The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 29, 1923 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1923
Page 11
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FRIDAY, JUNE .29, 1923 THE HUTCH1NSUH NEWS. f'AHli ELIWKN. PRICE OF WHEAT UNCHANGED TODAY However at the Close There Wa» • Slight Decline in Hutch' i inson. Receipts ot wheat in Hutchinson today were 40 can, one year ago 19, 1 kafflr, 1 corn. Receipts ot wheat in other markets: Sallna*l8, Wichita 30, Kansas City 161, St.. Louis 26, Omaha'SG, Chicago 12, Minneapolis 241!," Dululh 103 and Winnipeg 302. No. t liard wheat— One COS, now, $1.00; two 60.2, tffW $UP0. No. 2 hard wheat— Two, new, V6e; one 69.7, new, 96c. No. 3 Imrtl ivlwit- Ono 67.4, 1160; three SO, 96c; ono, 94a. No. 4 hard wheal— ' Two. Wje. NO. 6 html wheat- One S6, musty, 8S0. Ono enr S. tl. barley, 44c tk. Sales of 'hard wheal geuorally unchanged, f However, at tlie closo prlcos would he called out) to two cents lower, in lino with the decline in firturo markets. No cash wheat sold during the latter part of the sos- Bion. The reports of crop damage In the northwest especially North Dakota did not stop the declining price of wheat. Several crop'experts tire now In tho Northwest and they are gentling reports tlmt considerable wheat was damaged in that section by tho recent drougth, aa the extreme hot weather forced tuff" growth too fast antl that Ihe wheat Is heatllnjf now and heads aro very small. Mack rust is reported at it few points In the Northwest. A year ago the first black rust was reported on tho 20th, ot June. RANGE OF OPTIONS (By.Ootr* * Ckrkaaar) July." Sept.. Dec. July.. Sopt.. Deo.. July.. Kept.. .July.. Best.. Deo.. Open 1.03 1.02H 1.06* •i* . .37 M. .G3 .06 AT CHICAOO. Wheat. Klah Low 1.0854 1.01 1.02% 1.01 1.0654 1.04 Corn. .82 .7314 —Closed. TV"iay Y'day i.ot4 1 .025k 1.06H .65^ .63$ Oale. .4151 .40H .3754, .3Ht . Rye. .0354 .60 .63* .N»A» Wheat. .•0% .36 >i •«9!4V 1.02 V4 .77% .65-11 M .63% .00* - .09 H CITY. July. Bept.. 1 >0C.. July.. Sept., Doc.. Open .94 % . .95)4 .88 tt •M • fllH —Closed— Today Tf'day 2« .94*4 IilRh Low .9454- .MJ4. .»554 .64ft .»B% ...98 ' Corn. ^ !73$ ',11% "73^ 1 .61* M .6054 .«1>,4>! .02% .94 *4 .9054 .90 NEW YORK §TOCK8, , (Reported thls« afternoon E. Bennett & Co., COB Wiley building, by wiro York.) „ A. T. A S. P.. Allied Cheintcaf Amn. Smeltinn & Uodnlns . Anaconda Coiiper Amn. I.loet yun'ar Ant::. C&f Foundry A .UH1. IjQcomotlvu Atlantic riuir-\Ve»t Indies . Amn Toh:u-<--o Amn. Sum.itTa Amn. Tottphonn & TeleBroph Amn. v Iht'l t^orp. ....... t'.encral ITethli-hem Steel ilal'twln t^woinotlVR Baltimore & Ohio By Amn. Can Corn Producta t'uba Osuio. Sultnr t'uba Cane Sui.-ar Pld Cul'it-Amn. Hutrar Coea -CVln -t Canadian Pacific Ily CYuclbla Steel K. V. Central Ity (ox-dlv. W°k) fiostlen Oil vhaotller Motors Antn. Steel Foundry Famous /Players (JuU StateN Steel UanrrnLjraeat rlc ... i Great-Tvbrtlicrn Uy tax-div. V,i%) Oeneral rioters Iusplralion (Jopper Inl'l Nickel Int'l l'uper - Kf>llv-SprliiRfleM«i —• - Konn«cott CopiK-r .......... nil4no Copp*'r I'ero Marfiv.etto Hy Mid vale Steel » Mlesourl PacKic Hy Missouri Pacific Ily. Marland Oil t?allf. Petroleum Mlddle-State.i Oil ... Northern Pacific Ry. ^roiltictn -H Si. Refiners Phillips Petroleum .. Pullman* .Co by James Korabaugh- from Now 6!H lit 83V4 W Pure Oil Pan-Amn. Petroleum ..... Pan-A mil, Petroleum "B i«x-aiv. >%) Pacific Oil t_. peiin. Uy , houtltern Ry Koulhern Ry. JPfd Keadlne Uy. - oi Kock Island JJJ UepuMic Iron & Steel 42V 17. 