Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 21, 1977 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1977
Page 6
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Sit U . i)f( •( ir.h- !• _M . ,-(77 Court Docket nrvrMKKfiT ,j »>-:•>• Ijin* M^rrer. improper <***• •'•!">'! tne. forfnlH $36. SO cash i>-r^s ar.d A. Jr rash 121 Adams, fajiure to summons, forffited I?! Jfl ra?h bond I>»vid Kc>. WiHism M Gantt. disregarding red Sight, forfeited $21 50 rash brsnd Ueotfta* K t.'>nwa>', jumps I- If)-.vm. improper parking. forfened IH.So r«flh bond Clarence the/. Fred4ie L. Adams. no driver's license, forfeited 121 50 rash bond Harriet F Tcm?D. Gerry l.*« Stephens, Dak B Hubburd, Fiuth T. Hocbrher. failire to J^ld right of way. forfeited «36 M c»«h bond Drinna 0. Gilbert, Gwendolyn K Forte, Horace R. Anthcny. Stephen H. B«ss, speeding, forfeited $21 *$ cash bond Ronald B WnRold. Steve Morales, public drunkenness, forfeited «6.JO cash bond Thomas D. Adams. Bobby C. Mason, hazardous driving, forfeited 136.50 cash bond Dorian T. Cocfca, Jr.. passing on yellow line, forfeited $36.50 cash bond Billy J. Put ton, Jr., assault 3rd degree, forfeited $61.50 cash bond Clarence Dyer, no vehicle license, forfeited $21.50 cash bond Clnn-nce Dynr, no inspect4on ttbckcr, forfeited $21.50 cash l»nd Michael A. Guinea, minor in possession of beer, forfeited $36,50 cash bond Man-in L. Arterbury, John May. Marion Joe Blddle. failure to pay parking tickets, forfeited $12.50 cash bond, tickets and cost paid. Hobie Jack Morton, William M. Miller, driving while Intoxicated (1st off), plea guilty, fined $191.50, 10 days in Jail. If defend«nl take? course offered by Red River Regional Council, the jail sentence will be suspended Gerren Messcr, driving while intosicated, (1st off), plea guilty, fined $191.50,1 day Sn Jail (out of county) Wiiiie L Criner, driving while intoxicated (1st off), plea guilty, fined $191.50,1 day in jail Huth Coolcy, public drunkenness, plea, guilty, fined $36.50 $36.50 V.L. Lnudermilk. public drunkenness, plea, not guilty, tried, found guilty, fined $36.50 Margaret Martin, theft under $100.00, plea, not guilty, tried, found guilty, fined $16150 $100.00 of fine suspended Dorothy Carter, theft under $100.00. plea, not guilty, tried, fwnd guilty, fined $161.50 Ix>mne C. Edwards, failure. to yield right of way. plea, gisity, fined $36.50 Larry Jones, disorderly conduct, dismissed at cost of prosecuting witness Davjd Dennis, assault in 3rd degree, dismissed at request of prosecuting witness Hrrrr.an V' \Vt'Tiff-. '•"•rf >- hrm--l I.V, SATE DOCKET Danny L. Cross, driving while intoxicated, $166.25 cash bond forfeited, 1 day in jail Freddie L. Adams, driving while intoxicated (3rd. offense), plea, guilty, fined K-66.25. 90 days in jail, if defendant takes course offered by Red River Regional Council on AJcoholism, the jail sentence Mil be- suspended Thomas Cobb, violation of Ark. Hot Check Uw, fined $51.25. check & cost paid William Witherspoon, hunting from a public road, plea, guilty, fined $51.25 Charles D. Gamble, night hunting, plea, not guilty, tried. found guilty fined $276.25, suspended $200.00 Ronald Keith Snyder, shooting domestic animal plea guilty, fined $76.25 I*e T. Momon, Ray Moore Trucking, Ball Trucking Co., Doyle D. McClure, failure to answer summons, forfeited $51.25 cash bond Timothy A Kramer, Thomas D. Lett, Bobby Lynn Mclaughlin, Leland W. Wright, LeeT. Momon. Billy J. Daniels Stephen P. Orega, Thomas L' McDougaJ, Jerry W. Hood, speeding, forfeited $31.25 cash bond Lance D, Mattingly, speeding, forfeited $76.25 cash bond Johnny M. Cox, reckless driving, forfeited $76.25 cash ll bond Johnny M. Cos, leaving scene Mrrmsn V.