Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 8, 1930 · Page 1
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1930
Page 1
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THE WEATHER Fair DECATUR HERALD nr r*mi A*k NoQutetlon* ,...Pt«* * Editorial ,, ......... Pifol Woman's Newt ... P*CM »-» Cornice K«Wi ,.,,,,, 10 51ST YEAR MP«g« . IllinoU. W E D N E S D A Y E V E N I N G October 8, 1930. THREE CENTS Play ATHLETICS TAKE WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHIP I J l*t I M 4 A l l f t h l t J t h e htaek nhirlet the familiar hlnek ^P ai hf Hollies forth one of ttipio jaunt*. , (lie nicmicT Lake* nro any vimtorf on I I V t II III A ^ M f t U K l e n d "Kfoundcd" tcm- ntiinfr their imMtirTK- Crost lo make » para, lanc o i t r the airport, tor |ov cr rtivi 1 , ihenred re 11 ii'fn htic 11 Kc!l«y, ft), in oonncctitin with itnntrntion of Colorado said that Kclloy ,1 i I i III A M I !('" , i i r l j df 160 \ f t r n n « ol their former w«» ti«« *citon of tho ndniirnltj. ·c seen here at Victoria* \tlantk I'hotofl, l« c - BRAZIL UNIFIES ATTACK ON REBELS IH SCATTERED AREAS, gy CELEBRATION ' OF LEGION NIGHT Negroes Battle BOSTON WRECKED Col Randolph Blames Prohibition "I 1 " 1 ' ST, ."" Air Forces Called Into Service Against Revolt CAPITAL REMAINS QUIET In Work Camp RIO Dl" J A N K I R O , O t ft-( t l 40 A M ) - T h e Rovem Blent «ped ili milihm' mmp«lgti titifrifir\ (OTCP* in smith r r n t r n l inrl of R r d / i l W n r i n y anl Mr rlhr i (i i n ii t \ i N r w OF^] J ^';A^'^ u CM s t i t w ontUniod t t - p o i l i (if i t i t " [Inline at 1'enil Hlici LR holnlril hnmln hO nitlci iioilh ot NI« Oilenns wcic w u i k Jobs on H I he i» puns iiud unt i int-n hnd (lii'ihptl n l l h iinn ttliu Inul l u i n ^h (tintttn 'Htm %nn{ f n \ nil o f f k t T H »i i t littti mill 'I win n tlit cum* 1 j,tni n I t'.lfntit l l t c i * lo ( diidi tu tilt tin in [ »i«ful Ml hi lo (d iftiti L t p O P t of n tt'il ·i iftlfid irHt*4J f l n f t * R r i U i f l t i i i N i r i i ^ e r c l«nl fn txinitmrd f h e u n j ' l n l i l l l c " at Htfi firflhilr ill) 'Mil rtflvernnifni 10111 e" dlr) trt ( » n flirTi |0fi(ll I* f I nl' t n i l I I'll kl i 111 I ll( northern * i » l e nf 1'ri j u i r u l n i i n l u l ri( irt II VL** n n d ' i u HIM) t h i s i n l d linil tutn «n i endei eil lo l i m u K i n l * t o v einni f i l i « l f ( c l i t i h i f t w i* nellned ^^^ttn^^ Police Hunt Bigamous Hus- rnv»l«inli In Hie n r n e r n o i n o f f t i c Untile fur I enter Boniires Blaze Througltoat Downtown District; Fights Frequent TRAFFIC STANDS STILL I lliv L'mtiii FIIVI t ROS1Or (Jel H Ri»v(.ltv attend i Ing llip A n i c t u n n [xskjn convention icdchcd Ita tiiRhc.l pinh Tu nl(,rit end catly VVi'dncidtt) 1 ot incnynialios l a n wild ESTABLISH IDENTITY OF WOMAN FOUND SLAIN And Indifference For Gang Rule NEW YORK Oct 6--The nation's crime wave is due to a national will- ngncia to pay tribute to "rotabei barons' tot liquor and to [ninrhaat special piivlteges, Col Robert X Randolph head ot the Chlcnjco lion of Com me i re declared Wednesdai Sneaking- at a New Yoik board of Trade luncheon the man Mrho in leading Ot« civilian anti-clime drive In Chicago declared New York Is the 'poll nf entry ft» much of (he ninse in the countiy and Chloafjo IB per- hsrn the largest dlslrlbutlng center' Piohlblllon and raiketeeilnit, h« held lay at the loot of tlie crime wave As lo piohlhltlon ' he said 'I think 0111 difficult lei i«Hult because we have mad* a felony out of whAt gaid »s an Innocent thing which result* in (he felony being compounded by the minium of us It ha* been