The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 29, 1923 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1923
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 1923 r~™~~ Special Music Candy Sale In the Ten Room Saturday eve­ R0F3D3UQn "WUeys Regular 40c butterscotch Vraf- ning from 6 until 8:3!). • g£ §jy 'i*'«•*• **•» SSPSf^Bai ^ssi ^*s» « ^» * fert, special at 25c lb. Saturday—The Last Day Our Inter Store Contest Short Lengths of All Materials Sold by \the Yard Including. SYLVIA BOARD ». HAS RELENTED High School Will Again Be Allowed to Use Gra4e Building. START A BUILDING FUND New Plan* Made After it WasJ Learned Arbitrary Erection of Building is Possible. Silks Wool Goods Wash Goods Cottons Domestic Linens Laces Embroideries Ribbons Millinery Braids 1 Drapery Materials Curtain Materials arked Prices. Are on sale at just one-half the marked prices. You may find just the length you would regularly need and if so you will get it at a saving of 50%. 'VT'OU are interested mainly in securing excellent service at moderate cost.- Ajax Cords are doing this and more for thousands of car pwners. AJAX CORD, ROAD KING, PARAGON HOCKADAY AUTO SUPPLY CO. , Hutchinson, Kansas These Few Cold Days Will Not Last, Prepare for Some- More Hot Days and Nights A new Gas Range, "Peninsular, of course," with or without regulator, in place of your coahrange, or if you don't have gas, we couldn't recommend anything better than a new Perfection Oil Stove with Superfex burners. Either one will lessen the heat in the kitchen. ETT'S Meats 3 STORES Groceries Corner 8th and Plum Phono 618 - - Corner 4th «nd Main Phone 410 Corner B40 East Fourth Phone 621 Fire Works For the Fourth at Each Everett Grocery Quality Meats and Groceries at the Lowest Prices, Delivered Free Orders of $2.00 or More at Each Everett Grocery. Quart Jar Jam - • • 30c Pure Cider Vinegar, gal. - 33c Golden'Wax Beans |3Hfi )sl^^25c P&G SOAP SPECIAL I Week Only, July 2nd to 7th 22 Bars P S G Soap ffl (\f\ 1 Bar Ivory Soap - - <pl*\J\J BMaaanHHBaaMBataB Or a new Leonard^ Cleanable Refrigerator.' They keep your foods pure and clean at a minimum cost both in purchase price and ice consumption. Tho board governing the Sylvia district tons 'backed up nnil will agnln per^| mfrt the rural 'high school there to share tho grade school building, thus settling at least for another year tlie fiuto o[ Sylvia hilgh school, which was threatened with Complete dlsorganiS' atlon because of having to i> where Uio Bcliool aowld be conducted. Following the recent edict ot the eradp board that tho high school must get out tho members of the higli school 'board took up tiho sltuuiUoa with County Superintendent S. i\ Howland who WToto to Attorney General Charles Griffith for ari opinion tte to whether the board couldn't go ahead and erwt a suitable building for the high school. 1 Do Not Need Vote. Mr. Griffith's reply is as follows: Dear Mr. Rowland: 1 have your communication of the ISth Inst., relative to thu Sylvia Rural High School District No. 7, Reno county, Kansas, i Bused upon the fact.:i contained In your .communications, of tho 14th and ISth Inst., the school district board of said rural high school district has the authority to purchase a site for the rural high school building anywhere within the city of Sylvia without uny further action by tho people of tho district. It has authority to erect a rural high school building without any direction from the people. The duty of furnishing a school building rests upon the Tural high schcul district board and "nut upon the people ot the district. Very truly yemra, / (Signed) C. B. GRIFFITH, ^ Attorney General. Such arbitrary action ^s outlined was not to the liking of the members of the Rural High school beard however and they called a conference with the grade board and laid all cards oii the table. Start Sinking F *und. It was pointed out that, the people o£ Sylvia had just finished voting down by a substantial margin a bond Issue fur the high school and that it did net seem advisable to go ahead with the school project this year. It was yuggested, however, that the board could begirt levying an excess tax, the money to go into a slaking ! fund to apply on the building. A I levy had