The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 30, 1916 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
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Monday, October 30, 1916
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'4 A 1 1, I on. VOLUME XXVIII 4 Pages No. 294. GHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI, MONDAY, OCT. 30, 1916. SEEKS mm ALLEGED I TWO SCITS hore believe the .order liiuu no blsaificunce except Uiut the n u i a_ ber of recruits being received did n 01 justiiy the maintenance off r e c r u i u n ^ otlice^.--Is'evada Po^t, AG.UXST Grace Mus ji'sli AVits U Team u Alleges* Car :Ir iriny Caused Ht'r Riui Av/ny. Alrb. Grace MU.KI late S a t u r d a y filed sun in tno .Livmgolon c o u n t y circuit court againbt Lto tiarsh lor $_',."JOU^ The s u i t is brou^iit to recover daiajigea Tur tuXegetl injuries tiie plaintiii received \vlien her IO^-JIL ran away, turning over a aiJi'iagv^-^^rou ILL which she wab riding- Thi team according to the petitioa, wa gushed to the side of the road and into a. ditch by an automobile driven by detendaat's \vite. The accident occurred on Se-pt^ '2b, whon Mrb. MidL and seme friends \vere r e t u r n i n g te their home west of the city iron.; here. A suit way als»o filed by A l b e r L Mast, husband of Grace -Mast, against JHirah Cor $1,000 for money paid for sei vices of physician, medicine am.. for loss of t i m e of JMrs. Mast -while recovering from the injuries. The cases ·\vill be docketed for trial at the January term of court. Will Get Aloney Keturiicd. TIio Chlllicothe v,'omea "\vlio "\vero victimized by the oily congued man I of '.Minneapolib with the catchy a d v e r - tisement will have tlioir money r? _ in rued, p r o v i d i n g the envelope tlic-j used contained Itieir name und i d- dress. Since the scheme beea\m known it hab been learned a n u m l ,ei of Ctiillieothe women forwarded. Ui eh dime in an. tic Ration oL' i eceivia;; silk skirt. A Minneapolis clispf .Lc) NVIany t h o u s a n d s oi* letters, each. con_ talcing 10 cents, are p o u r i n g uiir j thi local postoffice daily f r o m "wout/jn in various parts of the country \vlio havo joined th? "endless chain' scheme promoted by the- so-cal led NIL tional Brokerage -Exchange. 0«LLEB;«[R n \1 C! DAILY EDITION, 5f WJLLA GA.V.Y J.VSTA.VXijY K I M , 3!ID A X D H I S I'VlTHKIl I . V J l ' U K D IX DISASTROUS Federal agents are -soarcliing for officers of the "exchairre," "who a r j w a n t e d for u s i n g the niuil-s to defraud. A room in a local busine^t block. t 0 which all the letters arc addressed, wSs suddenly vacated Two Other OcciipaifU, of (Ii o Gam Automobile E-iCiipcd J i i j u r y When JiurUngton I'iisheii^ei- Train Hit the Car on the Uricn Grnclc Oussing Shortly J!u- foro Noon. every home of his neighborhood T-. hid schoolmates and playniaito lit was a lovable chum and to a loving mother and proud lather he was Uu u i i n i m i n g cup of cheer and a con stant companion- Tho only child hi;passing on has crushed two heart, and saddened the entire community. Funeral services will be held -,u the family h o m e on North Locust St. Tuesday afternoon at 2 : 3 0 o'clock conducted by liev. U'ai-rcn P. Clark of tho Baptist church, \vlicre \Viilj was a regular attendant al o n n d a j school. I n t e r m e n t will be made in Edgewood The Utica crossing is one of ( h o steepest grade crossings in the conn ty. Coining up on either side, it U impossible t 0 see an automobile or ng of any chorue,Jr r dliproaO.iinj 1 YViila, the six year old son of M:\ a n d Mrs. M. ji. Gann ol N o r t h Locust St., this city was instantly killed, 3ir_ Gann, foreman of the m u k e u p d e p a r t m e n t o f - T h e C o n s t i t u t i o n j sustained a b r o k e n right limb and 'several bruises, and Itoss Bryan and James Tlickerson were b a d l v Feared URGE CROWD HEARD JiM SPEAK from the other side. Many time, cars have met at the crest of the. gi'iwJe, each without knowing Llic other was coming. The track, ac c o r d i n g to many -who visited the scene of the accident Sunday, is prob ably or seven feet above tli three weeks ago, tho amJioritir-!, sav.