The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 29, 1914 · Page 9
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1914
Page 9
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Monday Evening, June 29, 1914. Held Under Auto, Miss Per, guson Shows Courage. HAD NARROW ESCAPE 'Joseph Pierson's Auto Turns Over on Snake Hill. Pinned under an overturned nutomo- Wle for half an hour, Miss Belle Fergu- iion of nir,..rnlngton t-ulmly directed her niruem In their work of et-ttlng her out. When ahe wan taken f r o m u n d e r tho m a c h i n e aho was rushed to St. Stury'B hospital wnere It was founJ t h a t »hc was only sllfrlitly hurt. The nerve nhe displayed was rcmsrknh]» i»y those nt tho gc-cne of the accident. I IB LOST CONTROL. Joseph 1'leraon. m a n a g e r of the Fidelity L"*n company, w a s d r i v i n g his Overland auto, w i t h Miss Ferguson a pnssonKfr. up Snake hill, on the Wcs- -Main ro.,d ,»t lo : sn o'clock Sunday nlKht" The mu.-h'ne skidded nnd he lost con trol of It. Tho car turned completely over. Plcr.^on was thrown clear of the machine l.iit Miss Ferguson was caucht titt'lrrnf ath. Tho car fell crosswise or a small gul- lv and t h i s Is nil t h a t saved the life of Slim tt-rnuton. She was l y i n g | n the ·leprcsslon w i t h the car holding- her down. It was half an hour before she wag_rpscii.rl from her p e r i l o u s position T H E D E C A T U R R E V ! Local Notices. tktw Notice! An Paid AdrertMnc. FROZEN GRAPE 1 "PUNCH ?£-"-J-'S'i 0 "- packed and delivered FRANCIS JOSEPH LONELY MONARCH (Continued from lit pace.) sell possessed but she was calm and hroughout. "Only my neck and shoulder are caught," she told her rescuers, "but don't let 'he car slip. I'm all right." FELL BACKWARDS. One of the bones In Pierson's right rm was broken and his face was badly rulscd. According to his story ho was r l v l n e up the hill at a pretty fair clip n an e f f o r t to escape the dust. When he ost control of the car It started up an m n a n k r n e n t beside the road and then fell over backwards. "The sight of Miss Ferguson under the dar ffiive me a Jolt," said PJerson. But she didn't lose her nerve at any time nnd askerl me If 1 were hurt. I tried to move the car but was atrald t h a t It m l f r h t slip nnd crush her so I uirned out the lights and started help." for AUTO IS LIFTED. Frank Mcridlth was following in his mni-hln" and he drove to the Davis drucr More on West Main where he picked up three men and a doctor and t h e y h u r r i e d back to the scene of the accident. The n u t o was lifted and t h e woman released. Beyond a badly bruised neck and shoulder. Miss Ferguson wns none the worse for tho accident. The wrecked m m h i n e has a broken f r o n t n n x l e nnd smashed front wheel and w i n d - s h i e l d . Otherwise It was no' damaged Miss Ferguson has been visHins: f r i e n d s in D e c a t u r nnd Is planning to r e t u r n to her home In Bloomlngton in a day or two. Snake h i l l Is one of the most dan- wrous places In tho city for autolsts and it la a. m a t t e r of wonder that there lire not more a c l d e n l a there. his heir, was only one of many that have saddened his life. Assassinations and suicides have taken from him those who were nearest and most dear. A strange fatality has pursued the House of Hapsburg and misfortunes have come in quick succession. Only the emperor himself has seemed Immune. In the fiftieth year of his reign, on Sept. 10, 1898. when all of Austria-Hungary was preparing for a public jubilee, word was brought to the emperor that his wife, the Empress Elizabeth, had been killed by an assassin. NOTHING LEFT FOR RULER, Francis Joseph sank to the ground saying: ' "Shall I never be freed from pain and anguish in this world Is nothing, then, to be left to me?" ELDEST SON KILLED. Still another of the tragedies tuat Interspersed the years of the aged monarch was BO mysterious that the truth may never be known. Crown Prince Rudolph, his son, and Baroness Mary Vetsera were found dead In a hunting lodge near Vienna The baroness had been the guest of the prince. It was believed that she was shot by him, or shot herself. In the dead man's hand wag a revolver. Many even more pathetic