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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1859
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NEWS '^p^o^l^^^ f^: ; ::a^:^^^^^^fe€K^:-F^^i^:? ^. ^fo ; '• --^'- ; -t ;;pebple ata,J ^ tipintipiigtnu,— The ilfyti* says the jjcoii Bank Will goon bain oberati Gregory * BenaH have purehMed the exten- •ire. forai/iifewtablislimeo^ of Wm. Decker OIRCOir < OORT, ( ounty. ) llel B. Vail and Henry D Mail, Pla'n seen walking kti^'in hrio yksienity ttoroL and will (JooUnttaihe business. Water t(rM, and at 9trickIainJ'4 »'e»kly P*|t;r, every tiie»<Uj morning. . ^ TERH8QF TKI-WEEKXT PAPEE. M-WeeklyTapeV'forwaeyear, payable In aUTance TEBMB^FTHI WEEKLY PAPE8. i Weekly Paper for-one year, payible in advance. •» • *•*«**' -^v^n r- J « i^_"-__i^:> ' ' • • •• •> . • • • * - do. 4 daya;.;.. also do. ::Bday»..... 8,00 do. lw<*K . 8,80 do. ,2weeks.... 4,00 do. 8w«k».../6,00 do. do. do. do. do. ..»6,00 .-;. 10,00 Smooth*.. ISM 4montb«.. «montha.. »montha...-!>0,00 lyear....- 80,00 Rounds dt Langdon, KTISINCi I«5 Kandolpli street, art •atMorttedto n- ceive Advtraiementt for Mi and all lh» leading Papers of the ForOaeegt, and art the on.* and a. OLOgirKLT avtlioriaed Agent* in Ott tforUneettfor a majority of them. mtr4 IN TOWN AND OUT OP IT. K. POMKBOY, EDITOR. Record, for May, 18W kept by 0. B. GARDINKB i CO., DrnBgteU, 19 Spring Si. a,. 60= » Br. K. 8 ».tt. sells a fine Troy built, trotting buggy, at auction, this morning at 10 o'clock. S&* Elephant lunch at the Newhall thie morning at 10 o'clock. till to-morrow. unwritten articles are omitted he Turners give one of their tainments at Young's Hall to night, enter- general assortment of household funrnitnte will be sold at flood's auction rooms tb^s morning at 10.o'clock. CLEKICAI. PCS.—It ie singular that Episcopal divines, no matter how small their salary, alwaye have a surplus (surplice) over. C^~ Episcopal churches are generalU better oroan-iled, tnan those of any other denomination. DON'T ' iou DO IT —The Racine Journal would pun -ish us too much did it inflict any of its wii upon the Milwaukee papers. 1 The wheat crop looks finely in this vl cinity, and if it continues such weather as we have at present, fanners may expect a large crop.— Waupaeca j\Vie«. People seldom read a communication if over half a column in length. Short visits make long friends. f£~ Seaman & Wing of this city, lost two buildings by the late fire at Oshkosh. Tbe rates were so high they were uninsured. tS> The -Green Bay Advocate fears the school ma'ams are taking up so much of Gen King's time, that he cannot edit the tentmel as well af he used to than jslaVes.- Many «oelrent suggestion, ora Blade toy 'the writer for the Improvement oftne- condition of :femalea eiepend*nt .upon the labbf 1 for support, such as schools for a highei order of instruction in honaeuold dalles and in the < ! Kl^-in^^pAi^ t ''u,W«itbh-niak(.ig t :2)ri'ou' ing,'tBlegrAphihg; also drawing and painting, and In thV Mberal professions, especially li medicine and surgery. In abort, edvtation, in its .hroadeat *.»*., 4. urged as the surest means to elevate the condition of Woman and place her in the position, she was by her nature (designed to occupy.— ^Earth's Discoveries .in Africa" is elaborately reviewed, and the author pronounced among ih« first, if not the very first of African travel, r em. "Dr, Trench on English Dictionaries" formg th* subject of an article favoring the proposed publication of a new Dictionary by the London {Philological Sodietjr, and criticising, with some severity, Noah Wel,gt«r and other distinguished Lexicographers. "Tire West Indies as they were and are" gives a n»oi« hopeful view of the British W; I^fclahifs tfcan is generally entertains^ and pWelJBSs to show by official documents, that Emancipation and Free Trade will ultimately produce results, proving the wisdom of those two great act* of British policy. "TheartiolBon-MonVenegro" gives a graph, ie account of that Mountain Country and its brave people, who have so long withstood tb» attempts of the Turks to subjugate them, and urges the British government to "extend thei* sympathy u> nations which rely, not on foreign intervention; bnt on their own spirit and vigor to preserve and extend tb« rights they possess." "ElFLKD GCKS AND WoBEaH TACTICS" shows the giant strides which have recently been made in the improvement of implements of war—the Minie rifle carrying a ball wfth the greatest accuracy more lhau a mil.'and with as much effect as the old musket at twenty yards, and Armstrong's rifled cannon, carrying an I81b. ball will, no larger bore tkao an old "faurpouHder," and with, almast 'the accuracy of a rifle proper, to the i D credi!4e distance of more than five tmlet' "Sir F.Palgrave'8 Normandy and England," "Major Hpdson's Life in India," and a very interesting article on the political relations of Austria, Prance and Italy, to which countries" all eyes are now turned with the most intenm- anxiety, complete Ibis very able cumber of the Review. Re-published by Leonard Scott 4 Co., 64 Gold Street, New York. Price, $3 a year, or $2 when taken with Blackwooo's Magazin*, or any of the other .British Quarterlies rr-peblteh- ed by the same House. ;Si—Richmond you are magnificent".' UETtER V. . . ,, J. 0. Sicfimi)>>4,Prerbytcr, and Rector of St. 