The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 29, 1923 · Page 13
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 13

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1923
Page 13
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FRIDAY? JUNE. 29, 1923 THE v HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE THIRTEEN. 123 North Main fit. Month-End Sale i Extraordinary Reductions! Each a true and timely economy on sale at the price for one day" only, for , • ' « . ' Tomorrow* Saturday will be the day —.——-r 1 1 1 —— —••———•— 14 Special Sales ^ Every item has been reduced from the regular Stettheimer Btock and, quality considered, is offered at less than anywhere ctse in Hutchinson. We have endeavored to provide sufficient quantities of each item to suffice for the day 'a selling bu't it is very advisable s that you shop early. No. 1 Up to $25.00 Silk Dresses .. ...$10' •* 42 1,'ght and dark color silk dresses mostly small sizes. Every one .< great saving. < No. 2...Up to $35 Silk Dresses $18 A limited quantity of our new light color summer silk frocks of finest quality. % No. 3...Up to $8.75 Ratine Dresses ..$5.95 12 imported ratine dresses in plaid patterns of various colors. A wonderful bargain. No. 4. .Up to $2.50 Lingette Bloomers $1.00 High grade lingette bloomers. Colors are white, flesh, light blue, orchid, navy green and purple. No. 5 Up to $49.50 Suits...... ,..'.$10 Choice of remaining suits in stock at this price. Limited quantity. No. 6 $12.75 Fox Scarfs , ...$7.50 Excellent quality platinum and beige fox scarfs. At this price one day only. No. 7: $1.85 Chiffon Hose $1.45 200 pairs full fashioned perfect chiffon hose. Colors black, and to match all other shades. No, 8 .Up to $35 Silk Capes ....$10 i. Choice of any silk cape remaining in our stock in both dark and light shades. No. 9...Up to $39.50 Cloth Wraps $14 Fine material coats and wraps in several colors literally given away at this small price. No._lQ...Up to $12.75 Knitted Suits #..,$4.50 •* ' 2-piece knitted wool Suits in a variety of colors. Quantity/* limited. Come early. No. li: $5.95 Silk Blouses... $1.95 Unrestricted choice any silk blouse in the shop. Colors, navy, . sand brown. No. 12...Up to $1&75 Sporl^kirts. ....$7.50 25 sports skirts of wool or silk. Many tight colors included. No. 13 Up to $8.75 Women's Hats $3.50 A group of 40 smart hats radically reduced for one day's / selling. No. 14. .Up to $3.95* Slipover Sweaters $1.00 • A limited quantity of wool slipover Sweaters. Colors are tan, brown and black. / * ^ fiO EXCHANGES NO REFUNDS Built Especially for Use With Fordson Tractors We have on display at the present time the following implements especially for use with Fordson Tractors by the ^ . John Deere Plow Co. No. 40—2 BOTTOiyi POWER LIFT PLOW. No. 19—4 DISC POWER LIFT PLOW. 2 ROW POWER LIFT LISTER. * If you are needing any of the tools to work your wheat ground it will mean money in your pocket in, added satisfactory service if you will insist oh using John Deere implements with your tractor. Hutchinson Implement Co. Phcne 137 IT East Sherman CHURCHES JOIN IN AN EXHIBIT Work of Boys and Gh-U in Va' cation Bible School Will Be Exhibited This Evening. MARK PARKING „ SPACE ON MAIN First Step Toward Bettcr'ng Traffic Congestion to Be _ Taken Monday. A demonstration of tiio work that Kaa been done in tho Daily Vacation Bible Schools ot Hutchlnwm. will bo held in tho, First MothtMltst Ghurch this evening-, S o'clock. The 'First Presbyterton, Flr*t Baptist,. First Method-let and the Qrandriew Dally Varjitlon Blbl-e BchoolB are uniting In t'ho program. Many ]>eop-lti have been hearing about tho fechopla luitl arc anxious to BOO a little of the Bi'hool in a-tnlon. Tho program has been arranged so That the work that lias boon don>9 In -the schools may bo shown 'to the very best advantage and un adequate hies of the'vrork presented to tbu patrons. It Is expected that all• Interested In the boy and girl lite of lho co-immin-Ry will attend and see for thomaeivos the work fh&t has been attempted during the 1 viacation period for -Uho boya and glrla that have been f« fortunate a-3 to b« enrolled in o;iu of tho seven schools of the community. The Program. The pmgram fallows: n ^nu'Uat.ratlon of OJHTIITIR; boys and girls Period—Junior school.i. Demonstration WorslfTp from all of the HIM,, Period • l'-Yimaiy t >oyH and Elrls Iruni Fi Mfthodlfrt. . TJctjumstvalkm of Kxpre^lmial Work- Primary boys and girkj from Fintl; Presbyterian. I Vlns Sulu!.'