The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 22, 1971 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 22, 1971
Page 1
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WHAT to read OPIUM 18 banned l.i bul many Uiiitk rf/ective enforcement of prohibition li Juil a pipe dream, Theatory'iion Page 3, IMXKK11MI.I. SKASO.V got tiff to » slow «tarl al llrutoipori Saturday m the T The family daily paper of Brazorfa County BRAZOSPORT F uur Milt Year No, 2M A*«ocljilrd Prim* i Monday, November 22, f»7l Frccport, Texas Dally 10 Cents High Court rules for the women dmtton lo Santa Ke. Story 4 f A YUl'Mi farmer i« Miiuinota t» running hit w»n farm and Letting hi* future Mt it* «w«*a». Page It ((kUIC) t««l»«O*U 0tA* A»*> rtt*imo oon-tfM tit in l'» The Supreme Court uiMnimiftuly today that "arbitrary" divenmlnaiiw aK»in»i women u u/i cumtitutional. (.lilel Justice Warrm K Hurgtf »poke (or Uw court at it »lfuek d</*n «n Idaho law Dial Rave men pftferwu-e over women In ad mmulwifii; wlatw. TJx; ruling »«i 0* tint rver t/j i»* high rwrt l« ban Mr* dacrtinlnatiw) under Ihe "equal pctrtttCtion" clauw <A Dw H;h Amendment, Tin; lluutc of Iteprcwnliilivc* tun approved u ronMituiional amendment guaranteeing women «ju«l riKhU. The ruling came as a SwmU' Judiciary .Sutx'wnmdl** w/w about tti Itolil ^ wvsiwt on On- proposed amendment 'Hx- Hlwt uf ibe dcxinim on tin- amendment •*a» IK/I ImniMliiitelv clear In Uwr pant, tin 1 court ha» On- Mime |/r(/viM</n of the Mth Amendment lo prtrtixt agams! <JiM-rwimali0n lite clause wait On; haul* for deci»ion» beginning in 19M thai prohibited racial tf^renn\\im in the public M'tMXjU. The Mth Amendment wa» ratified In \ffJK Section I includes the admonition that "no mali; tlinti make or en/wee «nx ' a '* which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of i:ili/*tis of the United Staten .nor deny to any [*r*on within its jurisdiction the efjual protection of the lawn. ' In tho tdaho cawr, Mrs. Sally tU*d. an Ada Sky and Sea t t.m tn ctowtijr : M: If Itltjr chihitr to ;| K*>trfl) ^ Israel names new military staff chief County woman, had been denied under state law appointment as administratrix o? her son'.i estate The father, Cecil Heed, had filed a competing petition for appointment. ISoth parents, who were separated .sometime Ix.-fore their vm Richard's death, were efjually entitled toadminisler the eslate. llo*cvtr, under Idaho law, a man is given preference over a woman when they arc on «|ual footing in estate proceeding. JI;HI.'VVU:M tn k-« t ->. t> tl'.fjt.'S Slilrt J' lc.ij«- i! is fK/( !fr» fiai | Hof L/ne | I IN mm iu c- n* in»t $ !<!' Is.' ihil !!'*• liMvr (of ItsUir <*,* Itx'Jc si no rn,«<- J-^ !hr j j- ',;,,_, (;,. n [jj,,,.,i Kiawr. Jfr:;-.rt! y. ^j, f , f _ lfi ,,,, •,<.;, r<l>slul . ,.,,, t , , ,p. . , r . r•-.*, j. .«... ,^r,:s r,'J*'l t ?;,';< i ,> !i; f;,4 j^!i j?l .If.? County airs budget Angleton posts lengthy agenda Ihf VM.I t TKS t .',. •Vrfr' !.*,i'. «».!,> •> -f.j^- i'jri. !i-.,if..! ::..<-,•:., i.f- JliJ^-Ccvr -rirr^.'i..r. fie ifKf^ • »» Si £:•>..•- H^;f.'»i> "til ",.<;• ». He'..! I' i »;C>..T-P.I jr. nitt Miis(, re <IN tin: MONKK> HXK.S - IV,,-M. i, v ,. I'JII"^,-' "l -,,;'?:"•(•.(;.,,•.,•,,-;;,;,-:,», . r ,. f rurr . |,^( ',{,, },,.);,, I •<.'