Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 7, 1930 · Page 20
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 20

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1930
Page 20
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D E C A T U R HERALD ^^ 30,000 Greet President and Wife in Cleveland Havana Students'Protest Meeting Routed by Police Fascist Leader at Play _ _ V l l l l l K I l i t - i u i i niiil M i * l l f t l i i T t l i n o , ( i w i n i n iiM\ Mltotnnl U Uevclnml, O hv iU.OOO pctaoui i v ! i i " i d n l ftinvdl in l l m l ntv in iwliliM* the final M*sion of tho A.muiuin E!nnluis association in I here Hit ftddreHi. dcnlinn with eronnmic mstualion, was deli\er«d before more than 11 000 In th* Public aiKhlorliim. Her* President snd fiMt lady make way dmnn Euclid ave as throngs V. S. On Magnate in Germany Last Girder in Place on World's Longest Arch Police in Havana, Cuba, (lathed the other day with student* of the National univtmty, who were meetinr lo protert the failur* to reopen their institution before thn national elections thtt month. Police- to dwperitng the uathormjf were forced to use both fKis ami chjhi, »nd many caiualtiei reiultcd, Hwe single policeman wrestles with two students while mounted officer aioum! from left. Ill) |'g II 4 Mil II I On« usually WBoctatex B*mii» Muiirtulmt « i l h i)ji Ijlefk «hlitH Faicistl, but when he i* holiday hem, he i«ff* "Ji* familiar hUtk shirt and dons * white on«, nnn h, l» »wn h*r* an ho n«lli*f fnnh at the Villa Torloma, OB hi* fa\ont« mount, on on« of ihw jsutim To iuiet the rumor* of hm itup}on«d illncnn, th« (ncnncr uk« obstacle* In true military fashion when there are any Mmtort on hi* estate. Crash Clips Doolittle's Wings. H I 1 I, li \ I l Hnrr) f . " M i n i m i , \rniMiuiii (il tun on it «(*n here vutli tus j at tin nmwd in Kcilin, C i i M m u i u , the other duy to ncj-nimto ttif ml l«n««i w i i h thn (liTman Kovirnmint The luntl thai, ^mclair 11 for lict m MCinitv iC Olil(nbuiB-Itnno\t,r, and lenses wili d(iitrri)(inijit( K ti\»ut.y million ltil!nr« i li) I i lt\ tt Ai iitinti s\vei.pine stcct mch. in the w w I d , is beinn (Mtclei.1 to link Buyonno X J, ami Malei! Itlnml. N Y , simii- nmtf K i l l Van K u l l fhis photo « ni nindo jUHt as the 1n!t Kir( i w n i hoisled into volition on the huK° tin At cither end can bo st-n the mo^-me toncreta w h i t h suppoil the You Must Come Over to Erin Six Cylinder Fliver Blimp on Trial Flight ^?AM*A Dil^-f Jimmy Doolittle, former m m v HK-I, WIIK ordficd 'KroumM' tern- JVOfflC rll(tl poranly by Kansai Cltj airpoit avuhnriUcit pendmit their in\e»tt(ta^ ^^^^^^^____^^^_^._ tion of comition which forced J.ieut. John M Cio* 1 * to mti'ke a pnr»- . chuta jump from a disabled artn tiainiiiit tilunc over "h« airpirU Hler S e m b i n c r « d l v nUor power dive. « f* xv?n IIM«, Doolittl*'* fs»t MyHlery S, elvmbinc r«pldlv nUor power dive. th« tail from Cro»*' plan*, of Kelley on Oil Grab I 111 I i III t U II t Ruling will* i n n j t i t i i mi) IAK liunjfiit nt Cnpe Mtij, N'w\\ Jeucv n th* I0l-(oot nnn-iieul dniKiblo, i n \ f n t « i ! hy t tipl Anton riiinnc it* fii«l t""*l tliKhl It i* jio-ni-tod w i t h (i iir-ci lindcr motor, and hvdrflften 1l u'fd in thi B«I Imp Cioncloliti act cm modi ted nnii i ' i n f t i n n lie nn«hnird in lc*s th*n a minute. Life Tragedy Broun Out for Congress Seat Hcte to ctleiid invMutiotn to nil Ameiicn to attend the Intcrnationnl exhibition which lull take place m 10 J2 in Ireland, tho Hon Bmry M, Ksran, foinisi mayor uf C'oik, Jrcland, la won here shortly otter his iiunal, in New York hotel. Exhibition will be one of the inott slab- mate affairs to take plnce m KTin'i islo in many years, nml Ireland is anxious to hjne this eountty well represented. Jolin A Prtlando (above) of West Lynn, M a w , has been engaged by 11 us soil Buatdman of Boston, Muss , to pilot American Ix^ion plane on a trans-Atlantic hop from New York to Rome. The American legion, which HUffcrNl damages (I)tough fire OR esc- of (lijrht recently, ha* been refilled Boordman will a«t as navigator, BRAZIL REI N»«l, Mill Forces Cil ice CAPITAL RIO DR (11:40 A revoti t)i* outh, en ·ectton* if I brmirinr nav forrt* tntn *·' ·rat*d «rr»* I l*nl tn botnbnn Rio rtrahd* do film r»port» of northern ft»t» ·toed trnor Kctaclo »n route 10 Rio in Tfc. HIV ot I (h» moat Impor *t»Krn roait f nr afcnul IfOOOi r»porl* from Danta? polltlol V«n ))o »»)* of tinntbnro had Jn th» rtn lionpn wi* Hindi 1 ropH pic nan (in aUon n f l c r nn B"Mo Y In SRO Psuln noiId and til Lo)»l fmc to nr Inft fnml «![)[ llnl of pi lei" will !'!· Thf ct\ hn ·nil fldiii v.n n( m loinmunkatfo Ink rt» FOM tltV tn Mi DBF Th* licu»l co mm* ·xevption of tin) M III rt is t *n) aft^r Train backs into bus at Spring Valley. Here's Result l " i n i k M i n u l l U n K l l u n u d t on ttrttl , n( i pinfe job RKIirtff i« llcy\\ood Broun's liobbv, he drew tCI. .ro'wd. In New V m k citv. »hon "« mada an aJdiv?M tn his tani- ?or eonrreM on SonMi.l ticket. \enweslas baidmik (abo\c), on* t f the outstanding figures in the tnth century hutory, is no* leading a ti attic existence m a coal peddler m Parjfue, C«echo- "lavakia. He fijuredprominently in the M ex Kim empue, serving ai an aid to Emperor Maxi- nullian and on the latter'* ex- eiution returned to the arm\, from w atter conflicts Senator Gerald Kye of th« conate InndK commilu* in ;een lt«r» f j Washington, j. c,, «* h« JtiK-n lowed'IU)ph .S, Kflley, former «hM of lh« federal land office at Denver, Col, (eft). In connexion wi»J th« cbareea preferred by Ihe lallcr on maladittlnfatration of ( nlond« oil thalo lands. Sen, Nye i* reporud to have mid that Kell*y *«« quite thoroughly juatined In hU charge*. Vets View Battle Grounds Cli HIV* JOH MONTEU R*tft B01IIC rlalmrd W« m»rit afipla B»llo Hortn ·UtP had Jo Th«y aluo tiler under on tl MtMna ot . t* poult) nn Cftvernm ·nv 'inf then! eomp Llkwl, Untt«r the lead* whip of Karl Howv, thl* pbity f ISO ^'l" 1 *' 1 , 1 ' *! t HAT! OHICAG *«· win b« *a 1»30; by PicUle A (Untie I'notw, o tow « -

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