8. Rubber - vi '* Ainn. HttKar * -i„ ,Studel>alser Sinclair Oil ! "» Sear»-llosbii«k 1:,, U. 8. Rte«l Corp »M4 Toxas Co «» t;tah Copper ;... 69Ja Union l'aolfle ny "JW Vanadium Steel \^ Amn. Woolan , WestltiKhouso Kleotrlo 64J4 Wabash Pfd. "A" V.I* 60 V4 66 82ft 88V4 97 Open. . 99 . 66Vi . 65 • 89% .32 ,\MM .133 ti • HH .141 -It 'l!0% . 19 '. 45?„ .131 "4 . 44V4 . 89 .124W . tovj . 42 M, . 2014 . 77 Vi .14614 • 631* . US . 40Ji. . 48(i . 33% . 701,1. Close Pfd,- . 05 . 1354 • 2 5 1, » 11 . 88Vi . iim . 41 % . 23 :^ . 87 «4 . »i% : U • U4 ;i 38* 31 isn't 133=4 11 HI 18 2814 4214 llS'-i 43% 123 lot; 40'i 25% 76 146% 63'.« 06* 41 47% 32% 68»i ,«?* 174 63Vi 13'i 28% 13* 8914 31% 32* 19 41* ii't a iv» 37* 20 7 66* 32* 41 113V4 1,. & i* ny. Rtandaftl^of Osllf. Standard of Ind. . Standard of N. J. Houoton OH Impra-lal Oil Humble Oil Praliie Pipe Line Standard of Kansas Worby Oil — Mutual Oil ...^ Radio Common Uodlo Vfil. ' •• Wilcov OH Ivorlilard Cities i-'ve. Pfd Cities See. Cinnmon 133 Money, all day 0%. Sales at 1 p. id., 468.100. 67 V4 M% «H 82 84* 69 * 33* 41 40* 65 (19* 23-% 63* 90% 42* 67 128* 26* 82* 63* 27* 80 49% 64* 82 * 62 SO* 26 Vi 09* SHIS 10* 10 2* 8* 6 148* 65 133* IDEAL WEATHER HURT WHEAT?RICE Growing Days are Favorable the Spring Wheat in the North. Kansas City Hay. .aB City. Mo., J-uno 20. —Hay— 18 cars unchanged. i ALFALFA—oholco $-20.50%21.50; No. 1 $13.00020.00; standard $16.00® 17.50; No. 2, $11.50@15.50; No. 3, *9.00@11.00. PIIAIR1B BAY-.No. 1, J16.00® 17.00;; No. 2, S13.CK>@15.00; No. 3 JS.600-12.50. i TIMOTHY —No. 1, $20.50; standard $19.50«'20.00; No. 2, $18.!i0@19.00; iNo. 3, $16.90®-18.00. I CLOVKR— mixed, Hsht W0.00; No. 1, $19.00 is 10.50; No. 2, $16.00@'18.EO. Chicaeo, Juno 20.—With weatiher Idoai in tho winter wheat belt an^ wlbh growth coniditiona favorable for tile spring crop, wheat tended downward In price today" during tho early tradings. Bears put .stress also on indications that foreign buyers were disinclined to follow price advances on this side ol the Atlantic It was further pointed out tnat at jyresent there Is no evidence of any suctt demand to build up do-mostio reserve stocks as woo the case last ye*c at harvest and for severed nionUis thereafter. Opening prlcos, which, ranged from ^ to %c lower, wiSh Bopt $1.02% to $1.02% and Dec. I1.06V4 to $1.05%, wore followed by a moderate additional decline. WJieat closed unsettled ^©l-H net lower, with Sept. $1.02% to $1.02% and Dec. $1.05% to $1.05*. Corn and oats were depressed with wheat. After opening o.t %c off to H« advance, Sept. 7754 to 77%c, tlie cora market underwent a decided general sag: . Corn closed heavy 2 to 294o net lower, Sept. 75% to 75^. Oats etarten at 54 c lower to '/i-o gain, Sept. 37V»c. Later .tho market showed slight set backs all around. Downturns in the value of toogs weakened tho provision market. Kansas City Cash Prices. Kansas City, June 29.—WHEAT— Receipts 161 cars; %<: to 2c lower; No. 2 dark hard $1.01 @ 1.09; No. 8 dark hard $1.01<8>1.09; No. 2 hard 91c #$1.07; No. 3 hard 93c#$1.07; No. 2 rod $1.01; No. 3 red 95c@*1.02. COttN—Unchanged to lVfcc lower; No. 2 white 82Jj)82t4e; No. 3 wttlte 81@8V4; No. 2 yellow 8354c; No. 3 yellow S2 1 /S i g:83c; No. 2 mixed 8154o; No. 3 mixed 81V4#82e. OATS—54c to 54-c lower; No. 1 white 42@43c: No. 3 white «1%@ 41'Ac; No. 3 mixed 42fS425<.c HYK—63©-(i5c. BARLEY—57iff59c. KAFFIR—$1.60. ' r BRAN— acta $1.01. . Injunction Dissolved. Wilmington, Del., June 29— Chan- oellor \A r olcott entered an order today dissolving the preltmlnary injunction .restraining the American Steel and Tube company from selling ks assets to the Youngstown Steel and Tube company at Youngstown, O. Children Burned to Death. Dubois, Pa., June 29.