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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Sunday, May 15, 1859
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^T;r;Ti <: xi. f^ THE DAILY NEWS. Jk L.ATHKOP. 3 a. BBAWBTOB.. , JOSIFH Larautr. (Iff Bltf ISO, OK'HiBOl BTBkKT, tttijl WAUia BOOS*. every morning, except Monday. "tl- Wttkly Papei-, Monday, Wednesday and Prhlay. •v, s'kVj Taper, everyTuraday mDrning. 0 alV Piper Tor one year, payable In advance....-'-. »I,00 . / ; TERMS OF TBl-VEEKLY PAPEE. Trl-Weekly Paper for oneyear,f>ayableln advance. ; H3KMB "F'THE WEEKLY PAPEE. Weekly £aper for one year, payable In advance.. 41,00 KATES OF ADVERTISING TIV DAILY Ten lines, or Ipsa, of Nonpareil make a square. 1 tiptare, Iday »1,00 1 do.- 3<laye. do. do. do. do. :<ro. do. . 8 days 4 days IWeet 8w«ka"" £,00 ZfO 8,00 4,00 6,00 1 aquan, 1 month...! t,OC 1 do. SmonUu.. 10,00 1 do. S months.. 1J.OC 1 do. 4 months.. 15JX 1 do. 6 months.. 16,00 1 do. 9 mnnths... 20,00 1 do. J year.... .'30,00 Rounds <& Lang'don, - Al»VFKTlSING AGENTS. 165 HttnHolpli .Street, art aitOtor1*ea to re- AdtertliematU for (hit and all the Leading &e KmihweA, and are the (WIT and sx- authorised Aprnte in Oit KorOiwetl far a majority a/Oiem. mart IN TOWN AND (JUT OP IT. M. N POXEBOT, EUITOB. Uleleoroloplcal Record,' for May, 1869 kept by U. H- GAEDISKR t CO., Druggists, 18 Spring or. • 49 c a S F. M. 48= a ' Leopold II. of Tuscany haa abdicated •Ms ttorone and fiud in view of the troubles ei- iBtvnpand approaching In Europe he man so hypocritically pious as to object to laughing, would object to letting a horse switch his tail in fly limb. CONTRADICTION ^Tbe Jeffereonian denies tbe preralenence of the small pox io Jefferson. Severs! oases of ecar)et fever gave rise to the report. JSP Tbe Ozaukee Times is still lacking In variety and local items Dick has not had a dry shed since he started in the newspaper business till since bis marriage Can't yon get up a sprinkling of news, or c&n't yon? - A good minister can preach a good sermon and take liia tt-xt "from pome other book than the bible, but a man can't get the latest styles of garments uniess Lt goes to button's, iu the Newball Block. WIT Ltso — The Sentinel says we were seated on a butter firkin whittling a stick, the other day, and fell off. There mnst be some mistake about it, as we are not a firkin man If we are, the Sen tinel chap ig a /toya-head. Is Town.—We have noticed in town, stopping at tbe Newhall, for some daye past, Hon. Charles Billtngburgt. El-Member of Congress. He Las been swinging on the vritit gait. It is said, looking wistfully to Uif United States Senatorship BAJLA.BUO. -A. band of Indians have been lonfing abpnt Baraboo lor a week past, and a regular organization ot che Philharmonic Society has been effected, with Henry Cowlee as President for the ensuing year.— Witcomin. From tbe above we suppose the Indians organized the Philharmonics. EOBBKE AEKESTED.—John Farrll, ayuuug hack driver, of Chicago, who robbed a passenger of $600 some time since, was arrested in Canada last Thursday, bv officer Bradley, of the Chicago detective forco, and it now in tlTe Chicago* jaiL BA.&ABOO.—T-be Republic says the bridge across the river at that place Is need by pedestrians and teams. John Dean, at Manchester, has his woolen mills in operation, and can make 300 yards of cloth per week new now To people who have any relatives out in Arkansas, the following will' be interesting "Tbe Pine Bluff Independent saye five men were bang near Brownville, Prairie county, by some of tbe citizens. No particulars given." POETRY —Farfrar, of the W«f Bend*-, says the Otankee Tiroes is writing rhymes for Bob. Bonner. Being forrar we should think It wonld be difficult for him io produce anything.— Wisconsin On the contrary, ve think his poetry will be/<nrer than most of that found In the Lrdper. Barbers complain that the prevailing custom of wearing ail die Lair that will grow on tbe fucBj has decreased their business at least 10 per cent.— Exchangt. All the better for the barbers, say we , as whenever they have met any full bearded men they were eurc to hav^ cuxsed 'em IrA.m>s FOE SALE OB BAETER—See advertisement in another column of 130 acres of land for sale or barter. For particulars^ &c., apply by letter to George Knowles, East Randolph, Columbia eounty. Wisconsin, or to John W Hinton, f O., Miiwanke*, Wisconsin FIHE VL^. •- Yesterday we saw at H. Spann' , 255 Main St., all posi:i .• Is: be raised at this time of year: such as cauliflowers carrots, cucumbers, asparagus, pie plant, radishes, etc., etc Mr Spaan sayi be would not sell anything at his store in tbe vegetable line, but that which is fresh and raised in this State. UKBXABP OF SPEED.—On the Sd lost., Messrs. Nazro & Co., of this city, sent an order for goods to New Tork, by mail, and received the articles sent for in two boars less than four days from the time ordered. They were-delivered by the American Express Company/ This is the quickest time ever made between-the two cities by a considerable. ' The Wankesha County Democrat man, Mr. P. A. Carney, Esq., consented to let hie name go on the republican ticket at the recent charter election in the village of Waakesha, lor the office of Treasurer, and got beautifully laid oat. Carney, will yon explain? The "Democrat who opposes an early State Convention, and a't the same time runs rm the republican ticket and gets defeated, we think is surrounded by ' circumstances.'