Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 15, 1959 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 15, 1959
Page 4
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PAMPA t)A!L¥ NEWS SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 195§ On Tin* Shelf A dozen provocative works Of non-fiction are new At Lovett Memorial Library, "ftift •^Following summaries were prepanft by, Mrs. Lillian Snow, librarian, Man THAT'S MY BOY' Mrs. J . J. Ranee, left, presents a copy of her son-in-law's book, "The Impact of Airpower," to Mrs. Lillian Snow, chief of Lovett Memorial Library. The book is edited by Eugene M. Emme, an authority on aviation. Mrs. Snow has a pretty famous son-in-law, too. He, John Rosenf eld, is associate science editor of Life magazine. (Daily News Photo) By WALL.Y TRUBSDELL Dally News Staff Write Keeps They Say to catch up on all that has been senhower, Field Marshall Erwin written about aviation since the Rommel, Bernard M. Bauch, First World War. But relax. Its Lyndon Johnson. James H. Doo- ! the"'American"" governm7nr'ariii * • i . .1 _n •„ _ 1 _\_ ,..nl_ _ 1 11K 1 _ T^ ,1 -II— T> f^il.^MKnnlrn Mt^f4 " by Andre fhis brings to light our indebtedness to our earliest predec&aors and points up the continuity of our cultural history from the time cf the first appearance of our .oldest | relatives along the banks of, Eti- •ropean streams until the Arrival iof homo sapiens, the "wise man" Hie Army of tennessee by Stanley Ifofrt Nowhere in the annals of U.fl. military history is there a more tragic, yet Valorous, story than that of the Army of Tennessee. It is one of ever-changing command. ers, of bickering and wranglin? among its leaders, and a discouraging succession of dtssappotnt- ments and might-have-beens. Oklahoma (A History of the Sooner State) by Edwin C. McReynokls History in the making; the run into the Cherokee Outlet, Sept. ]fi, 1893. Of all the Oklahoma r u n n, this one attracted 'the largest number of contestants for free l^nrt, with 100,000 on the stauting lines., More than six million Sqres W.ex's available to the white settlers after the Indians, who were the orif,- inal owners of the Outlet, had received their allotment. Thus bo- gan the great wheat farming, ranching and general agricultural development of Oklahoma's northern counties. Robert F/. Loe In Twta* liy Curl Coke Ulster This book introduces a little known phase of the great General's career — his service in' Texas during the four turbulent years just preceding the Civil War. We see through the eyes of the "Academy Man" the raw life on the frontier and hear from his lips his impressions of the country and people. The Coming of The New Deal by Arthur M. Schlcsinger, Jr. This book tells of the assault of GRADUATE AIRMAN Technical Sergeant Bobby J. Brown, left, of Pampa, graduated from Crew Chief Training School at Castle (Calif.) Air Force Base last week. Colonel David C. Jones, director of material, presented him with a certificate of completion during the graduation ceremonies held at the Base school. Brown is assigned to the 329th Bom.. bardment Squadron as a crew chief. Shoplift ing Bill Introduced In legislature A bill to corhbat the $l8,W)8.6M jresit 1 shoplifting racket ifi Texfluf 1a« been Introduced 1ft the Texr* Legislature, W. L. Veale, M->.na3« 6f of the rtetfi.ll Merchants Assi» elation of Pampa, flald today. The sponsors of the le.fiRl.iHon fire Senator Robert W. Sa'ter of Houston and Represental've Carl "". Conley of Raymbiidville. Hie fnaln purpose of the legis- atlon, Veale said, Is to provid<» stiff er penalties for habitual of' fenders. The bill will also psrm't merchants and their (uithofz-vl laments to detain suspected