The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 4, 1973 · Page 12
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 12

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 4, 1973
Page 12
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THE HR.VZ4KSPORT FACTS , Monday Little League Results shutout Dodgers BIUZORIA - The Cardinals trimmed the Dodgers. 7-0, w the shutout pitching of Jeff Roberts ,« « recent minor league ronfrtinlation With Roberts taking the victor) Terry Kaspar was facet! with the loss. 11200MPH! L£MANS Hitters for the winner* included Koberls, Jay Jowell, Jim Williams ami David Moon? The losers were led by Bobby Kiclden, Kenny Knspar, Scott Mitchum, ami Rodney Thompson. Cubs maul Dodgers BRA7.0RIA - The Cuba collected a a-9 win over the Dodgers here m-entty m a minor league confrontation Troy Kri«e!I picked up the win with the !*ii pianed on Rodney Thompson Leading hitters (or the winners were Robert Hurt Haker. Ken Wi*e, Mike Weyrtn. Uletw Hathorn. ami Kirk Baker The loseri were f»ae«l by Kenny KUupar. lUibba Witliaim, Terry K;n}v\r. and Thorn [««« Tigers trim Cubs HR.V/OKI\ - The Tiger* edged the t'utw with a we run NR-tiiry, IJ-U. here recently in minor le<i)tw actwt Tern' Scon hurled (he »m «tth the Uw.t goHi^t to Ktrk Hilling (or Ih-e liwers wer« Kevin I'iits, MeCleary, Jerry Kenrty Wathen and Redskins can Yanks KB K»: TOUT - Th« Knbkim i^Hevtetl an IS* win over (he Yankee* her* Ttuir-wlay- in 4 minmr l.«i»furiil !fnr «u> Larr> S pivke«l up to Hittrri for the Dinners irsMuiteil «;er> Karke, Terry Sco«, Ttx!4 Ketlti* and A AMUSEMENT GUIDE SURF VEWSCO i ni 1.1 w '^ *<'!«•'» J,iJ»ti"f b[ M BEACON 'JKE I C --**»<• #''-•» • « * : » m LAKE II "€'-»»» .»/ M " " ' t & I H I CINDERELLA AT 7:04) & 10:00 CHARLEY WALT DISNEY production*' INDEREM TECHNICOLOR* / ;'« t"—•" o The !«vm were paced by Hurt ll*kv*r. Tn.-Sk> Uush Robert l.etvuef, Ciena Hathore., Ker. ttue .iixl Troy rVtteeil Giants slap Colts HK.\/Ottl\ -. The i;,anu pul'ed out jn 8 t u,ja over :(v ('t)iU here rev'vn'.U in A Rijjtjf tejgue feature The win VKTJI! to CJifton IXinJord <*!Sh Thx>m<n Wttton UkiR^i !tv taw Hsttew t'« vise r.unbt wrre Ttmn-.v Krjiter. tUnford. Olenrt Whitlen. !>uiix Wrixh! IVtig U f'Unt, JrU U»rry Suvituj. j!nj Al whit* Svhrster Si»}'J*. Yakha. Hober! Catcote. x»nr:;j> ihilard. and Wikr Lions charge Rebeb BII\/UHI\ ~ rt* i {xcketi up a !*•'* sktwMn rwenUy ::; a :;-,.i;«r .'.•a?urr Hitter* tor th* iiwtmled Saul Castillo, l.eutuml Handle, Hobby MjMimUl* and Je»u» Uurv4f,j *hile Br*| (Vnniixtun *« th* luiw hitter tor trie lutum Hawks edge Falcons \ ... n^ itivki frank Stok.s ptciievi up '. i« wi'h ihtr [•Jti gotft^! !u J.j , V.:x:*it jriij Mike JVj^j.j.j ;?*- i-jHrrt (or t.V ^M*fi Cardinals zip Eagles t> VNHl UV .,- r.i.l.iil' j - 4 M ,.(i Jjx;fiij Pirates evade Dodgers «»'t *is.i(C (»» i;m WJS ?TI,i-.^ true .rftrr-.« l.-tur >.-.( ;.:„ Tewrts ti* Ttjen lam* 1 ' * It ;^ •i 4 :,^'ft"" r> ' s "'" u " irf ' B'avts whip Cjfds Panthers claw Cougars ^ " ,«, £:„.*';,.;;; 'I'.r f.k-i: v.-r< , Tt» Uar, Titr.i iT-virtfi Stroi.Vr Mike Camrtuci.. J^i.! S.!rvf:-. '..V t/M | j. j > Fakom Jjcoeo. Di«!.i Mo/.'ir!t, Sc«jtt K<rwJ. t)an->t SanJiJorvi j.-4 Alar. TV:,)fr,!{-r. Eagles trip Pirates KT - TJw K-u>» j'.lil.'f^.j T4'- :l'.' V''..^ 4 .I': k.'Vi-r'i-j ; jr.j^.ir ',»'•.;..- v.' rip They've come a long way since that summer of 42! pinned •;« S'.