Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 16, 1888 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1888
Page 2
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: MONDAY, JANUARY Evening Gazette. o Per T K R 31 H ! «.fc..lO ct«.l ORMVEBRD BT OARIUKB. MOXDAY. JAN. IB, Igsg. WE ACTUALLY hear that one man in Illinois isn't a candidate for Governor. His name (a Payson and he is in Congress. But then he may bo just fooling; as Crcsar was when Marc Anthony offered him the kingly crown on the Iiupercal. Better ask him over , so as to make certain. SMALL POX is doing for the Chinese out in San Francisco what the Anti- Chinese bill conldn't do, viz., making them go rapidly—to Chinese heaven. This fell disease, now so little feared by civilized peoples, is fairly wiping them out, thrir medicines and treatments having no effect upon the loathsome malady.- THE FORTY-FIHST Regiment Kentucky troops claims that it was never mustered out of the service, and its survivors are now holding a meeting at Covington for the purpose not only of .taking steps to be mustered out, but also to colle ^t from Uncle Sam pay for these twenty-one years since they stopped fighting. Each survivor, private, would be entitled to 83,588, if the claim proved good. The colonel Is alive and he is pushing the matter. GEOBQE WASHINGTON said in the first days of the republic that this government must afford, at some time protection to American industries. While men are denouncing what tai iff _ la doing for the country, let none forget that it at leaat gives this government all the revenue it needs, and more, also. Most of denunciation of public measures comes of the fact that they deplete the treasury; but tariff gives us lota and lota of money,— some eighty millions more than the country has been able to spend. Incidentally we may say that Tammany Hall does not endorse Mr. Cleveland's message. "IN UNION is strength." In earlier days j-Esop's Fables were much more frequently read than now, and one' of those fables tells of an old man who called his boys together and showed how strong was a bunch of sticks made fast together, and how easy it was to snap them when separated. Now, our upper dam, project .here is a case of union, of strength. It would not be possible for one man to undertake so great a project, but it is very easy for our people to combine and effect the object. It is really the first instance of concerted action on the part of our people since it is a city, and will have, when accomplished a prodigiously happy effect upon the future of our city. It will encourage citizens to unite together in other enterprises and will be the means of inspiriting them In divers ways. • Conscious strength is the best strength always. To have done a commendable thing, id to do other commendable things. If the dam did not bring a factory here from abroad, it would serve to' induce, men here at home to build factories, and '' €>• —Jim Fryberc: o r n'Rompanlert Dnp- tity Sheriff to Morrison JSatur- <: .y ainl was tin; firr-t to Rut at the hvsj house ami KIP flr*t mm to pet at t?i" fire nt Mrs. Ely's yesterday morning. Jim is as'wide awake a tallow aa one finds in a nine-mile journey. —When weather is vory cold, one observes that a man in walking makes a crunching noise with bla feet. He will observe, too, the same phenomenon in the revolving wheels of a vehicle. This proceeds from Jibe sudden coming together of snow-crystals and their f reez. ing and in science Is termed regelation- —Harrisburg, as upper Sterling was first named, was named for a Captain Harris, who actually came up to the city in a steamboat, and received as part payment of the provisions he sold, a half Interest in the entire town. Had the old gentleman held on [to his property until that upper dam la built, he would be able to sell out and live handsomly upon the interest on his money. —The Kockford Register says the election for