The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 15, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 15, 1859
Page 3
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BOOKS AM? STATIONERY. INSURANCE COMPANY BUSINESS DIRECTORY Uit«f.Btu»ea Boue* and are among the best and moit _ DAV»8, »0 , 1>EO. 6, 1868, wUlrun istollos-a.'™: ' *°" c »» -' DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, ! :No.^l« B4BT WATliE WaHkc»ha Comity Milk. • I AM prepared to fnrnlih the citltens of MUwaukee daily with ••' -- *'»t»ir kfli)«m Dairy or M. BARBER, Esq., u)din qnantiHe* from » pint to •pan- wisUng to be inpplied, can leave their -orteti wla Henri. Uunn tt Orosby, opposite the Wai'• •ker House. ; T. P. ABBOTT, Yankee Milkman. AMERICAN CORNET BAND i ' SCOTT, XEAJMBK. IB NOW READ? TO PDRNISH ANT number .of Instruments, from one toi twentar-two, for Balls, Parties, Parades,! ^reunion., Atv, *e., at reasonable ' »ugU 35S. 8oMTor at *'"*«*''' MUJtiKAY, fKIOJi <Ji OO-, Seamau's Mammoth Home Furnishing Block, aURtm 8TREET, STOVES, TIN, A GALVANIZED IKON ROOFIN&, , Gutter and Conductor Pipe. Alia, agents for Collins 1 cdcbrateO Ventilators and Chimney Caps, Hot All 'Orders euHo. furnaces and Registers, Ventilators, tc. thankfully received and promptly atten- ISAAC KINOBL.EY, GAS A: STEAm PIPE F1TT-EK, NO. 291 EAST WATEB STREET, WHOLESALE AID BKTA1L OIlLtl II 018 «ND STEAM PIPES, GAS, STEAM AND WATER OOOKB, GLOBE AND CHECK , ... t GDAGE COCKS, Ac., Arrays on hand, a large assortment <of Work done In a workmanlike manner, at short notice >nd Unrest prices. _ JeMly OK, SCENES IN ANOTHElt ' " "'' '' CffiOBG-E ; WOOD, •^•',-:^-!-f,' -\- '••• .unseat or • • , "' MODERN PILGRIMS, &C. -Ihe, Ministry of life, by Jhe Author of .Ministering pnildren. ^ '• Meta«r«y, by U. 3. Mclnlosh. Dora Deaoe and Maggie Miller. The Julia. . , Prince ,of the House of David— new edition. • -Urint«oa'iAfrk*-12 mo. edition: Forsale by [febWj E. TEERI A CO. 'A NEW 8UPPL.Y. flJ ATUEE ^uid Hie Spiritual, by Dr. Bnshnell • '•*•'• •*£* l*nd«nd the Book, by W. M. Thompson. The Power of Prayer, by 8. J. Prime. Memoir of Stoddard. . Bitter Sweet, by Holland. "• TERRT A CO., 1«7 East Water street. OOOKKTiS. ANOTAOTDRED exprewly for that pur|wte, ont 9 A „ 2 r • -;• fM/lfrattirt ftnt-Claiii Steam**, City «f Clevelftnd," * "Clevelui . • (thoroughly reBHed for thl« roate.) 0 ''''' O uiiA»rikon>Af,' April u. wet, »W *e>ite».tHtaH«llTanai fellows: . . OOINO of flntqoallir paper. K. TKRKY A CO., N,'1* :OK1SWOJ-L> A..-CO., BETAJL DBALXA8 IV ., LA DIES', GENTLEMEN'S AN u CHILDREN'S IJOOTS, SHOES ANtf GAITERS. MASON S T E K K T , Opposite the W Hiker House. my21 »' . .W K I N B K K N N K K , MAJlDrAOTtTREH ASP nEAIJEa III ROOTS, SHOES AJVD GAITERS, NO. 24 SPRING STREET, Opposite American II o 11 u e myll Kooi «V »lio«?Store, NO. 48 EAST 'WATER S S UEKT, JOHN P.H.EL.AN, E££P8 always on band good custom madr Boots and Bhoes. All kinds of Ladles' and Gentlemen's Boots and Shoei made to order In the latest style and warranted to give satisfaction. ' api-28 JOHN HI UK, WHOLESALE I»H CG« 1ST, NO. 8S EAST WATER STREET, Has just received a full supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, Manufactured at Olevel&nd, New York. Transpc"«d entirely by vessel, it comes in perfect order, and enables me to sell at low rates. 1 have permanent arrangements to sell this ur«.nd of Glass hereafter. my28 JOHN KICK. A HEW BOOK by John 8. AbbotuS The Empire ol Austria. Life of Douglas Jerold. The Ministry of Life. Met* Gray. Downing Fmlts and Prolt Trees. Bfvlned Editloi The Home, a Manual of Haute Architecture. Fortaleby K. TKttRV, marti8 > 161 East Water utreet. Of New lorkblty, •'. t, 0»pltal and Burplns...:. u.V...... Cif V riRK iirsURANCK COMPANY, I Of Hartford, CotmeeUcot, Oa^Oapltal «nd^iirrilu>,...w . , . «., . ...,$3(11^31 48 1 1 olleit' bjulneii for (he a»ave named, 8o»'p»nle., eu- Urel,r»poa their own merlti Md rwpoailbttlty, *J »efetto4)idr prompt and liberal irtUemenl of all Loue« here ofore,a«»g»erantee<or the future, follclM ti- sued vlthout delay. ' I W. HGNRT HOtlJUJD»Agent. Joi * HotUJrD, Au't. NortblPeit cor. Main and *«d. Accom. ... *'•• r.U. . a.*,. Sup. «ridfe, den. fciO 4,-SO •Detroit, depsit,. 7:00 1:80 4:41} Fentonrllle, «rrive fcSO 6:86 : 7 : a» •Oswego,«rT,v«.. 10:60 1:40 . ... r. «. ; 8t.Ji.hna, vrlve. .2:10 fcSS Grand BtpdTs, art- *06 2:20 •tirand Haven, aa- **• &60 • A.«- P. K. Milwaukee, arrive. 