The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 29, 1914 · Page 8
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 29, 1914
Page 8
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Eight T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W · \ Monday Evening, June 29, 1914. ] Cost t' Want Ads in The Dnily Review le ftr lln* for flrnt Insertion IHe per tine for *»ch cooseeiillvo Imertlnn. 'Minimum elmrge !KI cents. · lin*» 8 t i m « t . . . linn S times tim«i ...... ,,.,...,. (Mint I.I I.AMOOUH WAffTS-- »Dlinu«4l W A N T B U ~ Dressmaking runi'V. Bel'. r,42r.. rcork; plain or · Unt» I line* I ilmoi lln*s 7 time* 4 lint* T l l m r s I Him »t llin.l., · linns »n ll'n»« · if He* HO tlm*i Nr ·d«r*rltivmi*nt fhun (no llnr* wnf In In fat li llrir 'Plttnnllnuftnr* nr Ailvitrtlllnff min »« In wH?lnjr It will not tin nt rt.|it»tl nr ithnnft Tlii» nrolacts vou InlftffSts ·* tvvil «a our*. If You Cjin't Hriugor Snd Your Wnjit Ad «, «. ..... .... air . .......... ft! |! V I u. , ......... 3.4 .Trjjt«fl for tfr tint »l* ordinal · W A N T E D -- A l l Hindi at · l r l M o i i B f i t i r n t. ITI I) «ivln« C u l l M i n n ill 4m. 7311 \ V 4 . \ T i : i - K i i r y l i m l y iiUun. ilii- plonpn lMp m a n , '·«· uio 'I floor know thai Oeo. W. iihtno Rml S«W|MB nl to 21 N MHln. 72T1 W A N T E D -- nwriUnK horsTM »l !1H IV. Wood l{*.jioliiiula chnriifK Hei»t or earn and f r r r t . *ll\i*r»(l and called lot. C i l n t llromirv, i Uf\\ IttlT. A u « " l'K'7 720S . WANT?;i»~H!rti for j i H l n t l n t f and knisomln- ln« T h e llcwrrt nt K d u c n t i o n w i l l r r r t ' h i I M « ttir tli* p n l n t l i t R itml kalnomlriing; of mritntt H t l m u l h f i n N ^ H up to nnt! Im'lmlhiK I n l y itlti. H i l l K.-» n n i l · p p c i r i a t l n n i i \ v l l l hf f m i m l «t t l i r H c n f r n l o f f i c e of t h o H l K h N.'lui'il. w i n r«i f u r t h e r i n r i i r t i u i t l o n mfiy IIP ..MalliMl 71K! « f A N T K I - - l ' l » l n n r w l i i s Hi dn »t home, I HIT N W a t e r A l K O 4i J 'ut 71IM W ^ S T K l * -- Y o u r p n l n t l n n . p»p«r h f t n c l n f r Hiut i j p ^ d r n t l n s : - first IOFP work fc'uai n n l Cunilnn Itron. He!I S.'.M. tt'M K. CotirtU ' roic ULNT--Cont, FOR RENT--Furnished or unfurnished room In modern f l a t . KJ2 W. Prairie, upper f l a t , 7330 FOH I n n K K N T -- 2 f u i nlshed rooms for sleep- ground floor. 07 E. William. 731S FOR R E N T -- F u r n i s h e d rooms: modern home. 1005 N ColleSL' Bell 4732. 7321 I-'(H J t R N T -- I M e a i n n t Bleeping room; mod- i-rn. KetUlcmen only 441 W. Wood. 7JS10 FOH RENT--Largo furnished room; al- coi-rt and closet; modern email family. 723 X K d w n r d Pell 4907. 7301 FOR RRXT--Two front rooms; ground floor, modern, u n f u r n i s h e d . Also large sleeplnR room «ft E. Eldorado. A u t o BSOG 725S J**OK RICNT--^ooleist f u r n i s h e d room In city p r h n t e . m o d r r n , close. Bell 112t. 7164 KOH I l K N ' f -- L ' n f u r n i s h e d rooms. 3rd floor, M f l i c h n n t Bt. T T Springer, 124 Merchant mrcot T09U \ V A N T K I -- All Itnvo il« nil K fr WIIKnn [tirfii» '.MTt A i« k n o w t h e y ciin o\ ed fn-p of char fie. iifit N Monroe. WANTED TO RENT. *1 rnom t l i o r o u R h l y n n e Iloor In Root Inn fihcM)! AUR Int. Hl|in IniiR ' f H i n Ad WANTED TO BUY nrrond h a n d til- I n r - h f r a m e M«-l or I l i r r r vnrotul I f n , mi liable fnr 1 I I ( i LOST AND FOUND. ruff And t f r l c * T , i ( o r t , or will i n k c f u r n l t i t r u He f l r c t payment on new. Homo Out i'ilters. Auto phon* 1841. BOASDEKS WANTED. FOR RENT-HOUSES. SITUATIONS WANTED. HELP WANTED. fvirnl»h»A a n a r t t h (ilrt*. f r o t h a t »r» very de pfi ar« well for th*-m. we con- « x r * p t l o n a l l y rood 'l*rn ,. 'lern S3,Mm i m l - r n . . . . f e l l . t....122 in m*. rooritrri . . . . I 1 R D O . M room*. mnilrrn.120 (K) ifin*. nimlTn ... r - ' o m n , m o d e r n . . thft beat him] of house you a p p l i c a t i o n w i t h u* \ h f i f r plnrt- your « p p l l c n t l o n w i t h Mrridith Rfnt Co. room m o d e r n ootng*. m m o d e r n h o u r r , 128 i-r. B f l l a t i n . :rNT~''.