Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 17, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1888
Page 3
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THE EYEING GAZETTE: TUESDAY, JA1TOABY 7, 1888. BARGAINSl Cloaks, Shawls, Dress Goods, Blankets, Bed Comfortables, Evening Gazette. THB H- new»«t»nds. Q.unnr» can b« hRd »t all me Price TWO CIHTS. TUESDAY, JAN". 17. 1888. Knit Underwear, Toboggan Caps, Leggins, Hosiery, Gloves, Mitten Corsets, Bustles, 80C1KTIF,* A!»0 AMf HRMEVT* Dancing school. The Emerson Chatauqna Society at Mrs. Frnnk Cochran's. BIIKVITIFJ*. from 84.75 to Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, And many other Goods to be sold very CHEAP FOR CMH To reduce stock before invoicing. CALL AND SEE —Hogs are selling at 85.25. —Burn to Mr. and Mrs. John Modler this morning, a boy. —There is to be a leap-year party In Masonic Temple tomorrow night. —The Whiteside County Medical Association will meet to-morrow at Morrison. —People from Morrison, Dixon and Clinton were present at the masquerade ball in Miennerchor Hall last night —The remains of Robert Plumb, who died November 30, last, were taken from Sterling cemetery yerterday, and today forwarded by rail to Hlllsdale, Mich., for Interment. —In our account of the exercises at Fairvlew school, we unintentionally omitted the Cowan brothers, Archie aud Robert, who were present and made speeches. One of these was formerly teacher of this school and the other is teacher at Stone's and both ere very excellent teachers, too. —The plans and specifications for the new city hall were shown at the Council. The library room will have accommodations for 20.000 volume?, which Is just the size of the one at Qulncy. It will prove a handsome and Imposing structure and a credit to the city. •The stockholders of the Sterling Hydraulic .Company met yesterday afternoon in Roswell Champion's office and elected as directors: George S. Tracy, W. A. McCune, Jas. F. Platt, John. Charter and U. E. Batcheller. The directors met later and elected the following officers: W. A. MoCune president, George 8. Tracy treasurer, Jas. F. Platt secretary. —Hon. N.S. Boynton, of Port Huron, Mich., will deliver a lecture tonight free to all on Mutual Benefit Societies and the benefits derived from the same. .Mr. Boynton after the lecture will Install the officers of St. John's Tent of' the Knights of the Maccabees. Lecture to commence at 7 o'clock In the hall Of the A. O. U. W. over Oliver's store. Charter members will be admitted after the lecture. —Unless It Is very cold and regela- tlon takes place, a cutter or sleigh, makes comparatively no noise while gliding along. Except the track is vtry hard, the horses' feet come down noiseless, as well. One Is riot aware how very little noise Is made by a sleigh except he have really tested It. It seems miraculous, almost, that more accidents do not happen from collisions between sleighs; for as Is said elsewhere upon this topic, a great many people have no bells, and It Is incredible that on dark nights collisions are not of occurrence. —Could any position be more undesirable than that of a brakeman on a train at night? Think of coupling and uncoupling cars with the thermometer 80 below zero. What spirit has a man at such time to jerk his fingers away and prevent the couplers from smashing them? There Is that that Is wonderfully bracing In cold weather, when one . can look out through double windows and In a room which la warmed up to 74 above. There Is nothing that is better; we always loved to read of Arctic .explorers seated by a life-giving fire after a day's journey in frigid weather; but the beauty and glory of cold weather consist in enduring It in a warm room, and taking only so much of its benefits as creeps through keyholes and door crevices,— the less the more comfortable. —The long pent agony Is over and Governor Oglesby has finally called an election for a successor to the late Judge Eustace, fixing the date at February 7, next. It ia now in order for the friends of the candidates to put IB their best licks. Let all lovers of fair play, who do not desire any opposition candidates to spring np, to insist that a mass convention is not «n attorneys convention, but that a delegate-convention is. Freeport is too far away fof the place of holding the convention, but we presume that that is the place which will be chosen. In any event, however, insist upon a delegate convention. That Is the only fair convention and when It is met, let our attorneys be on the alert. Even In conventions