Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 7, 1930 · Page 16
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 16

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1930
Page 16
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16 OECATUR HERALD TUESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 7, 1930, OECATUR HERALD CARDINALS PIN SERIES HOPES ON BILL H ALLAH AN FOXX' HOMER IN NINTH BREAKS UP PITCHING BATTLE Athletics Win Fifth Game of Series To Take Lead Over Birds ANOTHER FOR GROVE lly KH.t.YJf OK1TV I'lvw Spurts Kdltur WORLD SERIES SPECIAL, F.NROUTE TO PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 7,--In thr d«yi of our youth, when bull plnycrs hnd just discnrdtsd their mutton chop whiskers, but iiill npfit on their httnds nnd wore red flnnncl j imdnrwcai', tln-rn wnt it popular wonj: to (li« effect that: "H-A-douul" ft, I 0-A-N upclli Mftnlsiin" II hnd qultf « f.ilfhy ( n u t . ami fin to itittP th:i( ihltt Etniil)!Ln STILL CONFIDENT r (ill the Irish Mood thfit'si In mo. "Dtvll n nmrl e,m say n word aiiln me " Now It nifty ho thtit bo fore the PUI rent world se- rlt-si which Is* in nl*tli on to t' ll(M ' It- lit In the Ht (i«ul!i will tie rwrnpltiaiiinff i h f t t undent p l t f " In honor of 11 -iiitih n boy nnd hummlnx Grimes Predicts MU Stop A's In Seventh Game CUBS RALLY IN NINTH TO TAKE CHIC AGO SERIES Hack Wilson's Homer and Single Win Sixth Game, 6 To 4 SOX ERRORS COSTLY i»\f llnilt'tt fi CHICAGO, Ot, 7.-- Chi- By Ot^OIUiK ]{]ltliHKV I nllrd l're»n Stitff Oorrwtpondent EN HOtJTffi TO PHILADELPHIA. Oct. T- In the There nn intormlsslon Wm\t\ Kcrlea Tuesday, while llio two contendeiH tiave)led enst ward In resume theli tmttle In I'hll cago's own city championship remained on the North Side for nnother year as the Cub* staggered through n 6 to 4 victory ov*r the White Sox in the sixth contest nt Comiskcy park Monday, It wiia tti« Bruins aixlh triumph In 18 slruffglcs, of which one wat n tin. But the nsabt In carting away thfl nddcd ffoltt and glory attendant to the civil warfare, like In 1028, rest- I'd M much with the Coml-ikiy troupe us the pulvcrl/lng front of Wrlgloy'a wrecking crew Aftei driving into the \an for the ancoml time to take the lead »M to 3 In (he pifihtli tho yo»mg rharges 01 "Donle ]tnli meu things up In gpneml In the ninth Inning to permit the Cuhs to tor inlnite a rally with thrfc inns that clinched tho game nnd the cham Grove and Earrishaw Appear Only Hopes of Mack FIVE CARDS AVAILABLE iev i;i!fi«! PI fit i 15NROUTE TO PHILADELPHIA. Oct. T-The J930 world serlos, which at flrut reaemblctl (i rout since hast developed into quite a, nlp-ancl-lucli batllo for th« chiinijtlonsliip of baseball, has iacheil thu sUgc where managerial strait-try In the matter of scloctlnR pltchora wn* -jcut'cety of move value than n fifth gi""* rain check, Here was the ulUinllon nn the ovc 01 the sixth ami pofslbly deckling Hid- "H-A-Dottblc-I^A-ll-A-N t « h n n " Hill fust llrld 'Km For «i miittcm stand Ttieidny the contcinitlns cinha travelltiv wtird to tentituc tho «nrlei nl tarU, nlxnit fill thnt stands liotwoen (ho Si, fjiiuli* CfirttlnnlD and detent h dttirdy Younk" Hill Hnlliilmn With the PhlJddrlphJii Attilfllc*, Ipadltift, t h r c n tranifli to two, "Wild Kill" from iilntthnmtun hoUh (h« fate of the Natlonnl Icftmti 1 chum- linn« In his capnbl* left hntul If he ean hold the MaeJtmen Wed- neiddy, ai he did before n drllirtUnd fit. Louis iln'oiw en Stitinclny hn will he worth till the muffi In Ht, I:0tlld- «nn' ropertolre tt will he tlullahnn for the On-tin Wednesday. iiKiilfi"! whlchovtr i l l i c i t or Ccinnlp'Mnflt eleet^ ti n t n i t . One itnnu- alitaU. the Philadelphia Athlctlfi needed only n victory Iti thw sixth Kftinc, Wediifsday. to ro- L u l n theU world bnicbnll champion- ihlp, Ont) R»i«e down, tho St, Louis, CrtidlnHls mus' win the next two t -n.n\va to t^aln tin laurels they held In 102* Tli.. ulilftlni; iliU or fortune lu the indent soilcs has tiUU;tl thrills and cxcll«i»cnl the imtit-acaMn play-off hnw't known In tour, long yearn, Spirited CimtflMKh Thi' Athlrtlrii iwi-pt Lhrougli the i l i i t two ttamiH at Philadelphia.. Irat c'ardlnivh stnj;itl n co\ir(i(!ooug voni«tiiek to even the .