The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 4, 1973 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 4, 1973
Page 4
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FACTS EDITORIAL A logical site, but opposition About two years ago Iho first public knowledge of the superport concept arose from the preliminary report of n Texas A&M study. Among the first newsmen to realize its importance to Texas was Alan Knvin, Ihen in charge of The Facts' Austin Bureau, whose series of articles at that time explained the coming energy shortage and the role of supertankers in relieving it, A .war later, in April 1972, some factors that surfaced at a Corps of Engineers hearinc in (lalveston began topoint toward Frwport.-Take a good took at that map," an informed visitor suggested to a Facts reporter. Near the podium was a huge map in which the Gulf depth contours, needed noexpJanation. The deep-water levels curved sharply inward, toward the coastline, in Brazorta County. Another factor pointed out on the map was the unique absence of bays between the Brazos ami San Bernard Rivers. Last week's findings by the Corps of Engineers bore this out.'The gist was this: the great need for super-vessels Is in getting liquid crude oil from the Middle Rasl to Texas: the offshore mcuwbuoy system would get the oil to Texas at the lowest cost, and posed the least risk to the environment; Ftvcport was one erf the best sites from economy, proximity to nttxl, and environmental consicteration.- Th<r Corps made it clear that at this jx>int its goal was purely information. It did no< propose to recommend a site. The (ederal agency did not ,-iuggesl who might build a superport. or how it might be fmanct'd One further indication from the Corps studies: they pointed strongly to more than one monobuoy supertanker port on the Gulf, and possibly three. Krteport was included in 13 o"f the 15 suggested combinations'. Amid the studies, Scadock emerges as one of the most promising ventures, and one that arouses interest and imagination. A group of it major oil companies and Dow propose to build the terminal just south of Fret-port, financing the estimated S5W million cost Iron) their own resources. The consortium has slated publicly that the facility would have common- RAY CROMLEY carrier status, so that Scadock avoids the kind of a monopoly advantage that would encourage building competing, government- financed terminals. Private financing would probably mean that it would be in operation, relieving the growing shortage of fuels, before a government project could gel off Ihe ground. It would relieve taxpayers of a major cost in relieving the fuel shortage But the Seadock proposal is far from being out of the woods. Financing ami the technical problems are the least of its worries Perhaps th« biggest obstacle to its completion in mid-1976 is the maze of clearances it must get from something over 60 agencies. This is fraught with political dir lirulties It was obvious at the hearing that the monobuoy concept would be opposwl by powerful proponents of dredged dWp channels, sine* the rnonobuoys would remove one of the major arguments for the tremendous costs of these inshore, mu!ti-purp«w ports But also, there b the possible influence of Uw brand-new Texas Off shore Terminal Commission. This agency does not have a member from the general vicinity of the Frwpwt site, but does have representation from areas that propose