judge should be held at once; also that all lawyers, including Judge Brown, so wish it. The Galena GAZETTE on the contrary declares that all the lawyers who wish it held at once, have an ax of some kind to grind. Judge Bailey-wishes it. postponed for some reason, and is early at work providing judges ahead for various terms in the district, that the necessity for an immediate election may not be so great. —Last Saturday evening Mrs. Fanny old woman living in the First Ward, was killed, her breast being pierced by the brass, tipped thill of a cutter, while she was riding with a railroad contractor named Mr. O. C. Hamllin. About 7:45 in the evening ou their way home from a drive in the LINCOLN'S EARLY LIFE. COL. JOHN G, NICOLAY GIVES A LETTER WRITER 60ME POINTS. How "Uncle Ab«" Bore Rlnuelf Dnrin the Grant Campaign of I8OO— His Fob. Ho Reception* at the THilt* Home tn War Times, fonng Xlcolay at 14 wna thrown on hf? own Btrcnirth nnd skill for a living. H ecrved & year In a country store nt $4 . month, then secured the position of diabolical adjunct in a printing office. He went first to the broom, then to the roller then to the ciise, then to the desk, am beginning aa "devil." became editor proprietor. Afterward, while rending low, he became a clerk in the office of tho secretary of state of Illinois, and there, in !So7, among the politicians and story tellers gathered around the roaring lof flre, he first made the acquaintance 01 Abraham Lincoln. There, too, without a suspicion of Lincoln's coming fame, he began that very year to make scrap book* containing an authentic record of th« growth of events of which the tall, gannt, popular lawyer was soon to be the centra] figure. Col. Nicolay took from a shelf and showed me some of these thirty year old scrap books, which he now finds Indispensable. "Hay and I made collections for scrap books, also," said he, "all tha time that we were in the White Honse, and he produced one of these marked upon the buck "Vol. XXXVIII. The first time I start paying enterprises. zfer'TE'a grip and hoid,ar,e.s>l£J-- country, they stopped at Hause's livery barn, waere the ng had been hired, to get a younu man to drive the rig home, as Mr. Hamlin intended to remain all night in the 1st ward. They started up Third street and had driven but a short distance when they were run into by two boys, Harry Hendricka and Charlie Began in a cutter and driving a blind horse. Neither horse had bells and neither driver wus aware of the other's approach. Mrs. Tombo sat at the right of Hamlin and the boys drove to the left. The right thill of their cutter struck Mrs. Tombo on the right breast, and dragged her out of the cutter aud carried her six or eight feet. Owing to the darkness no one knew Mrs. Tombo was injured, the horses being frightened by the collision until they heard the gurgling sound, ot' Wood. The lifeless form was car,r'te<l Into the Wallace House and, i^, Randall summoned. He found; the shaft had entered the ri$h,t breast, broken two ribs, pierced, tibe liver and Jungs and biofc** th&owter coating of' the heart, She died in fifteen minutes, after being struck, without utte^ng. ^ word O r sound. The corpa* was iaken to the ' * ft* K », - -jroner oft until, to- ,. Mr. Lincoln," said Mr. Nicolay, "was in Pittsfield, Ills., where I was editing a paper In 1850. There was to be a campaign rally there, and Lincoln and Trumbnll met on the sidewalk and embraced each other warmly. 'Why, Trumbull, you here?' said Lincoln. 'Why, Lincoln, yon heref responded the senator, for the fact that they were to speak for Fremont that night together waa unknown to both. Afterward, aronud the stove in the office of the secretary of state, where I was a clerk for four years, Lincoln was a familiar presence and always the center of the group." "How came you to be the president's secretary?: 1 I asked. .'l 1 ^. 