The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 29, 1923 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1923
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. FRIDAY. JUNK 29- .-IWJ John Solomon, ' Clomlnt—that mentis tho twins, Castor I "Here hn In," said somebody. "Hece :md rollux—" ho Is, sir!" Fortier H* the hulking flume of Solomon was -mailed forward An Cros Michel Uirn'lind dart a seemingly i. u, » « r w " '"TV""?,. '? "•*«<• a"'™- -irolHss looV at the «peiiki 'r He ralul ho hllnked stupidly from tho body uui.-tly held out his hand »nd took the! °» ' 1<!<:k "> tho ke * n «prutlny of SYNOPSIS. -vw- fttMiiiM roach LatouKho In the i-M'Tf-Mt i. -Aiinr i,;ivprBnn m\ MM ; mo riling, antl nvav wtop (hero Cor mall ;':;;; l v ;i ,r n s,,i ' li S !;:.!; 1 n,i ,, n,,M;:: »«w:i™. A »- «mi-,, ,t,.ci 8 I*-™ .. ,-t to John 1'hllhrtflc, m, i .ui r*- thn WntGiMpriie tliiTB whon ho i» not. unit f.-uMifu), but not ^^^i uKlng lir-r. UtUmche ia tho pariah neat, •'" j'fju know." "ii. M m.'tu, ,ts Ah I.i'i>, tlin Mnii irvtiij: tn h"U» Altm;.' «.riihvlli« ^ ^)iicr!f)Hi* .!"iin Holonmn. Allnn'n I Kortier nodded ttvid Mm'tnty Htul Jilrt uon, Felix 1-ici.cnf.w "t looking sifter her in- 1 . . j.t.A to K r -t •otitrol of ih* pl .inUi- • WXio Hlloncn, I httvti.\vtth mo a mini "ISy tho way," said tho girl, :iftor a pappr. V'Tlirro's HO tolling." h*? pnhl, Inward* ly cuming his'huHt ot caution. "Something that ho m^ant to toil von about, pvtdontly. I 'L -vhap3 I-hflbrU'k will launv." "Oh, of course ho will!" exclaimed Allno, rollovpil. Philbrick knows ev- crytliidK—uiy father always tohl him ovnrj'thIng. An(i there's uncle now. Slmlt wo have ten -sarverl hero, Uncle navlriv" Ma-tarty vanity up nnd Fortlor put tiway tho paprva In his pocket. Iln at-, tachf'fj ?h/ lnij-ortnnce to-Jhls hurried*] scrawl, yet II might hnvo soma mean- IIIR . Ho (lolermlntMl to ask Phllbrlek noout It. upon rcfit-hhiK tho Islhnd. That evening. Aline retired- early, leaving tho two men to smolco to Kolhnr. Korller found his host no IORH eharmlnsr than at their first nipettng; Indeed, Mnearly seemed exerting hlm- selt to make a favorable Impression upon the young attorney. Fortlor smiled, for he could read the othe.r maii'd mind like a map. Ma early ranc-lcl that hi? Kuept was a raw youth", easily impressed, who could be "3 is ber of napor* that father had left-In j twisted around a deft fingor win. out bis Hafe -doposit box in the bank Wright. "Heo hero, steward!** said the latter bru.squely. "Did Mr, Thompson have any conversation with you yes* torday jn regard to. a kniTo?" i * "No, sirr not aa I knows of," returned Solomon wheerily. "D—n your eyes!*' burst out Tho-mp- ison, enraged. "Don't you dare to—" " Shui; up!" Wright lifted his pistol. "Not a word, Mr. -Thompson! Now, in i'ti.M"l'i;n II. -Onp of LlwMr sell-,..-., .... ,, . „ - . t . .-.,„. uu- l.»ynu nnil imuTary up )u*r I N«w Orleans, They all socin to be - n.-M- Then thi'v r.-v to Kot. TI '1 t,t . deorip and old papers dealing with the v;bi;.-k AJ.'ne * VJHP.--M .'. tho MaojirtyM 0rttii j„ V/ouJd It be worth while your "I X^!U a h*•p«Hn"' r • 11 yo}inB MookliiK them over? I thought we I'li.M'TKU in.--llo finds :i I-'.R fi^iu "'-i ml^lit as well have them at. hand, in " K :'V ,tH ; mf,M , ll,e , J , "V ;irlty " "' e I «:a:;e it hr.eomes necessary to raise any ..--iiiii. They uv to Tiribn him off. i . »• .•if.M'TJ.Ji iv.- -Then :)n-y h»v« htm , mt;m money by murtgosuH— w> hn ' 11 • iH r(,a4:ue ' 1 l, y Jnlin | "Corlalnly. let me H*-O them!" cx- !'i''T!;i: \' -Thu M;ir ;L !tys drop t.pcn ! elaimod Forller. "One never knows • ".::!