The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 4, 1973 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 4, 1973
Page 10
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THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS ,.Fttq*Ml. Ttxas, Mottday. June 4.1873 Chocolate Bayou. (Continued from f'ajto 1> »l*l*d thai th<? Chocolate tUtyou project entail* only minor changes to an existing waterway, and U has hw wholeheartei) approval. Speaking In opposition to the Improvements, Mrs. Martha Peterson of the Chocolate Bayou Water Sportsmen Association, questioned the corps as to how much money it will cost taxpayer* to repair the damages to the environment that the project will incur. She. chided a trustee erf the Anglcton School District who was quoted as saving that the revenue trow the project will buy a lot of fish. "That's the nwwaauts OOGCEDTOILE7S NtVU AOAIN |IM« tkk (nU. t TOILAFLIX ToiUt • CtNTTM IfWl/. CAWT WO »«X»W •J" AT KUOWAIf 1KMH "mentality of a seven-year-old who think* milk c\inte# from the grocery sttire." she Mkl. Dr. Robert Jamar, head of the Save Chocolate-West Bay Inc , stated that the commissioners of CAR District Number 3 have taken matters into their own hand* »nd ignored the vixers wishes on this matter. He questioned the rationale of spending Irderal money on a project that will benefit only million dollar industries J.imar also staled that the "sfwil" <f"«n the dretlgin^. which the corps ftunt to dump primarily into West Bay, should be dumped on the property of the chemical companies on the bayou since they are the only benefactors from the dredging A spokesman (or the Sierra Club of Houston, l>r M Ma*on Guesj. urged the (.'&c\» oi Enginfvn to look a! the loot; term effects of Kulure atton on the bayou. "we have reached the pusnt for poEluti-jn in Uus area ' Tom T>« of tfse Hou^tSun Sportsmen's Club. stating he B not imdustr)' as such, but (hat h< w strongly opposed to mu!tipJ« induitnjlijjtkon What n nint on Chocolate Basou is tolsrable, T)-c* »rtsl on. but more of it will turn th* hay^xi into another Houston Ship Channel and kmer Mi&u&uppi Rner. Cecil Reed, of lh<- Sportsman flub 01 TV.SA.V reflected thf same sentiments "America's natural resources hjv? tvss\ ravished bv Lfae peopJe." he said "We fcusi nos ctestru? what Itltl* rertuiss " TOILET LEAKING? THE korky s -„., p.; •'/•••• I •^•<B : / '' LAVELLE RUBBER CO. ALL SUMMER STOCK REDUCED on°/ AND ^V/ /O MORE PANTSUITS BODY SUITS SWIMWEAR / SHORT SETS SHORTS HALTERS AND A FEW BRIDAL GOWNS PRICE RACK TOO! JUNIOR SPORTSWEAR & DRESSES at Drive Lake Jaducn The forgotten men HONOR f.KADl'ATKS at Whirton Urgent of GvKifer. twth High Honor County Junior College's J7th (CrwAuaJw S*cw»l »tr*. Wl t» flftHi J K«rvt«r» in \VKifUwi C">tithii» Kvjinit o/ S*c«ij. IVtHwab fir's'. rv>«. Wt Su n^ht. VVjiUctw IHahem irf Brauwrt* 4f*l i»»f? Kri*.tm.*r Grocery cart needs more bacon to fill Uj UHISKIUOK 'r*«i Wrhrr t'X aiJ urnu <fe*ck«J, JS. ( e«ont*f t^ltrcttftg »,*fhc? ^cr cer.f (Acftawtil in prk* to UaL-Tru.Mrj a! thr *ft<;i««!.4la- "Hw Anw-ftcjn wj.gir i-nrtsfr it* \*ttv nvmtKt trcra Mdfch !<"»*l w fiotfig So^vip So briKij" bo«!« | [^ J urw , 5 jy J jj^j crfti ( t:tp<*?« <ft l,a»4ao t)r\rJ' 'jh.f, icv an A^ttx'tjErd .'turkrf.tvn.lkft 4ur-»v Th«- AV chrck*«J rf ti !».ii .tf«J pn.ifct.'t.* in 15 ei'.!«fi ^C to per crRl •*« or* u/ t.V two cfe«t* daim TV '.i.-Ul (Bjrkrttajik** bUI WAJ up is 13 c:C»r« i.Ttl (Jijwn in Ih* t«.-j!ir.nir-,« of each ifw. yj> m It . up ta 'isci!i««. W (Nc ta>« t OMMl Ntn HlWCITAt (It BK.\ZO«'OHT Hil>\\ V.ri V \l I'.u.V, t.Mi.T l'JX J « t-iic Jflc'tvcn s,\nut)\\ Mr*-i K i> l>*t..f^> Kv^r^y. \*:^V f .;:.f. VSr-i t J •tiwr.r- VlaSlir- t..ikr M SDAV MfS >! U l^lUl-J t.