2:«I ..... r-»• lite •EefreAmenti. ». if. , . . MiRSBALt, Survtyor. Wlsconiln its, WlMnkee. V nited State* ,«. AC. F. la*. Co. :l SOMPLD8 hel Michi ...$100,00000 «9,<UOO . Leatt Racine for DaTls— IirtgLl A Aco., Leave Racine for Beloit— Passenger, '.. f OOINOKAW. Leave Belolt forRwrine-tPajsinytr, Leave Davis for haclne— ITeight i Ace., faatenjers by UJUng U* T i; M. train on the Lake Shore stallrga*l«» Milwaukee, connect at* Kaclne wltii tr»ln to Darlj ; irtiTlu'n at" Davis at 3£<t r. «. Btag> leave* llarfe lor Pretport t» Arrival of train. &»« i ; a. tt»ltt lro« Occrs cswoecis at Kaclnc with afternoon trsJos o» the Late *bore itailrotd Horlh and Sontli. WrT freight (orwardvil with tiup«tcii. deiiS/ RutltHt. UARRU), aaperl latenJent. JKoij .Wayne & Chicago KAIL .£0 i l». l|Mlia oev ahd dls«;i Konte now o|x-n to Mt:* York. X ;B«>go n i KtWborgJi, fhltaaelphui, Ualumorr anu Washington city, C'levelanJ, Dnjstirlc, Buslalo, Wiagara eastern cities. Cincinnau, CoiumCus, ! •ceo. Wrwaukee, wepart •Grand Haven, dep. Gran* Rapid* an-. 8k Johns, arrive... O.osso,arrive. ... fentonville, arrive- 'Detroit, urlr*... Bus. Bridge, arrive 6111 - l«prt r. n. 8:00 4.K. 4.-00 7:88 tfliel. Higlrf Rx|sr'5. u. 12:0* r. «. ' JM use J r. is. »:40 JirlB r. is. r.». »:M fcB k. M. 1:00 4:80 Office, under Mitchell's Bank, corner of Efcst VaUr and «. *KetresMneirts—Hotel in Depot at Grand Haven. '•»'•••* MI«.M».T. .».-.... r i»«t wTU leave Milwaukee on gsjturdays at 8 p. ••— *,*Aturday. lUjhi'stipresa paaseneers west, but 4 A. WISCONSIN STATE: DIRECTORY —AHD— AKMSTKONt* & IJONNKH^Y PAINTERS GRAINEIIS, A£l> &1UK WR1TKRS, •U, between .TIalo A Water. Particular attention paid to Kalsomlnelng Ceil"??*•__ my 18 Harper Brothers, (Established in 184S,) HOUSE SIGN, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND ORNAMENT AI Pointer., Glozlere A Fapcr.IIuii^iTH IMITATORS OV WOOD AND MARBLE, NO. 39 ON K IDA STREET, A few DOORS EAST OF TDK MARKS! BOUSE. JONKS & WJHITKHKAL) General Land and Insurance Agents NOTARIES Fini.K, Af:., OPF10E, corner of Reed and Orefoo streets Mvyrose't Block, Fifth \V»ru. Will atteBd to the buying and selltnp of Real Estate, Insuring Goods and Building? io responsible Compa nles, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making >ui of Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Leases, Ac- All Collectione made on accounts placed in our hand will be promptly paid ov<t. A.. O. JOBXH jylS KOBEBT FOR 1858-59. PUKE TWO UOLL.ARS. THIS WORK CONTAINS THK NAMK AND ADDRESS OF EVERY PERSON ENGAGED IN BDSINESS O N his own account In the Slate of Wisconsin, from the Wholesale Merchant and Jobber to the small dealer. Representing bcth the Mercantile, Manufacturing, Mechanical and Professional branches of business alphabetically arranged and CLASSIFIED I'NDER THEIR APPROPRiA TE BUSINESS HEADINGS. Information relative to Banks, (showing their capital, date of organization, circulation, kind and value of lecnrlties deposited.) Railroads and other incorporated companies. Agricultural and Manufacturing Statistics of the State; a Sketch of the State by Counties; a Historical Sketch of the State, aod s full and comprehensive Appendix. Adverusemems of th« leading business houses conspicuously displayed on tinted pages, interleaved through the body of tl»e work. The Book 1« ef full octavo size, handsomely printed containing about six hundred pages. The advantages the business community mu«l derive from its general circulation, as a book of reference, throughout the State, and the principal Eastern Cities, affording as It does, a true exhibit of the growth, history, resources, statistics, wealth, In fact, a perfect mirror of I is business, Isiof Inestimable value, nnd cannot bf too cener- ally appreciated. tm The Book will be sent by mall, free of i>ostsire on receipt of TWO DOLLARS. Law and Library Binding, j Address STRICKLAND A CO mariB Booksellers, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. .SIXTH WISCONSIN For sal eat febie ''"" OMOTOSB: J. A. llelfensteln, K.8andenon, Mt»ei Eneelanil, 8. 8. Dagfett, F.imoBl Hale, O. D. Donsman, II. 1.. Palmer, Kdirtn Townsend, Bolomon Adler. _ J. A- H«LfH<BTaUN, President, O. D. DOD8M4N, VleerVesIdetit. W. 1. P*i,»KK, General AfenL 8. C.' Wrar, Secretary. S. 8. Dioorrr, Treasurer. U. If-'Piuiu, Attorney. , . marl* MtL-WAUKKB * l!R Olr>ICE: Id niilchcll BaUdlMr MrLWAircu, Wisooagni. CHARTERED Cash Paid in, CO., Bllelitg*n. *«. $200 0«i . . Trains le»jTe Urmlnl dally, 8aads»s-ascey4ed. THE TCLBARAPH LINK Is uo» op«n (or Prauo BD- toji, KprifUf&eM, Urbansj, yacrsvirie, . J u-utn-nv!lli-. Newart and WUeellup, ami all interior towns ul Ohio, Penu sylvania, Virgiuiiu, .Maryland, Nc» J««j, *,.. olit- i.'cuud I'ltlitokOn K. K, l.iur * • *ictfjcxv tmicsou AanTuic uffr. ^ fAKS 4^ Ll'W AX A fit tlfUUll lii'L 1'K Those ilniringa,! pu uj |*| 3 u uo ie w,iii be \..