68 at thb Chicago convention," said Col. Nicolay, "and when Lincoln waa nominated I was ambitious to write bis campaign biography. I was greatly disappointed when I failed to get the job and It was given to a young fellow from Ohio, one W D. Howells, whom I bad never before, heard of. We have all heard, of. him since. I waa regretting my bad-luck a day or two after to Mr. Butler,, a cloae friend of Lincoln's, when he interrupted me with, 'Hush, that's of no cpnsequenpj,' You are to be private secretary ' — tho way It came about." "How did Mr. Lincoln,'bear during the campaign?" "He was always a self A Bwlnillcr niitch:irg;Ad nru! NEW VOMIT, .tan. IB.—OM^H Bonion, of many aliivies who swimiM Moxienn citl- «m* out nt by wllm* th-m bo-us tir-ltot* to thn 1'iil.rl fn mint 11 ivinrnr arraijcnod n t tbe Jnfferson Market polio* court Saturday morning and discharged be- canso tha dplcrtivo n ho had charge of him coald mnko no complniut in that court. Nc sooner bad Bonson reached the street than be was again errestod and takan before United Biarai Cornmliaioner Shield*. FUher Wain't Killed At AH. BAT Cmr, Mich., Jan. I9.-A tel oe r Bm re- oelred from Ilochester, Minn., Saturdaj afternoon from Farmer James Gilbert, who went to Kendall, Wisi. In search oCthe missing man Fisher, supposed to have been mnr- dered, says the man Is alive at Rochester. This eipimlos tha theory of hta murder, and the accmed parties have been released. They were held on the testimony of Fisbsr-asoa, who said a man narrm.1 Wallace, • ' at Fishnr's homo, with the Fisher, h/id,ki]le4 him. help, ot A Cowardly AuoMlmatlon. In.L, Jan. l«.-A4am Gtm, maglstrnte at Mudsock, this county, wai called to tbe door of bla office Friday night by a stone thrown against the building, and was fatally shot by. an ossasain, who wa» aiding behind a. poet near by. Wesley Delavoo is suspected of the crime, and officers are now after him. A Wisconsin Brutish Beast. NIOSVILIJE, Wls., Jan. la-John I* Chappclle was arrested Saturday charged with criminal assault on several: schoolgirls at tbe First, Ward school, of wWch be was lanltor, It Is said he enticed tb« glrlntnto he basement. There Is serlooa talk of I Ing him. Gone In Search of Stolen B NEW YORK, Jan. Id—Henry A. irother of Frank C. Mctfeilly aulterof the Baooanrt Biddetori'baef laco. Me., sailed for Europe on. tjhe- "-turday morning In Boar.*h.of th» ..,tol-jn -Ben Shaw says he ia geltirfj used to the coH weather. Ben is like xig he can stand almost nny kind of a rreprr- nf) '""«• «fl his duties will permit him to git within two foot of a red-hot store. ARRIVALS Mr. J. V. Emniitt from a trip to Detroit. DEPARTURES; !•• E^Brookfleld for Cincinnati. HOCK TWENTY BPLOV/ ZERO toe »>l«o» turner fiton^ mom' 8 £r Dlv ?,'""•' Jfla - lft —W'tt the the>v tnometer «,arkin e ao^gr.e, below, a doom third oU ta~f "^nls, wedges, rails— and n«>ifwt °Jt people, on all sorts of errands^ cauea on him In the governor's room t tbd state house, which was ass * »v Mar ' y came from me « o and they would Bit awkwardly, .., looking at. Mm. He could, not tW tics mueh at such a time, ancLt,U» *™"" his visitors were fihv of *-** bulk ot -n. They been sent ''• and motion, u»Q oipand ..i-nnrve.self- co welcome the &!•"- • lfles here with a good, -el-book; but its faith is in ' ...jople who live here. Just .aa it never saw a man acquire a fortune by waiting for somebody to give it to him, 10 it never saw a city put on strength and grow by outside help, until its people had first started ibe boom. Its faith in the upper dam is this: That the work accomplished will be a monument to the united action of ou'r citizens and prove Incentive to future united efforts. Individual enterprise is all right; without it, there rannot be collective endeavor; but there is. nothing more true than this: That in order to be a city in fact as in name, its inhabitants must combine in order to effect great results. undertaking department, of, Manuf.C.o, by ' DonaVJaon, W^qrq . du;;. Qji