shop- i lifters without fear of subsenur-t charges of false arrest or o t h e f civil suits. He said that when shopllftlnff ; losses are absorbed by retail outlets they constitute a "major item of overhead and that to c 6 v « f such tremendous losses, It Is nee* essar" to raise the prices of merchandise. , i It has been estimated that shop- j lifting costs the average buyer at 'least $2.50 each year In most cities and sometimes as high M ' $5 per year. Head The New* Classified Adu... Pampa Bands Set Monday Concert The silverfish is neither a fish nor does It live in water. It is a small wingless insect with a fishlike bristle tail. Dr. R, E. Thompson CHIROPRACTOR Hours By Appointment 8 to U 1:30 to 5:30 Thurs Sat 8 to 12 809 N. Bnllard MO 4-7678 A jet breaking the sound bar-| ecliled all in a boo5( wilh a 'little, Eddie Rickenbacke rier may have caused the mys-! gooc1 table of con t e nts, by Eugene Marshall G. K. Zhukov. terious "boom" that rocked the ^ ^mme. ' ; -— • — Top O' Texas last Tuesday aft-, Emme j ust happens to be the • i emoon. Who knows? Jet planes; son . in . law of Dr. and Mrs. J. J. LGDCmOIl and ballistic missiles are a far Rance ]00 \ v . Browning, The cry from the rickety crate that Ram . c - s have ever y reason to ba the Wright Brothers launched at proud of their j nc i us trious son-in- | Kitty Hawk about 50 years ago. :!aw who spenl nine yea rs getting 1 Great Religions enthusiast/I It would take & lot^of^reading- all tnig material together. ;heard a real authority on the Mos-i ,- - - ^ Appropriately titled "The Im- lem way of life recently. Their •t W a • Ipact of Airpower," Emme's book : speaker was Mrs. Robert G. Me- UiJlM 1^3 W ftllltlC i has ^ cen P lacs( ' on tne memorial \ Carthey, a Lebanese woman who • dill Mil I VUIIIJ 'shelf of Lovett Memorial Library, j turned Christian when she mar- jit was published simultaneously ried an American. •in the United States and Canada people on the Great Depression during the turbulent years of Franklin D. Roosevelt's first term in the White House. It follows th» reform and recovery efforts of tlv. New Deal In industry, finance, a«i ricultnre, the monetary policy, |conservation, labor policy and rs- Youths Recognized At Cadet School i by the D. Van Nostrand Company. Battle Creek, Mich. He hails from Piotippr Women In Texas by Annie Doom Flckrcll These biographical sketches have been prepared in the hope of preserving for future genei-atioivs a correct Ideu of the.'lives ami characteristics of the women who lived in Texas prior to 1845. PortraJt of A Statesman by Dennis Hardens Mobilization, th ; Mlddle East . Wlth her many A frank and objective biography . , ., :0f a man Mrs. McCarthey, who now lives , in Amarillo, was engaged by the a former professor of, Pampa Adult Education Group, international politics at the U.S.| Mrs . McCarthey had much to Air University, is in the office of| say about the status of women in Civil and Defense who Sir Winston Four Pampa school bands will take part in the Annual Winter Band Concert Monday night, Knox Kinard, superintendent of Pampa Public Schools, has announced. The public is invited to the Uob- ert E. Lee Junior High Auditorium for the 8 p.m. concert. The High School Band, two junior high school bands and a rom-j bined elementary school band! will be represented. The groups! are the Harvester Band, directed by W. K. Tregoe; the Pampa Jun-j ior High Band, directed by Sen: Gollehon; the Robert E. Lee B*\nd,i directed by Joe DiCosimo; and the All-City Elementary Band, under the direction of Charles Meech. The program for the Annual Winter Band Concert follows; ELEMENTARY BANDS Referee's March, Weber. Nocturne in Eb, Chopin-Weber. Melody