of lawyers, it is possible for sharp practice to be indulged in. —The masquerade ball given by the Turner society in Maencerohor Hall la^t night, was attended by from 150 to 200 maskers. The music was furnished by Prof. Tuna's .orchestra. Mr. John Baker called the figures. Dancing began at 9 o'clock and was kept up until 8 o'clock this morning. The maskers were of all descriptions,—from the ne- gro minstrel and cow-boy to the goddess of liberty; there- were Spanish dons aud black-eyed senoritas; nobles and tramps; flower girls and elegant ladies. The company unmasked at midnight. It was the largest attended anil most successful masked ball yat given by the Turners. Miss Bella Kohl received a prize as having the best lady's costume; she was a flower girl. Mr. Matt Keily, a_8panish don, won the prize as having the best appearing costume among gentlemen. All w»a orderly arid things Went off nicely. The committee in charge were Louis Oltmau us, Fred Stubbe, Ulrich Siebals, Will Boener anJ John G. Miller; assisted by Cbas. Doll Frank Bongard, llermium Rtyeker aud John W«*raM. —Attend the dnin meeting tomorrow night. —Let the good work of subscribing for the dam continue. —Far be it from us to be obstinate in any case; hence we say nothing more concerning the Merrill case. It was the sense of the members of the Council last night that the case should be carried to the Supreme court and they probably reached their conclusion only after taking legal advice. The GAZETTE'S opinion is that the Supreme court will do what the appellate court has done; but that is our opinion only and no man is so wise as to know what courts will do,—not even Supreme courts. The GAZETTE certainly believes that Mrs. Merrill has no case against the city and it feels that the money ought not to be paid. At the same time, it will but add to the cost greatly to take ItTto the Supreme court with the chances against the city. It was urged at last night's meeting of the Conncll that if this were paid without further fighting it is likely that other parties would bring suit against the city and that in self-defense the city must fight The GAZETTE certaln- tainly does not, in view of the uncertainty of court decisions, Insist that the city should not carry it up; It but expresses an opinion that the carrying of it is likely to result in a' decision against the city and the adding to the amount the city ultimately will have to pay. But the Council has considered the matter duly and says, resist to the utmost We are loyal to the powers that be and shall say nothing farther in regard to the matter. —Men from a warmer climate would be puzzled at the ^present appearance of our business streets. First there Is the snow upon the streets, wlnterish and wintry.. Looking at the stores, with their closed doors and the thick frost upon their windows, except for the fact that people are constantly going In and coming out, the impression might prevailjthat they were closed for repairs and that white curtains were hung In front of the windows. But, as we bald, trade is good and the stores are busy. The frost upon the windows merchants regard as a nuisance and have tiled many plans to get rid of it, as yet, however, without success. Some of these frostings are exquisitely beautiful. It is not possible to con- cleve of anything lovelier. No Holland lace ever showed such delicate meshes, or charming entanglement. Despite the cold, we never pass one of these beautiful manifestations of nature's handiwork without stopping for a moment to admire them. They do, though, give the fronts of the stores a quiet appearance, from the fact that the eye, having grown accustomed to displays of goods in them, has not got used to the change from articles of merchandise to nature's handiwork in purest white. —Again would we direct attention to the fact that in extreme cold weather the mercury (quicksilver) thermom eter is not reliable. As is known, mercury freezes at 39 below zero, and its liquidity is affected several degrees before it freezes. The government of the United States uses the spirit (alcohol) thermometers altogether, and its practice comes ot experience. We do wish that some four or five gentlemen living in as many different portions pf the city would place their thermometers together in order to prove how nearly they agree, and after, that hand In to us when there is extreme weather the records of their several instruments. There is now so great divergence that we are constrained to give the lowest and highest that all may be included. Thus, for