Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 15, 1959 · Page 1
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 1

Pampa, Texas
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Sunday, February 15, 1959
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Dulles Is Stricken With Cancer Again By Sf fcWAttt United WASHINGTON fUPI) -- Secretary of Stale John Foster Dulles lists been slrickefi fl£ain by cancer, raising- grave doubts that ha can continue ftS chief architect of President Eisenhower's foreign policy. -. I The grim news was announced Saturday by the Prrifident after " he personally talked to the ven- erablt Cabinet officer at his bedside. Dulles was operated on for a similar malignancy in November, 195(5, and was believed cured. Ths President said Dulles IS fully aware he has cancer again. He said "further treatment" will be required and that Dulles will continue on a leave of absence. Th<* President's statement, read t/) reporters at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, did not touch on Dulles' future tenure in office. According to a (Vhite House spokesman, the President has no plans now to appoint a new sec:. retary. He still will fly to Aca" pulco, Mexico, next week, to visit th» President of Mexico. Undersecretary of State Christian A. Herter flew back from R South Carolina vacation to take f over as acting secretary. He will j fill, at least temporarily, one of, the moat difficult posts in the world. State Department Press Officer Lincoln White said "no further I surgery" on Dulles is contemplated. He said radiation therapy) will ba used in the immediate future. Tha finding of free cancer cells • was made on the basis of microscopic examination of tissue and fluid taken from Dulles' abdominal region during- a hernia oper- > atvon Friday. Nothing was said by either the President or White about the possibility of a. resignation by Dulles, who will be 71 on Feb. 25. In the 1958 occurrence, a cancerous portion of Dulles' intestine wa.s removed by Walter Reed surgeons. The malignancy was [reported effectively checked. i Hft added he "expressed the Doctors said the radiation the> thoughts ahd«.f>ra,yers of All of us apy—employing radium, X ray or J that the results of this operation use of new tadioisotopes devel- i and the further course ot treat- oped in the atomic age — Will ment will be successful." be designed to attack the new! The Chief Executive's statement joutbreak of caneef 1ft thl hop* ftf.tfaS fftad if> neWMnSft by Assist- cutting down its spread to other:ant White House Press Secretary parts of the body. iAnne When ton. "While I was'with him," the! White reported Dulles was "in President said, "his doctors dis-jgood spirits" after the hernia op- cussed with us their finding of thcjeration. jexistence of malignancy not fully) He said Dulles' doctors expect 'determined at this time fl* to itsfhe will have to remain at the extent, but certain to require j hospital "for several weeks.' 1 He further treatment." (declined to speculate on the out- look for the ailing secretary be-i But they would not say whether yond that, or the course of trftat-i they still held hope that Dulles men!. himself cbuld participate in the Before entering the hospital on pipgotialions. (Tuesday, Dulles had asked fh e ! They voiced belief it Will be im!President to grant him a leave of^ possible for him to attend a West- j».bspftcp. He nad Just returner! ', em foreign minister* meeting I from an exhausting European i tentatively scheduled for mld- jtrtp in which he had consulted U. March in Paris, preliminary