• }> :-.:ul invito l"-'i'.i<-r 'miA Allni* Ui what may lurn uu among such things." ' 01,1 Wa»-'Hprlte. to in- , -'j ho>- a.-r. jr.-^y bag. I'D get them," Mine roao and went below anliiMo J- 1 of nl« r.r.l Hi oii tho yjiti-.t t'hl Alin•l.-U f»fivlnK t.luit lie 13 K<-~ nwliil.' Rjul hn« left the •h.irKi of Cup tit In AVrt-.v- CH APTER VI. ""It W.'IH well pas,t on Monday r v.'iM'ii ilic Watei sprite .started on her linndrt'd-tnile voyuye to the Gulf roast. Knrtjnr lia,il heard nothing further fmm John Phllbrick. lit liin vnnngor dny.^ an enthusiastic itiii;i!.-u:' ynthtsiiiiin, r>avid Mccarty svii- M* 1 ti 1 s 11 til 1 y i.-aptnin of this com- nn' 'i Utile cruiser. In reality, his tw.i liiiitt-H did all the liiinclllng of the T'tmii- was a i-rew of nix whito 11 i"H "iii 1 of 1 hi'i 11 it f|uartermaster, IIM » . Michel by ffttme. A fat, hulking ru:'ti;in, this. 1 t'.-i«i;.:iK;il)OUnl with Macarty and Alitic, .I.'H'k Portic-r was Introduced to fhf .s'^'inid (.iff 'iccr. Vlifunpsoit, The )]H!--r idiirlicd U\-A e»p, without apparent j-f -'i'.iiil»nd 1'orLler chuckled to hiuo!-:*U' at the sullen fealurosa. \ • t, this aligh-t lurident worried [ hiin lMud Macarty luul undoubtedly! t-.f.\\ Tii-'nip;Mm to hirn. Macarty w-iij'l now know thftt ho must rect*g- nlze Tnoui)>siin, >'t*t WUH nueoJieertted. •\Vii> j„r.' What game was David Ma- ciirty i>iaym^ HO g'-niaily and affably'.' in bi;< fri-'iid, tho Steward, 1« orti «T fi.i-.v iMithint; nl sill until the city was beliind stud Solomon Ki.-rved drinks under 1 he after awning. Tlie'man's fac.o wa.i blank, (•xpre ;islonlesH as over. 11 is was perfect uervluir. Karly In the afum.oon, David .Mawin v retired to hit* uwn tiny state- mom I"! - a nap. IJeforc departing, hu. pre-entetl It'orlier to I ho first officer, hla ai'ttiid '•-•ipl.ali. --- a fine, brisk SL'-V mar. mine '1 Wright. Forlier liked the nuiii, micsii.-(l tiun to be th.'roiighly ro- llnbln Wright shook tuueU mid de- parti'd to Ho- brldgu. "I{<i \v de you like the boat5*' in- qiiiicd Aline, when i-die an-/ I ;, ortier wi;|.' iihein beneath ilie awnVng. l -% or- tier met. liei g:iKO, and found \t. sweetly ]u}\y.-i\ a-i ever, yet snmewh»\ prob- IUK iiiid qiif.-iiouing. lie puffed M his c.lgur a tneuient, then removod It f^m his Upri. "She see:iiH n fine craft," ho ro- epmiili'd Klowlj'. "Ae.d- her crew?" Fonier locked into the gray eyes again. A .-;rmie eurved IIIH lips. "Vim have an uncanny fa-shton of reach I uc, to the heart of things, Miss Jjiverj'.ne!" bo answered. "Is l-t iutui- tion ?" "I think ao," fthe Maid ijulotly. "ll'ni! I believe it is. Well, I'll bo frank 1 don 't like the crow! That chap, TliempKun, was in my office Iant week; he had a big fat bribo to in- dui -H mi) \u j;o to San I'runclHco on a mythk:i) legal erruud. Ho was in- epired to it of, course. "Oh!" elio .^iifd. "Tlieu there can be no de-nbt - " Fortlcr mode a flight gesturo, and Bhf fell idluut. Two of thu crew, hang dug rascaifi, with Groa Michel, thu i 1'ort.ier tlrow at -Ills cigar, -sipping occ:t----lonally at the lime, concoction which Solomon had provided. The three men of the crow furbished away" at the -brasses, exchanging occasional remarks among themselves in • the back-country patois; all three were Cajnns. Kortier, who "a poke the* tongue a* well as ho <lid English, gleaned that they ware discussing certain ladies of Latouche, and dismissed them from Uis mind. 1'resenUy Aline Lavergns returned, putting into his hand a legal envelope atuffed with papers and documents. Shu sat dowu with auiue sewing, and left Kortier to look over the papers undisturbed. He ran through them rapidly but carefully. Nearly nil proved to be document* relating to Cypreinort plantation, and some of