'rP,cntP*<,kwch, to the Rev. Jfr. Steplit of •\tht Unitarian*; , ^ : - f - f , / When the c»t'« away the mice vlll play.' The town and country are pertuaded, my tlear Mr. StapJes, thai your so called pLiff«o- , ph' ical CbrisUanity, which has really become" torn Palneisv, is finally demolished, wjUislI thii*ing and uuprejudioed people. Some grown i qp .babies, with infants braina, and acme of 'tie place-holders, and chief men, will hold out always, like the floribes a»d Pharisees, •nil rulers in Jerusalem. Perfect TRUTH, perfect LIFE, "perfect WISDOM, GOD flnisia* spoke, "as man »ever spake" to the bllu'ded J«ws in oiSce. What resulted? "The common people beard Bin gladly.; but the office- and clifrf IM -n , in the ftyoagogiiAs, whose name and fame and game we** fame, aud endangered, cried out "ttis |>eople" (tie .regirfar 'democrats,'^Sear Staples, yoo and I don't bcl&tog «»tlictn—do *»•») *tfcls jwbpte that kBotretb not the law is cursed I Have any of tb« Bulers or the Pharistus bolfcveflcn Him ' So perfect Life, Light, Wisdom, Truth —Go<i-uian was crucified; and did not con- vine* them'! The Scribes and Pharisees, and High Priests and Chisf t?rie«tfl, and -El(fel», asd adulterers ("they went out oaeJjy ojte being convicted of their conscience."—John VIII), aud drunkards, and gamblers, and TbenewsteamlMMt, just bnilt by M. Win .. . ^.'i', *" f i.- ••^••L*'. •"/ i • .ter, .will «ejn &te this week.' A pleasyre-pir- ty will dedic Ue the institution by trying it on a pleasure tri p up the laKti (VYVd like to know when the ovent cpmes off, that we might t»tlie»e4oo.j} ' ".. . | • J. B. Ril;We has been elected by tUc new Tillage board. Street ConimttsioMer, and wi gra%! Lnke street at once. We'll 1* t a cooke Kibble will have good streets, or "_ rise a row. John 0. Truesdell and Oscar V. Jones, of Jnneau, hare formed a raw co-partnership, and. will practice together hereafter. / strong team ' CoBBT—V«»T«Hl>AT. —Michael f ipnpgin, disorderly, <ned $] and cos«« fidw. Rogers, resisting ao officer, continued to May 17. Pat "White, Susan WhiU, and Pat Diryrn, diiordwty. iHie Whites were discharged, but Dwyre wasn't so lucky, and was fined $3 and ^John Miller ami John Carter, disorderly, fitted -$2 each and oasis. . John DiU, atfnttery, at to Hay 23, < 1 battery, •eltled by parties— «f.n«aBt paying OOSKS to th« tnn» of S8,U8. for Money Oe- on Contract. (Cum not «erv ) 4ix »*or« to Anthony Artorl. Curilii O. Gardiner and tyfranni Ljon Tie State of. Wlicon aiiti ao^each or t Y fJO are hercbi •ommoMit unit reqn the complaint In this action, -which has be-c Die.f In the otBce ft lh* Clerk of tlie Circuit Court, Ooanty of Hilwaakee. at the Coorl Howe in {fla City of Mil I waakce, nnitto serve a copy of your answer to the said l i-otripl»int o» l> e subscribers, at th«lr ouTce In Lading- tonfs Bock, In the City of Milwaukee, within twenty j JajB after the lerrlce ot this summon on you. eiclu- slveiof the d»y of loch «er»lce; and If you fall lo anaw.r I the nld cot»pl«Jnt wllhln the time afbresilrf, the pla n tiff's In Ibis action will take judgment >galo9t you for the lum of eight hundred and thlrty-uva dollar* an* ; •evenly-one cents, with Interest from the fourteeet* ' ay of r>ee<mber, 19ST, besides th» rosta of ihls sction ' D«-«U May 11, \St». c | BOTLSIl, BtirTBIC? i OOTTRILI ! "Wjyj7-law6w _ P^alntllTs Attorney.. I HI TiROI.BT 4NH HOOn.A^D. ' WBIOH lithe yreStMt? While t*e one hs« explored « alinust Inaccessible movntiln regions of South i Aderlca, and added Urgefy lo oar geographical knowl- idge, tlie otiier has given his aUektion to the mltijM- li»n of human soffirinn, and In his HJ.enllon of.lhe fa- us Gemjan Bittern, known In the country as " ffofif } land'f Bittm," haa conferred an Invaluable boon up- I uu mankind. Drspriisia. Lirer Complaint and N«r» oos Dtblllty are ^.-edlly and ^ermanenily cured by i his remedy For •»!