The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 29, 1923 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1923
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JUNE-2?, 1923 *;HJC ti U l'.UH INS DM JN J£ W S .i. It's Electric Fan Time You owe It to your office or factory force, your family and yourself to keep them col. s We have a full assortment of. guaranteed standard electric fans priced as low a»_$7.50 per an 8-inch fan. Come in and let us show you. 4 North Mate Phone 621 A s Convenient as * the Corner Grocery There are so many pleasant things to do in this world, it is hardly fair to yourself to spend hours baking, when down *X the corner grocery, you can get immediately, without bother or waste of time, a delicious freshly baked loaf of QUALITY BREAD Made of the best ingredients, under the most sanitary .conditions, you will find it the most "delicious bread you've ever tasted. It's always fresh—often you can get it while it is still warm. Buy just as much as you need. . ,. . BAKER BAKERY 15 B WEST PHONE 471 There Is Always Appreciation of the services of our lady assistant, who helps us in our work whenever and wherever her presence is desired. Her. woman's intuition and understanding add a delicate touch to our service that is always appreciated. Our constant aim is to render a service not only complete, but thoughtful and considerate; 'sympathetic and comprehensive. Johnson &Sons Established 1836 134E.Sherman Hutchinson Kans. Phone 6 EYESIGHT SURVEY IN THE SCHOOLS National Council Finds That Majority of Persons Have Defective Vision. A nationwide survey of eyesight conditions In American education aTid industry has been undertaken by the Eye SlRht Conservation Council of America, It Id announced at the nation* al headquarters of the Council In Now York. A B to Industry, the aim of the survey, according to Guy A. Henry, general director'of the Council, Is to disclose the relation between defective vision and the efficiency of the nation's millions of workers. As to education, It la purposed to ascertain what steps have been taken by the school to measure the.extent of poor eye sight 4nd to make effective preventive provision. Many Adverse Effects. The Eye.. Sight Conservation Council's survey, marking tbfl start of the research program recently adopted by the Board of Directors, has set out to reveal the effect of Incotxect vision upon production. It has prepared a questionnaire designed to show increase In. Individual performance decrease In accidents. Increase 1n production and decrease in spoilage. The extent of color blindness, the number 1 of blind In one eye, the number totally bllndod, hours lost due to eye accidents, equlvotont wages for lost time, use of goggles, cqs_t of eye protection service, and total number of eye Injuries are othec'objectlves. Th!>questionnaire has been sent out to the industrial and commercial establishments located in the principal cities of the country. The. Council will also endeavor to show "to what Is 'aiiy effort belug made to place In suitable Jobs those, workers who have been permanently or temporarily disabled because of eye injuries," andvwhether any attempt is being made to carry out the Natlonat Safety C'odo for the Protection of the head and eyes of industrial workers as prepared by tha U. S. Bureau ot Standards. Unuaual School Survey. In the school survey, the Council Is trying to reveal wliat provisions are being mude to eliminate glare from unshaded light sources, windows pullslied surfaces, blackboards, etc. One of the most important questions to which the Council seeks to provide satisfactory . answer is the relationship of defective vision to retardation. The Council's school survey extends to practically the entire Union. A questionnaire has been prepared and sent to the, superintumienc of schols f In numerous Kansas citios, including I Hutchinson, Kansas City, Lawrence, Pittsburgh, Topolcu and^AViclilta.' " Previous investigation, It Is stated, bas revealed alarming conditions of vision which must be'remedied If national physical deterioration hi to be avoided. TJiu Hoover Committee on Elimination of Waste in Industries of the Federated American Engineering Lift Off with Fingers .. Doesn't hurt a bit! Drop a little "l^cezone" on an aching corn, Instantly that corn stops hurting, then fihortty you life it right oft with fln- gors, Truly! Your druggist sells a tiny bottle of "Freozone" for a few cents, sufficient to remove every hard corn, soft corn, or corn between the toes, and the calluses, without soreness or Irritation. tute ot Architects and the illuminating Society as joint sponsors. SAYS HANDS OFF BEST IN EUROPE Imperial Assistance Can Be Given Only By Adherence to • ' Policy, Official Thinks. Washington, .Tune 29.