Sunday, njpx»- fift. coroner,, not'* aing at 11 o'clock Steeling, J»-- oeing able to get to a A J *''" ^utlce Alexander conducted .juest. Tbe jury composed of Dr. . J. Hill, W. H. Smith. E. E. Andrews, B. Shove, M. Bichtmyer and Night Watchman Shultz deeided that Mrs. Fanny Tombo met her death by a wound made by the thill of a colliding cutter^ and by the careless, but not criminal driving of O. C. Hamlin. The jury In their verdict recommended that the City Council pass an ordinance providing that cutters shall not be driven without bells. Tbe remains of the woman will be interred tomorrow in the Mennonite cemetery at Science Bidge. The deceased was for man; years a resident of Sterling —Mr. Z. T. Gait ia not BO well today. —Trains on the North western are all late today, as were those yesterday. A •torm in Iowa caused the delay. —Parties who purposed bringing suit against Mr. William Peugh for selling beef quarters ardund town with •drew the same. —The Michael Strtgoff COB*' drew a full house Saturday r' -pany spite the cold weather. T* -iKbt, de- cntertatnment a,ad. pi' -* was a good attended, .eased those who —Aspe* 1 ' __ da; on *' -^ coal-train arrived yester- va' vOe Q to supply dealers here It o needed. This kind of weather melts coal aa a summer sun gets away with a cake of ice. —An alarm of flre waa sounded yesterday morning at 3 o'clock at Morrison, being caused by the breaking out of flames at the house of Mrs. R. W. Ely. The names were soon subdued and the chief damage was in the shape " of water. —Have yoa subscribed anything to tha new dam? Are yon a business man in Sterling or Bock Falls, and if BO can you afford to stand back and not do your full share and thus by your example make it easier to raise tbe amount required ? See one of the papers to-day and pat down your name. —Resolutions unanimously adopted by the Ministerial Association of Sterling at their regular meeting Monday, Jan. 18th, 1888: Wherena, Sabbath fast driving and racing aro damaging and corrupting in their influences upot the morals of the people and dangerous to Ufa; therefore be U resolved That wa deprecate thaw thiug* an moat earnestly protest against thair co»t!Ku*a<;o, sa4 that we farther urge tba tut? *ur.i5ufiUtxi to eu fore* tho onli How to Oaten a The author of "Three Tears of a Wan- flerer'a Life" says, that ho once saw thrqa young tigers, larger than Newfoundland, dogs, loose on'the deck of a British, India, steamer, crowded with severoA h.undre<J Mecca pilgrims. The cage in which, tjlj*- were confined was large, and bar.?«0 . / each side, with a partition nmniftj 'on its middle, which had a drop, dw along man who hadchargoof tbennltr *•. The drive them over to. one Rldft r • .als would close the partition and e'Vor - the "^B 8 . •Ida at h_I» leisure .-«'out the other clean side, he w • tner « b arrLng up the and drive th* J ul(1 'jpen the partition through ** - tigers, hadi, while he went other **' -ae sama performance on the po* ^ide. Ono morning he neglected to , up the bars on the side he had finished, and so drove the tiger* out of the opposite aide of the open cage. The animals, on obtaining their liberty, took different directions, and, crouching in the nearest corners, lay snarling and exposing their teeth, showing unmistakable signs of a moat dangerous fear. That side of the deck was deserted aud the crowd gazed in Interest at a respectful distance. Mr. Flense, the third officer, the second officer and the keeper each placed themselves before a tiger, barring their exit, should they attempt to move away. Fleuse inquired if the tigers hod been fed that day. They had not; they had always been fed on living fowls. Flense called, for three chickens from the hen coop. Taking these be threw one in the face of each tiger. The chickens seemed simply motionless, glued to the spot, so instantaneous was the fixing of t^eth and daws. Flense then went deliberately up to a