-room hnunc, nr innnlli, at 834 W. rnom house fl69 Norlh w i t h o u t children, t7. Apply H E X T -- H O U K . strictly modorn. r i m n j n h n t h , p a n t r y n n d gfis Btove 1 Mnoon r n l l I l f l l 4S12 FOH R E N T -- F u r n i s h e d roomB Modern, prl- \ n t e e n t r a n c e 640 W. Main. Bell 2417. 6833 LIGHT HOTJSEKEEPIKG. !"OK H K N T -- T w o or t h r e o furnished rooms for l l f i h J hoiiflekeeplnR, modern, close to cl«|ot 58" E KUiK U r l l 1'318. 733S FOK SALE--120 acres Improved land, 3 miles northeast of Windsor; bargain if taken noon. T. R. Thompson, 301 South -Buckeye, lola. Kan. 6U92 CITY PEOPEKTY. FOR SALE--6-room modern house, corner T.eafland and Illinois. Auto 1591. 7280 FOB SALE--New 5-room cottagre, ffood location; cheap, on Installment plan. Bell H8I). -- 7298 FOR SALE--J2.500 for 6 room, home, north part. Bell 2903. modern 8823 FOR SALE--Good 7 room modern house; Good location. Bargain. 1033 N, Church. 025- SPECIAL NOTICES. HAIR DRESSING, iwltchei, puffs, curls. wigs, bangs made to order; scalp treatment a specialty. 137 N. Water 2nd floor. 7123 REAL ESTATX. A 12% Investment. 1300 to MOO down bujs a nlcs 8 room new cottage on car line: newly painted; full bail- m e n t ; corner lot; electricity; rood well. Price 11250. Come and let this. Bents- for S12.CO per month. S8S6 E. F. Drobisch Son., Bell 4812. Auto 1077. 158 E. Main. TO EXCHANGE. FOR EXCHANGE--Equity In small propert for a u t o m o b i l B or lots; city property fo f a r m ; h a r d w a r e store for Decatur property "--' '-- *ir city r - " Ifer. "W Good farm for city property. Many other ex changes to offer. "What have you 7 ~ " Evans Boggess, 514 MIIHkln Bldg. Bell phone 1«. 735 Fan R E N T -- Two f u r n i s h e d roome, light houBPkeepinir, front a n d back entrance; no r h l l d r a n H I l N Morgan 7:!37 FOH HI2NT--Suite of furnished rooms lor l i g h t housekeeping; rtieap rent 706 N* B r c m d M B j . Bell p h o n e 4». ' 7S45 KOIi K E N T -- O n e large f u r n i s h e d room for U n t i l h o u p p k e e p l n r j ; modern. 844 N. Water H K N T -- 3 room f u r n i s h e d A u t o 533 1 cottage for 7rsir.. VOll K E N T -- T w o f u r n l i h c d roomn for l i g h t K c r r p i n K or sScrphiff. 230 W. Prairie. 7 KOH R E N T -- X i r o l y f u r n l d l i e d modern rooniB for l l e h t house kcftplnR. iao» W. Macon. 7*JOS E N T -- Throo n l r e l y f u r - n i c h e d down- nlrrs roomH for H p h t hntiEokoepliiB; modern mvt*nlpnrci«, )3oll 1^20 \V. Macon. "ISO FOR K E N T -- S u i t e of 2 especially nice rooms cd f n r l l R H t houscUcppln^; modern A d u l i t t only. UoH 5110. 718o FOR IIKNT-- \ l c r l y furniPliefl roomB for Hjdit lioiipc-kocptnii; two hlockB f r n m "Water B t i e « t , Thrne from depot 527 N. .7ack?on 7121 IIVE STOCK. FOR BAI.B--A h l c work horsp weight 1200. n l n o Bond mower n n d wagon. 80T. W. Mnron Brl! SOWi. 7M4 M O N E T I N HAI91NG HOOP.--Land . » to Vgin w i t h ; cam terms; ask in. Tozrr, 117 E. M a i n . Phnne. KOIt PM.15--Rr P u n h a m . i mn t 't Fhoats North 73M SAJ.B-- Extra nice «pottcd ponT, r i - r l f r t l y g e n t l e MS S. Webster. For Trade. Could use good house and lot In exchange for one of the best restaurante In Decatur r u n n i n g f u l l blast and doing; f i n e business Can show you books for past six month? It's a money m a k e r ; owner going away What have you to trade Could use vacan lota. See me Cor f u r t h e r I n f o r m a t i o n . Biiieck, 127 E. Prairie. 733S SPRINGFIELD PROPERTY FOR DECATUR 1209--This two story 12 room, frame duplex residence is located In city of Scrlng- ileld, on lot 80x100, on paved street, walks etc. asement, brirk f o u n d a t i o n , front am back lurches. Oak floors, bath, lavatory anc w a t e r closets on both f l o o r s . 2 mante',5, gas ranges, electric lights, clothes closets, steam heating plant In brick building on rear o lot. Located in one of the best residenc districts In Springfield, southeast of Inland hotel. Barn for 2 horses and buggipg, : block from car line. Would rent for JSO per m o n t h , or can gl\e possesion One f r o n t lot can he cold o f f . ai?o one side lot Price $ 15.WM). subject to 56,000, 72CB 0. A. BUEKS. 