The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 29, 1923 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1923
Page 12
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PAGE TWFXVE. THE HUTCH1WSOH NSWS, .Mrs. 1,. 0. 'Wykoftf, Mrs. W. W. Wade, Mrs. H. A. Onrr, Mrs. II. 'i'. Clino, Mrs. J. \V. .Tarrott, Mrs. H. 11. Jukes. iMrs. B. B. HUos, Mrs. Hoy CbrlatonHon, Mrs. W. F. Shanklln. Mrs. J. 0. Mason, Mm. Charles I3roi«Khton, the honor gucnt and hostcsB. rt> <t. A regular Fourth of July celebration will ho held at tho Country club for tho members mid tholr families, Wednesday evening. The members are urgud to hrlnR tholr picnic boskets iind have supper cm tho lawn, or by making reservations -with the steward havo dinner served in 1lu> club house. '1 hnn a short program will he presented by tho moro talented members of (lie elub both •musical and oral. Thoro i will be piano numbers, violin Belec- I lions and vocal solo*. Just at dark, i there will be- a fine display of flro works. From nine o'clock, dancing • will be onjoyed In the club house., a i local orchestra furnishing tho music, j «• «• <* A number of the younger Bet enjoyed a pleasant party last evening 'at tho home of Miss Winona Miller, | 650 Avenue A ejist, when she eater• tallied a number of friends. The eve- Hal..".-, Miss Gertrude Davis, I nlne vna 8pon t with dancing and mit throu.r.h OOU'.'i!: ar-.l Mr tiro , »erv. :l S «e Mrs. W. 1-1. K''lly, who will loave t.ho first (it Hi - week tor Denver, Col*)., \va-. liiinoriil Inst evening, wlwn Vio tneiubi-rs of the Royal Neighbors lr*lf;« <.'7iterl .iii»'il wllli a bnndti erohtet fliinv- er al I In- htinie or Mrs. 11. K. H(xi.n, 22.! Borbnd nvi'inie east. A sliol proKram was presented nvhifli Mrs, Crertnide ApploRnto, Mrs, P. A. Deinel and Miss Farrel Hatlin gave readings. In the contests that were ln-hl. Mrs, Iluolah .Smith, Mra, Kolly and Mm. Anna Wnl:>troin, won tho iu -iioH. At n late hour, dainty re- fj'eiihiiir.iil .H were served. The tuests were Mrs. A. 8. Wesiie, Mrs. Anna Walstrom, Mrs. J. H. Baker, Mrs, Mary Miller, Mra. Beulah Smith, Mrs. ItesKle Hiirtien, Mrs. George Kld- wnll. Mrs. L. 10, llrnco, Mrw. llort Drook .i. Mrs. rvpp. Mm. Ramsey, Mrs. W. II. Markle, Mrs. Ulllan Phillips, Mrs. Alia \\V ~pe. Mrs. Gurtruite App'e- f;a.U\ Mrs. r. A. Denial, Mrs, Kate Yoiinit, Mis. (Ji'orco fntnaud, Mrs. Minnie Yoakum, Mm. Daisy Ball'n, Mrs. tlerirude Mornan, Mrs. Ktla Illilli.'lfor,!, Mrs. F. S. BrnmbansTh, Mrs. Roy t 'o .v <if Denvor, Miss Marion JlTiinihauc'h, Miss Patrol Battln, Miss Mlua Hull, Mlsa Neva Phillips. Miss JI .IU .I" Miss Wra Pmitb. Miss Vivian Kldw llio honor .uuest and h<*jtass. The n-.-nlar meeting of the Past Tr.y-.!- in . „•• the W. R, 0. WU3 h'-ld y.. .iiinUiy as l.'ie homo of Mrs, .1. .1. •Hudson, 3 ;T llMi avotinn east with Mrs W. M Mlli hell, Mrs. Mary iloiioi an 1 Airs Hes'slo Monroe yhiirlnir tlie lienors a nil responsibilities of hostess. A .•••.rial thno wus enjoyed 'Mil [in. afternoon, and In tho i 'nil were held, Mrs Ida Cloff .•1. ftryan -.von the prlaiis. At " of -It-' lii'-ctliiK, the hostessea i'."lieio'.:s rMreshmenls. Th... •>r tin.' club Inrludod ! Mrs. 1'la Go;I'. Mn. O. t). tlarman, Mm IVo.kor, (M>i>. I'anllne lloltiley, Miss Myrtle (I.ymi ai; 1 Miss Katharine Dawson, lu tv .o v..-- 's-'. rhe eluli will meet at the *oiu" »t Mrs. Bd Slayton, 41-1 Avenue O I'.-LS ;. Mn. Alphila Jouon and M:.>. TV. M. Miles will hi, tho assisting host- livsses to.