— -Oconomowoc Prea. Mr. Carney explained that matter once, and if kls defeat was on account of being nomina- ;te4 too soon, he should oppose every convention hereafter. .,).•' ' !!•»•• • 1 COEEKCTIOK.—Yesterday we made e few tr- rors, in speaking of tbe Masonic regalia of Bridgman'g. It was designed by E. Bridg- inan, conductor on the La Crosse road, and Is « complete Knight Templar's regalia, perfect . linall its detaile. Tbe ground work Js the. i heaviest black silk velvet, trimmed with heavy <!*ilvBr : fringe,and ornamented with rosettes and i .aolid silver ornaments, fin which are engraved i the beautiful and appropriate emblems of the jorder. ^here we tbwe pieces, making the rc- jgalta complete. We never saw finer engraving then the work on Uie silver ornaments, and the BOOK 'titan ordinary skillful workman, . H. Ginn, In Matson &Loom!*' employ,: welti*elprondor tlw^o'b. , fas Oateosa FIRS.—By private advices, we learn that the loss from 1 the late fire will not vary greatly from $400,000, falling mostly upon A clai?6 of merchants who Lad" all they possessed invested fn their stores, and upon owners of tbe burnt buildings. Oshkosh (s a city numbering about 8,000 inhabitants. The buildings were mostly of wood. The' mafa business street)/Ferry street, ran north and south, and the business houses, hotels, etc., were of wood, from a story and n half to three stories litgh, and packed in close,together for a distance of from eighty to a hundred rods from, the -Wolf river, north. The fire originated in a barn, aud an unoccupied carriage house, a few rods from the foot of the street, and swspt everything 'clear from tbe starting point for three squares, on each side of the street—stopping only when a cross street was reached, the corner lots of which forjseveral rods were unoccupied. So dry were the buildings that the'fire raged so fearful, it was impossible to get goods out of stores opposite the buildings burning. Further up the street from where the fire commenced, goods were taken out and piled in the street, only to be reached in a few moments by the flames, aud in less than an hour the street appeared, looking down it, like one vast fiery arch, the flames from the opposide side meeting in the centre, hissing, crackling, twirling, whirling and roaring like niad. Piles of goods taken out from the rear doors and carried several rods from the burning buildings) ou the marsh ground back; were licked up like chaff, and in this way, after merchants supposed their goods were safe, thousands of dollars worth w«re destroyed. Men could only work to save the contents of the buildings, and never did men and women labor harder to help their neighbors than these The wind blew strong and steadily from the south east, and it would have been folly to have attempted to save a bnlding till the fire had ran itself out. Men fell fainting to the ground from exhaustion, to be carried out of the wa.v by their friends.— Others looked with n swady pye upon th» destruction of th,' hard earnings of years, but worked like heroes id save the property of their neighbors. In comparison to~tLe size of the place, there never was so destructive a fire in this country, or a city so completely gutted of all its business houses. The buildings being of wood, insurance was so high, ranging from 6 to 9 per ct.. that but few felt able to insure, and since the burning of thu houses of prostitution there by tbe citiiene. iu February last, and the threats of revenge made by the •occupants, Insurance companies tbat were reliable, have instructed their Vagents there not to take risks upon any terms. One hotel and a few grocery stores are left in the city, bat in lees than twenty-four hours not an onnoe of tea, sugar, or like grocerv articles could be found, and many of the inhabitants had to look to their netghbers, or neighboring villages for supplies No one knows who fired the town, but that it was tbe work of an inc-ndi- ary, there is no doubt As » business point, For an inland town, there is LO better in th" StaU, and in<Jh of means goiuK there uow v can in a short time make a fortune. A BEAUTIFUL PBESEST —We gaw yesterday a superb fishiiig pole, in sections, with reel and fixings complete, on the butt of which was engraved on an inserted silver scroll. •». "PBBSESTED TO E BB.IDGMAA 7 , BV S. Friend & Brother At a token of their regard and esteem " It is just tbe cutest arrangement we ever handled, and if Bridge don't coax trout from the beautiful streams in Minnesota with that rig, i. will be for the reason that somebody steals it in less than two days. lie is a regular liak Walton, and knows by instinc', where to drop a worm or skim a fly, and can tell within a quarter of an ounce the weight of a fish tbe moment he -feels tbe bite, and the handsome present so well bestowed, will not dampen his lore of sport in the least. We have fished with him, and advise all ordinary anglers to go halves with him, when in his company, or precious few will be tbe treat they take, ,if he is any where on the same streamer. At Sparta one day, in four hours, while we were taking 193 of the little speckled fellows, he took 217, in tbe same space of time and his string weighed near fifteen pounds more than ours. He is the only man we ever found yet who could inveigle trout faster than oureelf and we respect him greatly for his skill. If we caj get as nice a rig as his, we Intend to try him another pall soon as the confounded rheumatism makes up Its mind to let us get out MDBIOIPAL CODET-—Saturday, May 14.