The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 29, 1923 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1923
Page 8
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B. PAGE EIGHT. HE HUTCHINSON NfeWS. FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 1923 OVER SOUTHWEST KANSAS J PATRIOTIC SOCIETY NEWS PRETTY PRAIRIE PLANS FOR A BIG FALL FAIR Ad Club and County Farm Agent Assist Live-Wire Committee* in Preparations. Pretty Pralrlo June 29.—Tho live wires of this emivmunlly are busy at work planning for the fall fair wiiich the Dodge City Busin-ftss and Professional "Women's club with Jllna Jrene lleudy as secretary, ' The • club will have sessions throughout tho. summer with Hvforinfll out door mevttnsa a« a rule during the hot moniba. RECOVERY UNLIKELY. Halttead Man Suffers Partial Para­ lyse Result of Accident. Haletead, Juno 29.—Little hope is betug Iholel out far toe recovery of Arthur iBterschbaeh, who Injured, himself recently diving Into the bottom of the sand pit at theVStutima-n {arm. , Tho fourth v*Tf?brae was badly •will be held .bore ne.xi October. Comity , - . Agent Crlppon and the Pretty Prairie j TraolureJ, as ahown by the X-Eay pic- Ail club arc assisting tho commit-j tore, ami a. portion of'the spinal cord tcea. K. V. Slebertln, fair a-ssoeiantlon, vice president. I,. H. and a. F. Lmtforii, Voran wa.a narm il president of tho 1 Henry J. Braver, French, secremry treasurer. 1>. A. us 11m fifth member of the bourn • >[ dlrectora. : The heads of tho ilejnir'tineuts are: J EduraVlon, 11. K. Thompson; ut?ri- ; outturn and horUciiituro, C. W. ! Murphy; horses and swine, W. H. Kcyb: beef rattle. .1. K. {lei belt; dairy, c.-in.ii', It. A. Voran; poultry, Frank j ^'a^Hiniin; fhi <-p. Henry J. (ira-bor; hoy* and utrls rlivbs, Mrs. 3. C. Keyb: 'h n tne econcmi'-K, Mra. ('. \V. Murphy; •fl::» arts, Mr:;. W. II. Mar.,";. Mrs. 1,. K. t 'li.-Mnbi.Tialn ; merctia.mli'-.e, [1. ,b I, A. F, Warren; better bnbiesj, ; Sam Demoret; Mrs. May Van-, is damaged to some .extent- The paralysis from his wnbrc down continues 1 although his mental faculties are about iiorniu.1, -it Is though ho cam rerovf,;-. Mo Is still at lire hospital and la receiving, tho most careful attention. | GREEN APPLE FATAL. Mr ON Business Women Elect. l*o (",lv. June -Mis? Kulalia IR has U»en elected president of Pawnee Rock Baby Dies As tho Ra- ault of Unrlpo Fruit. % Pnm -noo Hock, Juna 29. —Tho ; b eon or Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smibti mat a very pad doath tills week. Tlio baby van only a year and »even ni.wahf* and \vliliR playing at hl» homo i^.ot hohl of n ^-wii applo a :)d ato It. '1 no child was brought to HUlnwood 'for medical care but did not survive. Support Mcpherson Band. MoPhcr ^on, Juno 29.- -The bupinoE -s Tnon of the city arn v^ry loyyl support^ rr .H of the Junior hand and this wwk Public Meat Market Where Hutchinson trades AKMoua -s HARVEST HAMS t9%C 18c I K tJ^: 19c Sirloin Steak Choice Oven Roast 12|c | Pot "Roast 9c Veterana of tho world war <havo Invaded tho ranks of Kanaaa City police until now they form sixty percent of the force. The peak of tho Invasion w»a reached recently when Ingraham D. Hook, a prominent membnr of tho American Ltoglon, was appointod po- Uco oommlaBloner. i Hook aervod twenty-Tlvo months during tile war. Ho attended tho ftrat officers' training camp whom ho waa t'OrumUBloned captain, and then aervod as assistant senior Instructor and senior lnstruotpr «t <3amp Fun- oton, Kansas. Capjatn Hook, fought wJth the 89th. division In tho St. Ml- hlol ahd Meuae-Argonne offensive and WBB in the Army of Occupation. As chalnnau of tiho railroad transportation committee for tho legion In lam national conversion in Kansas' City, Captain Hook, was largely responsible for obtaining the want of a one cent a mlhi rate from the railroads. He was first comma-nder of the .