Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 21, 1977 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1977
Page 7
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Wednesday. Decemb< C or Thursday Dec H 1977 21. 197; TAURUS (April 20-May 20: .>-"•.".•'. " ,' ^- -j- k c,p, Be' nce Bede Osol CAPRICORN (Dec.22-Jan |May 21-June 20) a'ter -.vitM voi.r vou - ro or| - , h( , spot !•:> rhocK Havng Jroubi" selecting a career'' Sf;nd lor /our ropy of Astro-Graph Lett'.T by mailmc] 50 conts for each anr] a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope to Astro- Graph. F O Box 489. Radio Citv Station. N.Y. 10019. Be sure to specify your birth sign AQUARIUS (Jan.20-Feb.19) Self-discipline isn't your long suit today. You have a tendency to overdo work or pleasure and perhaps evfn bolh PISCES (Feb.20-March 20) Domestic problems should be Kept within the family circle today. Keep others out of them. This includes well-meaning friends. ARIES (March 21-April 19) In career matters today take care not to operate at extremes. Progress could be impeded through behavior either too negative or unrealistically opti- GEMINI B ! j>"-: r <; .ve V<T: a'l excenenced •ve ve matip a toohsh DU': h ase This m<j'ady cou-ci a'fhc! vou today CANCER (June 21-July 22) if you hope to bluff your way through something today, be sure you have the poker face to carry it off. others will read Ahat you're holding back from your expression LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) It will take exceptionally shrewd maneuvering to come out on lop in horse trading today. Recall this, when you sil down to bargain. VIRGO (Aug.23-Sepl.22) Unless your goals are clearly in focus today you're apt to get off on tangents. Something opportune could go unachieved. LIBRA (Sept.23-Oct.23) Failure to view things from every angle will lead to a distorted picture and produce unsatisfactory results today. Look at the whole scene. SCORPIO (Oct.24-Nov.22) Unfortunately, others are not likely to do for you what you are prepared to do for them today If you know this, you'll not be disappointed. SAGITTARIUS (Nov.23-Dec.21) The resources of you and your mate could be in for a pull-and- tug session today, Try to reach agreement on how funds should be allocated. BRIDGE an(| Jim Jacoby Nine tricks make 3NT WEST NORTH * .1 8 4 Y AQ6^ * g 10 * A J 5 20 Q » 7 5 a 10 3 A854 92 EAST * K3 * K J 9 $932 + 10 8 7 R 3 SOUTH * A 10 6 ¥ 8 7 3 ^ K ,J 7 6 + K Q 4 Vulnerable: East-West, Dealer: South. West North East Pass If. [ J ass 3V -South 1* Pass 1 N.T Pass Pass Opening lead: Five of spades. going to have time to run the low cards before the defense gets the spade suit established. South only has four diamonds but if he starts proceedings by knocking out that ace he can count two spades, one heart, three diamonds and three clubs. He has bid for nine tricks; there are nine tricks staring him in the face. He plays diamonds and makes the hand. Actually, he gets a chance to try for an overtrick by taking the heart finesse which he can do safely. By Oswald & James Jacoby Reese points out that in general your notrump play is to develop your longest suit, but that this is .not always correct. More important you work on that suit which can get you home with your contract. South plays a low spade from dummy and takes East's king with his ace. This gives him one trick and leaves him with a spade stopper. The longest suit he can work on is hearts, but if hearts misbehave he is not A Texas reader wants to know the correct bid with: *AQxxxYKQxx +7 + A K x after your right .hand opponent has opened with three diamonds. The correct bid is a double which asks partner to bid unless he holds good diamonds, in which case he can pass. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) (Do you have a question lor the experts? Write "Ash .the Jacobys" care of this newspaper. The Jacobys will answer individual questions it stamped, sell-addressed envelopes are enclosed. The most interesting questions will be used in this column and will receive copies of JACOBY MODERN.) H & W PROPERTIES PRESENTS Precision Bilt ENERGY if SAVING Homes FOR YOU; 3 Bedrooms or 4 Bedrooms Central Air & Heat 6" Floor & Wall Insulation 12 "A ttic Insulation Carpeted living room & bedrooms CUTS UTILITY BILLS 40% to 60%* EASY TO BUY; FHA, VA & FMHPapproved A P&L & SWEPCO approved QUICK PURCHASE; Delivery within 1 month possible CONTACT: George Wright, Jr. 777-8974 Gus Hogan 777-6077 H & W PROPERTIES (Hogan Realty Building) 777-8878 1321 South Main Hope, Arkansas 71801 HOPR t.XRK.) STAR *sgp Sv von Howling u, .its irai! cicalh, ciostruction in California LOS AN'-! through t'aiii'r.rma's .unr-i;!