— The case of S. S. Stringer, for disorderly con duct, was disposed of yesterday afternoon. No evidence wae adduced to sustain the charge, and the jury brought In a verdict of not gull- Thie morning John Belix and Charles George were brought up for drunkenness, and were fined $1 each, and committed for 10 days Bridget Oonners, disorderly, discharged, complainant not appearing Larenus Seebold, disorderly, fined $5 aud costs. Franz Pschur, assault and buttuiy,, lined $2 and costs. Julia Murphy disorderly, dischorged Partick Braslehan, disorderly, fined 85 and costs. The case of tbe State against tbe three boyc, Thos. Me Mao D. John Cooney, and Edward Cline, for larceny, was called up. Complaint was entered on the lltti mat., against these young boys, aged about 10 or 12 yeara, for Breaking into the dwelling of E. Button, Esq., on Van Bur en St. and stealing therefrom various articles. ^ The District Attorney moved to annul the Irst complaint against tbe first two defendants, charging them with burglary, which was ;ranted. Cline then gave bail in the sum of $500 for his appearance before the Grand Jnry at tbe June term, and the other two bore were put upon their trial for larceny, which resulted In their discharge. FAST TIMK ; AHD A HBAVY BET.-The San Francisco National of April 13th, received by tn;e last overland mail at St. Louis, has the following paragraph: " We learn that Thomas Janes, of Buffalo New fork, the head manager of Wells, Fargo & Co-'sjionse, made a bet of $5,000 with Commodore Vanderbuilt, against the latter>8 magnificent f 10,000 span of horses, that the overland mail, with dates of the 21st March, wonld arrive in San Francisco before the passengers by the Niagara'line of steamers landed in this city. Bv the arrival of the overland mail ye!sr ierday, Janes : ;-won the span'of hdrseS. The bet Tres made in the Onion Club, New York. Janes is interested in tbe BatterHeld stage Tiiat large assignee's sale of hardware will -Btill'be oonttaned. at Hood's auction rooms to-morroir morning *od evening. : uot-al ittle interested lu examining & noy«l »£ tioiipj i ivented to enabh carriages, bOggi^and other T ekicles, to turn In a'very narrow spac*, and at the sa&e time to^prevent them from (arntDji oret. The invention U oalled"Lord'g Patent CoupUng tor. Carriages." . We think we hat trd nothing io Buying that .thii oxceli anytlii ig of the kind eTetan r «ite4, as it ueetria" to bf>, iu'every respect/frejafrom oi)jec*ion,»nd serves the purpose* Ihteaded to iatt arlniirable degree,' There is certainly eitraordinary safe, ty in Its combination, which ii tftie tir»ple«4 thtngimagliiaBle. .1 :•'••','•.•-.<.-. ; j With' it studied to any •ordinary boggy, V turn can be efeeted frith ease tind perfect safety, in alleys and narrow streets, and.iivtarn* ing,the carriage cannot be upset or pverttornsij. Mr. Ogdcn, on Spring street, haa a buggy with the patent attached, and we will be very maoli surprised if It does not cotne into general usej. There are many patents value! esi, bat this one, certainly, is almost Inraluable, if It be what jt seems to" be, of whloli fact, hdwefcr, there can scarcely be doubt. •\V« might say more in favor of the article, and rimy notice it acain. hut those who desrre to see it can call ou Mcaei-s, Bell & irrsb, at tbe Walker House, who have tbe right of thi» State for sale. Itcau be attached to old, a* well as new, baggies, and at but littlsi cost. We advlao some man who desires to make a araall fortune easily, to purchase tbe right (o this State. OOONOMOWOC.—Heretofore, very little has been said concerning llw many natural advantages of onr thriving little town. Situated in tbe heart of one of tbe finest grab) growing countries of the West, surrounded by numerous lakes, forming an immense water power, whose waters abound with flab of ihe finest quality, and on whose placid bosom number* le^s flocks of wild docks gees*, whito swan, &j., abound, affording unbounded facilities for tbe sportsman to display bis skill i on the line of the Mil. Wat. & Bar. Val. R R., and only 23 tulles trom Milwaukee, tbe Metropolis o/ Wisconsin, an immediate connection with which, Is not only desirable, bnt of which very few towns of our size can boast. We know of no place in the West, which, daring the summer season, affords each natural advantages for enjoyment to onr city friends, as Oconomowoc. Here, yon can obtain all, if not more, than is found at our fashionablt, watering places. A fine Hotel capable of accommodating a goodly numlier, and under tbe management cf Q. W. Fay, Eeq., who Is acknowledged by those who have onrn broke bread at his bounteous table, to keep tbe finest house outside of Milwaukee. On onr lakes, plenty of fine sailing boats u ever spread canvass to the breeze, can bti found to take parties on excursions to tbe island or different points on ibe lakes. Take it all In all. we must say again; that there is not a more beautiful town In the West, where people mar co i e to rid themselves of the dust and bustle of city life, than Oconomowoc, and we cordially invite those who wish to enjoy rural felicity as it is, to come and try it.