\VHllani J. Bland post of tho American 1-o-glon In Kansas City. Richard I". Synwolt, or Chicago, former private wlro received tho first check for the Illinois stato bonus to wofld war fiphtora, will devote the |S <K1 he obtained to Baying for a home. The holder of claim No. 2 is Mra. Ellen O'Kecfo, also of Chicago. Mra. OTieefc, will recelvo ?167 .00v as the state's gift of thuuks tor 'the services of her son, Andrew O'lvetit'e, who died four weeks after hlu discharge. NIfIR SOCIABLE GUYS TO MEET IN THE RtNG Inghram I). Hook Itolllng ucrtics iiio prairies in Ford-.i and other automobiles, membera of the Kansas dejwtment of tho American Legion plan to'bold an automobile caravan to tiheir national convention in San Frncisco nest October. Legionnaires who do not own cars will combine resi ^urcAB and buy an inexpensive automobile that can he sold at a small sacrifice when the party re ; turns from the convention. Pennsylvania members of tho American lA «lon will use motion pictures In their campaign to obtain state ad- Justed compensation which la to be voted upon November 7. "Flashes of Action," tho official world war film will bo exhibited In every ^community. Fnmi far-away Barcelona. Spain, comes n retrfiest from a mother that her, two children bo permitted to par­ ticipate In the. American I-oslon's national essay contest on the subject, "Why America Should Prohibit Immigration for IMvo Years."' Tho father, a miyaloniiiry In China, was ono of tho first victims of the unrestricted sun- marine warfare, belnK kil!**l near Malta, when 'the French ship Athoa was torpedoed. ; Many reports have been received at national hendmiarters of tile American Legion in Indianapolis Irom officers of posts in small towns conf- piainins that their members are moving to the cities. Lemuel Holies, legion national adjutant, has stated that the lefrkm ill endeavor to slop, the^ drift, to tho larger centers of population by advocating land settlement and farm, aid legislation' In the interests of world war fighters. Host recent photua ot Jock Dempaej, left, and .Tummy tHbbona, The McPherson Legion Auxiliary received a hurry'up call from the soldiers' hospital at' Albmiuerque for some hOijpitaL .£Bcmcrits for the sick soldiers and have the shipment almost ready to send. One question regarding both Jack Dempsey aad Tom Cibbons remains a mystery asVhey wind up training for their heavyweight title battle at Srel- by. July .). That is; v HOW MUCH PUNISHMENT CAN EITHER ONE OF THEM STAND? Dempsey, his short reign as obampio'fi, ueveK^ias had to go the limit ot his enduVance to win any of his three battles. Gibbous, In his earjj career and then In Ills knockout year, was not pushed to the last ounce of strength to hold his own—or win. Dempsey is recognized as one of the heaviest hitters tho game has known —th\) heaviest of today. Gibbons packs the stlffest wallop ahy heavyweight outsideJess -Wlllard has. v .plantod on Dempsey's rugged caxenss., .What will happen when those two I birds start exchanging those knock- 'out jolts? Will tho limn who gets the j first full jolt-wilt and die? Or will! both find their punches short of the j results that they have brough to date? i i>''.;ui>sey was slowed up and mo- 'nientarily dazed by two pokes that i | Willard gave him while practically j : out on his fapt'. And Willard had nothing but brute strength behind i those wallops. Gibbons with a kick I that has been enough to knock out all l the second raters has science and skill to go with his punches^ There always has existed ' tho belief, that Dempsey has anodbly weak baclt->»that this handicaps him in a grueling fight. That he lacks endur­ ance and even the ability to absorb ininlshrnoiit. How much of this la boakum is unknown. On the ether paw Gibbons never 1 — >"»t hi* uncheK into a man like Dempsey. The only opponent Glb- ... . .or met wl'o yjmewhnt resembled Dempsey was tieorgo Chip. This great big likeable guy with.a fighting heart and a terrific punch took all Glb- borre had for ton rounds and twelvo round* Do it said lo Gfhbona credit, however, that he did not then have ,nulte the wallop ho now has. Dempsey and fllhbons cannot go through even a round without landing. [\What will happen if one or both con- ' noct. snd one or botli find their punches lacking in tho stuff that droams are made of? raised enough money to send the band to Wichita next week to participate in the band concert which will be held on Tuesday. Boiling Beef . . 5c| Vee.1 Stew 9c Spare Ribs . Fresh Hearts MEADE WOMAN FALLS, BREAKING TWO BONES Prime Rib Roast (Boned) 18c Pork Chopa 1Sc Pork Steak 16c Pork Sausage 10c Fresh Hamburger 10c 6 Pounds Fresh Liver 25c 2 Pounds of Pure Lard Until 12:00 21c MoatlD, June 29.