323-321-325 Citizens Bank Building. WANTED--To trade for a small store or business. Addi ess F-77C, Review. CHAMPAIGN CO LAND FOR MDSE 1451--ThIF 40 aci n farm is located *a mile f i o n i station, 4 miles f r o m Champaign, *i m i l e from hchool Black loam anil with clay subsoil, level nurlace, tile drained. Fine pl^ce of land, all in crop, w h i c h Js looking f i n e All f e n c e d but no Improvements In c o r n b e l t of Illinois Prlcp $10.400. sublet lo $5,500. O w n e r will consider merchandise ck. 72G3 C. A. BURKS. 323-524-325 Citizens Bank Building FOR SAI..E--Team of cood heavy by horse* t 1700 UIB rflch Sell choap if taken : onre S n j l l r s northwest of city. Au1o ( on 1'2 Tl. C Onorlrlrh. "261 BICYCLES AND AUTOS. S A L E -- A (rood f a m i l y horse, rarrey and h n r n o s i 1M1 B Pralrlf. 7109 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. 'Or OPBN'INTi--For youn«f man with $1.000. In well e n t a b l l f h e t f bu8ln*si In Da- c*tur; giiara.ntfed talarv. C*. A B u i k f , 323- r i t l r p n * Rank Btdpr 7828 - i C R SALE OR TRADE--(XMiorse power road racer; Bleo Caililiac t o u r i n g car Al condition. Lock Box IPO. "207 FOB SALE--Brush r u n a b o u t In good r u n n i n g order. Also e l n c t e Excelsior motorcycle. Bargains for quick cale 323 H. Main A u t o 8641 or 46^7. Bell 82S. 7270 M a i n . --Iuneh room and f oral lure. FOR SALE--Maxwell runabout, top, F h k l d . speedometer; In good c o n d i t i o n Bargain Ajjjjjess F-241. Review SHOE STOCK FOR FARM 3SW--This »hM Block f« located In one of f fceet cities In centra! Illinois, w i t h elec- r(r t i g h t * , coltfp*, rhurr-h*s, elr On pa\ed trt*t, rood Vocation Ixtcated In brick ff, 25x50 with full basement, f u r n a c e t e a l ; rent (4^ per m o n t h Fixtures consist of pett"^«, Mfe, d«»k etc Enjovg good trsde Old petftbllBb'Q husln**?. Price $32,5^0 Will good farm. 720^ C. A, BURKP, C l t l r c n s Bank Building FOR SALE--Five passenger Foid, ' i n pood r u n n i n g condition: Atwater-Kent Ignition. Fresto-llu t a n k : (20ft If taken nt once. 233 NfvthJMaln. A u t o 1616. 7247 MOVING PICTURE SHOW FOR BALE. 13VS--Located In town of POO In eastern part of Illinois Consists of m a c h i n e , piano, m a c h i n e riooth, wire, lamps, f i x t u r e s h.p. caaolln*- e n g i n e for l i g h t plant. Fine ftxtur«t, e v e r y t h l n i r in A! c o n d i t i o n ; d o l n p good business. Xn c o m p e H t l o n . Film service pic*M*nt Good tni\ n NetP f r o m ISO to f fiO p e r week. Price fl.flOO. 7264 C A. BURKS. 32»-32*-S3S Citizens Bank Bulldiny HOUSEHOLD GOODS. STORAGE F U R N I T t R E FOR SALE. ,,..,, ., 12 Blfecll'it en r pet p weepers .3^c ^acli il!fl XM STO p'as" f r u i t j a r s 2c each f l S O O 2,1 Iron hods , Ji 00 ea^h bed springs ?nic each iw»ttp" ... ., $1 00 each pas r n n p p i , $4.00 pach d rt-FHrtrs $3 00 each ·! (Inboard* 51 00 each l"'h^ Meridith Storage Co., Lsne w i l l fcp ra- R30-8W) E Cerro OoHo St 7299 fr.r ·:.·).VI; t h o r n WPH M u t n , T\'. T ^ n v r r a i n c p r n m l n i - n t s l r e t n JDcti gcliJJb. Folding bede. IS up: center tables. 25c up: sanoline ranges, t2 60 and up; bedsteads, r-On and up, bed uprlngs Site and up. 12 inch r ' n r t r i c fan cheap. O t h e r b n r g a l n p too nu- incrnus to m e n t i o n . Elrloradn and depot cars Hop at B l n r e A l b e r t C Bllckel T12 E Eldorado SL, A u t o 1301. ' 6365 j The Exchange. SALE--Stoidard-Dayton car; quirt, smooth r u n n i n g ; f i n e r e n d i t i o n ; a harg-aln of the season. F-I40, B e \ l e w FOR SALE--Indian mntorcyrle, 3914 model, 7 h p., 2 speed SOI S. Main. 712T MTTSICAL GOODS. FOR BALE--Fine piftno or trade for Tacant lot; al?o Q u i r k M e a l roal range and range. Call 1440 N C h u r c h 73 North Water St. " Seven room house and store building- house all modern, but b a t h ; located at 841 and 948 North Water street. It you are looking for a house and to go Into business see me. Will rent for *50 per month. Price S6.500. ^ 7089 J. M. Pickle 427 Cltlzeni Bank Bldg Auto 1577. Bell 1688. Klv FOR SALE ON PAYMENTS. room hou«e, built throe years, with , , half acre ground, in Elm Park: 5 room house on corner lot, northeast part. C1500; 5 room house w i t h barn, N Church St.. at a. bargain; 90 acres three miles out, good improvements at S175 per acre several tracts of three to eighty acres close to Decatur. MILLBURN * STOTTFFEB, 401-Walt Elds Phones Has. 6496 Cheap for Spot Cash. 40 acres level. Dlack, well Mod Macon Co land, or v \ i l l trade on SO and pay difference. Lot and will f u r n i s h money to build house. 