these wont back two hundred years. As he shuffled them, a thtn slip of (taper fluttered Into bis lap. Glanclnc; nt it, Kortier, to Ii in surprise, perceived that ft was a receipt for hoard and lod^inR, written Jn curiotM English and dated at Tort Said In 1005. "•What's this---something valuable'.''' ho said smiling. Ho handed the slip at paper to the girl, who glanced at it in surprise. Her eyes softened. "Oh! No—I suppose father kept that :IH a memento of bin trip." she said. "Ho was In Syria mid northern ligypt j about fifteen years ago, on business. ' He was there for nearly a year, and j made a good deal of money. I believe that ho nlwayrt intended to return somo day, but of course the war broke up all bin plans, and then he died the year a Her t he war. He niU3t have kept this because of its funuv I2ug- ilsh. Kortier glanced up, to perceive the pudgy figure of the yteward before them. Solnnu(fiPtouehed his cap a polo-' i.-et(ealJy. "Bcggln' your pardon, sir an* miss," he said. "If.30 be as you wants lea, I'll 'ave all ready, ahlp-shapo an' Bristol fashion, whenever you r!ug : ;.'' "Thank you," rejoined Aline. "It's a bit early yet. We'll wait until Mr. Macarty comes.'* The girl kept the bit of paper In her fingers. Presently, as though reluctant to sever this link with her past, she slowly tore It into fragment H and let the wind carry them over the rail. Kortier had resumed his survey of the doeuUK nts, "Your father died suddenly, I understand?" be asked presently. "YOB. Very suddenly. It was heart failure." "Thon, I suppose you never learned tho meaning of this writing?" F\)rtier passed her a legal form. On tho blank reverse side of this folded paper wore written somo worda In pen- ell—evidently a hurried scrawl. It bora an abbreviated date, at night of which tho gray oyoa wldenod. "OhI Why, thla-rmittt have been wrfttoa Just before father died! 1 novsr noticed H—" "Road it," said Fortlor. "I don 't understand it myself." Aline road, in puzzled Bilenco: "Memo. Show Alluo atones held In truat. yoa-moou, Queen oT Shoba, & Gemini In separate case." "Why, that la singular!" murmured the *lrl, frowning a little. "What did he moon by atones held In trust? Aiul trouble. l.Jy Ms studied (lattery. For tier conveyed the notion tint he cher- lr.bed an inunonse respect "for Maear- ty'H opinions. And Mac.iny was Just shallow enough to know no bolter. This little game n in used Kortier a good deal, and did no harm. Jt was ten o'elock when Kortier retired to his little chubby of a cabin. Ho paused for a word with Wright, who bed tho bridge, and learned that, barring trouble, they would reach l.u- (ouchn In the morning. When he had undressed, be crowded himself into his small but comfortable berth, and was asleep Immediately. • He v,'as. awakened by the sound of his cabin door slammed violently shut. Kortier sat up, blinking. A glance at hi& illuminated watch told him that It wan almost exactly midnight. "Had his door been open. 'He wasccrtain that ho had locked it upon, retiring. Had he been mistaken in the sound? As he sat there, hesitant, he heard a sudden pound of bare feet on the outside deck. After tbia, u sharp ery. "By George, something's 'up!" thought Kortier, and sprang out of bed. Throwing on bis <"oat over his pajamas, he glanced out Into the passage, then left the room and passed to the deck. There he found the electric lights switched on, and several men standing about a dark object. The mate glanced at him, "That you .Mr. Wright?" asked Kortier. "What's the trouble?" "Murder," said the chief officer curtly. "I hud turned over the bridge to Mr. Thompson and was going below when 1 stumbled on him—" Kortier