.<-[>:( --..,!,,;, }' /( :j : V - i i:> (<.-, ) ..,»,.!,..! fM..'!} I Jr.f T^ t '!«-•«, to '.I*- ig.'r' '.rMijjirs a v!?i^T:: Jli':«r; .*^.^i.:-c *A'.jr^ l/.r.^ 1 : ,r 1»*r ^ ;ii;. U-.-n ; •{ KAI'. J,i , r < Si. 'iini-.ij rs'ir uf p!.M i-r wtK-re str»fl and -afety signs were .•...•••<!.--! i !>> (.•li.jxoNi..,. l.irrs Mnrifx-. tmjrwJwiih :he i;roup :«)•) :•'•-;.• w.-U !r,r jja'hnc-d ,!ifor(!i;ii:.<i ir, f.'iiv Th»? Wiup cJ.Tid<-<J (hit the acinitifs o! \-.,mh A'ppr \Stt->; .ii.vjii! !.•<• pxi.-ixjt-d l.«>>or;d !hc annual M [..T!«i '•••WT..! frft..-r in th«- ciiv were .<lv, taken <.!!.- ,,( t:-. !h,- -.outh-, Laura now depression New amendments may bring veto for tax bill vir,- Um \V VMllNl.ToS M' Boat Club meets > Hr »:i'ti|tT Thr [11.1:; . H> !lt?',;ii r-.-rrtiraj; Tt<H"><Uil i( ' t. p r.-i <r. :>v Iku! « '.\;t Ml n:,r!ri!«-c» J;T J!.»ri! ;..i A'drtjj »c!K ;^*-t? Jirr.jhr-j Sri! »«v-iUf nvfir<!.%t rf thr tr'-t.j> a "•'. ?.:< I v« : it t p rn Jeen and « Heard MM IMSM llllUHf.s ,f. KjirUfiiSi.- ,\(i ft)lfi£ :V, tc '.f »;tfc h«T Ulhrt 4ru! UiJJut (till 1 <lt I IS> jr») |i \\ lltt ill I INS sraru.'rTT"! £f« f Ytfr.JK'.j'wH ttt'wpif^l ffiiMfr, f'rrdrf ifi ttnjr f. )H>«|II|J| Ttw i oiliro is.rn •»!>! T H I \l OH II I. i* }a.yr* »'r»v*, »HFV if\*ir»-*t Noi n in tbr \{.*.\ t <",mtr> m v ! Ju? A « ^.s '^ ?A» <i;u!r.T..tU ;u. .;. of '.i"r^; ',ir c.'n-ckoif furi-ds: hv Freeport holds zoning hearing Vr. i-; • J !»,!<• H K.-.:. iitrilh )" !.'.•.• ! x :!.i-CTi>li> [v:«'^ ;-:i4>!i.i S,'-' 4 -^i.vl.itm- liaison. il ,iv "la-.v.L-e and th..- tj\ bill, a cvr. if C.*:i:rrv. )n> Ihe A .u in! ''•( I he ( iii (kvl t(i h ;;js \'.itr.. (-,«> !.,!/wr JullN II r II HHKI I . «*».•. K'lU-tt Mr« lihi«ira »ill Ir kl.i>ir.g *ith t*T mtith*-? Mnt KNK.I.VN I Ol I I\.S at M' Knur \r,it <4tt (III Oltl^i I'MU:/. j,'f,uiiUughlct o( Mr» IKlK.sriM; U VMt,j;\ ,>r nuli>. Unify; v«irj!or>. one ci a iwrtr* of tnif(.itionii, \gv |7 jt iiAlvr»lon'» John S«-al> tltispiul ,Sln- » <iic to IK- Ihcii' j|«iil i we) ucrltt Mr* I'ATIUCIt MOHI.AV .ind dau«htor MOAN u( Dallas. >|MMMili\t! List »o»-t hi'fv with the I.KO MUI«;.\,\S Mr* HIIDIIHT .illciuiod ,iu t-M'culiVf si'crctarH'*' >i'initi,ir HI Houston vach day Her hu*b a mi DAN WIMMKIt. juint-d hi* family fur the Regents study facilities use Thr Hr-grnU will hrar l tm the UM- y< A!! IjKiIilirv A* i-nrivl ivjrt (he <4|ucil) for the (irrtcnl ViXcf-* »|n»rti%c»l a tHi'.lilin^ ft* i.ioj full Umr »litvVnl» allrt iW'Ir.Hinj; 4 |>fi>jntvAl for a I.CCWj.lwVnl rollrgr The (irrti'nl rnroilnirnl "< 2,-*f l.coo in i-rn).il rtAirv-n aixl 7iW in mm vn-dit i» thr of 1.017 full time studt-nl!. New iRjiim-i* on (he agrmta iiu-ludrt Ilir 1971 72 audit t, pro()aMjd change* in rr<juircnu - nt», a rrnolulian fupporting in stiludoiul M-U »ludy M4(u> A t.»r>v .lira j.n !hr i)..*r-,limr. t. <t)u ,ur.