| a n d slla -ken up when B u r l i n g t o n easl To every woman who would senrl I ^ o u n d Passenger train No. 14, due ai 10 cents in silver and write iiv-f- ' friends urging them to join in tlie | c h a i n , tho "exchange" promised a TMK \VK.\TIIJ-: II. Generally t a i r t o n i g h t and Tuesday. "Warmer n o r t h w e s t p o r t i o n t o n i g h t - JjiU'nu Competition, in the p r e m i u m list tor .James-' port's sixth annual corn show whicL will be held in that town Tuesdaj and V-'ednesday there is one item. Class A--ten ears corn, any variety. competition open to the world, first premium ? 2 0 , second ?15, third 510 f o u r t h $5. new "1!17 model silk petticoat." "The v o l u m e of mail for the 'ox- change' is r a p i d l y growing," said Postmaster Purdy, "and yesterday wi; recoiled 2 5 . 0 0 0 l e t t e r s Inclosing 25,000 dimes. Thousands of the letters have been returned to the \ \ r i t e r s ' ( b u t a large m a j o r i t y carry no return marks and as a result the dead- letter office is becoming clogged Other mail c h a n n e l s of the fice are choked daily by the mail for the 'exchange.' " Chillicotha station at 11:50 o'clock struck the G a n n a u t o m o b i l e at thr cut-off crossing west ot C n J J l i c o t h e i «agon road grade. A tunnel c o u l j very easily be constructed benca-U the track w i t h o u t l o w e r i n g the pres ent wagon roadbed to any -groat ex tent, thus averting at least one (crossing, and on radc ol the most dan- Sunday morning. The car--a Studc tlie bulk O f it being d u m p e d into tin riglH-oC-wcty directly south ol UK tracli and east of tlie approach. Parti Th "° in the grade crossing is b r o o m i n g o] tlie m n c h i u c h o \ \ e v e r were dra ; ged several yards d o n n the track ; acc1(lontg ir.e eow.-catcher was, torn f r o m tlu- more and more a raenncc to Hie conn try. AVe hardly pick up a newspaper that does not herald death knell ct Rrado .crossing accidents. Thr I m e l r o p o l i t a n papers ot any Monday arc generally alive with news of WSOUSSBI) STATK AM) NATION AL ISSUKS, Speaker of the House at Hopi-Cicnia. lives tiiven Closest Attention Uy Audience at Court, House. A good crowd of Chillieolhe poo pie attended the democratic meeting at the c o u r t house Saturday evening to hear Speaker of the^ House at U-j. presentatives James P. Boyd of Mou- I O B c o u n t y discuss the issues. Mr. Boyd was given tile closest attention and he wa a given irequunt and near ty applause as he defended the Na. t-ional and State admi'nisti-ntnon-j. 'Having been a m e m b e r of tho legisla- t u r e tor the past eight years he coul.J speak from t h e facts first hand a one who knows what he Is talkim. about. iir. Boyd iu p a r t spoke as follows. On the question of extravagance under the present d e m o c r a t i c admin istration, I have this to say: That every record in tho office at Jefferson City absolutely r e f u t e s i h j statement of Judge L a m m . He sayh the democrats have looted the school f u n d , but the facts are that in UK f o u r years of r e p u b l i c a n a d m i n i s t r a tion in t h i s state there was appropriated and paid to the p u b l i c schools- of M i s s o u r i the sum of 5 5 , 6 7 0 , 457. SO it cost u n d e r Mr. Swanger.'s administration. Slate Auditor's OfJice. Under Mr. Wilder f r o m January 1 1007 to Sept. 1, 1908, the contingent expenses of this office was $1,403.91. Under Mr. Gordon from Jan. 1, 1915 to Sept. 3 , 1016, $1,485 61, showing that this oifice was administered as cheaply under democratic administration as under republican administration. Sfcito Treasureer's OHice. From January 1, 1007 to Sept 1 i n 0 8 , under republican treasurer the contingent expenses was $1,647.11. Under Democratic treasurer from Jan 1, 1915 to Sept. l, 1916, the contingent expenses of this office was $1,1 OS 04 or $ 5 3 8 . 