The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 29, 1923 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1923
Page 9
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FRIDAY, JUNE 2y, W13 XJtiJi. _•_ u x ctn w _>«_»« INJIVV a, HIS 5 MEALS A DAY ARE GONE Ray CUrk in County Jail on Bone tWy Charge Instead of in Harvest Paradise.' BREAKING THE HEAT WAVE-DOWN BY THE OL' TAN YARD Sheriff Jesse Longford approttctted Hay Clark on. the street the other evening and suggested that he_h«d 'better get into the harvest Clieida. • "I'm going out right away," said Clark, "I've sot. a good Job. A farmer's gain's; to pny mc $5 a day and Rive ma five meals."' ~. "Well 1 don't want to «co you around town aKor tonight," said Sheriff VLangford. ' Undersherlff 'Fay Brown rrpotted Olorlt last evening and about the same time Oterlc spotted Brown.',. II w dived his hand into Ms pocket. "•Keep it there," commanded Brown, "and forward march." At the Jail Clark was found) to have a pint of "whiskey. Now ho caht.tnke advantage of the five dollars-five meal a day Job hut must be content with three rmtfah inferior, meals and nothing per day. "WoVe trying to kcet> these loafers moving." commented the" sheriff. "But It's a job with some of them." Several .persons tqjiay reported having been panhandled, despite the fact that farmers" are combing the town for help 1 GOSSIP OF THE STREET jimntin i^rninnlfflHTYf""*"' ™'""" . French|l». Harvesting— \Vm. French, cdialrman of the board of county com- o'sstonera was not present for, tho Bf '/:ioil of tho board this morning be­ lli;? buslli, engaged in (harvesting. Commissioner Prank tDinford has about finished Ms wheat harvest and pays his «op\ will avefjage 15 bushels and test hlgpi in quality. Ho still has to harvest his oats. —x— Progressive Club. Meeting—The progressive club, an' organization of south side boosters will have a mooting at tho Maple street school kindergarten building, it was announood today. Matters of importance arojo he discussed, it. was said. Teachers Have Good Day—The teachers taking the examination's today at the Sherman junior high school butiding for new and higher certlfl-" catea were favored by the weatherman. The examinations are beins fiiven by -Miss Nellie Forrester and IMIBS Phyllis Obee. Smoothing the Track—Tho double track of the street 'railway from Fourth avenue to Avenue A Is being taken up and relaid 4 for the pur- IK >se of smoothing up the track. The cars run only one way on this dpublo track and in the years which,,that, track haB been laid, the enda of the rails have *bcen badly worn. ivvTTen the tra-ck is taken up, the worn' ends of the rat's are being cut off -before they tiro relaid. —x— Ran Over Hose—Letls Williams of 713 Avenue F east was arrested yesterday evening for running across the firo hose with, his car, while tho hose was BtretolKil out during the fire at the Hock Island shops. Ho was released on b3hd. —x— * Nab Alleged Speederr-W. S. Oldham of 1)1)2 Avenue B west was ar^ •(tested about 8:20 last night for' driving his car, at an alleged speed of SS y -miles an hour. ^ Hooper Case Dlamlneed—The vagrancy case recently brought against Walter Hooper was today dismissed by tho county authorities and the yoimgjnan released from Jail, ---x — Motormeter Stolen—W. S. Thompson has reported tho thoft of his motor motor last night while hts car was parked in front of the Horabaugh- Yvlley building. . '— x — . Examine Cream Testers—II. M. Jones, state dairy commissioner was here today examining a cla_s of fifty «ream«testnrs from over this district. The teslB were made at the Meridan Creauiery this morning. •—x— Extract his Waterloo—J. B. Foster of 208 Park street, who wa -3 arrestod Wednesday afternoon when he was found drunk in Sylvan Park, was fined $2fj and cost and given a 30 day Jaa sentence yostttrday afternoon at police, court. He claimed to have gotten drunk by drinking four hottles of lemon extract which he found. Carnival Breezes On—A carnival man was here trying to get permission to show here. 