<• by drugjflsts a R ,j .lealeri in I medjclnes everyjrhere, at 7T, eetjts per bottle ' ra»jl3.Jan Ini | NOTICE. CITT ConmoLua » Ornuz , Milwaukee, May U>, 1SJ9. ' f schedule T H* fullowlDK ig a schedule of lota In [he Third Ward oftheclly of Ullw^uhee, which ti.iv,. il«clarW p»hl c water and dlth each lot, i nulismce, In con-ei|ncnreof Iht-reon, and 'he amount tnt opp, MM , aui.ii.nt »r nenefin »hicji «•>.! | uu » defile by being nll,.d,,utrii-leo.t to »b»l«; uV ia i,l a,,; •nee. AMUSEMENNs. D^L u v. i YOUNG H A L J. . JOHN 5Ic(l RATH. Wct'OKMIlK. Halt '.'I ft W ill of t 4 ff 1'J of If 60 N S a H Bl...-» 14 I'll -4 At Young's Hill, s 3 4 f, lu H I 1 1 II 1 •I WASTED.^— The Advotale says large tannery at Green Bay would be a money making institution. We do not know l-etter point in the Scat,, for an extensive nery than at Green Bay of a SDKS OF MALTA.—This Order is w have a meeting at their Lodge Room this evening, for the election of a G.C., and G R.R.J.A. A full attendance of all memliers in good condition is requested. . St. --,._, B®~ It is impossible to supply the deniand for extra papers of Sunday morning's issue — We have had at least a hundred applicants for theA 7 <!«i«ofthat date, bnt they are not lobe bad. Correspondence or th. MAEATHOS, Wood Co., W"i«. ) May 1st, 185» f To the Editor of the Newt : The last election for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of this State, has resulted in the defeat of Wm. P. Lynde, by tar the best man, and best calculated man for the office we have now in ffisoonain. The query naturally arises why he was beaten at all, and again why he was beaten by so large a majority? The answer can be given by rimply telling t cheats and liars iu the temple, selling oxep,. aud doves and sitting at thrir H ha ring tables —all preferred Barabbaa to tUo Lord ef Life, anJUlory, aud Truth and Power But He wiU come again, to teauh and die DO mpre, but to judge. I give, lu answer to nil that fc.cep out from fheir anonymous "Nathan," Hearer," and "M H.-B.'" mousc--corner«, to nt*t all Hi » lump, tbe last Beecber broadside. Let tbe ecclesiastical cowards ootoe out wiOi their names, and remember, 1 said, in my first challenge, " auonymou* cammnnicatiot •ball ignore "—and Jet Mjn, with a name aembutthat be accepted my challenge toau aral debate, i|nd 1 told him to o«me at be promised, and he cometh uot. The ml« H »-(|| play ntcely should •] start for Bugtaod, June •>. irom here, and JUDO 8th or 10th trom N»w York. I've waited tour months for yon aud cannot stay now ' RICHMOND. RlotuMond (o Beocker LETTER IV "Spelling tlie tru»li tn love." Come, my dear Befchs-r, maiatala, or nbaja- (ton, your position. Yt>a are a manly man — You seek th* TftCTB. Vou ar« cot afraid ol the Weote TEUTH Vou profess also <o r* a CUrtstian minister. 1 confess that yon are a fanioos preaclte, ,a genius,a,maj. of grsat ability, some le>arniug,aud many in rariom ways. I also coqf-s.s .hat youar-, Beecber, a preacher, rm.i » teacher, bat DO! of all ChHstian truth 1 .say, 4«-ause History s-ys, that you au,i ,-mir srctariaji co-lalion-rs have no authoriTy wbatev s r, nol the least uo mor*than the Prt-si^n't of Ihcge Slate- or tian frinc^ All-»rt, or «Jneen' V»ctoria ''-tb» bead 01 t*e Cl.. •"•b." eoo-1 tack' or lli»- • RELIABLE STATKMK.VT — W« noticed some time siuco, LB ihe Beloit Journal, aa article OB the subject of the American Home Missionary Society, which artlcJe stated that Brown county had a fjopulation of It) 000 ; 2 cburches and qne fcinislar. ,Knowing-tbat Hie article cotjUioed errors, we refrained "from publish- i«g it. Tlie Qre«i Bay Advocate «»ys ooujaty )ta« twi-uty church**, at least that MILWAUKEE LIOHT au A «n.— Tins erack company.heyond donhl »» fines military company an there w in tl,« ClLion, is ? ,.fting r*>dr for a trip to NrtwVork and other eastern rtties wlncS We see is«et down for abont th- JOth of Jaee. -We boperl^j. ^|, ,!„, ^ 8| , lftitl until after the Editorial Conr-nrton which take* place in Milwaukee on the 16ih of Jane Mllwankm with this CoBBpauy gone.wlH b«ve loit oue of its nain aUracuoo* Cap , stark- weathet, do at the fcvor to delay your trip a week, and lei Q3 eounlry »Jit«r. ID™ of Mil«auk Advocate. WORIffN ! A great many learnrd traalUea hire keea wrll- en, exptalnlni Ihe orfyln of, tod clauirylni; th» worm. •eneMUd !• tb« bmn»ir.j,« lm ,. Cexcntr may topte of •Mdlcal iclence h»s ellecteil more acute otarrTation and. profouded rwearct. ; and y«t phyjlcimi »ri- »ery much divide.! In opintoo r,o the ul.)^«t. It must be vltnutr,! )>owerer. . that, after all. a tnyle (if p.]...|im« tHf«- wornin, and purifjh.g the boly <r.«a iheif wttrt,,^, ,1 of norm vilue Ihe iriseat Ji<4»i»iu,,n« 1.1 !„ tlw origin. Dr. N 40, from I 13 In S SU o( » 4U S»tt 91 11 front x 21 t« r N2U of»«u N*0 of S U) s •*> .' PRO ?«!