0 7 less than under the republican administration. What of the legislative record? Let me name the laws passed by the 47th SALE FOR [IK SHOW PRODUCT/OX WII/I/ KE GIVES OX V " ( $HS WBUXESDAV AXD TiECIlS- 1AX NIGHTS. Cast »ml ciio'rus Is jXow JD:iily JleJiear*al--The Best Vet. 4 S l h general assemblies which no man dare say were not progressive and good laws. 1. The Public Service Commission Law. 2- Road Drag Law. . 3_ Five new school laws, giving aid to weak rural schools, city schools, establishing teacher's training courses r n d a i d i n g consolidated high schools. 4 Law creating the Board of Pardon and Paroles, one of the greatest e n a c t m e n t s of h u m a n i t a r i a n legisla- iion in twenty years in this state. 5. The act giving the Secretary of Ftate supervision over corporation? engine and deposited possibly a block east of tho crossing and a larger pan local of-i o i ' t n e crossing t i m b e r s were t o r n up i n a u x . o £ i ' o n e Plank being dumped near the jjwrecka the re or the car and a a o t h c i Two Weddings SaUiKUiy. Judge S_ D. Hohrer officiated at two weddings Saturday evening, as, follows: James Bloss "lid Maryauu Greene-wait, both of Suiuner, w a r - . married at the h o m e of J. W. Bloss, South Locust street and James M -Murray and Mrs. Malinda J. Martin both ot this city, were married at the home ot the bride. A1U!KSTKI FOR KOOTl-l'XiUlXCi, V." ALT Kit, OST14ANDKK IS f'J,VK!» 33O IN I'OLICU COUZIT 31ONJAV \Vaiter Ostrander was arestcd by Patrolmen Cramner and -McCarthy Sunday night on the charge ot bootlegging. Monday m o r n i n g ill police court ho e n t e r e d a plea of guilty before Judge F. E .Kiley, who assosse-i his line at $50. Ostrandor was run. drag-gad to w i t h i n a few leal or the discarded cow.catch^r, nearly a block down th© track. ' \ M r _ G a n n , who was driving tin car and Mr. Bryan were in the f r o n seat of the machine and Mr. R ··'- son and Mr. G a n n ' s little sou were in the rear seat. They had been m i Utica and were returning h o m e when j t h e accident, occurred. The road l,ead- espocially so on 'Monday j L ' n d s r the present democratic a d m i n - beca-use of the fact that more people are louring on S u n d a y t h a n any otV- er day of the week. "Whole [ami- lies hove been destroyed by such disasters in some cases and at the present rate of increase iti deaths of this nature the toll will reach such pro- i s t r a t i o n for a like period of t i m e there has been appropriated and paid the sum of $7,716,247.14 or in round n u m b e r s ? p a i d u n d e i : , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 more t h a n waf the republican a d m i n i s tration. And in ths year of 1916, the which has netted fees already of about 5150,000 which gose to the Good Iload f u n d . 6. Tile General Banking Act, pasr cil in the 48th General Assembly, admitted everywhere to be one oE the "best banking laws of any state in the American union. 7. New insurance law, admittedly one of the best that has been passed 1-y any state. Never in'the history of local tlieat-'^/M ricals has there been attempted" a?x43 production ."bordering on the Elk big ·' entertainment to be presented' at 'the Majestic on next Wednesday an-d-.Thursday, November first and secondr'^r.^J This is the prevailing opinion of all -,,,,,, those taking part and who have pre. v "; .CiX^ viously appeared in the Da-rnaby i'fi shows, without question the best en-, tertainments evolr given ' in Chilli-/;'-";$ cothe in the past. . 'VV'jfc; The Courting in Court show is--. somewhat different in style construe-''- tion to any of the previous S local ,-~Jv-| shows and is a scream. o£ comedy comedy from the rise ol the curtain '·._.'