- I he day. M- ini '1 .lira. .7. h. Ca.rma <?lc entstr-, talue! la ,i evening at dinner at their hom-'-. -•'• 1'i'iith a\cllUo avenue as a pro-uup: Ini r.ourlos-y to Miss Thelnia Bnlley and Mr. O. K. iFassotl, wh.ose mnrrl !.:i 1 v. ill lie eolemnlEod tomorrow eveniep;. T'ho •dinner table was '•boaur.initiy iterorated in the color, pink, and a lieiir low birch bark luix Qitild I'hifc i.nan dragons and baby •breiith liitormlngli'd with fern. A 3ai>re ;>iali i.tit*'*t;i bow neatled ainotijr Hie lloiv'Ts and trailed out over the clolh. Ciyital -candle sticks held pink eau.lli-s Hod Willi .pink tulle at Cither end FoUowii)!', dinner, tlio evenlnp was Bpeut jd i; !.•!£ Ivridxe, tho prizes for tiltth »ooi-e i.oliiK tn Mrs. l'hll Baddi.l•>>• and Mr. f'airn] SiulUi. Thti honor gitissls alin, r''t-elved rl/.ea. t- Vestenlay beiiiK tho birthday of her mother, Mrs. ij. (). Champion. Mrs. O. Id. Strickland and Mr. Stricltland «nterl.iii'.iMl with a prettily appointed buffet siipprr hist ovenlrig at iioine, all' SeconiJ avenuo east, Naslur- Dllims in a low blue bowl formed the Ofilllel piece and deep yellow candles in crystal candlesticks wore placed at either 'Mid The Kiiosta Included Mr. •Jul Mrs. s (t f'hamplon, Mrs. Aleiuier Bs'lti and clilhlron, Shelley Allender and l-'nite i LillUui of 0<i3unjhi.s, tla., Mr. J. w. Sirirkland, Orvllle E. strlelt- Jand Jr.. ami Hie host and hostess. Mrs SteiiTi Van Natta entertained ly&stenlny in nouor of her neice. Miss )3oss McAleianiler of Holly, Colo., at fcer hunie. VL't \orl.h Plum .street. Miss i'Josle S'-hrenser (vavo a reatllnn. and ^llss I.uella ( lino favorod the clients ffflth a pluno solo. At flv-e o'clock ices \yrvre served to Mrs. Lester Johnson, sic and punch was served throughout the evening. At a late hour, refreshments were served, Tho quests Included Miss Hilda Oralier. Miss Marie Rowland, Miss F.tita Moss, Miss Car- mcllla Sweet, Miss lis. Muson. Mr. Willis Iloat'land, Mr. Phillips Mlley, Mr. Warren Davis, Mr. Irwin Ornbor, Mr. llernian lilrdler, Mr. tins Hhlney and the liostess, •J. * * Mrs. C. W. Hufflnc was hostess today to n number of youns ladies for a morning of bridge at her home-, H Tiventy-«econd nvonue west, compU- nientiuK Mls3 Margaret Kagnn who recently returned from Washington, D. C, w'h-ore 6ho has been attending the Cathedral school. The morning hours wero dovotwl to playing; bridge, and at one o'ck>ocji, a dainty luncheon was nerved to the eight guests. Oar- den flowers added a pretty touch to the very attntetlve setting. •.';• ;• * I A picnic party to the Carey ParlcJaat 'evening lucdmleil the^ following: Mr and Mrs. Will Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Norberg, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Com- bring. Mi-. an«l Mrs. D.' W. Lyon, Mr. and Mrs. Oto Perry, Mrs. Helm, Mrs. John Rogers, Mia -3 Ruby Lyon, Miss Helen Rogers, Charles and Charline Perry and Joyoo Combrlnk •>• •' The ladles of the Qui Vivo club hold n picnic last evening at Idnffernook, the V. W. C. A. camp ai Island Park for their husbands and children. A lioiintiful picnic supper was served and the remainder of the evening spent with outdoor games. Thero wero about 40 present. !*• '?> Miss Polly Hedges was hostess today to tho members of her bridge club at one o'clock luncheon at the Uorubaujih-WUey Tea Room, aud bridge at her home, i'Ja Miuteenth avenue west. 4- * The membera of the linherty frator- ntly of the I'nlted •Water, Light and Power company, will havo a plcutc, July S, at Lake Hedell. <5' 'V "J* Detroit, Mich., and other point* tn tho 8«»t. ......... * • • Miss Anne Burke ot Liberal 1s here vlsltltiK «t the homo of her parents, Mr .and Mrs. B. A. Burke. Mlsa Lnverno Sunders -has gone to Eurllngtou whore aho will spend a week visiting relatives. •;• *y $ * * <$ J ''^—-# — '•}< * « TOMORROW EVENTS. !» 1 I &——\—.}.