\, MoMlxs; the anBf>ytjiicr«f rnhtrcklDK thiir TRA1.1.1 l.KA \K DK&iT OH \AJi ULIilM ', 1>AU.>, AS ti'LluHtj: i-.lrlr. •.-Night Kxprejs, Aaily, Saturda) s r»c r i,lcii (:W * M.->-Mi,rnlnK»laJ»an< Kiprpsn,, .xunJa,, . excepteu. Witi but one cliange of ears to P4ishurKh. 8HECIISO aagaiOH THBOOOn To PitMbargh, fldladelphla. Baltimore aod Ni-w Vork connecting *r»ctly wl«h trains on the g/rat I'eausylva- Bla Central Ballread, to all. eastern CHIT* Als,, will, OieveUnd I ^ Oolumtaus R«tlrosd to Clc«lanU, tlankirk Bau-al*. Niagara Vallr via -lew Vork Central sod N*«' Fork a Kne luilroadj to New York and Uustoo Persons going east will find this route by lar the mosi desliable, both from the advantsg. in point of distance variety and beauty of th» country through which th» roads pass, as well aa the less frequent changes of car, aacltheftnn<*yaDceof re-cheeking baggage required h, olheJ voatcs. ' NOTES, PLERZHEIM & GO, F U |R N | T U R H BVEB OfVKB.F.0 IN THIS CITY AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THi: NF.XT *l±T TIIK *TOCK 1* 113 . VV %\i» ii «prS-J2mo IXTY D.\Y^ » »U «T RI 218 and 220 East Water Street "tlll.W VI KKF, w isl ,j-. xi > MSCEIJLiANEO US. W. Q. L. B. TOWKSKBD, J. II. KKLLOOO, J. S.Uliuus OBAi, Gnusac, DIRKCTORB: 0. D. D*Tts, 8. a 00»OTSB, J. BmtrBKar, t. H.OOBM8, U. W. A. PUXTIU, U. KRKBUOIT, JOBCTB*. Hiu_ J*a.Mn»x»», , .Gm. Drwi. I. TOWNSBND.ItresUmt. A. L. WALHATBi teerttary. ' L. Ptutn, Attorney. " Fire and Marine »Ukr. taken at corrent rsaat. KKPOKTS STRICKLAND i CO, 134 East Water street. TEA« AJ\» COFFEES, W H O 1. KS A 1. K <S K K '1 A I I, —AT— Robert <»limey's CREVT WESTERN TEA* STORE 174 EAST WATEB .STREET, Retail prices from 10 to 2S per I> lower than any other store In the city. Coffee Roasted and Ground on tbo premises by the most Improved methods. Java IBo Rio Ific. 8u Itomlngo 12K. Remember the number 174 East Water ft.. Seaman i wing-, old Store. Jy21 SCHNfECKfCL A BKUNOTTO, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Seal Eitate and Monty Broken, NOTARIES PFJBLIO, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Ornoi—No. 4 Market Square, opposite the Old Postoffice. ^ mar27 r>. OOKSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. HAE remoTed to '.Office, No. t, Btat* Bank Building, corner of EaJt Watc-r and Michigan street, Milwaukee. mar20-d3m A Nr Klo . . tft> " PIKK'S HKAK. MAP, showing the Route to the Gold Re in Kansas, Just received by STKICKLANt) A UO., 124 East Water street A-NB FIBC . mHK undersigned Is prepared t> take -Ifarlise Risks M. and Fire Risks on t rodnce In store, hi the North Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, New Fork, at as low rates al by other reliable OomMsrie*. The requisition of this well-known, long established Company eoildn HO«ATJO Hlii, igent, at "flicf of II. 1 3. Y. HIM. I tto public confidence. no OONNBOtrONS. AT DFTttorr- saKAf wsaraLS RAILWAT 'or^all points East— MiCHtGAN OJCNTttAL and MICHIGAN SODTBK&N RAlL»OADg, and CLBVB- LAtfD Line of Steamers. _AT URAN1* MAVEM-Wtth " BH»ON " Iteamer rdr OBIQAOO, *c., te. i AT nftLtVAVKEE-With the MsaisatPPr, LA OROB8K, CHICAGO, WAMRTOWN 'and HOR). COW RAILECAD8, for all Imporlsat rwlnti West and Worth west, and on Mississippi giver, and wtlhBWaAers for Ports on Luke MIchljraB- Passengen for Great We»erc RaUWav go on the Railway ta*T 8«nira>, at B. * U. R. Dock, learta. Deck at S:uO a • , l.-OJ r j^, aod 1:30 r u BIGHT f RAIte OB the 9. W. R. ha'v« BLRBPING CAR* Attached. PARCELS left at anjr of th.. TIOKsTT OfWCfflare (•mrdwl by ttmisavt Tasiss it VIST MODH> sra- RATS&, . TheOompamj', Tlme-Taiiit ctn befca.1 at any of ihe Stations. . „ W. M. .nt IH. Oen'l Sop't. WEITIIA* * Fsuw, Ticket Agent, 880 J£s»i. Waut it W«.Gaisji», ?r»Jgbt Agent at Ottioany's Dock. B. 0. Wtiaol, Geftet%l West«r« Aje%l. D. * M. R. Omc««, Apslj. IMB" Nil,, U«t & KaMrXK) Vatir j KAILKOAD O Nwri after Mnnday. April 4th, and until fartdern lift » PmnTOirfr Tr»»u «ill u-»Tc Milw.oli.'e fro , _v transportation of rrclfht ma Ln, Stock by this rout« are uasnrpaued. Kates as low a. any other route, aod with mual disputf h. Tickets for sue at am hr prmcia-M ti.