'Mayor Jones told him ho would forbid tho uae of tho •treat for. a carnival and when the nu-n applied for a license and found It would coat him ISO a day ho decided Knot was too much. •' —x— No Trace of Escape—No trace baa been found as yet of Osoar Craft the Reformatory inmate Who helped himself to liberty yesterday after the etato board of administration had refused him a parole. The car stolen by Craft in his got-away, was found near Kent about 6 o'clock ast evening. PICNIC GROUNDS TO OPEN SUNDAY Carey Lake Will Be Free to All Street Car Patrons—Boating and Outdoor Movie. I The Carey .l_tlce picnic grounds will be opened for the use of tho general >ublio Sunday. The Street Itaflway Co., has expended several, thousand dollars ifr making tho grounds surrounding the la"ke into a very attractive picnic ground. Boats have boon placed on the lake, for the use of the picnickers free of charge. 'The place was fixed up largely for the purppse of providing a place where the people who have no automobile may go for a picnic, or outing at small cost by using the street car," stated J. E. Humbert, manager of the street railway. ' Our idea waa\not to ibulld an amusement park but to fix an attractive place where people could go and Just, have a good time.' An Outdoor Movie. The" only amusement feature which will be provided hesldcsvthe boating privilege, will be an outdoor picture how. A p}ntt'orm and srn-rn have been built and ct »nifort-ihb> bpnch"« have be-en placed nearby for the accommodation of the audience. Arrangements have been made Bo that people who the park In their automobiles can drive tneir cars up >ack of the seats and view the show from their cars. Swings, benches, tables and refreshment stands have been constructed at the park, and oveua are being built for the use of people who wish to have talk frys or weiner roasts. A drainage system has been put in to take care of the park in rainy weather and prevent the overflow water - from making it boggy as it has been in the past. , ' \ /Free to Car Patrons. Admission to the 'park will be absolutely free to those who ride the streetcar but a small charge of 10c for adults and 5c for children will be made for those who go out in CATS. The gate 'admission will cover the permission to See the picture show and use tho boats on the lake. FRENCH EXTENDED OCCUPATION LINE It is Growing Closer and Closer to Frankfort, Large German \ City., (By The Associated Press) Coblenji, June 20.—The French to-«y extended their occupation in the Mayence bridgclJead to Langon, on tho .Darmstadt-Frankfort ruilroad lino eight miles south of Frankfort and Bschhorn on the FrauKfort-Kronborg Un<*7H miles northwest of Frankfort. The extension is a penalty for recent sabotage on tho railroads. The nc.ene of the French extension of tho occupation area is far removed from the Ruhr, being along the-oast- ern edge of tho Mayonco bridgehead, the southernmost of the three bridgeheads established along the German border under the annietice and tho treaty of Versailles. It results in tho pushing forward slightly of the French IlneB northeast of Mayence toward the big city of Frankfort, which the French military front now closely approaches both on the north and the south. NABBED IN FIELDS, HELD FOR ARKANSAS A Reno county farmer lost two husky Arkansas boys today irhen Sheriff Jesse Laugford received warrants from OlarkBVllle tor Carl Harbert and Lee Hughes, wanted on a- etaluatory charge. Vita two Were arrested by Under- sheriff Fay Brown and Deputy Sheriff Harvey Lang-ford and are held iu the county Jail pending arrival of the ' Arkansas officials. Neither boy aeern ed to be much worried over the charge. They say their accuser won't be able to substantiate the charge. Divorces In Paris cost a little lesi thaa/$l,000. ; V BIG OIL WELL BROUGHT IN, IN LtlLING FIELD time to riui^in and make a delivery. When he returned, ho was arrested. A. J. Cripos, owner of the Cripe's Bakery, BtatoS that the double parking ordinance causes him a great deal of difficulty in malting deliveries. The downtown parkings are nearly always filled with ears. Mr. Gripes declared that he had Instructed his drivers to go ahead and make their deliveries even if they were arrested. POULTRY T ECTURES AT THE STATE FAIR / Demonstrational work and lectures will be conducted at the Kansas State ^Falr which will bo held at,Hutchinson Sept. 15-21. Tltese demonstrations and lectures will be given by professionals fi-om State'Agricultur­ al College.