The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 21, 1975 · Page 17
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 17

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1975
Page 17
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Firms, Ranchts for Site 101 Ang/efon sewer hearing. * COMMERCIAL IVllNIM * •**«<*<*< IM> «, I I8f« Ml I«H fcMMI MX «..< M< »!-«„, *M ««*» w (in >«„ WJM »H^tl» H>I*»<«# «"l: II* MM <««»>«!« f,, ! ,«j* ^» f:n*« (tint #« 1 ' t fc^«« ** It* tt>t 297-3051 . ...«. -....„,»„.. ! ***** ""•' Nw " " M1 *" «*•*•! "•««<•«*»••• t» ow «.».,i,-..i »*i I «>•(«< ! Ml Mobile Home Lots Fot Rent 124 IHAIOI Mttett K««.f !><»< ( t«l I* ] ; »»*K f4,f ft,*)) «»M« ».«.« Mt 9»M *M« *+* *»•» *#.m «*t>,|*t4 It III* Wt<« f», » ,t,MI| M) O... «>W 1JH.I «,»»»>•• H* •>'! »! li>»l*«l *>,* in-1 Ht II) till iAMn.t^«f ?*£«. f.«««w«M4 <•*#*» H* «ll H-0» *v*(t*it.* * l»« *«*'«« '*»*•' t»l* t.M^« WW ••*<*» ft* II Ml I n>m> /wge for Salt ' IDS Mobile Homes FHA FIHAKCIHG •*«. mit-ft-'iK *-5,w.fct »»» I INSURANCE MOBILE HOME TIE-COWHS f*imj, Ranchw lot Sale 108 ir(«i» <* **••''! » ISOLDCVERnHING, WILLIE WANT AD. YOU ARE A WONDER 1 SHUCKS, MA'AM IT'S ALL IN A DAY'S WORK. \ 233-6351 849-7554 (Continued from Page 1) last month, but the effect* of that survey were inconclusive, he mid, and the agency determined further study on the inv pact of the waste* was nevcMuiry. The agency'* chief of enforcement, Lee Mat thews, asked the Angleton officials to explain the city's arrangement with (he chemical transport company Director of Utilities Neil Andrew* responded the contract for handling the company'* wastw through AngleUm's plan! had lx*« arranged a year ago, llwutfh itubrrtiw)'* truck & did mx brgm hauling (he watliwater there until Jum l,'nder the terms of the contract the city has rrcrtved approximately I-3OO * irif*»!h for the average monthly load ol H4.WX) gallons ol the company'* wrashwatcr tamlcd thiough tti plant. Amimr* Mid The city's permitted ducharge flo* ID one million (t»l!<xt> c/J Search... < ( '.untmuttd frwi !'»)£«• S thprt are ifi the rnws lad (iiiftcully iwirnriuriji live !sr*! Urn? csf thow ifi !/><? vj •* We b) the wcrr other than the TIM; jftiMti*, Ihrfr wwr (IAW utuU (fwtn !)•«• iii a /w la I'owstj .Shrtiff* I>(rp*rv rsvrrl *.» -*ril *» patrolmen from li-fc Te«j»» J>r{sart- rr»«v! oj t-'ufattc Safrty A! JCAV! thfnr p#ck.» of in **> it **» c*r*r ran 01 rt «5 txr Uwr TIX' C-B radio stofen r»ti;<.« fxictinvjC li' «•<«• «; thr rr.ov'. and AS i il ji m TV.ur>it>). tVwij AJfrr;, . 4310"; Hlfth- w*y ITt-S. 7>»a» (,'tty, reported to the police it (vefc lluit th«" •*»» rmwiRfl irvtm hn Inx'K The truck had brcn (iarktxl at the Old KJV« U:at ramp 3l:<o>^i 10 4 in Wrdnrada) A 1 ( r r y rT<urTwxi a! appcoximstdy S S) p ns l>iur*d»> and the J3 channel ) radio WAS gonr lie ttijd pulioc officer* the truck >*A* locked ami no ovrrtcfxre oi forcrtl e«try »a* found y Al(rc-) Freeport man hurt by gunshot KHKKItWT A kx-al man n-jiftixlly refused irvatmcni at t'onimuntty for gunshot wound* !w rwetvcd in a duturtKincv <il 703 : -j W Scvvnlh St . about 10 30 p m TtiurMtny The attending physician told investigating police that Doiiaid Kay Tlwmas came lo the emergency room and was X-rayed Information given police officers tndicutvd (be bullet entered and exited the flefthy part of Thomas's hip After refusing treatment, he left the hospital, the report said The disturbance began when 'Hjoinaa returned to the W. Seventh Slreet addre»» occupied by Kis wife, Unda Thomas. Mrs. Thomas, according to the report, said her husband had moved from the home "thnae or four day* ago." When he returned to the houM Thursday night, she would not open the door, Thomas began harassing her, she told police officers, and frightened her. At 1 wig tli, she allegedly shot through Uie door, hitting Thonuui in the hip. No charges have been filed against Mrs. Thomas. of (he year Its discharge ha* exceeded thl* flow an nverage of 136,00!) gallon* daily. The tank lines lately ha* twen hauling tin wattle* an average of once daily In loads of 6,000 gallons, Andrew* said "1 don't think you could acknowledge i(j» exigence with that small nrnotml of flow p*r day." be taid fhllllpn, rej*re»enting the City of Bailey's Prairie, protfMed the city's arrangement to handle the additions) waste while it excottkd tU pwmittwi dtftfharge "J hope the agency will monitor thus potentially (langfroiia situation." Phillips said of the rhrrniea) *»*!<* "It could Ix a lot than jum raw sewage into the cm-k " He mrf«d th<? tank lm«>' site was i/utsiiJ* Arijtltton'ih liiiiit*. and addwl the city sJwrtild turn 0»wr altentiWid to solving ttMTir plant'* prt>(>l«ti» before taking 'Jfi any cui4«rn«* "liailey** Praine must suffer from Anglcton's &atd. adding he did rvjt mean to irn(4) the nly's a» mlmiiwully of a municipal treatment plant, lie sold the company's truck* transport between 300 and 4fW different petrochemical products a month Hooper admitted Ihe Robertson lines were "given little information as to their toxicity", but attempted to Isolate potentially harmful xbb- stanccx through laboratory and fluid observations. The company's wastes result from the washwater after Us tanks are cleaned. Hooper Mid icach load of th« waste was monitored by (he company arid the harmful substances wwe hauled to Robertson's treatment (rfant in l>«*r Park The company had found previously that hauling iu> entire waslvload to the l)*i-r Park plant was too cofitl), he said Following the hearing. Angle-ton's director of utihta-R said the city would ti?*! the con I en U ol t)»e lUjtxrtAon load al^ut tlirw timw a month "Hie cits s te»!.s could not Ix 1 twnpletwl in time to prevent a harmful sub stance from flowing through the treatment The former Texas congressman further seated Jifi ot^)«:ti'j<i to the city i rr</urM for a permit amendment allowing i two million gallon daily SELECTED STOCKS Though co m p a ri > rirj/ife*mtjitiv<r» had rsot bcx-si re»{UJfe<1 lo testify, attorney Nurinan D Jr arnJ Mark director of en vironmental affatr» for Kol/emor. Dutfibution SyMcm». lr« . attended the hcsntiK !<> iSHenrf !fw tank linns' Jr>n»-% A^tr Atncr Nal'l ln» Amrr Ti'f Kt*f«l MtKw Co Krankltn l.ilr Inc *4«.<4 contract '»a» made ir Septetnl«r. !?74, She cttj h*',1 ix< U-*ri cofmdcrtxi in not; compliance by th« (,utl Oil llou I Rl & Hvu Nat. mc-thc.<d» oj h»d pruveJ unworkable CtalWst* Jw!<-"ivar> of the TViqH had fT<innme«de<l in June. 1*74 tJut the FUNERALS Clifford John Maine Jr. I.AKK JAt Ks«N S<-r. (,.(-•- !,.f i i;!!,,r'! J.»hr. M..;r,(- Jr !hi-;.i !r,<jr,thfij<i-IK:, ttf Mr aiv.i \U> «'l:t(<'rd M.'uiif ft u, a'. I..-.».<-«.i*,x! {-'urw-iai i't.;»i'it i 'liffi-r*'. iSieil e,ul> T'tiurv.$.>> ttms-r,iiiH \'t\ 1'n. l'.C.S I!."-!!tv A (i'cd-jfi .Krhr.Mii 1 .. rx-iiri-<i !.-;!•, rf [/aststr i-l \>!,i.vf.i H.ip!;x! t !-ur» !i •«. lis nilici.itf .f! '.!»• M-r\ic<-^ HiiH;i> »ji! fn!;<.i» ,i! Hi-*;«<«*! M<.-/ii<ir-.fl IViri. ( iilf,-.,'ii ;\ M;ris\""s! t>\ lit 1 , ji.ircr.'.'- V!r .ir.'i Mr-> ai KM>CV ;«ixl l!cii!».!.i H>cf »', Str* ^ .irk lit- is .>i',u Miri,\ f.i ()•> hi> t ;r.i!-<i|>.irr! I 1 - SU .uui Mr 1 - ilSMmA liohk-r t.f l,.'ikr J,H-k",.