—.f - —$>—^>——* The wedding of MI BS Thelma Balloy and Mr. O. K. Vassett Will be solenin- hred at &:'.','J o'clock lit the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and I M TS. J OU Bailey, 600 Avenue A oast. •M TH . Guy Walker and Mrs. Loslle Cain will entertain with a ono o'clock lunoheon bridge at the Rorabauch- Wiley Tea Room. v-' * •» * CHURCH NEWS, # •District" S of the W'omen's department of the First Christian church met yesterday with Mrs. C. E. Buttle of 624 ]0ast Fourth. TJio prayer service and business meeting was conducted by Mrs. Moon. Orftcers for Uio coming year were elected as tfollows: Mrs. Almoda Moon,, president; Mrs. J. W. Tetnpleton, vice-president; Mrs. Anna 1. White, secretary; Mrs. I. D. Hippie, 'treasurer and Mrs. M. C. Holmes, reporter. Mrs. H. L. Scales, district bond was a visitor of this district and explained Uhe work of BUSINESS MEN TO HEAR OF CHINA Mcaical Missionary With Experience Covering 17 years, to * Address Methodist Class. • First-hand Information concerning the activities of Chinese bandits, dealing with sucih, plagues as chotora, and other Interesting esnprienccs lu handling tho health problems ot t.he Chine-so people, will be related by Dr. F. F. Allan tut the meetlnjr of the Business Man's CTa«s of the First Methodist Ohurrth Sunday morning at tiho Y. M. C. A. building. Dr. Allan and ranilly are in HutcWneon this week visiting at tho ihomo of Mrs. Allan's brother Dr. Or. IX. Cage. It Is the second visit •they 'have made to America In the 11 years of their exportonces its missionaries In China. Their five children were nil born in Chltia and look upon that country ae their real ihomo. Dr. Allan and his wlfo went to kr* a bit orantadowed by th» mare tlvlfj ones. Tho twoiplecB suit pltrtured Is do- reloped In a wondertully dainty combination—gray ond pink. The skirt i« kndfo pfcated in this two shades, TTfclle tho blouse Is gray CTepo tie chine trimmed with soutache braid in pink. Nothing could be more simple than the little blouse cut ttcrfeotly plain In •front with the back gathered Into a band at tihehipa and trimmed with buttons at the Bldo aoams. . The advantage ot wearing such a cootumo rs ttiat It Is suitable tor so many different, ocoaslons. For *he avorogo w-dBian It may bo worn aa' a hot weather shopping suit, "with reult- able hat and"glovos, a s .p.^rta snlt wtere one 1a meroly an on'tooker, or to any Informal social function. CLAIMS HEWHELD UP BY MAN AND WOMAN Jack Edgorton was held up and robbed of $45 In currency last night about 10:80 In the 5CM) block on She.r- trcmn west just back ot the United Water. Gas and Blectrle 'Co., power plant. He states .that the robbers were China 17 years ago under the auspices j a man and a woman. The man wore ot the MilBSlonmry 'Board, ot the | a dark hn.f-and stilt and was about WOBBLY SAYS HE FOUND f»Rf»imi^^ CARD BUT IT BORE NAME S Dick Miller an<I"fteo. Clyde, both members of the Industrial Workers or tho World, who had boon plokod up on vagrancy charges were tiled yesterday at pollco court. Thoy wero each • fined J26 and cost* and- were sentenced to 1 '30 days In, Jail. .. Miller said that he -mm a member of the organization but claimed 'to 'have <toun<i tho card which he had. Slno3 the card ho explained-tihat ho found, had his.Qwn name on it, his tesbln»ny was not given any consideration. PULLET HATCHED IN SPRING NOW LAYING | Canadian Motthod 1st'Church and Qto I ISB been engaged In mtxllcal work among the since then. At tho present time ho is in charge of tihe surgical work with the Medical College of West China Union University located at Chengtu. Chengtu Is the provincial capital of West