conservatively eattmated that tti« grosa aalet of fl legal liquor In Chicago amount to |!l 000,000 a w*ek and New York'* weekly bill 1) probably much greater than that he great volume of this liter*) snd the enormou* ptoflUi JUDGES IN DRIVE AGAINST GUNMEN SWANSON DEFIES Macks Pound Out 7-1 thai It produce* have resulted In the building up ot a nation-wide organl* ration (hat op*!sloe by bribery, cot- lupllon and force' Randolph suggested, however, that the wotm I* beginning to turn" In ptoteul againHl present conditions He attacked ci ooltixl buslneM agent* of union* and dishonest or. ganlxatlona of employers or contract. ors Chicago lead em hail united to[ Victory As Earnshaw Holds Cards In Check Attorney Declares "" "-- " Will Be !A* Righthander Gives St Louu Five StilVs rose* , Pushed JOINS "HOWLING MOB" A(r«r r»- many if not » tnajorllv of pdopl* r«- clean hoiwe, h* »alJ lh» (ii nm Imjioiumt nlori, lin* r,nil)i ^ivciri (·(id"! rind hm n ixipitlullun fr nhnul 2^11(11) Ollict um onfiii mi ii ffpnitti finm i h f S d i l l i "Hid futin p«iiM' imiujili] of I hi- o p r t H l t l o n frfillticiil txiil, i fonu (Vi"«flii Ii irt titfn K n r h ' ' i ! tn n rnfih inirl rtiai III ttn f, M f l M t v \f* pi cililcnl nf Mt^ it»i' nf I'«i*hvlin iiitlolnlnit f'ti- jinn h r ( h td I" ft) lillli it In thi ( i n l r n l n Ion V o v i I nn"nt lump 11 'Ai-r tiiilil fifrii liilh l liBM 1 mnilc iiifiM oio^ti"" tn, i In «t 'III 1 II! tin dii IPI i l f t t c t ' l » l » 1 h' u l l i i *tlon M I C H v '" (mil It r ind i i f n i l i linnn M 1 n f t ' i n i l it Kt h\ i i imi« iind band On Mutdcr Charge I I that of K t,ov ^n^' ' 'if M ^ I ^ °f ^ ·Jim I'milii I in ii I (n Mui I'd II In i d f ' p ' i it I'l I 111 if l l u fcdilit nn(! «crinil lnti,^ii tl\\ In F'lfl il lojnl f n i i ' « l u l l [)lwt',*i( I tin i t i i i i i i n i i to I ' l f ilid P i f i i o * ('i 'il lfnl . b i t ' ' Hii' n t i l l n M ii I ml T i l l . ' inill III II l( H I til- M Mil ifi'lll t r|»i I l l f l ! It I V U ! K ( U l l ' l t l ^ Mi i :ti r (i/ ni I II'IIIP I i in f "-li'i f f 11 1 'h i inli Ii «l i (Hi i I* \\i il t dii nnd a. '(1 i n tin lttiti)i(li'ic I m iniii mi i r (i «\ I n f i nun nil )»if ft tt ini | !M uMI 'in fifH'Inl ti i i ( t t i f* i -i in il (i ( " i ^ v t ni Jiu f i r i*u in ^1 i^l 1 1 pn I n n i Ii i h I r t win i r« 1 1 · it t t i l l i ni n 1 in IP I h nli i'l I iod itip MI\ in i mil tn r n fi( H ' (tiH ihoitu, Ii llni' »1rnk« nf y i nilui + t n h A * Ii in i 1 1( ' ^iiL it Und (Idli v t i i t nil hi ml t'linlllill Oi t 8 t m Inted n »miv i mud in 11 l "· i'n H tn in in N n c l r u t i i VV'lartinsIn imv thul M i * om I ell I h c k M t tKltiUiilt V\ cUrit idiu In p f l t u I H lo fli^Kt the m\ ""(M j nf rtt t tit (M h hli! led tlim^ w i i ' , l l u i l M i s Hack M l n t o r r t i l v » \ u n ^ old * liU«»(i wlOov. «« duptd Intn n l l i l r d nitir M i lit i i i n n , e ft h. Pciiy « lilfr uinlil mid M i n i il» ^ El1 hilled hy l j i 1 1 S w l i i l t ll\f\ w d e on theli lion K niul rie\rluin1 uld [ii n t l f k u t i o n vi it ( ilablliliMl t \f itv\ u u l t t ii I it^dn ni^ F ln bv l*i I Avt j i d M ilonLjn I U i cilh(jktci l nnd Hi ( ( f i p t i t dent] il A f l t i f w i i m l n j ; (lit hi id M n l In MlhMHil 't t i i i n i Mil u o i T l i e i i i Tnilliiri I I -iet i iiiitii w i n H llii l (oitipfitcd I ( Is \\ l* tr* ititl Fn ^tilosl n It Ii nn t n u i M c l i h i l I lie- M o n i m tinil tn en i h t u l'( I i i p e i l l l u i t i r i t d tin- sUiill it-, ( l i n t of M i i Mm In ( I tn fMimfn through Builon'i at i eels in un nn- ichrduled dunonftt iljon which ri Milled