Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 18, 1941 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1941
Page 2
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Twa .STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. 5TEBLING. ILLINOIS SsturBay, October 18,'1941 Broken Furniture Gives Employment To Two Workers Salvation Army Has Crew Putting 'Pkk- Ups' inJSood Shape Artie;?.* of furniturr. clothma. 'tr, picked '.;p ^" thf Salvation Armv in Btrrlinr. Rock Falls and vicmitv, gl%f \p«r-around rmploymrnt to two fuIJtimp workei:v atrording to Envoy XVikie, conimar.dinc the lo• €sl corps. ThP \ articles are taken to the centra! office, where they arp rfhnbiliisJcri. r^pflirrd and either sold or elvrn to the rsrfdy. Old furniture is put in the best of shape and refold Occasionally it U Riven to some needy famiiy to refurnish a home. Clot bin* is mended, buttons Bewed cm. pressed and sold to thos* who can afford it; those who are in dire ne«i are given suitable garments until they are back on their feet Even toys are rehabilitated. Some are given outright to little ones whose mothers have no way of pro- Yldtnf toy* for their offrprlng. OtMers are carefully put In ahape and packed away, ready for the Christinas baskets which are ftven out annually, A pickup truck Is sent here from Davenport at frequent Intervals. for the privilege of going through the city. thU wagon turns over to the local corps all pickups except masailne«. old papers and rats. However, there Is no necessity of waiting for this wagon If there la an article of any kind around the house which the owner desires to give away. All that Is necessary Is to telephone Envoy Wikle, Main 1622, or leave word at Salvation Army headquartera under the Lawrence building. The envoy has made ar- nngementi to borrow a trailer and Is ready to make a plcMip at any time. In this way. Sterling and Rock Falia people are certain that the foods they are donating fete into the right hands. Obituary - Mn. F. In Rta infinite wisdom Ood called Mra. Ferguson Reed from this life Oct. 14. 1M1. She had been 111 for teveral yean and during the past few months had grown steadily weaker. The shock of her husband's untimely passing two weeks ago may have hastened her death. She was 49 yean, one month, and IS days old. Ella Mac Capp. daughter of Mr. and Mn. Rulus Capp. was born in Bac county, Iowa, August M. 1M2. Bha was brought to Sterling M a yountc child and received her education here. In l»ll she was married to Brneat Olffrow. To this union wtr* bora two children who aur- vtvt her: Lola. Mra. Oku DohiMr, Of 8twliaff. and LaVtr* Olffrow of Bocfc Mia. Oo March a. im sfas WM married to Ferfuaon M. Road who p>mrt away Oct 1. So* bo- esant a •Ytfui^*' of >t. John's Lutb- oran church on March 17, IMS, and bar faith has meant much to bar in thaw past few difficult yean.* She was patient in suffering and, tried the beat -oL living In the Commandir of K*orny Lieut, Comm. A. L. Danis, In command of the U. 8. S. KeArny when it was torpedoed. midst of her obstacles In addition to her son and dauf h- tar aha is survived by her step- mothar. Mra. Rufut Capp; a stater. Mrs. Fred Johnson; a brother. Rufus .Capp. jr.; seven step-children: Mrs. Mildred •chmltt, Mrs. Lola Connell, Mn. Marian Reecher. Mrs. Marie Pulfs, Mrs. Evelyn Reecher. Clar- anot. and Donald Maad; a frand- aoo, OJen Oohntr; four half-sisters Mn. Bam Wachsler. Mrs. Ql*n Wteka. Mrs, Harry Morgan. Mra. Orlo Kyftr; and three half-brothan: Bam and Lloyd Capp and Oscar Cajpp Picnickers Still Find Happiness In Sterling Parks Steak Roasts Are Popular Despite Cold, Damp Weather Ruin, chilly weather and M>me- what cold evenings appear to have no effect on the confirmed picnickers. Local park attendants say that the parks are still running merrily, with every evening finding half a down or more steak roasts In each of the two parka. Damp weather apparently falls to dampen the ardor of the outdoor enthusiast*. Park attendants declare that they have discovered a number of parties