-sct offices m Hi. West, and st Company', OuVr, f, 0 . 00 linrt>..rn ,trtei opposite Tremoot Uousr, Chicago, and at II,, ,,(U..,. . the Lain aaJhdaO, Milwaukee, i.y A. u l^ian.. JNO J. HuOTON, ' General FrcisM Ak-cut, I'llutusgh, Pa. D. W ' Uenrral Western Aifrnt, Ciixago, hlarcii 6,l-ita fORMKHLY OP CLKV EL l M I, O , mpmtrnlly ,nr. rmj .1,, the citizen* of \lilwaiii:.-^ thai h* int.rnij-i |irn. ti.-'ntf II.H [.r,,. All IK.-**.-, '., ;> , .nrr, ... nectlcn wch nn will I'nik >n.I n. •th. DRY GOODS, &C I *.»«». \ 5 U J -.",1» SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! l> -the mint ap^mve.i ,-yV 1)V to ^' n tllc '•""d.l«nco , publl.-, he rvteri t.i lh^ b Inft gentlemen, who h \t plnyed Mr B*<lh..:t.l times prnfe.talona:4y In the rour^- of t^n v-'tr^. We feel jugtlne.l In ,aylng't\:it I. , pr\i-u. .. , rlor to thf fpn.-ril run '»f \Vtvrini'/ IV,.•• .,,,^* r . inj, • I -Mr John C Bro.lhrad. -Mnrray, 1 Judge Wilson, " Bishop, " Kelly, " VIlde'nT"' Jsmnl Sell? M. A KIHfMSJ.1 Brown, Wm. J ,n,i»..n. 'rrer .» o, , Don n. V Au-k l^y - Jl L. Wrutu. •• U I.. H*w.r. Jr... K.rul^n.l "* m [fci^n:,.- fl«T4 . r C Ui ,.lf ,, i I 7 - The Latest Noveltae* 01 K •' BLt 1.' W. J Qalni, 1 N,-»,-l, SUMMKK AKliANt.KM. (frent United SfaJ,, Jfail ,,na Xxprc,, R u ni e . ff\UK only reliable and JLI Rocrs To rai KIST, SOCTII M. and NoaTB-Wssr, and the only Liat inanuiK >urr connectlsns. Ua^gafr checks.I throngn lo prlnciuaJ pointl. On and after .IV, APMIl, iSlh, lB.-,f), Di-l-ot, corner .,( Horid., and U.rcUy .la . train* le AJI f J K Uilrtlj, Mllu JVrrh»,,c, B 1 ^" U*c-. Kit ap 16—l*wil W ni f» HIM. K y'« Liver/ ctitfil.- OIF I ••,%!,«, < 1,1 % lii.t \| AM) Chicago Line of Screw Steamers. I k •« 'I « I I I I N tli< u^n.i.4 "I L.,k, Na> of ihla Linr »,.l ^,111 ,m :!•. BY STATE AUTHORITY. WISCONSIN GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY < IIARTFIt OAK. FIRE IffS. CU M Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSITS .................. •SU^M 88 NOKTH ^ BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! CAPITALISTS , find at my office a Register, open tn their tn- spectloo of Bonds and Mortgages and other securities offered for s&le. Persons wishing to obtain Loans or having Bomls. Mortgages or othersennrttles for sale, may find It to their interest to file with me their applications or statement*. 0. 8CHLET, FitOpposite Walker House. DTLC& D. T. POBT. <fc Boarding Stable, final of'Mason ftseet, (on the River.) are prepared In our Bind jrj- to Bind Periodicals or anything else In the (onn of a Book, tn neat and durable styles, at low rates. >">&> STRICKLAND A OO. stereoscopic Vicw». W E have reclved s fine lot of Sterescoplc Views embracing views of Interesting localities In HTSSIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, K O Y P T , NUBIA, ORKKCE, \TVRKET, IRELAND, *,'., ^C Also s large variety of Dew American Views New and very desirable stvlei of Stereoscopic Instrument*. BTRJ CK LAN D * CO., Booksellers and Stationers, «prl __ _ 134 Kast WaU-r .treet. B O Q~Tiir. O UR stock Is the largest in the West. We sell every Book U the Publisher's price. We can furnish to order any took which exisU, either In the English or other languages. We receive new books as Issued from the Press. J«*> 8TRIOKALND i OO. K FIB« IMS. < » Hanford, Conn. CASH ASSETS $854,86* 06 WEN TEUN HI ASS. FIIIE IMS. C4>., Of PittsBeld, Mass. CAKH ASaKTTS.. $205,6»» 41 CO.\tTAV FIRE INSCRJINCR Co., O' Cmway, Mass. CASH ASK. i »20.v i, HAITPDEK FlftK I^IMIlt A!V«'t. , o., Springfield, Mass. CASH ASSETS |S2SJ»0 <;IRAUD FIRE INS. COftpANY, Of Philadelphia. U« depo*,fool of S, , floe Lakr, O-oBamovoc, W*lcrt»»u, lxiwi-11, ar.d Col- BS«ba»at4.20p.ia.,»rrlTl«i!m»ll»»»lree-ai 'I Si ». m ^•»»«"««n an-ivinieal Urt»»atee by the Mllwa»ker Chicago R. R. L« Oroue * jlit.g. R., » 0 ^ M n. 4 sf B. R., or ky Boat, can prnciaM U> the U>OT» jlar,-». aK .ad* u 1U:*O A. .11.— I > »ss»s«iia—arriving at-C»l eaffo at 2:19 r. H. Sit:, f. .Ti — Eirais... r-i..3l»GSB-srrlvm«- ai Lhl cago al C:15 r. H , an.l mak ni; close connrcilons with Evmiux Tra.n» Essi acil Sooth WSM, M,I .ah th« Hacm* inj ,iih.