instance, yesterday morning's reports handed to us gave a range of nine degrees of difference, say from 29 to 85 degrees below zero. Of course the place where the thermometers hang, whether exposed or protected, whether against the warm side of a house, or against a frame house which is warm within, etc., will account for some of these differences. It is also true that some instruments are decidedly faulty, just as are some watches. But the weather Is always an interesting and/fruitful topic and we know our people wish to know how cold or hot It is. But to get at just what is right, is a bard, thing to do with these thermometers. —The GAZKTTE is always for law and order. It has no ax to grind in the coming judicial election, but has lived up to its original position that the lawyers should name the candidate. It knew that while our docket is nearly empty (and this is trite of most counties of the district), it also knsw that law said call an election to fill the vacancy, and that there was no excuse other than that furnished by political craft. It knows, also, that emergencies arise in which the near presence of a Judge is of greatest Importance. Hence Its insiatance upon an Immediate election, when most of the papers of the district were silenced by the clamor of a few politicians and hints from Springfield that it might be best for "party." The GAZETTE does not believe it is best to lug politics into judicial elections; the people of this district have shown by their action In the past that they are of the same opinion as the GAZETTE. We have but insisted upon the carrying out of the law in this case, which law contemplates that vacancies on the bench shall be filled as soon as convenient. So far as the expense goes, it will not cost taxyayers one cent more; because there will be no special levy made to meet It, aud it only means that about 8000 which the election will cost this county will go to that source and that the board (if supervisors will see to it that that amount is saved to the county by reducing expenses In some other direction. Piano and Or*i»n Tuning And repairing of the above is my business. Persons having instruments out of order may leave orders at Werntz Co's. Music store. 93* W. E. Fox. A conflict for possession. When your system becomes disordered do not let disease tnke possession. Take St. Patrick's Pills at once. They net promptly, cure costlvencas and bilious disorders. They ward off disease and tone up the whole system. !Strick!er & Boorse. tf To Trade. A well improved farm in Whiteside Co. of 140 acres to trade for Neb.—or Kansas lands. Strike quick if yon want it, it Is desirable. tf F. B. HTJBBARD. The "C. U.S." Is the finest 10 cent cigar on the market. The "Velvet" and 87 for a 6 cent smoke can't be beat First class dealers, C. H. Seloff, manufacturer, tf A large stock of watches, clocks and silverware at Clark Glddingg & Go's. Also they do fine watoh repairing, tf James M. Fitzgerald's Restaurant Meals at all hours; oysters In every style. Prices very reasonable. Under Keefer's drug store, corner 3rd and Locust streets. . tf —How little do average observers perceive of what is going on around them. A clergyman said to the writer not long ago, "How is it possible that our city should be so free from evil doing? Is there another city In America that shows so little vice as ours r And then' he proceeded to state at some length how vety moral ia our city and gave his reasons therefor. While there is no question but that Sterling will compare favorably with any city of its size in morals, yet ours is not yet a paradise. . If one will stroll about the streets from eight uutll midnigUt for but a few evenings, or if he will but cultivate the confidence of police officers, he will learn that the devil as a roaring lion goeth about now and then Reeking whom he may devour. He will learn that now and then may be seen one of those women, whose feet lead down to hell, and who seek victims among old aa well as young. He will learn that now and then youth as well as age is enticed in rooms where the turn of a card may take the earnings of a week, yes, and he will learn too,that Bacchus had his votaries, and that profanity i-i loud as it is unseemly It is highly creditable to our city that we have an orderly town; that whatever there is of wickedness Is so intolerable that it finds place only when the curtain ot night hides evil deeds from the world. Still, it is well to reflect that there U yet work for the preacher. The mllenelum la not yet. unhered in; 8* »ti la not yet bound, and he still rtuds men ready to U»t»u to aia biaad- A choice farm in Iowa with 100 acres under cultivation, house, stable, orchard, two wells, grove of timber on it, granary, corn cribs and small fruits &c., to sell very cheap. Tnls is a rare chance with small capital. 