Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 14, 1966 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 14, 1966
Page 2
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K—AL6QNA (Iowa) ADVANCE THURSDAY, JULY M, MM BOS HOPE GETS WRONG SUNDAY AT ALSONA THEATRE Boss Has Strange 4 Of f ice 5 Hours By Abigail Van Buren (Copyright 1966 by Chicago Tribune • N. Y. News Synd., Inc.) DEAR ABBY: Can a 62-year-old man be getting senile? I canft imagine -why else my iboss would be acting this way. He asks me to work late when there is nothing for me to do that couldn't wait for tomorrow. Last evening he told me his wife is very cold and .unsympathetic, and I was the pretties! woman he had-ever known, and if he could get rid of her he would marry me. (1 am a divorcee.) When I came here I was warned that the boss fancied himself as a real lady-killer, but I didn't think he would be this bold. He is a grandfather, active in his church, and is very gen erqus. How can I keep him at arm's length? This job is handy to my home, and the hours and pay are better than I could get else Where. REAL PROBLEM (DEAR PROBLEM: When he asks you to work late, tel him you aren't able. And when he starts bending your ear abou his domestic problems, cut him short and tell him you would ra ther not hear about his private life. . Keep your attitude .100 per cent professional. If he fires you, he fires you. Remember, a man can't get any chummier with you than you let him. DEAR ABBY: I have read the etiquette books and I know the groom's mother is supposed to keep her mouth shut, but here is the situation. My son's bride-to-be is planning, her wedding. She wants a 9 p.m. formal wedding. I know it is entirely proper in some places, but our town is not that metropolitan, and I have never heard of a 9 p.m. wedding here, even among the very elite, which we are certainly not. Most of our relatives are in their 60's and 70's and they will not attend a reception which starts at 10 p.m. I am afraid our side of the family .will have very few. It seems a shame. Shouldn't someone from* our side talk to the bride's side jn an effort to get her to reconsider? GROOM'S MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: Yes. And the "someone" should be the groom? July 4 to return to Sausalito, Calif., where she is doing psychiatric welfare work at San Ra- ael, in a county clinic, The William Langman family of Kiioxville \vill move into Mrs. Tschetter's house on south Minnesota by Sept. 1, when the Dr. Koob family will move across ihe street into the home they recently purchased from Mrs. Beulah Richardson. Mr. Langman will teach English here. Mrs. Richardson has purchased the former Arnold Hill home on South Thorington. Bob Hope, master of the double-take, is at his best when he calls his country shack and finds that a luscious screen star answers the phone instead of his wife. "Boy, Did 1 Get a Wrong Number!" nwhidh he stars with Elke Sommer and Phyllis Diller will open Sunday at'the Algona Theatre. The United Artists release is in Color by DeLuxe. — MM! 'M » » 1 H-H Around Algona Mr. and Mrs. Verner Sands, of Golden, Colo., arrived Thursday to visit his mother, Mrs. Mary Sands and the Russell Sands after first visiting relatives in Minnesota. They left for home very early Tuesday morning and took Verner's mother home with them to remain for two weeks when .she will return to Algona by bus. Their son James, driv ing his own car, was also here for the weekend and left foi lome at the same time as hi Barents. He has enlisted in th< yy and will report for duty or July 18; with assignment to th electronics field. The Sands lik Golden and.were;glad to get a way fronVilowa's^pt" and' humid weather. .Vierner is custodian at the School of Mines and his wife cares'for: the Masonic Temple in Golden. ;. V DEAR ABBY: Alter reading the letter from "QUIET PLEASE," who complained about talkative hair-dressers, I had to write. May I inform that dear lady that the poor beauty op• erators