Land, Medley. Building the Band, B. D. Walk- er. ROBERT E. LEE BAJST) imperial March, K. L. King, Belmont Overture, Hermann. Overture Belgique, Bauwens Chi dester. Beguine Festival, Arranged by! Glenn Osser. Beaded Belts, Frank Erickson. PAMPA JUNIOR HIGH BAND Royal Purple, Griggs-Yoder, Summer Holiday, Frank Brickson. Si. Trocadero!, Harold Walters. Air and March, Walter Purccll. Golden Bears, Paul Yoder. HARVESTER BAND Fanfare and Allegro, Clifton Willams. Sigfried's Rhine Journey, Wagner-Call let. Selections from Roberta, Jerome Kern. Hi-Hat _ Drum Solo, Paul rod-| er. Solo played by George Olds: Marcho Vivo, Everett Maxwell. ATTENTION ALL SCOTTISH RITE MASONS The Top 'O Texas Scottich Rite Association needs the help of all Scottish Rite Masons in this entire area. We need your assistance in planning some very important projects that can benefit the young men of this locality. All Scottish Rite Masons, regardless of which Consistory you may be a member, can, and should be anxious to contribute their knowledge and time for such a worthy cause. The association is planning to have a combination Bar-B-Que and meeting this February 20, 1959 at 7:00 p.m. at the Top O' Texas Sportsman Club. All current Scottish Rite Masons in this area are cordially invited to attend. PLEASE MAIL THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION TO BOX 760, Pampa, Texas NAME ADDRESS , CONSISTORY . / t U t V^I-CLJI JCl-1 I »T tHJ IJH >lll (^>t«JJ I ciirrtiv r'itv T« nfhArn h*> nttpnHpH , , "".' , .. ••, • - ' Churchill, the Efreatost P ri m ft i |Sicmx_ CUy. la. where he attended educated c , , fe of Iei3 MJ ^ \ b meet'Ts Howeve°r the teb sidered a worthy ««««»« It pre-j borne, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. P.! A perusal of "The Impact of aMa^woman*.' «»^ort "partial ^to "f nt * ^""i'^V " Ving P ° l ' lrail °'i Osborne, both of Pampa, receiv- Airpower" should tell the average French fashions than her Ameri- Sir Antflon y Eden - I ' ' The KnglLsh .People Earl Bogard, son of Mr. and Momingside College and married Mrs. Earl C. Bogard, and Jim .Oa- Miss Rance. ed high honors in a mid-year hon- reader exactly where we stand in can counterpart. or ceremony, conducted by Maj. i relation to Russia. Emme has ded-| '_ Gen. J. P. Cleland, president, at (rated the book to "Those free' ex»vrr\ Kemper Military School, B o o n e- men who must respond and well KALKA ELECTED Vilie, Mo. !to the challenge posed by n1 '" tant i k^l r\A/ki A KJ DDCVY The two Pampa youths are authorinrianism in the' difficult; N CYY mAIN rKtAT among only several cadets rlesig- days ahead." j CANYON <SpD Bob Kalka nated to two of the school's homr In the selections, some of the has been elected vice-president of societies. Bogard wa.s named to great voices of history speak the Newman Club, student Catho- the military and general societies, again. To name a few. Franklin lir organization of West Texas and Osborne to the military and D. Roosevelt, Wendell Willkie and 1 State College, athletic societies. Brigadier General William Mitch-[ Kalka, ,a freshman and agricul- Only a small percentage of the ell. 'lure major, is also a member of Kemper corps is eligible for mem-] We al.