\ :xi* m It : single lainii> icMiicni-r \!.»iui to H 3 <!nulli famil> M.I!U* A.'ff>-!j>i »t>- fur W,« i« on UK ivif th u<Jr o! llru»d .Slrix-l U-Uci-n A«*i Si Ami |(irki>r> S\ <»X idling a lilixk .UK) U-lwivn M,igm>lia SI and llovli Slfrt't Alw thf vouth Mcir .rf Kntad M M»rrn Ash S! .imi Mukory Si and hctwern Magixilia .iixl Vi'lawu Hlvd S The change .iflcot» .ill no lbt> north mk of S( |H-|W«-TI Anil St ) \'rlj,u-» Hlvd . and «n ttw >idc of KiHirth St M wivn Maple Si and \clawn UUil AIM), the pr»|K«4l alfixU th»M- on the xxilh iide of r'idti SI tn-lwivn Maple Si aiui Vrl.m-0 Hl»d HIlHt.ll AM) ST\Tt: BRIEFS SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS READ OUR AOS HAU'll VAHHOHOl'1,11 fnriiu'r I S senator from Texas., will *(K-,iK to Ihe 1'ituen.s Survival Com milU'e tonight as a memlHT uf a |>,inel (hat iiuliKjos licp l(c'» llraim of Himslun JIM) Hep Neil t'alii»ell ol An^lelmi ,ind Al\in The mivtu-.g U^ms. at 7 M p in in the (transport High School cafeteria in (•"nvpurt. and is o|x'i) l«i Ihe (Hjl'hc s\l(.(is Trwasandi i'f S"'.i!h \ ic!r..<n.ese !r'Hj|iv. v|«i-.trljf.)<ii\i h> an annori'd i.i'uiiir. [wished nitrlh fruin High'^Jj ~ in raMern I'am India M.iT!ilj> in tht- >l:irt uf a ix 1 ^ <»ffet i .s!\ e t S adv;sers >,\ui t(K' ilrtvo i> aimed a! ra:din^ Haj;in»; arrat from which eii'mcnt-s i>f thri'v North Vleliulllfse lilMMollS eould South Vietnamese lwi»e» en the highw ay . ahout 5*0 mil«>s r.orlhweM of S,nt;t>n WAMIIM.KIS Two .Senate critics of mililar> sjx-iHJini; blame a reported Soviet weapons technnlagy lead on Pentagon waste not efforts in Congress to trim defence mwic'v S»*ns William Projunire. l> W is and Ktank Church 1) Idaho. *ere ijuestKined after edtlon of the authoritative Jane s Weapons Systems \<f!\-2 reported last Atx'k ' Kussia now has Ihe initiative in weapons The rjls Chile > biggest opposition parlv . r<-j<vte\j or. Sunda> govern inrni pi.ins to dissolve congress and t-stabti-h a "People's Assi-mhls The division makes a natni,i*Hie pjebtvite on Ihe cimtroverstal issue alnios! inevitable Meanwhile in Punta Arenas, the southernmost cit> in the world Cuban Prime Minister f'idel Castro got one of the most enthusiastic rti'eptions so far in his state visit to Chile Report on audit The Hraiosport lUurd of Kducation will uuvl in spi\ial session Tui^dav to take action on the annual audit report A studv session will begin at 5 p m with the actual Hoarxl meeting sel for 5 45 p in The mtvtmg will tn- held in the Hoard Kooms of the Ad ministration building across >m Brazoswood High Construction wage hikes get approval MmtlHKUH \l' l'r t -ui, w \,v,n, Corwruction In- ihj>:..-j Stiiisli/aiion CufimuUrt- quu-(\l\ jppruvt-d during the »ii-K.r.d N.II:I- 4wr<.«urait!> i-unsairiing pj> hiki-s. sources said. l'-u; .Vn.:iH'r> rq>,n»\il> -.UTV ..nfc-nit ri-o,n>idvrtd by sub- ' - ge intreasrt ap- IV..T-- -AtTf TXI di-iasls .m thv jn;.»-.i:ii of .\.v: (,|i ui(iK-.,! uvivs iu-r>' 'h.,i ttu- in-n cijntinuvd a resk.ifc auTagf of soiv.i- iu pi>r con! |XT >t'ar okavwl b>' the .inr »un;rt ^.i\c diffi>niig -.U-.IN im>t wlH-thei the con- Mfuc :,-..!! |KI> hiki-s might later U- n^unii ,m appt'ai iu Nixon's l'.i> lizard uhirhh.i>au!hi>nt> «u>r Ihe iixistruction panel A !at«.ir ii!i'ii\U>r of the ivnMruv'iior. t'n.uo >a!ij ht> undersioixi itiat tho con>lructu.ii\ vumnutte«'» decisions vvort' final But a laUii ir.i'ir.k^'r of Ihe Pay Hoard insist^ this was still unclear ami pnMated there may later be a clash uver the issue .Nivon e»cablishfd the Construction Industry Stabilization UuMiiiihv la>l .March in his first u-tuure into wage price ivmr-N l*fou- his Aug 15 vkaj;e-pnct> frtv/e o\er the entire ivm.'H!i> IK-ID VI.I!N !uj\ aivepl one lidP aniexdiiuiil which would r,:,ikt .1 Mcmficam rhange m the campaign financing plan SjHdiMiri'd L> Sen t'harles McC Malhias Jr of Maryland, it unuld clian^i' ine ihivkuli proi'tiluie to allow each taxpaser to direct h.