80 Two small houses for rent desirably located for business In the city. One two story house with two lots, fruit, barn, coal houses and very cheap. If you want to buy or rent come when property is left for sale or rent. F. B. Hubbard, opposite Mannerchcer Hall, Sterling Illinois. 88 The Geographical Social at 4th St. church Wednesday evening is going to attract a crowd. Come. 84 -The Boston Store has special bargains te offer to customers. 80 Prohibition Meet Inc. At the meeting of the Protiibltion Central Committee of Whiteside county, to be he'd tomorrow afternoon and evening in the A. O. U. W. hall over Oliver's drug store the following topics will be discussed: AFTERNOON. 2:30. County Finances. 3:16. Town Organization. 4:00. Individual work. EVENING SESSION. 7 :30 The cost of intoxicating liquors In life and property. 8:00 The effect •/ Prohibition on trade and labor. 8 30 Is the Prohibition party a party of one idea. All are invited to be present. T. S. SniRLEy, Secretary. They are trying In Germany tn find a substitute for India rubber. No one who has used Dr. Blglow's Positive Cure desires a substitude, as it is eminently successsul in coughs, colds and all throat and lung diseases. For sale by O. A. Oliver. If your overshoes or rubbers wear ihin at the heel, get a pair of plates put on at P. J 1 : Unkel's. tf Pay Your Taxes. Tax books for Sterling township are now open at Sterling National Bank. Parties are requested to pay their per sonal taxes on ORbefore Feb. 20th. WM. A. CONNELLY, dwtf Collector. Always ahead, the Boston Store. Its prices lower than anybody's. 85 Flremena Notice. All members of Hose No/ 3 are requested to meet at the Firemen's room on Tuesday evening at 7:30 sharp. Business of inportance. Jos. BURKE 84 _ _ '" C. F. D. Teacher*' Institute.. The western branch association of Whiteside county teachers will meet at Albany, Saturday, Jan. 28, 1888. Meeting will open promptly at 10:30 a. m. All are cordially invited. Following is thn programme; 10:30, music; prayer; music; address of welcome, Rev. Otjen; arithmetic, J. P; Hook, Mr. Weeks; music. Intermission. 1:30 p. m. music, what preparation should the teacher make for his profession V Mr. Strong, Mrs. Dixon; recitation, Miss Hattie Green; teaching of morals and manners, R. V. DeGroff, Miss Louise Olds: music; how to teach practical grammar, Chas. Logan; class exercise in writing, J. C. Simpson. By order of "Executive Committee. Dr. I. Rader, of Fulton, Kan, says: "I have been practicing medicine for 47 years. Many times I have prescribed Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and do not believe it has an equal in the market.', It is a certain cure for coughs, colds and hoarseness. It is a splendid expectorant. It contains no opium, chloroform or any Injurious substance. 50 cents per bottle. Sold by Strickler & Boorse. tf Choice Bargain*. A few of the choice bargains in the hands of F. B. Hubbard; 20 acres near Sterling with good two story house, stable, &C.,. for rent cheap. Also 2X acres bordering on the city with comfortable building to trade for Kansas or Nebraska lands. Good chances for vegltable gardens. 80 F. Ij. Yomnc. Proposes to raffle his horse Capoul, Jr. Tickets, which are 82 each, can be had at M. F. Maas', John Lawrie's, the Gait House, and Henry Stein's In Sterling and Chut Wells In Morrison. The drawing will take place at M. P. Maas' Wednesday, Feb. 22. 84 Any one who Is affected with Tetter, Salt Rheum or any itching or smarting skin .disease should try Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment They will certainly never regret It It is guaranteed to give satisfaction if sold by Strickler & Boorse. tf PEOPLE'S COLUMN, THE WILD —FOR— —AT- ARE SAYING, AND PASTE: IT IN YOUR HAT, THAT Fuller's Book Store, WIH Chol*e*t ria<l tlia of CIGARS TOBACCOS ja.T JNO. P. LAWRTE'S. I •"« Prepared t« Farms, City Property ^Personal Property an Stocksof Koods For ctbeF Property SKO. W. BOOH 8, ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Office open eranlngs. ,/C»»f> Down Aftflr Bop per and Hit bythe Opel Vrmte and let a* Talk HE Baa COCHRAXT SELLS TELE BEST CIGARS —FOB THE— nsert three linos lu this col--\EJ uinn one time (or 10 cents, or lor 40 cente a week. Each additional line will be 5 cents a single