«rln hy tak- the iif\t two uiiiiH't ut St. LoulB, ICrrors Low For Sox If you ara for Sox inclinations, chntgr the inc-st palpable mlsciie to Red Barnes and two Willie Kninm and leaser Bud ones to Clancy. Those numbered among the Bruin hock era can concentrate tholi 1 cheer Ing pilnolpally nn the hetoles of Hack Wilson And Gabby Hartnett. Dannv Taylor opened that decisive ninth with n ntnjcte. ptnch-hlttlng tor Blrtlr, Garland Rrnxton wtis on Hi* hill for the WttUn Sox a( the time nntl fooled English Into a rol ler, forcing Tnytor TCanmi then fur nitli«d hit. con t ) Ihu lion of the lountl hy being eaushl flat-footeil on Cuy- Cardinals Have Best Pitchers Ready For Closing Series Games CARRIES CARD HOPES h«ve won three games and the St Louis Cardinals two. Five iirrt« llciuly Th« Mncitmen hove Grove, Earn- Walbcvc, Shotta. Qulnn anil Kommel, the latter untrieu. won Iho oiMinef althounh touched for nln* hits, lost tho fourth pni"e and linHhotl np the fifth, pltehing two InntnKi in which he allowed one- hit. Enrnahow won tho Kccond same linndlly (ind pitched seven Itmlnfis Monday. Walherg and Shorei both weie tlrlvsn from thn box in the third game and Qulnn Is not tip to nlnrtlng n world Berlesi contest Rommel la nn unknown n""itlty ami likely to lemaln so The Cavdnlah have Etallalmn. Hnlnes, Orlmw, Llntl(,ey, Johnson. ond Khem. Hnllalmn shut out the . A'f In Ihc thlul game FYntl is ready to RO Wednesday. HolneH bout tliem eiislly Iti tlic fourth samp, nml will h* available Thurstlnv If not na^lert sooner. Cilmcs has lost two ter's SERIES FIGURES ST t.OUIHoi' -Official flu- ur» on the f l f l b firttne nf the VVorhl'H sf-rled follow Attendance elnb'M ithun- Pinch lenKti(i'i n h n t r SOt OS. W,', 111 J lift M.V Tho writ* wtis tlril nm) the f i f t h Lftirfli, wan (li'tidlocltrtil u n t i l filonRl witnp Jimmy Koxx, pwiljo'-fncod flist; bdHcnmn (if (hs Athletics In lli«| ninth tnnlnc unit M^lnd wne of Bur-, IMjrti Orlnit'H 1 c w v » halll* into ths fm'lhouL reucltwi tif Hie left (lelil' McaollOM, scoi'lnc Ml«kiY Cortirium tiliontl of himself, firlmen HtHI Cocky ·fvf\c« now Ihf! AHilnlun have won f i o m (Irliitt'i on five hlti. but tlio lUnit-lU'lit t*-il iiplt bitll pluher viw tur fto'm ft bunion (Ururo tis ho lioasl- i«tt. "I'll b f u l 'cm vet, mil! when (t w i l l h i n t nmsl I.' tllat seventh ' A biW rfsunitj it the- iut9lnn(tli»e Mint which Kt-Kl hcftt Wlluon thon ernclted a Karrnli, ncorlnK Rngllsh out with the lylnu run WIM Co«lj- play hwve lo Kitmm pormillptl to rcnch third nntl Wlhcn and rioiile Ru«!i dertdpd to htn uct. He waved Brnxton nwny nnd called Tomniv Tliouins to Ihc mound, who wns oidcred to Intentionally pafii Stcphpusnn Toninn' worked carefuly on Mnrnett tvnd fnrcod him lo Urt an .ihorl rlpht contfi fly Into Itic lr!«h Imy C t i i l n fili-^tu!' 1 New Vfiik t« culled u|nn (,i piny On, vld 10 lln- A UiillMtli. In Ih" Ihli'i! (Hinif of ilie wi'lc'i. when It at'cmc,! Ihni nnlhlne ewilil tivcii nn»tln-r rout *titli IH N'nilnn-il li*;i|;lli i-lui'Ji- ploim Imvi' titnln't;tini for Ihe (ii,l Ihii-f Vrtii". "Wllil tHII." nlrUn.itui' u l i h (lie con Intuit ff n v»t- cntn. film! nut tin' Mfirktni U w i l h «iU'ii '.cntlriril lilK them ft In ft nntl »o dlfictiiiefi-I'd limn linn thr,- would tip hy ftt'tiili-ij; only IHI* nm In r.n i or'eclltlvf liminc-i I'd si llnmiT* When 1h' Alhlptlci t r x t i m r i l «rui'- Inj: Mondtiy. howi-vw th -v did t o wllh n ci'siiOi nnd n hnnp. The crush wn» the imt'iuH if .Jimmy Koxx't hnt nttiilnit the Imll and the ImiiK wns the collUlon lifiween thr bull end « hiiMtlly vncnictl left field bleiu-hor ·cut U n t i l Vnt ii inU'iidi-'i, liuilultfti Oi'lmct, hnd lii-cn *)ilunhlnK hl« »plttRll inert the A'li u n t i l hp hnd tlium yrlllnit for lift; pri'scrver* For t)io ofionlrn; v.