already been fixed for the j coming year at t 'ho annuai school I meeting but this*was withdrawn and I a greater levy fixed, i Members of the grade board la re| pediug from their position of driving I the high school out of the grade build; lug declared they had un wish to be i ruthless in> the matte? and that In j view of the prospects of a new high ; sttioul building in the next year or ' two they would consent to further i use. ut the grade building providing 1 the high school board would see to | renting of two outside rooma -ot take i care of the expansion of the grade |.school. Two sdditional teachers have < been engaged for the Sylvia grades for the coming year. Won't Discontinue School. Sylvia high school is to continue at all events, according to advicemfrom there. Tho people have no desire to throw up the rural hista school district, which -would automatically J throw the property back In the Nicker* son community high Bchool district. Kickcrson and Sylvia aro so far removed from- each other that this would be wholly impractical. Or after sapper "you sure will enjoy • nice comfortable Porch Swing or Rocker. "AND BYE THE WAY" we httve' the Porch Gates to keep the kiddies on the porch and out of the street, arid when sleepy time comas we have Separate Beds for the little fellows. it's the High Quality and Low price that satisfies. "We Satisfy" Harmon Furniture Co. 10 large 10c rolls Toilet 'Paper ..65c Diamond Shelled English Walnuts, £ lb. can 49c G. Washington Instant Coffee, can ».38c 43 lbs. Hern's Flour ... .$1.40 Fruit Jar Rubbers, 4 doz, . .25c Dried Peaches, Prunes Apricots, lb Bulk Macaroni, lb . 10c No. 10 Peeled Apricots .'..69c Sweet Potatoes, 2 Cans ...25c No. 2 Red Pitted Cherries . .25c No. 10 Red Pitted Cherries Apple Butter, 2 cans . Qt. Jar Sweet Pickles Jello .. u. it v * «cwu njn ia . . , v.. v w.. \r *».,,., Lighthouse Cleanser 05c Jello Ice Cream Powder Dutch Cleanser, 3 cans .. 2Sc No. 10 Bartlett Pears .. Whole Rice, 15 lbs $1.00 Maraschhino Cherries . $1.05 ..35c ,.54c . .09c ..09c ..65c ..18c 1. 13 South Main Phone il Only Electric Plan^. Armenia: The little town ot DJal- Ogll, in Armenia, is the proud possessor of the only modern electric lighting plant in the country. This Is due to a young'American, a resident director of tho Near Bast Relief,' He discovered an abandouod water mill perched-on tho banks of a swiftly runninsr stream. >lo repaired tho mill and iufltallod a dynamo which* generates eighty-five horse power. Now the orphanage, the hospital and nearly every house In the village is lighted witlr-elecitriclty, to the astonishment qf the" natives,' many of whom had never'seen an electric light before.-' CROCODILE SKEETON OF MANY YEARS AGO t.oudon, Jtmo •,-W.—Tfto complete skeleton of a crocodile, whiclL I B esti- THE HUTCHINSON NEWS ' t Delivered by Carrier, 10c Week 1 IT...- V 1-' < • «g , mated to have lived more than two million years ago, has s been unearthed from tho Oxford clay of Poterborough brickyards by P. J. PMllrpe, a noted English geologist. The skeleton is 16 foot long and Is identical with tho skeleton of the presantdey crocodllo. The monster was, however, a sea-go luff creature belonging te the nilddlp seotoglcal period. In a spot where the stomach would bo was found a fossilized mass containing traoes of marine matter, tho remains of the reptile's last and evidently too hearty meal. Don't Eat Too Much. New York: Dr. Eugeho Lyman Flsk, diagnostician and authoiV"says, "The 'average' person does not stand the best chance of living long. The Bian.or woman who weighs'twenty or thirty per cent below the average has the best chance lor long life.