The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 30, 1914 · Page 2
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 30, 1914
Page 2
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T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Tuesday Evening, June 30, 1914. 46 LOIS WERE Total of $65,000 Was Real, ized at Sale. Taylorvllie, 111., June 30--The opening of Khieald was continued through Sunday, the special lot sale closing at 5 o'clock Sunday evening A total of forty-six lots were sold, which Homer Brents, manager of the Kincaid Land association, says is very gratifying. The lots sold from $350 to $5000 for an aggregate of $65,000. John Fesser, or South Fork township, secured the lot ne.\t to the Sank building for $3,500 All of the lots from the bank building to the corner north of it were sold Taylorville purchasers were: Robert Burry, John A, Fesser. A. R. Buby. Fred A. Neu. Homer Brents and Hiram Young had prevlouslv purchased lots and are having houses built on them. which they will occupy as soon as completed COAX, MINE OPENS The Springfield Coal Mining company resumed work Monday morning with a force of 150 men The prospects are good for a pretty steady run at the mine The whistle blew Monday evening for work Tuesday end It is probable that the mine will work every day this week ENOCHS LED HICKS Mr. and Mrs, Guv Conklln were catur visitors Monday afaternoon. Mi-*. Will H. Birch and Clarence Williams went to Argenta Monday afternoon, for a visit with relatives. Clarence C. (Bud) Hess, who has been at home for a. few days' visit, went to Eftingham Monday evenlns, where h« will act a relief agent for the Wabash for a month or more. Miss Loretta Hess arrived home fro Anna, Monday afternoon, where she 1 has been for a short visit. Wilbur Behan transacted business In Decatur Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. McPheeters arrived home from Virginia. Monday evening where they had been for a visit with relatives of the latter. Mrs. McPheeters has been away for about a I month visiting her parents, while Mr. ' McPheeters went over Saturday evening and returned home with her. Mrs ·Willis S. Karris was a Decatur ^ Isitor Tuesday. IN MOULTRIE OulT T46 MRS. WAHL BURIED AT VANDALIA Vandalla, June SO.--Mrs. Susan Wahl, aged about sixty years, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. L. l.akin, Sunday night Funeral services were held Tuesday at 4 p. m. at the Pies- byterlan church, conducted by Rev. S B Murray, assisted by Rev. Thompson, of the Lutheran church. The deceased had been a resident of this city n u m - ber of years. She leaves three children. Mrs Lakln, of this city; Miss Julia and George, of Philadelphia All present at the funeral. The Misses Arline Humphrey, Louise Denny, Lyda Burnslde and Isabel Houston, attended by Mrs F. F Denny, went to Springfield Monday to be present at a house party given by Mies Virginia McLaln. Miss Zola Stum, of Crossville, 111., Is visiting Mrs. W. E. Schwlnd this week. SEE MISSING SON IN PICTURE St. LonUanB Find Youth Gone Fire Year* In Xavy «t Vera Cnu. j Pana, June 30.--A naval picture of 245 Hicks, ! . 181--Ma| m en loading- rifles on the battleship I Florida at Vera Cruz, Mexico, which 17" Shonfcwller, R . 92-was published in a. local newspaper on June 19. has resulted in the .location of Walter W. Rench. son of Mr. I and Mrs. Daniel Bench of St Louis, for Holzmuller, proprietor of the ( many years residents of Raymond, '·nest of Pana, had been miss! Saturday's canvassing Votes Cant In Primaries. Sullivan, Jun« 30,--The of the votes In the primary election for judaTft took place Monday The canvass showed that only 746 votes had been cast in Moultrie county on all three tickets, which was an axtremely light vote The vote for each candidate follows. Enochs. D Jerlty. 