sitting under extemporized shelters enjoying their suppers to their heart's content. At Lawrence park the shelter house can be put into use—and Is. At Slnnls- slppl park there is no shelter house, but when it Is not raining the steak enthusiasts ait around the tables In overcoats and blankets: when it rains, they are to be often found contentedly munching their, suppers in their cars. When the party U large, the cart are driven dose together, the doors opened between and the picnickers manage to pas* the eatables back and forth. In fact, some of them declare that it i* thus eating under hardships that makes the fun more appealing. Public Library Gets New Releases For Local Shelves Secures Exhibits Af Convention at Splendid Prices the urnfir inrrpA.<*> in hook prirf.v thf Sterling public brftry will soon hsv? for release onf of the man ont-siandinR Rroups of books e\rr pi«<rd on the local shelvp.v And. the 5plcndid part of the affair is that ihr book.s uf purchased lu lew than the usual price, even in normal time. 1 ! The dral was.rnelnecrfd by Kirs Carolyn Brurker. librarian. Some time n*o Mrs. Bruckrr made ar- ranRemfnfs with the library board to attend the st*!« convention with a view to purchaMnR books on exhibition there. The library- board fell In with the plan and sent the librarian to the convention. The exhibits were unusually large. Mrs. Brucker waited until the order* had been placed, then—with Yankee shrewd ne*»—purchased several of the exhibits outright. She was able Una to get them at prices considerably below normal. The books are now being cat*- lostied. Not only do they consist of a large group of the latest adult fiction, but a considerable quantity of Juvenile fiction, as well. There are also a number of volumes of scientific works, books of travel, biography, autobiography, etc. Thus, thsnks to a bit of far&lght- edne&s. the local library will be able to maintain its usual high standard at no increased cost—in fact, at less cost than usual. The date the books will be released will be announced later. Boys Who Stole Cars To It Delivered to Freeport:FII Age nti ' ' i -Donald Brkske and Edward fiwaiiz, both of Chicago, •netted here tarty Thursday aprnlnf in pos- teukm of a car which they admitted stealing at Milwaukee Tuesday, will be taken to<Preeport Monday morning and turned over to P. B. I. •gents. The toys, living their agea u U yean, admitted to tot police that they •tele a cw to Chicago Monday night and abandonad It near Mil- vaults* when they ran out of gaa. Como Boy Submits To An Operation In Milwoukee Hospital Billy OchulU of Como. ton of Mr. and Mra. Robert SehulU, who has been in the Sacred Heart sanitarium. Milwaukee, since April receiving treatment for arthritis, WM taken to the Columbia hoapital Thursday, where he submitted to a major operation on his left leg. a part of the bone in the upper part of the leg being removed in order to straighten the leg. He will be confined for some time. His mother, Mrs. Robert ahulU; brother. Duane SchulU; sister, Mrs. Harold Kent and her son Bobby, and Floyd Reglin of Prophetstown are spending the weekend with the young man in Milwaukee. Hope for Murder Clue In Laboratory Tests Of Bullets and Slugs A reward of MOO each has been announced for Information leading to the arrest and conviction of the men Involved in the murder of L* Roy Scribner. 55 .operator Of the Oasis tavern, located four, miles north of Cordova. Scribner was shot and killed Oct. 13 when he attempted to get his gun while he was covered by three bandits. Rock Island county officials have 'sent the M caliber revolver bullets and slugs from the shotgun to Chicago for a laboratory examination. It hoped a clue may be established, 'Authorities believe a fourth man was involved in the holdup. It 1s believed he was parked in a car down the unimproved road to the south and east of the tavwm waiting with an auto for the cutaway. A Hat tire on UM acribnar oar led to the belief that the tire' had bean struck by a bullet but examination disclosed the