— Prtti THE TIOINO.—This stream U doubtless destined to become as tamoua in history as the Rubicon which Ca~sar crossed. It is a small stream rising at the loot of Mount St. Gothard in Switzerland, flowing 'southwardly tnrough Lake Maggoire, and finally emptving into tli.' i'o near Pana During the latter part of ita course it forma the boundary line between Lombunly and Piedmont, and hence its importance iu a imlitary point of view. It it easily crnsinrl and not strongly dtrfen'l-'' is remote frou. of Sardini ulation and strenpiu. and hencse U na'.u. . _. chosen as the most feasible entrance for tbe Austrian troops into Sardinian Territory SHOT HiMSELr — Frant-t? J Q Crusted, a lawyer of NPW Tork city, and the htuliand of Mrs. D^vereux Umsted, who recently publish- | (Hi a novel of American society, shot himself on Tuesday morning with a revolver the ball passing into tbe right ear, and causing instant death. He leaves a young widow »nd two children. The jury wer» unable to decide whether the shooting was the result of accident or design. COMBTERC1AI,. r I*' 'E 1 VIE w ' • :• - r. : tJFIIOX DAlr.TSKW8,J ilnnnand haa been Terr «lo§e. tl*ntanlog «WB UMBaaka bat Mop to 2- the *etk, but *tUl A» :*i*«;liu^ fcj no «i«ui» been ' Th« : 'tjHnpBtj >-'-IB', ! Ifcr jnoBey ma«k«t rU^li w««ediltkil»lMrolnf by anAdnuica of rateal per e«ae. at lilt c*nld be ok ilUbU f«.itel*He Ku'been nk«l to- pteMjr: • IjJBre»diWfflriher«ki»t>Ma»tood aottre buinsci ;d6ue,.m ; p«t'y on ipe«al*tlo»,'«t:i)ricei cosjmsjftc ,fl.4»for co'anlryijranili orfloat on llondiiy, end tfcjou'fK Ihe w«ek onui?r)d»y,«ti£inome of' the na« brands brought 7,85. ^At thf 4^5* O f transactions at tbe.Cfbimbsr of Ooainerce on;frld»y,one lot of 200 bbli of Stone Mills we» sold for 7,76; being the maximum price for Spring, »t wklch Bgore a almllar lot was dlipoied of on Saturday • OlheV .brands on 8atard»y •offered a decline of 25o. oae° small lot of 125 bbli of White TVin'er brought 8,00 on 'Friday; there h> I, how- over, been very little Winter dljpo»td of. The sale* of Spring up to f rdlay nlghtlitched abont 26,000 bbto, ai fa ai w* coo d learn. In Wheat the bulnto Jiwb«en quite brisk and price* row rapidly fiom L,4S (or R«.' I on Monday, to 1,41 for the tame kind on Thursday, waen a- decline of Ic waa experienced, although other kinds were sold at an a*- vanwoq Friday; bit tbey were mostly email lot* for milling purpoiet . No. 1 «eUln» io large qoantltMJCW !,«<>.' On Batnrdiy a further decline tookplae • an) stoT 1 waa told at 1,84, making a declii e of Ac from toe highest price. The aggregate e»lee for the week, at « as ire l.a\ e been able U}learn,.foc4.up to nearly 104,000 btu. The complexlo i of next week i m .rkets will depend upon tbe advice* by the next i:eamer. .ill I \ratattee Ukol<«iale JUsjrkei, Freight* -unchanged. Ib» »j*r. A. Bndlfy c>e«rn- ed io-rl»j wit i 9,698 boj *te»!' for St. Catharine* at prerloui prlctt. Also the Prop. Mohairk with l,143,bn( wkert and H,dDO baa at Oali, and 1 14» bbli flour at preTiou rates. Flonr — dull and £3^3fc .o»er. galei 800 bb'i White Wliitrr 8,00 f o b. at Sheb'»c«r, Western Star Ul:ls; tO> do M ,dtton City at 7,»; ZL-O bbM Bton. HU1< at I,T5; 890 di M>l<rauke» M Hi at !,«)-,» do Extra at T,»; 16 dg Kje (lour at 6,24. Wh'e.t— doll and So lo*-r S«lrt 1 or 1 ad N u 1, 1,35 Ic • on! 6,000 but No 1 r o b., 1,:5; 1,000 do No. 1 '. t. b., I'M; 200 d i rery E«tr« HilUnf 1^«; 1,000*o No. 1 f. o. b., 1,8!,. Oati— lower, ^alu 8UO boi «t 68; 700 do > t M. Barlcjy— it tdj> gain 117. l*ft fair. t> ml Corn— uDchanjed P»bi 60 bu< ibelle* at 88 Ho(7»— tbe market for hope has been steady for tome Ume, prlcisbtre been uniform al the following figure* . For KM tern ISc per Ib aoJ for Home growth 10((&12c. Jefferson County fur^lifaes • large quantity which goes to supply our Oitj Brew rrle*. "Best i Co., use about fcO tbs weekly, a goodly portion uf which cornel froc Jefferson Oonnty. T-<no;ny — l.Sij^l IK) Rats NEW APyipTISBMENTS. 'L4GGRBEER OF THK BE A BON, RKPORTEP FOR THE DAILY At THE Mattera. WASBINOTON, Way 14 Tbe Herald's Washington corrpspondeiic sayatbat Mr. Dallas, oar Minister ar. London has iDformwI llw Department of Sfatf of fli. disapproval by England of tb* treai/'an.l T-A-ZOIl. —* r YOU NG 'S HALL -• of ' MHNQMONEE HALL. II V T i' >.' TURNF.l; •fJ.TY negotiatedfiy Sir WilliamGor« Ousl--y, j At Young's Hill, Tu-.tUy F •/•? Jfl.iy 1 mt • !.„.«- ?__.__ »__•«• . J ' OS Monday, I6tb. CUT Co»rra-u.u') Omci, i Contract Department, M»y IB, l»t». f and that they bav« f lr va him peremptory orders, to proceed to Nicaragua and couclnd.