|s Mr .,::.! Mrs Maici- Nf-» Vnrt ami Mt-rnU Mc\M!...rt<-r <•( Lake J.ivks.,;; i-inrntA li> Krti'f«irl l-iki "«.««; ( Hn!tu- Im Claude AA. Mashburn MARMI.K ^ AI.I> < i. iu <i. M., M.iNlii^rii rt. died Wcdm-vta) Nm 19 l.<7:i A fi>rmi - f Kr<f|*'[t ri'sidfiit. !><• wasa ivtir»^lfm}>lo>ei'«ii huv. chiMinctil i"o Ncrv new ill U- s.itunLiv. ' p m ,ti Cli-ir.ciu-- ("liapt'l >n Hurwl liurul vviil tu- ui l^iki'Luxi Hilh .\!riii'irjal I'.irk Sur\'nor> inrltide hi> wid- Mr> IU-YMI Ma.stil'urr, »' Marltlc KalU. MXI Marvin Kitint'th Mashliurn "f Hinisitixi d^tughtrrs Mn> M.irv Klc.iln'th Jcf(rt> ^lr^ 1U'I!> Jo>c«' Schuster ami Mrs i'kiudmt' KU'tctK-f ui Kousttm. aiui Mr> Annie l.,nira Hal! of ri>nn«- >.isti'r. Mn> Kva Phii'n«>>. of An^U-Um brutlnTi. Robert M Md*hburn ol Amanllu, H H M,i>htmni of l.jkc Jackson and Ordie \' MaUilxjm of Hnustnii . 17 grandchildren and two great -grandchildren Ships in port KRKKPOUT The Ui-rvnan Ikiltt-n i» du< ¥ in (Xirt Suixiay with ,i cargo of i.i'J Italian cars The 6f< foot vessel will bv unliKiding Fiats, I^IKUI^ and Alfa Romctx> THf t>hip should finish unluading its car^u on Monday. port authorities sai HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS •OMMl'MTV liaSPITAI. OF KH A/O4iPi>HT Mrs. Jerry IHwglas iliunuif Jean* \Vaslungton. Braz«ria THt'KSWAY Joseph Senuah Landry, KriH>purt James Maurice Mutiiis. Frvt'port Mdiwa Louise Bass. Frwport Minnie lx*»> oiu>, Frcvpurt Steven l-eigh Davenport, ('lute Michael Hay Sunders, Angleton James Willard Mcl^iniort, Luke Jackson Mi'lodie Ann Mugve. Lake Jack,swi Mn> Kust-inon Bill ttK-lty Sue) Schoenberg, i^ake Jackson Mrs. Melvin Cecil (Kathryn Elizabeth) Uibbs, h'recport TMB BBAZOtPOWT CACtJ £**i«»»r, TBXAt, plant, h« Mid, but the ftobcrUon company would be held liable for such an occurrence, The TWQB official* concluded the hearing with iU final recommendations to the city, Matthews said the city should expand IU plant capacity a» outlined in iU current permit application, and complete the project within two yeart. The city ha* been attempting lo complete the remodeling of an old Irnhoff tank to double it* treatment capacity, but the project ha» been held up pending the TWQB's pf.-rmission for an additional discharge. The agency also recommended the city provide sufficient chlorine doiagc to maintain a minimum of one part per million of chlorine at the permitted discharge point. Utilities Director Andrew* said city employees already have been instructed to correct the situation Other recommendaHdM Included the city provide additional pump capacity within 90 dayt. and Ou city study the effect of the Robertson Tank Line* wastes on its sewage treatment plant and report It* finding to the TWQB within 60 day _ witnineoaay*. I^B tmiff MBB BBB BHH ^HH BHH HBH 0n Dance to the music of P "RED MANN" 9 p.m. - 1 a.m. Friday November 21 DANCE WORLD HIWAY 288 849-9928 I I Thr tabulou* JLDV CAMI' i» rrilrtuiii you as usual with golden toon jnd prrtonality plus! JLDY CAMP Knjn> Jurfv and the forever popular, "on* arid onl> ' HAWK SHAW entertain ing In the Beachcomber Club Friday and Saturday 'til the firU of the year. HAWK SHAW rimp and ON'THK BKUH AT.SIKKSIDK V'luli Now Appearing "BANDIT" New Hours-11 am to 12 midnight Entertainment from 8 pm to midnight ATOP THE SARATOGA INN FEATURING PRIME STEAKS Also FRESH SEAFOOD UNTIL 11:00 PM RESERVATIONS 233-9146 or 233-5381 BLVF. AT HWY 288 - FREEPORT . TEXAS BUSINESSMAN LUNCHEON TUESDAY-FRI, 11:00-2:00 P.M. CHOICE OF 3 MEATS 4-VEG.-4 SALAD CORNBREAD 4 ROLLS DESSERTS SPECIAL SUNDAY ' I LUNCHEON 12:00 to 5:001

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