•:>• \ Distribution ot MILWAUKEE CADETS The duelling »j«nt h»t at length ., tt f}.l It'ltint'i Vinnlfuy, prrptrrd by firming Br i. U the much sought after <pe-ifg, ,»1 I,., already «n|»-r ' aeded all nthcr irorm medltiori. iu ^(Bci,-y b-lng- a«i veraally ickr,i,wt|.,l(r.l by mrtliciLl practltloneri Puretuueri xr-ll be careful to «ak r.,r UK. i CELE»BATKD VERWtTHK, man,,fa,n,r- I ed I y PLEMINl, BROS, uf Pltubar.h, Pi All ! Venntfupes IB comparisoti ar« isc^rUilej*. Or H'Laau's i genuine \Vrm»(u^^, dls<i Ki^ i-tfift,tatfd Liv. r V \'i j«n now be had nt »ll r;jp rl t«fcl, ,|r a < il<>re9 .\'wi« Ifmuttu uiltumt Ltit tiyiKiliir-t u r ' (1] m«yl^-d*»lm " PLKMIKM BRort. ' & Jenkiot, C.'OUNSKl.l.OKS .VI llfl.l V« H4%K HI II ALBANY > J » • i; 11, Ml, 1,11, " -if S «."> Wof E «j .N _'u S '.'I). .^ to ,i k 1" K. ,1 S 4u .f k t • SODND ADVICE.—We invite attention to a sound, sensible letter from in another column Irom "Democrat," a northern correspondent. As be truly says, tbe only thing we lack to carry tbe State, is organization. L«t us have it before another campaign. Dosg GOOD —Yesterday forenoon a regular wueai growing, fanner tickler, of a spring rain strewed itself abont this vicinity, making tbe air ten per cent warmer. Such rains are delightful—if yon don'l get wet. AMBIGUOUS.—Dick Gove says he has tried Stone T s sleeping car, and says farther that it is a nice thing—superior to anything he ever tried. We wonder which Stone Dick means ? These geological surveys will kill Dick some day. ' The Kaoine Journal, speaking of the population of tbe Dnitod States, beads its ar- tide, " Mark the change." Crossing Spanish quarters has caused a great loss to owners of old silver coin, and we hope people will Dot mark the cJianot. HCDSOS . A'orti, Star says the work upon tbe St. Croix & Superior railroad is prriiTrriinp finely Messrs Poote & Smith lost 1,200 tons of ice by -the high water washing their icehouse away . Several thousand bushels of wheat lias been shipped from Hudson to 8t Louis, by ri»er. Dp AHD Down THE CENTRE.—The plan the Free Democrat speaks of for improving streets by guttering them in the middle instead of tbe sides, ift old as the hills. In most of tbe Mexican and'South American cities, tbe streets are thus fixed, but do not present half as neat an appearance as tbe newer fashioned way. They are like those dotAle bedsteads where both parties roll together in tbe middle, taking no comfort till on another one. truth and stating at one* that it Was a lack of organized action on tbe part of demounts.— Portage, Marathon and Wood counties for instance, were not looked after at all. No tickets were supplied for voters, except a few that were written by one or two inspectors, and left on a table for whoever wanted tlem • There were no regular printe I tickets seat to this county, or if Bent they never reached their destination. The town of Berlin wonf* have given 300 democratic majority, but for this reason, and other towns would have doj»e as well in proportion to their size and population. Last fall, candidates for county offices, rode night and day—were busy M bees—and as a" natural result were elected by good majorities. Mr. Lynde is not defeated by republicans— bnt an apathy and carelessness ea the part-Of democrats. The game baa been the case for tbe last three years. In counties where aclive, working democrat exerted tlianttlven, where his riends distributed ballots, the result wag entirely satisfactory to Mr. Lynde and his friends. Where they dtd not, more active republicans took advantnge of this carelessnes*, and good democratic counties gave republican majorities to the wonder of every body. Give us an or. ganization. Give us a State committee co«posed of working men—let every county be canvassed by some one or ones on whom dependence can be placed, and hereafter there will be no trouble about large ot small republican majorities. Fail to do tbii, let things take care of themselves as of late, and the la- bore of a few will never redeem the State from the party now in power. We most go to work unitedly, systematically. If we do not, e»ery failure will bnt tend to dishearten democrats, and voter, in «>aoh coonty will stay at horn* on election day, or fall to work for other than county or town officers, feeling thai voters in other counties are neglecting the head of tbe ticket, and whatever labor they may do, will be but thrown away. Let DS have an organization, and then look for democratic victories. DEMOCEAT. other layman, Jfiat question ha* i • , r the sacmi . _ sailed' by ' fcy tb» Apostlea, an4 by the apo'stoJit men and by united Christendom, these aj»s aad Vor. ever. ^ Moreover, I <do «ot belh-ve rtiat y^u believe- in ycnr own authority ; for, either you hare never carelully.