040 acres, Saskatchewan, Canada, or will trade 30 acres ready to plat In lots. Frank Godwin. 116 Merchant St. ' T.107 For Sale. New 5 room modern bungalow, east «1de J2400- good G room house, f u l l lot, west side ?100 cash, balance by month: fi room modern north part, 52550; 0 acres well Improved to trade for ecatur residence property. 7262 0. L .Millbum, PnRTOF SHELBY Farmers Using Creosote, Tar and Sand. N Phones 1458 401 Walt Bldg $300 Cash, Balance monthly payments, buys 6-roora modern houpe on E. Leafland. near Water St Price, $2,100 (1300 takes a large lot on N. Edward St, It IB a bargain, W. F. Pickle, E. Main. Bell phone 2376. Auto, 1735. «691 FOE SALE. New R room cottage, N. Church; 4 rood ·room cottages N. Main; one acre. 7-room house, tSOO; 8 room modern, W, Decatur. $5,100. Money to loan. Seven room house, $TOO. A. C. ALLEN, 110 S. Water. 6190 PHOFESSIONAL. Drun, NO Oit«ooatay. No KnUe. Office houn 9 to 12. 1 to fl. 7 to 8. Sunday*. 10 *. m. to 12 ra. Landgraff Williams Chiropractors LADT ATTENDANT. An to phone. 1220; Bell phone. 530. iooms, 214-15 Moran-Corb«tt building. Cor Water And E. North. Decatur, III. 8301 FOR SALE-MISCELLANEOUS. FOR SALE--Complete advertising schola ship in International Corresponded school. Address F-350, Review. FOR SALE--140 pair ladies khoea; Mso rubbers and alastaa; nearly all f»U »toc Bultable for medium class trade: no narro widths. These are good shoes and not trae We are goinff out of the shoe business and 01 b u i l d i n g w i l l be remodeled next week, so w o f f e r the lot and fixtures at ROc on the flo lar. If you are In the business these EOOC win mak« m o n e y for you. The Mulllkln Ca«= Stores, Champajg-n. 111. 73 FOR SALE--35 Inches thick. foundation otonas, Call Old'1703. FOR BALE--A. lot of goo. 1 hard brick, C E Weston, 740 W. Decatur St. ' 71 FOR SALE--A cabin on the river Rent ground paid to Jan. 1. 1015 Call Be 1487.- · 71. BOOK BINDING -- PRACTICAL BOO binding and blank book manufacturln. 127 South Water street. Decatur. III. Hor man Spies. Magazines bound. namt- Etamped In gold on hooka. poctCetbooka an memorandum books, tollef. cases, etc. FOOT/TRY. EISDS AND PETS. h.irNrr trn-lf m w h l V T"ii If am l*-ninn-'l frr "*. W r l l r tn- nro. 111. 7171' W A N T E D - Mv pply 7274 It n K N T -- S I T room partly modern houite. ti f.iml r n n d l l l n n . A p p l y 1412 E. North R H P H H I Z T2.11 n n T--Klitht room mortem Home. Ini.^3 N*. u n N T -- A STKIfTLT M O D E R N FIVE OM ; O T r A O K . IX FIRST CI,ASS CONN, I - A V K H . STUKET r*n. FULI, LOT. E D I V I S I O N . \VE M A K E AI.I, CLAR- OF L O A N M PEOIIAM * COMPANY. 415 CITIZBNS B A N K BLDO. Furniture Will p.y inoit lor .lightly oied Plano«, F nllura. Carpet*. Rugm. Etovei and Refrlf- eratori; «r will exchange new for old. Meridith Furniture Co. Bell phones: 40e-413. Auto: 16M. S20-850 Cerco Gordo SL 1755 Furniture I bur, Mil or exchange new or slightly i furniture, stoves, ruji, «t6. M. A. Peabody »!-» X. Norti St. 4741 TASK KOH I I K N T -- One n n d 11 hn;i o.nlr.1 Johnnon A room house east endJIO, ,r n i 2IU W. William. In- Dlmot-k, 718T V(n RBNT--Hrvim room house. lf«3 Morgan- vviitrr. gun, toll,.!. H e r t r l r lights, cement h n » i m r n t A l l e n Jones, lia Old rnone nstJ BEST-- H t r l c t l y modern 8 room house, i K C a n t r t i l l A u l o phone 59TR. 7100 0»"li itn'tirfi v nltr it". , " f f l r r Di"-niur OT v l r l n K y , r»\t on MlrlK., $10" o r f u 717! \w nr* nlnMit in appoint r* 1 *!- t i l l v i r l r t n f f c n I M hi t l i l K l u i a l l t y C o n t r . i f t rM « r l l h t h ^ Ci'ditmny fi.r r.lfe I n n u r n n i r in w ,tnt (· «(ort p r o r i n ^ t i t i n . Bdi1rf*ii w l l l i -. nri-n P h l h i i l e ' t - h l a Uf« I n f u r n n r a C»m- . r i i l l n i l i ' t p l i i n . I'a 717.'