~'-;^ The amusing judge, tile funny cop, ·- '·''\ the stage struck Hazel, the several amusing characters appearing in tlie big y conrt room in the first act, -mingled with tlie pretty love scenes, the · lawyers and host of pretty girls, all combines to make the first act ot Courting in Court one long- to be re-' membered. The advance sale opened this morn-, ' i n g and indications point to the largr- ' est two house audiences that have". · filled the Majestic in many moons The cast is here given in the order of their first appearance on the stage: S. Increasing the state aid given present year, tho democratic party portions in a short t i m e that drastic j,has paid If 1,954,134.95 to the p u b l i c to ~ we ~ ak rural sohools measures will be necessary to ervl i schools of Missouri a sum in excels this source of destruction. DOX'T B1S1JKVK THE .UjRV Or JM'fX-V.YIEr.1 "JOUUKIV St .iopeph, JJ-o., Oct 30.--JJenia' ing f r o m Utica to the crossing runs o t a j o b b e d j u r y wheel was made parallel w i t h tho track f o r po^ibly today by two c o m m i s s i o n e r s before n i n g a stand near the \Vabash depoi; j a Q uarter r t a l n i '° before it croste | the committee p r o b i n g the A t t o r n e y Sunday morning Chief of Police Dov-.! ! the track. Mr. G a n n in g i v i n g an Bcnjanibie Turner Benjamine Turner, 61 years old. died at his home in Jackson township Sunday night at 12 o'clock oL ti complication of ailments following. a lingering illuess_ The body will be brought to this city Tuesday and | taken to the Norman Jarvis f u n - ' era! h o m e , where it will bo held until ^"ednesday morning, and t h e n shipped to D a l t o n for burial. 3!ib i -ouri L". AViiis Airiiin. Saturday a f t e r n o o n the Missouri" University f o o t b a l l team, at Norman, Okla., defeated the O k l a h o m a univer--j sity team (by the score of 23 to 14. f n e y made a visit to the place aud ss acccmnt o f tu 'e accident Sunday at- cured several bottles of whisky an. ( beer. Later in the day, according t the officers, evidence v.-as secured showing that Ostrander had sold several bottles of tvhisky and beer dur. ing the day. For some time it ha.- been known bootleggers "were" cloin a thriving business in the city, b u t the officers had been u n a b l e to secure sufTfcient evidence against I b r m to warrant an arrest. This is the start of a crusade against the bootleggers. STRAW VOTE TO XA3JE PKESIDKXT. Next Saturday the Missouri univevsitv team will play the Texas team a: Columbia. The Texas team defeate-1 Oklamoma university t\vi weeks ago. Next Saturday at Columbia tlie an- n u a l M b a n q u e t will be held and f great day is contemplated. ji(ily Shipped t» lim-u. The body of Alda V. Ridgeway, who died at the home ot his parents, Mr. and i\!rs. J. N. TUdgeway on Broad, way Saturday night at 11:30 o'clock of diabetes, was shipped to Le-Roy. la.. Monday m o r n i n g and taken overland f r o m there to Garden Grove for interment. Mr. Ridgeway -was 36 years old and is survived by hi? -widow and f o u r children. The b o d j was removed from the home to the Norman Jarvis Funeral Home ·where it was prepared for burial. For the past three weeks the mem- of of bei's of the National Association Rexall Druggists t o the number 8 , 0 0 0 have been taking a ballot of their customers and have "already re. 50(1,000 voters drawn f r o m all v/allc= of lite. The results of this ballot in 8 . 0 0 0 hamlets, villa.ges. towns and cities, ranging in poplation from 100 to 6.0 0 0 , 0 0 0 , are forwarded by mail and Ceneral's charge that the HcDaniel jury \\-us jobbed. lernoon stated that he looked east j Judge Allen explained that 1500 names had been a d d e d b e f o r e the McDaniel venirmen were drawn. Tho names -were merely drawn f r o m the j u r y wheel us in o t h e r cases. Tho other commissioner, Mayer, declared that he believed the Circuit Clerir who drew tho names was honest ·ludge Allen made a similar state hient. The commissioners were agreed that there was no chance for C i r c u i t Clerk Cox to draw only the names of inon f r i e n d l y to McDaniel. li REO 1C ION R i IKJ K T)EX IKS SEX. JUDGE'S C M A R G K H '·Mttieth -Vnnivers.