Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 3, 1969 · Page 83
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 83

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1969
Page 83
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ALL EDITIONS JUlt/WAIT WINS HOW ABOUT HMOlNfl DOWN THATMVAY? LOOM A» IP THE ROMANS ONLY MOVED OUT LA«T WEEK.' NOT NOTIC6A6LY- BUT I CM HEAS MY HAlCt TUftNINfi WHITE AT THE IDfAOF ANOTHEft tW0 WEEKS Of THIS.' Tiffany Jones pELLf IwwT AN HS50NTHER00FCF7HISHEP THIN<5.,,THe MAN WHO COME* TO OUfi ELECTRICITY METER 50 H6 «f HOW EXTRAORPINARV WHAT AROIT HIM? Fred Basset • J.T THAT CANT Be KkStfr.. Can 1 help ijou with that, uouna lady? I can handle it, thank you/ Gasoline Alley WELL, I NEVER SAID I WAS A GOOD HOUSEKEEPER.' OH...TrtATS A DEAD WHAT'S "MS IN VOUR RICH, BEAUTIFUL.yoU CAN SWIM,DANCE, SING, ACT WRITE, SPEAK SIX LANGUAGES AND EVEN COOK.' SOPHIA, LUCKIEST MAM IN THE WHOLE WORLD TO BE MARRVING you.' Mutt and Jef THE E4RTH Wizard of ITS ALL OVEE BETWEEN GEORGE AH' ME,, MOM/ ANP IT SUCE MAKES ME /WAP/ MY LIFE/ The Ryatts Nancy I W/SH NANCV WOULD HELP WITH THE HOUSEWORK I'LL GIVE HER A HINTr- MAVBE SHE'LL CLEAN . THE WINDOWS J^ LOOK —A CAN OF WINDOW SPRAV—'IT'S FUN TO USE JUST \ WHAT WE) NEEDED/ — Uiat 4c*amU»A unfid pun* by HENRI ARNOLD und BOB LEE Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. PEBW CAflN REYY41 SVBALfi UL ££^. 3 WHAT HAPPENEPTD THE lif?CHEOLO©l5T / S C/4RE WHEN HE <5C»FEP. Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. Astrological forecast By SYDNEY OMARR April j "The wise man controls his destiny Astrology points the way." ARIES (March 21-Aprll 19): Evening features review of financial itatus. involves mate, partner. Budget and * " ' Reach undtritandlnB. 1 eu«t» work. family do mix Reach un Don't leave esientla[» to Have It out — tonight. «l): Tonight cooperation can i go after truth. TAURUS (April 20-May you set Idea of what t be expected. Key Is to . Take off rose-colored qlaisM. Set people In realistic Tight. Promliei are fine — but they don't buy groceries. (Answer* tomorrow) UTHI IURUF PAINTY Awwert TUt *nM If • tig for on otffete-A DRAW GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Practical matters dominate. Includes ways of accomplishing basic tasks. Money question connected with children could arise. Be conservative. StlcR to necessities. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Good lunar aspect tonight coincides with creative endeavors/ romance. You set answer to vita] question. Look to future. Avoid superficial judgments. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Journey l» completed. You gain greater appreciation of home, family, security. You continue to 6» Impatient for new start. But you learn today to stick to experience, reliability. ut Ice.. VIRGO (Aua. 23-SePt. M): could appear .erratic. Byt purpose., Hee< teaches l» afv Ue It and b*0ln UIBHA Inner voce.. you thi trg leem ondltlons •• one place. This Is day to find out where most profitable areas exist. Don't waste time procrastinating. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Don't get Involved In unsavory schemes. By tonight you know whet needs to be known. Earlier you ere tempted to overlook rules, regulations. Be sensible. Don't flirt with trouble. SAOITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Don't prolong social evening. Best to leave them wanting more — then you win. You are vibrant, persuasive. But some behind the scenes would like to see you fall. Remain alert. CARPICORN (Dec.' 22-Jan. 19): You gain some malor desires. But you must make concession to family S ember. Know this and overcome ndency to be stubborn. Diplomacy night proves profitable. (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Some ises lack .substance. Know this 9 don't risk what you've es- Mlshed. Be skeptical, study SCOR- 0 message. Live up to obligations. PISCM (Fet>. It-March 20): Information you nted is forthcoming. You gain cooperation of those In authority. One who tried to deceive y IBKA (Sept. 23-Oc{. 22):, Diversify. Not wit* to wn;«nt*t« ill «««et* In can S4 Tlift Atl«»a Republic Phoeiil*, Uraw., April S, "HWJNI DAp. I'LL NEED ) FIVE COLLARS < FOR MY OATE J TOMISHT —^<> Blondie I I COULD TAKE A SlftL OUT ON A OATE PORAOOLLAft/ WOW I KNOW WHAT IB THE GENERATION flAP IS— ITS POUR OOLLAR5 THERE UK. SOME HOLLYWOOD DIRECTOR WHO WOULD WITH THAT STATEMENT, FRANK!