tiger, coolly took the loose skin of the bock of the neck with one hand and the root of tbe tail with the other, and putting out his full strength, dragged the heavy brute along the deck to the cage and forced it through the open bars. The chicken diversion acted perfectly. Tbe brute had no object but that of retaining its prey. H growled fearfully; Its eyes blazed; iu teeth crushed through the chicken; Its unsheathed claws clasped and pierced its quivering body. Red hot irons would hardly have made it loosen its grip of the bird. Then the keeper and the other* helped Fleuse in carrying the remaining tigers Into the cage.—The Argonaut. in, and spoVa to him of ,y . would.sometimes taj^ t> elr uac > and he oely-d between; ftls flngw ' e ^ n . d °? * n ** but at arm's lenir*'. s and hold the ax bftd, not lo«t his ,t- to show that he •B- n ^a K .? rcngth. In various ways r j6 t uus mannged ^ kjU . ie 'l ovr had the impudence to come wennng a secession cockade on'hU T v i 10 ^ 8 P° ke to hlm Pleasantly and snook ban a 3 aa with the others, and tha intruder B at around half an hour, looting foo.iish and saying nothing, and finally weru out. The crowd quietly ignored th/j Intended Insult." ' "Mr. Lincoln was Just as democrat!* In the WTilte House, I believe," I said " "Yes," assented Col. Nicolay, "and that went far toward giving him his flrm hold on the hearts of the people. It wai his custom, while he was president, to hold an Informal reception between 12 and 1 o'clock each day, to hear in person the re- I are I" quests and wishes of all sorts of peopl» I Who chose to come to see him. Rich ao< ' poor, white and black, crowded into, >' business office (now Col. Lament's), f' jil hands and told him what they " ,uoot Ho generally wrote a cardi a,n/ ,,-anted. the petitioner to the propw- ' .. referred but often ha attended do,ijt. ' department, who wanted office camp,- nimself. Men ifits who wanUd, piyr , alleged Union- who showed htm,hp' for losses; crankj bellion; mot,h(ji^ ^ to put down the re- army;, relati.y*' who had sons in th« orderedi BIH&) , of men who had been and wftB;'!**' • tramps who were hard up euPkbl®/ * v a'' money or transportation to like. aj>>- ,em to go somewhere. It was an, <y .no ancient Druid standing under Kf' .k twtejmd dealing out justice to the .1m." I asked if Mr. Lincoln comprehended that he was tn constant danger ot his life. "Of course," said Col. Nicolay. "It -was often discussed between his friends and himself. They would say, 'Now, Lincoln, you must look out and be constantly on your guard. Some crank is liable to come along and kill you.' His answer always was, 'I will be careful. But I cannot discharge my duties and withdraw myself entirely from danger of an assault. I see hundreds of strangers every day, and U anybody has the disposition to kill me he will find opportunity. To be absolutely safe I should lock myself up In a box. 1 Threatening letters came, and these I always showed to Mr. Lincoln, who generally turned them over to the war department"—Washington Cor. Chicago He-raid. THE ST. PADL ICB CAS'/m. t ttpr «ts wero filled with apectat nrs and the ei- jj y 'j-cises at the palace were conducted with energy. President George Thompson, Governor McQlll and Mayor Stnl'cb. wwmod themselves and their audltonr. with their eloquence,-while the pretty 'Ai'oghtsr of the last named assisted In locating- the huge block of Ice giving name to tho occasion. The palace is nearly complotod a-jd will be quite ready for the opening of the wlntor carnival Jan. liV , Fighting n Fir*in Aretle Weather. MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Jan. ID — About. 