Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 18, 1941 · Page 5
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1941
Page 5
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Wurday. October 18, 1941 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS. tt*rltn«-R0ek Falls *nrt Adjacent Trading Territory FATf> Rwry Advertiser—Lftn?*" wr Small —Gown Into TTii»w Rock Falls City and Central Section Industrial Business and Agricultural Interests of Whiteside County D EVERT WEEK PAY EVENING— «<*t!lnt, R«flt FalK imtledgerflta., CoM*, Lanark, FsH f>«?Y GroT*, TOaJnwt, RmipfmH K*w R**ffl*4. Manilas, ?w*t«wn, Normandy. Tampi*^ Pr«ph*t*t«w», RH«. Peittan, MorrfMn. Lyn**»«. Gait, Coww*, EirHTmn. Ratmd Crar* an* ROCK FAU4I HIT PAH* 2,IIS Including carrier, mull, throwoffs and Mk In surramdlni villages south of Rock River Every AdTTrtlmsr—Lur*e or 8ma!! Into <»,5B5 Homes Thieves Steal $ from Andreas Home During Night Entrance to House Gained by Forcing Basement Door Prophetstown Man Fails to Heed Ticket A warrant was issued for Art Tiffany of Prophetsu>wn. when he failed to he?d a r.r^edinR ticket given him by the Rock Falls police. He was arrested by the sheriff's «fficf, fined $5 and costs, including the additional costs for sen-ing the war- rent. BPD Calvin of Ft. Dodge, la., was fined $3 and costs by Justice of the Pearr K. J. Folkers of Sterling on a speeding -charg*. He was ar- rerted by Rock Falls police on West Fifth street. The Kenneth Andreas home at 301 Second avenue. Rock Falls, was broken Into Friday night, and approximately $100 taken from a buffet drawer on the first floor, accord- \\r\K to a report to Rock Falls police. The money had been kept in a safe in Sterling for a soldier boy. who was expected home today on a furlough. Mr. Andreas had secured It yesterday, and placed it in the .drawer, presumably for safe keeping. f Entrance to the home was gained by forcing a basement door, accord- tnf to the report. As the family sleeps upstairs, no one heard any culprit In the home, except Mrs. Andreas thought she heard a noise ,«bout 1 or 1:30 o'clock. However, she 'did not know that Mr. Andreas had brought the money home, and so did not suspect anything. -Indications of a robbery were first learned this morning when the housekeeper remarked that the back )door was open. A search was then made, and the money found missing. Nothing about the house was touched otherwise, except some clothes In • closet were thrown on the floor. A fur coat, owned by Mrs, Andreas, also thrown on the floor, but )was not Uken. Members of the family state that whoever took the money must have followed them home, and seen Mr. Andreas put the money away. Second Birthday of Little Girl Observed The second birthday of Lorraine Patricia Melvilli was observed with km party Friday afternoon. In the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Melvilli In Rock Falls. Bunco WM enjoyed by the guests, first priae being won by Mrs. Adami and aecond by Mrs. E. Hand. Mrs. Jo- •aephine Pappocla and Mrs. Betty | Williams tied for third prize. The guests were Mrs. Liz Hand and son Donnie, Mrs. Lois Forehand and daughter Joyce, Mrs. Lots Wess- Btr and children Donny, Ray and '^Inuny. Mrs. Josephine Pappocia and 'Mo Bobby, Mrs. Adami and son Ibonatd, Mrs. Marie Thomas and Daughter Barbara. Mrs. Betty Williams and daughter Judy, Mrs. Eleanor Cesaiek and daughter Sandra Kay. Mrs. V. Cesarek and daughter Nit* and Miss Arlene K07 Attractive Green And White Handbook For Woman's Club I An attractive handbook has been 1 published this season for the Rock I Falls Woman's club in the club col- I ors, green and white. The cover Is white and the inside pages Rrecn, ; with the printing dor»e In green Ink. ! The WhltMide County federation ' song written by Mrs. Helen Elkcn- j berry of the Sterling Woman's club. ; to the tune of "Battle. Hymn of the | Republic," appears on the inside of the cover page. Mrs. Peter J. Dletz, president of the club, states in the foreword. "Women are being f challenged In this