84 Begss. R , raajoritv. 78 Hau-baker. Prog. 64. MAKING "800 POSTAL CAHDS W K Star studio, s finishing 800 postal cards of different views of th« 111! 112.60. The check was-«lgned with the name of John t-Cooper, farmer living near Green's switch, and for whom McDanlel had been working. He passed the check on Mr. Claxton at the store, and when the check was found to be no good the warrant was issued. McDan lei was placed in the county jail. °-» ' ·NlSELL ICE CREAM IN COOL WEATHER 120 Taken la at Bant Park Baptist So. clol. About ?!5 was taken In *t the Ice cieam social held by the Baraca class of the East Park Baptist church Monday night at Garfleld park. This is not all clear as there was some expense. In spite of the cool weather, there was a large crowd. Ice cre'am, cake, lemonade, ice cream cones, and peanuts were sold. The money applies to the expenses of odeling the basement of the church, work Is nearly finished. Some carpenter work and plumbing remains to be done but it is thought everything will be finished by the middle of July. The basement will then have everything modern As soon as the work Is done the Ladles' Aid society will have its bazaar and supper. ALLENVILLE. The Ladles' Aid society of the Coles Bap- tlet church gav« an Ice cream »ocial on tne church lawn Thursday night Both McCabe wa» In Mattoon Friday , Sunday, Miss Bertha Pretton conducted prayer ser- vlcei at the Methodist church Thursday night. nois Masonic, home The order 'was ol»c«fi by Superintendent George W. Fumphre-vs ar.d Is tha largest order for oosta.1 cards ever placed with one of the picture galleries in this city ANMJAI* PICNIC. The Ladles' Foreign Misslonarv society of the Methodist church will hold Mrg Jamen Spaufh and daughter Juanita, 1 ' " · " Knott " · i Bertha Prei at the Me' ight. Kay Spaugh was in Mattoon Saturday, £Ir and Mrs. T. B. Hoaklns, Mr and Mn. J R Hoskins. Mr. and Mrs. H A. Hoskinfl and Mr and Mn 3 W Hoakint attended the funeral of airs Lucinda Barker at Cooka Mills Saturday, Mrs Lucinda Arnett was In SulHvan o\er Sunday she was called there by the death of her sister, Mr* Ruth Patterson The Rebekah lodc« K»\« an Ice cream jup- par Saturday night at the Odd Fellowa' hall. Mr and Mrs. Bay Bundy of near Bruce, spent Sunday with Sir and Mrs S«th McCabe Claude Mitchell of Efiflitftham visited his Bister, Mrs Mabel Sharpies, laet week. Ml*s Louisa, Proiton of near Wmdsoi. visited P D, Preston and family Sunday. Mrs Scott Turner returned to her home at Lake Fork Sunday, alter a isit \vlth her parents Mr ana Mrs V p Winchester. She \\as accompanied by her Bister. Miss Grace Winchester, who will make her a visit. Miss Grace Gllbreath of Whitley visited her grandmother, Mrs J H Humphrey, Sunday BEAT MATTOON' The Aliens llle baseball team defeated the afternoon on the Al* 3 to 4 wilt preach STONINGTO^ CHAUTAUQUA CLOSES 600 Ticket! Already SOU (or 1815 Ai ·emblr. Stonlngton, June SO.--The third an nual Stonlngton Lincoln chautauqua closed here Sunday night. Quite a large audience was present. The chautauqua will be held again next year, possibly tlie fourth of July week, with a celebration in connection The assembly was well attended this year as usual and already 600 tickets have bean pledged for next year and contract signed for the program next season. The preslSent of the Lincoln "system, Alonzo Wilson, of Chicago, made a special trip here Sunday and closed the contract for 181C. Ho gave a. short talk In she evening. NO CELEBRATION OX FOURTH. There will not be a Fourth of July celebration here this year as announced by some papers. The Stonington ball team will play at the Fourth as that town will celebrate the day. Many from here expect to attend at Moweatjua. Each