that ot Annl^tic« d i Parked (iiilomoWli" wen. tlpp*( ovoi h o n t i K H tiln/cd (Inoucliout the downtown diittlit inutor m i s were ik'hik'id with impel Iragmenti which Illttiied Ihi atiettn after Wednea- d!iy s l.pplon pmaUo nnd muny (nl(* llic Hlain^ w n e sounded 1'iilttt Suukctl ! Jijoin tht njipef tvitidowi of T l o l f ) SWtler Legion Imutqutkilcis Hforet nt [mils uf mkr vfie dumped onln » tf n»\i a PIHH motorists n n i l pedo^lrIfttiH fni below [ MAZON, Oct 8- Foui bandits rob- ru]ke,\iho gulbi'ud beneath the,bed the nnriora) Bnnlf ol Mazon of windows to imistlKBii 1 nlio were juooo Wedncsdivv after holding! night Gardle Clapp, ROBBERS BIND BANKER'S FAMILY AND^LOOT SAFE Yeggs Get $13,000 Alter Tcnrorizing President and Three « (Will 0(1 Aitthoiliios wlit 1ui!!idi»/ thai Ija- ^Uvnnalr LS w r t lO^pon^ihle UH tuily a siimll [wit ot llu hoiscpluv dei luilnit that n Iny In tht win. t t o (niu« to bf World wai vel all night Gardle of the bunk and hid f»m- The banJHs walked Into the Clapp ( those pa M In put-1 bo me Tueidav nlnht while Mm Clapp in|ii(impUi i-tkbraUon was alone Hours later when Clapp appealed h* found tih wife IT years oM IOD and Wi» Mlldied Stroull a noighbor under _ jtunrd He wts placed with them'for th« rent of the night v Two of the baridlla took Clapp to hi* bank at dawn and fenced him to turn off the trtuglar alwm. fill Iwo tultceiscs with currency and cany the ttaft from the bank He wa Inhen back to hiii honio and the jit 1 1 i i fii nf fllUnc-- t w o j ni t I" ''"I 1 I' 1 ' 1 ln hfl ROBBER SHOT DOWN AS HE ROBS STORE i i-niiiini **no P i ( ( nrl ie ii II plicn f mi ill «(n' (Mi-t il (1 i i r n t (nun Kiilpnnni" of |min" (n m An t tiMnti l i e ),OMniiiini (i c "t'ilil!«!inl tntiin iiiiii.iildin V\i it in Hil:i\ wltli I uti" (I I (it i tidiril m e t ilit(iJ Ifinl lli\ In Muni" (u mi t Ilic fuli'nrl i-liiilltil vrni tnlm \\M,,,,,l,,; ,«,IM .0 of HU'AriO O f t ' Ijd mill Smllli i olMlritiniit ^TIK nlifil And Utlli d dneirtiu In ad ( i l l i i n p t lo i n b thi h e i r e m n p n i l o i o f H t n i v l»iinKnii A i n i d l n t - ' 'o I (infiin ''miMi fnr red a window In ( I n l e w i nf tliti -tloie Hiut t n l f i e d I t i i -.oiiii 1 of brenkln^, I|HS« itwtikeiiid t h | i t n | i i t i i n r imrt \\" l n l l d w i i l llu \ u i i l l i to trie f i o n t imtwordlv of tllt * (()ie , ,, .nt or, IN ^ ^^'."^TM-'- tttilih Jnu hltn t l n o i i R l i th* rndnc". diuw- l.nnpfin ihot neitrl klllinR him who iiiade four ui- amon^ bootlcggfiii opcnlv dl»- IhLn WIUCH to the milling t h r o n g w i l t at one time thienlened bv a i n M e H H dowd ond hud lo call on puhct, ftiT tLsslstuhci* Hia htnlki hotel WHS foic*d lo lot 1( 111 doois i veil to ^iie^H lol M, ttmt, Iri-iWi intiiy limiting fBlon- uiiil elp\nlois Outside .Ii il trt disperse rowdi o A f t c i Hevtnit minor [l*i tin \KI\\I e m«il* B eoi d i l v c to dun tht plu/a In f r o n t of Lh L hold H^tt if tin hoiii hffiio ^ei, sent on tlitlr ' l i a f t k ut JSpenk* fl s y doors "woi e upcn IIH Ihosa uf o'd lltne ^nlonons nod onf umblLlout pu!veoi of heei nci up n Ut)l In Hn alley enliunce 11 ifti In d o w n t o w n Button wdi ril a 'it'ind-.hlt until lonp paat m kill i^ht Airnfut 1 ! of paper the t e* rmilrii uf I he impn wlilh floated (town llic day IUHK puinde Ifusfil In uiouiritl'v l:n PB H i triilitmiil-i ulung Boston Com- nujri v,ei« |!tintticd u n t i l e«rly mom- lug W i i n nirii v,inicn nnd watehlnp the hdnrfty snd ie^pite f i ( i n i the In the Ht«et'i U. S. FARM LANDS BEING NEGLECTED, LOWDEN DECLARES (rtv fjjittut I'utt MADISON Wli, Oct S deteiioiiulon of Dill oountiv's farm