-) ,-,;; .,.-, , n i'V.T. ''.r1>t'*'d IV- 2,'j r.wnd Donald K Kr.;*f>p> , fajlijrr- \', display iir<-nv. fnrfritrd !L*>i ?,S cash t«nd Elmer H Wacncr . faslun to yield riRh! nt <ray. forfntrd $31.25 <~»sh brjnd Gfnensl FJcctn-' f'rtd)t. TArT Indu.strie».. W.i'kins Mfi!r,r Unes. Inr . John Adams d-l^-a. REB Transj>-irl.;)!ion. In? Hertz Corp , James H Brown, Huily Fnrrn? of TPI»«. r,'». n Bros, Meat (>>,. Ir,r , Ankrr,<-y Charles (lint/m, Rapid Ways. Inc., Triple D Truck! rn;. IA-K Trucking. Rober! l.opez. Robert Hughes, .);<mes Klwu«] Quinn, Mggly WigRly. inc.. Ryder Truck Rental, Ah-in D Miller. p;ddie Hummock, Horace F'lirifoy, Roy Moore Trucking, Ball Truck Co, Eddie Hnmmock, Walding Farms, Joseph Wa>7ic David. J.K. Porter. J,K Porter. lavender Sand & Grovel, I-avender Sand & Gravel, Dillard Arlie Gene, overweight, forfeited $61 .25 cash bond Edward Dyer, running scales Ughts. forfeited $128.25 cash bond FlexJ Van Truck Rental, unauthorized passenger on unit, forfeited $76.25 cosh bond Rollle Ix?Roy Farrow, no permit overlcngtn, forfeited $51.25 cash bond Walter Brien. Jr . failure to stop at weight station, forfeited $51. 25 cash bond Arthur Cross, Jr., failure to stop at weight station, forfeited $126.25 cash bond Steve P. Culver, failure to stop at weight station, forfeited $51 .25 cash bond Jack J. Kuzniar, failure to stop at weight station, forfeited $101.25 cash bond Jerry W. Smith, James H. Brown, failure to wei#h, forfeited $126.25 cash bond Buff Transportation Co., no placard on unit, forfeited $126.25 cash bond Jimmio Hill, inc., no authority with ATC, pica, Nolo Contendere, fined $126,25 l^arry Jason, no authority with ATC. forfeited $126.25 cash bond Grady Walker, no authority with ATC, forfeited $171.00 cash bond Wescco Trans. Co., no authority with ATC. forfeited $200.00 cash bond Shirley Whitman, Royals Motor Service, Inc., Mike Hanley d-b-a, no authority with ATC, forfeited $200.00 " cash bond All Points Leasing Co., no authority with ATC, forfeited $300.00 cash bond Boyd Naegell Inc., Trans., no authority with ATC, forfeited $400.00 cash bond John Ruffncr & West Farm. no authority with ATC. forfeited $471,00 cash bond Market Produce, no authority with ATC. forfeited $500.00 cash bond J.W. Trucking, no authority with ATC, forfeited $700.00 cash bond Richard Alan Fijidley, improper use of registration, forfeited $51.25 cash bond Steve P. Gulver, running with no light on vehicle, forfeited $51.25 cash bond John Ruffner & West Farm, no corrosive material placards on unit, forfeited $126 25 cash bond Jeffery Rotella, oversiie after hours, forfeited $51.25 cash bond Benny F. Turner, no current log book, plea, Nolo Con- tendere, fined $276.25 cash bond Thomas I. Gregg, no log book, forfeited $76.25 cash bond David A. Witherspoon, hunting without license, dismissed Pastel colors have predominated on the Island of Curacao, NftliL-rhnuih Antilles, ever since an early Dutch official ban/led white houses because their glare in the sur. hurt his tve- .Vtr '»_ -,-- '.' i ' "I ' f'.M .. Phonr company «jc>uin<r remlv for the big v^ » <^ t>r inter a* many a.v ,-.' JSy btw> day, the B<?1J a-iding ejclra rirriuts TV '..