl Monduy he wilt start In tno city tichools, unit will pass about lhi«e weeks making OH' i mind* of school* in hi* territory. COLLEGE REGISTRARS OF STATE TO MEET IN DECATUR OCT. 17 College i C E K i m * "f the stntc wil' be In BccHlur for a one ilny convention in MI)Hkln university on Fridxy, Oct 17, accordlnjf to duronce Deakins, icghttitr o( Milllkln unlvcislty Tills convention wil) Include nil of the Illlnol* branel) of Clnrcnnr D*akln« Is In tb*rg« of Iho program which will Includ* In- HUuctlvn talk* by ptomlnent nuMiori- tla* oubtlde in* *Ulo, M well w by m«mhnw nt the nipfinlMUon Mom- Inic and nfternoon pmgrnmii an being plan noil SALESMAN INJURED AS CAR GOES INTO DITCH ON ROUTE 10 J P PuinmlnK of Monk ton, ltd , A IravellnR MNlMman, recclvrrt * double frnrlurr of Ih* Irfi arm Tuesday afternoon when the automobile be was drlvlnjt wnnt Into H dUcb netir TlllonollH Mr Gumming attempted to jmim », rni diiven by a woinun and went off thi- Koine 10 slab A motnitxt broujjht Mi Cumniing to SI Mnry'n ho»|ltal wh«r« n phynli'lnn said th»t 1h(! Hiiltwnan will b wtthoui thfl \wt nt his ann foi thin- monllm due t) Ihn rhamoter of the f roc III rex Mt Cummlng'n rnr, full of die«Mis nml ttmbtellus, wim towed « DA. ralui OECATUR WATER TOO EXPENSIVE, COUNCIL LEARNS Report of AccomtMU Sub. mitted; Members Split on Reduction SMITH IS OPPOSED U«'«1UI'« Wtitn. KK!i|llr t tit* tri'iit I'oKtly 111 lit!. HI nt n »iv] , twluctiql) in wnli'i mti^H njifinmni Ij Iti JunUfli'il ti (ltvplu|ntl in i rlimi'd unfctofici of th" cltj IIIEVNIOM CLINTON -The Oimpci*' teunloit wai held n( e o'clork Tu^wday ni«ht In the Cllnlim V M C A roojim A nan served n( 4 o'clock, which ramp emblemK wejp and Home fllniK (hi own on the screen Nearly all V M C. A oiimp*tn weir, ptemint, and enjoyed a pleasant t yen In); _ Sprtilnicnt iinwijt t)n i')«»ii| tli" ii-rtijdion unit n ilnfiOtlii UlHI » IlKjillllji n litml will vmc fin the ml A v(»it niiiv I" 1 Itdicn In Th In i hi ronfi i ' m c, t lt I ADMIRE Says GEN. OTTO H. FALK One of America's Leadlnn Industrialist*. President, AHis Chalmers Mfg. Company VlwPmidem, and Director, Tb* Falfc Corp. (manufacturer* of iWel catting*, etc.)* Dlrto tort Flnt WliconEln National Bank, Fim Wliconitn Ttwtt Comp*ny, Wl«comta Tel*, phone Company, Milwaukee Mechanic* In. mrance Company, National Enancltof and Stamping Company, Granite City Steel Co., tb« Falk Invcttment Company. Prwidtne, Public Safety CommlMlon of Mil. wiuiee; Rtgtnt of Marquette Unlvtrtityt Dl- rtoor, Merchant* and Manufacturert Ann. of Milwaukee. "The days are gone when a manic /acturer can achieve national ac* cctitance for his product merely through a vast advertising expenditure. Today't intente competition demandtthataproductbe identified with a quality distinctly its own. And so I, a* a fellow manufacturer, admire your enterprising we of the Ultra Violet Ray in the "Toasting' of the LUCKY STRIKE tobacco,," LUCKY STRIKE-the finest cigarette you ever smoked/ made of the finest tobaccos -the Cream of the Crop-THEN-"IT'S TOASTED/* Everyone knows that heat purifies and so TOASTING removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. No wonder 20,679 physicians have stated LUCKIES to be less Irritating! Everyone knows that sunshine mellows- that's why TOASTING Includes the use of the Ultra Violet Ray* It's toasted Your Throat Protection-against irritation-against cough Consistent with its policy of layfr* the f 8C U before the public, The American T -*-T-- .. . . to review the reports of the dwtingoJBhed men who have witnessed LUCKY i rttteraent of Central FWk appears on this pwte. i0! f'JtctH, DIM t mh*[Jul(i |)ii XP) i ii KKW iwiltjctlow of Hnr»o Tit* i ulynlK »IVJ riclilt)|ii w. by M'Hpbi'V i Ntfii, following j ini)mh*i with jf«in, (hinujth