tragedies have filled Francis Joseph's life with sorrow. His brother, Archduke John renounced his rank to marry the woman he loved, a chorus girl. He became known as John Orth. He studied navigation, purchased a vessel and with his wife sailed for South America. That was the last ever see of them. Their ship Is supposed to hav been wrecked in trying to round Cap Horn. Added to these, the chief tragedies in the emperor's life were many in whicl the lives of close relatives were ende violently. MAXIMILIAN'S FATE RECALLED. T "e tragic fate of another brother Maximilian, In Mexico, and the sub; quent mental derangement of Bmpre Carlotta were other tragic occurrenc that saddened and made his life mo lonely. Still another unfortunate even was the mesalliance of the Archduk Henry with a singer. In 1853 Joseph Libenyi, a would-b. assassin, wounded the emperor serious ly by a knife thrust between the should ders. But the monarch was young and the blow was not fatal. He turned to the mob that was on the point of lynching his assailant and shouted, "Do not hurt him; he has been badly mauled already. These everoccuring end recurring tragedies have bowed down the aged monarch. The weight of misfortune has made him the most pathetic figure the most lonely ruler, In Europe. Page Nine ~i Banking Rooms are Models of Good Taste and Convenience. M A R K E T S i BOARD OF TRADE QUOTATIONS (Furnished br War. Leland.) the tr» fl SBKIOIS ANTI-SERVIAN- OUTBHEAt Sarayevo, June 29.--A bomb thrown by a youth standing on the corner of the main street 'of the Bosnian capital was the signal this morning for a serious anti-Servian outbreak, which the u m Considerable difficulty In JOINED BT STUDENTS They were joined by a number of Croatian students and the crowd passed along the streets stoning the windows of Servian shops, clubs, schools and houses, and looting the Interiors. --After a, year's successful business Jhe Farmers' and Merchants' State Bank Is prepared to enter its new home, Tuesday morning:, at 135 E. Main St JHUf block east o£ Transfer house. Tiled floors and mahogany woodwork combined with the Texarkana marble, warm and soft in color, give an appearance of richness. President D S. Wisegarvep-s office and the one adjoining are separated from the main hanking room only by a low partition and have a mahogany walnscoating. Al the furniture, including the bookkeeper's tables and the chairs, match. The customers' desks are covered with black marble. In the rear, at one side, are the directors' room lavatory and lockers on the other, the massive steel and concrete fireproof vault containing the safety deposit boxes guarded by a heavy steel door. The back part of the vault also protected by a grating contains a manganese steel safe and the shelves for the bank's books.--adv. 22 ery browns. a a n I t K C T was a m e m b e r o f t h e O E S and of religious organizations and had R · ' 2135 2120 2135 2123 2015 2005 2010 2000 ir drwaed iovls,"ff@lB%i: '"turkeri. iwlc! New York Sugar. ' .I /oS?e^ o rr£^f2bi dN 'o ra r?4.JO A -' : New York Money. Market Gossip. {Furalihed by Coaler, Qulgltr 4 c«.) CHICAGO CARS. bonds .te Shoas Esta. Ago 25 32 S 52 172 29 163 2SO 23 MOVEMENTS. UP IT imiiE K. OF P. LODGE SURPRISE SPRUNG" ON CONGREGATION -riea^lSl^l^HI'ThlRaoJ iecn a c c u m u l a t i n g f o r some time. Under th? ·adership of Mis, Mary Moore, the teachea he class b r o u g h t up the m a t t e r f r s t In "lie frunday school and later In the mo enured S'w'lp'e ou^^^l'had 1?TMT'U T, r ",'V rlclt l n c u r r e n t expense; airs and the like. The ehoir Mil hold an Ice cream · nesday nlsht at t h e c h u r c h . The chc r e n a r n i r for in t r i p tn Shelbyvllle wh s to sins at the chamauqua Wets Have Little Hope Winning. Receipts-Theat Corn Oata Shipments-Wheat Corn Oats Today. Tr. *,,,, -S-0* 1 770.000 (00.0011 892,XX 901.000- 1,D93,00 50',(XXI 437,000 683,000 WORLD'S SHIPMENTS. 421,000 018,000 4331000 of Vi'a C GURNEY rigerator Guards Your Health Against The Deadly Germs Caused By Heat, Flies Etc. People You Know Hiss Frelda Seibert and Mrs. B B « irwatz, have Kone to Hillsboro, N. D ' f o r an extended visit. They were accompanied to Chicago by Miss Emma A. wirwatz. Fans, J u n e :9.