-BUT WHW PROMPTED IT? ATTENTIOM,MI« VARDEN.'MAYIW.ON BEHALF OF THE SCHOOL MOTHERS'CLUB, THAT YOUR. NAME 15 AMPLY JUSTIFIED! YOU ARE INDEED AN ANGEL? Mary Worth evwy SEAT WR won CONCERT K SOlDS-AND WER1 rtrrriN6A5 MANY FOLDING CHAIRS IN THE BACK A6 THE . FIRE MARSHALL WILL ALLOW! ou! ey THE WAX, WHEN t CALLED SETH ED50N TO GIVE WfA THE. NEWS OF THE, SELL-OUT, HE SAID TO TELL YOU HE'D HAVE A Blfl SURPRISE FOR YOU-AFTER j THE SHOW! SCRCWV LOOKING. CARRYING A GIRL'S LUOCAOE. Dick HOLD HIM, EDOIE.TILL I GET A FEW MINUTES. RETRIEVER. 1 IftMBMU PIP you CALL KATHERINE TO TELL HEI? I WONT BE HOME FOR PINNER? I TRIEP TO REACH HER BUT THERE'S NO ANSWER AT YOUR HOME, JUP6E.' THAT'S STKAN6E.' SHE PIPN'T SAY SHE WAS GOING OUT TRY TO REACH <• HER AGAIN! IT SEEWEP THAT T HE WASNt A AFTER ALAN MET LIZJ JUPGB AT THE HE BEGAN COMING S.TIME.' HE WAS TO WASHINGTON QUITE) IN THE PRAC- OFTEN..ON BUSINES5,/TICE OF LAW, OP COURSE.' K WASNT HE? YES.' UNFORTUNATELY, I HAP TO BE OUT OF WASHINGTON OUltE FREQUENTLY.' I PISCOVEREP THAT ALAN WOOLP TAKE LIZ TO THE THEATER, TO PINNER.' SOME PEOPLE BEGAN TO THINK SHE WAS HIS WIFE, NOT MINE.' TATERU I CANT PLAY WIF VE EVER' SECONT-I GOT MV CHORES TO DO Snuffy Smith Andy sends a 20-volume set of the World Book Encyclopedia to Lucille Raboin, 12, of West Warwick, R.I., for her question: Where do hornets go in the cold weather 3 /!* Hornets build their nests of paper made from chewed wood pulp. They inhabit it through only one summer and INEXPENSIVE ELECTRIC ANTI-FOULIN6 DEVICE FOR BOAT HULLS NOW MAKES HAULING AND PAINTING UNNECESSARY. THREE ELECTRODES RUNNING PROM BOWTO STERN ARE ENERGIZED BY A120- VOLT-60 CYCLE DOCKSIDE POWER SOURCE,., ORGANISMS AS SOOM ASTH&R&WIHiHWj For further information ttnd qusry with llompfd Mll-addr«is*d«nvt!op«!oNEW!,Publithtri-Hull SyndicaJ|b8QE.42nd:t. < N»wYork,N.Y. 10017 liru nun only one member of the family community survives to see the next season. As the fall weather grows cooler, the hard-working hornets begin to slow down and lose their vitality. The queen mother lays fewer eggs and the nursemaids do not care whether they tend the infants or not. Hosekeeping chores and repair jobs are neglected. The papery nest becomes a sloppy mess littered with flaky debris and scraps of decaying caterpillar meat. The queen has her mind on mating with the drones and the regular routines of hive discipline are forgotten. The sluggish workers give up their marketing trips outdoors and begin to perish one by one from hunger and cold. Soon only the queen is left. Before the first frost she deserts the papery nest, maybe because the place is in such a shambles. She flies off in search of a cozy hiding place and crawls into a crevice just big enough to hold her furry- body. There she sleeps through the cold winter months. When spring returns, Her Majesty awakes and searches for a high branch, an overhanging eave or some other suitable place for building a new nest for the coming summer. Then she gathers and chews up wood pulp to make a few papery cells. Into each cell she places an egg and waits about a week for the brood to hatch. She gathers caterpillar meat to feed the hungry grubs until they change into sleeping pupae. After 10 days, toe pupae ^,' hatch into adult worker hornets. These spinster daughters immediately take over the duties of adding more papery cells, foraging for food and defending the family property. The queen mother retires to concentrate on laying eggs. During the summer, the hanging paper nest may grow bigger than a football and the queen may lay 25,000 eggs. However, the mortality rate among the busy workers is high and the hornets colony rarely reaches more than 5,000 members at a time. After the queen departs, it is wise to tear down a hor- nets' nest. Its debris and decay attract flies, cockroaches and other unwelcome pests to the neighborhood. We tend to think only of the hornet's fiery sting, but the handsome insect is an ally in our gardens. As an adult she sips only nectar, spreading pollen as she visits the flowers. The hornet grubs eat caterpillar meat. The busy worker removes these greedy gobblers from the garden as she takes home food for the family. Send questions on postal card to Ask Andy, P.O. Box 2406, Phoenix, Ariz. 85002. LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE A*»w*r |» TMt Puiil* Will t>« Fvtmt *»9«r "Mtw"

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