lands la being Ignored loday rietit- Ingr a thient to standaids of living Frank O Lowden pimlii*nt of the American Country JAft Association warned In opening Its annual confer one* tn progies* hne The forrnei goveinoi of Illinois FuiKK«*t»ct stale tei r atii halo fin ant) federal bounties lo Induce landown- en lo rotate crops untf build up the ·dicnijth of Ih* noil He alao BlieHS- ed the need of a sol) xtitvtv at (he entire country to give "a rompleleil picture of the as IciiHiirfll tesnriroeii ot the nation ' Ifntll It Is secured be said "every step w* takt will b* taken Itt the dark ' DivW t c Veep vag- of the crlmlntl (BV r/nfred Prttf Oct f -- ney John A S win fin nawed (he war on Chicago Wednesday, derylng the Judge Joseph 8 ranoy ta*e* out courts Swan*on »ld be was not dlnrotir- ·ged by tb« temporary setback Buffered bv the crime drive when Judge David refutted to try the vegiancy case* of Dnminlck Bianeato 24 end Domlnlck B*llo In criminal court, and Judge Harry M Fisher reduced one-halt the (SO 000 bond* of Jwi- e]ih Condi Indicted hoodlum (irMid Jury Probe $wannon announced hltmclf read) "with pride' to assume kadawihlp o f i the "howling mob' an the law en-jg^ faiisment HI ana wan leimed bv the Scattered Hits For Win In Second Straight Game; Dyke* and Simmons Clout Homers 1 2 3 4 CARDS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 M A C K S 2 0 1 2 1 1 0 0 * «. H. E. 1 5 1 7 7 0 Jolinten, UndMy, feN wtd WUient EMI*. MM! CoekraiM, BOX SCORE All R H FO A E tt . 4 bandit* Heated binding and Ihfl) th«m tapllves In a with clothes- mouths with foi a qutuler Hie holite;airf wiy with bluek ita vildc nelvsw Clapp fiend them- notitled polke of children a moh» fir linl 111 fvr n in (ff^lif mvl ·erlcti n f t r i thpni«»lvn ((innHpifrt fni 4Sth Victim of R-101 Explosion Dies of Burns Ihm d n l c Legion Convention Resumes Business Rebel* Claim Planet Nav« Joined Force* Hi, I l i I lirli Rflhfl Kfiiui PI ulung Ui" f r o n r l e i rlnlnifd Wedm rdru (tint Jfl gfi\ftn R'lln Hftji/nnl) In Minim Oei«e* *tnte had |(dinil ih» u\nHitlitl l n » v i i ,t l "i Kl Ai V A I 4 R i i m r e Oet ml ( r u i n h i It-Hi i on Mv Ii Iftt died WcilflcHilm of lilt J u r U t w h i l e hli r e t w l l i e n wete torn j da\ ins I"""' 0 fiij.t""fl '" M " I" 1 '!" 1 ''* tllv di^nth IM ni^ F ht th(* t t i t n l li\ tnt iihen the Tl-im cinilipd on em l i r r e enrl\ Sund d )fl Onh 'tlx i i u v K 71OSTON huncd L*R- S Snm i f i l r n i ' Ijtiitne'.H nf Iheiir 12lh »innuat iintli-i (]infinl ihp ihtlct d/ Ut\ it tinit In nnd Alft u tn i)n in H pii| if i In HID (ti Stint Ann Cio T l s i a - l nounci merit b on the fuinlln xtd'l (lie n p\ n e t l n t t i n l t n t T B tl V I I it I IF11 t SPRINGKE1.P O'l s Pike mid '.colt ( o u n t l M are ( l e e fioiii bo^lne r i t n t l f i 1 tuhen au(ji()lnK lo lm Bh " D W Tlobln-'on of anlmid t m J u i t i t Mutni *!pn»K|rin 10 rr*i(n« (lt j n v f i i i i n c n l (io*i df p « r t \ nf pr Hidh 4 "m ml t 1 nnth* ri o I in i i ii'if d ih* hi 1 1 ci n'i" ·*twppn lihernl p m t v li*ftilrn nnd ItK liWinm'iii fin him Government Take* Over Communication O t t S - '(hf nl hn* tnlfMi of nil i ( hKt!i(il) iintl ind !