« -S ».'•<,» j'««r J'JjfJt, \." ij-.-.-.J H Murrjv CSur Mri I S, {•< s ,,'r'»f( ^Wirxif Till VSC.t KION IUVBl KV HO.>IM'T U. NAVY ENLISTED CACHE PROGRAM HOW SVt>U.i> VltV 1 IKK. TO "TO N\Kl, IO I.IKK Ht\NCK. (.CltMWV. CiMUKl'K. NOMTM AUtlt \ tlH If V()l IJKK \N OHIKVTAI, .SKITISt.. JVI'AN IKINC. HUSO. T1I.MI.VSD. AND T1IK l*»HI4.iriNKJ>" ItKHVK A >IOK». TIIVS SI » s'f VNTIM. H\l_\in . WITH r'tllM.K BK-VWrTS Si'tll VS: HlFf. MKM..S. I (HM.ISO. MKDKAi.. OUST \l. ( \HK. AM* je ll.VY.n }'\II) VACATION t'KK YH\K IK Vlrt \HK \ IIK.II HtlUMH, (.KAIH'ATf: *N» ttOU.ll I IKK TU I!K. V I'AKT OK T1IK, NAVV. HIT tt.VVr TO HI'KNtJ T1IK Hl'MMKH AT HOME. T,\K|: \UVANT\l.K. OK T1IK, NAVV'S CACtIK tf'RONOt.N I'KII IViMli $'K(H<I(\M. I I'OS MKKTINI. MK.MAI. A.SU J'HY.tlt Al, BKMI'IHKMKMS YOl Hll.l. UK GIAMAVTKKI* A N\V\ StHO(H, IS OSK. or JJ OIKKKRKNT m'.U>S WITH oVKK y* UIKKK.KKNT JOB SPKt'lAl.TIKS. A1.0N(, WITH TIIK OPTION OF DKLAYIM. YOtH M TIVK IUTV I>\T>. IT TU IM WAYS KOH Kt I.I. DKT \IIJS. CONTACT YOl H UK'At. N\VV HKIltlin.K IS H\V HTY. C.O BY AMI hKK HIM AT?<W» A\ K. <. OH UIVK HIM \ CALL AT J»VJli7 (HJ 21VJI7I. IK (U T OK TOWN. CALL COI,LC(T. •TU AMPS 7.S 9,000 t^OOO F«r WATTi COST •M I1I9 mo mt f.1 •t LOW COfT, •UV FRIOIDAIIIU llf jJJKiSJlion btjjn?»J '.fst in lirjf rait uneil ftj faf '.Ne JO six Jii" A tfar cr.«!Hjjit *m4 front V? to *7 cifr.t* on June 1. chop* (JrriirjfU «t nus»* fh h4» «W CliWTH t t« Ji AI.T.f«i all (hr iKrfc in Ih* (in! (*<i ir,<» •/»! pfwrs !<~. oil itlrt May 1 . (irspiSr hi^ markvt r>AU<AH <A»"» KekM M ott* ul abut)! «o furntrr Vi*l«wm {Wtwfwf* »{ war »ho exujtrd their eaptur* or w*r* fcl**»«-il Wore thf *ar'» WK|. only tu IWM,* tfttt Ml Ittwh >(' III* of Own* wer«tn't in thin Hiynelf," Kcke* *«iti "It trt-m* like <tw«« IK)W* h«v« tMmi target!**) They ifcn't know what benefit* Ihejr arrn't getting " K»-ko» <MK) Iwnwr |H)W* are cniilk«i to a ivn« car Two injured in 288 crash* T*o pttMn* »«« tr*»bKl f«r muse* WJM»)*» i (eikrting * on sit m <<**» ily tw<> ; UMSM?. 6tl wt»> »tfr tntittd l ta Ih* Cutiun Bw*l t*t« the ruiiMrn ot Ifae f of tit*r 1*1, Mfc' > vnrvv 80 i (fciUf 4 .'ittirr. ?.-/ is t* (lew Jaart Amrr. N»i'l lu» T*T Kr»oUta !.(/* | n , Gulf Oil llo«. (41. lieu. NM, Mwror Nalco J, C. Scan Triaco I'bllllpt \ icl < '( ,1s fut-idtftt 0*JW(»*Y for Mitine* ntar It* Vt*</um 111- * a> turtkt Itst to lurrtwr r. «, dm** «< * i t*fc*n I*. »»<i Aflgtrtm Ml ft win * by M'* »U«W rt, ft *«•* t'efaffibfai She «*» «•* t» iht wwilfe **«*A«M, J p «A Tlllf . League names new officers **» TWi»t TJw f fwtrsf i i-i!rt?.A!iK»l ?.«:'« .:YJJwt? f-5* 'Jjf !''•'>•• ,' jf<c*f TNe !.'.«•« •:*!'««*•» Ut Mit iJ*» MJ/I j* SI<1J t.<f«£;i*.i»i? » VJst U»» Man nearty drowns ^-J^^,^^ at Surfside Beach SELECTED STOCKS iOMIMG QUOTATIONS (ompltrarnuef Tbr HUNT HARDWARE WATER HUTIR '59 'sis 'r^ I"'' 1 .' i 'i" CLUBS SOUGHT FOR RODEO CONCESSIONS »ji.-». .I. * t - j' >•• • • • • • •.,.. • IV..,:.- .-,--: ». •• •••-, vf ..'•-• j ,! .1- r-..;.-* 4 i J. • 4 V * * ' » \*> t ••• '. • r * t S .* *KM, * v*,t-» -J-^ ;-,e-*", • «-f T t CHOCOLATE ,10 C Yellow, Red or Piai<J Separates Off PRtCi '"8 i suns AND ORCSStS 20% 'Q Off OH All IR eiousis BODY SHIR IS SfllCIlON Of SHRINKS, PtRFECF fOR SJ<OR!S. JtANS OR LAYERED LOOK • Off . In Good K'S Hl-ANTATlON CKNTKR Cool Comfort with a Coldspot 21,000 BTU Air Conditioner '289 s • I >««»»» tor -»t)l« front p«n«l r«vcrt«« from burled «irn look to can* Uiturs lUmofM It* pint* of nioUture from th« •ir d*lly Adju*t*bi* I'M Xtart Kutq Fagmtnt fkn] W» MlfU* «h*« w* Mil, *rb«v>*c r«« lt TI71 P«i<«* »<« <'*Ui«« >'«k« l*«t(.«ir, SHOP AT 8KAU8 AND HAVE WiWHf,V Sears t-HKKI'OKT

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