^ud deeply, and frvely, exam m§d this whole and most important nubjent (Which M th« case will. W9 of 1.000 ofUia lar pfwichers and lay teacfcers;) or Asu, rou liatr falsified history or else, y»n »r r incapable «f this study. You either do not know, do n«t care to know or cannot know your own true, or rather O.lm« .position. Vou are a layman, professing b, f6re <*od. and men and angels, aad in the fan- of all unanimously prott-stinc, and in protest consenting, Christian and profane lu.torj from Christ to Luther ;—a layman, tuus pro! fessing, Ignorantly, or Mindly, or in simple blameworthy, bwcause not studious onooiwcj. ousnesa, to have authority from Christ, which you verily have not, to administer sacraments «nd lo ordain ministers. Why, uiy dearBeeeli- er, yon do aot even profess to be more Christ's lawful mintaer than jrou allow, and all allow that I am Curist's lawful, by Bithop Grtfl wold, ordained dencoa, October l£th 1832, and presbyUr, November 18th, 1833. You »1. low Bishop Grigwold'a right to ordain and allow, therefore, my ordinance. 1 earnestly and heardly and truthfully deny youra. NOT/ I belie»e, without • shadow of a shade of doubt, or hesitation, in the perfect authority of Bishop GriflWold to ordain, and in that of other Bishops, holding, like him, the Apostolic oflloe; by another name indeed, which has nothing whaUvetto do with the substance, A rose by anj otlur name 0mells just tlie taine. This authority 1 believe lo be DIVINE. For mytelf 1 know it; toward you, I and perfectly, without all doubt, believe it. Yon believe all your authority to be of laana* origin, except that inteard moving of th, //&/„ Uhoil, which I trust and believe 1 have : And "training."-, P NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Al < Tl4»\ or r« UN IT! HE. '" M SW ,» o - l,, fc , Tr ^ . „ , , S EALED, «, t 1.1 |amt«rd« y , *», M A O J WILL rrinair, t I'll. «ABDT«Ea, Comptroller „ ClTT B-»»rlB>,Rt, Mil 'i Orric Jfa, IT. TSi9 ' . and !>lh ft -fell. Til » ', »r Ho.rJ »» Co B Dcl|,,r«, Jun. ard ,.f »l«»,r, n n n , /„„, , 4 v.. L ',| kJ KAI.RI) proposal »3 Frtdar, Hie ai-tr. *., for giAdisac the nrcnna, froiVWaJnai t-, lo a D ,LI,I *«<lloir»,»d.t r e,t..He J »l!l»w.Jl, „*.„,,, ,„., one putters ,5'»«!>4i.,| AI,,, („ r , Bewails an.l tu<Jer» irii-a nec.-a.ary i/H. U*B»I.N-«, t:.,iji!.ir C.TT M i/,-v»rtai«n«. Maj i;, „ „,„ Milwaukee, at 5J ch ruixi-nera mar dtr _ „ Cirt C mtT«,,u->ii's urri. Contract, Ullinukee, Mny IT ] v'.u rupoaali will be reretrel arihli Satordaj- Ma,2l, 1« t , ,,,, r ,„«.,„„ «<! portion, of G»len»it,eet lo Waollr.t..n'. .ddi Uie MnU, Ward of (. e fl», of M-l U^-ntl, .trcet to T.ennelh , aukee, (r«u tfia- .U,, far p.vlryj la .| work >,,, U I !<TATK OF WI.-.T NslN. uit Coirrt, ^lllw*>] rfCourtly co»curre« In 4UB. ttlfc KD<! Sept id, n.jir.d4l K, L'M niBOrjIT OODaT, wa- IllUm Jad(rment of I . 1 * nrtg- of I) 1 K N A . Richmond lectures on the War, or on the Asylum, at Albany Hall, Thursday evening, 8 o'clock. Lecture on one of these two subjects. Democratic rule: majority decides. Two papers are at Herman's Bpok Store for signatures. I. Mr.. Richmond will lecture, by our request, on the War. II. Ou big Personal Adrentnres in that Madhouse, -commonly called the McLean lu- naU6 AByjnm, In sight, f Boston, Cradle of Liberty, and Banker Hill Monument to the same Incarceration from Sept. 4ih to Nov. 56th, 1847: EDITORIAL CojrvB»ripii.—Mr, Hyer, Corresponding Secretary, writes us from Madison, that, judging from the numbers 'of letters be fiat received on the subject, the attendance at the Editorial Convention, to be held in this city on the 16th of Jane, wffl be larger than last year We think with M r. Hyer, and hope to see every office in the Slat* represented on that occasion. Tbe r good effects of our conventions haye and at» now -being felt -M orer theState.and miioi yrftk reirialiw. to te ao- complished yet. Although we In Milwaukee cannot hope to 'offer as many attractions as dM our Madison friends last fall, 8tili;wejIntend f) put onr right foot forward (not suddenly and angrily.) ana to e«end « hospitable welcome to all faroring the convention with their presence. Come one and all. I trust and believe that yon believe that yon have Ihe same. But you and I agree in be- liwving yanr outward commission to com. from th. people! or if you are Presbyterian from minister! of your authority. ', Now, I do solemnly, and Inlly and earnestly and before God, to whom I mast one tlav answer, hold that so-called commiswion to b« nt- »erly warAless. All Christendom op to Lu tber, and about ntofteen twentieths sijlce b,o»d the same. This foor, unbelieving tme^ twentieth is also