to a IS. Allies on a unified policy probable meeting with the Rus! against Russia in the Berlin and! Mans. [German reunification deadlocks, j The President spent 35 minules I High officials said they did not!with Dulles. Earlier, he had conj believe Dulles' illness woiild de-!ferred at the White House with ilay negotiations with the Soviet JC. Douglas Dillon, who has been ! Union on these problems. acting secretary during the ab- sence of Dulles «nd Herter. White was unable to say exactly what form of radiation therapy would be used on Dulles but said it would get underway next week. He said Dulles wil] receive the benefit of Hie finest find latest techniques in such treatment, at the Army center where cancer patients are brought from through out the world. White was asked if he assumed Dulles would remain in the Cabinet. He would not go beyond the letters exchanged by Dulles and Bisenhower before the secretary's [hospitalizatlon. These made it clear Dvilles merely was taking a leave of absence. ! The finding of cancer far overshadowed still another ailment that has been plaguing Dulles. Irt j recent months he ha* been treated for diverticulitis. or inflama- tion of the lower intestine. This :had restricted him to a diet of ! extremely bland foods. He was at Walter Reed for treatment in De- icember. Nothing was said of this ailment in either Friday's or Saturday's announcements. ("The Pampa Oatly NCUTG Serving The Top o' Texas 51 Years VOL. 56—NO. 263 SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1959 (40 PAGES~TODAY) Weekdays 56 Sunday* iSe PRIME SECRETARY CANDIDATES New Post Is Regretted By KK.AN'CfS L. McCARTHY was criticized because of the pub- fritted l're*«( Jnternatloiinl n c clamor attending it. HAVANA iT'PTi -- Fidel Castio In other war crimes trials de- fairt Saturday he regretted he had velopments, three persons wore to tnke over as premier of Cuba executed at Manzanillo in Oriente but the welfare of the country de- province, three others were con- manded it. Outgoing P r e m i e r, 'Jpnined to death and three were 2>D ILLNESS—John Foster IP*. th« tjnited Slates' popular secretary of state abroad hai been stricken wllh cancer n second time ami Is expected t« retire from office. Father Dulles Learns Late Of Dad's Illness ROMK fUPI --- The Rev. Avery Dulles, a Jesuit prie«t and son of John Foster Dulles, learned only Saturday night that his father was suffering from canter HERTER acting secretary C. DOUGLAS DILLON ... mentioned often THOMAS E. DEWEY ... former NV Governor GEiV. ALFRED GRUENTHER ... Ikf's close friend Under-Secretory Says He'd Accept Position Fires Claim 19 Lives In US, Canada Jose Miro Cardona H greed. sentenced to terms ranging from The two men appeared at a 10 to *3 years In prison, news conference together and giive no indication of any friction between them. The 32-year-old Castio was i.named lo replace Miro Cardona Friday night. It was announced Saturday he would lake leave from his post «.« commander of the armed forces. Informed sources said his younger brother, Raul, now second in command, would move to the top military spot. Castro said it was personally "distressing" for him to have to' HAVANA ri.'PIi -- The only sine I wil1 S et a cabl « accept premiership but that it stumbling block between Fidel " N "' T <lid no1 kncnv rn - v fathpr was "necessary for the revolu- Castro and the presidency of nad rancer ;",, he , *""''• " T only lion." Cuba now is the requirement that; * S *' e *-ATHKR, Page 3) Miro Cardona said the job WHS a president be separated from tailored for Castro, leader