.*-AmVlran Kiy.f,- Salmo | and Cmlstiiin FIJIK Salute—irvwil nuya and Kid* from all NcliO 'ii.**. OlTortiiK for Community Dally Vacation Blbli^ school proiriani. Kooelal Dfimonslrrttlon of Itfcreatlonal Won:--Boys and girls Prom First Bap- tlnt. Cm ft work Demoni^i-a Una—Basketry, Intermediate plrla front Firut Melhodltit; Setvlnff, Intermediate glrle from Grandview; Manual Tr»lnlnff. Intermediate boys from First Prenbyterlan. Demonstration of Play Period—Boys from tho Orundvlew school. Demonstration of Oloalnpr Bervlce— Junior boys and glrlg from all ."choola. Presbyterian Exhibit Monday. The exhibits of the First Methodist church may be &e-an this evening at tho church before or after llio program. Tho exhibit of the handwork for the First. PresTiyterlan church will be ueld ou_ Monday avenjiig, July 2, In tho churuh (roni 7:30 to 9 p. m. The friends and all those Interested in boys and giirls aro Invited to ln- ttpecj^. one of theso exhibit* and' aee for ttiaroaqlvea the work that nan been done In the eehoola. Tho exhibits will Include the work that haa been don© by th& boyH/ and glrht themselves during the four weeks of the Bohool. Mtich work of a - very creditable nature has been done ami will be appreciated by all who know and lovo children. Street Commissioner IX. II. Haakard will start hjs force bright and early j Monday niornlng to paint the parking Bpacos on North Main ntreot. 15vory etfort la being made by the City Commission Xo try Botno plan by -which tho congestion of autornoblleB on Main street between the Santa Fe tracks and Avenue 1.1 can be-relloved. "Thero are so many theories advanced," said Mayor tlonea, "and most of them will have to be given., a trial until tho eolution of the problem la reached* "Some business men leavo their cars parked In the same place from t-ariy morning until t,ney go homo at -night. This la hardly fair to the men or woman Mho has a hurry up errand and must got in and right out. "The commisaloU will have to take some kind of action hy which a space will be allowed In the center ot the bkx'k (or delivering of freight and packages. It has been suggested to tho commission that a two hour limit be :;et for rara In the congested section during business hours. But whether It will be done or not, I can not say," concluded - tho mayor. Vacation Shoes "Real Vacation Shoes that will be with you when you come home" Tan calfskin Two strap, brass buckles, Goodyear welt soles, Low heel, youthful styles - - $4.95 *« North Main 20 North Main THE DAILY RECORD Deeds, J. If. Danlord, et at, to Ben and Annie Myers, lota Gl to 97 Inc. o<3rt, N M St. ami 2 to 12 Inc. even, 2nd arc, wn*l, and lots 1 to 11 3rd HVC. west, all lu South Hutchlnmm. Ida May Leo to diaries W. Mynrs, s 100 ft. of lot 74 Ave. B west, llnLghm- aon. E. E. Avard tr> TlaroM H. 'Stechor, wMt of ne^i and a-c\i nt'iivM 3fi-"<-. r >. - Myrtle E«gffr to MnUle tlnrrt, lota 10 and 11, tolU. 11, Griuidviov.