present emergen- i cy to use their minds to think straight, to use their tongues to speak wisely and discreetly, and to permit their hearts to be filled with tolerance and compassion." For their motto the Rock Falls club members have "In essentials— unity. In non-essentials—liberty, and in all things—charity." There are six deceased presidents in, the dub and 30 living past presidents. Past presidents are: Mrs. Frances K. Andrews, deceased, Mrs. Mollie McMillen. deceased, Mrs. El- slna Geoffrey, Mrs. J. O. Limerick, deceased, Mrs. Ada Phares, Mrs. 8. E. Wheelock, Mrs. Anna Jensen, deceased, Mrs. James Densenbaugh. Mrs. Charles Holsinger, Mrs. Claire Bean, Mrs. H. F. Daggett. Mrs. F. H. Oeyer, deceased, Mrs. E. A. Ashling, Mrs. Lloyd Thome, Mrs. C. O. Pippert. deceased, Miss Jeanette Balderston. Mrs. James Frank, Mrs. Harry Shlffer, Mrs. E. C. Orosse; Mrs. Delbert Wright. Mrs. O. C. Newburn, Mrs. E. I. Lehr, Mrs. R. L. Akey, Mrs. L. L. Winn and Mrs. Q. J. Pohly. Mrs. Andrews served for two terms. The collect for club women by Mary Stuart and Irving Berlin's "Ood Bless America" are printed on the, concluding page* of the handbook. Mayor Feigley Named On Two Committees Mayor 8. H. Feigley returned Fri- jday night from Chicago, where he attended the Illinois Municipal I league convention this week. It was ' k very fine convention, Mr. Feigley atated. and very definite plans were laid for the future. Mr. Feigley was placed on the ex- i •outive committee, and also on the resolutions committee on Friday. It tkaVunderJhjBjnew prest dent. Mr. Hattiesberg, mayor o: Xankakee. that executive meetings will be held at Springfield every 60 days to lay out definite programs for all municipal bodies. Sees Rochelle Play • Bernard Mitchell, assistant coach of the Rock Falls Township, high tehool. went to Rochelle Friday evening to scout the Rochelle-Amboy game. Everett Reed, industrial,arts L~inatrucU>r. accompanied Coach George Quire with the team to Mt. Morris, and assisted in the work. Mite Society Meets '• A business meeting of the Mite so- .titty was held in thf Hock Falls Congregational church Friday eve- ttlng. Mrs. Lee Cutter, the president. pttatoed. Plans ware mud* to serve '.the luncheon for the county convention of the Woman's club next : and for a fail event. ! Wins Husking Contest {* OHAMLBBTON, ILL. — <AP> — For the aecond consecutive year, iDonold Walters took first place in ^tho Cotes county corn husking con- 4aat with a net harvest of 40.17 bush- In aecond place in yesterday's ftteh was Jimmy Boyd with 1721 'l. Twelve men competed. Briefs Arlene Jones, three years old, who has spent the put vacationing with her uncle Mr. and Mrs. A J. Malvllll 'Falto, returned to Chicago Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, drove out to get her opont the day ot the IfolvUU u /,•--- •oger. Bwert and children Donald and Susan of Irie at the P. O. Crabb to Rock Falls. and Mrs. Kdward Longa- ond daughter. Miac Bsther Hook P»Us. left Friday morning iaer, Mo., to visit the for'• brother, ftcory Longanecker, aJao witb, Mrs. Kittle Knox of ^_M*tigMf Tti^y gtccflittro%n if d f r.ilayor and Mr. A. a MoCullata of E '^*-'"' • • OB the trip and expect Committees Chosen P.'T. A. The Excelsior school P. T. A. met Friday evening at the school house, opening with a pot-luck supper. The new president, Walter Condon, had charge of the business meeting, when the committees for the next meeting were announced as follows: Entertainment, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Conley and Mr .and Mrs. F. H. Simpson: and refreshments, Mr. and Mrs. William Baker and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Brooks. A social time was enjoyed. ' . Attend Oriental Pageant of Shrine Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Trager and Miss Katherine Loomls of Rock Falls drove to Chicago Friday, where they joined'Mayor 8. H. Feigley and all attended the Oriental pageant given by Medinah Shine. They state that it was very spectacular. All the g.OOO seats were taken, and a large number were standing in the back and aisles of both balconies and the main floor. Wedding Will Occur Sunday Afternoon In Deer Grove Home Miss Orla Strouss And Harry Grimm Will Plight Vows Miss Drift Stums* ai!