—Serious consequences are predicted by Eliot Wadaworth, assistant secretary of the treasury, if the United States should outer European affairs. Only by keeping uncommitted and free at the present cltlcal juncture, he said In a recent speech, could! America eventually render Imporflal aid to the world and re­ organise its economic machinery. "Europe has passed through the first serious crisis left by the war a n d underlying conditions are muesli better than .c -- T ,„ in 1919 - a °." ho iuoi WADswottm wld _ "Business is more aotrVe. transportation improved, an enormous amount ot reconstruction has been accomplished so that tens of thousands of families are now housed and settled who wore formerly mere refugees. The farmer evory- j where is doing well, which Is perhaps the outstanding feature of the Bltua- Societies found that industrial waste l was due In considerable measure to , on tue continent and gives good ^.Ci^x'^rir; ~< **- - » »*- "Finance and industry were on bhe mend but now are so dependent upon the. situation lu the Iluhr and its results that no prediction is •possible. "History sliows nothing that compares in size and far reaohing eXfeota with the Ruhr, occupation. There is tho cans are thus afflicted. The Ulye Sight Conservation Council Is conducting a nutionuU*oveinent tor the conservation of vision in schools. ' • Big Percentage of Defects. Statistics . covering many year show that nhie out ot 'every ten per- show that nme out OL e»e , ""i •« re rd ot such a B t rU ggi„ a* is now s,ns over wnty-oneus ally la e m- force & n g fmt _ perfect sight. At thirt)-ono the pro aiiu , m ^ t ^ o( a|?greasioa to portion Is larger. Above forty It is almost Impossible to find a man or woman with perfect sight. It was learned by tho examination of several thousand school children in one of our ! large cities that sixty-six per cent of them had dofectivo vision. Proper lighting ot schools, it is said, will go far toward ollmlntalng these evils. Clare, according to Prof. F. C. Caldwell of the Department of Electrical. Engineering, Ohio State University, and a, member of the Board, of Directors ot the Eye Sight Conservation Council, is a prolific source of poor eyesight. Commissioner ot Education John J. Tigert says that retardation of pupils Is Tirobalily duo in some degree to unfavorable vision. The Kye Sight Conservation Council Is one of "the organizations represented on tho Sectional Committee which Is to prepare a lighting -note, for the nation's schools. The code Is boing framed under the auspices of the American Wnglueeriiig Stundards Committee with, the American. Instl- USED CARS 1919 Buick Tourings -*"** 1919 Dodge Touring " 1920 Dodge Touring 4920 Buick Roadster ,1920 Ford 1-Ton Truck 1920 Ford Coupe 1920 Dodge Touring , 1922" Dodge -Touring 1918 Dodge. Roadster 1923 New Ford Touring equipped with New Cord Tires and lot of Extra equipment. 1920 Model Ford One-ton truck with enclosed body. These cars have been thoroughly overhauled and refinished. Guaranteed to be in good mechanical condition. Will trade—terms if necessary. Arnold Auto Co. * Phone 2707 25 First East Jap Rose Soap does * not dog and stifle die pores of the skin. Its mild* pur* oDa cleanse and stimulate the pom, allowing than to breath* in a natural'way. .JfepRodfi , instantly restore* a healthy arcukaod <m gives the skin new life.and color.' You'll actually feel its invigorating effect on your skill. "Thai geutU aper-tmejU denota the giov ofhcmUk" J ed ill an unjust war ot aggression to meet its just liabilities under an accepted treaty . Europe and In fact the world, is again in a porlod of uncertainty much 'like that of 1917-18. when every human plan for Hie future de- pundod upon the outcome oE^'the battles in Northern France. Praaticaily another war is going on, but It is along new lines. Long distance cannon, far flying airplanes and Zoppelius, .are as pigmies In their effect -when compared with tho cutting off of coal, steel and their by-products from many millions of 'human beings." _ 1 . 3> <S* • 'v *y ^ <» <s> <*> -i> *$> * FAIRVIEW. <$> <s> >s> <3> •$> * <$• >?> * <$> * * <5> <?> * . Harvesting is the order of the day. 'A largo number of binders and headers nro in use In thlis community now. Several of the fanners have finished their harvest. Lewis. Campbell and family attended servifioB at Mitchell church on Sunday.. Miss Kolhoff came home .with them and is helping M I-B . Campbell *wit'h nor work this week.... Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Uundoll of Newton are helping Mr. und Mrs. R. C. Kollams -wiith their harvest work. J. H. Ilettor mid family took Sunday dinner at B. C, WestCal's lu N1ck- erson. Election ofEpworth League officers was held oh Sunday evening. Officers elected aro -as follows: Elva Snod» grass, presiaeatt; Edna Calais, first vice' president; Pearl Dixon, second vice president; Orace Campbell, third vice president; Lloyd Kellams, fourth vice president; Mabel jjehaniiiin, soo- retary-troaaurer, and Blanche Waddla, -pianist. R. 0. KollajnB spent a couple of days last weeit in Kansas City with his father, who'is qultoill. Misses Dortha and Cleo Snodgrass visited with Mary King on Sunday. Lucille Ovitrin is Oiolping Mrs. Nellie Sllfer with her -work for a few days. Mr. Clnudo Prlckott of Nickerson Is painting tho Falrvlow school Itouse. Pelbert Campbell stepped on a nail Inst Saturday morning. His foot became very aore but Is better at this 'writing. CLEARANCE OF GARMENTS A sale you can't afford to miss, including- dresses, suits ami wraps in all the smart styles and materials, now selling at greatly reduced prices. DRESSES $5, $10, $25 Dresses of fancy silks, and crepes in the seasonable colors and attractive styles. SWEATERS 1-2 Price Odds and ends in sweaters, embracing slip-over, Tuxedo and jacquette styles. Tn fibre silk, all silk and light wools. Variety of colors and sizes. WRAPS 1-2 Price Wraps that sold from $25 to $69 are now selling at half price. Just the garment yon need for a vacation in the mountains. SHOES $3.85 A special bargain in broken lots of desirable shoes in all sizes and a big variety of styles. Priced at $3.85. SUITS $19, $29, $39 Novelty navy suits, 3- piece styles and sport suits. Ideal for traveling and serviceable wear. SKIRTS $10.00 Skirts in pastel shades of washable silk and printed crepe de chine. Cloth skirts in stripes, plaids and checks. Formerly priced $15 to $25. COSTUME SLIPS Costume slips for the mid-summer frocks, top finished with hemstitched hem, drawn with tape or ribbon, self straps. The skirt has the hip hem, making a shadow proof garment. English Satine, $3.00 Each Tub Silk . . $5.50 Each Oskeda Silk . $8.50 Each DEMAND. IS MADE. Another Waga Advance is Being Sought by Anthracite Miners. Scranton, Pa., Juno 29.—A demand for a 20 per cent' increaso in the contract wage scale with an increase of a dollar a day for all men paid by the day was presented to the anthracite miners convention itoday for an opinion and submission to the mine owners next week. Tho list ot demands drafted Tiy tho convention's soale committee follows the general lines of the demands formulated In January, 1922, and fought lor five and a half months last year. Form Foresjry Clubs. Crostono, Colo.; Forestry clubs, formed by boys and Rlrla, are becoming popular, according to the United States Forost Service. Boginulng with a forestry club, organized last year in Crostono, Colorado, the movomant has spread to many other localities In that state. The clubs are formed under the direction ot local mon and wonioft interested in both foreatry and agriculture in.cooperation with the county agent and Uie Itor«t Service. Stop that A MAZING results have been produced by S. S. S. in cases of eczema, pimplcSj blackheads and other skin eruptions. If you have been troubled with eczema, and you hava used skin applications •without number, make a test yourself, on yourself with a bottle of S. 8. S., one K>t the moat powerful blood cleans- era known. S. 8. S. makes the blood rich and pure, and whe£ your blood is freed of impurities your stubborn eczema, rash,' tetter, skin eruptions, pimples, blackheads, blotches and acne are bound to disappear. There are no unproven theories about 8. S. S.; the scientific results of each of its purely vegetable medicinal ingredients are admitted by authorities. 8. 8. 8. It sola at alt good onif itofaa In two alien. Tba Urgar aura la more economical, World* &<t Medidnsi PESKY BED-BUGS ^ (Pesky IHvlW Quietus) P.D. Q- Is tho new chemical that puts the everlasting to the Pesky bedbugs, roaches, fleas* ants and cooties—Impossible for the pesky devils to exist where P. tt. Q- is used. Itocommendations of Ilotcila. Hospitals, Railroad Companies and other public InittltutloiMnrti a Kiuruite* to tho public, that th« twif eat, quick" cat and most economical way of ridding the peaky intwets in by thwusw of P. V. Q.. »a thTa chemical kills the H3 well tax th* live one*, unci will not injure the clothing. ASScpackajro make* a full quart, enough to Kill a million bedbitfrtJ, roachna, fleas or cootlea— and nlao contains u patent •pout to got the cam neat* in the lurd-to-iret-at-pfftcea &nd»av«u JuTco, P. 1). (.t can also ho purcUaaSd la ueaici Uottltt, doublo strength, liquid form. THE A & A DRUG CO. done the whole System SOUND TESTIMONIAL EVIDENCE. I lie pownr o[ I.ydUi 11. IMnl;- tiam's \>K <t !ablu Compouml ovor ih.j lllfl of wumeu in < 1 i^ )tul>- ,llshr><l in 1 M B papur. T. J ,- !:.n ^:;t recommtsuelation any iirlidt* > J.II ha*, is that borne Uy the [H -n-itu-. -.\ ho utti It. Oiico ill witti [liUnmits ih;n ,;i',i>K'.l fiUfftiring urn! [!i'.ip;ih\ but n*r-,\ r »--i«»r- &U to the joy, .»t : hoaRh, from a s.;ni(o- 'fut hoart niuiutuih-s of ^vinifn writo Jitt:<;ra ot u.i>i'roe:latlon to LU-.: l.ydi.i K- I'ltikhaia Mcdii'.iue Co. of I .y mi, M:ias, Kitc)i ovldfiiicu of thf! [>.v,v. r ot i.vdia li, Pliiklunii'a Vos;uKible < tjmiv.und over tho ilia of women slumid ii.iiu ^ uvory liufftirloK woinaii t«.* try ii. HOSIETTERS STOMACH BITTERS Girls! Girls!! Save Your Hair With Ctiticura

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