- ture-nch midse< nor • ,-,.• ,; „, t . .'H.l day today \f;rr kiV/r- • • le.ist five pe«-ple fa;••..• ' . ..-( fires and trailing destric'.u p. airing a ?50-rm!e slretrh fr«-,:u Bakersfield to the Mexican bor- dcr. On Tuesday, the violent winds blew down barns and airplane hangars, toppled heavy trucks, tossed chunks of brick and roofing through the win- .'i:t'ds .if travelers ^o"oil in cit'.es Uuvi.i,!." n'-.r, Valley a:H Ir.r V. er:-i;Hi.\> si>e.i ft -m a hu:h :»•„ iu:!-,t Id sn-n'i! all rr^:.i.- .!',-., <i; l | ll ;,,! ,, V vr \r- -i> Muni: iikt- !h:s " V; es!;n\;i'. ij'de alert. u.,'<>o hn'iu-.s. iSlries t'roni •-'.T!, jatr.niir.i; luiteb. rrsfioid s.nnh ',, - :hcu .iiu! nner»:oncy evac- ;w.IT. and thick ikuiti-. . ' dust centers set up in were rcfvrtcd ;is far ,>u, ( \ as ies and -.chools. Stockton, .iSiu; ;W ivi'.c< !o ;he Hay was put on north '•cars, a-d 1 !U-u i- of the cit\ ,t< thr u;tvi.-' Ini! r '':i' do'An p'n\er lines, shat- 'rred windows and tossed trees ,'cross cars, h»usos and. streets "as cut to ;ero In- a t ; i-\ t'dir.und C, Hrown Jr .-.!:.! IH AiHild prokihly declare •'.ssaster areas in at least two thick, mustard voiored unt em • -. I'r.tr.tl (",,',.f.:rnia iowii.s rnn^ the cit) I'.ikersfu-Ul and Arvin Some looting was 1 '•' up to 101 mph before the >:aut;e blew apart. The California Notional Cruartl in Hnkersfield was called into active duty and rescued ,1;i people huddled under a bridge or, Route 58 near Arvin to escape the blinding dust storm. It's the worst !\e ever standstill tn midday Tuesday. Almos; all activity in Hak- In Arvin, a farm community ersfiold, the largest city in t.he of T.tHX) y>eople iO miles south of I'cntral Valley, had eon>e to a Bakersfield along Highway 90. The winds contributed to .... i , --.. -,.,ii,i.^iiu in i.Mini.n iiiexiHv. p'utv .sain aimos I he wind condU.c.ns w ere seen," s.ud Cahf-rrua H,,;hu ,»> the ^erond day it h;id horn bat- suffered ilamngc. said almost every home mnny brush fires, tlu- largest ,. ' '. ^^^.,|^1I1... I! IHHl HV» 11 Dili- .^lUlfll.'H linillilKl 1 . OI\ P OH SUmWlintt Vln^nnK.^«« ^•aar^ys a^^-^si. T^tr± ,-„. * ,.. ,,rir;*^s -,s~^- THOF rrow«wrs-ftNtrsftVf!^ DISCOUNT CENTER iji HWY. 4 NORTH-HOPE, ARK. OPEN9AM-9PM PRICES GOOD THRU SAT DEC. 24 FOR THE FAMILY! BANKAMERICARO e» Q 'O 'A/ \ \ HOWARD S AOVtRriSCU MfnCHANOISf POLICY II u «» nlmim la tun i.ir, Mttilanl .urn n ««l. »„,«« wuuo'ulr. ilu. to unlomtn 4H t uH ( « Mvt^ ihi .tun nu, noi ti iititUt II itm (xn»i «i M lit ion t «™i» aim M »l.llU<l i! i itmpinix, WK, || (OU p.,1,, it,. M,tiln«l tU'n. «• ndl ttlue • HHichtcl. which wJ «lflw )ou lu pwtiMH Ilu it>m K Ilu tinnaii Jim nhtu u IXCO.MI ii«ltU< thi potty iw*.i lo lion Ktvtniliil iltmi w»«h lupplwi IU lo ^^ •6 INFANTS' & TODDLERS' SLEEPWEAR « One piece solid sleeper gripper front. 100% brushed nylon. • Two piece solid sleeper gripper front, elastic waistline. 100% brushed nylon. • Solid long gown with embroidered yoke. 100% brushed nylon. YOUR CHOICE • One piece print sleeper gripper front & crotch flannel. • Two piece print sleeper gripper front, elastic waistline. Flannel. • Solid pajama with lace trim, print bib-yoke. 100% brushed nylon. • Solid pajama with multi-color embroidered yoke. 100% brushed nylon. • Action print pajamas button front • full elastic waistline. Flannel. • Action print pajamas notch collar, elastic waistline. Flannel. '"* • Ski neck pajamas "Captain Kangaroo" transfer front. 100% brushed nylon. EACH YOUR CHOICE... EACH LADIES' ROBES 1 Assorted ladios' robos lleece Winconia robes in blue, brown, green, tan, mauve, ivory. YOUR CHOICE, EACH GIRLS' SLEEPWEAR • Assorted styles of girls' warm sleepwear. Long flannel gowns & pajamas. Sues 4 in assorted colors and prints. By Wundies. 14 I FROM FJ96 TO %J EACH HOWARD BROS. WISHES YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS! LADIES' PEIGNOIR SETS H96 • Choose between long nylon tricot. 3 styles in assorted colors. Sues S, M, I. • Long nylon tricot peignoir set. Exlra sues. Assorted colors. YOUR CHOICE EACH LADIES' BRIEFS Ladies' nylon satinette fancy briefs. Cotton crotch. White, 5 • 10. Ladies' fancy briefs. Cotton crotch Assorted colors. Si/es 5 10 YOUR CHOICE... MEN'S TIES EACH ASSORTED STYLES AND COLORS REG,'3.47 MEN'S PAJAMAS Men's 50% poly 50% cotton pajamas. I Choice of solid or fancy. Sizes A, B. C, 0. SALE PRICE EACH 739500 73-9510 \ — V .V v ;]«} if?, a •,M '.4,1 COMFORTABLE SLEEPWEAR AT COMFORTABLE PRICES AT HOWARD'S!

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