--Pana's liquor case is being tried today in the county court at Taylorvllle before Judge Weaver of Sangamon county. It was mutually agreed by attorneys on both sides that Judge Weaver would sit on the case in 'preference to Judge Prater. A large number of citizens has gone over for the case. Lio.uor people, however, have little hope of any change being made in tk ~ ordinance now in force. DEFEAT CHAMPAIGN. The Pana baseball team defeated Champaign 4 to 1 Sunday. Champaign had one run, three hits and six errors and Pana. four runs, five hits and two errors. The batting of Chenoweth of Decatur, with the Champaign team, was a feature of the game. It was a pitcher's battle between Remark of Champaign and Hawker of Pana. VANfflE^AND DEFIANCE RACE Larchmont, N. Y.. June 29. The ' vachts Vanitie and Defiance raced today in another tuning up contest on Long Island sound, preparatory to the selection of a defender of the American cup. Their rival, Resolute, was out of It, laid up for repairs. Wheat Corn .. This Wlc. . 13.424,000 . 6.868,000 Last Wk. 12,800,000 6,091,000 VISIBr.E. Last Tr 10,578,00(1 8,577,000 Wheat decrease . Corn decrease ,. Oats, decrease ., BusheK 3,S35.onO 332,000 81,000 Elgin Butter. ', Elgin, III , Juno 28.-- Butter 2«i4c. Toledo Seeds. «'S I '??-. J t n ' a --- Clowr iesd: Prim* cuh ff : °£ lobe r and December, 18.50 7T ' Pr ' m ° Ca! "' » 2 '« r H: Stpttmb.r. HI VALUES TIGHTi VOX ON COEN. Bloomlngton. III.. June 20.--Lyle aays wo are nearlng the time of the appearance of the government's first report on this season's corn crop. Condition as of July ], »nd the acreage will ba given. If any quantitative expression it will be based on past five crops which are as follows. July 1010 1011 1012 3813 . i04,035x 2?!? Jssfosniooo ssli . 105,825,000 23.n 2,331.448.000 SO.l 1M.'820,'000 2.^1 2,44G,'assioOO Stt'.S LIVESTOCK. Kansas City Live Stock. * K?nfM City. June 29.-- HOGS -- Receipts h d Drouth in Southwest Broken --Corn Drops. Chicago, June 29.--Higher caWes tended to keep traders away from th» selling side of the wheat market today and caused a sudden tightening of values. It was also reported that crop conditions in the northwest were not a s good a s had been expected. Th- upturn, however, was not well maintained. Opening- prices, which were unchanged to 14 c higher, were followed fcy a slight reaction, then by a sharp advance, and later by a material «ag from top figures. Free selling induced by the Kansas crop report led to a decided drop Su" Ing the last half of the session: CATTLE -- Receipts 11,000 head: market steady. Prime fed steers, $S.60@9.23- drcsi- rs J050®7 r 75 * r - W ® S - s0 '- »t°ekers arid feed- SHEBP -- Receipts IWXX1 head: market ' 5locker ' 0 ' "" ' "ITM the problem oth. Chicago Live Stock. The eight walls of imulation in the Gurney saves 1-3 your ice. Join The "GURNEY" CLUB $2.50 Cash --$1 A Week When You Can Keep Cool rhicago, June 29.-- Choice hogs proved to be relatively scarce today but other grades wera s u f f i c i e n t l y plentltul oler weather leiped Increase the demand "" u r g o n t cn " for ="eep or Iamb"" HOGS -- Receipts 3,300 head: market "- K l ?, 1. cei "|, hll ' hcr - Bu 'k of eales. 18.30 o; l i g h t , fS.15QS.45; mixed. $S03@850- 7.SfflslJ 5 ® S 45: rOUEl1 ' * ro =SS.10; pigs,' CATTLE -- Receipts 17,000 head; market steady to 10 cents higher. Beeves. 17 5051 0.41; cows and heifers, $3.70ffS.DO: steers Rain breaking the drouth southwest had a weakening effect on the corn irarket. The setback resulting though tvaa almost entirely overcome later by the influence of wheat strength After starting: unchanged to He lower' prices declined moderately, and after. ward rallied briskly. Oats swayed with other grain. Sellers were In a majority, but thinned out when wheat began to bulge. Higher prices for hogs steadied the provision market " Changes In quotations were slight T^ weahness Be t in as soon as s r f . c °«red. A beari.h construction was put on the Kansas state report. The close was steady « c to :sc net lower. SHEEP --'he'celpts 22.0eo head; market slow, generally 10 cents lower. Sheep. J5.30 ffin.25; yearlings, »G.,1oa7 30: lambs, f6 40f? S.2o; spring Iambs, JO.TC^O.SS. ' St Louis Live Stock. St. Louis, June 20.