-UT. / jasant surprise was given fc Mr and Mrs. Henry Stat-ke. Sunday T pie telegraph daily to the National Head, quarters of the Druggist's Association in Boston. There the results are tab- ula tea and the returns reported back to t h e 8 . 0 0 0 members. "Before tho" f7iti:il b;iHoUn£; talc^ place, the name of the President, elect of the United States will be announced in all The Rexall Stores. By special arrangement with the Clark's Pharmacy, the refiilts of the Straw Vote, which includes a representative poll of Chlllicothe will be announced in the Constitution later, and will be published simpltaueously and west along- the track j u s t a sliort time betore he reached the crosoing and that there was, no train in sight He started over the crossing, and a= hs was driving up the steep grade tc the track one 'of the party c a u g h t sight of the train aud called a warn ing. Tie, attempted to throw his gear into reverse to back down, but saw that it would be impossible to move the car quick euoxtgh. The three men j u m p e d from the cur and Mr. G n n n made an e f f o r t to reach his son. Just as he reached the little fellow the li-ain struck the f r o n t of the car jerking it into the wheels ot I h e engine Mr. G a n n was thrown to the ground, rolled over and ovpr for a short distance before rolling down the e m b a n k m e n t to the s o u t h and considerably east of the cro'ssing. His first thought was of his child. He attempted to get on his feet and f o u n d that his right limb was broken at the ankle- Mr. G a n n stated t h a i he did not t h i n k his car was on the track, hut was near enough that tlie cylinder heads oE the passenger eit- i gine caught the front of his m a c h i n e , j of "my concei)tion_^oC the presi- Tho train stopped as soon as pof-si- tloncy" and former Assistant Wai ble following tho accident and Mr ; Secretary Breckeoridge's denial ol *T»-r Unltort T^r -Xew York, Oct. 30, At the approach. today of the home stretch ol sides To da;. the political campaign, both claim victory .November 7th. f o u n d Hughes paying his second visit to the Ohio battle g r o u n d s w h i l e President Wilson is preparing to leave tomorrow tor B u f f a l o and then j swing into the metropolis Thursday. The most important over.Snntlai development was Hughes' issuance Gann oncl his son and the other occupants or the car were taken aboard and brought to C h l l l i c o t h e . T h e little fellow's skull was torn completely f r o m his head and he was otherwise bruised a b o u t the body Hls body, was taken to the Xormar, Jarvis Funeral Home. Mr. Gain was removed to his home. Li. 13. Hardy, engineer and M. M. Roberts, fireman, both of Brookficld were in the engine of the train. Th? Senator Lodge's c l a i m that Wilson added a tame postscript to tho Lusi- Unia note but withdrew it u n d e r threatened cabinet resignation. f i f t i e t h w e d d i n g anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Starko were tho recipients o! $10.00 in jrold Those present were Messrs. and Mesdames Ed. Starko and family. \Vm. Fischer anfl family. Henry Karst and f a m i l y . Chas. Rati- lie and fa.mily. James Smith and family. Tony Grabber. Mrs. Floyd Lou than and 'Mrs. Lucy Starke. There were twenty grand-children present. leadin newspapers e n t - s i n The "Rexall Stores. Watch, this newspaper for later re- |* even years of age ISRYAX PIOHTIiS'G FOR PROHIBITION Tins WKEK of any year in tho history of Mi'soir- rl. Thu University In the t o u r j ears of republican administration ol Missouri there vat { a p p r o p r i a t e d and paid for the suppo.