of the 'he armed forces for at lea-st six revolution which ousted dictator months. Kuigencio Batista. i ] n accepting the office of prime newspaper "Revolin-lon." j minister. the 32-year-old Castro ' I Castro May Be President By August i The priest, who was a convert to Roman Catholicism, said h« had known previously only that his diplomat, father was undergoing "cer-tain tests." There was sadness in his voice when U P 1 contacted him by '. phoiifi at t\ Jesuit residence here. "I would rather not make any comment on my father's condition until I hear more from home,'' the priest said. "I ima- B-58 Hustler Tlie No Offer By Ike Has Been Given WASHINGTON (UPD—Undersecretary of State Chris-J tlan A- Herter, mentioned as a possible successor to ailingji * Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, said Saturday he|| would accept the post if President Eisenhower offered it tojSjfc him. || .#. Herter made the statement in answer to questions onj| arriving here to take over as acting secretary of state pend-!| ing the outcome of Dulles' g*t«WWa^^ I'nlted PretH International | At least 19 persons died in fires ; Saturday. worst blaze occurred official organ of Castro's July 28 relinquished his rank as" supreme MflV HdV£ .movement-, nailed th« change, and commander of the armed forces •' '"•*** predicted that all the member* of Thus he may step into the office Miro Ca.rdena's cabinet would con- now held by President Manuel tint!* under Castro. , LTnutia before the end of next Meanwhile, informed sources In Augiwt. the revolutionary army said the Th« constitution has been Jesus Sosa Blanco after a spec- a g- fl f or president fi-om Sft to 30 in . l ; cnlar v ™ r primes trial in the thus removing that harrier in the -r I r i TllPCflAV C » "V JUUj J AMARILLO, TP\-. ifPI) -- City Science Fair Here Friday Night (second cancer attack. Th« i 1 I n « s « raised serious doubts that Dulles would ever again b« abl« to resume full- time* duties. But Herter emphasized he had "not been Bounded out" a* a posulble successor. Asked whether he would accept appointment on a permanent ha- sis, assuming the secretary is un- I able to resume his duties, Herter |replied: "If the President wanted The second annual Pampa Scl- me tO( j would." enca .pair will be held Friday «nd „, ' n •, ., _ . ^ . ' . ., •'. .. The President s announcement Saturday, In the gir s gvm at the : ._.,,, ... . o i .'. i- „ u iA . . , , .,4.-of Dulles condition and accoin- Senior High School. A total of 241 . . • V u , ,„. :panvmg medical information enlnes have been received. There . ', . . , .. -.ra 38 in the primary division. 1>»ckly raised .peculation a, to 123 in the intermediate division. 28 a P° sslme »"<-<•«"»«"• in the junior high division and 5fl Bul tne VVnita Hollse sajd lj > in the senior high division. A 1 1 answer lo question* that the * Pampa public schools and H o 1 y ^resident has no plans now to ap- Souia parochial school are panici- point a " ew secretary of state, paling this year, according to The man most frequently men- Elaine J,edrjelter, director. tioned as a possible successor was C. Doug Ian Dillon, undersecretary for economic affairs. Other speculation centered on Herter: Gen. Alfred M. Gruen- tlier, a close friend of the President; former Gov. Thomas E. irtI7Vn/^n J ith~ma^-rVto.o^c'ai' Dew «y °' Ne , w York; Henr y Ca " science includes projects dealing ^ I ' od *«- v S ' *™**«**<lor to with plant, or animals. Physio-'/ 1 ? United N at j 0ni . graphical science includes s u c h John J ' McCloy, former U.S. high topics as rooks, weatner, planets