air had been let out of the tint to prevent anyone from following them. Reports like Stolen Joe Craig of Dillon avenue reported to the police Friday that his " Icyelehadbeenstolen^romhii ... Our Owh Make ... Palmyro Boy Pledged to Alpha Gamma Rho- Frat. Runs into Parked Cor Ed Love reported to the police that his car struck a car owned by Bud Prtta, whkh was parkas} on Le Pevre road just west of Avtnua O. There w«s not a great deal af dam- COZY GaU Harms, son of Mr, and Mrs Paul Harms of Palmyra township, Lee county, has recently been pledged to the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity at the University of Illinois. He was graduated from the Dixen high school in June of this year, and enrolled in the college of agriculture where he has become a •amber of the Illinois Agriculturist staff and the Hoof and Horn club. Alpha Oama Rho fraternity is the largest social professional agricultural fraternity, having chapters in 3i different states with a total membership of 10,000 GIFT SUGGESTIONS 15 W. Fourt* Street Sen ing CkiekwDisuer Bttty Mssf*A. Mfr. Always _ new to at ta* •rr •»!••. Waffle Sets .,....$1.50 Whistling Tea Kettles .$1 Mail Boxes and Note Boxes $1 Hankies ........25c up OvarlM Beatwaai trays, bisaa- isfnl w*asfc as* salajra, 91.1* i*. lira or OTU* GIFTS Decatatad far SteHaweV afaiar dfht. Or If yen pnrir. we^utve Cherry and BvUaraMtek Pecan Plea, Pasaafcte Oater Bricka. Pasapkte Ice eaia Ma Oraagt-P^seap|4e Shcrket. All apanfrtata far Hallawa'am paHy. Frtthlf From such well known manufacturers as Whitman's, Mrs. Stover's, Bunte's and Lovell- Covel. 25c to $3.00 Fresh Today Double Kay Nut Meats OafisSsiaCiill US But TfeM St FUNNY BUSINESS "Hey, you, at the bottom of the pile—you're wauled ou th« phone l ft Flight Trainer to Be Exhibited Here at Sterling Airport Through the effort* of C. E. Brant and the co-operation of E. P. Jacoby of the Sterling municipal airport, people of this section of the state will have the grand opportunity of seeing and operating the Sinclair night trainer. There has been such a demand for this trainer that It will be exhibited In only three other cities In the state of Illinois. The trainer comes to the sterling municipal airport Saturday. Oct.25, and Sunday, Oct. M. An air corps recruiting unit will accompany the trainer here and participate in the exhibit- next Saturday afternoon. This flight trainer now on tour Is giving hundreds of people, who never had thought about piloting a plane, a chance to test their aptitude for flying. It can be maneuvered Ilk*..* real plane. The propeller blasts a 75-mlle-an-hour slip-stream over the trainer and gives the "feel" of actual flying. The tour is sponsored by Sinclair in co-operation with national defense activities. Starting several months ago on a patriotic tour of the country, the trainer has visited hundreds of cities and towns and has been seen and operated by thousands In over 35 states...The trainer is being Joan- ed to airports throughout the country as a part of the Sinclair Oil company drive to stimulate Interest in aviation for national defense. Young men between the afe* of home. The police have not discovered any trace of the bicycle. 18 and 23 show the best aptitude for flying. Next on the list are girls between the ages of 19 and 20 who do not drive cars. Strangely, they show more pilot-ability than their auto-driving older and younger sisters. Bill Sweet, America's famous voice behind the public address system at all big air races and shows, will be in chare of the trainer here. The trainer looks like an abbreviated airplane which has been rigged 15 feet from the around. The flight trainer can duplicate every known aviation maneuver with safety to the embryo pilot. A record will be made of each flight test taken by local persons and special prizes will be awarded to those with the the best rating. Allen Votes Against Arming Merchantmen Congressman Leo Allen of thla district voted against arming of American merchant ships Friday. Other Illinois congressmen who