<1 Harry Grimm, both of Deer Grove, will be wed Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Strouss of Deer Grove. Rev. Roy W. Ford, pastor of the First Christian church ofpixon. will perform the ceremony, using the single ring service. They will be attended by. Miss Arlene Strouss. a ulster of the bride, and Jack Egan. both of Deer Grove. The ceremony will be witnessed by approximately 60 relatives and friends. A reception will follow at the Strouss home. The groom In employed In the meat department of the A & P super store m Sterling, coming here in July. He has bwn employed by the company in its markets for the past two years. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Wicker of St. Paul. Minn., who will also be present for the wedding. He attended grade and high school at St. Paul. Minn. They will reside in Deer Grove for the present, but plan to move to Sterling in the spring. Miss Laura June Van Dusen Married To Otho Wiggins Announcement is made of the marriage of Miss Laura June VanDusen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. VanDusen, 601 East Fifth street. Rock Falls, to Otho Wiggins of Dixon. The ceremony took place Oct 4 in Clayton, Mo., and .they were accompanied by Miss Kathrine Royer. Mrs. Wiggins came here from Kansas a number of years ago and attended the Rock Falls Merrill school. She was a student at Rock Falls Township high school until she was forced to stop school because of ill health. Mrs. Wiggins is an attractive young lady and has many friends in the community. Mr. Wiggins has made his hone in Dlxon for a number o( years and Is well known there. The newlyweds are at home to their friends on West Fourth street. Dlxon. Hoyride ond Wiener Roost for Closs Group One of the sophomore home rooms at Rock Falls Township high school enjoyed a hayrlde and wiener roast at the Nusbaum farm near Nelson, with Deane Nusbaum as host. He placed the farm at the convenience and disposal of the young folks, about 25 in number with Miss Janice Wilson, their instructor and Carl Thokey, principal. They had a hilarious time as they rode around in the vicinity of Nelson on the hayrack. After the hayrlde they returned to the Nusbaum home for eats. Songs were sung and the jolly evening brought to a close. Domoge Done to Cor Mrs.' Dave Williamson of West Fifth street, Rock Ffclls. reported to Rock Falls police that her auto had been struck from the rear at the First avenue stpp-and-go sign by W. M. Renfro of Fourteenth street. Damage amounting to about II was done to her car. which he paid. IB Mgck Jftr*. : |»tcy Baytr Hageroutf of Mok Falk, went U Unoata. ., Mst week, as w»» ' * iflTU* Sterling, lilinou, October 18th, 1941 Dear Jim: Come /• think of it, jarogrtuivt local In- •urmnce Atemttare like roilYooW engineer*. Then know where they're going. Then hmvt « dememdmbU proditction oekedmle. And, like emfi**er», locml mgentt hmve tome pretto important retpontibilUiet that canbedUehmrgedonlyontheomMUoftound experience mnd up-to-date knowledge. It f« like the difference oetween agenU who represent "Average" Companies mnd the reepontiUe agent whote work U geared to the helpful cooperation of Compmnte* that appreciate and understand hi$ problem*. In other word*, it if not enough to know where you are going. It it ju*t a* import' ant to cemiider How you are going to get there. The Streamliner* of the Insurance butineto are the Capital Stock Companies Inoiot on your Insurance being routed through them. Your*, Otto F. Caetendyck Offe. iNSU*ANCK - REAL K STATS Central Truot *ldg . ' 191 Fine Program Given At Elmendorf P. T. A. The -P. T. A of the F,1mrndr>rf school district met Thursday evening at the school house south o' Rork Falls, with a good attendsnre A business session w-as held and all sang "America." followed by the program in charge of