--Mrs. Abbio K. Bofiie, vrlta of A. T. HoiKo, Jr., mot with a v^ry Boriicuo accident at lier j home in Lhia oily late yesueriiay nve- I r\ing. Sho vas"\v*auu'liiK iiorao flowers | along tho edge of n bark poroh u .nd I lust 'htT baianoe, fallitirg 1 forward over 1 :he Ktupfi, 'hor -wiiolrs weight waa | thrown on her left les, breaking botii j holies noar tho anfelo and suff«riiii< a LOinpounci -fract \iru, th^ Ei'bula prw- ! inidiny through Uio flesh, arw! ahalter- | Ins the anltle lx>ne. JUae tracture was i suc .fM''>.3fiil ]y n i uiic ?d and the patient ! i< resting easy. v Wolffs Call Hams 6 Pound average 13c Swifts Jersey Grove Margarine 29c Swifts Slab Bacon' t 18c Small Pork Shoulders . . it 5 Pound Box Bacon Armours Fancy Sliced 85c CREAMERY BUTTER— Manufactured by the Salt City Produce Co. Made From the Pureat and Richest Creamy Obtainable. One to each Customer. One Pound Met 31c 319 NORTH MAIN PHONE 1784 SHE'S COMING HOME. Former Elllnwoexl Teacher Has Been ** In China Several Years. IvHinwood, Juno 29—Mirfs.lda Franz, formerly a teacher in the lSUinwood Hchool^, who for the paBt suve-ral years hits been working for the V>. S. government In China, states that &Si« Is on hi r homeward Journey, and cx- pocm to rt-aclh homt» the Latter part of .luiy. She has visited Ln the larger cities in China and India, and at the time F -he wix>te was on 3i «r way to l*'cTyrt ! MUiS Franz writes \{hit.t ©ho ia lmvi:i.;j a most wonderful and interesting trip. Carry More Phone 977 315 N. Main WE SAVE YOU MONEY Sugar, C. and H. Cane QQn 8 pounds .. ^ 00If mmmmmmm ^ lmmmmmmm American Lady CI AQ Flour, 4S pounds V I iHj Kr«ut No. 10 can Eittter (Best Creamery) 1 pound 38c | OU pound 19c Pick Wipk Coffee Pound Heinz Ketchup Large Bottle . . Jar- Rubbers Doien 35c | foTi 29c j 5c | Pound Special ce Tea 34c Beans (No. 2 can) Ill- Campbells or Van C, I I 2 C Choo Choo Can 00 n (Choc. Malted Milk) CONGREGATIONAL CAMP. Many Pastors and Families Will Meet At McPherson'Resort. Mcpherson, June . 29.—The State ConKrefiutional camp whioh will open at Tnu-Kansas on July 10 is expected to bring between t !0 and 75 Congregational -pastor.* and.tihelr -families to this county rosort' for tho week In whioh the meetings will be held. Tho members of the local church will have cJiarKe of a<camp-flre program on the opening nitcnt. , W. W, swept through Seattle. Portland and Tacoma nnd. aided by the police deuai-ORtfnt In some Instances, cleaned out gambling dens, lottery joints and saloons. Proprietors of the .establishments were warned not to open again under pain of more severe measures. Rationing Sugar. Berlin: Sugar is belli;; rationed out in Berlin. No person is permitted to have more than two pounds a month. .Milk and bread also are on. Berlin's ration list. One dollar will haul a ton of freight nine miles by horse and wason. 24 miles by motor trues, I8D by railroad, 230 by canal,'and 3 ,000 by ship, is the comparison mado by tho Society of Automotive Engineers, Ask anyone who is using: Lee Puncture Proof / tires, he's our best (^vles- man. Phono 69, Haglaml-KingBtey Motor Co. j 2S-lt -r- Not a few persons, but many thousands^ are stockholders in this great railway. All have a voice in its management The number of stockholders living in states traversed by the Santa Fe is steadily increasing. Every railroad- has two classes of people interested in its financial structure—viz., the stock-^ holders and the bondholders. In the minis of many, both classes are considered as owners. Aj f a matter of fact, only the holders of the stock afe owners. The bondholders are lonncrs of money, the borVds .representing a mortgage on the property-to insure payment of money loaned. - .The Stockholders of the Santa Fe are, therefore, the owners of the road. Each shara has*an-equal voice in all meetings of the Company. At the annual meeting vacancies in the Board of Directors are filled and such other business transacted as requires action by the stockholders. Just Say Bluejay The simplest way to end a corn is Blue-jay. Stops the pain instantly. Then the corn loosens and comes out. iiade in clcar< liquid and in thjn plasters. The action is the same. At your druggUt Number of Stockholders— v * There were on December 3Ut last 64,643 stock* holders, of which 29,820 were men, 