- a treaty In accordance with instructions. lavlswof. oar unsettled affairs with Chili, t? '. fUsmer Mississippi is-r«tnrnlD« from the East Indies, and the Lancaster. Wyoming and j I#vaat on their way out, will touoU at tb» ; ports of tbat country. Ther« Is no truth In the report that Com Bre«ze)J3 to be transferred from the N-w York Turd. He win r-- F9IO(. It » Tl T| I 1 — iVentu 2 ^lasir i — D*tti« cleanlag, repairing and doting iew»r, on Tamar-ck streft. In the second waril of (he City of MiUanlee from Fifth sWfrt totbtrlTtr. Bids mtat state «T'« per lineal font for chtntDff, and price per llae\l foot for repairing, with old a»d hew. material. naylB-dtt I VS.. fiARDlNEH, CUT Cbwtaoujs'B Ornci, i Contract frpartm-nt, May 15, igjo. f proposals wm be received at thla office until Friday, *»y 20, lb». at H o'cloc* a m fo» • 9 £? following described wor« in the 24 ward of ike City of Milwaukee, T t: S 7ioU- gutters by relaying old stone, and farbjjhln'c new stone where required A so for construe -.mi n- w plank crosa walks, »nd Tor repairing old, and laying new ! stone gutters; on cros-ln^s. rraposale must siate t»e ' price lepaiately, as follows. s>o m nch for taking up •nd reUylnro'd plant—for famishing ntw P u n k per lineal tooi «r relaru^ 014 sutler.- and fWlahlne; new •tone pe^r a<ja«r» j»rd—<br cBmlr.cuojr cmrvalu POT Monti feot—:?r eonairaetini; fotter*. end repalrlnc tut- ters on ci 1 aunga, p-r mjuire ya d. maylB-dtt E. L'd. UAltulJfBB, Comptroller disapproval of pr uf the per . V B \V . Liquors — hlgfawtafi firm it Mt, ahliLey at 2aj Fura — drclibe I further a: J • molt n.i»* eab e S'S; U Ll 1>>; Coo ni SgjtiO, U,rli D . The ne* s from the Eai 11 rtr/ dltiitrooi a* «1 the pe&rancei ere Tor a lUtl furthT decline Wood — aawrd and ipllt, hard, 4.6U, ro>r<d not lawed 3.50 for hard. Cement— S,00; 2,75 by tbe qu«m.»j Stucco— ginJuikj 2,2S; M chlf»n2,&u Land Plasle — 1,40 and 1,30 by quantity Lime 60c per bbl Lumber — <xoU£do lumber fl'c. &i $]#, M do <] tnd boards ?J3. 2d plaak $91; ciear bou-di av, plank 83, alb S, '0548,00, thlngles vairauted •TT) IJHEftirF*« SAL: STATE OF WlgCOVHV, l Circuit C0orr, Xllxaakee Co I Andrea UltriieU, | agalat ; Jaba Cooper and \ ygr^-cloeure an.1 «ai. Marloo Coojer. J I If virtue af and paraoant to a Judgment rmdered In the etxire entttlert action, dat«d April So LSJ9 I ehall eipose for sale and sell at Public Auction 'at the Poll-Office. In the City nt ««•»;»„««, oo l«», at the noor of 8 r. u., of that day, the folfotTng described mortgaged premisea, or so mnch thereof as may be Deceeeary to raise the amount of said jadfrment, lnlere«t » n< t «< rs, together with expenses of sil<, tB« follow Bf, to wit • "All that rjle<-e or parcel ot land iltualc io tho County of Mllwaakre and Sta'e of WiKon.m, known aod described as ine west half of the norm west quarter of lection ilSI, lorn six |6j, r»nnt twentrouc [71], containing r l-,-j. two acrel, «cco 'i|r? to ihe i mted <l«tea -ur. •ey, excepting one b»lf acrr le«Ptd by John and Marlott Oof*p-r or or« of th«m lo-shyol Blstrict No.sli(«|, In he Town of Urtecfield Mllwaut e 0<nmty Da'ed £hrrtir< Office, Wllwtutn Mty 14- )as CP ^V * h V JIi *' \ * J I-» V OWOBTHT. ma>16-«m-llniw ' " ' " '* - Some time ago, tbe French Consul at New Orleans Was arrested on a warrant from the Recorder, for » misdemeanor IBr harboring a deserter, bat was not kept In confinement. The Becorder, afwr objection being to the legality of the arrest, dismissed case. Count Sartii^s. the Fr*r>ol! mirmt*r hno or, has demanded Kttigfaclion for i tion of the Consular Convention. France and the United Sta emment ba-^ avowed its arrest and its vlllin^nvsa to :»ki< measures to vindicate th« sanctity treaty Later From > Olirarala. N»w YokK, May 14. The Steamship Star of the W.^t arrived this morning from Aapinwall, with California m.i Is and dates to the 30ih of April Shr-l-'t \ <- piowall on the 4lh, and tourii-d nt ftr.-fi, on the 9th. Sb« brings nearly i mnli"n in I a half in »pvci«. She ruporta a rumor at Aeapuiou tti- Liberals had tak-m all lh^ Citj of M^xi"o -i cept the palace She brings 250 passant;,' n«ws of interest haa been autu' Orleans. Thu San Frunclsco ni*rkn iva., ;,ji, glutU-d with E^uit^rn produ<-» A largo namber of uucuon jal,-s ,>i » .1 dry giods, boots and stioea, nod ^ruo^r'-- taken pbce donn« th» fortni<Lt M,, n v , ket easy and active Mining account.-* ^UDUIIU^ froiU'Hin Weather favorable both for igr.. uuur. irnoi the i jihm ja UQIDJ pur ta Later from {Havana. NlW 1'OBK U-, I- Ilj« Of-:.. 2—L»oXf.o. 3—Herman o*r f I— U* 2—Bn -Ml.! V " if n,- ^:l I tl -J'- P18Oil I. Distribution ot' TO Bfl MILWAUKEE « O U C T; ALBANY HAL Frid;»> i '. ^ AH i,'aii Mpaled ri f h« STSJ .sHF.mrr' STATE OP WUCUN'.SIN Circuit Oouru Mllwauk^^ p^. u Jo*n Keil r, ) Thomas GutvaJd, Jos-pha OciwaJd. ' Adam Orth, , Toepfer Wenirl. J I N Irtat «f anJ i Stll ••ALE. ( Ju.l. -> D» 1 at Pub- Id Court, lo the abort entitle i camber 81, las, 1 until expose fortilo lie Auction at the P at-Offlc- onth« ,-.. i n »n<! Ml'waukee strce s. In the city .f M .wto^~ on Hstturday. Ibe Zrttbdnwof AU.TU.I l«°, at the hoar of 2 p. > uf ih.i .U r , "- rm losrlng deiC'lted mw>;ed yrtmim ot io much 'h-rf- of » maybe n«-ce»»arr to rattc t»- arr.c uni n' .»i.| Judnnar.t, Interest and c.-.»;i. toij.ther » id \h- tTp>!,.n of sa ! e, the foflo^'ns real e-t\t* l i wf "All that piece r.r p-vr d .f land illu«>s in n. c County •ftlllwaukre «nd ;i au if Plate • W', cdfiiin, anown and described •• the t -utri - *it quarter of the n*vrth east q : »r\ r it nc- f- • thirty six ;30., t iwn -isht.i'. rar.jf- t»-n one [21j, ^onta Oln^ •--,« m re or f" D»'rf S'l.rlfi Officer. Ml».uk-ir. Slav u, i-") t\'9s Att'/e I >,-j Mil.'