«· nol nttnw Inv t IIP^ f r lelem Krn* **i thp dinpf l nl' PI eti dj ip Inv Jnenl tf \tn\f i h p i n '"K to rtitnhi* nd\l t oti "'"rtnnil«\ Uk«l«p HIP ^ o u r n n hi*, ^ In ^'CAOO Od S -Idincnl H I M TM* will he held 1 rldft\ foi Mr i b.m J 1 " DlHon iRathbun n filedl i-.i and a *U(li(ei of John Dixon whri lotind "the town of Dlxon 111 __fri Rithblln viho illed \ c t i t d u v ~ 1 n VeM» old Hhe iv.i' hoi n nl but ha II I IJSOU \ \ K A r i l P . R -- Motl- h fulr lnnlKht nnd tnmorrou rimli-r In «\trenH mill I h to \l p ivi \ t il^i *t(i\ \ P i t i Kill One of the prlncipul IttsniB of tho wnn 11 let linn of next yeai t fon Ion cttj D'tiolt niivuired to luive (he Bien1c.t -niiipoit u l l h T/« An^elrH tyln^ fm the honor Some 12000 T ' t , l i n r u i l i e n ;ntimed fii BoHlon ( i n n i wlicic ri"Klejit Hi KIM i ndil i I'S'te I ( IK in on Muiidny (in n iiislon f f u l i m J h\ ipticrliei tiv PiesltUrit Wlltlum Oreui (if (lie Aiiidl'an ( f l i r t a t i o n of liilior am) fipneruli H e n r i Goiuniul Kiank T Hlm-i unit Ml Willliitn Hikli and W l l l a m * Ttenion A«!de fttmi Ihe InitlniHt legion at tlif rtnim t n j A V f l ciowdcd ptogtftfln l i i i l n d w l biuul and dilll team (on- Icil"! on f j (iti»n conumm o liatlwr t r i p n a \ % l domonilrntlonn to the f u m f d fri?»lp 'Old (ronsirti""' in T J f i i l m hnrboi an nerlal n t t n c k on Die Thnrlps Jivtr ftifiln a flteivoiks (lispUvv M Pisve 1 - field nni! a hls- lode tostunie pugcnut tonight it the ttrenn The election or conini mill Ii ^et lor IhunilnY Knljih ONell Of To- ppk» Kan nnd T Mivnroe Tohnton o( M tron ii r d(ip"ietl to bo the nald Ihe handlU* cm boie an Illinois llcunte II wan believed they had bended I o ward Chic a 6° 10 tnltei north SOUTH BEND BANK CLOSES ITS DOORS «\, Itallril Pirii 1 SOUTH BEND Ind Ol 8-The People M Slats bank of Soulh Bend, a (1200000 Institution ivns doded Wer)ne»d»y bv ordti of 'rhoman D Ban deputy itale banh LOninildMon- er Bui r txpiaintd the claalng wai du* to l*i,k of sufficient tonh roserv* A doicii othei banki have boon ilmcd in Noithcrn IndUnn» InduH I Tin! uea in the last nix nionlhi* Better Care For Mother* Recommended By State (Of fUttrtf y*i44* I SPB1NOFIKLD Ocl S - Kecom- mendatlon (hai more ptihlir health ntirsrh be employed and ot th» Initiation of mo« eitennlve material hy- Klene progrwnfl wa* nmde by the »tst« d»p»rtln«nt of health tn connection with the Immnncf heie today of sWI(»Bcs which ahowod ihmp liiciean* In mnterlnl deaths in Illinois la»t yenr FOOJ rwntly eontliiduil demon atnitlon proeronm(iUB([Hle.d that com - niinllleit may hontie to a larK« *!*· l?i ec between having nin sss 01 oiphu.ns ' laid tha stntemitnt attoni ]tauylnn the sUtlttifH In the Jour (eHtuietl larRfilv by the 7 n m lotl«\ Noon l win i I tivte^t toil i\ I'iri i p l t n i l n t i ,11111 \]*PI Sun -*ct f "1 r * 10 CI J- Ask Labor Declare For Philippine Independence fljf ( ( I t I H 1 BOSTON Oct 8 -- Rpiotulioni fa \otini; Immediate sinntlriR of inile-l pcndence to the Philippine Islnndi iind foi psclusion of nltpinivt f r o m 1 the United Statei w e i e mbmltled to Hie tomention of Ihe American Feilrnitlott of Tabor here Wcdues- The l^o leE^lutlons woie sponaor- ' ed In Dm is Lciinc of Washington i l i t c ('lioiht-n ChlhH ot Callfoinla find N r William-! of Otgeon They laid (lie i^eiolutloni represented ! utdcipteid vpnlfmtMit of labor Inter Oils on the Pa* If re coait ' nipoyrnehl of an atlequMe staff ot public htinlth nursea, the faultily of motlteis ftom matainlU cauws were reduced by one h u l f over a four yuaiH period Deny Railroads Hearing On Contested Grain Rates WASHINQl OH Oil S--Rogues! of wcbtcin railioad preslilenls tor an oppottunlty to confer with the In- utatate Commeice CommU^loix i- gaidins 1 the recently oidei«() redur- Uon m latea on grain and grain pro tlucti and wentem ttunlt line claiw iiites was denied Wednesday by the torn mission Chanrmm Fiank McMnnamy of the commission -wrote President (.harles Donnelly of lh» Noithetn Pacific i airway company In making the commission's denni MINISTER