«"I Tigers are unbeaten IUMHHV r^ Ti( Tii ;»finj . Eagles tie : -'"'-^ - IV "r»f '.t:^«rf"? V'rr't " i V »J..I;-B ,- -i':."!'. u* •;i:i*>t •*. r jj; j{.<. .',. V .'';;-."« • :»'":K -i»* sy;irt".:» r'.^r-C'I;: J . i '^liiW V*',-.; "•« «' '-'.( X- ju.i 1 . .l-.Vt.-tf*,^ v.r.'KM.r.^r^ '"*'.«•-:„• .:-<;i.'.in: j.--f '--e^ '*-.-. . , - ,°t : ; ••.- j t .'' -I .• :.,,,. a; ^ .- <-M. ,.;... «i--rf '•!•• ".I.; 1 ! :i: V {.£»,'. y.; 'i^K'j. :'•««'..-r ..: ^i; .•;.•-:-,. Jl-, 1 .••--.•• J ;-l-' -j; if:I ijl.lir ;>'••• .- ,: ,'»f* v [ ^ ( t'" V-^f.'.' .|--e aid ' -r .•• : ; ;:t'« LHl- :& t.VKt: J\i K.tos Vt;,f.,.vr.H li-ti K •••i ."t !:l 4 ; 4 ; s 5; »." -ji 1 . .-:; ;! Jl". {'«*«..;:'« v ;s jJl'.iT.»-r f.)f ih*- VUv-r.i.r.:! Cab claw Panthen J«fcsr.v J4 iind (Jlcn I'hrvt'.sR'.ir-r, pis.-i.i-tj up hiU (or er*r !;<<?•> irom I'tl'.wr. 'A owlrv Jivhr. tl^n i>.-.i Class LAKE II & 9:05 PC Cubs sprawl Rams ^si><r. .%„-,, (i.t-i>: -. TI*M-«* pK'inj Broncos buck Raiders lipaXi i -*sn in ^ rrect;! lAKf J\tK-i*>\ .. Th. F'.f «.#r. irj^r iiot.'m '.u Tr.r.;. H;'!I.T» (of :, J'.-hnr>> s Hi-JxT Jirr,t:,> iii".' Hrerit f!r;ii-.- NOW THRU TUES. 7:00 & 9:10 DOWN Yanks bleech Sox '^wkT ntp"Liom »;<w Bryjr! ;.«,-•«,«! y p t.v „.,, V i ii 4 r r f 4 i Vlstt-heil t,v «m * : ^or th* *;.n?i*T« *i^i nt'i hjf.;^y-j ijviutic*! f'ji Pfj ?GT th«> irxt«r*q l,*Hft;^« KrK' Hj'.'J'Tt Indtam slun Yanb TK 20% % HS -°° Pa«f4 $9°° -Odds & Ends- Dresses & Pantsuits 6o£oieJ I.AKK JU'K-V>\ Yankee toiltttai i * '> -4, n over ',/>• VHfijU' :>M in j t(i;m\ A(ri<*ric:an irjjjue (fjtiirc up t J Djvsd L*'jding hitters 'or the rygSl viniieri were- luvid *•"' Bcffwodt'fl. Jorifl Wejver. 4txi j (Jary Kavunnujth. -*hiU' l.tshe Huffman. [)j-.i/! At dor.*. Krrw pack, amj John piciutl up hiu (or (hjt v tht t,K»r^, lf><} ;r; ^ rrrei;t inii»r |jC4ifu«* ^tfU' ste^en [*..mur, b. rf i*d IN- Giants slap Astros *i;i *i!h ?hp [TAI iSoirg So I'll It' ... fh<- ciur.'.s Hitter* d>r the-Airuwrii'irrr recently Ux A.»J/«i» ir. 4 *m!J,^,r,K>!<> Tigers maul Orioles peck Sox I.AKK JA(KW>N fr* Ortutia bofiit/t-d !h«' K«^J .S*n, 11-2. lu <ake an AmcricaA league victory h*re rcter-.t!) Twr>- Mill* picked up if* win with no iomg pitth^-r luted HilttTt for the * inner j uxrluded Brwn Milo. Terry Millj, Ji»ck .Sdttnger, Hugh Sample Kfitii At\i<(, Paid Gaip^ird. JHf Bt»lm. and J<*1 W«kh trd the hitter* lor the ioswrs Braves scalp Giants FKKKHJKT - Tb« braves picked up >t £•( dircuio/; over WMJ Ciui;U hirre Thursda) in j (i:ajor U-<igu« cun/runtatibn K«rvm Coulter huried t|j« *wi wbite Mike SWIeary f>\SHt ItV TV Ti«*r« " «rff -*;')-. j n* rj^f.swor, tht fuller* for Uw were Juhtuiy Sweat, OarreU MeKoigbt, Ji«mj> and WROUGHT IRON TEA CARTS *lg»* STRAW HANDBAGS «>«.»» ^ 10% OFF ON All POTTERY CHILDREN'S STRAW^CHAIRS 25% PUPPETS a,, w » LOTTERIA (MEXICAN BINGO) J'J *1'5 i ONYX CHESS SETS LONGHORN , IMPORTS »t<* Lntl>littW t MtfxCMff I ..:y. j Don't Ut tn? | Summer Heat \ Wreck Your fe Coflipleitofl I VITAMIN E | SKIN OIL ><** i | SKIN CREAM ><** A a .^ju- TUESDAY 4 WEDNESDAY JANTZEN Swim Caps In A Wide Assortment of Slytes A Cok* Ret 30% Off ,r^T\ to 211, Outt AYOS ButterKOUh.Mirt. •^^•••^•^••••••••••^•••••••••••MII^—-•^^^^^^^^••11 T ^^T?J_y ^**wi> BRAZOSWOOD PHARMACY AJ •kMflhi^Aki^h i*i<||< lAiffr* ' .._ ^w

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