minced into «nv huadred mow or leis, contradicting atoms. • ' Tberetow, those who think that ibey re. «eive sacraments (except baptism, which a layman »r nurse may administer, in neceasit*) or ordination to the ministry frets yon or roar Genevan co-laborers, diffaj- from Lntber Cal vin, Melancthon, <as I wni pwve if required I and a host of Kefonneni, and are either wro«a ly taught, or ontMight, or igeorant, « r dt" ceived, or onwllbngly or willingl/ blinded'JovuigBeecher, is not my voice but the voice df ALL OHHISTBSDOH. nnanlmons on the JSpisocpacy for morv- tlran rtpTctN OKSTORrtSj and it is also the voice of about nineteen out of twenty, (more or; leis,} of all Christians in all the world sow. No CnuRcn WITHOUT A BISHOP NBHA EOOL»8rA BID! EPISOOPO. This ig, flo MT8 ft substance, the indifferent, and therefore heVe 4n impartial; Gibbon, a first daw, andfaUbfal and trntnf*lhuiorion, fif infidtl tarn ) tht vn mersttLwHce of Christianity in all age*. Mosey, reputation, disciBlse,; follower* _a(calnst Ephralm ! Jor.uJ ' Ida J&ne LewUi of f e last wul and ment of Alltsoq L?wfo, dc.-eutd. Martha Lewis, Parah Lew's, Mary Lewis, Martha B. fcc«l», Mlzabeth Loaiei L«iris. William J LtwK. Tbe tHofce Ba- k, Ulram Parnlm wad • J.hoJ Urtan. I wuaii, > I I I I I uu* - for Bell (CAIU nil I Stal- of WI. C g,.| D , t« ail |h e Jefeodantl above na««l » ' MU are hert-l.y .-u um^ned M d re.)«lred to »«i*«r • U,e oompl.iri ,„ 1,1, »n,oa, .»hlali was fll*] in Hi. Circuit €oort, Caany «f fcf «, Usy A . „__ fa, ^ ,„ .or to Ole .aid compUmt <* pursuant to >nrt, In the above eatldeif acUoi IS88, I sbaU ei[>OM for sale and <ell al Puhlic A lion, al tie Ooart House, in the City ui tliiwauir? <«lsir<tni-, ibo Oth tl«r •! Jult, Ihe hoar of Jr. »., of that Jay, the follmrui/j mortgrnged premises or so much thereof as m»j l>e Bufflweul to raise the amount of said judiment, inter- rst and coju, together wills expenses of ssJe, to wit "All t^tml certain trsct, piece or i*arc«J .if Land koow-n and-described as follows, to vEt • City lol No. two (S), In block >,i HflT-OK I54t WaJker. l«olnt, Flftfl Vtrd, Otj of miw»ukr»' County of Milwaukee, Stale al Wisconsin" ' Milwawkee, April 4, U59. HCRItAN L HAOt, S I lh- ,-stahilshed I runiunp through bl May ide, the jnfhr i 11-' in Ui* . ^arii of Councilors, Oct. -::>, K,H, .-,,n.- .nr.l i.f Alderman, Nnr. 1, I^t.n ms.jl.l-du K. L'H SARU1HSR. Co U,e oompl.iri ,„ 1,1 ffice ofth- Cl rV .,f »a«ee, « th* Km J a copy VI your 1 ^ «'" f ' ' lng «w«kte, .it,ln nlnetj ,l. y , a Her «,e service of thl> •nm-aoo. on »«„, ,. Ic i ua , Vl . of t(ke d ,. Of rich .erriB.; and If yflu f.U | 0 «,,wef the »ld com- nl«lDl with* lue Ume »foreaaM, n,, ..dunni! in toll a«lton will apply to U,e ..,,ur, ]„ n.,',^", ,er.«Se1 In the complaint. tXtedMcy I2.1S6V Plaintiff 'l n all Charity—all beauties—aU ' PBOMISBS WELT,.—The State printing amonntB to $12,750 00 a month. Pump and : his friends .are making a good thing of it, and* we are JJOt sorry. If Wisconsin Is aot old ouontjh, or hag not yet "been bled often enough to objeet jtfljbewg eklnned, let eule bidders take what little cuticle she has left. Shanghais say the democrats stole all there was in tbe8tat**afe, but ihe republicans have tak«;n eafeand contents! let tbe- pleasure seeking oommUnUjr who delight to trip the light fan- tastialoe.^ottpensaU; the violinlit. time aitoe w« annawnc- e4 that 3 W. Carey, Egq,, of Eaeifae, and Wallace Pratt, ESQ. , of this city, tad formed a law co-partoeraiip, and that Mr.Carey had taken up hla residence here Owing io pressing buslnest engagements, Mr.Ganyr lias been unable to take op hia,residence here till now.— Hereafter he willbe Yonnd tn the pleasant of-, flee of tha firm, Young^s Block, comer Maia' and "Wlseonsiu jflreets. For several weeks, Mr. PrattliMitttd both hands and head^ao fuH of law and liwaaiU, thai he has hardly been able to Itaep from mclaiming,when night that he felt* little too tired to feel well, >doirt* t»_jij, well .pleawirdj^ we. genenliyj at > this aocewioB to tke yon > *bfCl»ri8t until EtJuu EnHghteng ,- yoa and I J«MZ be »elf. or'Mistaken,) hot altoS/the out. ward coihmff rfon from iome B ibop holdlnjr the ApoMolicofflee, like Bishop Poiter.who would Jb* yonr^Biahop,and infact« yonr Bishop new. Ihe ovtwtff oonanaission, to«, makes me • kyaf, 2atcf^l t triu adminitlratorto the people, evea tf I were » Jadat! for Judaa was a raise thief, a»d «traitor, And the blackest gin? er // >n , t '" e ** s<iB » <*f-tfce Christ appointed first tvtlt* mptttlff Hla heart was» devil's, «ots in the ministry were wlf d ttt £ a £&! dear.»oe»t. troth^eeking, •, to Bishop Potter, Mllwa«t»e County. Bimoo John.on, »f«lnat ffayilcQ M ~ AMtert Ucl Jamei W. Cannon, add Laura Ctwnon, 61s j wife. i Tbe Sl«te of Wl conaln, lo IM aboic named dwfend.nt. and each of tbetn : . 