DKOPS DEAD WINCHESTER! Oct" s -- AI i oiige- menti were being mad* Wednesday for the funeral ot Re\ Edw%rd Curry W, Waverly who dioppcd dead here Tuesday at the conclusion of an adttrcei to an assemblage of SooU and Morgan county Baptists Heart diicase Has (fiver) ai the cause of his death Rev Mr Curry retired as pastor several years ago but con llnued active In the pulpit up to his death H« was bom In Elizabeth' town, Ind. pointed out thai the land of any country )* th* b*»ic upon ·which llu civilisation mutt rent and that the resource*) dom thin land ate Ihe limiting faalor* tn a nation's growth HOOVER MAKES LAST SPEECH JN_CAMPAIGN President Returns To Washington After Kings Mountain Address IKy Mmtt WASHINUrON Ott 8-- President Hoover hos spoken Ms lust word In the Republican conurciBiorml cam- pal en. hl« nd-vlsors said Wednesday, »i he concluded hli iwlft trip to Cleveland Boston nnd Die Carolina* Mr Hoover returned tu Wtsntng. ton at T a m After an overnlRTit talltosJ journey from Itlngi Moun- »»rev If H Hottoml«\, Ib 1 Swannon ortleted his asnlstant, Abe Mar owl ti, to appear beforit the grand jurv Weilnnaday In hove both Binn- cftlo and Bello relnilkled on th* ,,,., c-harices of gun toilnn and »tat*lned[r' I '*° n * ·" ,* from Judge .lolin P Me- "*'**' l w " * Goonv thl«f Jiwtlee thai the new »«««"·» P " MS would not be assigned to David 01 Fluher C*pone Mnkn Olfer Judge Jolin H l.ylt, munklpal JohMon Jb rourl leader df Ihe announced that Al crime criwad* Capone «·!)« \\ Llndncy p chle.1 had offand to mirrender him- Bell Totals TC aelf on vagitncy This was tevnaled a« Jack und, Harry Qttilk, Capon* Htutwnanti ap! p«ared before the court Tueadav Jiidtte I.yle explained that Capon* » j offer had been iefn»*d because ihtj gang leader had r*qnested prole? lon and lhat tho court «aw no rea-l Bishop 2B son why Cti)Hne should be Ki\«n' special favoiu DeteimlMd ON Attlon Tn explaining his detvrmlnatton to all public enemleH Into Chi- courltnoms State t Attorney 3ft 1 B 0 2 0 0 0 V 0 1 0 0 1 0 7 1 Batttd for Hallanun In Sid -Baited for Johnson tn ttlb. , *«- Bolted for Ads run In lh Bulled for Mndsty in *th "AB it H ro A RV PRANK (JETTV mH #pom Kitttor SHIBE PARK, PHILADLU PIUA, Oct. » -- Th« PHil«iftk 0 phin Athletic* won ih'cir ucord ojtuM««iMvc world ch«mpionh*p 1 Wednwday, defeating the St. OiLout* Cfcrdmiili in thr tixth and * deciding (f»me, 7 to t, ° Oeoit* K*i nithnw plwhevl 0 MucHmnn lo v|«nry, Hllnwlnt fl five hiu and hoMing ih* Ctrrtit *) )«»» until the ninth when O j M h i e d th**i tone run - "WIM B4I1" Hit Halm n WM , h( fa. . lr\g pitcher »M ihre* othni St. L»ul« n hurlern trkij In v«in ID Mom ih« O l ide of PhlliKltlphfa bwi» blu today MR th« A'n hAmn)»t*d their way to h* ffftlt woild'x fhtmplonihtp th* h»» won tint* th« Am«H"*n wtn foimtd, the only they Swanson aald "If t h i s be mob which IH trvlng lo aeml thene n, hoodlum* and i u f h t l n i x SB fochranc C Simmons CF KOHJC IB Milter RF . , Moon*, LF . Rol*v S9 Kai nshiiw P H m * CK , Jlntmv Dvke* »nd Al Slmmotiti hli home tun* to n n n f t i i n l e * hnrmt* of B '»oHd blows which canted ttm Ath- v )etlc» 10 vlPtorv *J Thn vtetoM who thiiK wm rh« two ' SertM foul mneN n two. Mad* ''only H«vnn hlt» bill all w*c« for *x' tra baNe* and from th* fimi Innlnir B ion ilieie w o n no doubt »lx«Jl th* unicorn* d nothing l»rt ariei their jr*)lsn« to prhon th*ri count nA In us In Total* . i,. Sdirc bv Inn I njt* 18 7 T JT T 0 In 8t «nd h«V* tnnd ill hough J»bbv tain. S C (h« White h« went Immetllatrly to House for bin motrtlnir ball enfrdae and bleakftut Tn the pat five Jays the President