China, and 1500 miles west of Shanghl. Beca-uso of the organization for the coming year, (the slow means of transportation, it Late In the afternoon the hostess served retre.thinents. The. next meet- ins of tin: district will be held at the home of Mrs. C. C. (Nicholson, 315 North Severance. Future meetings will be held monthly. The junior class of the St. Daul M. E. church and their 'teacher Mi's. H. Krlc'sson hel<l a picnic at Carey's Park) yesterday afternoon and evening. The Indies of Division No. 6 of the Lndles Aid society ot th First Meth odlst church enjoyed a pleasant after- ut>on yesterday at tho home of Mrs. H. Sc.hlautl!, 80 Elovonth avenue east, with Mrs. O. L. Wharton, Mrs. Walter Stiles, Mrs. Warren and Mrs. D. Dress, ler assisting. Mrs. Theo Neighbors had charge of the devotlonato. It was decided lo hold a food sale, July 7. Tho July meeting will be held at tho home of Mrs. George Noyes, 125 Twelfth avenue east. "Children" was the subject of the lesson at tho meeting of Division No. 12 of the Ladies-Aid society of the First Methodist church, when they met yesterday at the homo of Mrs. Edwurd Crocker, on Second avenue west for their regular June meeting. Roll call was answered with childhood experiences in Sunday sohool and church. A report was made that the ladies hud made 73 calls, and sent 36 bCHjuets during the mouth. A piano solo was Glvcif-by Mias Helen Hope and Mlsg Genevieve Woodard sang a solo. Another reading was Klveu hy Miss Dorothy Shanklln. Several pretty little folk games were iitven by little Mies Woodard aud Leslte Avery- Luncheon was served at five o'clock by the host esse;.'. really takes- thorn longer to reach. their home aftor arriving in Shanghl tlio doctor .state-.] 1h-a.ii It does to crc*s tho :Pacl.flc. Doctor Allan expects to sail in August «n the return voyage, to take up hla work in China tor another period of s +ivc-n years. A Bpeoial Invitation has been extended to the medical men^nd doctors of Hutchinson to hear Dr. Allan Sunday morning tell of his work. The class seisalon begins at 9:30 and any me-n in the city who attend are assured of a hearty welcome. five foot eight Inches tall. Tho woman accomplice was shorter wore a black Silk drass and white .stockings. CAL I.SMITH-) Home Grown weet Corn —and Many nre the othci fine, fresh fruits and vegetables. Order Early Fresh St raw berries Beets Gr, Bcuna C 'jcumbera Tomatoes Lettuce . Radishes New Peas Raspberries Peachec Aprlcota Cherries Cantaloupe Pinoapptoa Plums SUMMER COSTUME IN PASTEL SHADES Blackberries Lopanberrles _Home Baked Cookies Pie Cakes Dressed Fries H«n« Pork Tenderloin Rib Roast of Beef Beef Tongue Roast Pork Roast Beef Baked Ham Phone 1500 "THE FERNOELL STORE" 7 S. Mais i PERSONALS OF SOCIETY. Mr. and Mm. Adair Stewart Who havo been living at (ioh-omla, 111., arrived today to he the quests of Mr. Stewart'a parents. Mr. and Mrs. Din- eoln Stewart of Tenth avenue west. ,i> .;• Miss Marguerite Johnnon and Miss Loraine Johnson left today for Kaunas tlity, Mo., where they will Bpend the week end, going on from there to Omaha, Nebr., «« visit friends. , , * ••. ••• Mias Bess Mr-Alexander and Mr, Jack McAloxander of Holly. Oolo., are/ •hero visiting their aunt, Mrs. Steven Van Natta. at her home. 724 North Plum street, ' Mre. Fred Dutx and Mr. Charles Lutz will leave tomorrow for Paris, 111. and IleUol'ontalne, Ohio where they will visit relatives for one month. <i> * * Mrs. R. 0. Scott and daughter, Peggy Itae of Oklahoma City, Okla., are hef'e visiting Mrs. Si-ott's motlier, Mrs. li. C, Hilton of BUS Seventh aveuuo west. * * * Mr. and Mra. T. M. Cerow and children and MrB. R. W. Vtinco left today in the Gerow car for a week's camping trip on tihe Wakarusha river. <i> 1- <•• Mrs. A.. H. Suter and niooe. Miss <:<>rlr«do Suter of -.Palmyra, Mo., have gone bo Colorado Spring!