—Three children were burned to death and four ot'hers were Injured, two seriously today when fire destroyed the homo or Truman C. Wall. Tlie victims were BPns of Mr. and Mrs. Wall. Cotton Market. New York, Juno 29.—Cotton futures closed steady, July 27.25 to 27.29; Oct. 24.75 to 2-1.78; Dec. 2-1.20 to 24.23. Spot quiet, middling 28.65. WALL STREET MARKET. New York, June^X— Professional •peculators for the decline again succeeded in. dein-esslng prices In today's stock market. The bear elements were aided by continued depression of commodity prices, weak foreign exchanges and stiff money rates. Losses ranged from 1 to 6 points. ^ Sales approximately 850,000 shares. •" Now York, June 29.— Price3 continued their upward oourso at tho opening ot today's stock market with the initial demand contered in the motors, motor accessories, .rails and a few specialties. Studebakor, Stewart-Warner Speedometer, Union. Pacific General Cigar and B. & 0. opened-' f.-l to 1% higher, but Northern Pacific dropped 1%. Some of the minor oils also were beavy. Tho ndvance had bocome'quito general when weakness developed in Bethlehem Steel wbfch dropped four points, and Chandler Motors, ot two each at now law prices for the year. Belling ot these Issues halted the upward trend In other quarters'. Foreign exchanges opened slightly lo,wer. Publication in tho financial district of unfavorable steel trade advices ap J . parently 'waj responsible for Hie heavy .selling of tho Independent steel ahares, nearly nil " of witlch broke through tielr previous low prices for the year. Tliis weakness also extend' ed to the equipments and morchandis- Utg Issues and a'tew/BpecialUes.' The motore, public utlUtlue, coppers, sugars and ralte however elLowod indications of food buying support. Call * money opened tA six per cent. - . Belgium demand 6.1054; cables 5.165*.. Germany demand .0006; cables .0006% . Switzerland demand 17.68. Groece demand 3.O08. Poland demand .0008%. Caecho-Slovakia demand 2.99. * Call money strong; 'high 6; low 6; ruling rate 6; closing bid 6; offered at 654 ; last loan 6; call loans against acceptances 4%. • — Time loans, firm; mixed collateral 60 and 90 days 6 to 6V4. four and six months 8 to Kansas City Closing Prices. Kansas City, June 29.—WHESAT— July 02>fto; Sept. 94%c; Dec. 98c asked. • CORN—July 77%c bid; Sept. 71%c apllt bid; Dec. 5954c Chicago Closing Prices. Chicago, June 29—WHEAT—July $1.01%; Sejrt. $1.0251.; Dec. $1.0554. CORN—J4ly 7954; Sept. 76%; Deo. 0354. OATS—July 40^; Sept. 36%; Dec. 38 V4. PORK-Wiuik. LARD—July $10.67; Sept. $10.92. RIBS— July $8.87; Sept. $9.10. , Hutchinson Flour and Feed. * (Quoted by Wm. Kelly Milling Co.) WHI-JAT —No. 2, now or old, 83e. FlA)UJl->per 98 lb. socks $3.15; 48 lb. sacks, $3.20; 24 IK eacka, $3.30. GRAHAM—Per cw", 10-lb. sacks »»50. I CORNMBAiL—per cwt., 10-lb. sacks $3.20. SHORTS —Per Cwt., $1.45. ' BRAN—per cwt, $1.20. SCREENINGS—$1.30. MORE COMPETITION IN EUROPEAN AIR MACHINES France ia Trying to Get Ahead 'of Germany According to a Statement. a Thirty Ywn Age Today J. II. McNalr, cuhlar of the banlTat llalatead, was la town. PRODUCE MARKETS Chler>f>,o Produce. Chicago, June 29.