The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 30, 1916 · Page 6
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 6

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1916
Page 6
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THE CHILLICOTHB DAILY CONSTITUTION MONDAY, OCT. 30, 1916. - The Constitution Including the Chillicothe Constitution, The Mall and Star and Chillicothe Democrat. Owned and published by J A M E S E . W A T K I X s. Entered at the Postofflce at C h l i l l c o t h e Missouri, as second-Glass m u t t e r . rm OU HI-HOUR ATTACK SDBSCHTPTIO.V r In the City of year .??",'· TERMS OP rAEL,T by Carrie -' ChUHcothe, per · . T*er -week · ne · DAILY by Mail, Postage paid . in Livingston County, per year J3.00 DAII/? by Mail, Postage paid outside of Livingston County. Per year J5.00 WEEKLY, postage paid, per year »t.OO A detailed sworn statement of circulation "will be f u r n i s h e d at any time when requested by a-n advertiser. THE OFFICIAL KEAVSPAPER OF IXVTWGSTOJf COUNTY Hughes "Hadn't the Nerve" to Demand Filibuster in the Senate Against the Law. WILSON'S ACT COURAGEOUS NEWSPAPER OF THE CITY OP ClfttLICOTHE , DEMOCKATJC NATIONAL TICKET. for President--· "WOODROW "WILSON · - Tor Vice-Presiilcrxt-- THOMAS R.. MARSHALL TJKMOC1XATIO STATE TICKET* For Senator-JAMES A. .KEED Fop Governor-FREDERICK D. GARDNER VOT Iueutena..t Governor-- ·WALLACE C»DSSLE\' - ' . For Secretary of State-JOHN L. SULLIVAN For State Auditor--· JOHN P. GORDON For State Treasurer-GEORGE H. MIDDLEKAMP For Attorney General-FRANK "W. Mc'ALEISTER For J.udge Supreme Court, Division No. 1-A. M. "W-QODSON For Judfre Supremo Court. Division No. 2-FRED L. "WILLIAMS For Judge Kansas City Court of Appeal EWING C. BLAND " For Congressman-W. W. R0CKER. For Juclse of 36th Judicial Circuit--JOHN C. LEOPARD DEMOCttA'IIC COiJIfTY TICKET. For R e p r e s e n t a t i v e -H. W. KISSICK. ^ For Sheriff-JAMBS J. BROWN . For Treasurer-G. A. McBRIDE For Prosecutli-- Attorney-FRANK W. ASHES' VOT Jud£:e C o u n t y Court. Eastern Dist.-JOHN W. ALEXANDER For Judge County C o u r t , Western Dist. WILLIAM MCCARTHY . · For Public Administrator-JAMBS G. LITTRELL POT Coroner-DR. 'W. M. GIRDNER For Surveyor--· JO BROADDTJS. ASK KESl'ECT OF THK FOR HOSTILE OTLYD. Rome, Oct. 15. -- (.By mail.) -- Sad. . denec- by their losses, retreating Hun. garians placed -on a cross in one oi' their ahandoned graveyards a mes. sage which. a f t e r the war may grow into a legend which will help hind .Austro-Hungary to Italy in peace. ( The improvised cemetery is on the Lower Carso_ Each of its 2 , 0 0 0 graves is marked with a small wooden cross and bucliler. On the cross nearest the gate under the caption "K. K. R. I. -16 Priedhel'" is the plea. It reacts: "Italians! -- If in your heroic advance, you come on these parts, show not profanity, but respect to this little city ot the dead. Keep it safe, we pray you. For alter this calamity , "when "we will again be friends, we stall still have, tears in our eyes to water the soil, which covers bones oi our brothers." the State oi Ohio, City ot Toledo, I/acas County, ss Prank J. Cheney makes oath that he is the senior partner of the firm oi F. J. Cheney Co., doing business in the city of Toledo, County and State aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of HALL'S CATARRH CURE FRANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence, this 6th day of December, A. D. 1SS6. (Seal) A. W. GLEASON, Notary Public Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter. nally and acts directly upon the blood ancl mucous surfaces of the system. .Send for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY CO., Toledo, O. Sold by all Druggists, 75c. .Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation. Itching piles provoke profanity but profanity won't remove them. Doan' Ointment is recommended for itching, bleeding or protruding piles. 