* and Denver for a visit of several weeka. 4- 4> '»> Mrs: E. C. Phillips returned today from Baldwin where she hu iboon spending some time visiting her mother, Mrs. Johc Ruc.hty. 4> * * Mt6S Mildred Harmon lias gono to Sedan where she will spend the remainder of 'tiho summer with Mr. and Mrs. Robort Harmon. <S> * * Miss Marian Parmen-ter, of Kingman, is here Bpendlug some time visiting Mies lAiclle .. Slufford of 202 Fii'iec-nth avenue euBt v «• * Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Philips roturnod today from Dmpoiia where they liavo been spending tho past tow weoks, visiting rolatlvoB. >?• *• •*• •Airs. II. McLeod ha.> gone <a K/la, math FlallB, Ore., where she will «pcnd the atimoner with her daughter, Mra, Sam Smith. • * «• * ' Mrs. Stephen Falrehiid will leave tomorrow for Kinsley, where ehu will Join Mr. Kalrcliikl and moke their home. '••$>•? Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Mallihia and Mr. aud Mra. D. D. Peachy will loave tho first of tho woek for a motor trip to Division .\*o. 1 of the Dadies Aid society of the First Methodist church met yesterday at t.he home ot Mrs. D. It. Van Or.lstrand, 601 Avenue B east with 'Mrs. Fred Vickers, Mrs. F. P. Johns, Mrs. Jennie Keckley and Mrs. C. \V. Hoone assisting. Mrs. J. W. Cleiidenneu had charge of the devotional. 1 ?: and the le.sson which was on "Children". Addresses were niado by Mrs. A. English. Mra. J. M. Sliop- erd, Mrs. \V. H: Markle, Mrs. H. J. Cleary and Mrs. Jamea Kehoe. Mrs. English, the president, presided during a short business meeting. Mrs. II. J. Cleary of Topeka, formerly of this city was tjfusyonly out of town guest.'" Mm. J. R.'itfyeirs had charge of the program which Included a piano solo hy Miss Winona Miller, readings, hy Betty Myers and ii piano selection by Miss Helen Clancy. Tho July monting will bo herd at the home of Mrs. W. S. Handy, 926 Avenue A east. Mra. Fred Hern and Mra. J. W. Davis entertained the members of the Dadles Aid society of the Calvary United Breihren church yesterday at tho home of tho former, 1005 Bast Sherman si-ip'-t. After tho business session n social time was onjoyed. In the conte-fs. the prizes went to Mr?. R, C. Brandy, and Mrs. Harmon Harrison. Al five o'clock, refreshments wore served to the thirty ladles present. In honor of Mta. C. Goatley who will leave Uio middle of July for California, the members of the W. \V. Circle of the. Zion Evangelical Lutheran church entortalned yesterday at the home of -Mrs. C. W. Stanley, 10 Twenty-first avenue west. A social time was spetir with gaUfes^ind contests, and dainty refreshments were served ;lt five o'clock. Thoro wore two now members taken into 'the organlza*| tloh, Mrs. A". J. Biel «iid Miss Anno Waggoner. .The guests for the aftor- noon Included Mrs. Woodmansoy of Winona, 111., and Mrs. Joyce of Atlanta, Ua.. Mrs": 0. E. Searl, and Mrs. W. D. Bvei-cU. Tho ladies will ho'd- a picnic. In two weeks. Mrs. Rudy Snyder was lior/tess yesterday to the members of the seventh division of tho Ladles Aid Hoelety of tho First Methodist church at her home, S26 Hast Shorraan street. The discussion for tho afternoon was made very Interesting. Mies Doris Snydor sung a vocal golo and she and Mlsa Clarice Snyder then played a piano duet. Refreshments were served during the social hour. • MUSIC HATH CHARMS. You Will Be Charmed With tho Service and the Delioloui Pood at tho coolest place In town—Lyman's Cnife. Hear tho Hutchinson Trio cont- "poaed of a piano, violin and cello, 0 to 8 each evening. ^ C. T. Matson of Croat Bend was hero yesterday on business. U. S. Myers, mayor of Alden, was here yesterday on business. Frank Schrader and son are visiting in Stafford this Mrs. J. N. Brldgewator ot 201. Oshorn street has raised. 