looked down at the motion-less bulk ot the truurtermastor, Gro3 Michel. The man had, apparently, "My Knife!" He Cried. steward, you think hard about-this. Tell me just what Mr. Thompson said to you aboiu his knife." Solomon started suddenly. "Oh!" he exclaimed.... At this word, at his evident reculloction, there was a general movement of interest. Every eye was Intent on the steward. "Out with It," said Wright. "Oh! Yes /sir, it cornea ^hacS to. me now. just 'like that!" said Solomon. "Why Mr .Thompson, _'o comes to me and 'e says aa 'ow that knife is a werry fine one and 'aa 'is name on 1t., and 'ow 'e Is mortal proud of ltl •Yes, sir, I remember now." There was a general relaxation. Ohviously, Thompson was cleared. Wright nodded, and h'-a frown vanished. t . "And," prompted Wright, "ho told you about having lost it.'.'" "No, sir," said Solomon, with a blank stare. "Not at all sir. 'E asks me to clean it up a bit for '1m, which same I done, sir, and gavo it back to 'im." Thunderstruck by these words, the group of men Btared at Solomon. But Thompson leaped forward, fist up- boen slabbed in the -side and lay ther« ' raised, a storm of oaths on his Hps. dead. Yet, oddly enough, as the body | Without hesitation, Wright Inter­ lay on its face, one hand was twisted i vened and struck at him—hit him about to the back of the neck. [across the skull with the pistol. The The chief officer stooped, lifted one • second nyite staggered and went down knife that still lay gripped by tho deatl J somwdess-. murdered by tho knife. Ho was killed by being bit a terrific blow at the -bfeta of Elto skull, Solomon. What do you ffnow about it?" "Mo, air? I knows nothing and I 'says nothing, just like that." The blue eyes wore very wide and guileless; the rotund face was entirely blank. ''Confound you!" exclaimed Fortler. "I don't know what to do. I owe you a good turn, but I'm cursed it I 'll compound murder! And 1 don't believe you're half the simpleton yon look, Solomon^ ".Where's that knlfo*. of. yours—the one with the lead haft?" ',' "Why, sir, I lost that 'ere knife today. Lost It Over the side, ^lr." "After it strnek-Gros Michel, it went overboard, eh?" Solomon mad.© no response, 'but stood in placid "Silence.' "See here!" exclaimed Fortler angrily. "I think your testimony Is A mass of Ilea. Winy on earth would you swear an, Innocent man into the noose?" Solomon chuoklodT"* "Me testimony don't count, sir, until it's took down in court, Just like 1 'hat! And if so bo as I changes my mind, why, Mr. Thompson 'o won't bo convicted—" "Oh!" Kortier gasped at *tho audacity of tho -little man. "Then yotfi actually confess that you murdered*-" "I ain't doin' of no such thing, sir." spoke up Sojomon suddenly. "That 'ere man was not murdered, sir. 'EJ was killed in BelNWenao, sir! What's f more, nobody can bo conwleted for u-kllltn' of 'em, 'cause why, 'e ain't inside the law! Ts right name, sir, is 'Ennepm, and Vs the brother o' that 'ore P'tit .lean—" i Kortier sprang to his feet. Petit Jean—Michel! The brothers who were outlaws! "iB ^lhat a fact?" he demanded swiftly. "Yoft, nir. That 'ere Thompson is a-goin* to gef. 