-r itannns iit.l ,[ low fatr v ,^ rt ,,, take UIU»,Jf tenon, Waterloo, H«Dch«TIll<., f>uu r>at- rie, CotUje Gr»re and Alxllso*. Al»o ai Ofcluwta. for Lodi, Mertmac, AUego, fall Sllve , Lr. <l'i Oorntr. Hamdea, LovrlUe, Dekora, York, Arlln«J«D,B*«u,l » D ,t lor all |K)«ie W«t MdHorUi W«t Fasrenirerj arrlTlotf at the Junrttoo rrom tb« »»or. placa make coDnectloni h rae UilTaokee « Hiuii- llppl *. R., for JaanvMle, »l»duon u,d Pralrif ilu CWen anil at »lll»a»ke«, with rn»asio it, e Smith 1Ti»i and Nortl,. »P rS 8- titJMMKK AltKAN(JKMKN function, fbr I on that Liar Traaa k-a»« al v.Hi , fonrariieil rub >W.p _.:er t,am. !<»«« I't.n-,.. It* .I.ITlh W«t al>IM j. . , %0 | •,].-,, . , aprJ4 Jtfl T M<J1>OV, Ma«trr Tr.i.*|*>rli Of Ptl-'K US' THk Ifitwsulrrr, Apr., ;ii, N.iv Bates of Kret^ht Reduced Again by New York Ac Krif l.aiiroa Narthera Trait»porialJou Do.' K X P K K S S ^_J MFlw>Aukre, >rni t>*> st* i.itt.i ahlppM l,y i Uflll! Ilil. CLOTH DFPAH I MP'N T..M . v K, CASH ASSETS -»2M.-T8» 7» J, Hi i/'raiu, Agent, OFHCB, NO. », UABTlN BLOCK, OP OTAIRS, marg9 _ Mlrwaultee. Wisconsin. MILLINERY GOODS. IN School Books. T H£ subscribers have removed their stock frcm the stable rormerly occupied by them, comer of Ualn and liuroa sirepU, to the old eitahlishmeni foot street, thus consolidating the two establishments, making the largest and Lest appointed Livery establishment In the West. W' shall br 0ad to see onr old friends air! customers, and feel confident that we can furnish thrrc irith as frood and stylish a turnout as any slmllai ' • •: Ir the city. Thankful for past patrrn. . * , to meet s continuance of the same. t£f~ )'i rticalar attention given to furnishing carriages »i : ' firsea for funerals. rojii BUTLBB i POST. Book in demand, and s e them at wholesaJe^or retail J" 80 STRICKLAND * CO. PAPER. WE KEFP A OOOP STOCK OP WALK PAPfcUt, BOKDKltS C1IRTAINS, FIRE nOAIIO.S, E-T«\, Which we offer to the trade at wholesale, or to the public at retail, at very low rates. Jan20 _ ^ __ STRICKLAND i OO. STATIONKKY. 0»H STOCK EiHBKAfJF. N Bargain* in Dry THAI IMMENSE STOCK OP —VI* MIOH1C.AN -ANU- O Western (Canada) Railway. RAINS leave lh«Great Central Ucpot, footofUk. M. nrt*\ Chicago, as folMrwi : •U»O A. M.-DGKTOIT ACCOJlMODATtOJI,«.rW day* 'fcxoepted^, arvvre at 4ieirv;i c.tio taM> M. m.—CINCINKATI UPSES.S <-rc*p»e>L) Arrive ai In.lii r. «., Clsuruinau !>:3ti r. M. StOO A. HI.- 4:U , »ire,4 J ii cn.«n t««.H, A.», i. i.-r 31.;!. 'ailf T .u «.•-• r.. \1 - .-(•.' •., >i- K,,!-... u.a * JUo «;..<*„«!. W K, ll.r u,...- . .„„!, ., for th.- . .n.^ii.,0 ->n cowipailf, l»pg to inii.rfc« u. vhrrs ord.r, can h. ti-f : .u, * t« l(:iilro:jit. I OUR JOBBING DEPARTMcNT £«>|>e<l»ou Uritlf. or UuiM,, ii ; AlBan/ 3.U(| r. • . N,w t r. >.; U-ition 11 r. ». P. M.-N1I.R- SCIUM1»»>IIATION, P. «.— NK* V04S *KDilU*TON r, 4«ler|.tSatknUy.) Arrrr at 7: it *. tt. t Kasprasioo ^*rid|» or Itulfalo .; Albany 4#t s. «., N^« Vorl ., A. •., Huston '£UU r. «. Ht — CINCINNATI AKi> bOi'IJtVILTjC.KK- <-Oii Clnclunati »:l«J a. ST. In a first Class Paper and Stationery Establishment, which we offer at price, which make 11 the Interest for all to try as JanSO STRICKLAND t OO. I. O. O. F. CJrOQL) OH AN OK. IfOfTSE AlVDl.OT FOR KAI.K t.llF./if. /|\BEusderstgDed will sell his UDUM and Lot, now JL occupied as a Tav* n by him, situated on Main St., Racine, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the K. A M. R. R- Depot, The house Is located on the belt business -place, And the House as well as the situation of the Lot, would answer for any branch of business, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those who like to make a good bargain, are requested to apply •t the undersigned. JOHN UARTfl. Baelne, January 26, 1859. Jan27-d6m |Luiu|>f;r TcHseig for Sale. Bchwoner Fashion, 824 tuns. Schooner D. Newhall,190 tunt. Bcow Schooner Rugby, 1C8 tuns. TOe Omre vessels will be sold at very low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. TAYLOB A JKWKTT, Buffalo, S«w Vork. Enquire of I). B. JOKES, till "ukee, Wisconsin. T HE Odd Pellowj Manual, Illustrating the History Principles and Government of the Order, with the Instruction! and Duties of every Degree, Station and Office In Odd Fellowship, with numeroui engraving! by Aaron B. Grosh. ' The Odd Fellows Text Book, an elucidation of the theory of Odd Fellowship, embracing 'a detail of the system In all Its branches, with Forms, Ceremonies sn.i Odes With Music for Important occasions, aeo 1 a Manual of Practice for the residence of Officers and Lodge, • b, Pa<jchal Donaldson. For sale at BTRIOKLAND t OO.'S., Booksellers and Stationers, 184 East Water st aprJ6 l-AT-3 Wo. 187 E.