. Foil B E N T OH SAIyB--New modern S room rottaite, Kit E. Lawrence; one block from cnr lln». M4Q FOE REHT-PIATS. JR SALE--Farmer saved 512,000, bought farm 0 dnys beforo the bank failed, bargain! In farms that are farms, w i l l ralee Rood crops of corn, oats, alfalfa, potatoes, clover, etc. Bargains In Nebraska, Minnesota, Wl^! consln and Montana farms and ranches Meet me face to face. I w i l l help you plint dimes where you will harvest dollars. Write when you can come, I will arrange to meet yc.ii. State where you wish to Invest or locate. I w i l l make you money. W. E. Patton. ralrmont. eb, 7201 FOR ?ALE--Canary Bird, street. FOR SALE--Three pure bred Collie pup out of working sires and dam working black and white. Inquire Wilson barn 210 W. Wood. 631 MONEY TO LOAN. IF YOU h a i e a lot. J. A. Adams will fur nlsh money to build you a house. 811 Water. Bell 4S«I. 715 Farm Loans. $100.000 to loan on Illinois land; loans m»di without delay. Call or write, 8TO; J. E. Patterson, 401 Milllkln Bldg, Decatur, 111 AND CITY LOANS--Any amount, and 6% Interest. D. D. Hill. Attorney. 31.1314 Milllkln Bldg.. Decatur. 634" FOR SALE--Farm bargain In Oswego county on arcount of sickness. General purpose farm, 100 acres. Dairy, fruit, poultry, very pleasantly situated, near two villaBes rail' roans and lake; good buildings, plenty wood and water; for *2,800; tl.DOO Sash down, rest f rEffit^v 11 * c - E - Sar8ent 7if2 HELP WASTED--FEMALE -- !*A-lv t r a v r l T Kxpurlonen un- r H H l n r v , rommlMlnn and exnunsei 10 rlBlit imrly. M c P r H d y AV On.. T21« -. A laiindn-ns. Mondnyd and of onch tvffh Apply St. Mary'H 7Z7S w \ v T r i i -- n i r i t f r «enir«l hotrl wort; nn w«»h!ng. I r n n l n r f u l l or write Atwooil .]]£"! A T llrr.n. Prop T2J4 IJ- O i r l ( h ^ t pl«s pliino by fnr to m l i i i t h i ' n t r l c n l compnny. Addreeii M i, w JC ?M. W A N T K D -- r.?ncrlnncrd m l r r n n m o n for rorst-tler... A i U l r r ^ x W. r,«'wls A Co., Chnm- P»lt'.. I I ' 7SIC t r l m n i r r - t onrr MISCELLANEOUS WA5TS. iloll , clean- 7058 I'OU R E N T -- T h o r o u g h l y modern K room flat. tn parties w i t h o u t c h i l d r e n . B f l l phone 947J rlne 3. --' FOH HUNT--Through J u l y and August, flnt furnished flnt, to p « r t v w i t h o u t children IM W. Eldorndo. Bell 3078 720 FOn BENT--Seven room f l a t ; modern, will, city hent and electric light; vacuum eleanet nnd janitor servlcp. Apply Dr«. Brown « J n c k . VI4-lSn W. PrMrle. 6S2»1 'OR SALE--Fine Taioo-Misslssippl delta plantation, 120.00 to 450.00 per acre Known fnr and wide as the most fertile'noil on earth. This land will probably a;o to ISOO per acre after federal government takes over levee system, which it Is preparing to do. Sure speculation-! or good homes. Fertile upland stock and grnln farms, |10 per acre up. Correspondent' from responsible parties so- ilrlted No Irciles Considered. S. P. stub- £eld, Tazoo City, Mississippi. 7131 --SOU CAN BORROW A.NT AliOUNT-- Nono too large. None too small. We lend money on Furniture, Pianos. Horses Carriages. Goods In Storage, Cattle Grain Growing Crops, eta Easier terms than other brokers. Also we buy NOTES, Telephone No 134, OLDEST LOAN OFFICSi IN CITY, established 18S2. », T. SUMMERS ft SON, 110 Torth Water St. Next to Milllkln National Bank. LITTLE BT LITTLE yon can repay a loan--or all at one*. Carefully explained before you take the money. Pay only for the time you use It Wo lend $10 and up on tha terms Imaginable --private, too. 1st Fidelity Loan Company 315 Cltlmn. Bank Bide. Bell 870; Auto 5303. MONEY TO LOAN on the easy payment plan, 110 and up. All business private. Decatur Loan Office 202 Cltlleni Bank Bldg, 818 Phono: Auto. Ills; Bell, 8270. FOR BENT--BOOMS. VOn BEN'T--Nice roojn In modern home and small ffljnlly; ffentlemnn preferred Old nhnne 3473. ' 734! nR RENT--Airy front»room: mitslde en- f r a n r p , u n f u r n i s h e d . S25 N. Monroe. 7840 FOR RENT--Furnished room: very cool. All modern conveniences. .182 W. William. 7843 KOTt RRNT--Furnished room: modern; prl- vnle family. Close In. Bell H059 HO North E.lward. 