\mj, OorKo Bnni- ·htvw nnd t , e f t y nrwn hint liecn hiclily cffi'ollvc, Mickey Orhrnne, who 1ml hd'n «iKaKlntr (inilelKli flrlmi'i In n \ e r - bnl duel llinHtsliont llif ·.edi-' |nj off for the Alhli-tk"! In tlir nhirh. "Hello, nip onr'i" l i l m c i Rre^ted tins Phllndfinliln onlchrr "llbtler fn««in ti«clt thoic filiudfi'i ti I'M hust 'em for ytn" M'nlk h CUDII.V Will, whftt wllh mi* «'ln\ MivliiR| ·11(1 nnothpr. Oilmcs neftli't'tcd t« u'ovt j,*t enough lintlst over the nlute, imd Cochrnne wntln-tl. emllMni^liiiitl nnd rrttioou* ritzfjprdi"! In died Itcrtlnn «if the (iHchpi 11 * b(i\ i This l)iotij(hl up AI SliHrnnnii Thli Mnic the Inuph IMS wllh tmrlelfth, for 9lmrrtOTi(i popped wenkly to Gilbert. Thon Jimmy Vox* iidviwed to Ihc plat*. Grime* sent tlln Imll over ·bout knee high, while thlnkltif? up an approprlnte wlttlitm with which to dlsconcei't the A'i flrn( Imaonuvn. Thnt pnK, wlinlpveir It ivn« lo h»vn Keen, la one lhn.1 n«ver wtll he uprunp. for Jimmy took hold o( tile hnll with ftll rhe miiMcliii' force of Ms brawny shoulders, arm* fintl torso and the crush of nsh on horsehltlc wns henrd na fttr awny ns Philadelphia. Th« hull. In (net. started In th» general direction of the Intter clly. soarlnft ttirotigh the ml»t. over lh« f«ne* nnd fftv ftwny. With It tvent th« bnll frame, Tor Ihe Cftrdlnald, thl* U a (trim. bu»lneM-1lkc nffnlr wltti the long «nd of world serle* upoiifc *t stake. of thf five Kftriica plnyetl follow' |('lr«l Blum 1 Altilt'llt'c S, Cartllnals 3. f,oiiK till* hy the Athletics--Ho- mcrt hv t'oi'hraiip m»l Simmons, trllihia liy foxx nnd Tlnns ftnd ix titnildti ly liyltm -roth ot which s,c- eoiintt'd for a tun, nniuf - Mhlotlcs, f: Cnrtll- vurga Encnshaw'a superb hnldlnc Ut" Ctirdlnals to five lilU their only rvm hnluir n "ho- m r r hv f l c i H f i e Wnlltliw: Ftnnkte FtliH'h'i crtoi wllh two out und the ,\'* knillnj; '.'-I. wtit tlio tiifiilnc p^ln' D( (lie pnuie. inivlne the wny for t\vt lii'lvlmr' i \ l t ' rhHiulelphlii inns. rih'lihie Di'cldi's It Third jjivmp--l'nrdlnat'«, n. Atlilrt- n. Bill liitllnliftn^ ftrent pitching In tilt 1 Jilncheii niul Jimmy Wllion'ti llAS|ililiiK ciitchlnK on hl.i entry Into Ilie aiTlcii fmitlh Knino -CardlnalH, 3; Atli- Darnei ramc In cnslly nnj hnggtil f f i e pop-up nml fired yt\rfa wltlc of the pldtn, lie hail iimplo time nnd r n l y ft short threw. Knclluh roun(*d on (hot with the run thai cvenltia'lv ttin'l*tl the title To makp It inorii Impressive for Itic Cut) 1 ) nnd less so fur the So\. nancy let ttHmmM hotindir Rfit, thr-uah him nnd "Wilson stormed iir-row with an added nin. Wilson Hnmcrs ITtiHl thut 1-otmi! It litid been tin- ii»«t pruplllnfC hntllf of th» Si wlUi now one. niul then nnolhfr. In line for the hero role. Hack Wilton poumlfil n powerful homo nm nwnt Into the lower derk ot tile Icfl-fleld pnvllton Jn the fifth wllh iion'; nhrond, Tt gnvi the Ciibi n two' run le;ul. ntitl Cltincv stfnprd up with ft -iliiftle to tlo It In.Uie Comls lirv hfltf of thi tnnltii-. Unlike moil of the previous j;ninefl Uicrc wni notlnnK of a snectnnttlnr nnture aflflj to r-x- cite the crowd or more tlmn 1(1000, Tn totum thoie wore 'dx tirrors whleh wns n logical rcsultnnt with the liurllnc ihfikv nnd hlltlnr; pre,vo- lent Tn tht! Intter departnienl the Cub* malntnlnod thi etlRe that was the outset of flic ikfetlos to the Sox ton. nWlLUJ f ^-TJr lll + Wrl .1IM-FI i h ^ T F T - T. -- r,.