50c at any drug store. Most disfiguring skin eruption, scrofula .pimples, rashes, etc., are due to impure blood. Burdock Blood Bit ters ixs a cleansing blood tonic, i well recomemnded. $1 at all stores. *.ayono aesirinc: r.o miy good dry -ITU* wood. 54.00 per cord, phone r*r i SF15. B-m-w. ow is tr ti-me to lay in your coal - : . ; rter. Before buying, see E. H. *». or ; ions SIS. 17-tf Read tie Constitution Want ads. Children Cry f OR FLETCHER'S -s A S T O R I -A Member of Cleveland's Cabinet Praises President's Domestic Achievements and Policy of Averting War. No American can speak with higher authority on the issues of this campaign tiian Ilichard Olney, who was President Cleveland's Attorney General during the railroad strike of. 1S04, and President Cleveland's Secretary of State when the Venezuelan message was sent to the British Government. He should know whether President Wilson's action in averting the railroad strike was a "sun-under to force" ; whether the Wilson foreign policy has been ''timid ancl vacillating''. Mr. Olney seeks no political preferment; his interest is that of a retired statesman, ot a wise, experienced, dispassionate patriot, who is concerned only with the welfare of liis country. Mr. Olney has written for the New Tork World a signed article in which he warns the American people against the danger sure to result from turning over their affairs to Mr. Hughes and tho interests which would dictate his policies, foreign ancl domestic. Where Was Hughes' Nerve? Discussing the passage of tho Adauj- son eighc-Uour law, Mr. Olney points j out that the Republicans of tlie Senate, if they had really wished more time for consideration of the bill, could have obtiiinet.1 it by means of a filibuster, as a recognized Senatorial weapon, and adds: "Why did not the Republican Senators resort to it and get all the time for deliberation they wanted? What was Candidate Hughes doing that he did not make the wires hot with messages to Washington--warning' against the law the seventy-four Republican Representatives who voted for it and urging the twenty-eight Republican Senators to filibuster to the last ditch? "But neither he nor the R e p u b l i c a n leaders generally had the nerve to face the situation. With ample inenns in their hands to prevent legislation until after its cine consideration,- they deliberately elected that it should appear to be eiiactocl under coercion in order that, after the great national deliverance had boon effected, they might object to tlie mode of its accomplish- in cut. "A pettier and more ignoble game of politics never was conceived. In comparison, ami in view of the'Sudtlen and extraordinary exigency sprung upon the country, President Wilson's course was characterized by both courage and common sense." Of Candidate Hughes 7 conduct in the campaign, Mr. Olney remarks: "No sooner was the nomination assured than the robes and ermine of the J u d g e f e l l from the candidate as if by magic, and there appeared in their place the motley wear of the or- d i n a r y office seekei--a transformation as sucklen as that made by the wantl of Harlequin in tlie pantomime, aad a transformation showing how thin is tlie judicial veneer, and forever discrediting the United States Supreme Court as a training camp for high political office." Has Kept R u d d e r True In its conduct of foreign relations the Wilson Administration, Mr. Olney says, "has kept its rudder true and has won and deserved the respect and gratitude of the country." The principles and objects of the Wilson foreign policy as stated by Mi% Olney have been: First--To keep the country out of the great European war. Second--To insist npon the existence and vitality of international law as determining its own status as a neutral, and defining its rights and obligations as such. ' Third--To deal with the Mexican situation iu a spirit of perfect fairness and friendliness to tlie Mexican people, now suffering from civil dissensions and revolution to an extent which leaves a large part of the country in a state of anarchy. Mr. Olney shows that all these objects have been attained through the wise, patient and courageous diplomacy of Woodrow Wilson; that the President has kept the country at peace without dishonor; that