7850 KOK KKNT--Neatly famished room In prl- vMe family: modern; reference. Call Bell .Vi77 Sffl N. Jackson. T842 FOR RENT--Furnished suite, itrlolly modern, for gentleman: In private home. Bell WT. m C»r. liaegu W4 QpU««. UU FOR SALE--In the corn, wheat, oats and blue Krass regions of Indiana, where values are Increasing rapldlv and land Investments can hest be made. Farms from 40 acrea up to 1.000 acres. Liberal terms Write NEWTSON, BROS., 7183 Knox, Indiana. FOR SALE--Good Kansas wheat, alfalfa and stock lands. 11000 to $40.10 per acre. 3. P. Worthlngton, 702 Commerce building, Kan- Ms City, Mo. 6013 FOR BALE--Central 'Wisconsin farm, 170 acre form with «ood house, nearly new; two barns; T5 acres under plow; price *50 per acre: will consider small stock of hardware In trade. For further particulars writ* A. .T. Oleson, Montfort, Wis «S60 *^OR 8AtE--IOWA LANDS; 3S GOOD IMPROVED FARMS AND TOWN LOTS AT AND AROUND FBNTON, IOWA, AND BANCROFT. IOWA, PHILIP WEISBROD, FEK- iRWA. _ _. f03I ioney to Loan i s On belt pois'lbl* plan. First the t lowest cost, lecond the payments t are arranged to suit the Sorrower and can be made either weekly or monthly. And last, but not least, everythlnr confidential. When you eome *~ UB for a loan, you can have tne money within an hour or two. Any amount from Slo.OD up. You pay only for the actual tlma you keep the money. Call and sea na when needing a loan, Rooma T and 8. Conklln Bide. Hail block north of Transfer House, 144 North f I Main street. Bell phone 2041: Auto, I ISPS. 85 Illinois Mortgage Loan Co. MONET TO LOAN--ON FARM AND CITY property, lowest rat* of Intercat; no commission. 1000 Burtsehi Bros. Schoenle SPECIAL NOTICES. THE EXCHANGE 508 K. Water street, Invites you to open a SAVINGS ACCOUNT with ONE DOLLAE or tnore. *W« 11ow 3%, 3i/%, and 4% Interest, depending upon the time to rna. 4400 Shelbyville, June 29.-- N. A. Baxter, county superintendent of roads, who has recently been down In the louth- eastern part of the county, reports heavy damage from the ravages of chinch bugs, which are running rampant In that township. They are present In such quantity that the odor along the roads Is very offensive. The tanners are taking strenuous measures to rid their f i e l d s of the plague. They are resorting to the use of trenches and post holes, with creosote, road, oil, tar and sand, which are killing the bugs off by the millions. One field wag observed, where the farmer found it necessary to dig three, trenches. The first trench did not succeed In heading off all the chinch bugs, and a second trench was made at a distance of about ten rows of corn. The third one wa s necessary, similar distance toward the center of the field. In the first section, outside the first trench, scarcely a stalk corn was left. Between the f i r s t and second trenches, the work of devastation was not quite so complete, while between the second and - t h i r d trenches only a comparatively f«w stalks were damaged. In some fields It was observed that the bugs covered the stalks to iiichea, and great wrought. height of several damage was being 130 M. Monro. SL Poundmaster and Scavenger Will remove dead stock anywhere la CITY. OR COUNTY. FREE OF CHAROB. Call Bell phone 26S6. Auto 43S 8341 To Net 7%. First Mortgage Farm Loans Netting 1% In amounts trcm JSM to $2,000 Security four times the amount of loan Principal and interest payable hen. HENRT D. SPENCER. 220 E. ilaln. Decatur, IlJUioli CLINTON PAIR IN SUNDAY WEDDING Clinton, June 20.--Miss Marie C. Henson, daughter'of Mr. ana Sirs. William L. Henson, 422 North Madison street, ·was married to Frank J. Stokowski a t 9 o'clock Sunday morning in the St. John's Catholic church by Father E. C. Hearne. The wedding comes as a surprise to the many friends of both the young people in this oity who had been given no intimation of the approach'ns nuptials, SHIBLDS-BURNB. Miss Lottie M. B u r n s of Mahomet, was married to James D. Shields of Bloomington yesterday afternoon at 2:15 by Justice of the Peace Mary I. Phares, in the office of x County Clerk E. F. Campbell. They were accompanied by the bride's father. Mr. and Mrs. Shields will reside in Bloominston where he IB a machinist. CLEVEKGER-LIGHTHALL. Miss Ima Oretta