are the ones who do most of the listening. I have been a beautician for over 20 years, and believe me, there have been times when I have wished I.were deaf! Strangely enough, the higher-class the shop, the more the clients talk about their sex lives (or the lack of it), fights with their husbands, problems with their children, and the petty gos sip about the neighbors. The girl in .the booth next to mine had to quit the profession .because ishe .developed an ulcer. Her doctor said it was from the frustration of having to listen to clients without being j)ble to tell them; to shut up. ,So please tell "QUIET PLEASE' that here is one operator who will welcome her with open arms And if she'll be quiet, so will I. MARY AT THE LOOKING GLASS by ONIETA DIDRIKSEN ,! | | | | l I l I 1 1 I I I 1 I I I I I I I '!'*• Phone 295-2605 I U I I 1 1 HI I I I 1 I I 1 I I"H After leaving her old home on Call street Mrs. Milton Dahl will move about Aug. 1 into the Hary Ward's first floor apartment «. West College. Mrs. Sid Spear was taken to St. Ann by ambulance Thursday evening after it was discovered hat she had suffered a hip fracture in a fall from her back porch on July Fourth. No surg- jry was necessary and she is resting comfortably while the break heals. Her granddaughter's family, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Abernathy and two small children, who were here from California on vacation, left Saturday evening to return home. Mrs. Nellie White, Phoenix Ariz., and Mrs. Emma E. Munch Arnolds Park, visited Friday with Mrs. Paul Wille. Like Mrs Wille, both women are members of the Spanish American War Veterans' Auxiliary. Mrs. White formerly lived at Spirit Lake and Mrs. Munch at Whittemore. —Thursday and Friday "Blue Hawaii" 7:00 - 10:46 "Bye Bye-Birdie"'8:51 —Saturday "Blue Hawaii" 1:33 - 7:00 10:46 "Bye Bye Birdie" 3:21 - 8:51 —Sunday "Boy Did I Get A Wrong Number" 1:30 - 3:36 - 5:42 7:48 - 9:53 —Monday Thru Wednesday "Boy Did I Get a Wrong Num ber" 7:00 - 9:06 ler, of Fairmont, were all a tome for a family reunion, their mother, Mrs. Fred Plumb, -suf fered a stroke and was taken to the Fairmont hospital where she is now getting about and receiving therapy to recover her lost power of speech. Mrs. Anderson, (Pat Plumb) came to stay with her father this week after Walter and Winifred had gone, and may remain with him longer. Mrs. Miller works as a surgical nurse at the Fairmont hospital so is near her mother at all times; . . . ' Mrs. Violet Walker entered ood Samaritan Home Friday as . patient after not ''being well or some time.' • Legler .presided. Evening; \ Circle is ori vacation ifl.Juiy August. OFFICERS INSTALLED The Legion Auxiliary mot -ai' the town hall Tuesday evening. <4ew officers were installed by Mrs. Earl John. They are Mrs. Allen Blake, president; Mrs. Owen Curry, vice; Mrs. Anne Smith, sec.; Mrs. Laura Zweifel, treas.; Mrs. Bryan Stewart, historian and Mrs. George Studer, sgt. Business was in charge of the retiring president, Mrs. Curry. Committees and chairmen were made for the celebration July 8-9, sponsored by the Legion post. Mrs. Ralph Davidson reported 29% dozen cookies sent to the hospital at Woodward. Hostesses were Mrs. Geo. Studer and Mrs. Dale Zentner. Bsadi, Calif; Marshall, iFa ir - mont, St." James, Waseba., ;Stay-ton, Dundee, Minneapolis, Blue Earth, Minn.; fcstherviile, Oor- with, Wesley, Algona, and ,Lu- CHURCH SERVICES The Rev. Hindman, pastor of the LuVerne E. U. B. church scheduled services while they are away. July 17 at 9 a.m. the Rev. Akos Papp, of the Renjyick church will speak. There will be no service at the Livermore church. July 24 at both Lu- Verne and Livermore churches Don Guthrie, student at Fort Dodge, will speak, and July 31 will be vacation at both churches. »•»•••»••»•»»*»••••»•»•» WEGNER REUNION The annual Wegner reunion was held Sunday at the Sylvania park, Fairmont, with 60 present. Hosts were the Fred Wills; Corwith, and Jerry Nielsens, Wesley. Hosts for LuVerne in 1967 are the Harold Ristaus .and Fay Harmons. Towns represented in eluded Columbia Falls, Montana Sioux Falls, S. D.; Manhattan Corwith Mrs. Harry L. Maw »•»••••»»»«»*•*»»**•**»• Esther Opheim returned on Thursday after a week at her brother's the E. Opheims, Northwood. EXPERT PRINTING AT THE ADVANCE Craig is a cattle buyer for Wil son Packing Co., of Cherokee. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Asa return d home Wednesday of last week from a Minnesota vacation. They first spent several days with the Ray Knowltons at jitchfield, then went to Upper Jay Lake for a week of fishing. They were accompanied by Billy Asa, the son of the Don Asas of Fort Worth, Tex., who remained in Iowa when his family returned home after a visit here. The J. B. Asas went to Rochester yesterday where it was thought more surgery might be done on her right hand to lengthen the tendon on which work was done some weeks ago. Dr. and Mrs. F. E. Sawyer, of Fort Meyers, Fla., are expected soon to visit their son, Dr. Floyd Sawyer, Jr., in Kansas City, and their daughter Phyllis's 'family, the Bill News, at Nevar da. They will also be guests of the Albert Granzows in Algona. The senior Sawyers were made great-grandparents recently by the birth of a daughter to their grandson Michael, who lives at Iowa City where he is working on, his doctorate. Michael is a son of the News. Mrs. Winifred Hanzlicek and three sons, of Great Bend, Kans, left Monday to return home, as did also Mr. and Mrs. Walter Plumb and their sons, of Porno na, Calif. On Sunday, July 3 when, they, their other two sis ters, Mrs. Chas. Anderson, p Sumner, and Mrs. Margaret Mil SUN. Thru TUES, JULY 17-18-19 STARLITE DRIVE-IN LuVerne Fern Bigings CHURCH CIRCLES MEET WSCS circles met Wednesday Jircle 1 met with Mrs. Ralph Davidson. Devotions by Mrs. Chester Sill, lesson, Mrs. L. B. Shelton. Mrs. Faye Lichty presided. Pledge service was held. Circle 2 met with Mrs. Gail Wolf. Guests were Mrs. Roy A. Biesemeyer and Mrs. George Wolf, Algona. Devotions by Mrs. Anne Smith, lesson Mrs. CM Bjustrom. Mrs. Bjustrom presided. Circle 3 met with Mrs. William Goetsch Thursday. Guest was Mrs. Jon Putnam, Algona. Devotions were by Mrs. Grover Rentz, lesson by Mrs. W. Raymond Legler. Mrs. Now the screen blazes with the story based on the blistering best-sellcrl JtiSEPHE-LEVINLp,,,, ml* HARI0W TtCMMCOlM'MNAVISMH* IMAWMIPICTOIIii£li >- SECOND FEATURE A lone U.S. Astronaut Space-Ship Wrecked On Mars! CONFIDENTIAL TO BEWILDERED IN BINGHAMPTON: No, it's not because a woman has gray hair, uses the wrong deodorant, is too fat or too thin that causes her husband to stray. It's a man's weakness in the face of temptation. If a .cheating man were married to a Venus de Milo, he'd look for a Cleopatra. < ^pfr ^\A"VS^,/r^F" ^7 '•• t '' *#*' "\f "» ~\I V V ""1 J)>V</|SITHOT IN YOUR HOUSE? A. ill 1 t M — —. _ . . ** *PW' Mr. and Mrs. Anton Didriksen are leaving tomorrow for a va cation on Lake Winnibigosh and will be staying near Ben a, Minn. They will accompany Mrs. Didriksen's brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Skinner, of Springfield, 111., who will stop here for them Friday morning. So during her two weeks absence, there will be no news column by Onieta in the Advance. ENJOYaGC-OD MOVIE THURS. Thru SAT. JULY 14- 15- 16 HBSff Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Seger returned Monday evening from LaGrange Highlands, 111., where they spent several days with the Larry Leaneaghs, their daughter Ruth's family, who recently moved there from Ames. Also returning with them to Des Moi- | nes, was Mrs. Clarence Armintrout, an aunt of Mrs. Lea-! neagh's, who had flown there earlier last week. The other daughter, Ann Wright, Iowa City, accompanied the Segers there. They also visited the Jay Colburns, at Glen Ellyn. Mrs, Bertha Pommer came home Sunday after spending a few days at the Garrit DeWa- ards, her daughter Grace's home, near Titonka. On Friday evening she attended the wedding at Christian