-" -but Rave only fh c hits In each, nnd wants another :h»noc. Neither T.tncl- ·icy or Johnson yielded a single h» In tho ftve Innlnfts In which they faced the A's In Shlbe park A'B Ma0 Leim One would stay ihftt IWs Cardinals a derided edge that edpe IB tho ilulllno; fnct thnt the Athletics are out In front nnd need but one pnme to clinch I ho chain plonwhlp, while the Canllnwlia BILL HALLAtlAN Cardinn) pitcher Hawthorne Gold Cup At Stake Saturday ilia i.'Htii'rf TK-M i CHICAGO. Oct. 7-- Run Beau, and flone Away for Ihe 425,000 Gold Clip weight for ago handicap Bcoadeast, head the entrants race to be contested nt Hawthorn* track Saturday. Gull in t Fox nn,! Questionnaire have been w l t h d i a w n from jli'tiln lag and will not SPICBU UP I l l n L'nOirl EXPECT BUTLER TO GIVE ILLINI STIFFWORKOUT Zuppke To Make Final Inspection of Team Before Game With Purple BROTHERS MAY PLAY URBANA, Oft T~Bol Zuppke'a ! lant chsncc to Hte hi* 'Jilnl young- ' ittcra in action before llnry open th« i Ton campalen comeA Salurdiy opnlnst Butler. The Indlanapolln | team haa 13 veterans and lost a light ma In the final mlnuteu to Olilo university ot Ath*n«. wblclt wan champion of thn Buckeye conference ' last year and put the boo on Indiana, ' This would Keen) to Indicate an Interesting afternoon Itt the B tad him ' and perhaps a closer (fame thnn thci opener against Iowa Slat*. Una ft Problem Zuppke I* painstakingly worhlnE! with hit) green candidate* and g\v- »g every possibility it careful Inipec- tlon. The line, of courM, Is the great problem and a»y lad whon# appearance miggfsu promise la put nlo action. Probably not nntlt the Butler game has been played will it be possible to make a foal RUCHS on ] the final complexion of th* line that will face Northwestern next week. Red Owen, sophomore end, probably will be able In play ngftlnst Bui- or but Captain Robinson In not expected to appear until the Northwest TITLE AT STAKE AS REDS BATTLE MATTO§ FRIDAY Rex tnd Purvii Clash for Ust Time As Bit 12 Contenders Meet BOTH UNBEATEN BV IIKHMTKKI n 3ui4y Wleiur; former Unnti pro- Uff« ·' WlUiwfl T, Titden II, J*- throned net monarch, hui com tut thl* MMOH for the Y»U foot* bin BUCKEYES TO BE AT FULL STRENGTH FOR NORTHWESTERN GAME r field High luted on Hie n« Decatur'i deadliest rival the field »f spor), no fnr m fo. ball i« concerned that tradition i* fnit being uturperj by n group of htinlty atMcten hitiljnit from Mi* town df Mimixin. Wh*n ihn U«tls flrai nm Mtltoon «n (ti« Brl'JIion noon nfior til* ni» Twelve i»nf*witc« «·«* orjMntoi! black cy« w«r prominent n(wr (ho llfanw, Ever wince then thu (wu haw '(won ronllmiinit tDclr ynnrlj' f«u4 with IneroMlnjr (l»r«ini*i» How- i llv VnMrd Mr** COLUMBW, O.. Ocl. 7 , an) the tlrcrl no th!« pn«ilmi Chang i nrwntl -With ilie ,, . . _ . . - . . . . . . . . . . of Injured BtarK, Ohio ntiifj ,! lu "! between t)i« iwsllubto 11 ? ni) * r ''- '' 11 ' reaper! I VP nnt ern gamp, will hav« Its fun 1 for Sntiirdity'd haul* with Ntirthwwt. i *"*: *TM*n() marathon t oudidowti l h vo ««' Thin print* vsnltfl them ftrn. Wo» Pesler, end, relumed »n rnnl1 ' pear until the Northwest- tullnae* in drill anil i* expected to| lm '' a profilnW and vsn Biillet" Schulti at full- nturl in that position Saturday, a), hlsher In the Hl c Twelve mck aRaln« Iowa stnt* hit the Cjr- thoug h coach Wl)l«t»un Indleitd), 0 " *'"» Flrmlly tt wu dlwovtrw! clones hard »nd will carry the bur. that hc p | Nrlnea lo Hh | fl ),j., HUr trt Omt there wan *. tonfwenee ililo. don agaCnst IhH **e.h, ,, nd when-sver other Buckeye win*- ·»! now that IH the soul of bold nrottuvr* M»y pl«y men fall to slop flank attarks. jt«»m* Everybody Is pulling for Stun Bort-, - - Vr\A*y night the two nquiid* Jii**t man to win a berth an tackle, Stun SHIFT MICHIGAN LIXBl'P at Muttoon, loadliu: e,ont«ndtM for htartod out as n fullback hit iopho- ,»,, p. n i r , d |. ml , jtht championship and both unh»*|. morn )'«ar and wan transferred to, ANN AIUJOR, Mich.. Oct. "~ f n for Uif season. Maltoon Is rt- the line last season. U looks ns If'Michigan's