8 o'clock Buudny-raoruing flre was discovered; In the church of the Redeemer, (TJnU veraalist) and tfta entire department was called out. Tha church is of stone, was built ten years, ago and cost $80,000. Fir» was caused by tbe janitor's son starting a flre in a furnace which was undergoing repairs. Firemen found It impossible ' M reach the flames, and fought them a)' day lonz with the mercury ranging frr- ; ffi „, 30 below roro. Nothing but »• l KatonU 8ba4e* of Silk. Daring the past two seasons Mr. K. B. PoQltou bos made observations which provo thai; the (ilk of it least three specie* of English mottu 1* greatly affected in color by environment at the time of spinning. The cocoon* were dark brown when the l»r»s» had boeu (>lnced la a black bag or anujog jrrewa Ua\«, mid whit* •wbea tb-<:y bad twea frwiy exposed la ligUv la UM l«.!tts»li»l« iMftjjMmrhoed c< of ^v.^i v.,.™, 0 - wh -| oh ls ontheorgM, of bells presented to the burn. On ^-Congressman W. D. Wsah, .r::.---, .ring the day nine Bremen wens .a by the douse smoke, two of whon»i a critical condition. Dickinson Owns No Telepraphi Btoosu DETROIT, Mich., Jan. 1ft—It hat. ber, n stated by certain papers that Mr, Dicklnrxm as postmaster general may hav»t»fct tates for government work over bis own tolexraph lines. Mr. Dickinson wa»\« stockholder in the Michigan Postal TelegN»ph company, and when be knew be would b» appointed postmaster general be divided bis stock among the other stockholder! receiving for it only the original amount be paid In and refusing an offer of $150 to fi'OO per share for his holdings. Socialists In Control at Chlearo. CHICAGO, Jnn. 18.—At the semi-annual election of the trades assembly Sunday afternoon Robert Swallow, one of the most radical Socialists ia the city, was elected president, displacing Mark L, Crawford, the conservative president, who has held office four terms. Tbe "R"ds" obtnined complete control of toe meeting, which was unusually exciting. A Drunken Bo;'s Fatal Foollshnen. INDIAHAPOLTB, Ind., Jaa 16 —Sunday eveulnx, in West Indianapolis, Edward Net meyer, a 17-year-old boy, got drunk and be* gan firing a revolver. Mary Benson, a passenger In a p-isaing street car, was struck just below the left shoulder by a large bullet and received what will probably prove a fatal wound, Nelmeyer was arrested and locked up. _____^____ -i-The price of hogs is as previously quoted. -«-The Keystone bad trouble with its steam pipes this morning. +Mrs. Herman Tenney living sooth of Rock Falls, is reported to be at the point of death. +A parlor concert at Mr. H. F. Batcheller's on Wednesday eveniM next, given by the Ladles Aid Society. -•-Revival meetings will beheld tb* Sturt? school house Tuesday, Wedtow- day and Thursday evenings of U> i» week, the Rev. Mr. Bunker he same. -f- Andrew Linddey thtsmomJ n g was unloading a Bled loaded wlUi" wagon e.lloes for A. B. Spies, when his team oecame frightened and ran across the bridge into Rock Falls, scattering the contents as they ran. The sled was injured to some extent, but the horses escaped hurt. -t-Mr. Frank 'Wheeler while on his way to, the Island this morning in company with, a nuan who was to cut wood for him feil into an air-hole In the river. The air was Intenssly cold and Jlr. .Whw ler's horse made thej>est time It ever before made or is likely to make again, taklug him to his home. -*- There was a meeting of citizens in Cadwell's office Saturday night, which was well attended and enthusiastic throughout. Our Rock Falls neighbors are awaKening to the Impoitance and value of tha daiu as the remarks made at this meeting, and the manner of their reception showed. Several; sub-- scriptions were made, and the committee felt greatly encouraged in their work, aa the result of the meeting. I)r. C. M. Wheeler's office, aver I. Wolfs store. Chronic dfaew.ja an d diseases of woman my specially, tf. CltlHeni' JHe«tln K W«dn«r d>y Nl«ht, There will be a c!