has made foui npeeuhe.ii the front line I proixndt to tike al! gun well known hoodlums itanc ,81 aters or racketeers direct to thtiPhlladdphi*, 10)811 MI- ) T will do thl* altitude of mi j one 1| grund J u r y leait ot the think any }udgt should wetiom* t h e , opportunity to Ity th*ne Gmtk'a "Are . ,. , . . _ , .. -, Swgnnon conferred foi ncm* tliiid to tbo people hi* *)d« of the .to.y of |u , J(|i| Me ( lwl¥ w(M C0 ncetvef his administration ' · - The c»»e now will iwsl HO ! i i far a* he Is concerned his atitoHAlwi «»v until the \oteri go lo Ihe noils No* 4. to deride whether he will have a ReiiuMlran Conffresn lo work wirh during Ihe hurt two year* of hie administration Former Sheriff Lorn Chance Ai Independent | R V I HlKii f '11 1 SPRINGFIELD Oft * Heniy Mester founer shuiiff and a m«m- bei of the itate rtniixe of repreaent alives van out of B iticf foi re-el«e- tion Wcdnpniiai an a leslill of nn eleitoial bonrd decision which held hli Independent cnndidey in^a)ld heie Tn en Jay The boaid'n opinion wai divided Slate s Attornev H E Fultenwlder thlitt member ot Ihe boai d, upholding Mester's eandl- The boaid In Miling out Mestet's candtdncv held that 1M9 of the *iR- naltires on hln petition wcr« invalid moat ot thent bcuium slgneia hail moved Muter vas for the Republican nomination In the April primaries Three Miners Trapped In Earning Ohio Shaft I RV '/Klfff J'l ' ^ 1 DAL.TON, O O*t 8-Three men were ttappcrt In the Dulton coal mine here Wednesday aftei fire dent royed the aha ft biHIdinjis and Rent smoke billowing through the inter! 01 Keioue woikers donned K»» masks and en tend the mine but held little hope the mlneis escaped suffocation Tho«« trapped are Robeit Dougla' JO, an enylnei] , Ttussel) th»nk tin 4G and Harry Sword 60 Ih* Idea uf using tht cilmlnal fnr nioMetulIng gun tottiiR "Cimnlderlng the cxlslln* situMton I (hlnk II hlchlv Impoiiant whei* in dletmentd are relumed for \ K K t n n e v or (nn toting- (hnt thev he tH»d In f i l m l n n l romt" Indge MrGoortv! told 'This In imrhdpn the ntojil effective and immedlitle method of ridding Ihe coiimtunlty or tht crlm-j Innt element" ! Jiiriffe. Lile In jitlilienulnK Ihe Ou- »ik brothers termed the otia*d« of' th* "howling mob' one of "ia«it proportion'" and advised them lhat they were "Ihrnunh" UK tar a* their gunc atilvltie* were concerned St Lonii AJI Set For Veiled Prophet Parade Hid I ll(t(t P l f t ' l ST WITTS 0«l I -- Hta mv«t*ll- 011* majesty th veiled piophet, -vlll make hh EOth visit here Wednft»dftv nl(tht when he aftcends to 11« thione at Ihe annual veiled piophel'* ball to rule over th* fnsltvltle*--and HELD FOR CAR THKPT iBaVtnlHt PrM i JfKRRIN, Oct 8--Harry 9umm*rih Si Louis, was held here Wednesday, for Springfield author!lie* In connection with theft of a car belonging to C B Terhune Fetnsburg win arrested he* Tuesday nfjtht. er a. policeman Kcognired the or he. wat tllving a* one stolen. riRttT IKNINft CARDINAJJ) - Doilthll tann«4 Ari*ma rolled lo Ton* Walkini fanntrt No rurn no hlls, no error* AT4O.ETIC8 -- BUhop popp«4 to Filach Pvkt» walked rochr«n»l doubted nnd Dykea minted wh«n WmUlriP let tht ball «n put him Simmons fsnned VMK walked Millar doubled, acorlnf Corhrane and tiendlnf FOKX 10 third, Moore file* lo Doiithtt Two run*, two hlu, one error to ciown beauty a n«w queen of love and Originally only the veiled prophet ataava unknown, ruled over his court of merrymakers but later It w«* deride (t to name a «onsorl--a debutante--over his inhjecli. Since that tlm* ft. new queen each year ha* shared honor* vfth (h*'prophet, A parade usually held before the ball la