eleven hui been tflvon n'putcd to hav« Its RMHest Warn In , EVANSTON, Ocf 7--Speed drlllw .his great opportunity has «omo ftnd new assoilment of plnys for Satur- yearn nntl favored by n»n»iy to eep I h C i f o i btvHkdcld men In un ntUmpi to agntnst lovrft St»t* he TVM sorapplnfr day'd B»me wilh Purdue and Coachithl» ye»f» conf«i'incii lilt*. D*ev p o , under the strain of hnvlng In win everything For, tilt.' i{Rinc or RMnei to come finbby direct lm.l avullahlc font pitches who hove yielded oniv one run nmonfj tlicm in 2S Innhigt of world scries biseball jvtfiiln-jt 11 uluh co-oidmnle the hnckH with the fait clmrfjinfi line will Jenti'-c Nortliwenl- rn'H practise for Salurday'i pame wilh Ohin Slate. The Wildcats were hand K a jp fcil n^nlnsl Tuluniu by fall- lire »if the backs to Drue plays prop- liwd. His brother, Aclt, ha» a good Klpke is confident the Wolverines tur t* Duo a ntron« contender «v*n chance, too, and the historians can'tVm find tlielr inlssInK offefttlve though Itit record Is marrerl by it tin remember juit when brothers played ispark. with Dravellnit ready for ·*· with 1,'rbftna, ft tenm Matioon #t|ll , since the days of the Fleteh- (ion. Auer in bclnR drilled as r««erv* mum fae« er boys. Northwestei n may which incluilei mch sliificers FO-KX, Cofhvime. and Simmons. oUo h«s Orirne-, who l.t qulle like ly lo make KIW\ hi? promlise lo botil the A's, If the Cinrds will no oul mid got him a cooptw of runs On Ihe other hanJ U looks n" oitRh Ttfnch mtiHt depctnl Cirovo nnd Earnahnw. , center. . . . . , . have It over cily nnd Couch Hanley believes his II If noli like a tent In comparing TIIRKATBNS SHAKKl'l' IPILIII must be »l top foi rn fnr (he'strenBlh but ubotit St.OOO fans are n« rm(,,i !·»··.. lc-)l with Ohln doing to make the WlldcAln prove It. H1NNEAPOU.S. M i n n , Oct. 7 lfl * Jiero next week at homecoming. Th* Wholesale ctmnff** In Mlnnwotn'* J;" r * TM I'OrMT FOR N % v v .Iowa ufile gatnt- estimated lnter«t;i| lleu p f Qr Soturday's batik wllh I: lr ,j;r, i .,(,.,! c,,-, i In the clash with the Wlldeuli andjstanford were threatened Tutwliy , , ·"·· SOUTH B1CND, Tnd,. Oct. 7-N'otre ( the ticket office Is busy. by Coacli Crlslor. Rltbtth and An He DUOIO'B vniwlty wna soheOulcrt to re- - ~4 · turn tn start work for Saturday's I n - ' f i A N f i ^ «TABT WARK t'-rsectional gaino with Navy, ufter [ * J TM 1Uf *" An ! «VK^ Iwo day rent. Coach Kockne was », , ) *' ' * " * R .ui ' ' with pel toi'mances of seveml vnrslty rcsulnrs n^ainit S. M. U. tintl lnJlc:il«0 that he may make sew Mil change 1 ) In tho lineup. ON PIPE LINE IN '" ^COUNTY Jderson, Injured ntars, have returned r lo th* itqusd and are* being prlm«d ' for varsity berth*, '« n « , remained out of «chool In ord«r to be tot Bowling Scores VT Muftn'ii fll^H N IlL.llor Mi t,'m MI 1*1 111 1 1 4 is; i:i i:« nrt :;i 11 Tntnl S J J S I C MM h II IS" 111 1(01.1 I Mali V.V li'p (l.liM'r 1(7 lit 1 B 1 I I 111 !i; 1U M; 1BO [.3i doc 10: I Ml INI, r. r, T,, i.«,\r,t'K 1 7 1 Vn!.«L 1 Knit HlLIUl'l I (ski Him ,t-; mi I N ! n". in 1C, I 1'.7 in U K l l l l 1 .11 T..I it',: 4 1 . l 1-, i; i T .Sliitlll ·-nilth I'H]|. I| 1.1 '·: i 6 HO 1 " !1D "I It -i; 2 4 ) 'I . TMnl SU TSI 1 T,.tnln 07i 1'ijtlii ilmitl Ul 1011 S I J lit is i Tin in us r: Klttli Rnmo- Athlfltlcfi, I: Carttl- luiK 0 Jimmy Foxjt'c home nin with Coclirane on, In tlto ninth Inning nntl superb pltehlnc ly Goorgo Earn- ahuw nntl Tj-fty Grove, the latter In the Iflit two InnltiKs nfLer -Barnshftw hnd pone out ftr a pineh-hjtter. If nolliltiK (ilie There Is n t!ffor- eneo ot SI MB hMwcen the winner's nntl lorn'it Imllvldunl ihwes i?at Carnway had slartetl for Ihc fiox timl. as In his f t t « t (tame, was i.tttlRiHl frnm tho mound, tic n-'lred In thu fifth. MUhsequenl to Hack's homer. Gnrlimd Brnxton Ihcn sue- coeded anrt bennn his tenure with some spectacular hurling;. Ws demise citrne In the nlnlh and n^ a result, was Ihe losing luuler f l ' t w - ni.ilr, .'I. tivrli, I!i fii(tll«h »i t'tijlor, rl Wllmiti. f t . It PO A to 11 win nil 111. tr.'tt S |||iltnile|phlii r. Ollnici 3 IUVki" KiiTi)«li'iw ) t;.