team has won game this season and will put up good fight the Fourth to decide the championship for this season. DE1AND The Delantl chautftuqua closed Sunday It was a great fiuccee* and will be held again next year 3Irs Cbrle HODS and Pearle McGuIre, visited over Sunday In Wapella. David MpBrlde and family, Mr* Eliza Marvel, George Marvel, Cynthia Shrader and Robert Marvel spent Sunday in Lane Mr, Cranfield and family of Enterprise, visited Prank Griffith Sunday Loren Keller ot Eureka, IB a guett of Mrs. Ella Porter J Z. Combes and wife of near Montlcello, spent Sundav with E. Hayes and wife Ethnel Lowry of Lcroy, li visiting Nell* Motherpaw S. Mirquls. Jim Kankln Dr McDeed. Will Kesler and wives of Monticello, attended the chautauqua Sunday, J C Bicket and Mllzer Trumme) of Clinton, epent gunday at the home of J. E. Bickel and family John Dreaback and family of near Farmer City, spent Sunday with Lyle Cathcart. N»wt Staita, Jake Statti and families and Carly]* Doyl* and family ipent Sunday with W11L Statts. Mr* C RJdgley of Montlce.lo, visited Bunday with J. F. Motherepaw The male chorus of the wethodlit church will ilng Thursday night at the Methodlit revival at Downs Union church ecrUcei were held Sunday morning at the chautauqua tent. Rev. Mr. Phillip! preached and Mies May Shepherd sang, Stella Buehee of "White Heath and Myrtle Crook of Monticello, \%er« here Saturday to e music lessons number of friends and relatK'es will take dinner at J. E. Bicker* Tueeday Many Prizes to Be Awarded --Ball Club Organized. Maroa. June 30.--The citizens of Ma r'oa met Monday nlsht at the city hall to make arrangements for a booster day program to be given July 3. This is to be a booster day to further tbe success of the ball team'movement With Frank Beckhart acting chairman of the meeting, elections were made as follows: Manager of ball team--Dick Jones Secretary--Wray Cramer. Treasurer--Albert Rieklnd. Captain of the team--Ross Bolen. Finance committee--A A, Coulter, B D Bolen and J. H. Sterling Subscriptions to the amount of 164 50 were raised: $48 baxlng been previously sub-The advertising committee comprises J. H Weilepp J. F. Mettler and J F. Jump. The Maroa team will be known as the Maroa Commercial club. George Graff, the local tailor, hai been Instructed to make ten new suit,. the material being donated by the Maroa Merchandise company A A- Coulter the furniture dealer, win donate the chain and J, H. Weilepp will haul them to the ball park in his suto truck, rcnt- Inr them at 10 cents each. S B Nowlm has donated th« use of the ball ground, on hl« farm In the northeaet part of town and Harry Elllgon. Dr A. c Ammann Wray Redmon and Phil Redmon are to put the ball park In first class condition The boosters meet will take place directly fter the ball game on booster day. BAND ALSO DONATES George Conover hai donated the services of the band and It Kill furnlth muilo for the e\ent. About twenty player, are being tried out and the regular team will bedeclded on July 7, when they expect to play Clinton The Maroa Commercial club will jchedule game, with other teams on any day except Sundaj and It IB the expectation to play a game on each Thursday afternoon. PRIZES OFFERED. Twenty-fhe dollars In prizes will be awarded on July ft. Among them are for fastest time running from home to flret jase First prize: one dozen collar,, Maroa Merchandise C o , second prize, SI 25 pocket knife. I G Llnvllle Fastest time running from home to see= ond base--Firet prize, safety cross cut razor, 3melz, Hobbs Co., second prize, |1.50 ball bat, B. M. Mells Fastest time running from home to third I bas«--First prlzs. 