Lighthall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ab Lighthall of Wapella, .was married to'^Villiam H. Clevenger of Monticello at noon Sunday In the bride's iuome in Wapella. MJSB l/ighthall is well and favorably kn- wn n Wapella where she has lived her entire lif» and where she is a member of he Christian church. Mr. Clevenger is a young farmer of near Monticello and well known. They will begin housekeeping at once near Monticellc. AFFIDAVITS IN PERSON C.' SE. AH the affidavits representing the state's eto of the case in tlie e f f o r t at Carl E. Person to secure a change of ,-enue are now Hied in the office of the Ircuit clerk. The defense procured 612 affidavits in their search of the county. The state filed 476 affidavits and they claim to have more responsible men whose signatures have been secured than the defense. Two men were f o u n d who have signed affidavits on both sides, claiming to the notaries searching for the state that they were misleii by the notaries for the defense. Thu motion for the change of venue will be argued July 7, unless there is a f u r t h e r continuance of court. Newell Harris Weds Lacon* 111., Girl. Maroa, June 29--Newell Harris oj Maroa and Miss Marjorie Stock of La« con. 111.. eSoped to . Feorla" Saturday; night where they were married by Hevj Sanford A r c h e r at the Methodist church parsonage. Following the wedding; they came t«/ Jfaroa to visit Mr. Harris 1 parents. Mr* and Mrs. James Harris. They will ret u r n to Henry, III.. Tuesday mornlnsr where Mr. Harris Is manager of tha ice plant owned by MB uncle, T. N'.* Leavltt of Maroa. The groom Is a graduate of tha Maroa higli school and attended the Da- catur high school for a short while. His bride has been employed the past three years as stenographer and book. keeper with the Public Service com* · pany at Lacon. Their marriage wa« a surprise to all concerned except th» principals. DEFEAT TEXAS TOMMIES. The Maroa team defeated the Texn» Tommies, a team composed of country- boys from northwest of town, 17 to S in a same Sunday afternoon. BOLEN CONFIRMED. ' R. D. Bolen received word thl» morn-. g f r o m a Washington bonding: com* pany t h a t hi s nomination for postman, ter of Maroa had been confirmed. Mr. Bolen is a w a i t l n p official notification . or his c o o n f i r m a t i o n . WTO SALEM Jobless to be Given Employ* ment by Contractors. Salem, Mass., June 29--Actual work: in preparation for rebuilding the great area swept by fire last Thursday was begun today when contractors and ·hitects arrived to look over the ground and make plans for new striii-- tiires. General approval ha« been expressed by manufacturers and real es. t a t e ewners of the plan to give employment go far as possible in the reconstruction work to those who lost t h e i r homes and w o r k i n g places in tha conflagration. Chilly weather and m i s t continued today and in the earlv m o r n i n g a heavy- t h u n d e r shower drenched the camps where the homeless are sheltered. Tli8 camp sites, however, are well drained and little water entered the tents. PUBLIC SAXES. Thursday, July 2nd, at 2 o'clocl p. ra. at A. H. Drysdale's garage :orner W. Main and N. Churcl Sts., Decatur, 111. Matherson 5 passenger, 6-cylinder, 50 horse xwer. E. M. F. ^passenger, 4 ylinder, 30 horsepower. Thes ars are newly painted and in good condition. 2 Rambler rucks, 22 horsepower, suitabl or delivery. Will demonstrate orenoon of sale day, July 2nd. Terms--Cash or bankable aote. Your opportunity to buy high-class rice. car at your own Shaw Son. no. E. Bradshaw, Auct. 7304 LEGAL NOTICES. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Bids for the remodeling of the boilw room nd the Installation of a new boiler In the aeon County Court House. Decatur. Ill, will e received until 12 o'clock noon, July 3. 