*•;;»" i a}]: r. p r** fJ i <" ruling delays. South- FMi n?rr.nmf-rd* th«> •wr-. 1 — 2* -:-•'? Chnsana* t< '-.r Siri-ia} interstate ca]b pi;vM on M mdav•—a legal u'iay wilt be- cheaper than Viai. The regular weekend "•'•-•-also cheaper—will apply d] day Saturday and until 5 P m on Sunday. 2 If you prefer lo call on fhnstmas Day, the best time is early in the day. before 9 a.m., '•r f*>tween 1 and 5 p.m. 3 Thai king djstance calls •;>->- :,\ «?..-... ver possible to MVP both rmwy and Ume, One- Flus d<ai ra;rs no matter what the hour-are lower than operator-assisted calls. <• Have numbers for domestic and international calls available ahead of time. If it's necessary to call Directoy Assistance, do so before the holiday weekend. 5. For international calls check with operators for specific information on rates to the 249 countries and territories which can be called from Arkansas. Rates and reduced rate prriods vary for different nations. 6. Check time differences within the United States and in other countries. It might mean il.i- difference ' rcav.hing a friend cm Christmas or the day after. .Since New Year'? Day also fails on a Sunday, she same holiday discount rate in effect on December 26 applies on Monday, January 2. <*/ L I ',' / / """/•'-• ^"\ • ' • -^ l ^-'re I --—--—, The name Calvin cmnos from iho l^tin meaning "bald." SHOT HOWARD'S AND SAVi! SHOP HOWARD'S AND SAVE! SHOP HOWARD'S AND SAVE! DISCOUNT CENTER ««•! TOU II MUD *M*f TOU HI tOORlNO (OR 10* M\t HWY 4 NORTH-HOPE, ARK OPEN9AM-9PM PRICES GOOD THRU SAT, DEC. 24th ••*-.• .*•* SOUNDESIGN STEREO COWSOLETTE • Plays AM & FM broadcasts plus 33, 45 & 78 RPM records. • Rotary controls for volume, tone & balance. • 3 position function switch. • Front panel stereo headphone jack • Full-size BSR turntable with diamond stylus, ceramic cartridge, cue/pause control and stylus pressure adjustment. • 5" lull range speakers. 45AB! MCAJRO s MvlBHstO Kt!lCN«OiSt PQUC» •• *-jmtf \i M^ rf> ie,na^ fn r roc> )*» »« u urlo-w tflc-JT, r. to.r, th, «,- „,, * ^ 8: ^> «t *< «• r* 1 KT* rt- H »>««, 15242 MIDLAND 13" COLOR T.V. All solid state circuitry. Positive detent tuning on UHF & VHP channels. Attractive color metal cabinet, high impact front. Meets all requirements of U.L' F.C.C. & D.H.E.W. HOWARD'S SALE PRICE EMU EVAQIN MINI RECORDER Micio mini pocket size cassette tap«! recorder. Includes- battciiei. C3'fy strap, 30 rmmitr tapp 6 MIDLAND _ INTERNATIONAL AC/DC PORTABLE T.V. 12" diag. measure B&W operates on AC House current or 12-V, DC in car, boat, ramper, etc. 15-032 88 C-60-3 CERTRON BLANK TAPES Each tape has 60 minutes recording time. Package of 3. HOWARD'S SALE PRICE PER PKG. KODAK INSTAMATIC X-15F CAMERA OUTFIT 88 Blank CERTRON 8 TRACK BLANKS Two tapes with M minutes recording time on each. Package of 2. HOWARD'S SALE PRICE 28T90 HOWARDS SALE PRICE RECORD ALBUMS gospel fa f*L JL "S^ "J § mm FOR VANITY FAIR VF-30 WALKIE TALKIE $|Q88 REG. M2.88 KODAK COLOR FILM wsufe cofei fii eiposufe coTa Mm m sues C110 b C126 8 TRACK TAPES Assorted & track tapes Christmas country, rock, soul, gospel & easy ^Hk f* «m totening by various fecording afiists. V M D| g Many to choose from m *j m HOWARD'S SALE PRICE H0^5pJ|YpU|GIFLHEADQUARTERS DURING THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON!

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