'eld in Jail until they find out that this Grqa Michel was an outlaw. That's all pin And, if I might make so hold, these *ere papers was In 'is 'and when 'e was killed, sir," Solomon held out an envelope, then departed. Kortier did not prevent his going. He stood there, staring at those papers like a man paralysed. For they were the identical ones he had received, that' ufferuoon from Aline Lavergne. . " It all flashed upon Kortier suddenly —the slam ot his cabin door as Gros Michel had lert with the stolen papers, the heavy fall on the deck. "By gad, tm*fcrf£jhan Solomon is a smart one!" murmured Fortior admiringly. "He caught the follow in the act—and Michel got killed. Then Solomon threw the blame on Thompson—arranged to have Thompson* jailed—why? Did he know that Thompson waa one of Mac&rty's henchmen? tHd he know—*' Kortier turned out the lights and lay down again to think it over. The more he thought, however, the more John Solomon became to him nothing but a startling, perplexing question mark. Who and what was this little, pudgy man? John Solomou— (To be Continued Tomorrow.) MIDLAND "THE EXCITERS" GREETED BY ENTHUSIASTIC , AUDIENCE Tho Earamodnil picture, "Tho Ex- cttorB", co-starring Bebe Daniels ami Antonio Moreno, opened successfully at tho Midland vrhoalre yesterday, where It w«s ureetod by a large ana enthusiastic audience '~Tb.a frtory Is A lalle-ft-mlmite tale of a mlto4 -mlnuta grl, for Ronnie Rand, portrayed by .Miss Daniels, was born on an , express' train traveling' sUtr mtlos an hour. This dismayed her Aunt Veronica, who, predicted that Ronnie would bo marked as (rare as fate. But s!hc 'wasn't and she wasn't ,oven m-ratched tn her ninny daring i escapades. Speed Is Her mania. j in order that Aunt Veronica's mbn- j ey sliould remain In fine Hand family. • llounlo Is required to marry before reaching tire (ago ot twouty-ono. Ono day, she is injured in Bn airplane crash and she meets Pierre Martel, played by Antonio Moreno. Ho carries the"7h,furod (Tlrl to safety and wins lie? heart. But Id! Ho is a crook. Not tintll after the wedding ceremony dpea the girl discover this, and Choa^dJ- vorceV Pierre, acting by ordej.ot.hls confercdates, domnndn a huge sum (or tho annulment ot the marriage, but Is only chlded by Honnle. Would ho sell his wife? Then comos a smashing climax. In the supportlnK cast* are Burr Mcintosh, IMana Allen, Cyril King, Digelow Cooper, Ida Darling; Jane Thomas, Allan Simpson, Ooorge Backus »Hd others. The story, adapted by John_ColU>n ttnd Sonya Lovloh, waa directed >by Maurice Campbell. L IBERTY THEATRE A (No Serials) TODAY and TOMORROW William Duncan Edith Johnson "PLAYTNG IT WILD" A new Western, rich" In cotu^jy and richer In action. "Bill" Duncan at his best. ALSO— "Love Taps" A Monty Banks Comedy "The Exciters" With BEQE DANIELS ANTONIO MORENO s Bobby Vernon In "PLUMB CRAZY" A NBW Christie Comedy. Special Pathe Picture* of President Harding's Visit USUAL PRICES Usual Schedule I USUAL PRICES | ' • Usual Schedule • flesh. A Btartlefl exclamation burst from Ills lips, an dho straightened up. "Ask Mr. Thompson to step down hero" he snapped at the nearest man. Then, as ho stood erect, the hand of Wrlnht shifted to his coat pocket. Fortler caught tho gleam ot metal. . "No disturbance now," commanded Wright sharply. "Don't wake any one 'This Is a serious matter, steward," exclaimed Wright sternly. (^ awfcar to this evidence, in court'/" ' "if so bo I 'ad to, sir." Tho guileless blue eyes of Solomon looked per- | turbed and frightened. "I 'opes, air, i as it ain't a-goln' to get Mr. Thompson • in trouble?" ' Wright did not answer the question Mr. Fortler, I'll be glad to have you | H 0 ordered two of tho men to bind remain, If you will. 1 believe you're / Thompson and to carry him forward. a lawyer?" ' Fortler absented quietly, sensing j something strange about this murder. Thf.second officer appeared, "What's this. Wright?" he demanded. "Gros Michel.murdored? Why—" "Murdered, ,Mr. Thompson," BHid the mate. • "I'd llko to have you look at tho knife that did tho work. Do you rocngnl/.o It?" Thompson stooped. An oath tell from his Hps. and he straightened up. "My knife!" -he cried, amazement