heiahl the teturn of the prophet, will be held Thursday night Lake Freighter Rum Aground In Heavy Fof Vv fnlitt fr,,t ) MILWAUKEE, Win , Oet t-- The MAamihlp Burlington which went aground In · bunging tog In L»k* Michigan 10 mile* south of h«r* wa* sttanded Wednesday with her crew of 15 *Ull aboard while «oant guard* and ttij[ captain* 1a.tinched new effort* to effect a re*cu« BoaU which went to th* teen* Tuesday night were dtlven to port by high iwai, but the captain* *ild they would put out ·yaln In an effort to release the reef bound TW No /car waa felt for Hfely «f Ih* xbHiu Hi" \)IM« limn H n i n I »* hii« n u t M i l l . i . H«r-\ : '"' htmo Knh «i 1'uk- J j s l » n it'ini' 'ii» MI HIM i in* l i i l i n no nri r l l l i n Mlllil limit, i K-ll MllMnlll* » lnhnmlB , tltmoll M n l l M m n 1- h»Mi"hiin * I I Ibilnei I t i l l ' '""I I t H l l s h M i kiln In i*» f- inn iif ilt« in 1lni nn» hH Int i Innlnt* plav*i in the Hut or ftnolher, before Mnrlm-fiv TI«I* , nnft RfAr Th* big ilffrR h«ndrr worked If Inning* diitlns thin t*i|e«, *1l«wne wily (wo runs In ih«( petted out Hhrnnp walked and ncoiM wtih T)vde» when Dvk*« diove a how* run tnto ih« left field *tand* Coehrine *«* out. Vtttfh to Bowomtey, and Simmons went out, Adtm* tn Bou lomtey. Two nins on* hit Bo M-. tnrn PtPTH INK1NC* Play By Play CARDINAlJt-- Frl*ch filed to Simmons H«f«y filed to Simmon* Bottomloy fanned NO run* no hlta, no error*. THI^RTICA-OtllMri threw out Boley B4rn*hkw fanned Bishop was bit by * pitched ball, Dk«* walked Oorhran* fouled lo Adam* No tuna, no htu, no errora, TKtRO~iNTIINO CARDINAL* -- Dyke* threw out Wilxon. Oclbett filed io 8tmmo»» Flaher b*U«tl for Hkllibiti FMhtr lined » double to ten, Bol«y threw out Douthli No ran*, one hit, no error* ATHLETICS- Johtuwn went W tht box (or the Card*, end Slmmoru xreeted htm with a turn* run Inlo the left field etand* Powt pbpptd to FrlKh Miller doubted down the left field Una Moore fhnnftd. BoV*y Boltomlfy Wilton fanned. nted to HUM No run*, tis hlia, no *rrorit ATI* LB1TC8- roxit doubled off Frtscb'ii nhlns Miller MTirk'd Rou tortiley to FilKn H»M flIM to Douthlt, KOKK woilnir ifter Ih* eMlrh Bolev popped to Watkln* Cn» run, one nil, no error*, SIXTH INNINA fNALS--B)site» b»t**(t for Johnson Bl*de* f»nn«d. Dovthtt foulfd i« Cfwhnwie H(«b b»lt*4 for Adxniii. ICiindhaw lhr«w mtl High No runs, no hit*, no tnot*, ATHUCTICA K»iti«l)*w filed to Matey. Di*hop walh^t), Hykii rfou- BUhop iHklrtR third Btahop on Cochrune's Mcrif^o fly (o Don i hit Almtnon* flt«d t« Wi.ttri*t One run, one hit, no errors, flted lo Within* no error* On* run, two blti, 1NN1NO CARDS--Adams *truck out WH kins popped out to Dgrka, Frlaeh down the left Mfttd foul Urn. Hufxy file* out to H»»» No runt, one hli, no erior* ATHLCTIC8 -- Eatnihiw CARDIKA1.B-- Bl»hen threw Out W»tkln«, K*rnshowthr»wmil Frttrh H«fey doubled Boltomley wtlttid. Wltoon fouled to Cwhren*. No mnc, cnt hit no eiror*, ATHLBT1CU -Four tiled W Dotttif It Miller foulMl to Wll*m, Ltndaer threw ortl. HMa N« run*, M hilt, no error* CARDlNAL8«O«H)*rt rolled out to Foxx. Orttttl b*f(ed for Undkey Orealtl rolled to Font. BoUy thr«w out Dofithtt, No run*, no hit*, no error* ATHLETIC*--Belt want box for the Card*. Oelbtit thrww out So!«y B»rn«haw filed to Douthlt, Bell thrtw nut B1*h«p. No rum, no hit*, no error* NINTH'INNINO CARDINALS -- High *ln(t«4 to right, Walklna wtlktd, Frlsch, lined, lo Fox* nnd^VUktni vnu doubltdf oK tlrtt, H»t acored Mtih with s double to left Bottomley walked, Wilson fltod to Miller, On*, nut, two, struck hit*, no trror*. {

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