—BUTTER—Lower; creamery extras 88c; standards 38*; extra -firsts 3654®37c. EGGB—Xjowcr; firsts 21@2154c. POULTRYr-~Altve, higher; fowls 20%c; broilerB 35@42c; roosters 12c. POTATOES — Slteh'Oly' weaker; Southern sacked triumphs $3.00@3.2B; North Carolina barrels cobblers $5.26 @5.t0. Kansas City Produce. Kansas CHy, 'Mo., June 29.—BUTTER—Unchanged; creamery 43@44c; packing 26c. BUTTERPAT Unchanged, »2c; extra quality 36o. >. EGOS—Up lc; -firsts 19c; seconds 17c; eelocted case lots 27c. POULTRY—Heavy hens up other poultry unchanged; No. 1 hens 17c; heavy brollor>4145-4c; light broilers 27c; reenters 10c'. Hutchinson Produce. (Quotdn by Carl Nelson.) POULTRY—Hens 'over 4 lbs., 17 cts.; under 4 lbs 1 . 14 ot».; broilers 1V4 to 2 lbs. 25 cts.; under 154 20 eta.; springs, 254> lbs. ,and over, 18 eta.; roosters, 7 ct». DUCKS—Young, 10c; Oceso yotm-g 10c; turkeys, hens 854 lb. and over 20tt, young tomfl 12 lb. and ovor 20c; old toms l&chi gulnas, 30c each; pigeons, 6c each or 76-c a doz.; Belgian Hares 8c. EGGS—Fresh, candled loss off, 16 cts. dozen. Hutchinson Butterfat. (Quoted by SwlK & Co.) BUTTER—Creamery, 33<fM0 ate. BUTTERPAT—No. 1 34 cts.; No. 2, 81 cts. EGGS—Looso, 15 cte. Hutchinson Producs, (Quoted by Sunflower Produce Co.) POULTRY: Cocks 7cts.; heus 16 cts.; light hens, 14cts.; ^rollers 25 clB. LeghoruB and blacks under 154 lbs., 20 cts. n EGGS: 15c dozen. R. I. ROUND HOUSE IS DESTROYED BY FIRE Liberty Bonds. Final prices quoted by the McNaghten Loan company today were it • : » 10( ™ 1st 4* 07.20 2nd 4% 97 2 (j p\§l. :::::::::::::::::::::::::: l£\ %:::::::::::::::::::::•:::: 11? U. .S. Government 454% ,.:., J,,... 89.16 • • • • New York Money. New.-York, June 29.—Foreign exchanges weak. Quotations in cents: Great Britain demand 4.5754 ; cables 4.575^; 60 day bills on banks" 4.5554. France demand 6.08; cables 6.0854. Italy demand 4.42; cabloa 4.1254. • • • <!> * NEW LOW RECORD. «» • • . • New York, Juno 29.—Four foreign currencies, including demand sterling, dropjKJd In the local market today to now lew records for the year. Demand storling was quoted at $4.67%, an over night, docllne of 154c Tho British rate has been on th downgrade since the middle of February and. the docllne has been attributed to-the continuance of low money rates In London and the diversion,of funds to other centers. , , Other European rate! weakened in sympathy wRh sterling, Srench francs tailing 3 points to 6.08%c, or about one-quarter of a cent above tho year's low. Italian lire also dropped 8 points to 4.4154c, tho lowest this year. New loans since 1921 were established hy Swiss franco at IT.70c, and Spunioh peaotas at 14.S8 coat*. (By The Associated Press) Paris, Juue 29.—Tho chamber of deputies last evening approved an appropriation of 211,000,000 francs for aeronautic establishments and material, Tho socialist dopuiy Mistral called attention to tho fact that the appropriation had been raised from 36,000,000 at the government's last mlnuto demand and wanted to know if this was in reply to Stanley Baldwin's recent declaration in London. Ho-also asked whether a new armament race was thus tq bo initiated. Deputy Bens set protested any inference suggestive of the possibility of France attacking England and the deputies supported him by their applause. He then asst'rted that tho increase in the appropriation was due to Gernianye activity in aviation, WILLING TO PAY FOR SPURT ON GOOD ROADS Permanent Building Planned For City Some Time Ago May