-u.rrt 3. 1 (lll'Kl'ii suuck tni»h»ti ', not') 1 Csflnnnt, Voii. Mllt*r); 1y Karn-lnw t Bollnni'i 1 / I. Aitiun*. l l s f m ) , lf Orflve t fliotinmlii^ odbtrti mii--ott Knrn- *1*w 5 in J liniite*: ttr Orovt l In t tnti Hi ttt W Inn inn Mlehw--OniTf, t'm- lili-nii--Mot-Idrliv, vim"; niElir first hin«: tlolwt. «iwiint bftun. Itedrdflii, tlilnl l'!He Tim* tt Kiitiie--1 i: 1I..I) Jh Totlill U l l l T R Ktirr, 3I nnmoi- cf 11 1 I) n liuinll'r 1IH M'Kln'r im A sj'im t Hi '['0(M S1B r.iii "' ]I[LII I 5 S F A . W ' r I T T liuoltv inn Kullni lsi( Unml. :j Itn 1:0 Hi id' JS7 [f,l i:j 141 I fill 4S^ 1! 170 I S i IB C111 Tot ^;n ·:;·» MI s:i S01 .,51 leu nn I-IHAII.B- llnwhlni IK DUrlt 201 iinij.ii tv: 1 Iti.Hl tM oti'i- luii Trrtnl tit I H 10! IS! Kcil h'l MWIt'r JCiui'li' A 111'I" n ITt Ul US It!'. :n 770 JISO Tut iro 1:1 HIS · l o i n 7C 11)0 I . I M I T K f l Mnni'ty 3riJ JClBe I t i Mlin.ty l l l l M o r l ' i i 122 I ' t l n n 1(11 HO in I I H 171 17-1 IICO Tnr. 411 HIT 10 (I 1,1 ?7 II I All II If J'l.l A It Hi tttt . Jnll,,)-. f l n n i y . 1'|PH|41, tlLtt V [In mm, · rArn^n;, ilnilon. Touiii IT 4 m j; 10 X--ItnU'il tar lllalr In Oil.. z--llnllnd for t'ltuu t In llti Ti~tMltin1 tor 1iit« in Mil. o h . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,. e o i j o "bTif-- r, Wlittn SOX ..,_, _ ···_·_·_·_· 00" 021 010-- t it mis on. it ait hi-- wiiiir. wllioii S, rinn,v S, Itiirnon, Mull KMT. M«tlnftl. fno 1no III IB-- Knmm, ri(», noil, irumn run -IV llwi n. Kietoii IIUBO*-- Burncii t, Ksrf. an«rlflf"n-.wil«in. Klnltr, Kmiiun I, yar- (mav. Itnitnclt. tiui,M« ^IftJ*-- Kfrr io ainmy, OInm'v to clssoll to Cilstrej; Cl*- «*U tn KiTr to Cluinv. toft mi bndM-- CubH )1: IV hit* Run 13 Bn«t( «n ba!1»~ Of. Ornwny 4; Bluktt 4; Thonms l. sirui'k om-- By Csrnirtti' 5: ei»ue 5; »rd»|nn l; Thutn,!). i. Hit.-- OH Ctnnwnr I 111 4 (tin olilli In Slh); BtHltn 9 In T !.*: off Jirtiiton f in 4 t-Si ov pnity i In t 1-1; off Tlinnim (i IB :-i wllrt liltoli-- llrAtlon Wltintiiic nit luii-- v*lr, txiiliic Httlicr-- ItmMnri, (J ^1', MnluKitn. MaccrKuilll Tlnit ot Ktttll*-- 2::i, lout r,\'\i\\n- IVJl't.rv JHO Hum'UK I til lllltl!! lot M ' t l l ' W M I H fih'P'liUI ISE J Uiilr I [itml LBN ''nnt mil 13! ·utipiif I O T · Sil 1TI S'O 21CI1 Tnl 111 11; l.t. I IS'. lf» 1!1 31 5!) Ilnr-B'n tor. 103 11) 1*6 ll0 10D !i1C Tot H3 3J3 til JG4 SOD Totnl num'y Etil 001 til I M l rtl.VL-- !TOI, ]«: |11 I t ) Bl fd uc 09 s; 104 401 J2C 179 Unml ;c so 90 it Total r.21 111 lOti 77 1(1) IB: t i l I t 3 Kt-rn'il Hill Korh»r Muirii d Tdlo.) 181 l,Ct MIDNIGHTS-- Abbr ;oo us Mntlton IIS K l K.Ar'ra 103 mo 171 U l T Tot t«o 4 I G ·(· 137 ttil 113 ioi ;sj Oil 1«J ·Wl. 1 I l l 431 H! J9B 91 "IE Illllton nnnrt, Tumi 74 IT \V,\ I' I'S t H J ji:r. ·int til I'UK'S 1 I.I.I,., ll^llilt'tl in ' 11(1 1 1 1 II.* IT; sn i I'M ii 17 IH, T'lfi IS If, I', M 3.1 inn] lhj|i,*n IS" 11! I5 r . 3CI lttf!'tl M2 (J M'l 10) niiojiiir ,77 too 111 i': 110 no no mi l i m i t .111 i n : H3 i;i 1), iitHl 10 I'JJ nj J?n itii't t'n ;on a t t 7Hii :in . i ·(: Iti I Ul nt, T..1 I k 111 :.S1 151 33!: it, i Mttilln I Jini' i !-r, J I N N - MI* t r i s i r 115 I t 1C I 1! '1.11 111 inf. in tit u Tntnln -K 717 W Slt7 llcnll K K r . H l ' j tt. Kinr O IS7 101 nr U. HoiTM 10) tsl Toulii 611,1 71 1 sun m Kg- · v. n tet i;i I 9 l i T.JHtli'r Klicu tlntlli Klltltr HoWra'i 11. 1,11! 1IIH 1(1 K Tin Ull It I SI lS!i in; tir, M: 105 J I B 111 11S M l Tot, 3«'l 6. r . .111 i :. I'l , 11" 'i in i I 1. [ -r ,101 iit i.i Til - IJ7 I7fl If, I tl! in-* m 17 11.