47 OU ar% hereby suonuonti and required »o answer SL tbe complaint In this action, of which » copy is herewith a.erred nponjoa. at,d to ser»e a copy of y^ur answer to the Hid complaint on the lubtcnb r at his office In the Oltf of Milwaukee, within ninety dajs a'ter tlieierrlce htreof, excluilre of th^ day of inch Mrrtce- and If yon fail to answer th»s .14 complaint within the line aforenld, tbe plaintiff will apply to the Oonrt fo» tile relief demanded In tbe complaint. —"— 1 WltueM Uie Hon. Arthur McArlhur, Judge IMitV of the Circuit Goart for utt County ot • —*~ I Milwaukee, at Mllwantee,thla 13ch day or May, 16S». -' /. tilMJB, PlaintilTa Attorney. . JrV abort mentioned eoBplaint wu nl«<J May !6, ItCB.I.Uieomueor-the Cterk or iftld Cjurt, it Hi\- •anfce.-WUcotnla. '! '. DateiJ May ]§, I86J. ! -maylS-law^ jj UDITI, HaintWX Attorney. f\'St Att'yi. ClaODIT COC8T. i Milwaukee Couniy j Stiaa B. Atrlance' an I •trpht-n B. Strung, , Sk'ff Mil. Co., Wi t 9ufna •Viw- | I —Fi.r Belief. (t'.>a|not s«r CIWOTTOOOBf.i J ualhsin Magic, AliaUrk J.Migie, Jao-a A. 8v%ln, (rr«nee9 K. 8vain, Tlx f*Uf Bank coruln, Joseph 11 Ogden, filer V. Lane, WlUi»«i u. G.lld anj /oha Ofrden. Bl»te of WIlcoBsIn, lo Itie atxive name4 uefen^ants Y OD are hereby summoned and requir*! lo answer the •oraplftuat m this action, which was Hied In the oflce ofUieCterk of tlie Circuit Court/County of Milwaukee, al Milwaukee, on Ihe J'Jth tifj of April, !St», ind 10 wrre a copy of your anawer to tho jaud" complaint am the subscriber, si his offlce, in the citj oi Hllwsuk.e, wtthln ninety days after the service of thia aununons on yon, eictugiwe of ihe day of .acli «tr?ice; and tf you fall to answer Ihe said complaint within Ihe time aTnresaid, the pUlntiffn lo ih.ii action wttl apply to the Co«rt lar th. relief deminde.1 In the caroplaim. vyitneM the Bon. AttlHUR Mc4RTHU8. Jodge of the Circuit Court for Slid Oojnty of Ujlvauket: at Mllwaukrr, thi 14th day ,.f Aprl , 1S59. K. MARINER, aprtO-Uwtw PU'atllTV Attorney S8I4) CORONCH'a ai AI . R . [,^7w. 8TA.TC Of WISCONSIN, | "«•»*• Circuit Court,-Ullwanke* County, f UaUlda Poote, against -HarmaBL. Page, Oeorge 8. Mallory, o, r rett M rt W". Koe. ' *' ; ° m *" *' . --- of Vareclo>ure and Sale- IVl^allttTr 0 "' * * *•<**>«* re-der«« on I afalntl Ephralm MM- Mr and Job f. Ida Jab* Lt.1.. wWutdx of • ment of Alllioo LnrM.dcceaicd.ltarthailcwltvEar,Mar« tents, tluiba U. lewli, ElUabetbtml Uiwlt, Wm. J. Uwlal BavW t. UaU, Jabe, Hr »«ftL Jnhu» Htfiiaway, Jam-. B. Jo),n*ua!, AdajiN .rriel CharieaH. 8crirmaa,ilu.i) U. KMx.OordoB Norn*. , Bobertfi.B«U, ByroaW..Clarke, Ohar]e*0 Utu*? - 1 — the anoTe omw e ilbaUe|rpoieri)r»aleand tell at pobllo auctlwi. aitoe flo«rt Honwlnthe «ity of Mijiraakee, on Hmlmr- *»<•» «««e »»»li «« T of Juno, 1$», at the hear of » ». ..iafllut day, the follow'ln* dejorlked mortgaged ftt^itet, or 10 moeh thereoT u may be .(atceMmrj U raue the awownt da* to tbe .aid plalntiir j Vtf^ther Irlth Interest and •x.enaea v f 4al^, t« vjt * * i • of the «outh we»t quarter lia -,- -^ .— ^^D.^atld fce-"^** 1 "-wmi»s gr.te.%1, $*##$£& *>.'*-,i?J ^3 " X J^t^SftSQ**?* 5 *'?•* B.nkof «MrW;Gren.,.f A ., florae* Q. Bonn, Ja»>« g. eoo4rtch, ley,- WUllam Orwcnalfie, l*Tl J Merrlofc, .Merrlck;, fte HarJoe Bank, Mvy . - Jr y Anthony O. Tan Bchalek, JOaDasf, KOMI iin- nott, Wininoi ealway, Jamei Btfly^ Thd rafntcn' A stlllers 1 Bank, Henry L. lUlmwr, Augiutoi GrenHch and Hermwoa 8ch»ai U«?, twilanee* of Tna Tyler, W. will anil ^auaMtot^i .. fi the dWendanui abo "I/OC are ! l»wbj •ointiioned rod "reqaifed: to aniwer JL UutfcoBlflalnl to Sli action ^Wdh-wa»TnTS. in (be *«»«5if tHCtertppf th« drmit O^ort ftrlwT . a copy of yotw answer to;tl»i ooU,e. Q h. : tte i ^ puuuur to ihu a«tkm >T(n [II, oorth of _i ----T—, -_.._. e»«t, In th« t-irmt Ward, •of tkeCUy Of Milwaukee, IntheCoa.fy of Mil' . waike« andistaic of Wboonsdn." »•*•* Cor«tt«r'*Oac», Milwaukee,, Mfia. ' fatso » OBI, li ROBERT WASOH, J,., Corone* inn. Co., W|», C.'ntri*,-! Department. Ma.- IS ^ KtLKD pr,,|«,«»ls will t^ recwr-,| al lh i . I.I Saturday, Mly ilsl, »i In , < for :he .-Itr with .twu Scales f.-r v-mhn,* Hi,, tne >pe DOW in use Hi the Sc/entri Wni.l •na.>ll-dtt I. L'H. litaOI.NKH. C-.n, CirT U.i»r-».,i. ««'< C Conlrart Depitrtment, May J-*. ] .J l*'AL£l> proimaals will he r«fcelv?.l «i thi-< O WV.Inea.lay. May !•», Ii5y, ^T ,,, , B . Ihe MtaWUhr.l uride, ihe unrliit>he<l p .rn..r .trevl aud sidewalks in the Kourtli rt'^r.l the sidewalks an.l pare [he gutters n t, , .r r.tlmatea o | the City Kn,inter. ,jn ol* in ih,' ler s Office, laid work having h^rii ur-l.