140 ohlckeitB ami eight gostllns by- Setting six old hens this spring; ,Two ot tho hens were sot in -February-wlth. 15 eggs under each of them. TIioso two hens raised 28 chickens' which is a very good record. Now ono of those pullets is laying. New Ratine and Voile Dresses at * Sawyer's Dance Saturday night, M.W.A. hall. 2D-30 iSummer costumes are varied enough this -season to suit all ages, sizes and shapes of femininity. One- Idece dresses, two-piece and three- piece are all "lu." All shades, too, are in demand, bright colors predominate, one thinks, as they look on -tho fashion parade. The imletor colors have their adherents, too, even if thoy Mrs. Everett week. Car! Newcomer, cashier of the Brownell State Bank, was here today on business. C. TV. Stanley of the S-tnmey-Maekey Construction Co. went to Kmporla today on business. Edward Shemamy of 13 in gar, Okla., enlisted in tho D. 3. iiavy at tho local recrulttii!: office yesterday. Mlso Josephine Parr of Ellinwood •has been 'the guest for tihe past week of M T . and Mrs. Clarence Blaster. Miss Bhna Koelsch has returned from KlMnwood where she has been visiting relatives' for some time. •„ Barbara Jean Carr Is spending a Bjiort time with her grandparents, Mr. ] and Mra. William Steppe at Ellsworth. -Mies Gokllc Keller Is -spending part of the summer at the country home of Mr. and Mrs. William Melville near Sylvia. Oly-de Matlack, a well known young fanner of near Burrton -died 'Monday morning at the Halatead hospital and tho funeral was hold at dlurrton. Will S. Thompson was the only Hutchinson representative at the banquet given last evening at Wichita for L. J. Potty)ohn by the Wichita Republican club. A. A. Remington, state secretary of tho Y. M. C A. of Topeka, who has recently accepted tho position of secretary of the local association, stopped over hero last night on business. R. l-eo Davis, recently arrested in Kansas City on ihe charge of forging a note for ,?7,f>00 while president of the American State bank, is well known in western Kansas. At one tluu> he was superintendent of the Kansas division of the Union Pacific. A Good Reason. Because it was the limit of a cannon shot Is said to have been the rea son for fixing the territorial limit of shore waters at ..throe miles. Since then cannon have been improved, •which seems to make a. case for fx. tending the limit-—Pittsburgh Gazette- Times. Ladies We enn please you with a hair bob. Blllle Cain Clean Towel Barber Shop. 2?-25t People attend market In larger proportion in Washington, D. c, than in any other city, it is said. Hair Bobbing lias como to suy. Have it done our way, Bulla Cain Cloaai Towel Barber Shop. 27-2EH Saturday dauuu ytt»v«tt|' Jtool*. Htl-tit HOUSEHOLD HINTS •y MRS. MORTON Huttor. MENU HINT. Breakfast, Sllcixl fciruiieca. OitUn«al. Orldille-J Kfffs- Hot lllscului. Coffee. ^ Lunohecn. Baleen! Potatoes with Milk Gravy. Wholo Wlwttt Uroail. Combination Vegetable Halad. Milk. Cookie* Dinner. Pea and Nooillo 3i>up. Hamburg (Hungarian Ktylo). MaaheU I'olutoea. Cabbage. Swrtt una Sour. Cherry ' P ' TODAY'8 RECIPES. To*. cook down untiLa little less than half. This make? a de'iielous gravy. Cabbage — Cook chopped cabbage for ffcvo "minutes, pour off water, refill ..pan with fresh water and cook slowly until tender; when cabbage is half done add a tab!eupoon of sugar and a small piece of citrto acid, and