L-ommUsione^to Germany. »nd volanoes Dillon ranks slightly behind Ribbons will b. given to win- Herter But P°' iu , oal •"<! di P l0 ' ner, in all divisions except high maUr ex P« rt » bcl ' ev9 th «'' e «''• school. In the senior high divi- fa(U "* whu>h mt * M lead Dulle » •ion, medals will be given t h e lo recommend and the Preauient Winners lu sele( ' t Ule former investment ^• ,.,,,.. broker over the former governor Winners i» all fields of science (jf Mai(Bai . hUMUj . U) all four grade levels will be «ligibl« to enter the regional »ci-:_ Age * °"* . , ence fair to be held in Amaiillo UlUo " u ^ has *" " bviou4 on March 20. 21. 22. " over Herler ' who w l*he schedule ot .vents for the (air is »s follows: Students will set up thtir project in the girl's gym between 1:30 and 3 Friday jtfteiHoon. Judging will begin st 3:30. Tilt fair will b» open to the Library's Growing Cp i Ix>vett Memorial Library's circulation hjts grown by leaps i and bounds ftinrn IS5ft, according to a report issued hy .Airs. Si Lillian Snow, librarian. During I DM, a total of RO.fiM books were | checked out. l.nnt year, the figure wax 73 | fi7X, Since moving to it* new building on N. Houston, the Library has added 9,114 volumes. Th* reading public can choosn from 12.1 miiKH/.lnes and perio<llcaK. There nra aUo 3-A memorial books on the shelves. I«ast year, 238 meetings were held In the back of the library. At last count, 8,850 AduIU and 8,KM) children hold current library card*. 'downtown Ashland, Ky., where 11 victims perished in a ' swept a two-story building, a for vaudeville theater converted Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third plac.e exhibits in.' each division in three major fields of science; physical, biological and physiograplucal. Physical science includes projects in physics, chem- . . ,„ At 49, h . has an arthritic condition fo|ves him to use cruu . h wtaeelcl>tlf . _,.,_, j . ^ Th « background of ih, two men nli * ht ""' u f tnc » "* P''"" « choice. D.llon corns* from business circle that Eisenhow- apartments and stores. Nine other persons were rescued by heroic police efforts aftpri the. only exit In thn structure, the old Columbia Theater, was blocked almost immediately by j flames. Ironically, a fire escape' lay behind the building, where it ! was to have been installed next week. S Five of the victims were members of one family. They included- Jack McKenzie, 3n; his wife, Pol-! ly. 28, whose son was stillborn' after she jumped from the build .. . annulled Monday and a new trial lutionary lire tn«. would Marl , ha ' njjfhl _ Sosa Blanco has been referred to as the "No. 1 war H S e of the young revo- of the Batista regime. His trial Sandbagged Levee Ho ds Wabash *iK Htistlpr aircraft may have flying in the area, last Tuesday a loud explosion-like WHS heard. The immediate significance of . The officials his assumption of jrovernment Ulal f - f > n <' 1 "'"™ «" information powers as prime minister is that said they ba.^ed Omva.r A,,vr»ft Corp. at Worth and on reports on son"' boom " In ftn Alr fwrf the most conservative plemrnt in , the revolutionary government, out •{foing Prime Minister MHO Par- 7 '"' P , , . , , ,. . , dona, no longer will apply brak, s Conv " ir toW the , ° ' ! ' r ' a ' " to Castro's ' miowballinV reform that il had an aiI P lane fl >' m R at iproeram tllal tlm( ' nut tnat '"ff"^ P"ths of B 58 Hustlers are never reveal- It appeared also that the revolutionary July 26 movement was preparing- to capitalize on the prr- spnt overwhelming popularity of Castro to consolidate its position 'of power hy constitutional means. Observers pointed to another likelv reason for the mddon rto- ed. The disturbance wa.s noted in a WEST TKHRK HAI'TK. New Mexico, to Enid, Okla. At first residents thought that . . ci,ion to reo.RHnize the govern- " rM _ bl1 ' ^i«'"«K''«Ph l^ratories ln'1 _.. .,. ......