* .The following 13- a list or the lectures to be given iu the Poultry Department of the State Fair. ..Getting- the- High -Priced Egg—Prof. I... F. Payno. Practice* In Feeding—IX _•. Tavlor. Internal Parasites—Dr. J. E. Adtert. External Parasites—Prof> G. A. Dean. Nutrition of Poultry-—Dr. J. S. Hushes.' •Poultry Sanitation and Disease Control—Dr. U^f). Davis. Recognition and Treatment of Diseases -Dr. D. E. Davis. The Useful Breed* of Poultry for Kansas—J. H. McAdama. The Certification Project—J. 11. Mc- Artan -Ls. The demonstrations will be on culling, treating fowls for lice, caponizing and building feed hoppers. EVANS, KLAN LEADER VISITING IN TEXAS Says Indiana Now Leads in Membership of the "Kluxer" organization. , —Dr. 'II. of the - killing, Toxas, June 2f>.—Tho Grayburg Oil conipany'e No. 3, Merriweather, which was deepened ten feet into the sand..after an initial production of only 300 barrels, IB today estimated a 10,000-barrel well, and is easily the biggest well In tho Lullug pool. It is threatening to run wild and a heavier gate valve is being rushed •hero from San Antonio as tho control now on the well is too liglit and If ehut in entirely, the weirinlgbt blow itself loose'. Tho drillers are. fighting hard to .pontrol the well, holding it down all they can, 4 Tho well has been choked down as much as the heavy gas will permit, in lorder to save all the production possible. OH is flowing into the steol storage tanks at a rate, however, which threatens to fill the 4,000 barrels storage shortly. v Dallaa, Tex., June 2!), Evans, imperial wizard Klux Klan, arrived in Dallas, today intending to address a klan m tonight. , Plans were being\mado for members from cities within a radius of fifty miles of Dallas to attend. Dr. Evans reiterated statement.* •that there jo no disloyalty among Texas klans and ..that such reports were from a Ml eagle how discharged "Dissension within the klan is impossible, and any who attempt to promote such dissension will face Immediate severance from the klan," Dr. Bvans declared. Tho Inyierlal wizard asserted his present trip through Texas was for the purpose of. arousing more Interest In tho organisation. Indiana now leads in membership and enthusiasm, he snidt. WICHITA AND KANSAS CITY WOMEN COMPETE GENERAL CAM WOULD ' BE MEXICAN PRESIDENT 28.—General secretary of candidate M«xlco City, June Plutarco Ellas Callea, the Interior, will beoome for the .presidency in 1924 in case he is assured tho majority of the people desire him, aocondtng. to dispatches from Torreon and Monterey, quoting Oen. Callea, who la en route to the homo of his son In Tamplco. Oep. Callea is returning from Ban Francisco after undergoing medical treatment and states that he has completely recovered. PARKING LAW HINDERS WORK OF DELjVERYMEN The double parking ordinance' works a handicap on the drivers of delivery trucks, who are very seldom able to find a place to park near the store where they are mating a delivery. Andy Meloan, who drive* one of 'tho Gripes Bakery truck* was arrested this morning for doable parking.. He TO PROSECUTE BROWN CASE IN STATE COURT The Board of County Commissioners today instructed CouWty Attorney Horry F. Brown to go ahead with preparations for the trial.of tho Or- vl)le Brown case in the KaJisas supreme court. Brown --was convicted in district court In Jaruiary of the ehargo of attempted rape preferred by Carmen Trahulsl, an Assyrian girl, whoso confidence, ho gained by pretending he wovdd aid her get the release of her brother then -holdsin Jail Brown Is, a member of a prominent Sterling family. THEY LANDED IN THE MUD FLATS (Co?.i!nued From Page 1.) Kansas Ctty, Mo., Juno 20.