. H • Havana dit^s of ihe 8th HJH lsatj>-l of Cnark-Hlou Fr^ <. hautfc^ firm ten. i'Di^ up^va) •! prupi Her* fall uf pasJ-nrf^ri . t,! ' '»pe May and ^appn^'j to U- ri. ' > 4team (rigate was l^spatcli-1 ill Pope Pliu I.X. cre<iit, mention thai rumor* w-r- 7arlOQ5 portions uf l^ily, '.fiat ttif br compell-il to Lake r-fu^^ in r . :. ' i.'ur M. Dinars >t Rjme dad .V-ijj it as highly probalil-, owinz t.) '. s ni-*rn u,,i „, !,..< i." two V a Mr r \! i Ku-s-1. in- n '.'I- "d' i-ath f ' pri; >/ • iU^ L. HALI FAX Vi.v j^y, goo-1 lo crashed JoJJllH , criub- llH. poirjered do (C) , r<rCnrJ yellow (A) t^; Sugan— comtaoo^ to fafr "> loaf doable reftrve I 11'; lt.'» Mii; p.i*Jere.l A .. reflted rellon (O-j Ui refined yellow (B) i*. Coal — Lehlgh ».03; 8alja<rTiil- &,<n, gcraz.^n *^W-, Briar Hill 0,00; New C.itie 4.00, O&onci Covl 8,0 J; OIa»«barg n ,00 ^» 50 Wt make the following qaota<ioos • Wheat— No 2 Spring M'beal 1J25, No 1 fp.\a t «h«l 1,30 offered . No. ~( Kxira Spr'.air Wtyftt i 1,43-, Cub Mil.Ing Vlb-al I,4i2>l .'-0, eiua. Bed 1,SO^I,'6, VVlnur Vlllluj WhU? Bys— 1,10. Barlej— T« S8»J «tf t.mvt STATE OF WISJCOKH Clrcvit C^nrt, .Mi'w^uiei 1 C Evbcn Mciuie^ an l t Bofc^ri » Mci i. .ir, :*urTl Ing pw. -n .f , tbe fir r •»' M-- .- , I j , c ,1 th- p I N • rtrta« of E.UI.- i J-.1 I ' I r of nt. \VOKIHS t \VOIC 11S ! I A great many learned treatises hare been writ ten, explaining the origin of, and classifying the worms generated In the human syst«m. Scarcely any topic of medical science has ellected more acute observation and profonded research ; and yet physicians art very mnch divided In opinion on the tubject. It mnst be admitted, however, that, after all, a mode of expelling tbeie worms, and purifying tbe body from their presence, Is of more valne than tbe wisest disquisitions as to tb* origin. The expelling agent has it length been found— Z>r. WLane't YirmifiLQt, prepared by Fleming Br s. ka the much sought after specific, and has already super Reded all other worm medicines, Its efficacy being unl rersatly acknowledged by medical practitioners. gf^T" Purchasers will be careful to ask for DR. M'LANE'S CELEBRATKD VERMIFUGE, manufactured ty PLEMiKO BBCB. of Pittsburgh, Ps. All other Vennlfn es In comparison are worthless. Dr. M'Lane's genuine Vermifuge, also his celebrated Urer P.Us, can notr be bad at all respectable druff stores. Xont Qmviite without the tiffnatvrt of [1] m.yl2-dA-»lm FLEMINU BROS. Iil*tIB<»<.UT A.^U HOUFLANU. WHICH Is tbe greatest? While tbe one hasexpVorod tr,e a most Inaccessible mountain rejzlons of South America, and added largely to our geographical knowl* edge, the other has given his attention to the mitigation of human suffering, and In his Invention of tbe fa- moon GermaL Bitters, known In tbe country as "/Too/- fand't Bitten," has conferred an Invaluable boon upon mankind. Dyspepsia. Liver Complaint and Nervous Debility are «p«dlly and permanently cured by ihli remedy. For sale by druggliti and dealers In medicines everywhere, at T6 cents per bottle. mayl2-dawlm Fire E»ep:irlnieut i\otice. THE Btfreral F'tre 'ompanles, comprtstDg the Milwaukee Fire .Department, will cnevt on Main street, between Wisconsin and Michigan streets, on Monday, May 23d, at t o'clock p. v , for general Inspection and review. may 14 'i BOa. H. EV1STOM, Chief tcgln-cr. CIRCOIT oooar, i Ooonty of Milwaukee. | Peter J. Ilotallng, PlsJntllT, against Ellab JU. Joslln, eummons for Belief. Paulina B. Joltln, (Com. not served.) Juames V. Ureved, George W. Blsbop and Wllllum P. Tonng, Defend'u. State of Wisconsin, to fie above name.I dc/«ndanls, Ellab M. Joslln and Paulina B. Joilln : Y OC are -hereby summoned and required to an- <wer the complaint In this action, which will bs filed In the office of the Clerk of tbe Circuit Court, County of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint on the subscribers, at their office In the City of Milwaukee, wlta- In ninety days after the service of tbls summons on you, exclusive of the day of such service ; and If yon Tall to answer the said complaint within the time aforesaid,the plaintiff In this action will apply to the Court for the relief demanded In tbe complaint. Dated April 12, IBM. CPHAM 4 GRAHAM, Plaintiff's Attorney*. The above mentloaed complaint was filed April U, 18S8, la the office of thi Clerk of said Court, at MUiran- kee, Wisconsin. Dated April SI, KS9. DPHAM A GRAHAM, apr22-law6w , - : Plaint fl"» Attorneys. OIBOUIT OO.OBT, I Milwaukee Oonnty. J N. George Clark, Plaintiff, against Oharlei 1. Kerthaw, .Jeue'H. Leavenwonh, Merrlck Murphy, John T. I'erklDS, John Planklnton, John Ogd.n, Lindsay Ward, Lyman P. Swift, James U. Rogers, Receiver ortheOermiinle Bank of (l«o. Pap- enalcki Oo.,J harlei B. Curtis, John O. Meyer, Wil- Hani John Hoe, Charles Kuehn, Oeorge B. Mintr, Cyrus D. Davia, Jamei Haribaw, Defendant!. Tbe State of the above named defendant! X 7 00«arc hereby summoned and reqn'red to answer J.: ttie complaint in thle action, which ii filed In tbe office tit tbe Ulerk of said Court, and to «ert« a copy of youranawertotheaMdcotoslalnt,on the aub»crtbrj» at tbelf office, NOJ 8 end 4, Albany Batldine, MQtrao^ kee, Wisconsin, within twenty days afsTtie serrlee hereof.! «reloaT*', day of auch service: andrf you fall to answer the said complaint wlttiln the time aJoresald, the plalntllt In this action win apply to tbe OourtIbrUiereUef,deinaod*d In theoomplainiC -:^~- Wlinrsi : the Honorable ARTHUR ItoiR I —•- -,•••: THDB, Jnofte of the.ClrquJi Ooio for *»ld •{BBAL • .