under his leadership "tlie United States has rendered an inestimable service to belligerents and neutrals and to all mankind" in "steadily hearing aloft the banner of international 'law as t}ie standard under which all civilized peoples must eventually gather." Mr. Olney finds particular cause to commend President Wilson's Mexican policy. He stands with the President in declaring that tlie Mexicans have the right to work out their own destiny even through revolution. Closing by asking what is likely to happen if the "Presidential tiller passes into new hands," Mr. Olney says that Hughes' inducement to change the existing foreign policies of the country will be very great. "The American people can hardly fail to realize the danger and to refuse to put at risk the continuance of a foreign policy which, as a whole, must have their hearty approval." iS YOUR HEALTH Woman Tells How Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Restored Her Health. Lirna, Ohio. -- "I was all broken down in health from a displacement. One of my lady friends came to see me and she advised me to commence taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and to use Lydia E. Pinkhara's Sanative Wash. I began taking your remedies and took $5.00 worth and in two months was a well woman after three doctors said I never would stand up straight again. I was a midwife for seven years and I recommended the Vegetable Compound to every woman to take before birth and afterwards, and-they all got along so nicely that it surely is a godsend to suffering women. If women wish to writs to me I will be delighted to answer them." --Mrs.JENNlE MOYEE, 842 E.North St., Lima, Ohio. . Women who suffer from _ displace- menents, weakness, Irregularities, nervousness, backache or bearing-down pains, need the tonic-strengthening properties of the roots and herbs contained in Lydia E.Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. B: youTi-ant spccialafl vice, write the Lytlia K. TMnkhaiu Medicine Co. (confi'tlcntiai), .Lynn, Mass. BBFORE YOU BUY THE STANDARD GOAL and JUNK CO. TELEPHONE 71.8 WE STSLTj IT FOK IJSSS. WE PAY MOR13 POB.JTJNK 406 Second St., Chillicothe, Mo. )fiice Phone Re.sIfK'nce Phone 283 1589-J Dr. J. E. Callazuay SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO TREATMENT OP DISEASES ' OF, NERVOUS SYSTEM, DIGESTIVE ORGANS ALL CHRONIC AILMENTS and Diseases of EYE, EAR NOSE AND THROAT qOXTIXTJOXIS OVATIONS FOIl W. 3. BKiTAN. Chicago, Oct. 30.--Reports f r o m the Western slates where he has appeared, are to the effect that the speaking tour oE William Jenning: Bryan, has been one long ovation. Traveling by special train, he has to date toured New Mexico, Arizona .evada., iriah, Wyoming, - M o n t a n a Xorth Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, Missouri and Illinois. Ht spoke at many points in each c. these states and always to large crowds. His speeches are said to be the best political efforts of liis IHe. In Wichita, Kansas, according to the Eagle, Victor Murdock's Progressive newspaper, men and w o m e n shoved their way to where he was to greet him. His. support of the President Is u n qualified. He has declared that "the difference between Hughes and Wil. son is that Wilson views things t r o m the democratic standpoint of butl! from ,the bottom-, and Hughes views from the aristocratic s t a n d p o i n t o! suspended from the top: Hughes believes in legislating f o r the do and for the poor to be patient un. til the prosperity leaks through." In his speeches Mr. Bryan endorse? every act of the Wilson a d m i n i s t r a - tion, nota/bly the Rural Credit l a w , the Child Labor law, the E i g h t - h o u r law, the Currency law, the A n t i - t r u s t law and tlie Income tax p r o v i s i o n s . .Ke-ferrmg to President Wilyon'* successful efforts to keep this country out of the European .war, he said: "Five hundred years f r o m now qhildr-en will be born iu E u r o p e with a yoke oi' this war's burden up'- on their necks; we do not want t h a t condition in our country in the year:-: to como. Again, "It the