Mrs Irvin Hansen. chairman. Mrs. MrPherson anr) Mi.w Bess Rlpley. Numbers on the program wrrr Song. "I Salute Old Glory.." school; reading. Grace Dir; dwarf act. LaVern Whaley. George Scheldeckrr and Pat Draper; accordion and Hawaiian guitar music. Petersen sisters; gold dust twins, Mesdamcs Foy and Dennlson. Lunch WM nerved by Mrs. John SchaufT. Mrs. Einer Johansen and Miss Blanche Rlpley. Charles C. Atkins Dies Wednesday at Ann Arbor, Mich. Moved to Rock Falls ' In 1850; Rites at Ann Arbor Today Brakes Release and Car Hits Light Pole L. M. Powell of Rock Falls was involved In a peculiar accident at Dixon Thursday night about 10 o'clock, when his car rolled across the street crashing InTo a street light polo, in front of the city hall. The car had been parked north of the post office on Second street when the brakes released. Charles C. Atkins. M. a Civil \rtriflii and B former rural mail: rattler out of the Rock Falls post offirr. passed away Wednesday at the homr of his daughter. Mr*: 1 Charles T. Petrie of Ann Arbor, Mich. Mr. -Atkins WM the oldest Civil war veteran fit Ann Arbor at the time of his death, and was in good health until Just a few days before his demise. He was born April 13. 1847. at Ellisville. 111., and moved to Rock Falls in 1850. Mrs. John Rakow and Mrs. Neil Smith, both of Rock Falls, are nieces of the deceased. Besides his daughter, Mrs. Petrie. he also leaves a fan. Dwight of Tul*a. Okla., a granddaughter, Mr*. Russell Vial of Ann Arbor. * grandson. Lyle At- kinn of Miami, Fla.. and a Mrs. Emma Leas of Denver Hf- *as preceded in detth daughter who pn&sed away ago. and a son. Edward of Funeral rites and interment took place at Ann Arbor today. Colo. by a years Loyal Class Meets With Mrs. Bud Fritz The Loyal class of the Rock Falls Methodist church met Friday afternoon with Mrs. Bud Fritz, with 14 ladle* present. The meeting WM opened with prayer. Following the busine s meeting, which was presided over by Mrs. Frite, a geographic*! quU WM conducted by Mrs. Joseph Walton. Short readings were given by Mrs. Fritz. Mns. Fannie Brown. Mrs. Nick Sullivan, and Mrs. E. V. Ma this. During the social hour, refreshments were served by the hostess. Condition Fair Lymsn Root is reported doing as well as can be expected at the Bethan hospital at Chicago, according to a letter received by his family her* today. His sister, Rosemond Root of New York city, is staying with him. He received a large number of cards from hU Irlendaj here, which he greatly appreciated. Receive Four Members Into Social Circle Four new member*. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Larson and Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Wescott. were received into the Social Circle of the Rock Falls Lutheran church Friday evening. Following the brief period of business there-were cards for entertain- High J.rore prlres were award• ed to Mrs. Fred Deetx and John Dirks, while the consolation prize* went to Mrs. Andrew Jormnsen and Clarence Brendan. A special prize was also given Mrs. Johansen. The refreshments vrere served by Mr. and Mrs. o. Oilman. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Oilman and Mr. and Mrs. John Schmidt. JtEAP THE CLASSIFIED ADS. • * • FARMS • <, • • 280 acre farm, modern buildings, at $115 per acre. • 80 acres, near good town, $110 per acre. • 260 acre Dairy Farm, on highway. •$90 per acre. • 240 acres of bottom land, on high• way. $100 per acre. • 80 acres, in Coleta area. $75 per acre. • 128 acre dairy farm. $110 per acre. Humphrey's Agency ROCK FALLS raomc inn Change now to LILSi approved Better Light Lamps No bmk in bee*, btonse nniihrrl $12.9* 1-1 i-i lifhc upvoi aoft,f«Mfal illumination bade m lined wkh -light- node if wide opon|h » A large collection of beautiful new 1942 on displayl Keep fat* with JCMI eja! Prated <%*?• • ^^^^^^^^^— l|_^^^^^bj g^HMB) j^^^^^^B^^ gB^^^u^^^^ JVDpoY mjpm PBJ wiosj o^OHy bow omf tloif e» eti gW yow lamp dealer or the ff Kg«^g| ••ggeBMBoflgf vnurm

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