-.- Cottnty of Milwaukee, at Mnwaukee, this I -y- I - thirtieth day of March, In the »ycar one ; . • '•; thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine . • IIOOKIB 4 BPANOK.NBEEQ, apr« ^lla*#w Fl'Uff'a AJt'y., Milwaukee, WU, Corn — 90^82; corn (tu ) Kgg«— 9c, plenty. Butter— 12Q4S, dull Potat <es — 60&6S Hides— green 6]f; lulled , 4r; U^IS. >be»p pelt* ft Beans K nil road liccclpi* BIODPTS at L»C«o33i 4 MiLwicm Eiaaoic.— 8.181 bos whaat; 1,661'do oaf; o» do potatoes; 810 i bis floor; 12 lacls do; 2i bbU errs; 1.4S3 Ibt hide*, 2 bead catt e; 42,793 Ibi luodrtee. Rn'liyra vr Mn^var/s^a A M mertfttrri fiaiLaoaD.— 14,01. bos wheat; StO i!o 17 do oorn; 4> bba egT«. 10,zl3 Ibs sundries. Riccrra ar MiLWiom t Ho»ico» IUILSOIB.— 1.867 bai >heat; 1 914 d > oair, 5ifl do poutoes, 62 do corn, 40bb's B mr; 4 Jo eiri; 9,051 IU saodri.e; 1^00 do h'ds*. l.nke Itccelpla. Liii liipoata DrtwoTHS rirrT»i5TT.foB» HOCKI.— 85 cords b irk; 50 bn fruit; M bbti land piasie-; 28 t mds; 71 cord* wood. Lao ExrORTB Dcaiao ras riAT.rwsjrrT-rooa eocsa.— 8 I radz; 13.699 bus wrest; 13,000 do; U bbisVhlj. «fy; 1M green hldcsj 148 dry do 80 bb's su- dr.i«; 181 pVttS no. ahlpraeotr of Hour and Whest durtcg tb« week — Plour 1,849 Bhls; Whejt 04,000 bci. A li Nsw Toss., May 14 flour -ttie market dull , n d common grades ess er; sales 9 r »o bblsj at 6,«fta<»« ( 78 for. •aperttnt sute; T^SjJ. 6« for extra stale; «,00®6,73 for superflnr western.! ,20af,70 for common Io goo.l extra western; T.OOa',") for do rnntid h^op Ohio. Uarket closing heavy. O.ntdlin flour nominal at 7.BO@8,*S -or common to choice extra. RT« flour— firm si 4.84®i,00. Who t— dull and at the clos* and hea»y and droop- ins-. salrs 20000 Bus at 1 00 for nnaound Chi spr ng; 1,76^1,80 for winter red western 1.85 for ubit. •„. tern. Bye — quiet at 95397 Barley — qnle>; salu 1,800 bu common state at 89 Stockt— 2d board lower. I O bonds 81; LaO land grants 17; Canton 18V; P u S3; I U to; 8 80; N Y 0 73, M A M o>»-j M C S<x ; o « o 61 ; O < T t «<: O * B B 60. merchandize by Lake. £y Steam* CUreland— B. <t U. £. f. Foa Pu ozi i« tis CUT — tePerr- 4 Orteo, AB Tan COM, Blair * Pltrson, Waliord A Bro, uradlej A Metcalf, BO Chamberl. In, Bsssctl A Chapman, empire Biorr, Henry S B>own, J J Mcurath. James Bonnel , J W Jncobte, J U Blc*. Uewald A, U Bosworth, J U Warner, 0 T Helm A Co, Q C Bterens. Foa Pcaioin ui TB> Corarar.— K t Beruberg, s P Coudlng, ] Contents', LaCroe e; Nelson Toung, Wino. na; it 'jrembull, Madison; Ch-»tell A T. fc Kmg, 8 K rutman, J R Campbell, Lathrop A Paul, Cooms A Bro, St Pan): Bnell, Humelton A Of, D H Sexton, Berlin; Isham A fon, D.levau; B Rorsenberg, Racine; J 8 Ml.- lard, Markeian; Prumtnona A Co, tont da Lie; Mary Allartus, Bank; U Mills, Columbus; Winchester, teWolf A to. WhltewatCT: J Arnold, Portage City; J B Bmltb, Fox Lake; W Volkat>an, R Lord A Hen, Watertown; M HSmthA Oo, Janesville; R Fottl A Son, Burlington; Johnson Barrttt, Wankeiha; W. W Foster, Kenoihs; o Ga risen A Co, Central a; A 0 Lathrop, Wautoms; Worth * Gar), Ha tings; i 8?hoeoman, Hor coo, Walber, Monieta, Minn. MARINE RECORD. 1859. P*rt of ITlilwankee...... Kitty 14. ABB1VE0. St -r fflty of aeTe?aB(l,-Fqttler, Granit Haren. fitmr 'Clereland, Pobgal.Qracd Baten. HmfeHtH* BniltailwoBltert. Bear Fwinw A Floys tonr, Bandnaky Baj,«V5 cord. wood *5 do bark.. Prop Bnekeye, BOOSKB, Ohlea«o, V) bis frolt Bchr Belle City, Wolf RITW, wiUlams, 8,000 tlea, 12 U hlaile*. ' : " ropoi«ir»r,,. Stmr City of Oieralanil, SqWer, Grind Haveo, QO bbl« , :.,. landpUster. .• • Btmr OlerelaDd, DongaT, Qrtni Hares. < Scbr tab Hawk, Thompson, Bbtb -ygaa if cordi wood Bebr W*yn t . Perdlnaod, '""'" ~ ' Btmt TraTeler, Prop Qalfna, gttele.^in'alo, 2 j*g» tandrle'. Sebr A Bradley, Young, t* Oatfcjrtrjes, • 6»3 baf wheat. Prop Buckeye, firnman, Ogdeosburgh. -i -_ Stmr OMelle,B«tlin(Two Kiwi, 14 bb'J whlkex, 168 , : or-en hWes, I« dry do," W Ml* «jnurte», l»t PrOB^awkVphe»li.Btiftlo,I,lttbn» wheat, 18W) Ezecutlon. ruary .',, I5i9, I -b»ll i l>c Aacron af the Pgat-OtQcr S'O and Milvaukev *t/« u. n. LI- < ••n *Blur<ln), liie I 11 h 1W, at the botfr of -t f A ..f 1 lo uirapl^f liO BrTlsvi !>i»i,it-i. '-< •*Mectianlci and o he. i, ' nil i~ « < ^l. ->l the BtHjre njtme<i defeodaui .1 property on tb* 5th day of Fcl<- .« "* certain bulldlnc >ituate • :«0 f>2], lh block one hunu. i ' i. 