- tit WaterMreei. MDBT BE CLOSED OUT .a^T oisroES! BY THK ASSIGrNi^K, -»0- GreaU Bargains naj be £ipcete4 aprl7-dtf JOSEPH CAKY, Asslgnae. R E M O V A L . INCREASE OF BUM NESS. L ADIES—^yonr attention Is now called b> the heM stock of BONA'ETS, Kf&BQJfS 4ND fLOWKKS, ever brought to Hilwljnkee, to be f«nnd at ' B L A N C H A RD ' S VOIM.'S BLOCK, WAI!t «T. aprgl . . VnwtraM oa«noday »t fc«o r. •. Th«8.-ooa. •. and 8^)0 r. i. trains connect at faris with u,« Buffalo t Lake Hsron stell w«y, for S>HU»I<> aad 411 point* erst, at Torouu. with lirand Trunk Kali way, to RlngaM a, Ogdefesburg, tlonlreal, Qlle*!^ aad all points ID Oaecda Bast. N«r«*»ro »*nu«ul, Na» llagpshlre a»d ttatee. &~ Baggage chaOW th«o«(k. Through ticket* .at tale- at the pil«c!na« Rairfoa* •fflces In the Wast, and at the ««n*ral oflWe.conttr Lake * Dearborn streets,. .opofite «W Tremont« Oblcago, tut al the Depot, f<«>t of Lake street. „ , ft. N.tUCE, 8a»X H. J. >». *. .„ . |I*.M>K1I . t-'AKK II T I IIP NEW YORK&ERiE RAILROAD! miil Pir^ l.»t*niv. Itunk.ik »i..l N.. V -ik )., ih- M. New V.rlt A Krie, • , I h, |. i,,i „,,!., !u , t>ier antic*. •prtn Detroit & Mil. Railway. f *?&'*** THB 8t »» n '» CI««r«t«aB« witl take jflMHBM. her placa In line of thei>et»olLA Mlrwan- kee Hallway, oo Wanday, the 14th March. Pass cgers wishing through tickets cm .• sapftlMd on anil tftti Monday next, al; 83» East «»ter street, or at the offise .on thf dock of |n« UMrolt * Ml wauke R»Hw»y Co .— Ihie notice of the time of departure will ke g*,». ThSl wUI make tne .horuet, clif«n<st aoi' all polau Bait. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. A ttlift»ik*i|»pj NOTICI:. i Of BliiilOP i CO , UORt, Milwaukee, April ^, 1 <.9 O N aod afUu- April »tli, 1359, and lice, *.o pvraon In author zed to ntil further no- niakv l>urrh.%5cs, or cr«tracl roc material lor the illiwauSee and Clilca. e<l. Bills Witt be pai,| monthly an.l acr,,un , twDUauetl witii M.J r.>ncrrn lr.,1 u. pl^, t., monthly bills. C. B. UALL, 0«'l Agt. alorl^^^j •prlC J. T. M(*OD?, M«trt of Tran,,K>rl»tlon. ill i,,,t bo " r-i.J.r TRANSPORTATION COMPANY WM, ilnrlnf tli« present 8eason, run their w»ll known and popular IJne of < la*» Screw *<< niuci-,, KIT CLlSON! ! J3 AND AD VENTURE S GENTLEMEN'S FUKNISH'G. P IM>OR TO A. B. VAN COTT'S. _ O o fl 3 •J I 5 Q 0 OP KIT CARSON, he Ne§terof the Rocbj Moontaiiis, From fact* narrated by himself. Just received by '•. maylO 8IR10KLAN1) A Oi>. NEW BOOKS! A NEW History of the Conquest of Mexico, by R. A. Wilson. The Austrian Empire, its rise and present power, by John 8.0. Abbott. , Thorndale or Conflict of Opinions, by William Smith.; Whd Sports In the Far We». TKERV A CfLSiVEB, Bpc For Bale by ma?? , Jtt East Vfater street, PREHIIUIfl T|\( HI\FN. HB DODBLg TlfRBAD 8 K W 1 • G MAOH1NF8. That ttiok the fIRST PKEJHIUJtt & DIFl'OMA, far Family use, at tfte WUconeln 8UU Pair, Octolwr 8, sre for sale at the . *€w ing Irlachine Einporium YOUNO'S I3L.OCK. ISAAC A. n A met-: * ci>. C«ITEI> fSTATCS The Farmers Loan A Trust Com 1 P«ny, vs. I The Milwaukee A Superior R.ll- I road Company, l OltyofMIHrauke., ' John Stewart, Johatio O. A. Allerdlng, Christian Hahm and Gottfried Wootseh, , In the U. S. D)w- Vtrict Const for the I fllavrtci of Wisconsin, l In Equity. RAIL KOAJ). THK HHOKTKST 4J»» MOyr KXPKDITIOrs OOI'TKI TO Winona, Eead'i Laadtag, Bed Wiitf. PBKOOTT, CT, *ADl ARO BT. Chnagf of T»«M., »«••*«», April A, l«» TRAIN l.KA V tit nil.WAri.Kt: 1»:00 ^. ft., Arrlvrnf al JaaeJvll'e 2.38 P. M. ; Kudlsoa J I H pursuance and by virtue of a decree mads ty th* District Court of the United Btahn, for Vie Dlferict of Wisconsin, on the nineteenth day of March 18M In the above entitled cause, I shall sell at Public Asiation onTueiday.aBddayof August, 18B9, at- . o'cloSk IB the afternoon, from the steps of the Outou Bouse. In the City of Milwaukee, all and singular. U» aortgand premises mentioned In the till of complaint H sakd cause,and dttcrlbed as: "All tke following, —— and In future to be acquired, real and personal ty and real estate of the lain deTendai ~ ~~ and Superior Railroad Com; the flrit division at the Ball r Dexter. ... . . «j •» r.~K~ J *° Ve> by Boardmsn. New and good, books it E. MCRRT ft 00., " IwTEaitWateritct H ? I JK-llf '•f KU^SSELL, ..-TjTVSSTTHINa required for a full and assorted stock JCl for « first class Wholesale and Retail Drug Store Is kept by Harrington, and .of the very beat quality.— "Prlo«i as low u mny other root*.".