alternatives to the Frwport site. Politically, the support of Galvwtoo ami Corpus t.Tiristt inshore port proposals far outweighed the hacking (or the monobuoys and the yevtrai sites favored by the Corps study Thus l«ids to the fear local pwpie have had for tht- past yvar a final decision might be influvncvd more by political leverage than by economics and other logical considerations Perhaps the strongest backing for Krttrport was the statement by a reprvsentative of the Port o* Houston that the Frvcport nwoobuoy was th* facility that woukl best iervr the Houston-Ba> town industrial areas. To the extent that political pressure is still a factor, the formal support of all representative agencies in Hrazoria County might mcrva.H- the arguments in favor of the Frwport site Arab states fear Egypt war intent lofonnatioa reaching here is that ufftciats of the governmenu oi Saudi Arabia. Kuwait and Jordan recently came away aghast from high council meeting* of the Arab Slates. Their collective opinion, as relayed her* privately. wa* that Egypt's Anwar Sadat had firmly determined on a resumption ol war t though probably limited* with braei and that there »as virtually nothing that could be done to Mop him CROMLKY Yet coJd military logic convinced these conservative Arab leaders that Egypt's army, air fwce and navy could have no chance against the Urseli and that any new fighting would therefore end in disaster lor the Arab btoc These pragmatic men want to gel on Hith the txiiSd upul tbeir own lands, not be diverted by ruinous gestures. There it, reportedly more than a suspicion amoug them (hat their countries, which have much to low; in any resumption of the war, are being sacrificed to Egyptian and Libyan objective*. The Soviet L'moo. China and Nona Korea, meannhjie, are aendut« the arm* and other military supplies for Sadat'i Iwcw- Soviet trfftrab are noticeabry toy about doing anything to cool the si!uali«i The Kmnbn. bcn»ener, KM wcreantd only slightly the number ol military <tdvt»cr» on ihe spot in Egypt. Dcspiie Sadat'* rvtdetit determiaation and the HuwiaChinj-North Korea aid. the Ihiaking bete »that any t>r« fighlind that comn will be limited to the Sue* Caoal area American experts forace rto Egyptian try at bombing Iiraei's major utie* They expect no Israeli attempt to take Cairo Middle Ea»t xpecialiilj in the Nixon admintitratton beiteve Sidit a (uliy aware oi Egypt's wtaltncu Bui. they believe, be u up against cuch heavy pressure from young military oifkrr* and other activtit group* that he may have no alternative kit Sadat if known to believe he can count neither on the United States nor the Soviet Union to help him achieve peacefully what he believe* he must have to hold hi* government together—a complete withdrawal ol Israeli force* from Egyptian territory. BERRY'S WORLD "Jhere'i 9 gtntlemoa to *t* you about the ubjtct ol our next iftciai " Cheaper Than Oil T»IK HKAIOWOHT PACT* Comment and Opinion ANDERSON MWRY-GO-ROUND Taxpayers' timber is secretly sold WASHI.St«tl>f< tlur fsaltufiiil »»«**». W million **rw «< t«nt««U«l. at *iM <**» P«»« **^» ****K. il *c An»*n**a« fey tl» «««* " milthx* roam the f«if»*l •«*»*» ***** s* -*« -Sift' 1 ! **i*» »< •»»» IK *»»•* a.«. '.ft* j«i o< th* •' IMtfanr Y« *J Itw »«* lun«, Us* «w ttmt !*K It it !«:« to WTtoii* US* JIM BISHOP: REPORTER They only spend If it's your money fc* Ja. Nut !f>i«« **« « ti ift MouS o< ««T l*rwsd«rt»fci wvr* cheap No master ho** pf»<t:J4tic lent? w<rf t «r«r Nrfttf* rfrethSR, tH«r motartM Story .ttrppni C'ci AYWKW ifccy vraktl IJw walku ,Vot oiiiii John Ktrowst? «<}< * fttUl!