'A'. Weei', subd". > vwt quarter of sectma dfe • Ihe City of Mllweu-ee. >, lb« iaid deteoiiafit In and < 134. on the Oth 6ay of r^hro i, Dated Sheriff 'i Office, 14U »• • ViacHtv, LT»DS t Miu.ta, / Pi'lTi AU'yl | aprl- In w*w Sjsr^ Th« abor« eale Ii b«4eb; postponed t.j »Murd«y ihe llth day of June, lSi», at ihe larae p,ac< and :to, ofdty Da eJ fberf s 09ce, Ht'vaakee, M«v 14, iw. «»»16 Sb'ff. Mil. Co., w'u 8351 SMtMtlff'S s M,F.. >e«v. SIATS OK WISCONSIN, | OUcultCourt,Wlwau^eeCoaaty ,' The Globe Bant, 1 j afalnei | ' Daalel B. •Icbards, I Qarret, f Jseper Vile* and | John B. Smith. J B T Tlrtut of an execut on .ssued fram said Court, In the abore antltled action, to me directed and dellT- errd against the personal and real property of thr above BAizted defe dants, 1 bav^ seised and levied on the foUowlnf real er<ate, b Ing >nd t*lng lo the City of Milwaukee, County o( Mllwa^k^e and SKI; of Wisconsin, tn wit: "Situate In Ihe north east quarter of section 17. tow . T, range 23. beglsntni at tbe south east corner of laid quarter ejection; running alons the east llbe of said quarter section norti to * point ojll chalaa sonth of tbe north eut corr.»r of said quarter section, being the south east corner of (and conveyed ny itld klccardt to one Chnttopber S loepf; thenre with louth line of saliland eeuTeyed to itebioepf »••« to a point 8tO feet east t>f mldule ot &re<n Bay road; tbence loutb luo feet; ihrnce w,-at Mo feet to middle of Ore' n Bay-road; thence along the middle of said road south te the south line of ea>ld quarter section; thence west a>nne; laid south 11 e of said q -alter section to beginning, containing about 84 acrea, being on th« cast side of the Green Bay road. Also the followln* reai eetate eltnte In ih« ss^d north east Quarter of section 17, town 7, range 22. beginning al north east corner of said quarter section; thence west with Lortb llfte of said quarter section 20.24 chains to middle of Green Bay road; thence sonth along middle of said road 4:36 chains to north west corner of land conveyed by Daniel H Richards to Chriuoib Bchloepf; tbence west along north line of said land to eau line of sal d quarter section 23.24 chains; thence north 4 28 chains to beginning, being about 19 acrrs, aud all thi right, title and Interest of the said defendant or either of them In and to the said premises and appu'tentnces on the tenth day of October, k>W, or alaee acquired thereto." -'Whichsaid property as aforesaid, I shall expose for sate and sell at Pnbllo Auction, at the Pen-Office, In the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, tbe I4ib day of .'lay, 1S69, at ti o hour of 2 r. u , of that day, to satisfy >,ald execution, together with expenses of sale. Dated Sheriff's Offlcej,, March 28,1S63. ?UCBU, LT»o» * MniJl, I A. J. LANOtVOaTH V, . H'ffs Att'ye. f Sh'ff. 1111 Co., Wis., martt-lawCw UP Tre above sale ss hereby postponed to Bator- day, tae 23th day of day, 1839, at tbe aame place and time nf day. ' Date4 SbertC'e Office, Milwaukee, May 14,185'J. •ayU tt'ir. Mil. Co., »'u. to W «li; n»-i. 'Ti ; as far a-i P.i:i.irm J.,i,!j Lad l-ilraj-. ^ Ifspatfti.-' : urii»-t.t ha 1 r-lchr-d N OTIC; >. m C'.Mrr ( 1 . I1HK I . l 0 th » h« i 'ast 21 ft iv je of E 4 W 19 of «. Mi 8 fc L..' 1 i-l li 1 CHARLES y LJ T I N jt CO N SU. front I 13 S 20 of N 40 c » n N U front I 11 N2U of 8 80 NSO of 8 40 380 Iu fi • 1 }OU .'U l.*5 40 f 5" I - O « M > • • rt . il { '.'. i . \ I \ I "> J;j If IV ' i- j; r.j • h NEW BOOKS —AT- TERKV 4c CLEAVERS. 1ST XAST WATfS STBEST. OAETH'S Tnreto tn Oantral Alrlck, 1 roL, abrl<lc*J- Sj LlTlngrtoa's Trartlj io Soatbern Africa, 1 T«I. Bpwergedoi Sermooa, Srh sjgrlsja. ffigher Chflftlan Life. KEW JUVEBilt* PUBLISHED BY OAKTKKS. A UOB AM> DOLPHD3. A Aunt Judy's Tales. Parabltt from Natare. Mote* In M>* Sao Beam. Fanny, tbe Flower Girl. OncWaokthsr Fault Killer. Fotsalaby • ! TERBTACLEAVEB, . UT Kaot Watast. ; | NOTICE THE INSPECTOR Of FISH, A PPOITKJ) by the Common Coanetl «r the OHi «f ^VMllwaaiej. In panunee of An Act of iheUjtkra. wej. n panuee o n Act of iheUjtkra. tare, approTe4 Match U . ViW, heteb,T clrea no«le» thit he li noir fornlshtd with tbe p.oper w«i(rku aed sraatft for tb* due pirformance of thw d«»It« «f Wa oBe*. ' By Iba raid j^Aet' H Is made tho dutf of »J1 pertona dealing In fiih to (trwneilot to the I»p*etaf a»n««« th* M»e duly ta»j>e,-t«d and tr«nd«<l bttar* paokUf. M'.SmHh «ll be found al tbe Ne^n WK*HOU* fl« ajxn. iohn, jrartcnj • BOB, Sooth Water »U, WtUat^ Poltit, •where an notice* are no.aer.ed to fe« l«lt. MUwa<kee,:lUyT,I85». • - • ' ' • • • JOHN SMITH. •»r, tnetore, lb> nle. utroif 1 riAnir«im a H Middle H S X R 80 of 8 SI W 30 of K 60 of S >j N S ofBX of E 80 N X of K S c is II .* :* 'i 10 i; N 20 of E 90 S 30, K ot N IU < 8 JO of E »'l 840 NX illddle H K X of K M W X at K K E X H'ddl. i E «u 39 m «7 LAiEST STYLES u ill H A 12 n * 19 114 12 1 •i I 117 217 118 40 :46 20 M3 10 WWof EttotWM K SO of W120 I 80 of W 160 K DO of W ISO K 10 of W 810 w H w* » " -JIU 00 io •• saa so U •• 4S6 9u 1*2 SI Ml) 1X1 1 ft 2 >• ijO UU 1*1 •• 2SO 00 1 * » " 2SU OU l * S •• xso no 1*2 " 'ISO "0 8 ' •• 9SO "0 4 " 1.J80 00 0 " «81 50 « , •• 1 980 00 1 30 i 100 00 t " 8,081 10 t 19 1650 00 4 " 1^6300 11 * U 1> 317 TO 11*12 « 21710 1 16 873 It) Iff .84 »a 00 • •• n oo '« - _ n TO • - 66 «0 10 " 1080 •• : It « iB 4900 • . U i -:•• ,< ". 18410 •-»'• 1 . J> ai oo .* —i -••• • v. • MOO - . 1 - - -I* ..1400 ' J» "' 86 i? X. I'B. SAJU)Taxi,Comat4Uei. DUT TON'S! H i PAPER WAREHOUSE H;»3il<»; <), •A Co., .LATE UAREIJON. a.\.<iriiai> .4 *;•>.) co H AVZopeued K» \lb'my Block, Michigan Jtratt. op polite riewhali llfos-, i Ur.... «ock of Back, Jfttc*, Cater. I'otarMi asul Envelope Paptn. Aloo, Ittlgur Puffin, Pint Cnp» t jfolla Post, Letter a-ntl AVu Papers, M'hlch "1F1 be sold r»ry low. Constant additions w.u bamoii* to T^..: .iiot:k tu meet tho waots of the trade. fjg~ Printers antl others are InTtteU to aall Mid «• inL 1 ?* our stock aa<1 prloeu. »pr!8

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