salt. If while cocking you add a small piece of fat beef breast It gives cab- buge an added Savor. SUGGESTIONS 'Strawberry Pancake Make a pancake batter lu the usual way, of one beaten ogg, pfueh each of salt and sugar, two cups of rour milk, one.'half • 'teaspoon of soda, tablespoon ot molt nblnstlon Vejetablo Salad r -ms- ^ butter and flour, enough (elM* solve one tahlos&oon goJtain or use one-naif package lemon Jetlu tn ouo cup'boiling wator, "et. cool. Have ready tho following (cooked) foas, beans, dried carrots and uncooked *— co'.ery, diced tomatoes. P-laco alloo of tomato fn 'Individual moCds, then heap other vegetables, mixed together and seasoned, on top o( tomato ilnitii mold Is almost lull, pour colled ello over |»and let harden. Turn out on loaf of lettuce when ftrm a'»d serve with a good boiiod 4rM9lug. '" Hambura <Huns »rl«n Style)—Ohoy moatnnd an onion flue, asaaon wltn salt and j>oi>p» and add one-onaKer oup brpao crumba an»l one egg, mix well and form Into flat eukou, Slice one largo onton Into a deep trying pan uml thou put oaken In and fry slightly on ono sldt», sprinkle one tsbl»apoou of flour and outeholf tablespoon of l-upritta over moat cukes on nnfrlod side and then fill pan with water, llakn In uvea burning cake-i fretiueutly so as to brown on both' sUV.'i. If water ct>oks down loo much before cakes are done 'raflll and fcbsu allow to flour, enough (elttod) to make a thick pancake butter. Pour Into a greased pie 'tin. Wash and hull a pint of strawberries, drain and drop Into tho dough. Sprinkle wall, with granulated sugar and bake In « Quick oven. Tho Juice from the berries will mingl» with the batter will* cooking and glyt it a delicious flavor and color, Caro should bo taken not to burn, Inexpensive Breakfast Bet — An attractive, yet inexpensive, broHkfast set oan- be made frotu uue yard ot forty-five Inch unbleached muslin, and one yard, four Inches of anrall chocked glngiham. Tour off the nine IncheB from ono side of musliu leaving a square yard each way. Cut four airtpa of Bingham six "inches "wide, sew across eanh side of muSllti, then turn Bingham up on other side and havo machine hemulitchea, This gives you a throo-lnch border of gingham around nlolh, Cut nine Inch atrip of iHUslin- lnto four snuares for-nankins, Make gingham border for ti&siklns only on Inch wide wheji finished. Cut clng- ham strips about two and one'half Inohes wide., Cxipiti 'sToUCj 1 !/ Beautifies tlio complexion, softens the skin, takes «ff tha fthftifl; a far* crown nnd powder comMowi; In flwih and aOc imd 60c tho Jar. At nil good tatlct counters. < Beauty Qvef MULTIQRAPH1NQ Mailing, Folding, Addressing. PHONE 670 1 We write advertising campaigns. AH kinds of Malllna Lints. EUGENE RANDLEa ADV. CO. Eugene RsndJes— W. Raymond Aden 3 WEST SHERMAN DON'T PUT IT OFF When reading, or any close work becomes difficult and your eyes hurt you more or less, have them examined, and the lenses changed. 1 devote all my time to the examination of eyes and the fixing of glasses. H. S. ZINN, Optometrist The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. Henry Zlnn Jno. Blrchfield SATURDAY SPECIAL 4 Quart Fish Bowl -69c Fine Gold Fish Medium Size 15c each Flowerphone 3800 IS North Main St. Why Pay Cash for Diamonds, Watches and Jewelry when it Costs You No More to buy on my Easy Payment Plan? No Interest or No Extra Charges I invite you to compare my_.prices with &nyonc—anywhere. OUT-OF-TOWN A CCOUNTS accorded umt credit accommodations, ' the OPEN SAT. NIGHT THE CREDIT JEWELER MIDLAND THEATRE BLDG. In answering advertisements Please mention The NCWB,.

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