—-Mrs. Thomas Klcock of Wichita and Miss Caroline l-oo of Kansas City aro the finalists in the women's tri-t ^ata golf tournament here. Mrs. Elcock, who is" Kansas state woman's champion, defeated Mrs. B. It. Morrison, of Kansas City today, 1 up, while Mlsa Lee won her way into tho finals by defeating -Miss Miriam Burns of Kansas City, Missouri woman state dhampion, 4 and 2. 1 Tho defeat of Miss Burns came as a_surprlso as sho won medalist honors in tho qualifying round and from the Beginning had beon<picke<l as to reach the, finals. , . Mrs. Elcock had a bitter struggle lino of the racing plane had started to with Miss Morrison. She was one make trbuble and that this was wha up at the turn and helrTfhis advantage finally forced Captain Smith and throughout the second nlire. (Lieut. Kichter down. Nearly 24 Hauro. Al the time the itfght was concluded Smith and Richter had beon in the air almost 21 hours and had covered a total distance of 3.705.55 kilometers The new speed records for -both 2,500, —— — . | and 3,000 kilometers were mails, new (record for.the firmer distance being •"R'M S. Thompson while over at 18 houra, 15 minutes. 1-6 seconds. Wichita last evening was talking with i Officials of the flight have not yet C .F. V. Ohrvall, deputy district mar- announced the record for ,1,000 kilo shal for this district and he congratu- meters, but stated that Smith and Jated Mr. Thompson on the manner in Richter had euccoeded In lowering whlch^ Hutchinson took care of the the former mark, crowds on Presidential day here. '• Whether another effort will be made "Hutchinson received a rating of by Rockwell aviators to set new world percent la the report sent to records for speed, endurance and dlst thinaton." «ai*1 Mi- r \Hfv -«™i -• "o* - HUTCHINSON PRAISED BY ^MARSHAL OHRVALL Washington," said Mr. Ohrvalll. "St. Louts has a rating of 40 per cent." WON MARBLE CHAMPIONSHIP. Atlantic City, N. J., Juno 29.— Harlan McCoy of,Columbus, Ohio today won the mirhlo shooting championship of the United Statea defeating ,11-yoar-old • Sammy Schneider, the "ahootln' flash" of St. Loula, In the final round of the national tournament t - BREVITIES. ance from 2 ,500 to 7,000 kilomoters had not been determined. Officials al Rockwell field stated that Smith and Richter had been put to bed Bhortly after they had landed and that no decision regarding future attempts to lower records would be "made uatil later. Win. ^Hopkins of Kansas City, Mo., was arrested this morning charged uhable to Mrtd a piao* to park his i with N b *!ng both a vagrant and *a oar, wiMtl hi* oar tor »u»t a *tort I agitator, " Card of Thankt. We wlfih to thanks our friends a^id Sietghbors for tho kindness and sympathy shown us during the illness apd death of our father. Also for the beautiful floral offerings, and the G. A. R, MRS. JOHN WILLOWS, MRS. JOB BAILEY, MRS. W. T, JOHNSON I and Family. 23H and wise men to have supervision over them makea an ideal combination. IRATE WOMAN KNOCKED , PIPE FROM A HUSBAND 1VANTKP- -l: Third. '.V at Pnlon Cafe. ! Eaftt •1 2S-1 FOR SAI.E- -l-'.,rd teurine ear, K oo.t rnecUank-al order, no'-l rubber. U'JO- Call 1B(I>W or i'Dl Bast Seventeenth. ! 3-39-4C !9 West 7 M-.Ot. EKlITT-rpofti housa and barn, Blfrg^r. Plione 3085. The Court Saya She WW Have To Pay For it, For Her Trouble. FOri RENT—Nltm-room house, 828 E«»t A. Call 104 West Fourth. 7«-I3t BUTTERMILK lc per gallon more. The Mm South Main. fur sale, for aUick f«ed, lota nf u-n gallons or UU:i\ Creamery Co., 412-3 Tl M-10t WANTrctV-Prcssmaklng Mrs. Errett, '.113 Kaat 3C50. and tailoring Fourth, phone* G 29-2H VOR SALK—Nearly new will trudi! Tor old Ford, j you? Phon* 187'j. I Trn furniture, or r what hava Tl 23-4t ' 29-4t WHY HE IS PRESIDENT MoAlorrtor, Okln., Juno 29.