-.. ; .:, ,.,, : :. • • f O. HABBINGTON, 151 East Water*treet, >-< the Auction Boom of thu , .it - «xoentric»ndOelebr»tsxI<lii«aWAU. NEW HOOKS. P IOTDRE8 07 OOOHTBI LIPB, by Al The Methodist, or Incident, »nd Cbi . defendant, from thi«fy ofifn^uk^to ^ OH, or Green.!*, to ftid Btit/ of WtacdnUnV "to,. t«nW of one hundred and twenty rnHei, tod.df ^ ja-t^MMP 4 '«"?»«?piea fy - - l Life ID the Baltimore Oonfrence, by M. rii For sal* by • - .. JQ.. TEBJ mart " ~ Reh|iack'» Jteiail Pcncilm, -**— MifXXS.'- - '•'. • 3iH ':' CL-ISAVEK, 1 :te5 AN» STATIOWEOS, have Just recelvea a full supply of these Cete. . Drstrd Pencils from the manafsctcry of J. J. Behbach, In Begensborg, Bavarla.1 -They ire carefully anorted, and each grade Is distinguished I y » popular brand. -Particular attention U called to the "Opposition Penca," (round: black (rllt;) and nouth« "PwpleV Pencil," (round red *ilfc) a'so to the "Engineer's I ^"(heamgoaWlAirbf »hlch wllf -™ SH *^or to any other penollln the market. M • jaid defendants Btewara, AUcrdloe. Woo««cli,d^eltherofth' of Brtl w aald ^ M r* roid Company n« located Us w«y, art tor w compeM»tWn«asbe.nma*B^to ^c th*BupersHTict«r»abdWkcktbereoV 6aerm«erUU>ed tttereon, Sa verU, tenet., e^lprn.nta.neS^r : blaldlngi.tben!0g, belon«lDg to the «aldJ»r«l S:3B P. ai. i Kralrls) dn Ckleo k-OO f. M OouowctiDU with the Prairie du CM CD and St, rani Packet!, whleh leave Pr&trle da Ottlenon the arrival or the fcO« P. M. Train. 8» THAIN JfcOSWKUO, TMK I VPt.u I AKKS ! farming a' 8emi- Weekly line between Ofrdtn*t>ar((ti an.t knd CMcago, Milwaukee and Inunne lair I orts, curtiectlaj at Of.eosburfh with the OeDCWSBCAOU A TK&SIO.NT CCNTBAL RAILROAD KOUfK, Vwt^een O94enwbnsa)i, BtrrUogVin, Concord, Manchester, Rtstma, Lawvtncr, Lowell, Woro»t*r and 5«««on,_snd »t QsVego WMh I Irs Nrw Oswe«o Line of I (..:«> it <,i i >i A ii i < O A M D Y V N K. < H I W 'JLLK rr»pn-truuy ann "«. I . r ,1 'I .,, -usl.-«ii^^ l-l ,*v .Hi !l ;i - ij 11 \ vi ; . ,11 -. . ' - « i .• ? - •V- »rf r->r»«t«niiy r,,riv u,.' t ' | u Wi'l w,n hc-v it «.. .-omulv.!-. »s U i r>» tu tilt ,,rJrr. |.. r .,,y k.n.j ,>, -.^J.A.^,., tn-rs'.,, Vrnr.k M »»^r»'.-UKk, »n-! « Wr aJ».. k^*;, »Q fc,»nriu,, ,1 ,C H^ru ,-i ?»!ilo«fs, . J pf>*r«, tiub*, 4.- , 4.- An ,l tii. h >nd, or will ru»tt- t.i ,r lt?r 4ii / f ( . j i (j', *'.' ' ' ri»fp, W»|pnj or Te^rn ()arT).-s« <J*J1 «n I ««^ for y..<miflvr-4. DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Liuc ! 14 I < K '1 i \ I , , | < ''Ml 1 „„ ,„, „». I-.,,.., HHK.K l'LK\Sl UK .N . | I. IX. V/ the awift an(telr<ant M^^m^n i i/y ./ , i f , 1 i'lrrfltin-t, to ijran.l H.,-cn, th-nr. h y T, Oran.t Rapl.b and hack at rh*«p vxrurtinn 'ir. -e affor.lrd NI view ll.e b^%ul ful %Ol j thirty ftn\ Olasi O.,,al Boats < Wtw Canal, N«w tork, M Dunkirk with yew yosx AXD ERIK KAILROAI>, An« farntfttir a Trt-Veetly tallroad UD« between Du&irk, amwartce A CUeago. Propaftjr fbrwwi.le.1 by Ihsi Line will tx sobject MILWAUKEE 6:06 P. M., Arriving at JanvetrllU (A P. II.; Madlnn UhOO P. H. far.; to all petals «• Ike Mlsalsalppl Brer M WILLM* JEBVIR, low as any otter stoat«. LA CfiOSSE AND MLWAUKEE HAIL 1859. 4.REAT MTATEH MAI L.sV . , AjfJ) GPLf. "Xlf: RAIL jtO&TE. TO , GJIQSSE ON tke V7ER SHSS-saiPFI HIVKH, On arjd after Monday, AprH 25t>, • i . %ong|| Erprew Tnum Dairy. uEAVK MJlLWAUKKlfi, DEPOT FOOT or nmsTNcr main,' " "'" "'' roirowg: " ' -' !.-••. t» butOsis HP* W«rHian«la'' ma*M4 >>•. T. CO. I-'X. PMF.fcM," wIK ho fkrwarwesl frsm R c w York by In taprut Fretijiti train tvtr Uu Jim IVw* * SHt Mailrtxid, • ' And forwarded from D.nJrtrt. . . AKPL,^ TO, i. Mvoag, Agent M. T. Co., 177 Broadway, New Tork J. L. Wskim, s\|Te«t N T. Co., .S CwnilecSilp, Nar tor*. Caaa. #. t»»HH, earner Uth wd Otiesnut st., Pkila. tlDf.T A Ouvruac, OswsKaM. t. 8. & C*u>w«u, Agent, Dunkirk, N. T. C»»is»»au», QaA w*.s* A Co, Cleveland, O. JOVi HooiTM, Agent *. «. Co., » 3iat« st., Bo»tnn. A.»)traB«*B,Age»t ».C. tin*, 108, Bosmn. *rf • ^S??- »?«h*».-»•»fctatjw v v.. oWce Kapds, with ,i, eit^njiv, xYPitUU UKi •< -nnunn Teaturw,. Fwes(loclu,l nz rr-,,0,, , >r h^rtlm',ir p i, j flf«—t.i (Iran,l Harcn «n.l »,.-< ^or part ei of (Ire to (jrand Rapi « tn.i ti.'iri, M • - t .-,.; 1 ^ hj.l on boar.1 at tl, tr .'^nt« - I I.VII-.. Parties can Isavj Slilwsute.- iwl.'^ K 1 v tl<*kelj mad^ valia in K.I » u .| return 11, u i j one week. llaum or Malllrsjr d Trulisu Leave MJIwaukee . I" ui » y Leave 9r»nd Ua»« . ^*j, „ Arrive al Gran.I Hn,.i,l, )„ .m p . Leave Onio.l KspMi •>-:« A . Leave Uran.l H»T, n i..-ai , . 'mveat Milwitukee 12:15 r M There Ii a n«w «n.l corafxrtahle n.n,.