-; and maintainanco of the U n i v e r s i t y the sum of $1.505,712.86. In A.IH J o u r years of the present democratic a d m i n i s t r a t i o n , up to September 1st, 1916, there had been appropriate! and actually paid to the state univer sity the sum of $ 2 , 7 6 4 , 6 7 8 . C S V or n r o u n d n u m b e r s . ? 1 , 2 3 9 , 0 0 0 in £xce^s o£ what- the state u n i v e r s i t y received d u r i n g the f o u r years of the republican administration. For Support, ot' Stiilo Inst.itntio:-,*,. For the charitable institutions during the f o u r years of the rcpubUcar administration (here was a p p r o p r i a t . ed and paid $ 5 , 4 4 7 , - 1 9 4 . 7 5 and foi the three years and eight months of the p r e s e n t administration, that is U Sept, 1, 1916, t h e r e has been appropriated and paid the sum of $ S , 3 2 6 . _ 71-! 6-1, or a sum of more than $3,0 0 0 , 0 0 0 of what was paid u n d e r the republican a d m i n i s t r a t i o n . iXul-mal Schools. Under the last republican a d m i n - istration there was appropriated and paid in f o u r years to Uie norma'. schools of this 'State the sum of $1,2 9 6 , 2 6 8 . 9 6 . Under the present dem ocratic a d m i n i s t r a t i o n in three year? and eight months there has been ap- | propriated and paid to the normal I school the sum of $ 1 , 5 8 9 , 5 0 8 . 5 0 , al most -1!SOO,000 in excess of a m o u n i paid in 1'our years under republican a d m i n i s t r a t i o n . Under the p r e s e n t democratic administration there^has been paid and approportioned to "the public roads of tho various counties of Missouri the · total sum of ?1,520,445.80, while under the republican administration no f u n d s were available and n o t h i n g distributed for that purpose. On the question of extravagance, I !). An act articulating with the Smith-Lever Act whereby the Agri c u l t u r a l department received from the Federal government in this year between - 5 6 0 , 0 0 0 and 5 7 0 , 0 0 0 to aid in tho better development of agricul. i i i r a in Missouri. 10. The Missouri Land Bank Act. 11. The enlargement of the twine m a n u f a c t u r i n g plant in the penitentiary which reduced the cost of binder twine to the farmers and wil r o n U n t i e to hoid it as such price i h a t it will be given to the farmers at its cost ol production. 12. The perfecting of women's n i n e h o u r law whereby the same could be enforced and extending it to include occupations other than those includ. ed in tho original law 3 3 . The act /permitting Hie State Treasurer to let the state monies by SOthg instead ol 20ths, which liar increased the rate of interest on state deposits a little more than one half of one per cent each year_ 14. The law creating a state highway department with general power of supervision of work on publit roads over the entire state. I challenge any man to say thai r n y one ot these e n a c t m e n t s is not Breeze Walker. Hazel Official 1001 . . .Jim Sam Billy Baird Opal Girdnei .Mary Ann Carver Fred Harris . . . . Harry Minteer ', C. W. Bailey. . . . . Vincent Orear Eulgn St Clair. .Mrs. Cecil Arthaud Frank Williams Jack Williams. . , .Mathew McBride, Fred 'Lewis' Marie Hammentein. . . .Bill Watkins Dorothy Deane . Italph Douglas Gene Wynham Arlando Carlotte Sticks Welsh Judge Clark Clerk of Court .Miss Reta Diiim Ed. Gladieu: Less Howe Moyne Hoge Mabel Hegef Robert 'Murphy Lyle Gibson Lloyd Howel! Michael O'Grady. .3. L. McCloufrtwn ' Heine Klutz Fred Stuffy Simmons ........ John Porter Miss Vanderslip.Miss Sibyl Reyno''-- Estslle Stage Hand . . .Miss Inez Miller Tom Hogrm Sorena Miss Mary Sailor WHEAT STILL BOOMING OJTXMJCAGO GR.UN' P! UT Unltef! Chicago, III., let. 29. Decembei \vheftt was up today to $1.90 1-" j u m p of 1 1.8 over Saturday's close. May was up 1-2 at ? ] . S 6 3-4. Grain men today expected the S2.00 mark this week Buying was strong an-J ood legislation and in the interest'snowed no signs of letting up, they ot the "masses of the people. I ask what period in the history of thi? state in the last thirty years can anv man, republican or democrat, point :o in which so m u c h good legislation was enacted at two sessions of the Missouri legislature. The Rural Credit Kill. When Judge Lamm attacks t h e j Each procerjinan is authorized to Gardner Land Bank Bill he absolute, l.givo (voo some Isheru-ood lettuce with slaps Governor Hadley in the face, every purchase made on Tuesday, Oc- Those who cannot get out for a Hallowe'en frolic will do well to look at the Hawley Shoe Store window. All others too, could get a bit of nature study by a "look-in." for if one will turn to the appendix of the House and Senate journal of the 4 7 t h general assembly, Vol. 1 af page 22 wherein Governor Hadley delivered to the 47th general assembly his late message, you will finj this statement: "FARM CREDITS- AND OTHER Lincoln, Neb., let us look at the c o n t i n g e n t e x p e n s - I SUBJECT 'MATTER OF LEGISLA Oct 2o'.^Williair- I es of the various state offices when TTON DESERVING OF THE CON _ J. Bryan is today campaigning over {republican and when democratic^ October 2 9 . ' t h e occasion being their I a n over the U n i t e d States, in the and by a n n o u n c e - ! t n S i n e TMTM°er was 2 D U 2 . I Little \Villa Gana would h-ave 'oeen December l l l h j he h a d ' Throughout the past week he T3.YGLAMVS r.LACK LIST been m a k i n g great preparations for j I attending the I-lallowe'en party which the slate of Nebraska, h a v i n g begun a week's tour for prohibition to the drys ot both parties, for the state officials and f o r President Wilson The next big nght, he declared al I'Fnllerton, where ho stopped shortly Hack to the IJortler. All recruiting officers and their stuffs who were sent to Missouri points from Laredo several ago in an effort to increase the number of national guardsmen from Missouri to the strength prescribed in the new militia law have been ordered to their commands at Laredo They will leave for the border within the next few days. There are seven commissioned officers at the reservation here who had been sent back to their home station? for recruiting duty. Each of these officers had a staff of one sergeant. one corporal and one private, making ·o. total of 2S officers and men affected by the order, besides 1? recruits XOTK HAS KKKX ll.KCKi\'Kf j was to have been given at the lioim. l of JU-. and Mrs. H. K. Rockholrl on f!T V:ii--ii j-i-c-....' 'Tuesday evening by the J. D. club, of \Vashington. Oct. 28.--The British which Mrs. Gann is president. He blacklist note explaining that gov-{attended -school in Miss Adeline Mc- ernment's position in issuing the list, i Holland's room at tho First ward was delivered at the state's depart- school and -was one of the brightest m e n t to-day and to the American Em. | and most studious little fellows of months j bassy at London, Secrets -rnpo-1. ary Lansi i b i s room. Of a kindly, happy disposition, he "was a -welcome visitor in b e f o r e noon, will be i'or National Prohibition and he declared that he w o u l d be in the thick of the dray and will battle to have the democratic party declare in favor of making the nation dry. WILT, SCAlvR A ·H-R1TTF/X !Th.e Governor's OIUco. The last two years of G'overno; Hadley's a d m i n i s t r a t i o n , from January 1, 1911 to Sept. 1, 1912, his contingent expenses were $ 5 , 0 4 1 . 9 6 . Under Governor Major for a like period from January 1, 1915 to Sept. 1 1016, the contingent expenses of the governor's office was $ 4 , 1 0 3 . 3 5 , 01 $038.61 lesy than was expended bv Governor I-Iadley for the same length ot time. Attorney-Gener.-tf.V- Office. Under Attorney-General Hadley to: 20 months Irom January 1, 1907 to Sept. 1, 1908, his c o n t i n g e n t expense? were ¥ 8 . 3 6 9 . 