Reformed church of Marjorie Meyer and Archie Nibbelink. The bride, a granddaughter of the late George Pommer, has been teaching music at Sheboygan, Mich. Mr. Nibbelink is with a music firm at Edgerton, Minn., where the couple will live and his bride will teach music there this next year. Mrs. Ann Hanson is moving tomorrow into the apartment at G. R. Cooks which had been occupied for some years by Miss Esther Quinby who retired from teaching this Spring and has gone to her own home in Cedar Falls. Mrs. Hanson's, home <$ Call sifeet is &h& of- those '-pufi chased by the Fareway Stores .Corporation. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Middleton and their two daughters left Sunday for their home at Riverside, Calif. The -girls had been with relatives in Clarion, while Mr. and Mrs. Middleton stayed in Fort Dodge to be with her father, W. C. Irelan, as much as possible. Mr. Irelan is reported to be making slow recovery from multiple injuries suffered in the" car crash in which his wife was killed. But he still has two special nurses, and has to lie quietly with, rib cage bandaged and collar bones healing. Mrs. Middleton, the former ! JoEllen Irelan, plans to return 1 to Iowa when her father is dismissed from the hospital in ten weeks or so. ."'i n _^_ — ___ — T™- i H.iii -—y --— ^-»»» -™« --^w* i tmi *ut imm.H)\i mj* T«^ ^wk • • JOAN BLACKMAN-ANGELA LANSBURY-NANCY WALTERS - SECOND FEATURE Scott S««ley, 14, ha* bt«n visiting for the past week and more with his grandparents, the Howard Seeleys, who had been at their son Craig's home earlier. The Craig Seeleys live at Baltic, S. P., a Sioux Falls suburb, and Mrs. Alene Hemphill and her brother, C. B. Glasscock, returned a month ago. Both visited anr other brother in Kansas City and C. B. remained there while Mrs. Hemphill spent five weeks in California with her sister and I her son Jack's family and at! tended her granddaughter's wedding. They spent several days in the Ozarks before re-turning to Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Lee VanderWaa and daughter Wendy Sue left Sunday for their home at Ran- kakee, 111., after a week of visiting with the parental Vander Waals and Mrs. Leon Colwell. Their older daughter, Terry, remained here for a longer stay with the grandparents, and the son, Jeff, now 14, did not come with them since he is working this summer at a Boy Scout camp in Illinois. Lee is with the Penney Store at Rankakee. He and his family arrived in time to see his sister Cheryl who had been home a week and left on ROBINSON ItCMMiSCOPE* PAUL MAIdtE-VICTOR LUWI-iWOIW, HIE WOOLLY liOSKEY AUSREYEC WED. Thru SAT. JULY 13-14-15-16 STARLITE DRIVE IN 3 BIG SPEED SHOWS «sr,vw-rtOMANCE AND RACl7«a ARE IN THEIR BlOODl! JAMES PAMELA DOUG < JOANIE DARREN-TIFFIN/ SUN, Thru WED. JULY 17-18-19-20 ALGOMA ^The picturethat gets you where yoy iggghf MAKE LONG DISTANCE A BIGGER BARGAIN THAN EVER Enjoy a Long Distance call today! It now costs less ' than ever to phone most Iowa points. New lower , rates mean savings of 5£ to 2Q£ on a 3-minute call, / depending on type of call, distance and time of day, These latest reductions continue a pattern of lower Long Distance rates that have made visiting by tele* phone a popular family activity. Any night after 8 or all day Sunday you can make a 3-minute station call to anywhere from coast to coast for 90 cents or less. New lower rates mean you can call more often, enjoy longer chats. Keep in touch by Long Distance ,.. it's the next best thing to being there! USE THIS CHART TO SAVE MONEY ON YOUR LONG DISTANCE CALLS STATION LONG DISTANCE CALLING GUIDE MOMPAT THROUGH FRIDAY 6 P.M. | KM. HIT NUMBER 2 .* MQU'JIiML MM DAY... I ALOTOFLOVEEVERYHIMTI AH WKMN immww HcwiM PATHEQQLQft HIT NUMBER 3 4:JOA.M. North western Bell • ••••••tiff *tfetttttf •*•••••••••••••<»•*•••••••••. THURSDAY IS,,, BUCK NIT!! j yes 5" YOUHCAR AND ' Ati ITS OCCUPANTS WILL tit ADMITTED FUH ONE BUCK ooi i an TO

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