Now Be Erected. Tho Rock Inland roundhouse was de. stroyed about 6 o'clock yesterday evening by tire, which started by tho sparks from a switch engine. The building, which was a two stall franio structure, wis tioinpletely ablaze before the fire was discovered. An engine which was in the roundhouse was badly damaged. ' The los» bo the Itoclt Islantt was estimated to be $10,000 according to a report made by division officials today. The officials who were here to investigate the firo were R. R. Bragg, division engineer, R. C. McCulhwgh, road foreman of equipment, C. P. MoHttgh, trainmaster, and J. H. Logan, road foreman of engines. The building may be replaced with a larger and more modern building, according to recommendations which wore made some time ago. Are you -insured? If not better see the Kinkel agency. SHELBY EXCITEDFOR / FEW MINUTES TODAY But After All the Telegram Was Trying to "Razz" the Town. ' N SMALL RECIEPTS ' OF CATTLE TODAY Prices Mostly Steady — Hoga Mostly 10 to 15 Cents Lower. Kansas City, June 29.—CATTLE— Receipts 2,100; calves 300; cniincrs and calves sternly; bulk camy-t $2.36 ©2.50; better grades vcalers $8.00® 9.00; few to outsiders $9.50; all other daj-wtos dull and weak with some sales 25c lower-''few uatlvo steers $9.50; best hold/about $10.00; grass a.,d led Texas $8.25@9.35; native yearlings $7.75©8.76; practically no market on cowe; plain stock steers $5.00®G.00. HOGS—Receipts 5,000; very slow, mostly 104?15e lower; trader top $0.80; packer top $6.75; bulk desirable 180 to 280 pound $6.65((j'6.7.'>; light lights $6.80^6.40; bulk ot sales $6.55@6.7f>; packing sows steady; built $5.90<g>6.00; stock pigs steady, mostly $6.26(fii6.50. NjglEEP—RecelptB 2,000; lambs steady; odd bunches natives $15.00,; better grades mostly $14.50® 11.75; culls largely .around $8.50; sheep 25 @50c hlghop;' 90 pound Texas weth­ ers $8.00. Chicago. Chicago, Jnno 29—HOGS—Receipts, 39,000; fairly active on better grades; 10@U5c lower; bulk desirable 180 to 276 pound average* $6.9<)@7.05; lop $7.10; bulk packing -sows $5.9O(f?;0.26; strong weight pigs mostly $6.40@ 6.60; lighter kind* under $6.25; heavy- welph* hogs $)>5.50@7.00; medltiou $6.60 ©7.0-5; light J0.55(ff-7.10. CATTLE—Receipts, 3,000; fairly active; most killing claeses sletidy; spots elrang; early tor) $10.40; Blockers and feeders dull with week's decline; good veialers to packers largely *9.00ffi9.CO. SHEEP--Receipts 7,000; fat lamb* mostly 25c higher; ton $10.75 to City butchers; sheep steady; fat ewes mostly $5.O0@6.G0. Wichita. Wichita, Kan., Juno 29.—IIOC.S— Receipts 800; Ec lower; top $6.70; bulk $6.n0igiB.6S. CATTLE—Receipts 200 including 100 calves; generally unchanged. SEIZED TWO-MASTED " SCHOONER AND BOOZE Pittsburg, Kans., Folks Tickled For a Chance For Fast Riding. ' Bakorsfield, Calif., June 2D.— A. Karbe. of Pittsburg, Kan., likes California's paved highways. Mrs. Karbe likes them too.; -They admitted Bp much in court at Delano, ' pear hero yesterday where they proudly acknowledged that they had driven their automobile a considerable distance at a rate of 61 miles an hour. "Fifty dollars," said" Judge Waite. "That's easy," said Karbe, as he fished out a roll of bills. "We' never saw a road llko that beforo and we couldn't resist the temptation," ' (By Th* Associated Preaa) Shelby, Mont., June 29— Shelby tore up lis hntsxln wild excitement for a few minutes today wlion a telegram nigned "Louis W. Till," was received at Mayor Jim Johnson's office, stating "Am leaving St. Paul tonight with' sufficient cash and securities. Assure you Gibbons' friends and fight fans will not,allow fight piarts to fall. Want Tom to have opportunity to put profiteering Dempsey In hospital." Evorybody thought tho message was from Louis W. bill, chairman of the board of directors e< the .Great Northern railroad, but later developments revoalod the mess-age was from practical joke^ trying to "raws" tho town. * Uiverhead, N. Y„ June 20.