7 2 . U n d e r Attorney-General Barker for a like ^period from January 1, 1915 to Sept. 1, 1016, the SDERATJON OF THIS GENERAL ASSEMBLY IS THE ENACTMENT! OF A LAW PROVIDING FOR THL ORGANIZATION OF CORPORA TIONS FOR THE PURPOSE OF EX TENDING CREDIT TO THOSE EX- GAGED IN AGRICULTURAL PURSUITS SUCH CORPORATIONS IN GERMANY AND FRANCE HAVE DONE MUCH TO CONTRIBUTE TO tober 31st, only, so call f;r it. 2t legislative branch of our state government at a time when politics were not engrossing his attention and at a time when it was not necessary for a candidate for governor to dticlare- against a piece of legislation enacted solely for the benefit of the farmer in order that lie might have an issue by which he could criticize a deirjp. cratic legislature and a democratic candidate. It is my honest opinion that had any other candidate other than Mr. Gardner been selected by the democrats of this state as their candidate for governor at this tim? instead of Judge Lamm opposing :his measure and trying to influence the farmers of this state to vote DEMOCRATIC Sl'EAXrNG DATES. The folio-wing dates are for C o u n t y Candidates. Hon. Koy Eucker will address the voters of Livingston county, as follows: % Sr/ringhiil. M o n d a y , October 3 0 i h at night. Saiapse!. Tuesday. Octobti 31st at night. Mooresville, YTerinenay. November 1st. at ni^M. " Hosmnn School House, Thursday, November 2 n d , at night. Wolfskill's String Band will b e present. Washington, Oct. 30.--Formal repudiation by Mexican Ambassad-oi 'Arrondondo of 'alleged criticism ol contingent expenses of his office wa.° (this government by Mexican officials-1 $ 6 , 2 5 4 . 0 2 , or $2,115.70 less than un. I was not received by the state d e p a r t j der Attorney-General Harllcj-. ' m e n t today as anticipated following I scn-ctni-y of Si:ile. ' a f o r m a l r e p u d i a t i o n l a = t n i g h t . [ T n d e r John E Sw,merer, republican ) At the Mexican Embassy it. waf i for 20 m o n t h s beginning- J a n u a r y 1 { 1907 to Sept. 1, 1908, his contingent expneses were $9,566.03. For Cornel. I said that Arrenrlonrlo was Vui also be taken to the border «'··«!· .^--- Rich Kill township Xotice. Meeting for members of Farmers Mutual Ins. Co. at McCorm-ick school house on the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 1st. Everybody welcome. Roy 0. Byrd. CENT; WHILE IN THIS COUNT]!r IT IS IN EXCESS OF 8 PER CENT. THIS QUESTION WAS RECENTLY A SUBJECT OF CONSIDERATION AT THE CONFERENCE OF GOVERNORS OF THE VARIOUS STATES MEETING- ON THE INVITATION OF THE PRESIDENT AT THE NATIONAL CAPITOL FOR THE DISCUSSION OF THIS QUESTION. A COMMITTEE OF GOVERNORS HAS' BEEN SELECTED TO FRAME A LAW UPON THIS SUBJECT. AXE IT IS ONE WHICH IS WELL DE- HisR'oachfoVa like period f r o m .Tan. j SERVING- OF THE INVESTIGA-· 1, 1915 to'sept. 1. 191 fi, the contln- T I O X _ A X D FAVORABLE ^CO-NSID. sent expenses for Secretary of S'alo THE AGRICULTURAL ADVANCE (against it, he would not only be en- MENT OF THOSE COUNTRIES BY REDUCING THE INTEREST RATF TO FARMERS TO 2 AND PER $3,155.53. or $5.410.50 less thai- Try a. Constitution Warn AH. ERATION OF THE VARIOUS STATES." This was written by Governor Had. j ley as his solemn message to the 'SPAPER dorsing it, but I feel certain that in view of the fact that the first governor who ever recommended sucr) legislation to a Missouri legislature being a republican, that the republican stata platform would have endorsed this legislation instead oi condemning it. I call attention again to the f-'ct that the Gardner Land Bank bill passed the House with 45 of the 65 republicans voting for it, 14 republicans voting against it and 6. republicans being absent. Does Judge Lamm condemn the action of the 45 republican representatives who voted in favor of the Gardner Land D a n k bill? Does he say that there were 45 folish republicans in the House? and only 14 wise ones This position o£ Judge Lamm's is as consistent i? probably any other position he ha? taken. NEWSPAPER!

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