- It is safe to say the average individual ic»c 'u6n tho luwrtl huild at thirty. Xi he can keep near that build for the I rest of his life, he Increases his f\ chances ef longevity." This Will Ward Off And Break Up Colds Jart a tfusssahd el IV. CsMwelTt Syrst Peptia reHOTei las congestion T HE two ailments that people generally regard as of the lenst importance are m reality Uio cause of most serious Illnesses end of the greatest proportion of deaths. They are constipation and common colds. Muivy doctors now believe that colds, tonstlitis, a touch of malaria will (louse constipation, a instead of conaUnntion being their cause The fact remains that yon seldom have a cold without constipation, due to general congestion. Tho only way to avoid colds is to keep-up your vitality. You mually catch cold In the. winter if ^-oa are run down. Therefore In Cold weather exctefso more; eat more fatly foods; drink four to six glasses of water a day; keep tho head cool, the feet warm, the bowelN open. You are also less liable to colds K your system Is free from the intestinal poisons of constipation, so empty tho howcls regularly with a plain vegetable laxative like Dr. Caldwell s Syrup Pepsin. ANY FAMILY MAY TRY IT FREE . ThtiumnJt n/ parrnU pre «*, k, "f themtelptt, "Whm ran I find a Irtm- irorlfc/ laiatm that anyone in tM family ttin use KhtA miutipaled? I urge you to try SyrlM retain. I trill oilrfty pmeirf« o liberal Jrte •ample fotlle, mfficieuljor <m 01W1M.M , test. Write me trim la ".f't'iiA \Mrett lit. IV. It. CnUmelt. SIS 1 WaiMnoton St., Montmlb, Ittmoa. ^Po il now/ ^ At the first sign of a cold, at the first few warning sneezes, tako a teaspoonful of Syrup Pepsin and the congestion will bo gone in a few hours. Don't wait until the cold bns a grip on vou. -Mr. Henry Doan, Jr., of llochestcr, N. Y., cured a stubborn cold In •juat that way, and Mrs. Alice Corbbroy of Haskoll, Okie., u«e» it effectively for all the small ills of her family, such ss constipation, biliousness, headaches, dizziness, and to break up fevers and colds. Dr. tnldwell's Syrup Pepsin Is a scientiGcolly-balonced compound of-Egyptinn sennn with plcasant^tasting nromatics. It is safe to givo lo infants, and nil children like it. Before you ogoin resort to cold remedies containing narcotics try a teaspoonful of Syrup Pepsin. Any druggist will Buppty you, and the cost is less than a cent a dose. GUDWUSSYRUP PEPSIN F/tie family laxative ^ SPECIAL 6 boxes Borax Compound 25c New Potatoes, peck 50c 2 boxes Post Bran ^ c Seedless Raisins, per box 15c 6 bars Swift's White Soap 25c No. 2i can Peaches ..; .20c SUTTLE & SON Grocery, Bakery and Meat Market Corner B end Cleveland Clyde E. Suttle, Prop.' Phone 381 "PYRO-FORM" CONTINUES TO BANISH PYORRHEA Merit! of New Preparation Attested by P«opl« In All Walk* of Life. BALL, BLUE Hikes old clothes look like new. YOUR QaQfita HAS IT. An Important Factor. To be ©omriderod reaUy Bucoeefltul nowadays, a doctor muK bay© discovered at least one n&vr di«»aa <3.—Portland Oregon Ian. The Final Straw. Bathers at the Chicago b|M £hef) are burning designs of Egyptian figures on their arm?.— IjouiavrUa Courier* Journal, ' Pyorrhea la deatryctlve to health and to prenorvo good, health It 1 H ahsoluWly necessary to destroy this I IIB I I II QUS cause of dl»i>a««. "Pyro-form" 1 B guaranteed to accomplish this ra«ult—guaranteed to restore) teeth to normal conditions and to rlil the £um« ot polaonoxis pus. It U highly endorsed by dental chemists *nd surgeons aa well an thousands of men and woman m all walks of life. The price Is $a p*r carton. Medical authorities claim that 80% of the people have Pyorrhea, although many of them aro not aware of it bec&uso tha dUeaao .causes little or no pain. In this way Pyorrboa Is neylccted until -it is greatly advanced, and It becomes necessary to remove the teeth to rid the sytitem of the' poisonous pus. It you are In the 80% class, you should, try "Pyro- form," aa there Is no risk oh your part, the remedy being sold. on. a positive money-back guarantee. Manufactured by tha Pyro-form Com#*ny. Ban Bernardino, California. Tou can obtain Utta preDara* tlon at the ^* A, DrUgvC* Many Parts of the World—to Your Cup Vran the land of mellow sunshine corns the cholceet conees grown—to be blended into MON-TRO. Dark-skinned native carriers and huge ocean freighters malts it poeelble for you to enjoy MON-TRO—the perfect coffee. MON-TRO Coffee has flavor Incomparable, velvety smooth and delicious. Steel _ cut and uniform. Takes less coffee per cup And MON-TRO Coffee is vacuum packed. Its full-flavored strength and goodness la Sealed in the can. iOUYMON-PETRO MERCANTILE CO. Hutchinson, Kansas Insist OH Getting MON-TRO vacuum packed i i i t / THE HUTCHINSON NEWS Delivered by Carrier, 10c Week

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