—An Irate wife who knocked a pipe from (he mouth of her hushand, shattering It on the floor, was today lined the .tlKNT -K.. U r-roe». „»«'«"'-"«';"'?' , ,, , furmwh.'d hmi !H\ ch>-;i *, r .ul \\ .-, j r 8URI price, ol a now pipe aad instructed to 1 , -•• • duplicate thejferoken one ua nearly as possible, by Justice Wesley Farmer, in justice court here today. '• Mrs. 3. P. Wooden, wife of a res-1 taurant ]>roprietoK iotd be^vn charged with assault and battery by her'plpe- leBS spouse. Ktm with w w. Sar;i£-> (Robert 1C Wright ' - in the S.itanta Chic-n. President and Mrs. Harding have made their trip through Kansas. We think they enjoyed their short stay In our state. We, us a state, were certainly glad to have them. AH we study this man who In our president, we nolo three things that have hoiped to make him president; — let. us reminlEce. Nearly a docado ago wb wore iortun-- ate In hearing him deliver Chautauqua tddrcBses at-sjv.eral points - In tilts-! western country. Ono day In f littlo > Nebraska, town there came a heavy rain just, at the hour for his address. Did he stay at his hotel and call off the mooting. He did not. Ho went, to the Chautauqua tent and delivered Ms address as fully and as carefully to a few who had brave-d the storm as if the tent had been crowded. Lot us toll"you. Young America, Harding did not. get- to he president on account of that (speech, but that quality—of conscientious, painstaking work- helped to make him president. As he made this present trtp through Kansas, Dodge City sent word tm him they would like a short speech during the few minutes his *raln wotdd fitop there. Did he-hesltate on account of any personal ri?,k? He' did not. He andsMfo. Harding jippeared on the roar platform of the train at 9:30 In he evening, and he spoke t .o several hundred people who crowded closely around the train to hoiU" him. Here ngain was a quality or fidelity to hda work and fearlessness In the pcrform- atico of his duty that surely helped to make him president. While in Hutchinson the presidential party wys taken into the country and slopped at a wheat field where a tractor and binder—ru. one-man outfit, was cutting wheat. Mr. Harding ^-as Invited to operate these machines. For a moment ho lieaTtatod, possibly feeling tho lack of time, but at his elbow his wife spoke softly, "Go on, Warren, and do it," and she accented the "do." President Hardtng climhed- upon the tractor, started it off, and while cameras cricked ami several hundred people triod to keep up with him, he circled that field, turned neat corners, dropped his bund£s where thoy bo- longed, and climbed off of the machine where he had started, perspiring but happy, as anyone should be In a new accomplishments and in work well done. By Jove, Folks, there's the reason ho Is president. During all the yea.™ from country editor to die prosldenoy, hagn't he haa that gentle voice always his, r*!!«.w srylng "Go uo, Warren, and DO lt"( k To bo a man among meni to be a president, one must have the voice of the woman beside him, the'one wdth perfect understanding and infinite faith ln ^riB ability,- whether she ho wife, mother, or sister, saying to him, "Go on, Warren, and DO it." ' J. P. MORGAN AS HE APPEARS TODAY "Uiy •t -•nth. Phono 7 29-5t ixi'l Axmln- iw. Would >-mont. f>(>3 Ih 29-4t «itt,t(,'t; i.:lOdO con tract li-c --- A* new I'ali 203ft or Tl 27-30 CT'IiTAI.N:; (nnrvtr-rrtl i:, ni'-wui.) our etrlugivr- MOC.-KH We run vifer you to hyrnirttls of f,n tier 1st! CUBI omuia, \fortoi Liiutulry. ihcnu M. Tl 2fi.26t st-r rug Uxl! I'oi.mili., U\il(>n Murine. l-Oli KKNT--St> in. I'hcnc l.l-*'.. l'OU SAM-: or win H.'U on \\\, t to iKii'tleti irlvliur ifffr,' f'tiir-rt r town. Tiirlvii will hv • n b' I t own. lu fairiy Ip.t'iirt fuotl bllslOOSK, Snutil oapitui '(I rtiiaai for nelllUET. l-\ir '.nfm-matioii. nddrfb» U-67), CAHK NEWS. fiUAHA NTEKD rwhullt typewrit*™ of al! iTihkes. Wo do cltjuniriK :itul r«palriiu|. KitiUel Typewriter fcxrhuHKv t'iK.n.