29,235 women, and the balance made up of firms, estates, and institutions, among the latter being-122 insurance companies; 108 educational institutions; 93 religious organizations; 89 hospitals and charitable bodies. Average Holding— - v The average holding bf stock was only 55,4 •hares per name, but the holdings run from one share upwards— 14,583 held 5 shasfca or less; 26,335 held from 6 to 20 shares: 12.938 held from 21 to 50*b*rea; 6.378 held from 51 to 100 ah a real Only 4,409 held over^OO shares. Two Classes of Stock— There are two classes of stock, viz., Preferred etnd Common, thcie being outstanding on December 31st la3t— 1,241.737 shares of Preferred Stock; 2,270,525 shares of Common Stock; Total—3.512,262 shares of both. Dividend Payment*— The Preferred Stock is limited to 5% dividends. The balance of the earnings of the Company is available for Common Stock dividends. Dividends on the Preferred S >oclc have been paid for 2%years and for 23 years these have not been beloW 5%. Dividends on the Common began in 1901 and have not been below 6% since 1909. Something has • been added to surplus each yi'-r since the reorganization of the company January 1, 1396, Local Stockholders— The number of stockholders in the states traversed by th<£ Sunta Fe is steadily increasing. In 1910 there Were 1792 in those states, while in 1922 tho fciumtfcr had grown to 7831, The Bondholders— While our bondholders have no share in the ownership or management of the property their importance is fully recognized. Th.i Santa Fe had outstanding December 31, 1922, ia round figures $287,000,000 of bomb. _ These are owned: Insurance Companies $ 78,042,000 Savings Banks 18.707,000 Charitable Institutions ' 9,78L,000 Corporations 51,339,000 Individuals 129.196.000 The total number of bondholders to about 32,000, W. B. STOREY, Present. » The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway System In Answering Advertisements Please Mention The News B. and N. Fruit Nectar, AJ1 Flavor Free Demonstration all Day Saturday 32c Pratt Women's Play a Success. Prntt. Juno 3!).—The Play Festival oh the \V. II. Thompson lawn under the auspices of the league of Women Voters cleared ?125.00 for the Pratt j,county league 1 ; Two-plays "A Humpus on Olympus" and "Beyond the Gate" were well Riven by the B. G. S. dramatic club and pupils of the' Hendry studios. Soveral dance numbers during the plays and an ftrtermlsslon were enjoyed. Fallowing the program carnival booths on the south lawn were visited. High Temperamwnt. She—"Before we were ( married you used to say that I was the sunshine of your life." • lie—"Well, I admit that you still do yonr best to make things hot for me." ' ; Improving His English. "James, have you wbtsp*i»d today without pe.rmiRSlon?" "Only wunst." ' "trfjroy, should James have said wnnst?" . "No'm, ho Bhould have sai^ tllrict." The Candidates 5pe«k, ^"here would be a tremendous uproar If the «tatesmen who might be considered as Democratic candidates w«ro all to speak at one*. The year precedlnR election year is tile,great sen-son for modest reticence. Many a man has spoiled his chances* by calllDg attention to them.—Washington Star. This I. W. W. were on strike Im Oregon and Washington during tho latter part ot April. Tho leaders of Uie or- Sanitation toH tho men to stay mwuy from .booze fluffing Qte strike. ,Cttf officials were requested to "clean up" and when they tailed to do BO the direct-action squads ot ttwj.-strlklng I, Who Rides An „ Avenue A Street Car TO CAREY'S LAKE . WILL BE ADMITTED FREE Opening Sjmday, July 1 st. W« have provided for your every, comfort. There .{are shady nook* for the family who bring their dinner*. Tables are provided for the convenience of Picnic Parties. 'There ia cold, refreshing water to drink. Swings for both the Kiddies and Crovm-Up*. • | . / * Boats to Let—-Baseball! Sunday Afternoon A Fine Picture Program will be a feature every night at CAREY LAKE. Motorists are cordially invited. There is no charge for parking. . A small charge of 10c each is made to Automo. bile Parties who view the pictures from their cars. Take Avenue A Cart Direct td~ .Grounds. There'll Be Fun! Frolic! Entertainment! / - UNDER .MANAGEMENT OF THE HUTCHINSON INTERURBAN RY. CO. \

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