_ . HI Sotitheni Methodist University ing, and their three other sons .,,,.,. .,, lvlvr , ,,,, ,. ,, ranRlng in age from 1 to 4. Fire- , uf . l( The n , A ye,i«k Walwsh 1ni . W11 Wlt , l - flstro "" l"'inie mm- jn Dft!|aj( and Rj Texfts T(l( , h men said the McKen/ics lived in r^^v pouml<-d to a (rest HI Urs ,,'' ln llllp "" '•"• P"""-^nc>. Luhhock t . f!K}l . (efi In8t they ''"',, ""'''!! RemM!il e t>1 '; 1 " 1 ^ Jtha " lh " ';»S' nal «-/ i " ii ' 1l '' ! " 1 ^ h V <-«"'^ «'' ' ' lu ' t " tor eaithquake nn the monitor at SMl - anrl T(H , h ,. p , 1o ,., ert o ,,| y a nunor indication <vf a disturbance. a one-room apartment, which had Indiana city Saturday, and a a door but no windows. sandbagged jrap in a weak levee At Keiv), Nfv., three perxnns held firm as the r.unp«Kmg w ;i . apparently suffocated when lire tei-K bepan to recede destroyed the second and third The n\vr dropped m-ire than a floors of a downtown hotel. Three fo«,i after reaching its crcM. <• f others wer-e injured, one critically 34.6 feet along » five block and two seriously. stretch of .sandbags on which the Cause of the blaze WHS not fate of West Terre Haute had known, but fire officials said the hung. flames must have c limbed an Meanwhile. offici.-tU predicted a open stairwell "in no time at all." monumental ice jam up.stre.i-n The fire department learned Of fi-, m I^Kavftte, which inreatened the blaze from a hotel K'H-st who bridges ami hoinr.«, might break said the fire began in a bath- „,, "momentarily 11 ,,r at least room. The caller did not identify wl! h (h e arrival of a two - fox hlmself - rise on the W'abush. At .Montreal Canada, a fire |l»n»nUI»f \. • \.-cdrd raged out of control for more A uy. 'cen .loan U M,Coim.-ll than an hour through the top all(i two enpmeer-s in.spevt.-d lh v floor of a tlir.-e-.story apartment y, . mile j(l ,, K H . t . p;ll . k alld dl ,. building, killing at least two jjt-r- cu) e d it would not be m-ces^ry sons. Sixteen others were injured, to dynamite the ic» loose arid more than 100 other resi- A smaller jam tust bei,,«- i»i* dents were for cert to flee to safety ka rgt-r ae mass McDonnell sa-d in .wb-freexing weather. already had moved out. and the At Kureka. Calif 2-yea>'-old main floe ed that an earthquake hart oo- cui r-ed. There wa.i no indication nf an President Kulgetu-io Baxista There )-,as hccn some crillci.irn of tlie rebels for not ordering ele'-tions sooner Tlie prohnble c^ndidacv of Castro for the of- If It c-onii-* from fire of (iresuient i-onld bring such »tore «e have it. elections much .sooner. , a liiinl\\nre Hardware.. Adv, Voting Ends In City Contest .-.„ -, —_ .....j,, led to br« > «ik Glenn Mello was fatally burned up b y th? time a two foot river (See KIKES. Page J) PAMPA SENDS 7 MUSICIANS S«\eu niiia High public from 7 until 10 Friday eve and from 9.30 until i on Sat- * c repeatedly has shown h. ad- Student, will remov, their ™'"» » fld re. P .ct, ». » «ourc. ot n.dmiril*trativ< skill. Herter has been critx-i/ed by of Tn-Sn will act S.H some high adminustiatton souues ho»t| lor th« (sir. They will bf a»- who say h* ha* * tendency lo. * proj-t. th, gym at 4 p.m * Jatuiday. CHERRY BLOSSOM PRINCESS Mis* Susan Daly Rogers, daughter of Rep. and Mrs. Walter Rogers of Pampa, will b« the Texas C-herry Blossom Princess *t the annual festival held in Wash ing tun staitin-; Ap;i! T. .Sh* was *ele. ten n» the Texas Princess by the Texas Slate S"< ieiy If th« \>.heei \vluHs light, !