*«i did they »5op sfrrdimg Itxtr erne raw.*'? !we*J tfwis ns« but. (!) thetr etillwl piMttMrtt. they Utvafti* t't-rujrvs frwtoa4w« tai*. Hr.l Thtrt art cictrps«»» frtntsfcrit Strnpaoa GfanJ weci in thr Wtutc H*Mt« II* *i-« ^Av"'" "^S, t'iJ mjU i». EB : 5<«< t «••»»» BW« « <wl wfto dyiqj o< cainrwr ol tfc« ^|t i '^-^ ****' l> 0 * fcKf ihnxjl. wrllinK tu ffvwahly. livinjf o<f (inancldt suppiKv! sty hi.n Wtffrwt* publuhtr Jlr twvrr Urarned tc ptiy tfcc. gjrtvr ip«rwilhri(t wife She ^* KI.MI«>I' * Krtw«»J7'» JwrAf-Asiw USu *t an i'j>.»!*r receftiion, »hc (w?k frwn her pww asil «nip(»rtl tiw piijiffs t>>al*''ffx > c «tt ihw ?in?<^ >tw cthtanfd *<-Ivr« rtWxm ?r»o» 4 laety'i ha! Abe wanxd h*r lhal ah* wnuM *p»:nrf h»» day* "in jn *«yluns " Jt»-r4«!ew l"ara«itn. ft4>l in 4 rwjfn -sn SB«««f..lil> til* wttt »- t»:vt» i ?*3frw fR>rrf*ji tti? !t»ftir? tjrtii"5 ft^w * 'ff v * &*fc<t£v. ' , ,, ^ St.'! ^,ek> . " . ft . . «*-4 itjihf *JN**J5i-» !?tf« 1 >?»£ vjt t,iT;s5ii f irtal^i*. ! ?r, i?irt(;fi ;«i* y i'l ! » s,»i iitftK •i2iifi|w^'9 -*« " ^\ t'l; ftiju i ? . Ett : ?»3i^ I Fxtvv Kr*< ^ 0fl wfco rv ' . ' , ^ . w k. ii Efitaic* trt:(iJG;«;;»i tjrf»tjsui'*e ff*;iyj 'ft*: aimftitr -in« ?ijt,;,ii«44^ T'l^* 1 **^ nK*^/'mifwlf ,\ .'^ U 14 U^ilf IfttC fttfff iKelRKf Uf^ifiL. * rf . i>' . .^ ... » , * « « 4- is»&4wf?7 4flt$ <rf«f;im^.»r fi'ie^itt^* jf-iiw ,^rt« atf»:itsi*;n (n Site lit i-iiJutR tiwitf'* L ^^^f ^ «...»* *'»Mi>lf *4*^ If^t &*i*X^S> t &* 't-'.j 5ft# *.| I ! **J A^)Ct4*W^f.1* A V Jr^*.i ^ilt^K 3if; ; ^ltv iv' • ^^"Vfc' " >*^' > "P7 £Jiff^ *,*U.4f!i. II. W^ 4 * £f*f ffJ&J «>mitt.kits£. Ew ktiffi'sttj tfte iivoiftx^ ffocj *** * ' , . , ''* ""'"'* ""*^"' * nt I *•* **"' "' ^^^^^^^^h it'^S.''. .^ '&*^*3*i. 'HKi't "*A'l f"- J\lil £«IK ' • ^^^^^^1 . . . » • • flrff.*yt%J-S tatf*fr**.'4 J.'l y'livitfS;'. rf™ i **«4*U:*£ i-'ilik-f * 1 Wy*ci"I*CI't £<M|II*'.Itilt .jtiHti. 1 .^!))! 4^' -^T^B j. . ." "^_ , -" .;J Ijic •«{«•* *iJHlf«'W tU (V,f)H »ft ^•f>«i£ (inflKti 61 tSietB. 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W" wj.» lb«r h*.i*<ia?*» bca4 mf < j hfjf)jj»trai m Uflil f i*Js«* AfliJ TV in 'f* W6*5« .W '»«W;c« t* J'ssr tf'tm l"ij« f~«KS.i ««?. in rmplj! *<fisr» .Ship »ttlt wrarr. thf f'r*«Jtl«j t) jn; t«ti;': . ,1 H« H-waw !«< *• «{*«« h*4 t» **». i,iiNon»:.\KM IT frnhtcnt his morwy w»i lw<l up in tntif This media Ihj! the not (ell him wtul ttock-i or bnndn he w 4.1 buying, and therrforv hn , could not infUwK* ht» }ut%in«n brcamr bec4n>c rkh in the White If he upenl * tuck, il »<n on paint brushes He had no ob)cctu») to patriots hrfptng h«n lo get * {arm OlljjJ-Airx, and donating r*nlt trartan He executive Miutanl wat» Shertnjn Adam*. When it <*».* dockwrd thai Adims *cctptrd * vicurj coat. Ike tapped the bead off hU trusted »dvWor and Mml him home in dugracr Eiaenhcwer wrote » b«x* -'CrUMde itt ta plri».««r fc«4? .1 rjr 1 * ll« rir<i*s*4 It* fud . *hi<h la,*t«i jl? 1! y*af» rw ••*,« i» (i^ VVfuic ||«utP fMcv ttiil HJ «wt! iHirrf hwn ! «Y toxdlt jtxvul 'far fart ;." Hseiwvftl MW{ Tlary Witnt 117 Srt fnr it I rjn ! afford it " In BRUCE BIOSSAT Watergate angers GOP businessmen * l Mount crrtr, pis :,-»>) thai ta *sii'.«i «».