-—SuffolJt county authorities, aided by two federal prohibit Ion enforcement agents 'from Now York, irelzed a twcMnastod schooner 100 cases of liquor a.nd several aulomobiles at Hnmpton Hays, formerly kyiown as Good Grounji^Loiig Island where the homo of Charles i <T Murphy, Tammany chieftain, Is located. I The captain and crew of tho echooner eacapod to the woods oif*. the raiders arrested drivers of two4of the tru-oioH o*i which liquor was being loaded and a man who was directing tho loading. MILLION DOLLAR APARTMENT SHO(JLL> KEEP WOLF AWAY FROM BRIDE'S DOOR Mrs. Julius Bachrach -The proverbial wolf who IH wont to, Hachrach very much haunt tho doorstops of nftwly-.vedy probably won't worry Mrs. Julius For Papa Mnn- deUiaum made his daughter a wedding present of a million dollar Now York apartment building. BANDITS HELD UP PICNICKERS One young Wot)«an Stages Faint And Succeeds in Saving Her - Diamond Rings. POSTPONEMENT IN THE & K. K. CASE Atlanta, Ga., Juno '29. ot the petition of D. M. Rittenbouse, of Philadelphia and others asking the appointment of a receiver for the Ku Klux Klan was postponed to-day indefinitely when the caao tamo up before Judge HuniphrleB In Fulton superior court today. A temporary restraining order meantime enjoins Imperial Wizard Evans and other officers of tho Klan ifrom drawing, checks on the Klata bank accounts and from otherwise hat'dllng 'business of the order. • Two men In overalls hotd up picnic party four miles' out on tho Medora road about 9 o'clock .last night. Ono young lady in tho party saved her diamond rings by 'fainting before flio robbers had searclied nor. She was carried to a car while ono of Che robbers was getting some water ahe hldo hor rings In tho car. The robbery was reported to police station by L. M. Mclutyre, an employe of the United VVtUetr, Gas and Electric Co., who states that ono of the men had on a dark hat and tho other one a grey hat. OrVam tho entire party, the robbers The hoarbigokscoured ono ladles black onyx ring " 1 " with a eamll diamond set, a It Jewel Rjockford watch, and $»45 In money. An Investigation of the vichilty of tho ro|>bory this morning showed that the rohbora had gone/over to the Rock Ialacd tracke aJid then north. Factory and James U.ty win provlda the way Into t'hn Aretlojclrele. Tito 'Polar Bevtr is to be equipped with a powerf'til wireless telephona tnrtl will enable the party to keep la touch with Ottawa, llesldet* Mr. Uppercu and Mr. Reddin tho party will includes Howard W. Coffin, Harold H. Emiutms, Dr. Jamet W. Inches and William E. Metzger, of Detroit. The trip te expeitted to Ia«t abottt ft tiiouUi, two weeks of which will be spuut In hunting walrus and polar bears. BANDS OF MASKED M^EN. They Caused Soma Consternation In • Strike In Australia. Sidney, Juno 29.