^ ·I'Mni 7; i 71" 7ii HniiiHinti 11 40 4i) Ui mi) 111 111 :72 "4 itcu f. ) j o Jon»« Clybourn founded vhe packing Industry In Chic»i{o in )S24 It now ttadn the world In output, for another «tuon of th« grid tport, and according lo rumori the blf bnv In innklnt; Hlgl) wchool htalory. 10 I* Itli play. , '* 9 Louis H. ------ H of thli county has betsn A buny sceno for the pant fevr days, as Iwo Inree j;anKn of men arc engaged tn laying pipes fiir Ihe Gulf Pipe Line Co, across Rfflngham counly, beginning on the eust side about six miles Houth of Dletcrlch. The line will leavo this county nt a point near Kditewood Truck*, with tmDers are bcliil* used In moving thi-oe sections ^ A*p. John K, H' )lpe. 11 Inchi-t In dlanmter nnd'SO Ambler. Raull no fed lonpr. from the rnllroad to _ . _ , the point where they nro to be laM, 5 j Bennett, Ca»lon A E Two hirpo Ironchlnft machine*, cap-. ^ Berry (lllbert I, nbla ot oponlnir a trench three miles .,, lontf, four or five feet deep and 14 to 18 Inches wide In a 10 hour day, are hi'lnff use rt. A larj, r e 'wee of men nnd fli'Ct of lorscn nnd inulrs ni'c tn- in i-learlnt' the rlifht of way, 1936 Illinois Grid Roster n Bnuur, John A, ------- ...-C rtnily for the 1nnch dljrscrs, Ollitr men BM 1 'ntr»»;ed In laying tho pipes Alfred E, 11 Bodiwun, Stanley L (Sinn) T 58 Cnufltl, Charlt* G. -~. H L3 Chattln, Euioat tlSinle)--Q M CtcrocntN, John E .K Yr.on CD*. Sept. Wt, .B lit 1S6 Ul 160 2nd In lit lilt 170 1«t ISO 3rd 1SS let Srd Claw Town 300 !00 ITI ·31 '31 ·M 31 Cohenour, 3. K O IS Cor.over, Robert J. (Bob) G 00 Klder. William K en rniil, 1 11 Km- ., .17* i r t u ,iei iin in .ir.v i IT u.s . If.l l i t 1!S TflO 721 "T- Totnl - s: 4ro \K sm 40* KM II- K (this I 1.1(1 111 t i e II! 1JC 110 HE lit ·Tin. sii no ion r.jti tr.; Tolnlft 091 01! Itynn B'htrrr Oal'nc 117 171 ISf. 1 1 1 1 7 1 T5S 2121 Tnl. 1,1] 4 t l I I ! itt: 127 I t i I III Elnll K l ' r l i t 31* 137 M nt (15 141 111? 11! 4S Tutu In ?H HTEINERS-- Iltlfl'i 1 1 1 IT:I !' ut :!r,s Tit lot mo lf.7 W 4! I l l 111 110 Tot, dtl 117 IS in -·* "l u:o L, Mien) HfRK'n JFirl'l'r l rnuii' i! Trituls Kiii ItlVr 8IIOTK ASctici'r in Hthtifn 1 !3 3 Mutton 1,1S T Mqrnu W MlVY 13t TolAli 50J Tto 731 5101 IM It! 110 t 611 407 dl 312 mi. ici 11; 111 r j III 1 107 J,;t Wr toss l«l 2el 1.1 Taldl r«Mini:*r us )Mi 3J8 *ts t!lirt.timttr l i d 1 IV 111 1S H l t r h l o . . l i t l l t i MS *OJ .m ns nr, ton .ins t4i lit To in! T O I SDO I I 7S» Jl7i seven pUyem remained sln'i varsity itquad 14(1 VIS 1 tt tit M Totill ip)iiii".l*r 111 HO 1(1 S71 WlilLi- .1.11 2IO I S f i S l l ontt i . Tslul Hltllfl!i-H|i ' HI H7 in :OE, n; .MI'S!! W, 1! II It 710 ;:ir STAN,\VLlK lul rmtiifs ..,ti« : I lit Item f hi I ml) , Ul 135 ]J5 rlnrcn . ,111 lit; in 1'Oltci IJJ ) S J lie Itlnwil!) . in 111 «l rt Sil Totnl J 1 S I 423 401, Ti 47) 4CJt Total . Ill (it tSJ 11(1 JJT1ITLE Cunlwn . nuriilinrt HnUflll .. Biin,] ,, tlreti .. Tntnl . Ornnil 1 !' 1 ! 1 im Sii Jti Tsui .17» 16^ HO; it: . kt 11H 12* .111! 111 J35 .10* 170 in ar. 3If. IOC (S3 ;oTo 70! 1 ESS 71! lii 111! Biutbm'n ](it M 3.1 Taint IBtt 15« 121 4(n . H S IS) U« St (03 ll ,170 14] Itt ...n ne isn its Total SKMUAEB (Urdiier tntiml/ i Ililrt^" 1 .', (MO }?».?".'s .135 135 J)( . t O J H3 )H HO 110 1C] I ,TI; n;r 7 4 1 n|. « * t, I'll TS3 Oil 74 nnd welding them, the finishing pros 0( the Job being l],e closing up thft trenches. Thn entire proeoso * Elnjrc, Roy 1_ (Juke).. IB not unlike the, laying of the line ll|w line, which han baen going on hi tlHa city for the past month, but on a vastly larger scale, THe men and heauta of thin Industrial work ere now in camp near Hoard, having moved there fiom Lie a short time ago. A few local men are employed but a considerably larger number. It Is gala, are foreign helpers. MADISON, Wl«., Oct. 7-- Thirty- '» 16 Hvunv, John C (Fuaty)...H 21 Garner, Donald S. -------- G 80 Green, Hobert K. ........ ,C *3B Hall, Churlt, V (Chuck) H 62 HMter, George T. ........ E 37 Hexton, Clayton S ........ G 40 Hill, Aaron -------------- H '2 Hlllf, Otto R. (Ott) ----- T 6 Htiddleatun, Thlelen -- -- T S Earl A. (Jack) -- T on Wliicon- Coach Thlstlothwatt* itarted drllln for Sat. itrday's gntnt with Chicago, Twenty other candidate^ were sent to the ·B" squad, "The Indian Tempi* of Elkinm" referred to in Victor Hugo's "Notre Dame de Purln, van built during thn IBlh century near Udalpur. India, JcrtMn, Stanley C.........O ST Kleiner, WIDlun H 90 Klepp*nff*r, William A--Q 02, Edwin J 145 ITS 172 IM m no IM 17J 170 IM 178 ISI oe JIB 174 1«6 IM 110 167 1*0 188 lit 3rd 1st 2nd 2nd Ird Ut 3rd Ut Ut 9nd 3rd IN Snd !rd lit Itt 1*1 m Si Lander, Hell I* W O l,t m J7 McDtvltt. Georit* B. ,C l.t IM UcEucn, Charlcn F. ......C 2nd KM Megan, Charles Q 0 Ird »T 47 Munch, Donald C. Don)»Q 3nd IM IS Uyarjp, Claud V. H Jnt IM Nujsplcktl, Raymond T tnd IM 6S O'KMfc, Arthur F, C IM 111 Ondru*, Jowph T 3tiA IM 65 Ovtlman, John W. G trd 174 B Ow«n, Boyd W E Ut 116 18 Moo*, BJnw A, ._.,,,,,, JP ltd 170 0 Ptrrlne, Burton (Burt).~.Q lit 114 » R*ld, Karl E. T m IH W RleMtn, Clarence W, --,E let 171 *1 Robliwon, Olaf E F 3rd 111 14 Root, Clark W. Q 2nd 165 Ruaiall, W, Hunter . B Ut 167 20 SchutU, Arthur F ,F 2nd IT* Schumacher, Hinry N. ....C 3rd 101 67 Button, Arthur 1 H trd 1« II awanaon, Mark B. B lit IM 31 Snook, John K. f lit IN TO Uitmwt, Erntrt M. Q 2nd 170 W Vwuli, Petar H. F Ut IM » Wwer, OUnn A. B l«t 1T3 72 Wm. Brvln K. .,, F ted 1T2 t» Webb, Sumnar O E Ind 1« M Wilfwid, Paul C. H IM IM 11 WIIMM, Thorn** p B Ut IH 74 Wltupor, Kdwtrd a ,,-....£ trd IM 76 WlBteri, ttobart U. ......G lat ITS ·4 Yanutkuit. P*U J H 2nO 171 8'JO" 6'10t" «' 1" ·' 1" ( M '33 'M 'SI ·S3 B'gr *3i Mil" 'SI OewlltM 5'10" «T 8'10" Bwnent fitment Long Inland, N ,Ky. 5'lOt" 6'Tl" 6'10" mi" 6'ltf' 6' 8" «' 6'Bt" '31 '.13 '82 'SI '31 '33 WueKo»;««, Oh Jaekionvlll* Arthur Byron Dayton, Ohio enure* 3' f, .'i B-'p" 6'10" B-D" 'SS '32 ·JI ·31 '32 'SI '33 OS '3il '33 N'ormat Miami, 1 L«roy Chuntwlfn llroofcflild. H«n Avon, P«- , H*M, BIO" 'S2 Wl" sir o-ir try DubuqiM, U, Bolvlduw KtokHk, i». Rlvtnldt, 01. Chletito Jolhtt Flthlui 'U '31 'SJ w OiUwt SouOi B«ftd, 6-1" 6*1* 8-10" BW B'BI" B'10" wir CIl" I- 6' S'lO," Bill" »' ··r ffM" (HH Twin FUtl, ·si ·» '32, 'M ·ai ·si 'S3 'S2 'H 'M '32 '» U ·31 ·» S3 Owrwnd, Wtvwty Chunptlpi Urlwnn KtmpWO Aurork Taylorvlllt Chle*fi N«wm»n BurilnijtoB, U. Oruriu CKy O, Ktwinot Note; · D*niHM UtUrnuw. SUMMER GENTENI BOOSEVE Grid TEAMS AB By BO ni.1 Junior ini «t hi* vo k« thkt on p«.t Loctwt i grown "Wwn you t»s him! Don't itlck .Mi uid lh«n r MI no»d Mond* pt* «ltvtn d*y. lon(, It w» t»y* thought the Etttlnf horn*, bu m.rkri th«t the In * ft* mtuutc Cent«nnl«J'* t thl» nctlvft ih« ntn« (Mil vrln ov«r Jol In bMketbftll, tcidtnd t tl« f 1« ill, In 1KW-*. ler WMI Dur(c«'n John 1 * Hill, «nd M-li « th*m ttt won over Jc lout to Roo««veli championship in worklnf for. Roo»«v«lt nceti he»l (n this ypi atlv» «cot«a are tvcr Summers i tHence. HI*, ten 12ft *0, nnd that Ftlt»hnni«, 13-0 l m»h( Centennial tor In thl» vr*ph 1UB.1 facis n i f t much closet t CVM- wns la«t Fi Concha ot bi louitly nwdtttns ' ( 'ii*U, for the r* ,ifiul;ftii«i of ih« hceh h»mn«rid elljrtbllitloB In i- nnd if Dutch H. at ftill Bttenitih morn than com 1 dlffcrtnce betw IOWAB'EW TACKLE F WITH SOI · »,I I IOWA CITY. twckfkld Bhirt. ii(1dillon»[ ilefei urdny's game Kr\r., r curve f Ing h»lf btrtw Al fullback. J( drt!l*J lo repl Ucklc, L1NEUF iHir t LAFAYETTI ti«.'i tMckfteld with Michigan TilMtlny, Time touchdowns af In ten mltiMtet tAit Jack Wh ·Mered cert at fc»lrback ticrtt twcttt rtlnk, » Drill On rDu CHICAGO, i Ohlcigo'i line Hopping Wine A, A. BtntiT to ptrf«ung the ·lUck, Wllh Van Nlco, Si IMiblt m * i «ry ttat a itr b«it d* KOOt BLOOMTNG aooutj i A. A M, low* Ii threat , »nd C *rtd a long To C X to Mlddl *,

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