1014 Flans and specificatlona can b« obtained t the office of Brooks A BrambaU, Arch- ects. ProposHs are to b*s addreined to John P. trausnaugh, Decatur, 111., or Brooki A rarnhfUl, XECUTOR'S NOTICE--Estate of Henry Kater, deceased. The undersigned having: been appointed xecutor of the Last Will and Testament of enry Kater, deceased, late of the County of acou and-State of Illinois, hereby given otice that he will appear before the County ourt of Macon County, at the Court HOUHC rjecalur. at the September term, on the rst Monday In September next, at which me all persons having claims against «a4d tate nre notified and requested to attend r the purpose of having the sum* adjusted, All persons Indebted to *aid estate are re- ested to make Immediate payment to the nderslgned. Dated this twenty-third day of/June, 1014 GEORGE S. CONNAHD. bert O. Webber. Uxocutor. LOSES THUMB IN MEDICINE FACTORY Monticello. June 29.--Donald Bradlej had the end of his l e f t t h u m b ground off Saturday morning- In the press at the Pepsin Syrup plant. Supreme Duty of Churches, Says Preacher. WILSON NOT TO ACT ON BUTTE Washington, June 29.--President Wilson will take no action In the strike situation at Butte, Mont, pending further developments. Federal troops will not be moved from Vancouver barracks to Fort Mlssoula. to be In readiness In case of trouble for the present. Chicago. June 28.--"A nation-wid» system of religious education is th» supreme d u t y of the churches today,·· declared the Rev. Franklin McBlfreslt of Chicago in addressing: the conven- t.'cn of the Internatio-nal Sunday School association here today. "The church has too, of ten been sat. isfled with only good intentions." h« continued. "The result has been a. sad lack of efficiency in the vital work of character building:. "The floods in moral pleasure ar« descending, the w i n d s of passion for money-making are blowing and only the house that is b u i l t on the rock of Christian character will stand. Our great and splendid system of pufclio education must be made complete and norally effective by definite religious tfaching. This teac-hing cannot ba done in the school house; It is a work; of the churches and a work for which they are only half prepared." UNION ENDEAVOR MEETINGS DISCUSSED May Be Held Daring Summer by Charohe, of Cltr. Representatives of the various Christian Endeavor societies of the city will meet tonight at the T. M. C. A., to discuss the matter of holding union Endeavor meetings during- the summer. The call for the meeting issued by the. Endeavor society of the First Presbyterian church. LEGAL NOTICES. EXECUTRIX'S NOTICE--Estate of Samuel Allsop, deceased. The undersigned having been appointed Executrix of the Laet Will and Testament of Samuel Alleop, deceased, late of the County of Macon and State of Illinois, hcrebr elves notice that she will appear before the County ^ourt of Macon County, at the Court House In Deratur, at the September term, on the first Monday In September next at which time all persons having claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having th«r same adjusted All persons Indebted to aald estate are requested to make Immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this twenty-sixth dir of June, 1014. BLANCHE A. BODY, Albert O. Webber. Executrix. A ttorner. Get Beyond Control of the Pittsburgh Police. Pittsburgh, June 29--Disorder broke oul among the striking Westlnghousej emploveg In East Pittsburgh today, picketg surrounding all entrances to th= electric works and preventing- per. s f r o m entering. Office men fore, men and even superintendents wer« rot permitted to cross the bridge and the prsence of twenty armed guarda rom the plant had no effect on tha "xclted crowds. Deputv sheriffs fail- d to quiet the people and the local police could do nothing. Snriklng employes of the Union Switch and Signal company returned! work today and this wa« the laet ,ay on which the electric and machine works strikers were to consider t h e m 'Ives employes if they did not return, ' work, according to the company's! announcement. 200 acres well improved, within 10 miles of Decatur. $175.00 ler acre. ' Improved 240 acres in Hamilton Co., ffl. Valley land, clear if incumbrance. 2 good-west side properties. One 6-room, one 7-room. For ale on payments--small payment down. DECATUR REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE. 317-18 Citizens Bank Bldg. . uito ghone 1003j 014 phone 86S2. 7284 : SPAPERf

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