The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 4, 1973 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 4, 1973
Page 8
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Rhodes going to Germany; McCoy is engineer _GALVKSTON-Col. Nolan Germany, as director of Troop Col Don S, McCov. now KMUHM.* M .i.»w w ... ,. „. «>.».,». vt n.i^. u. , !irt'y> if - Col. Nolan C. row**, dtetrkl «i«tne« for UK Army Ri«iiweni at Gatvt*ton »tnce JffO, h»s b**n to Frankfurt, y, as director of Troop Operation* (G3» with the U. S. Army Knginwr Cnmmand, Europe, rtfeetivt July 30, He will b« succeeded by U. THE RRAZOSPORT PACTS . J w 4. U73 Col, Don S, McCoy, now serving M director, Army Coastal Engineering Research Center tCKHC), Washington, DC LI. Co). McCoy, who hat been selected for promotion to Colonel, will bctome District \Se(man's\ I /UK^r% ^% M^ ^^. m^ "if 4% i BARGAIN DAYS SPECIALS SPORTSWEAR AND DRESS SALE SAVE on entire stock SUMMER •DRESSES •PANT SUITS •BLOUSES - TOPS •CUFFED PANTS •JEANS •BLAZERS •Famous Brand SWIMSUITS •2 pc. BIKINIS •PANT DRESSES WNORT SETS » t&4 •Jr. DRESSES «3» Charge your Summer Wardrobe Use - (/MW£- SAtilNOAYS Kngineer on June 30, A reguteml profe*sJ«uil engineer in Texa* and Oklahoma, Col Hhode* atmimrtl duties at UaK«Moti on Aun 1.1970, the day fc*(or* Hurricane Orlia hit the Te»a* Cttiwt Htt first >t* M district engine** *as to tupervUe the Corp*' dUaiiter a*»)«lanee operation* in (he leven counties declared dktatttr are** by th* Pretkieflt Stnc« that lime h* ha.* had a leading; rok in .lUpvrvUkw o/ jtmli-M, a* ««•!! i» ttatign and ce»wtru<iwn o/ HootJ eontroj, navigation, hurrtcan*-(bxxl protection and related projevl* on tlw Te-xaa frotn the Habit* Ktvtr to UK Mexican Border Ttu» will be fid tUtetfc* 1 third tour in liertiuny He hd* alia »*rv*d in Vietnam, France and Korea U Cal McCoy, a native af Minocqua, Wt» , began hit career with the Cwp* of Engineer* u> t«j l*rk» to that lime he wai a civil rnginm with the Wwfonain State Highway f'tmufilf»i«*i am) the Bureau at fuWu- !d.>jtk» 4; St-^ajt) iViatka Helore hit pretent alignment a* dttt«U>e oi U* Cosital Kngineertnii Research Ctttlitr . Col McCoy «rv«J a» iVptilj commander for Operation* and 4* commanding officer, 3rd tUllatkin, Md Watttry, SMh likfaolry IHvwtoo, Vietnam hi» iwmwus ley t'u D, 4 » » i g is m c n 1 i Mus/c group, singers have varied goals Al.Vl.N - The A!vi!> Jimfe* erfucjlion nujof AUtn> tjirirt-tirtl b> J«Ty INerkiJa. fu.» art? :• S'e^f Ua4- (WvsaH &\r*n ttvtn an ittr»5*r»?t!*'«J l.jmb »o«:.»! ttutiv 5«!5<«{iff t*Tt !» » fuMltEhji Jl <*B«r4l htwrtfj.! aJt* '-ftntmw IWYV t«K« t»?rf'.*nvi,n(j 4.4 A lot-il (nu»(c. .W^ts uni! (we teart C o! « m b i i • . t 4 m m j T'«rivs nwntbrti o< lh«s Mdt»r«l4ft. tl» j ftr» Af jmitwooi (fan* ,S/Jes-* »i;»;ai m«ia,- 'A«f. ci>mp«titica an cr^iJir.mjt'ion -*ijn wc (« U* T«"»J» Jafla AMiK Cunftwt Tliir Heeil K MS « ! f a at e r, 1 1> 1 m s « i * . ' !'* » f I it nd . • . ll-sn *I4 '. in ^ddttwrt «r> «i:«£rum«tsJ.i. f'crkso.t. "We junior >:i in th«r S«i Join*«t (hf Jju Hock iif pcrformma tw/orr high Kh««l part od {scij^ram* and haw Unrc wiuijtil tot Uf4.ft<<". N fttnift**? • : t>.«.'fcMMnr. i J-rr. n Sw^«. •'*>-«{ C»{« Kwiu. {*»«r r. tK»U<«» , , t tJU.*IB*».» ; W.