11.50 Arrow shirt C. F. Crum; second prize fl.OO box fancy groceries, P. W. Waller, B«st time roa4« in circling bases--First prize, one bor Wedding Ring cigars, C C Smith: BecoDd prize, $1.00 tie clasp, J. Crick- Longest throw--First prize, pipe and case, R A Jones, second prize, tl 25 ~ Wellepp'i hardware store. tl 25 baseball. Longest throw by lady--First prize, $2 50 hammock, A. A Coulter; second price, $200 box candy. Cooper bakery. Fungo hitting--First prJs«. box White Ash cigars. Schenck Cigar Co.; lecona prize, silk tie and silk stockings, E. B. Belden t Co Fifty yard dash for boys under 18 years-$1.00 cash. Dr. C. H. Wood. The booster day will be on Thnrsday as this la the regular band concert evening, a LOVINGTOrfToSES TO TERRE HAUTE Cab* Meet Snperlon in Fast Bull Game. Lovington, June 30.--The Cubs met the Terre Haute Standards In an Inter- csltn game here Sunday afternoon at i the association park. The game went td the visftlng team by a score of 10 to 6. The locals were simply outclassed and at no time were the visitors In any great danger of losing the big end of the score. i The attendance was hardly up to the | standard, but those who witnessed the , contest declared it to be a good game. The N two teams were lined up as follows: Terre Haute--Dlnkle, Ib; Day, cf; Dalhen, If: Owens, 3b, Magee, rf; Ben- son, ss; Anderson, Ib; Lovell. c; Black. P. Lovington--Clotfelter, 2b; J»hnnon. c; Ray, 3b; Freeman, is; Baker.«f] Chtpp*, Ib. Martin, U; Cheever, rf; Keyes, Burress, p. Score by Innings: Terre Haute . . . . 1 0 5 0 0 2 2 0 0--10 Lovington 0 0 3 1 1 0 0 1 0 -- · Hits by Innings: Terre Haute 0 0 2 0 0 1 S O 0-- 1 Lovington 0 0 2 1 * 2 0 2 0--9 Dr. B. L. Maenithal Physician Dr. H. F. Armstrong Dentist Have opened their office at 245-249 N. Water St. Above Kaufman's Clothing Store." iuu.ww.« b « --· --.*·_»..,,...-, rne Aiien^uic oaeeoau team uei by his parents, after he I Mattoon team Sunday afternoon o ,»,, »,, ,,,,_ .vo_ »!,.,, lenvllle diamond by a score of 10 ilng for more than five Rev i ri Etout ot Eningham, w years. Mr. and Mrs. Rench recognized i at the Christian church Sunday mornlns in the newspaper picture a striking re. semblanca^o their son, who disappeared from his home when he was seventeen years old, ajid they sent for tile r'cture as originally made, and then loop up correspondence with the navy department, learning from the offl- ana Sunday night SHOBONIER. Fr»d Cox, Ron Blinkenshlp, B«rt and Leo Manlon of the local band assisted the VanAa'la band at the Aucsburc icnool picnic Friday The tut Quart«rly meeting of this conference year for this circuit will bt h«ld the past the supper has been given at respondence with officers o£ the Flor the different homes of the members ' Ifla in Vera Cruz harbor, In an effort and on the. lawn AH members of the i ; c bring parents and son together once society and their families are Included ' nore. When he enlisted In the navy in the picnic ', Rench gave an assumed name. BRIEFS -- -Miss Emma Fried arrived home from WARRANT ISSUED Deeatur Sunday evening, where she had been for a few days' visit with her friend, Mrs. Ansel Llvesey. and her t«cfttii«r t Gordon Sharp. Roy I/. Serlyht has returned to hi: hone In Louisville, after a few dais' vjilt with relatives Mrs Serlght will CHARGING FORGERY remain for a longer visit Leonard McDanle! Alleged to Hove Faiccd Bad Check, Leonard McDanle!. eighteen years old, living at 1244 East North street,. waa arrested by O f f i c e r s Meece and postponed one w-eek. Al tha crowd will be i somewhat dhlded on July! tbe concert will be given Saturday July 11 | Samuel Robinson was a visitor with relatives In PatoHa Sundav evening E M Andrson and wife, after a few days | visit In Patoka and Sandoval, returned home U Eorn to Mr and Mrs Fred Richards. Sun- , day, June 28, a daughter ' E4 Anderson and wife of Patoka, were v Isltors here