«w M > mee tlng Wednesday night, Jan. if ^ 1888> at the Council Rooms to h«sarf ne reports of committees and arranr ^ e for t he completion of the aubsert/ ptlon ^ buU(1 the new dam. Thlanaw <tlng will be of in . terest and Importa* iCe and those who come lata will pro- oably have troub i e finding seats, JSv eryDod y lnvite d. Notice. Tho FtonlW tlon Central committee •of WfcJteaWJO county will meet at Sterl Ing w, W •* .legday afternoon and evening at i »"• c i oc ]£ an j 7 o'clock respectively alt i , he A . o. U. W. Hall over O-Ji.TO.ia Qrug s to re> tWrd B t r eet. All O j temperence are cordially Into be present, F. E. Andrews, President. T. Shlrly, Secretary. A. T R. HENDB.IGKS' ALSO, a great variety of Fancy Goods at reasonable prices. REMEMBER THE PUCE, OPPOSITE GALT HOUSE. V I never • »w an eft removed tree W«r yet aur a>ft removed grocery That threv* so well u those that settled be. — POOR RICHARD. (Poor (Richard said, Family instead- of Grocery, "but -we make the application. We have just completed Six Prosperous Tears arid expect to set as many " more. the new tf ad of N. Carpenter & ! Great Sport in Ireland. LONDON, Jan. 10.—A land agent named Jevers, wont bunting Friday with a party of friends in county Limerick, but their sport ,»-._. . ,0,. , «_.,. ,. i b 1 " 1 an unexpected finale. A crowd- of Orl^n of » Cholera Outbreak. farmers blew on discordant horns, a^db- The cholera microbe whose native hab- per,*! the hounds, and then captu/ed tb. Hat is In Asia, is a fellow of fearful vital- dMr and ^ , t to deattL Tboy J^ kmwl ity. As we trace the recent outbreak ot cholera buck to Its evident origin, we are compelled to exclaim: "IJehold how great a matter a little Ore kimlleth!" There is no reasonable doubt but what all the mischief had its origin in n miserable little „,„„, 0 , the hounda _ Rm a Bright Idea of Randall. LONDON, Jan. Id—Tbt Hew York correspondent of The Sunday Times, referring to . Mr. Samuel J. Randall and hU connection Village in Egypt, near one of the mouths I w ith the American tariff, describes tbn Penn- of the River Nile; called "Damietta." An epidemic caused a lur^e number of deaths among their cattle. Instead of burying them In the toll, nature's own regenerating alchemy, they (lumped them into fresh wntor, where, under the festering influence of a tropical sun, they soon ' started a cholera plantation. From this vlllngc the fatal disease spread over Egypt, ' then into Asia find Europe, and for years post hun kept the whole civilized world in ! dread unit anxiety. — Hail's Journal of Health. _ __ _____ Palm ' trees an being extensively cultivated in some parts of California for ornamental purposes. A Hard Job on Hand. Policeman (late at night) — Here, my friend, what are you cooling your eye at that keyhole tori HI* Friend (warnlngly) — Shi m' wife U (hie) on the other (Ida of thiah keyhole, au' I've got to (hie) (ell her that foul story 'bout Peter Piper picUa' a (hlc) pick o* pickled jwppers or tUtay out all (hlc) tight. — Xci» Yort S»\n. sylvanla statesman a* "an ignorant and Illiterate man, the pride of whoee life is his supposed resemblance to the great Napoleon." A Co-operattT* Concern Darned Oat. EAST LIVERPOOL, Jan. 14— The Standard Co-operative pottery was destroyed by fin Saturday. Loss *.;£.',OoO, Insurance $24,000. Seventy-live employee are thrown out of employment. The pottery will be rebuilt Immediately. Mot*. «w that itiipwi «rn v«ry modi t2ti» iwasoa. Bobtw-Ok. re* I Bat not to macS» M ttwr? WIMIUI h»r» beta it tiw court of »p. Executions In Austria. The Austrian method ot executing criminals differs greatly from that in vogue in this country, and though apparently more horrible in the deliberate rigor of the arrangements, in more speedily effective. The condemned man is placed against the poat, at the top of which is a hook, and at the bottom a pulley. A rope having a loop at each end U passed, around the neck of the victim, another U tied about his feet, the end being passed through the pulley. Two assistants then lift the man by means of the rope around hU neck about six inches, and suspend him from the book at the top ot the post. At the same thus the other assistants pall with gr«al (urce at the rope attached to the (oeL Dvsth eusuea usually iu- sumlmuouuily, though thvra I* a bust ana half to two Dilouto* In Co. Onleace The following are the closing quota tlona of grain, cattle and hoga on tha Chicago market, reported especially fortlieOAZKTTKbyW.S.McCrea<fc Co. Wheat—84i(6 May ;77%c;ca8h; steady. Corn—64Vo May; 49o cash; steady. Outs—34^c May; 81^c cash; qalet. Pork—»16. 