*-4it»ft' , VBt»i rniwitr. B«fr Jotttt, fnaa;ic. ?H4l Knjp*. sot?s tT«-iA« C»!j i . Trftj CUrk.! (he Ttn* eiigjii nwmlwr jnwp o< »ocat»t» wtrr 4 pan of !h*< by tcv»!f«m*ef*S Keck Enscm&ie p»» <wrnj/sjf un (.' i « 4 the Cjfuloi lU-Xurxti »nd 41 Uw lUrrfrtw rnc<-p'«r, that Bo*hlhfCoiirg*S!J!Sicr»4Wl Wihoo the JazjE-Kock >^*r«5b{e ar* >Al«ini. 'rf vourut men h o ( t a it Smith. wtiwh to Alvin Juji!«w (. are. H*cky McN'cety TWO BIG TUESDAY 22" SELF-PROPELUED MOWER »il i,'UWJf) 4 lit- Wltlf («JJt,<«1i DAY DAYS! & WEDNESDAY AU HRANC;S TV'S . King. vriwT4»! mo»i<-. i Di«ki!UO«> . Tarn Tjlt^J! grrurrgl liberal arU. • j!«rlLM-ji Kegiotial. Nr* Jrnty. Ct&ruc .Simmtwit, compwirr «ewr>c*, tlj»«po«4, N V '. Ben Anrjrcnm, gifwrjf Iib«rif4! f . and Ail .' 9 ' J ? V 4 QuB CiufE AUON Rafrlfaranl for cl»arfki« auto air cendtberti* »f» tarn* 12Qt.»» Wuirunum (otding chau »th 6x444 **t> count») WHITE 702 Dixie Drwe-Oute 907 N. Gulf BM-Fmport NEWS frt. th« Services W. W. STA.VTO.H UKNVMl •- Airman KirM CUis Brut* W SUnton of l«i North Ave . Fre«p«rt hat graduated at txmry A>"B. Coki , from the US Air Kcfcv weapon* mechanic count conducted by the Air Training Command, The airman, who ««» trained to toad and Iftapcct the weapum uacd in Air Kw ce >c< aircraft. U being a»*igMd to Ncliw AKB. Nrv., (or duty with a unit of the Tactical Air Command which provuks air aupporl for U S ground farce* Airman Sianloo u a 1972 jraduale of Brau«{Mrt High Scfaool Color-in for kids HAKHISBUKU. Pa IAJ>» A (f e« coiorlng book for teen; Uuruts U being offered by the Pennaylvanie Bureau of Travel Development, Department of Commerce, • South Office Building. Hown &un, to tto city. It'i calkd "Coior-iii Pd»»ytvania for Uttk Peopk." Tb«rc i> with U a r*gkn»Ut«| twfart map of UK (Comt >, Ft lU-lvoir, Va ; »ia!f officer ami Jkitnct Mnior Advtior, US Military A»*ittatiee Command, Vietnam: «««rullv« officer «>en deputy dMirict «p|i«*«r, Omaha Dutriet. Corp* of K4i»(l(x*f» He aim a«mti at eAginwr «talf rttktT, Otfk-0 of itw Kngincw. liy, US Army, Kurop* and 7th US Army, vtXtMtv»(<<J<r, Vtnh f.n«tt«ct HailalliMt and Kirtutive (H'lk-«r, Itih K«*tn**r tiroup. t S,\Hf:Ult deputy ler l>pcr*liMW, tk, 3Sih Idlatttrj UU'AC, and * life t: UfliI IB J4(am from Sb* txfUUfgt (a ,S'«fc*iM»i. fx 8id.» o«ipietiett m.4,oy UehAieat mttf^KH 4/itJ ti 4 gt4iin4le »< fc* Aimj Cum«i4e.4 *«4 H*n!**l Suit t\>«**« flRtl !S« cmj *4f Cuticge (!«• U •..;i4 t jU!)»«J u 4 >»f 4i" hvllitl. vptfitioet r'atllttl *) it«mt *Hl!)ilS. u«rfofjf vKtij.-t.t3i* iAitfvxtar Ait Hri!,<! wSSa 5*0 («A it^i ,,'t\t«f-i.-fs t»uft« 55 tt MxiikU *)!h f«i<y >»»4 !«•>»{ <iii«trs> J."tl !»•> ' V" ilK1tiK*<S ('it LT. CWi. ALL SWIMSUITS OFF >j< Ihr lit* H»j f icft. Ksexsi Si Moochers make field trip ALL TENNIS DRESSES 3 OFF » .-••!• V<W tl,.ls;i,.l."l I. H 1 : ', •' > ODDS & ENDS S-4 t jjr.'c ft.orw («»«,» ill suejj Vi Firestone MYS ''".! ALIGNMENT Our skilled mechanic* set castor, cambor and toe-in to manufacturors' specifications & 2 FRONT WHEEL BALANCE Expert car service MOSJ AMERICAN CARS ONLY Now at prices you can afford! RADIAL F1HESTOME MAMAL V Fit*HHtyFORDS, CHfVYS, PlYMOUTHS FR70 14 WhiU Stripe I'na S2 88 F«d ex lu* ar-rfl (K« oil yo«if >;^? Drive in TODAYI The best buys are at FIRESTONE I Charge it! Eld "~ Tirc^tonc ~ • t N ,A ' 6

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