> 1 Tl 4-25t TY 1' J E\VK1THU rlLbonn for -.,1! makeo of tyi>L"vvrlU'ra. lv<m tic I Tvpowtiu'i' Ei- ehanee, ?A Wvit KiiBt, phono Tl 9-2at oil,. that ( have, ! buy. I to' ">UT A-iy any of tli.-xu classified tibial ails t- Pierpont Morgan. Tfiifl photo <tt J. Tiorpont Morgan, flnuiunal kins. tukf»n ;i I'P.W ilays «IKO. It SUOWH him van ColK tit fnyh- ionablo gatherings in the oast, soe him. His Duty Done. Clerk: C-aiv yt»u l**t tno off this af-tornoon? My wife wants me to go shopping- with hyr. K n i p 1 o y o r: C c r t-a inly in i (. much UIQ busy jit f>r«*ont. (71fei*k: Thank you very ninrh. Hir. You aro oxc.wiliiuTly k iml.- From RvorybiMiv'tt Maira-zinn fur .July. ...^ Tho trouhln with aM ^f'ttic \'\ I hat It always meets with c.ountor rfipartoe. In other wnnls, reporlee. bofoim-s a, tir«les:i cndK:sri (.-ha in.—-Atchi.son Globe. in « Ml unythins yt'W Mylhintr you w'Sh to tit^ or ai't-ui..- help yCTT uro In ucecl rf thlfiKs*. -t:all number I, Tl .11-261 In: B .nd paintiui;. K a. or 101 West Sixth. phone GSOW Tl :>a-2tt We rlcan •«]J Itimio r Went First. hIzi: and 3M, SO* Tl iG-Zbt BOYS EARN lEXTUA S NM MONEI B\ SKl.l.l.NO TIIK .NEWS AI-'TRf. 4 I'. M. KAC1I KVBNI .Va lu,.- S'l'AHTS YOU. Al'l'LY TO .MR. LtllACli. NEWS Ol'TKK. , 1» I3-2Ct TOO t -ATe TO G4.AHIFV WA.VTK!.)--Iji.rty witl 1 y .xjH -l iruoo. Wlilto Wu Sherman. i :<&trm S_!_t« ©IT.ifre C!l isaiairifflig Co. 3©t Ol.D-AMi NIJW WUSMiVVS i:l,l-:.l,N_U, 111,'ljS OU1C SI'KCIAI.TV. N'o rnuiii'v U w,.!k Is nut H^tiafactory. I'llOiS'K il.'.l 815 NOllTK IIAI'LIC. I1UTC11IS5HN, Kil Tl i-2St OHl'I.NOTON fur sale, lion ami will 105SW. •I'l 30-121 TypEwrMsir JKnCsfeor -S Cltl-buti l>a|iir, s^i -oml ^lu..^H. f>U - . (iolden Uulf l'r'-fi:i. 7 SIl 'Min .in l : :ast. Tlrn-.vf^r,-2t<l Mudlllai-udl IBarlbep In Hotel Lobby. C. It. PAYNE. Trop. Tlio 1-lttlo Sliop. Willi tho Ilia Rn-I- nofjs,—"There 's a Itcason." tl—ra w f—XBt NEED jlARS TO HAUL BOYS IN FROM CAMP The first contingent of the boys at camp at the HustrtesB >Me»'„ claBtt vrtilch, is beinfr held at UIB Al Goach farm north of Nickcrtion will bo "conn lng homo on Saturday evening and a number of cars aro needed to brlns them hoiiiF). Those who will provide a car at 3 o'clock on Saturday are asked to call C. H. Humphrey., at _ae Barton Salt plant. The second contingent *ill be taken out- Monday morning tor three days and on Wednesday the caru which -will go out for them will bring out the third contingent, making an oudleas whirl of boys. ! Tho camp is" Ideally situated and the boys are i_wrng the tlmea of their lives. Plenty of t\ia, plenty of work Your Hidden Interest in Your Public Utilities Private ownership of public utilities haa been relegated to the past along with suspenders, the plushralbum and the custom of inviting the minister to dinner. Actual ownership of the public servinfg organizations is now vested in the people themselves, whether they know it or not. Every possessor of a savings account generally has part of his funds identified with the-utility industry on account of the fact that 29,000 American banks have placed $2,000,000,000.00 in the securities of electric light and power companies. Every holder of an insurance policy is part owner of more than $350,000,000.00 worth of these securities that ^are held by the insurance corporations of the nation. You, thiMusfore. h*ve »n interest in your Iocs.! utility company. The opportunity is yours now to buy direct, cut out the middle man, and gain the same high interest rate on your money that has formerly been drawn by the banks, trust companies and insurance companies. ' -4ake your money earn you 7V4%, tax fre*. $5.00 is enough to start. Aok about it. Co. United Water, Gas & Electric Customer Ownership Department. _ United Water, Gas & Electric Co. Gentlemen: Please aead mo infuruiatlcii about your preferred stock. Name Address , City »..,

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