-- HOGS -- Receipts 7.ROO h e a d ; injrket = to 10 cents higher. Pigs nnd ,-I.J 1 S'-WgS.SO; mixed and butchers, JS3o «!!*): good heavy, »S 455TS.IS5 I CATTLE -- Receipts S.500 head; market steady. Native beef steers. $7..XMJS.23; rows .intl hPlfers, S3.00fi9.00: stockers and feeder- j . o o @ « i v , ; Texas anrl I n d i a n steers. ?5 7561 ^U. c °«Too®fl oo helrer5 ' J4 - M a 6 - 0 ^ "»«« SHEEP -- Receipts 6.000 h e a d slow. Sheared muttons, *4.75ra500: pmarei $7.00@8.00; spring lambs, ?S.OOfeO.Crt Indianapolis Live Stock. I" S. Tards, Indianapolis. .Tune 29.--Hoc r.-reipts 5.000; m a r k e t 10 to 15 cml« li cher. Bulk of sales and too, S855; fen- at pso. Cattle receipts 850 head: market for '--· 10 cents higher; others steady. Lovington, June 29.--Wheat cutting- in this vicinity haa practically been completed and some of the farmer* ar« threshing. The yield ig reported to be unusually good, some golnj as high as t h i r t y bushels to the acre. A few farmers were troubled with the Hea- fly, and their crops ruined aa « t, but those fields that the Insect did not infest report the beat yield i.l years. Several farmers have sold for 7:. cents a bushels, while some are holding for a higher price. *** YOU CAN GET A O $10.00 8-Ineh Westinghouse Electric Fan For $8.0O CASH-NO DELIVERY Just the thing for your bed room. Will run our hours for one cent. All other size fans on Decatur Railway Light Co.: 114 E. WILLIAM. GRAIN. Marlrot market. 0 N o y n . i « a . B 7 c b i d . 07U JC ». k2e d ' and the second hour s p n c: Xo.4 yellow, ItSV.®^ OATS--No. S White, 87 . ; 14«3S«4c. TIMOTHT--$4.25@5.60. CLOVER--J10.00@1S.00. PORK--$21.36 LARD--nor- STOCK MARKET SO APATHETIC York, June 23.--Most of th« trivial gains of the opening were loit [before the end of the. first hour. In an ^« hands r ;:r: ' " c o u n t e d for the heaviness of these 1s- ·. M«? sue*. Traders found no inducement ·tandard, I l o operate, t h eir chargln besoming more pronouncec over the continued delay in the eastern freight rate decision. Bonds were steady. St. Louis Cash" Market. DECATUR 'MARKETS. - Juno 29 ---WHEAT--No. 2 red 1 N O ? « d -. TS ««Tufc: NO 4 lla' CORN--No. 2, SOffllS^c- No. 3. 6SUc- No 4 So; no grade. B8®flBV4c: No. 2 yelloiV 70.,. j . 3 } ' enow «0"4Bflo«ic; No. 4 yellow » e i£Vw5 b i l6 i 1 S? w * c! N °-««·""· oT-h 1 ^ 0 ; jkT .i^.V^Sc. Vo 6 nfef^®!^?"· 4 wh " c - 37c ' ' PRODUCE. Chicago Produce. ; ; r -- Market stenfly. (Quoted dally !y t ,« Amerlcwi Hominy C» I Miller, offer th;se price, for Grain on wagons, delivered n Decatur: Orsln Price*. New wheat ............... T « fom ................ . ; "·; ..... - -JS uats. w h l t » ............... ;. ........... S2 Oats, rniie,' .......... .......... S Batter and F«n. Fresh eg??.? .**'* b " M « *« Butter, packing .19 .11 Quotations to producer* 07 local poaltrr Hens ; . . , » , , Springs, 1H to 2 IDs 23" Cock! S Toms ' fiiz Gobblers ""'."." ' t* lien turkeyg -····· . » Young turkeys " 'JI , ^ 1 unsettled. Receipts tlnfa. barrels, H.mfH.-l. '' Per "" 3tjLTRr -- Market for live, poultry itea- Sprlngs. SOasicjfowls, 15c. New York Produce. few York. June 23.--BUTTER --- Market n, T!--ipt, o, T20 , ub « creamery extras, .. ..-. firsts. 24l4©26wc; seconds. 22« Process eitras. 22@22Vjc: ladles, current !. 20*S20^c; seconds, 10fi?19^c; :k, current make No. 2, lS@18Hc -·r"""* -- Market unsettled. Receipts 093 boxes. SUte. whole mllit frert. white M' 8 , 1 ?*! «Mciil», HVSiaWKc.: do, averaw cy. 147tl4i;c: skims. lv.ail-}jc EGGS -- Market ·teady. Eecclpta 13,956 Bucks, young'.'.'.'".'".'.'.".''.'.'.'.'.I LIv» pigeons, per dozen Hide, and Wool. Horse hides, large f 4 SOfl j Hors« hides, imall 2.500 Western wool ".'!!!!^.'I;IIIII"" 'n2 Burry wool 148 No. 1 hides, cored .'ug (Quoted dally by TM J. D»nwU«n * 8 Local dealer, sre offering: Heavy sows '...... $7 ana Choice youct hogj, 200 to 223 Ibi.. T'SOJZ Light phjj $0.501 Shipping rt«er T 30O Butcher, itecrs «.00a Cows » 000 Choice heifers OJlS Holferl, medium B.OOO Sheep ..,..··,........ 2.501 Spring lamb's I'.'.".'.'.'.'.'.'.".".'.'.'.".".*."" 7^ C«J«I I iNEW'SFAFERi

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