25. Hogs—moderately active; 6 higher. Cattle—quiet, steady; AH TIMES AWB HAKD AUD MONEY CLOSE, I will «ell to close out at first cost the following Fall and Winter Goods. Ladies' and Gents' Underwear, Faoinators. To- boo'gani. Scarfs* Wool Shirts, (Bed. and Horse (Blankets, Mi AND BOY'S FELT BOOTS, Caps, Jdittens,- Gloves, dec. I never like to de*l with either tbe Sheriff or Assessor, so please call soon. A full line ot Staple and Fancy Groceries, At Lowest Living Prices. L «rfeoi2«c?^SS' > AHRENl 3D & IBI HT^BAaBL 11O Third Mtreet, Bt FUIEMT LIME 0V Silk Fluih, Hand Embroidered Slippers : I3KT •FSCJBl OXrrTK* FOR THE HOLIDAYSl Also a Full Line of ' 8eiunleas PELT BUO&) and BLU'i'KBa. D. W. HOPKINSON. O. «m Ttl li*ctiu*n, BitlxojM. will tie r«»t t*a&4 we will speak for our \prices, and • will sav No On© shall make lower. Those doing "business witJz- us keep on and save money. Those who have not traded with us Do Sol and you will never regret*jt, •far a "penny saved is two earned. 1 ^ L S. Mel™ d SOD. - Schiffmacher, on hand a tig stock of Livt Cedar (Posts, the test Jfichipan nctt, (Pine Lumber, all kinds of (Building Jdattrial, Sash, Qoors and (Blinds, Ooal, Lime, Cement, Hair, etc., etc. Everything at Lowest Jtfar- ket (Prices. A trig advantage in dealing with us is that you can get your loads without going over the ... railroads. XtoMC kJsid of H«MSze suitl Fl»t Muk. has revolutlouiied the world dur- Infcthe last half rentury. Not ., , "**»* waonir th« wonders of Inven- tlve progress Is a method and aystom of work that c*ube pertoruiwl aOl over the country with- oat •rparauiic tha »ork*rs from their hoines ¥»} IIDerxJ i any one CKU no the work ; either set' youtigur old; no specUU ability rvqulred, tW IIA1 nut te*w«l. you »rp >terl<-d free. Cut lh!« out and returu to us and we will »enU you fr»° «ww««i!a» ul (tr*»t value and liu»»rt«u e 10 you "•** will tun >*u la bialnediii, whkiti win brlfir attrtltliiii JACOB EISELE, Has already received his Fall Stock! Cassimeres And Woolens ! a fluer lot of goods never waa brougnt to this city. Be don't a^k you to call, for be knows yon will dp it without waiting for an invitation. CHICAGO REAL ESTATE. Being; connrctrd with an old eiprrl- rleneed KKAL. liMTATK flrm In Chi. coco, 1 have at all i linen chalee City- anil Bobnrban property for sale. Lota, nlHo acres, for unb-dlvldlng; Into lot*. Chicago Is (crowing; rapidly ; real estate ID Increasing In value.; an Investment thi-re Is unre to pay blK Interest. I can cite many Instance* where property, both lots and acre*, have more than doubled In Valne In the post six months. Jnstjiow 1 have two rxtra good bargains to offer. Also, some houses In Mterllus, and two stood farms nenr HtrrllnK. 1. V. EMMITT, Mterllnc, 111. Try one and youll smoke DO other. Sold only by BE A FRABP.B, who also Keeps choice), brands of Tobacco, cigars, pipes, and fine con fectlonary at lowest prices. KOPLE In need: of Pumps wilU please bear • In mind that wo manufacture the Skeleton Iron Pumps both Lift and Forca' Pumps, adapted for hand use or for attaching to Wind Mills aud for deep or shallow wells, and we sell them at very reasonable prices,, and warrant them to- be all right ia every respect. Buy Your Pumps nC Home and from Vint Hand.. Call at the NOVELTY W6BKS and see these pumps and get our prices before you make a. purchass, as we wllli Bave you money. NoveltyJ^ron Works, SSMMMECENTADAY • •«. ^izzzrzzzysjzz »• -A w«.*u4« ttSy^tM^: £ •*- -.?>. nS^,- 1 ^?'^ SZaSS^

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