-re.! !iv nfC'iitncllor., June li, Isfflli, .,,J ci.ncurr^, board of Alderman, June U lS5i maylS-du K . L'H. BARDINKS, L,..,i t'lTT C.' IH-, II t.'"Otr»* i Depanmi-ni >I ty i I 1 O KALKD pr,,po»»ls will be received ,11 ihn ,'k , e ' ln " lla '- May 11., ,it 1! , u . • the rnllowinz unfinished work ,m ttuth -.t.. Ward, between Sycamure an.l -ir 8 reets and sidewalks to h. fr n ie.l n> ih.- , trrad*, street irr*v?jled ^i.ltfvali paved, auto b«don • 10 'ac,-,ir,u. t'.e • o^lnerr, on Ule in this ntli.-*., i-,,.! v r« 'i in< brer, ordered hy the B'tard .)f C->.in,-:l,.r^ j .; , 185S, and con.-urre.l In by the B >*r,l ,f \!,1^ . UM i [ 26, \~&*. mayl.'I-dtt K L'H. O ARIH.N KR. C..i, |.i , ,i .. CITT C.KPTHPLI KB'^ iifr-, n, Contract Department, May 13. K.y. 8 KALED proposals will b- r-.-elved 41 tlm .ill. e . Thursday, May 19 ISM, lt o ». w , I r .|.,in k . frrll.iwlnif unuoidheil work i.n Sixtlu *i 4ih w lr ,i • ."prlng to Well, st , »u : The .trerl «i,,l ,.!,.»'i lo be irradad to the talab lahed irrade. ude,. .iiln .-„ ed and planted and guiters pmn-,1, afcurdmir t., ih.- tlifla e of th« City Snglneer. on 81- In this .!, u ce, , work h*rlp(f been orderetl by the BodrU -if i.'.mucil' Ailjj. 18, |S58, and concurred In by the B ,«rd .f derraan, Au-;. •!, ISAd. ro»yl3-dtt E. L'H. QAIBDINItR, C-miptrolUr CHARLES CO \1|*< T MUM- 1111 -: v\ rt.-.. .'•« * - U f • t ' ttr • i...' i- f U A K 1 I / OV"" TK K.\ I \ %t.i | « - .\ ,-^ \i. %*. -*'& t > |» •> a-: *. i <-r , ClTT COMFTROLI-KII'S Offlcl Contract Department, ^lil.. Hay 11, ISA". ED proposal, will be received at thi.i .m O ell TufS-tsy. iTUl day of M»y, iu II i. « , for UiJ the unflnlahed portions of 2nd st , aad \i-le-i fram Cherry >t , to Nortli line of Shertnan'i ad.lit e»h Ward, to the established grade; also urav^i . street, curb an I plank sldewjlta, »o,i conrtruit jtoiie »utt«r«; nld work haTIni been ordered by the Bo»rd of Aldermen, July 28lh, l»5d, concurred ,„ by t ^ Baanl of CnuncUurs, Aaj. 2d, 1S6S. oiljrll <IU E. L'H. OABBl^KR.C..niptr..ll^r LATEST STYLES NU»:kl.-.V>S MALJE. • (IMW. t^T>'OF WISCOSHII.! -OrcnJl Ootnt, Whrankce Oonnly .• f f' JUonio Poiatxf ' ' • • 'agalnit . ) Taylor, IchaboJ BmitB, Tfce farnitra' .nd 'BaBk^aaeorfeW.I'ecthna. r»recloiure,| |; .: ' I N Tlrlueof aid punqant to a jaJpneat' . & : 3E t P$r* an entl * d «« tobtrJ,-t8S8,l«Sall«poietor.aJe AMtlon, al th. Fo»t.0fflce,ta ,h« 0 •tnrdaj, (he .«* dav of jcily, ia6». it Uke ; lioarof i* H , of t»iat day, . CITT Co«irrii.n.La '-i OKI,:. . l.'oi. tract Drparlnenl, Milwaukee, M»y 13, I«K f S BALED propoul. will be ,i <u i n^ine-r, , oorig»Kc<l pr«SH»w«r to tnach thereof aj mar ie ne- and «MU,tor»lh«r «lth th*-«ip«BJ«« of taJ*. lo »l t : f la\ number «< a [21, to Mock numbwed elgtiti* : MTeaf STkltfth* rowth Ward of tin City of l'MUwa»kwV.'j4l*« OKtatr of MlltrakkK aad ' ^ iu«<> n>a^i>.'< .-. . •. -- : :- .-• ..^^ received at HI ' M '' 1Sth ' ' '• »' f « •'" porton-iof work on Well. siert In the riartb Watdj from nnh ,tr e «t t. Eleventh .tree,, Tl«: the »lde»al*. to b« curbed »nd pUuked t«r«paT«l, according to the eatlmate of O ty o« nie In thU nlBce; said wort: h»Tln,r been ordered oy the Board ofCouoclIon, July iKd 1958, and oonourr4 In bj tbe Board of Alderman, July SMO>,18Ss mayl3-dtt E. L'H. GA8DINKB, Co'nptr.iller ClTT COHPTBOU.ta'3 OrrlCB, ( Contract Dapartment, ACL, Si.y u^l^U. t S EALED proposal^ will b« received at this oiBce un til Tuetday.May II, 1359 it 10 A n. for grading tbe nnflashed portions of Sherman street. In the tOith Ward, from Third street to Eaat Ine ol Slie.raan'f >a- dltlbn to the eitablhhe I grade ; lalil urork havlnn been ord ted by the Board of Councilor], June 21, 1854, and concurred 1» »y the Board of A'denuea June -i, liOj. - m»y!l-d*t • ». L'H. CABDIiER, Oinulriller. BUTTON'S! HOUSES TO ' RKNT. W K have KYtra) Brick' and tVarae Houses to rent an «<iy re»sonabl» term*. We haie alao for late avaatqaantltj of rt»1 titate, co ai«tingof House), Lot*, impriircd] and oalsnpriiTcd rurmii School Lands An. W* tare M aeree n«ar tba City, with Uopje, Barn - . amlae- i<w<(uck «o4 price*. PAPER ,b. 3>l:i4-kn),tri- A. ai-(,).\ ,,n.\.imun i .-n < «., 1-tAKKlSON. HA.N Kt >Ki> i- <.' of I'UIO. i street,.»[» CCY4BOGA FALLS, H A,VRopunr.I jt.1|Albwiy Blo.-k. Mich polite Ntwh-ill lf"U9r, l lur-,.- ito. It fi"i>*. Nine*. (\*ttr, ''.J/../-W/ :i,ut Sniteli./ifi />,;n«rv Al*n, f*Jt/tr t'lifMra, Kbit Can*, Folio (>a,t. Utter „*.! y,,f a />, lp >r., Whioh Will tw ml.l Tery low. Constant additions wll be ra*.!'- u thj- st.rck tu iue,:i u ls wmtn of mo trade. Printer? U.I others aro iBTitBi to call «nit »l- aprlo

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