—Bands of masked men today made several raids on steel plants horo where a strlko is In progress-. The raids followed several clashes with the .police last njght and the stoning of a magistrate who attempted to read the riot act in Whitney Her. Company officials expressed fear their tho raiders might accidentally sot off stills containing high esploslve chemicals. * COLD IN OKLAHOMA.' Oklahoma City, Okla„ June 29. -r-Temperaturea Throughout Okr lahoma today descended, to new depths for this date, according to reports to tho U. 8. weather Bureau here. Woodward, In tho north west corner, had tho lowest minimum with 47 degrees. STATE CHAPLAIN OF LEGION. Rev. John E. Wllaon Is Made Secretary of Boys' Industrial School. Topeka, Kan., June 29.—Rev. John E. Wilson, of Osborne, otate chaplain of the American Legrqn^)as beonNip- polnted secretary of tho -etote boys' lndtistrlal school hero, effective July 1, It ftps announced by the state board of administration today. Wilson succeeds John Francis, of Baldwin, who hits resigned to go into huslness with his father. Major W. P. McLean, state commander ot the legion, is superintendent ot the school. More than 16,000,004) peoytc lira in coned citlea^ Some Big Money. Kansas City, Mo., Jtlne 29.-^J. W gorry, appointed trustee for tho bank rupt firm of Houston-Flble, brokers today received checks for $39,597.85 This is believed by Klmer N. Powell, rofereo in tho case, to be tho largest fee ever collected by a trustee 1 bankruptcy here. A Slight Mistake. It must have been a typographical error when the scientists spoke, about the sun strikes; ,th«v """st have meant the*>suu strokes.—1/oulsviHo Courier-Journal. Price of Lead Down. New - 'York, June 29.—Tho American Smelting and Refining Company today reduced the price ot lead from 7.00 to 6.85 cent" Per sound, TO CHOOSE SECRETARY. Women Are Candidates »or This Office In Legion Auxiliary. Topeka, K-un., Juno 29. - The executive committee of tho American Legion auxiliary of Kansas, Is meeting her* this afternoon to elect an executive secretary for tho entitling year . Mia ' Emma IUuklurn, incutnbent and Miss Kern naiiersfeUl, of Colfe.) vllle, former president ot the state federation of business and professional women's clubs, are the candidates ror tho position. AIRPLANE TRIP TO POLE IS POSTPONED Detroit, Juno 29.— Tho aerial Arctic bunting trip which a group of New York and Detroit men planned to make in a seaplane txntio time this month has been postponed until August. Tho postponement was decided upon because of the number of largo Icebergs reported In the north regions by tho Montreal aeodotlo Survey. The seaplanio Polar Bear, In which' the flight 1a to bo made, Is nearly completed and gasoline supplies already have been sent along the route to bo followed. According to C. F. Roddln, who with Inglla M. Uppercu, of New York, arranged tho trip, tho Olglit will bo over water all tho wuy. Tho Hudson will be followed to Albany, thence over 'Lakes George and Ohamplaln to Montreal and up to the Ottawa rlve-r to the Abltlbl lakes. From there the Moooe River will bo followed to Mo*se WHEN YOU THINK OF LOANS -ask McNAGHTEN! Chronic Diseases and Piles FREEH Illustrated Literature telling of housanda of satisfied patients treated by Dr. Hover. Don't consult another doctor until you have read every word of thla wonderful Non-Surgical, Health Booklet. Just place your address on a postal card and mall tc^— DR. HOOVER HEALTH INSTITUTE Offhpes 5!/ 2 West First Street, Hutchinson, Kansas. Will Call for Poultry and Eggs Anywhere CALL AT OUR EXPENSE FOR PRICES Sunflower Produce Co, Phone 2S22 713 S. Main

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