in his sullen face. "My knife! Why, why what—" Perhaps you can explain how It got.whoro it is?" said Wright calmly. The second officer stared at him, then swore luridly. "Here, none o' that talk. Mr. Wright! How the devil should I know how It got hero? It's my knife, all right—got my name on It. But I lost that cursed knife yesterday! Must have mislaid it somewhere." "I'm glad to hear tluvt," said the mate. Did • you mention the loss to any one? This may be serious, Mr. Thompson--go slow now!" "What the devil have I*got to go Mow about?" stormed Thompson, per-, plexed and furious. "Anybody says I'm a murder is a cursed liar! Yes, I toltl tho steward I ; loat the knife— that llttlo fool of a cockney. Solomon! He promised to keep a lookout for It." "Good! Call Solomon," ordered Wright. Then he looked around. "This Is a -h— 1 of a. mess!" ho uttored - fervently. "Anybody know, any cause for tills thing?" There was uo response. " "Anybody seen tiros- Michel and Mr. Thompson together tho last four hours?" K was Solomon who spoko up. "They was 'avin ga bit of an argument outside the galley door.sir." "When?" snapped Wright. "About an hour ago, sir. I wa« a-layln' somo oatmeal In the tireless cooker, sir, and I 'eard them two talkln werry 'ard at each other." "That's a teoc, «ir," spoke up one of the men. "nut there wasn't no harm In iL They was arguing about what color shirt was best suited to Michel's, complexion—" "That's enough," snapped Wright "Carry the body for'ard and get this dock holystoned before daylight." Fortler, obeying a sudden Impulse, loaned over and touched his fingers to teh neck of the corp36. "Steward, fetch some Ice water to my cabin, please." "Wery good, sir," rejoined Solomon. Fortier went below, switched on the light in his stateroom, and waited, Presently Solomon appeared, bearing a tray. "Set it down," ordered Fortler. "Shut the door. Now, look here!" "That man," said Fortier, "was not Now till Sat. Night JACK LONpON'S "The Abysmal Brute" Chaplin Comedy and Aesops Fables PRICES:Matinee"" 10c to All After 5 P. M„ Adults.. .20c Children 10c RIVERS] ED Saturday and Sunday June 30th and July 1st . FIVE ACTS OF VAUDEVILLE^ Consisting of WILLIS DUNCAN, Musical Act PEGGY^WARD,' Singing and Dancing THREE HAWAIIANS -Harry'Van Fossen, .Black Faced Comedian Thr-. Fosters, Comedy Novelty Acrobatic One Show Saturday Nite at 8:30 Three Shows Sunday as usual,.Call 669W for Reserved Seats 7 efM lha m > "You've Got to See Mamma Ev'ry Night" Th* popularity ot th(# tuntful, icli-naning fom- trot is spreading jj M ^ 'epidemic. If you want the finest version of it tver pleyed, get th« Columbia Record, by Th« Georgians. "You Till Her—I Stutter" the encore number on the other aide. At Columbia Dealer! A-385/ 75c AH Next Week—Starting Monday, July .2 THE GOLDEN GATE GIRLS MUSICAL REVIEW A Big Girl Show AstUted by the St. Charles Co. Maater Magician and Itiusionut Hecate The spice of lifo— gat It at the I lis PROGRAM CHANGED DAILY OPEN 1 TO 11 P. to, Evening 10< Matia** So-10* TOMORROW RUTH ROLAND "HAUNTED VALLEY" Chapter B "EDGAR'S LITTLB CAW" 'Booth Tnrklntrton comedy "QOOD RIDDANjCB" ' Paul Parrott cotUody PATHE NEWS ROY STEWART IN "BETTER THAN GOLD" itory— JDDY MESSENGER in " "DAD'S BOY" Century comedy "THE KNOCKOUT" Comedy ciuurtenntiKier WPTO approaching*. Th» t.'iroe men ««t to work furbishing the brass ol the quurtur-dock, "Nut « fraction of a doubt," re> •I iirimd Fortlor in hla uxual volca. -"Dy iho way, when do we reach your Island?" "Suuietlma tomorrow If all cos* well." Allno Ij-iTorgno »y»d too <U»v t».ni river uhorca uu they sllppod past.

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