III* HO'KI n|Mifili nnniiniii It) the fitly wiiini i|i|tti1|»iit tV»f nHJtiium^ ntiidi' no iitcnniinoivliiilon In i]n*fi tiij)rni fi) ihi .'our. I), mctr ), ftiilMnliiiiiK flKiiiAi ii ml nimitMi « LI » nil own split Th* roiiwtim.n nllii a iluily o( the flKin"t «rni 'Iin split 'in On 1 ID i l tijpfc ilu trjii-. Pom IJ»il V .imiili annaunM fl«i| ih'it hi' miiy not vote foi ih» Midic-ll'in i\itl Ih'KI 'll tt)t rotil( miinl 'if 11 mijm!i\ r,f tlv iniin'tl mnn f j\«n I'm t n t 'I'm not HO ^iii( ihi)i MC (nj(,*ii to dti Ii ' culd Mi hiulili Wo CHh mini, ]tnv f.jr th Itiltn in ·'hnn ot- 0") 'tnl ih.-i) tnii)«' a ifitl nit in ))· rtntof lht« Jl)0}l'fH\ ti iMMjoh II thtf (» th' Itls foiiMimi i* of WHIM Injl on tin- Hiil.' MlTM x 1)111 li uoni to pout IKI ii im|i niijiiiv ' I oitt|inrlM)iiit Mlnli «llnit illlllt) olljidoj ID llii 1 DUIiuiJ" th'it J^ 1 -nmr'p vitit«r In fit t n f ' i i ) i ] i n i . n i ' i i ! l i in fli.m Niich n niutu cif n f f n l i i m i iiii-i]*»it- Ing M) Kmlil) Mtilil l i c i i i s tVrn. t u r n « i i " i is hijjhlv i i i i i i t i l »nd ciUir-i i; il i hi i)i i v, i t i i -.imi l i t * m» nit *i (.htirnuBlilv iit'Hi" 1 *! t tVuili'n wiiti'i ii]jj)l \ \ j u«.''1 In tin' c inftii -i) i n n« it n fxnuiitlf of C)IIH|)I t wm.'i limit l ) i ' n t u i « Com mhislnlll'l Mil ID) ( , l l j . r l c , | li) I Ills ntivi'm ilnii il)i uni'i 1'ioilti iitd .jtlii'i itM'f «.. ill! 11 ' nil* i il ii |) inn \Srto llli* Ml)j))liit of llv-W t'llt«i t" lIlUIOHIilllV )»'H'i CiJ OS Pii itill Kor fn«lntif", nild tlii 1 ot i) Hi if-till' IVotim ft»tn In not M)lt it'll «B I*rnlui Tl!B(i«\ d f l l ' l l l O O U H l O l l l l ' l l l l i C U|) III .tin I«M'. Jll.'nl Mho wn« wtruck Dv on while MtemptltiK (·» fro** Hie pavement a ill* tnt^iNi'dlnn »i Mum "About ten Ywr» ago I M weak and nimioftft tn We mtwrable ntl over. One dfly my huKlund sMJ, 'Why dan i you tnkc LyJia I:. Plnkhsm s VegeuWe Compound!' When I haJ taken two boctlca I Kit better so I kept on. My little Jau^hter wnii liorn when I had been married twclv* y««f. Even my doctor saM, 'Iti wonderful «w(T.' You miV pulli»h this Iciiiir for I want all the world to know how thli medicine his helped me,"-Mn. Morten Me*, ao6 Street, l/nton City, N, Coiuiioiiiiii v iilth *»nd A A HtH STUDENTS CAN HELP BRING WORIH PEACE, RUPINO DECLARES Hop* o( lniiinn(Untl )»*»*· H*« In rh* c i Diiniliu; nf idiiiinn^hip* nt frl( mllln's-i nni»nit th* imiih of Nil tiaii^ns tn Hi* o)ifniin iif M Cumliit a n«i\i' KDigilno who (i|ipi»t*d b* foin Milllkln iinlM-nin -nudcim T»tPr«l't\ WOitllllR i-- H 1'HII "f ll!' toili In ronn((lnn wilh »iw!«i« ^1 imtoer wmk M fuiili i jil( tilnl fi! t) . Iflwi !»· tatloiwhlp b f i w . t n Hi" *iuiluii« of hH own crtunin ""il ihn« *' t " ( IJniwd Slut"* sn] foe cnnttnu me* of th« loUtloili Hint the )ilrtn»ern *rt»w- Ilihed in the Philipplnw STKIICK^IIV CAIl RHCLBYVJIJJS - Ml* )l*iMh*H ot twsi W**t«fv*ll TBACH ATTAC 0. $. Couro '«tion Sire Si BLAMES L of ~,,,r '( Hi* On- -i""" 1 fl t living I 1 ' 1 ' nut l» not hi if I' of Al'twU* Mr jUl . hur« I · - ' ,*1d to »·!"· HD* of itMinuli kh *-" · Sti now in 1I In *n I n d u ' i N chin* 1l *" 11 ' m«r. * *""" h* t h i n e * ' ,, import *»"l r ,,t»l h* -I"!* (,*for. h*r 31 nnv nol V)» f *hii Ii ' of r ii|ioti h i ' ih» n , | )( . i-1'cil h. h i - « r · M ,n If hoHi of iliofi r IT \ V * II" 1 " ' r TOnn ·« h united to t«" VuKC'i « 1 H - unH 1hr» 'hi 1)1*111 111* 1 nn finf fcv. h a i m f t i l an' dhfli'M h* - rmiilto of d til nit i h « i t In thli fon whtrh tnhsr dllf tn thf fit hv out \t F 1 i"! PI of piibltf h InM 11 dect nii tlfhtiol fitch »r honor nf M Wi- r f i OC of will holrt t AnnnRcn plow* »nd Th!» mill rhui ·ttvrnoon t Mr» M EXP Gl Ir, "* Ilium or

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