| th* Railway Depot at Grand Ha»rn, .0 Partlei^desirinir to tp-nd a ft-w l.our, »i or on Uw Beach which Is .|oitv ol«.<» 1.1 haveevery itt«nimo. '(T. SOI TmV KLL, JK.. I arj»«-iil«T, Join, r .tn<| ( iiir.»c! r. •mt\ VK HI '.iii . , s , M . v , . ,. K »'T''KN'-i •. , , , •-•••-. .:- '•-..., :... .>.:', '. • • « •» i .• -u • , < -L, ;, ».! .-i. .11 ., ill- ' i. i DWKLL1M. Hoi >L>. w .\d r. n < > \ -, i. .-^, x ( H ii n ii i ii si ol .1. JE3 H.U.. lap, Wll'.i a ii (! .- \ I. K V Qffle» BBM 91A M. K. R. lkep»t. «. P.—BWppers are requoud te-»w» tm, of tke above Agents belbnoiaUag comratts, as »Oey are u-eparett to offer reryjlow rate*. «pd ttetr ccnnectlans with the vfQt**b.rgn aftd 4>tve9O fftolts, aod ewjieclaHy with the New lork * Irle «ateo»4 give ttxrm uasurpaued facOHki forchtap and sKjurytrsMportaiJoli. Old Blaek Star UM «f Paekeli. • 0sf|cc A*. 4O Vmttma, N. 1 . i'Yi I> I K E OT 1. I N £ ' •£ .fi%c33-x»-.A. fear x».. 9f Great BdU4fa»br. .: , Tli« powerful lion tteamhlps Oil? Of BAtTlMORE, , 'CITT OV WASHINOTOV. CITV Or MANOUKSTISt; KANQAROO, " u ™ ! *- rNrtlenrroin < Imtuutloiu, will Be .-arrli-.l ,", n v , ry |,,w'iJriiM " *>,., can b* had on application i,, lh , , u b,cr,t>«r t» Hcketni-an be hail at D.n-li O»n.-.> ,,r r,,..,! |- ,,- tert oo board At«ani*r9 an.l W.K. MUlg, w DRAH.V.M Oeneral Superintendent, [>,,,. k , J1B ,' , aprSO-dlm Detroit. Miiir-uu.'- K E M O V A L W • F . B A V L E V . kflaa removed Co hu ol.l stantt, (NTKllKT, N. , Ami having made such additions tn hi, fn.;ihu.., KINK 'I- <> it f K A 1 T y ! A«lo enab e htm to >ay to the public with coofldpnop uat h* U bowprepuwt! to furnish them with ever? ,1,- ilrable style of Picture known to th« coio.Dunu,., 10 ,i ttiuch Astounding Low Prtcw as to J^f, C4«n n »t,ti 0 n forexample, tor I3rt c;iw. MZC PHOTO«|«4P||N »ar only |1J)0 the «r«t one, anU 50c for the Dnpl.c Ai d In fact .Tery other ^stvle of Picture, at co ponding low prices. IMPERIAL* PllOTOUIIAPIIM, . which far excels m Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty a Bnlsh, any other Picture ever offered to tha. Public.— Then Pictures have only to be seen to be admired. ' All whoare desirous of saving money ar* respectfully solicited to call an* exunlne Specimens at the Ola 8land H "^ • JTa. ISt fa* Water ttriti, MUuautt*, • w. y.jufLKr. tools, sonaj- propenj appertaining- to Trlra arrive at Milwaukee at j 53.30 »*IV »«»»*«» fork for Oort and thence to Ur. ' Terpoil,-! ajw r» Fa»Mi« Iron Sew T.rk; . Ooelwiir O.«lcr. ATTMQ located klsoself In Milwaukee, offers Alwajsonhand»«ompleteauerUnentDf Wack And coloredleadpenclU-of all tie dealr»We grades. Adl»i conntallowedto-UjeTrade proortioned to ertsrt rVaterjtreet, .--l~; -'• -••; : : '.,i'-^ ' ; ,-. : - ;:^-.-~-w ; ;. •»P'^^l-^^^^--'^::'^-':T^^''^;iV^^i«i>OT6i|.ifc;,? Uif vUMJnobl-»i« rtok asri r&a-tt^iCak a»tt« Steam- ATLA.M'ir i F\l S, *»TVM-.s T^Nt-i.E 'BKN .i,.i.. .1 „,, v ., foTisM 13 ^'' '"""" v ; "v » .-. S.\ I I KD 1 ? AH3J. Bl Vg'<s \ l i , i u « uuU O . \\ a i v \\. It. *;rr.j .'i >M M 1SSU >N M«. Jon u *.vr « Q O A ie •« i uj : r. .uaiKiiinrnts if Kl.. an.l all of,-,. I'h/rKffN f'AlH.N ! Non- Ei pf owi »'«• ffl *» a* I-..TI.I p. T IIIK puhllc Ii now ra»or-.| with -h.- I1K.ST. an<l most KCONOMK.Mr. I.IIHIT equal If not superior Ui th.' urches. Hotels, wer |>roiluc^.l, •-ft »rHjt^. It ,^ r.'», Ken.llni; «.,,,,„,, ! . .tc., Ac. .4 lrl;ii vi i prov^ Its superiority ov*r ill Portabif Livjhu inw ;. use. U la unlike all otlt^r Lamiis, hvtni; etvstty mAmi N-.I brilliant, reiinuoilmtl. fr.-^ from «n,.lie or .meil »„.; , . . what Is more, ratlrrly «fr from all .lannnr .,r ,^,,i ' TII£ STEKLOTYPK, | " on - ^I'l-'r " JOHNJ^OODMA.N'H, A Drtr>and popular ityle'of Pletnre; .Colored in Oil i W!s A*rul fi.r lh^ Sl n>;ln M, \V.. .f o n .1 | h a u 4 r « n r i> , UN1>KKT.\KKK s prluj{ St., O)>|>«i.H<- tusorlrnn Hou*,' KKKPS CONSTANTLY oo hand » larvu liijortmen Jf MahoRaoy, Black Walnut and otter Wood Coffins together with flak's Metallo Burial Cases. Thf otter of the Forest Hnrm- Oemctcry Company \> M. mi pUec, wliure * have the (ilais of ti» 0 jrroumls l at always rea-ly Ui nc<-,,m|mny patron^ to tho Ceraa- jr»y to select lots or placeifor burial, anu can t» found BMiy plaee of business -1»y or alght. tjoffla Trim- aipcsof all.lnji for sale. , , epas phr* tn hoy flrVieertn' it,u ._ ' nni»f« M EW P0UC, 10.4 aroela. la. state, fat sate. tmiA LArtoN A PiAJurjur

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