«o hear from W i .n s t o n the Agriculture Club and the Live- bership in any one of the school's Churchill, Herbert Hoover. Charles stock Judging Team. He is the honor societies, and membership 'Lindbergh. Major Alexander P. son of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Kalka, Indicates high level of achieve- d e Sever:;ky, Genera! Omar N.' White Deer and is a 1058 graduate ment. j Bradley, General Dwight D. Ei- of White Deer High School. In further honors, the two ca- — dels are ROTC company corn-' manders and cadet captains. Osborne ia commander of Co. B, which was awarded the athletic rosette at the honor ceremony for the best athletic record and was honored as the second best overall company of the five companies in the corps. Bogard is commander of Co. H, which received the general rosette as the company having the most points in extra curricular activities. Co. H ia the band company at Kemper. Osborne also was named to the dean's scholastic honor roll for the last grade month of the first semester. On the Eve pf Colonization (1003-1030) by Wallace Notestein The Cultural Ufe of Hie American Colonies (1007-1763) by Louis H. Wright TW Coming of Tho Revolution (1703-1775) by Lawrenco Henry Gijison The Fur Western Frontier (1830-1800) by Ray A. Blllington America's lo World J'ower (1808-19M) by Foster Rhea Dulle* Read The "Jews damnified Ad*. COOK'S PAINTS BIG SAVINGS for You First Aid Classes Set A standard first aid rourse, sponsored by the Wood row Wilson PTA, will bes;in at 8:15 a.m Monday in the school cafeteria. The clasa will meet Monday through Friday, according' to John Glkas, instructor. 4 rnaife-up class will be held next week when the PTA sponsors a night course, taught by Dan Lewis. Both courses will be open to the public. Nursery facilities will be provided. •4JVWH I-ewis will begin an ad vanced first aid course at 8 p.m. Wednesday In Whit* Deer High School. 'Phs course will be open to who has passed standard L*wis will b» in Pampa March W"-4.pril 3 to can4ttct an instructor cow**. The cow** will b» completed by J|. Ji GW4*ni April 6, 7. 9* C<jckrp*ehf»— Silver. A7U—WM**— *"l f»*U««- JOHN YANTINE 'STAMP.; SAVE PAMPA PRIDE STAMPS SHOP & SAVE WITH YOUR HOMETOWN PRIDE STAMP MERCHANTS . . . PAMPA PRIDE STAMP BOOKS when filled art worth $2,00 each and will be accepted by any Pampa Pride Merchants for purchases/ payment of bills, or for loy-owgy?. Your Hometown Pampa Pride Stamp Merchants Shop With Them and Save! CITV BK4CJTV SHOP 511 S. C'uyUr IABKIC CJCNTKR OF tW S- f'uylcr HOW & GEE GROCEKY *?1 E. Fredric MSSIE CHILDREN'S SHOP 115 W. M VCK'S BOOT & SIIOK S 830 W. Foster MURPHY'S "66" SERVICE 8TA. Mil S. Cuyler NECCHl E^NA SEWING CIRCLE 8^4 s. Cuyler in w. FO»U» 0 * B SERVICE, 201 N. ifft for Yew,., No Ouf-of-Tpwn Redemption High Quality Merchandise During COOK'S FAMOUS WALL PAINTS SHADOTONE ENAMELS In FLAT and SATIN Sheens Dozens of perfectly matching colors, tr>r walli and trim, in lovely, glare-free flat or softly lustrous satin sheens. Finest quality . . . super durable beauty! FLAT SATIN Reg. $6.18 JIANDABD CQLQtt QTS. «G, $1,90 NOW $1,71 $7,26 GAL ' TANDA8 D COLOIt $2,16 NOW $1,94 High-Hiding Alkyd Flat RIQ, $5,19 $^66 TT 6AIWN A beautiful, better- quality flat finith wilh a slight angular Durable. KG. $1.65 NOW $US COROVEL IATEX FINISH Finest quality Ittex finish in lovely colors. Can be brushed or rolled- on, Driei in miniuet free of painty odor. Rinsei from painting tooli with water. Washable. Standard Reg $6.31 Colon 5 GAL. QTS. fttg, $ 1.92 NOW $1.73 High-Hiding Alkyd SIMI- OlOSJ A better-quality, toft velvety n o n • K 1 a f P she en for walls and trim. Eity 10 clt»n with damp cloth. QTS. KIG. $2.02 fVOVV 51-82 SC99 5 GAUON IT mm mr^k • •i^P^I m HUrm A jjocni-qu»lity finish for quick, easy, economic* I decorating. Dries to lovely low iheeo ia roiautfs. Rioict from paJntia| tools with water! COLORS if 6. $4>84 $436 TP 6AHOM Unexcelled WHITE LATEX Budget • priced low • Igiter, beauty tot ceilings wallf. 1-asily applic-d with brush or roller. Urtet quickly. Washable. White only. gfG, $3,30 Monarch Hardware Co. 109 W. Brow a VI. E. "BILL" BALLA«P iJO 44683 4

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