between trains Sunday even- , p' M Manlon, foreman for the I C railroad at this place was a visitor at the Clinton headquarters of the road Monday Mrs Sarah HooHInt of Seminary, was a passenger for Decatur Sunday Mies Zelcnia Mitchell who spent last week with friends at Watson, has returned home, EmIJ Shucar waj called to Olmatead Saturday by the death of his brother's eon A Sale Of Dresses That Is Heretofore Unequalled We are Going to Almost Give Dresses Away Mrs. Charles Daley was a Decatur , Kossieck Monday night on a state war- JJ^/'gJJ'j 1 ,**' hcl11 Sunday He r « turned °Durtn«T "the absence of Postmaster George J Mftzger and son John. Saturday, attending the funeral of Mrs Henlnger James B BftzMr and George Seara ^srn In charge visitor Monday afternoon. Mrs Almond Nicholson was a Decatur Monday afternoon rant sworn out by George clerk In the Beyer grocery, Claxton. charging him with passing a forged check for 1 This store will close at noon every Thursday during July and August. It will also close for all day on Saturday, July 4, but will be open until nine o'clock on the night of Friday, July 3. Neckwear and Needlework Specials Heavy Silk Cords, 1 yard and 10 inches long with tasseled ends, in a wide range of colors including Helio, Tango, Pink. Light Blue, Emerald, white, black, Mordure. Alice and Scarlet. Very exceptional 25c values which we offer for today at each Net Tub Ruching in a special make which is particularly desirable because of its excellent laundering quality, and which is invaluable in this torrid OCk/» weather, at yard *atie)C Chiffon Tunics, ready to wear, white 01 colors, in Russian and short lengths. Very stylish, up-to-date, and economically priced. Childs' Stamped White Ratine Dresses which need no ironing and are particularly desirable for hot weather wear, at each Cottage and Porch Pillow Slips made of attractively flowered Cretonne, at each 49c and 49c LfGHT WEIGHT WASH FABRICS GREATLY REDUCED Sooisette Silk, a half-silk fabric of Jacquard weave in white grounds with attractive floral designs. A handsome 26- inch fabric which we have " .- "_-j V\ reduced to yard 1.5/C 30-inch Printed Batistes, an attractively fine fabric in handsome, staple designs, consisting of handsome figures and stripes in black, blue, pink and helio on -j A white grounds, reduced to yard... JLUC Ratine Raye, a medium weight fabric which is particularly desirable for separate IN FW SPA PERI skirts, and which we have in pink, blue, helio and tan stripes. A 29-inch -\ Q _ fabric reduced to yard JLc/C Sheer Organdies in pretty floral designs in pink, blue, helio and gold. A fine 27-inch fabric reduced to yard Tissue Ginghams 30 inches wide, a fine, sheer fabric of which we have but ten bolts left. These are great bargains at the reduced price of yard bV«A p-njilJO lOc Thousands of them! The styles women want. The Dress Sensation of the Year Beautiful dresses of awning stripe voiles, dotted and figured d'mities, floral striped lawns, sheer, filmy, clingy crepes--charming long Russian and shorter tunic styles, elegantly made and trimmed with laces and the new girdles. You could hardly imagine that so much loveliness could be bought for so little money. $3.50 Dresses $1.89 $6.00 Dresses $3.85 $5.00 Dresses $2.85 $7.50 Dresses $5.00 All Dresses up to $10, choice All Dresses up to $15, choice COATS, SUITS Choice of all this season's models, worth up to $1S. $5.00 .55 COATS, SUITS Cho'ce of all this season's models, worth up to $35. $9.85 Literally Thousands of New Summer Waists Voiles, Batistes, Organdies, Lawns, Dimities, Wash Silks, Crepe de Chines,. Such a wonderful variety of cool airy summer Blouses. Heaps and heaps of them »n the July Clearance Sale at prices that wiH excite the whole town. 69c LOT 1 -Lingerie wa'sts worth for ................. LOT 2 -50 dozen ladies' waists in crepes, voiles and rice cloths, trimmed in lace and embroidery. Regular $1.50 and $2.00 waists Monday for . ., ..... Lot 3 -- Pretty tub silk and fine lingeries waists, worth up to $1.48 LOT 4-Pretty crepe de chine blouses, in all dainty shades, worth up _to $5 . rtjrt ,10 for «P^.4O The new Commodore Perry middy blouses of Lonsdale twill, silk embroidered emblems and plain white trimmed in red, black and white striped, dark and Copenhagen blue in all sizes. $1.25 value for $1.00; $1.50 value iDK/GOODS-Ga '207N.WaterSt-£ecdha:Ill. Sciatica, Its Cause and Cure "Bctatlca." according to Dr. Twlttc; of Columbia.' Uadlse»e due either to prci- lure ot tumors on the ·clatlo nerve, lome- waere in the pelvis or In the nerve trunk or to neuralgia, and It 1* characterized by e«- vere pain. It very often follows lumbagor some cases are caused b» Impacted fece*) pressing upon the nerve. Bcittlc* attack* women more often than men. children being very seldom affected, and between. the agea of 80 and BO the dlseue IB most common. Goutand rheumatism seem to ba the active causes of tbe disease, which U therefore called sciatic rheumatism. Tbe treatment Is varied and man; remedies hare been tried without success. Reik Is the best thing lor the trouble, ana tho more profound It Is, the better, and 11 possible have the limb encased In a splint, so aa to preventanymotion. Thepalnlsthemost Important thing to relieve. Counter Irritants, mustard plasters, iodine, etc.. hav« been tried with more or less temporary benefit. Cold applications have proven ot valne. However. I have found AnU-kamnlaj Tablet! to «lve the most prompt and lasting relief."»Two A-K tablets every three hours Is the dose which has proven satisfactory in the most severe cases." These tablets may be obtained at all druggists. Aik for A-K Tablets. They are unexcelled lor headaches, neuralgia, an4 all pains. If troubled with any slcin dlecase get a boz o! Antl-kamnla (A-K) salve. Consider the Fact That ninety per cent of the lots now sold in have been bought for future use. Can there be any stronger endorsement by the general public? PHONE FOR BOOKLET Either Phone 1028. STENOGRAPHERS should take care of their *·«· because their llvc'lhoni] depend! upon their bolns able to us* their eyes steadily. Eminent a u t h o r i t i e s agree that «y« strain Is tl e root of nuny nervous troubles Proper glasses n l l l stop headaches and pre\em f u t u r e trouble, We are t h o r o u g H j equipped to examine your eyes a n J grind proper glasses. Twenty years «'\r?rlcnce In t h i s kind of work 0 WILLIAMS V PTDMETMST OPTICIAN. I Opposite Millikin Bank. 107 N. Water St. Just Starved Nerves! "THIS IS JUST WHAT YOU NEED." Wade's GOLDEN NERVINE I* th« ONE 6ep«ndablo remedy for nervou* de- billts,*' Insomnia, weak heart, and ALtj nerve-wrecked and run-down condition! In men and women. Ton have positive]! NEVER used anything; Ilka It. It I* absolutely free from alcohol, morphine, 01* ANY OTHER narcotic. It !« to soothing and restful to over-wrouHit nerves, and gives such fine, healthful stimulation. and BUILDS UP the strencth promptly and permanently as NOTHING ELSE! win. 'ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE, it TOUR drufgUt will not order for you. It trill b« mailed on receipt of fl by Gent Medicine Co.. fit. 1 Louis. Mo. A fair doses of this great re«tora.tlv» makes you feel like new. It Is a REAL FOOD fop starved nerves, and a. general nourishing tonic for the ENTIRE SYSTEM. Tiler* Is NOTHINO mad* which lives suck prompt results. Wade's Golden Nervine) la sold everywhere, and In this city by, Xhe DecMur Dm Co., Dsester, in. '1WSPAPKR!

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