President never did anything else he was r i g h t in r e f u s - ing to offer a premium on assassination in Latin America, and when he refused to cause thousands of young men to furnish blood and lives to guarantee the speculative p r o f i t oi j men who, not c o n t e n t with investment in this country, went to Mexico to speculate." Mr. Bryan was In Tennessee, Kentucky and Pennsylvania last week and finished the wee5c in. Ohio. This week he will spend in Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois, and the remainder of the campaign in his home state ol Nebraska. ChMdsren Cry for Fletcher's Ktie Kind You Have Always Eonglit, and Trliicli has been in use loir over SO years, lias borne the signature of and lias been made imclcr liis personal supervision since its infancy. . AIloiv no one to deceive you in tliis! A1S Ooimterfeits, .Imitations and ·"" are but Experiments that trifle 'wiih and endanger tlie health of Want Ads LOST. LOST--Saturday p. in. iu business district, large Cameo brooch. Find- f r please telephone No. 750. Reward. " = ^~~ WANTED " Infants aiad. Children---Experience against Ex What is CASTORIA Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare* g-oric, Urops and Soothing- Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains -neither Opium, Morphine »op otlier Kai-cotiij substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys TVorma and allays Fcvcrislaness. For more than thirty years it lias Xccn in constant use for tho relic! of Constipation, Flatulency, "Wind Colic, all Teething- Troubles and Diarrhoea. It regulates the Stomacli and Bowels. assimilates the Food, givin gr Itealthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea--The Mother's Friend. IENUBME CASTORIA ALWAYS Bears the Signature of WANTED TO FEED"FOR WINTER | -- P l e n t y of grass, good wind-mill water and good stalfi pasture. Phone ?-OP12 or see Jas. Barnes or Mrs. "l'ie- - 26_tf WANTED--A girl for general house work. Apply to 'Mrs. W. w. Edg. ertou, cor. Locust and Pollc Sts., or t/lione 30.3. 24-tf COW -I want to buy a I good Jersey cow. 'Must give good quantity anil quality o£ milk. 325 Polk St. w. O. Grace. 28-tt In Use For Over 30 Years The Kind You Have Always Bought He ation. is enthusiastic over the sitn- In St Louis' recently he told Ofllco Hour Office: .2nd Floor Peoples Trust'Co. 1 to the newspaper reporters who gathered about him while breakfasting that he felt confident that every one oi: the? Western and mid-Western states will give its electorial votes to President- Wilson. Deafness Cannofc Be Cured. by local applications, as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure deaC_ that by constitutional DR. J. M. McKIM D13NTIST CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI pvonRirEA A 'sriaciAT/rv iiO-l 1-^ \V:lshlllKtlil St. INVESTIGATE THE MERITS CHIROPRACTIC SPINAL COST ANALYSIS WILL YOU NOTHING. H. H. HARWOOD C H I E O P A R A C T O R Lady Attendant 'SEISBR BLDG. --Opposite Ne-w Post Office-Phone 315 Chillicothe, Mo. USED It KLEVEX YBAKS. There is one remedy that for many years has given reliel f r o m coughs, colds, croup and ivhoopirtg coughs Mrs. Chas. Rietz, Allen Mills, Pa., v.-rites: "I have used Foley's Honey and Tar tor the past eleven years and would not be without it." It p r o m p t l y relieves hoarseness,-tickling throat and wheezy breathing) Sold everywhere. Read the Constitution. "Want ads. Chillicothe Lodge "~ 01, I. O. O. F. ness, and remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lin. ing of the Eustachian Tube. Whe: this tuhe is inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed, Deafness is the result, and unless the inflamma tion can be taken out and this tube ·estored to its normal condition, hear, iag will he' destroyed iorever; nine cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh which i« nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of Deafness (caused by Catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. P. J. CHENEY CO., Toledo, Orlo. Sold by Druggists, 75c. Take Hall' Family Pills Jor con stipation. J'UJl . 