« fcurniftf up «;srisiwJ, th« f hit rswther **» al th* bar. h« tkrnjrxVd the whiskry Thai t*. o< ttwrs*. unksa it on the h«i.w HAI BOYLE'S PEOPLE Remarks a doctor's secretary detests Ifc* (hvy dwnl ta« to that tbr»j poll'; an t« ne> r*» «Jp4 of turmoil W«ivr|*ic mtwfa felt l'r«*.J»nt mvolvtd in Whit* (tout* A «iww of hand» indircatcd *) »«* then Mktd trot HVMSJT. ««uid vote for him »f*tn Tlw M9*«f rnrerd. w»vn.» let b* ta.rf»4y * S«n a C-wJj NEW YORK (AIM - Kenwfci that a doctor'* tecrtUry get* tired ot hearing. "I 'Jwughl banker*' houn w«te pretty good, but I guo* a doctor'* hour* hat them beat, haven't they''" "Do you mind U I tell you my symptom* before ! get to to MW Dr. Medulla? Sometime* 1 gel *o Hujlered I forget lo tell him lull the thing* that are really wrong with ro« " "You mean Ihu ii only Wednesday? Here I've been waiting two hour*, and I'm not even uippoted to be here until Thursday." "judging from the latest magazines I've been reading in your reception room, l»7 mutt have been quite *n inlwestiag year." "Alter I've beta WHing here half the day, you t«a aw lbi» U Dr. Medulk'i office I'm luppoMd to *t» Dr. Otdongau. IMI t he ia lhi» buiWiog'r" "No, I don'i care to UU you why 1 wuol to «w the doctor, iff loo personal Mt tvU him thai it Ku nomclhiAg lo do with a »luck tipper - and I get to *e« him real quick " "A doctor'* waiting room i* kind of like « cvnwtery Un't U 1 Ntrf much action in cither" "I'm (he mechanic at the gjruge wnrre Ih* doctur grt« hU car iued iJocii that entitle me to MMHC kind U a proftstMnat diacoufil?" "I J»ten, good-kioking, if you're not ti«d down, now about letting ins take yw lo dinm-r tonight and tell you about a couple ot interesting tyrnptoia* I've developed tince I came in here and uw you?" "No. baby. I'm not tick I'm tht salesman for a drug firm If you'll slip out in to M* the doc for five minutes I'U tell him about a new rt-iuwly we're pulling out (Jut will make ail his patient* feel lik« they can walk on water." "This U Mrs Gtinuby calling No. I don't want to make an appointment 1 Just want you lit ask Ihe doctor whether be think* I might fc«i belief U I took two of the brown pills a day instead of three and four of the pink pill* iottead of two," Sine* their ouU#g« «t Watergate U «o ttrong. I tutpect that mo(« Ifeaa oW faUiioccd parly »utet U rtffecfcd it) IWCR * rraparew He* U* !**«« Ihtr^ (a be «4*J about U»t Novvmbcr'* txalMing u thai it was a tag* vot* ol no corJkktxt m MctJwrTn Nothing kitrncd »twut him in the tntcrvcotng month* h** tiwd* him roorv paUUbJc lo the voters . a c«nt.?i»t t»M> pauiKcti ti a help, tot •itheM it tlo then* rrurUI cao4Mt(# aitrtbutet. K> uwtiul ta thr ctMMMni {»««*«. tr»nU4)f into good pft»td«nlul p*»(ofm»nc*' W*l«g*l« tt*tkt* ItMt t ttw 4»y What a dikmma, then, for electorate Whal choteis! Ma) t* inen with tuch rcrlutivc tr»iu at Itirhard Niion thould fwver occupy the While lku*e by the **mc token, perhap* men with »uch dr»»jUUngJy Iwiuted appeal «* Mcijovwu nhibitod ttKmld never be nominated i* there *om«ihing Unibly wrong with the procew by which «« CJIOOM our presidential prapcciiT poU* may net iedkate that Wat«rg«U tt cuiUng that dwp, but the question to one that dmcf v« to be (brutt into Uw rental of pubik debate In theac UBMrfUing d«y» Despite all the furore about "dirty Ukki" and the >«uflaulati«i and of bug« »um» «| motwy in »»t^«»4 * WT THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS 4M fin^vi. !,«. t, ftwk* M UK t. rwnv «,.« <* «C M4*W <-«f«*. «Ml to tfM»> tlll

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