voted against arming the ships were Arends, Bishop, ChiptrfieW; Day. Dewey, Heldinger, Howell, Johnson, Mason, Paddock, Reed, Btratton and Sumner. Flyers Discover Hundreds of Ducks Hidden in Ponds Birdseve View Shows Innumerable Hide- Outs in Vicinity th» fart *hst I'vsl rs:m- rocis seldom corr." hsrk from durk huntlnir with full baq.v there arc hundreds of ducks in th» vjnnity. Rocordinfc to Pandv McBr.df Mf- Brinf Rfts a h!rd. e ?ye view of the duck ritual ion inaxmurri a* he flies to Walnut to Rive a Rro-.ip of students firing le«on*. He rrporfJ that there are innumerable pond.' «:«tiered thrtr.iehrrjt the cmintrv. each of which appears to have !t.< quota of birds. Many of ponds are In the midst of corn fields nnd in low places where the thicks can keep hlddtn until the hunters have finished the day. Other flyers bring back the same news. A search of the rountry- slde within a range of 25 or 40 mllea disc!asm a veritable chain of sloughs, ponds and tiny streams, all of which are filled with birds. The ducks appear to have Inside information and keep out of sight during the hours of shooting. American Legion Posts Of 13Hi District Will Meet in Freeport Sunday Am*rir#n L^srion no*t« of fb^ l.t'h rii'Trjrt will hold » meeting in Fre*port at Read park rw.rra;:on p»\il!on at 2 f> m f>Mnrt*.v. Th* nrw>pal sprnkrr will N» Rev. Father F. C. Vfwt of App> River, who ss r>»«! department rhaplam ar.f! T-^rnt chaplain of the 'frond dn:'.:.f»n. I Charl?^ Ffl?«r. Mt. Mrr:;-- com-j m*Txi»r of the l:?th district will pre- i ?idr. ar.'l r'hrr M v 'akrr* will be !.*•<-j ter R Ben* ton. Chicago. <1< > ;>nrtrrrn; i service officer; Ray Sier of Sterling. dermrtrr.TU rfci'tiar. ar.ri I/- ie Sna-. ply r,\ RloominRton. d" 1 ;**"!- ment n:cani?fl';nn ofT:rer. R*por:« of thf member* h;?> ram- pa ich will he made curing \:-.e men- ing. Sterling-Rock Falls Odd Fellows Attend Interest in Odd Fellowship demonstrated when a group of 25 members from Sterling and Rock FalU lodge* were Joined br a large tt Diitotj for a trip t« Amboy for th« yndge mrftinf there, S^«md o>fT*"« work wa-t exprnpllfiM r»n tb* f.tefs which was given the first tifsrw last wPfk. and the third d^'irrp* 1 will h* 1 conferred Oct. 27 in the Stwinst lorie* 1 by » drsr f> ' 1 tJ*am of- members !rr>fn thfl and Rock Falls Are Visiting Here Mr.», T5mil 7arin^chek snd dnuah- trr Csrr»! of C?r!»r Rapifls. la , »r* sntnding the w-ppk^nd at the horn* of Mrs. Zadn»r.hek's p«.rpn{.^. Mr. and Mrs. J. F,. Agnrw of Gait. _______ SUNDAY TURKEY DINNERS COMPLETE 55 c CLUB CAFE 216 First Ave. Dismiss School There WM no school at Como Thursday or Friday in order that' the teacher. Mrs. Velma Boyles.! mleht attend the institutes I SUNDAY DINNERS Served at the ELKS CLUB 11:30 to 2:30 Choice Menu— Fair Prices Reservations Solicited Phone 779 I E*THEAT1E* NOW PLATIUS! TO LOOK TOtfB KIT VtaH Jtoawlarly TCI ANNABELLE . JKAT BABBU * BEAUTY SHOP m It's No I I I I I I This "where-to-dint" to no problem at all. The Pig K Bun five* you all you-want in a weekend dining spot You can't help but enjoy the at- moaphere and the service of our dining room. And all that i* backed by the finest quality of meats and foods. Stop in this weekend for your placa to dint. STEAK LAST WAYNE MORRIS n " THREE SONS 0' JANE FRAZEE in 'MOONUfiHT IN THE HAWAH" SUN-MON.-TUES 2-GIANT HITS-2 You can't go wrong on this swell program! AND DINNERS —J orras IOD• F«*4 is* way yt* MM tt. I I 1 ^ - —— —~ *™» »»« • O*s4 aarHsa. ^P N ivMiV iWwVMi A WARNER feROS SUCCESS with STUART ERWIN • CUGCNE FALLETTC • JACK CARSON GEORGE TOBIAS • HARRY DAVENPORT DifwCtsd by WILLIAM KEK2HLEV Admission Sue and lie—Tax bdutto.! Sunday Shows. 2:50 to 11 P. M. PIG N BUN These lovely fall flowers are here in all sizes and colors. Drive up and inspect them at your leisure. Cc. JOSltthAve. STRAND LIST 1*1! ROY ROGERS in •ROS. HIT. MTTHUft MORGAN-WTMAN-MORRIS-KENNEDY Mystery Drama! SU.-MMt-TIEt "SIISET II WYOMIII" -PLUS- ANN 80THERN "MaiSU Wit I LalT" TWtSWOi

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