'OR HE-\'T^-Modern furnished rooms close in. Phone 135. 27-3t FOR RENT--As soon as vacated, the building occupied by the postof- fice See F E. Riley. 26.6 FOR RENT^Store room with fuTi sized basement at corner of Elm and Webster, fine location for grocer, ies or feed. Chas. H. Grace. JTOR RENT--8 room modern housa! 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MEEta EVEBY MOKDA.^ Makes Old L.ct us toll you hovr to change your old. pine floor to oak finish, nc matter i£ the floor has been painted, many ti-raus it can still be made in oak finish- For this purpose \v reconnneiicl CHI-NAMEL iad ten years oE continued success with it proves that there is no other finish to equal it. It is also best for all kinds- of furniture and wood work. Call for color card and f u r l h c r particulars. Clark's Pharmacy The B-exall Store CHILLICOTHE, MO. For earache, toothache, pains, burns, scalds, sore throat, try Dr Thomas' Eclectic Oil, a splendid remedy for emergncias. C h i l d r e n Cry FOR FLETCHER'S O A S T O R ! A. One way to relieve habitual constipation is to take regularly a mild laxative. Doan's Regulets are recommended for this purpose. 25c a bo." at all drug stores. Plenty of Apples. At M'athews' orchard, 5 1-2 miles northwest o.f Gliillicothe. Handpicked, no rot, no worms. No.' 1 at 7nc; No. 2 at 40c. 27-6t C. N. Mathews. THE QUESTION THAI IS AGITATING THE PUBLIC IS "TO BB" OB "NOT TO BE." We know that the farmers must be prepared in ord er to raise a crop. We have been preparing them for the last 28 years and are still at the old stsmd waiting for more. 0 UE PE ECES, QUALITY 'OF GOODS: and 00 CJBTESY OF TREATMENT SPEAK FOB THEMSELVES. \ "CASH'" is our slogan. We talk it and believe in it. The merchant tbat sells on time to Tom, Dick and Harry is compelled to add to the price in order to take care of the losses. OUR LINES OF SEEDS, BUGGIES and FARM MACHINERY ARE. THE BEST THE MARKET CAN PRODUCE and OUS PRICES -- WELL COME IN A.5TD SEE. .FOR SAbJJ--2 houses and lots, five blocks from square. Call at this office (or f u r t h e r information. 3-tf FOR SALE--Cheap to settle estate, lot 6, block 7, Bryan's Addition, Chillicothe, Mo. Xova Mundell, Lin. neus, Mo. 28_6 FOR. SALE--Encyclopedia Brittanica, 25 volumes, fine binding, good as . new, $ 2 0 ; 1 set McCauley's History ol England, 5 volumes, $3; 1 vacuum sweeper, Argyle, almost new, 35; 1 green velvet Davenport-bed, $ 2 0 ; 1 leather covered office or library chair. Telephone 246. MISCELLANEOUS MONEY TO LOAN--$1,000 to loam on gilt edged city property. Inquire Constitution. 16-tf A. W. CILS '· STOCK AUCXIOKZZJI Ohillieotbe, Mo. J: CMBc* IS'!. *t,M SSJ Roornn: l^-Zn WaiibruB (rta: Tarmsi Ki»i««nni».iii. TTnujn:--M M' m. . to B n. nt. CASTOR SA For lofar/.ts and Children in Use For Over 3O Years Always-bears the ' Signature of Wood For Salo. Slab wood 51 per load; block ·wood 52 per load. This la price at mill. Chillieothe Qunstock Mfg. Co. Phone 688. Si-U WILL BE IH CHILLiOOTHE ALL THIS WEEK, NEXT WEEK -AND EVERY V/EEK IN THE YEAR TO TAKE YOUR MEASURE FOR A TAILOR-MADS SUIT. Not an ordered suit, made in a factory the same as ready-made, and called Tailor-made, but a Tailor- Made One that is made in Chillicothe. 3Pit, cloth, anri everything about it guaranteed to give satisfaction. It vrill cost you no more to have your suit made ir Chillicothe than it will to send to some Chicago house 3.110 get a factory made suit. SEE H B. HOGAN AND C-ET HIS PRIG'S? CONSTITUTIOFv WANT:- GETRESULTS When You Have Vaved S50 the question arises' "How shall I invest it 1" There is no better way than in a Cer tilicate of Deposit in The Citizens N a t i o n a l Bank of Cliil- lieothc. whose resources of $850,000.00 s'ive von assurance of absolute safety. Our Certificates of Deposit are issued in sums of $50 and upwards, j They boar interest at the rate of j je-r cent, and arc renewable at the I *'ml of six or twelve months, ill' yon want security for your sav i inprs and absence of all expanse oi worry incident .to mortgages bonds, stocks, clc. 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