- add., Hutchinson, „ J, C- Hollovray to Ben and Annie MycrB. lots 13, 89 N. Main St.. South Hutchinson. Mary J. Melcalf^to C. E. Bodnnheimcr, tot M, 52 Ave. P east, Hui.chtn.soti. Peter T. Keeier to Buhlor Stale Jiank, SVJ ot soU 31-22-4. J. L. GTSJ- to E. T. Foota, lot £8 and o 21 ft. lot 30. bik. 1, Ewing, Bvown &. Burns add., Hutolilnfion. Births. Mr. aiul Mn:. HusselL MU^r, 326 Third avtiitue cast (Mildred Nt'thercoll) daujjh- ler, June 23, Marriaae Licenses. Ti. V.. Alter, Lyons, "I'.'K'al uK< :" KaLh- erine Wylo, Fall City. Nut... "icsra a«e." Building Permlta. O. IT. Bennett, 527 Avenue O cast, barn, $30. L. A. Siiblotter, 207 Soventli uvenue west, addition to houno, |!»00. Pellu estate, 400 North Main Htrct-t, addition to buildlriK, H.MQ. v EIIIUT Lord estate, 210 South Washington hrlolc buiirtini; tu cewt J2.000 for a tiro house building. Mrs. O. Boutr, frumc residence at oor- ncr Sixth and Hoa^land atreeta, $80L». Immisianta froni eaatorn and south- eml Europe to tTJo Unit enl StateB in the !a*t 20 yoarH lh.ave been uearly double those from northurn Kuropo and tbe> British WILL CHARGE KIER ' WITH WHITE SLAVERY Young Man Admits Doping Companion to Get Her to Accompany Him. llJ C. Kier, "who WJIS arrostr.d hnro Saturday at a roomiti^ hoiii^: ut. IMS 16 North Mnin, ciiarged with immoral conduct by Mrn. lla/M VVrisht. who claims thiir lie doped her and for cod he.r to acL-omjmiiy )iIm /»n a i -ro^ti country hikn from her home Ti i Dur- augo, Colo, to thin city, \va»1rio<l yesterday evening at police court. Whilo giving his testimony. Kicr udmiUcd lh;ij, h« had Tiiurricd MTK. Wrigrht at bos An Roles, Calif, a ft or h\) h<i:d doped lif.r .so that BIIH would accrmipany him to tho church wher^ tht -y were- marrW. H<> ^tatod that ho did not now that sh'* had prov- iousiy b>:on married, lie nl. ; o admitted that ho had boon forced to dope her ntrain to get hor to accompany him here. Kier was fined $100 and cost a hy Judj<o IJunedict and was sentenced lo I !0 days in Jail, after which he wttl ho turned over to the county ou a white plavory charco." 1 1 Mrs. Wright will be trlod nt police- court this aft (Taoon. Her relatives from Duvango, Colo, are expected to 'be* present by that .time. SILK For SATURDAY Only RAILROAD NOTES J. W. nee? 1 , conductor on the Santa Fe Kinsley bran.oh; Is"-taking a fevw daya va-owfeion. He, i» he t in;g ro -llevQd by Oontluetor Gastop from Newton. B, G. Krebha, Santa Fe transportation inspoctoT, wont -to Great Bend to­ days on bUHiness. ^ W. D. --Carr; Santa Fe night special' officer, has gone to the Kanta Fe hospital a-t Topeka for treaimeat. J. H. Snowof Amarialla, Tex., Santa FB right '0 (-way agent was hero yesterday -on bU 'Sinesn, Jaa. Mffihoney, Santa Fe general transportation inspector from Pueblo, was hero yesterday on husines.iv. J. M. Stainm, Santa Fe B ^ale inspector of Newton, v^s 'here today on buainesn. \\ r : P. Barrett, the Rock Island, business. claim adjustor for was here today ou Weariness is due to a poison callc-d kenatoxln }vhieh is accumulaiM in the muscles by overwork or excessive oxertton, flays Welchardt. of I-eipale, Oermany, who claims he has found a cure, 1 KIWANIANS BUY AND RAZE LOG CABIN; THEN REBUILD FT FOR CENTENNIAL FETE , In Answering Advertisements Please Mention The News A Great Mid-Season Sale of TENNIS SHOES For Men and Boys Right at the time when you are moat in need of light comfortable foot wear for .out door work or play we are offering you high-grade tennis ahcea. at REAL sale prices. BOYS' Tenuis Shoes and Oxfords Size 2V;!,to 6. White or Brown Color Sale Price, Per Pair 1 MENS" Tennis Shoes and Oxfords Sizes 6 to 11 »/ 2 . White or Brown. v Sale Price, Per Pair ' 98c gap, Ckib mcmLtra from Ypellanti tearlnii down 75-Tear «U log eablnj Bdnr, reboildioK it ii r Yp«Uuti. KfTcatUs club Uiscorored tho 76-year- old relic nuar Yj>sllaati, bougtit it, tore it down log by log and tiiea rctullt It in the city. A venorabla old log eaWn in oni ot the city parka will be a feature ot the Yp3iiaJiH centennial'celebration. Tie Theie ore all Hood Ru&ber Co. make which insures you high quality and perfect fit. "DON'T FORGET We are headquarters for tents and camping equipment of every description and also outing tags for men and women—Let us help, you to make that trip or picnic a success. THE ARMY STORES CO. 407 N. Main -

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