> conti idutum In a sptvifn.' (xtliticul party McKool levels new blast at insurance firms Mrs VNMK MHVUKU. of UiliniT. » i»il»n; hvr niccv and fainil), Mr and Mr* All- TllUi MdHUIS ol H', who plan to spend Tlunk&givmg Itoliduys with Uit'ir daughter ,' ,md sou in law. the J AMK^S K. " t It, UK.NJj, in Nc* Orleans. I.VNN WII,LJA»JS. pwint! hi» general ham radio U'»l, rixx'iving his turn license, and • uln-ady talking with Delaware 4 tuid Culifonua . IHl.lwVS (AP> - A ljl«is( at Ihf insurance induilry «as taken Sunday by >ti>lc Sen Miki 1 McKool, a Irecjuenl and vocal critic uf what he culls the "rotten mess" in Texas' insurance busim>»* McKool »aid UK? insurance industry has chow-n lo write only "tlvejH'uches and cream" provision* of various policies "1 have known lor some time the industry was Neglecting the public interest In arbitrarily and unreasonably refusing (o write and in canceling policies in order to make record profits "A member uf the industry sent me a copy of the guidelines repeatedly cir culated by one of Utf leading Texas companies. In an en closed letter this anonymous bender says 'Although 1 have been associated with the insurance industry for many yean, and naturally opposed to some of your comments about the companies doing business in Texas. I must reluctantly agree tiuil "my people" arc now creating an unjust situation for the eituens. of our stale To my amazement the greatcM prevaricators seem to be our own Texas domiciled companies. An example is the attached directive being repeatedly circulated by named insurance company As I am still doing some !*usinexs with these people, 1 must remain anonymous, at least lor the present time, but if the attached will be of any benefit to you, to restore reasonableness to the industry, use it as you may sec (U According to McKool, the guidelines, among other things, prescribe the following renewal and new policies must have minimum limits of Jlii.OOO $50.000 bodily injury State law only requires JlO.OOuf.'O.OU). will'not write policy without liability coverage, will not write accidental death and disability Kncuuragvd lo write com prettensive on a deductible basis, agent cannot write, without company's final approval, a policy where owner 'a> has one at fault" accident or >bi has one moving violation and one "nut-at fault" accident, ic> resides in areas of high crun?, 'd< is a restaurant, theater or hotel employe, waitress, professional athlete or entertainer, ie> drives over 'Ai.uuo miles per year, if' has car more liian lu years uld, tg) is unmarried, age 29 and over, no more than two moving violations in last UUXT years and no accidents in last five sears "Such unreasonable and arbitrary guidelines, have added in bringing about 'the rotten mess'' in the automobile insurance industry. This proves, without question, tije industry is only interested in selecting the 'peaches and cream' provisions in order to nuke record profits to the detriment of the public,!' .McKtwl said. ;

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