Insertion, or 15 cents a week. FOB BKKT. LEAST MONEY QEHIDENCE of E. W. Edson and the store ITi. room under Harwell Hall. Apply to J. A. MeCune. tf D WELLING house, corner 6th Are. and «th St. Apply to M re. M. H. Krelder. tf D ONT sleep outof doors when you can get a comfortable house for irom six to seven dollars per mouth, of F. II. Hubhard. U O FFICES for rent In Boll block, being desirable, und finished In elegant shape. Apply to J. K. Hell & Hon. tf FOK MALiK. T WILL sell at auction on nu farm, Wednes day February l; horses, cattle, hogs, farm machinery, corn, oats aud hay. Q. O. Reefer. CHANCE to make money. J. A. Bartlett _ offers one or both of his billiard parlori for le at » bargain. - tf I OFFER for sale my entire stock of „ with Its good will, on reasonable terms. A. Sheets, successor to Martin & Klnttle. u Sterling, Ills., Dec. 17,1887. G OOD light bob-sled >-nd a democrat wagon. Enquire at this office t< A LE Brewery and fixtures for sale. George E. Rogers, Burling, Ills. Address, WANTED. TMMEDIATELY, at the Wallace House, a girl 1 to work. M Notwithstanding Their (Rousing Holiday Trade Have Still A Fair Assortment of CLOAKS & MUFFS STAPLE FANCY All Grades of AT LOWEST RATES. INDEPENDENT GROCER. THE At their Usual (Reasonable Prices. GROCERY I» the most Independent Grocery House in Sterling. We make our prices and tell GOODS SO LOW That prices astonish every one. All goods sold at the lowestllvlug prices; no overcharging. A ohud can 'BUY GOOfib At the BEE HIVE as low as a grown person. Thelargest ana finest stock to select from; every thing first-class. A large stock ol If toe Out, Plug and smoking TOBACCO'S Bought before the recent advances. The BJUS Hi VE customers get the benefit of the low price* before the advance. A large stock of Gilt Kdg« Cltliena' Meeting- Wednesday There will be a citizens' meeting Wednesday night, Jan. 18, 1888, at the Council Rooms to bear the reports of committees and arrange for the completion of the subscription to build the new dam. This meeting will be of interest and importance aud those who come late will probably have trouble finding seats. Everybody invited. i POINTER FOR SKATES! SKATES! SKATES I CUTLERY, CUTLERY, HARDWARE & STOVES, At my new store on Third street, opposite Jacob Elsie's Merchant Tailorl»j establishment. Lewis D. Wynn, Sot Ice. The Prohibition Central committee of Whiteside county will meat at Sterling on Wednesday afternoon and evening at 3 o'clock and 7 o'clock respectively at the A. O. U. W. Hall over Olivers drug store, third .street. All friends of temperance are cordially invited to be present. F. E. Andrewi. President, 8. T. ahlrly. Secretary. 8«e the u«w ad of N. Carpenter is C«. tf WRIGHT & WILLIAMS, PLUMBERS, GiS & STEiM EIHEBS • i •»• • '\k Jobbing and Repairing Promptly Attended to. '. Dealers In Lead and Wrought Iron Pipe, Wood and Iron r*umps, of all kind. Hose, Packing, Steam and water Guages, Valves, FUUaga, Hewer ripe, so. Estimates made on Plumbing,uteam &Qaa Jobs Mr, B, F. WILLIAMS. Formerly with Win. MoCuue & Co.. atteudi to wood and Irou puuip getting aud ropalrioi. Mr, E. M. WRIGHT, Formerly with the Sterling Water Co., gltw his penoual atwutlonto all plumbing, stojuu ud f u contract*. OVB LAHP PAbACB I» cjmplet* with tti« latest designs lu HsBftaf. Stand and Brack;* Uuiipo. Burner*, f'iliaoeyt, fie. frtcea to suit Uw time*. Call and ww our Little UUut tunp P** Kurclu 8«1W« Vnir*. Alt work warranted. Vowr order* tolieited. Come one, cornea!!, This rock shall flea From Its firm base As soon as we. THE URLY BIRD HATCHES THE WHIM, At 45 and SO Ceatc per Gallon. Bock Candy Drips, pure white, at 75 CeaM por Gallon* EOCENE OIL Non exploslre; the best oil sold In this market, at as low price as Inferior oils are sola el»ewnere. Don't bn deceived and buy low teat oils and run toe risk of being burned up.. Kemember you buy the ... BEST l^LOUIt. At the BEE HIVK. Snow Flake, Far-agon, and Kansas Wlntnr Wheat: all Holler Pntwita and all Wluter Wheat; makes better and whiter bread; keeps molat longer than ' Spring Wheat Flour. A genuine article la Pennsylvania Buckwheat Hour!! jy*' Ten thousand pounds cold last season; Six thousand pounds sold so far tbls season. This Hour has no equal in this markrt: Is wade by tue latest process; patent bulled ; no black specks. A flue stock ot Canned and (Qried Fruits. California Fruits of all kiads, The Getmlae Down Boat MAPLE SUCAU! You eao MT« tea to fifteen cents on wary <M- tar» worth yuu buy *t UW EEB HiVK, B, L. «««MJES»,

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