-ht» could be thf Quc-en of the famnlHf festival, m v.-hu-h many U.p r..ffi'-ial* of the ft-deial goveriinioiu pannipate. MISS Rogers, third oldest of thf six children of the Rogers'. i« The pulls i i"sed at midnight Bybee. Sears RoebiK'k: Barbara tv ami it s isd over but the Boaid Tdt-3] f* <^od Stort- No. \' t counting in Pampa's city -. vv i rt e Melba Biiu e. Moore's Beauty Sa- "Knendliest. Most C'ourteoiis Ion. Ronald Beard Ideal No. 1; Employee contest, sponsored by Kay* Burkhart. .Johnsons Cafe; rise from Wabash reached Delphi. lne Dailv Neus ' Kern gam BehrnlHn ' S There wer* no estimates Low- Thousands upon thousands of Rtitn- Cox. Dunlap's: Connie ever of when the rise vvouM Us( minute votes were stuffed into fates.' Empue Cafe. Beilha reach the ice D^ma«e from ihe lh ,, bri | lol hoses during the last Chambers. Kr;,nKlins. Teddy unlea.-hed lee chunks some HH ,,,,,. e ,,.,,„ ,, f Ule lOnle . sl , Uuowing Jean CH.i.s,-, Krnpiif Cafe big and heavy as automobilfs (Ht) a! w,-,v behind schedule. C R. How a id. Security t>a«.ral; was t-.xpected to be. con.sni.-ru;'v A , lt . w ,, f ,-oiinier .s. h«.wfver will Vt-lma Hend*->.*on. Malo'ne P h a r- al Ui« AllSlate HauU u '- >> - -t lllrtl! '"ij i,eeii anti.-ipalfi W .,,K ,c. n time -:i)i this \ve,-U sort- aiacy, Mig H. S Haniimms. High- aud Choir m<-«-U, »Utrtin S Oftu iai» said thf two - fo >t ,, !K „,,,, m,,,)^.,,,,^ ,he votes to liin.l Gen.Mal Hospital: Jes»i« Hol- HVJue-tdtty lu <iaJ\e»U>u. Kep- svvt-ll aloiijf tne liver mi)jlit have , ( ,-iti ounr who tne publi< iias irngawoi Oi. Texas KurmtUJf Oom- re»«utttUve« of tlie Hur\r»u-r b eeu caused by pavsa^e <»f the ,i,.-emed <is the most friendly tolk pan\ • Xane Hall, Pampa faint Bawd »«U J'HS CUoir* viill go lu flo<>d "«'-'< I through the West T.-ne „, Hie Top O' Texas amj ())«•;> (>a,lve».tQa by car for tbe three Haute an-a VS'mnns «;ll bf- annotince i in .Jane S,• o!t. Dimiap fi; Mftym? day #\fat. Kear«U Th,* W«r«,i ne\l Sundays Dailv Neus The Syrnonds Peiuu.-y «; Eflns, Mae Jere T*e4 ««d Jaiue» B,>»r» Residents o/ West Terr* Haute , 0 p two %o!e getteis mian a :i d Spinks. Highland General HojerU M'UJ repre»em th* Band. Alter hurt feared the worst \vnen th« \vomam will ea« h receive SSn and al: Leota Sv.enn. M«lone Pnarwra- oate» «Je Mary Ann Kelley and driving river tort throu^n tr.e le- filmed ie;iith«tes Tiieii pic- ,-\ ; Sue Springe i'. City Tax Jobfl U»gg<xo«r- v«?e shortly after KruJay midnight, tures and stones will appear in Uyndon Sanders. Post Office-; t%olr repre»^nU>tiv<-» are Xan- But 30 minutes after the bieak next Sunday'^ paper along with lord Swain. Rex Rose Motor Com* cy Stevenson, Mary Sturgeon was discovered. Nsti'.iihl Guanls : ne names of aJi candidates; Rob«rt Speck. Buddy's &* BJid John C;im|jh.-ll. men and volunteers had plugged ouited and a Top 25 Friendly per Market; Kenn«tb % for a coiit'erl k'rl>. The situation \\ns lurthei a!ie Het« «rg &tj rii"i« of th* latest panv •JU. They ulji b»- aci-ou)|iuuiiMl 10 vi^ted h< \\Vsl T(M 11.' Hnu!.e b\,iieo8: Abtue fhvtwpwn. U»# Slat* tV^lival b.\ t U t i r the cessximn of IHUIS ar.<1 Hi« ar- Hum Bt'ixou, OUn; s Cafe; Mwu *SH! Hospital; Vickie M. K Trego.-, B«nd; u,ud riv/i! of gub - freezing temper*- Blanton V r ow§ Cleaners. Mis W. ttigWand G*"«?/al H')»f>it»l; 4- ttvuOi ilMMk i£ui*|. |B*.i, UaWfoia**? Wwsii Uax«- ( |««t VOJTUitt, Ift^ |)

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