The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 21, 1975 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1975
Page 10
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TH6 6RA10SPORT PACTS FRECPORT. TiXAS. FRIDAY, NOVBMBBR II. WJ (CLIP and SAVE) (CLIP »rai Tips for a Successful Garage Sale Planning Your Sale 1. Be sure to go through every room In your home and write down every Item you are going to put In your sale. Too often Items which would have been perfect for the sale are overlooked until after the sale, 2. If you are having a sale with friends coordinate your lists so you can estimate how much display space is going to be needed for groups of merchandise. This also helps you plan traffic flow. 3. Try to have some big Items such as furniture, antiques, appliances, tv, etc. to draw more buyers — and advertise the fact. Buyers go to the sales which they think have the merchandise they are interested In. 4. If several sales are planned In your neighborhood it is a good idea to agree on different dates or consolidate two or more sales Into one, Too many sales in a neighborhood on one day will cut everyone's attendance. 5. Remember, when planning a sale with others, homes on a corner or busy street attract more passersby who might decide to stop. 6. Make sure your cars, trailers, etc. are out of the way to insure adequate parking for the customers. 7. Have emergency phone numbers handy should someone become ill or have an accident. Days and Hours 8. Saturdays seem to be the most popular day to hold a sale, although some prefer Friday and Thursday. Holding the sale on payday or the day after is obvious. 9. There is no strong preference for starting times, although most Saturday sales begin at 9:00. it is a good idea to mention opening and closing hours in your ad so you won't be bothered by early and late comers. If you hold your sale during the week consider running your sale until 7 or 8 p.m. so those who work during the day can come. 10. Make sure everything is ready before the opening. The best crowds are at the start. 11. Some buyers like to come before the sale starts. If you let them buy it Is unfair to those prospects who arrive at the appointed hour and find the items in which they were interested have been sold. Earlybirds also interfere with your last minute preparations. A solution is to include "No sales before 9" or No sales before opening" in your ad. Attracting Customers 12. Only about 10 percent of those coming to a sale are neighbors. This means those coming from longer distances learned of the sale by reading your Want Ad. 13. Your Want Ad should include the fact you are having a sale, the dates and address. If you have definite sale hours include that. You will find, as others bs^e, that listing major Items or categories will greatly increase the crowds. You are competing with other such sales 3;id you have to convince people to come to your sale. The cost of adding an extra line or two to your ad to tell a more convincing story Is low. Each additional line costs only 42c a day extra for a four-day ad and 4Sc a day for one and two-day ads. 14. Run your ad at least two days in advance of the sale, although three and four days will help draw bigger crowds. Readership of The Facts Want Ads is consistently high; but, obviously, not everyone reads them every night. It doesn't cost much to get added readership for your ad. For example, a 4-llne ad run two days costs (3.84 while the same ad run four days costs $4.72. You get the benefit of two extra days for just $2.88 more. 15. Word-of-mouth advertising helps, so be sure to tell your friends, neighbors and relatives of your sale. 14. Put the free "Garage Sale" sign you receive when you run a Facts Garage Sale Want Ad in front of your home. Extra signs on the corners of your block make It easier for buyers to find you. Extra signs are 25c each. 17. Pricing requires thought and planning. People who com® to your sale expect to find bargains. Because many of your sales should be made in the first hour or two of your sale, you'll know your prices are too high if your items are not selling. Over the past few months, successful garage sale holders were asked for their ideas on how to hold a garage sale, here are their suggestions. 18. On the other hand you do not want to "give away" your merchandise. One way to determine prices is to visit other sales beforehand and see what they are charging for similar merchandise. You'll soon have a better Idea of what you should charge. Pricing to Sell binder II you should have to leave (or n tew minutes or are busy waiting on another customer the cashier can handle the transaction tor you. 25, II you have a great many small Item* which will be priced the same*. ,nul you don't want to take time to lav) each item, put them all on one table with fi sign telling the price IV. Keep the prices reasonable or you end up with what you were trying to sell. 20. Prices should be plainly marked (and si/es, foo, where necessary). This helps shoppers make decisions more quickly. 21. Reduce prices on things that are not moving, particularly during the last hour or two of the Setting Up 76. Have plenty of a(s!«> space so shoppers don't gel m each others way. 27. Attractive ami convenient displays and arrangements rrmke it easier to shop Have fun, make extra money with a Garage Sale GARAGE SAlt \l\rt A garage sale is fun — fun selling no longer needed items, fun meeting new people, and fun making extra money. You'll be surprised at what you can sell (clothing, furniture, tools, toys. records) anything so long as it has some good lite left mil A number of -.m jll, inexpensive items you would usually discard can easily bo sold .11 your sale. Fact's Garage Sale Want Ads arc inexpensive <ind react) tho buyers more than 17,500 families every evening and on Sunday A Mine want *d run one day costs $1.44. Run four days for $5,04, or just $1 J4 a day, To attract crowds to your sale, phone 233-6351 MM | o««<Uiru«. _„, . The Facts fSMBt/IHfO I»IJ IN ftltPQIlt Want Ads 8:00-5:00 Monday-Friday 9:00-Noon Saturday 22. Rearrange displays, from time to time, to get the best possible exposure of what is left. 23. When more than one family is involved in a sale, use a different color price tag for each family. This makes it easier to sort out the price tags after the sale. 24. When you are willing to come down in price (and more than one family is in the sale), place a code- letter on your price tag and in a looseleaf binder. Then list the lowest price you will take in the 2B. Group articles by type of merchandise, price and si/e whenever possible You can also group by season of ust 1 or type such as winter sports, shop tools, lawn and garden equipment, etc. 29. Clearly mark different areas or types of merchandise with signs 30. A tightly stretched rope or a pipe suspended from the ceiling by ropes makes a clothes rack for the suits and coats BRAZOSPORT ""i 11 !^ ^ P™ | The Facts ESTABLISHED 1913 IN FREEPORT 31, A place to try on clothing can be helpful a* tan a full length mirror. 32, Provide ash trays 33, Have an electrical outlet so buyers tan test an item, 33, II you have rugs in your sale havtf a place ' where they can lw unrolled or Inspection 35. Have a demonstration area ami material;.! available it you are selling po-crer Joois. mowers, sprinklers, etc 14. Wash and iron ready to wear articles ami ^ftine sho« Experience has proved thai cleanliness and neatness. especially of clothing. are 'oo important lo bt> ignored 3/. It pflyt to make Su'e thing* arc in wording erdef, and to ie! (>roS(J*ctive bu/ttrs i-noi'* if the, .ire no! ' JJ It m doubt dOojt ittheUier or no I to fi* up or p.lfftt art item ask >'<x>rs*lt, "Will tinny rh-e i'tm bring enough mor* to (utf<?>- ff»e money <tnd time tixr^ it?" Afloiher point it some p*ts£?!f prefer to (Jo t! Jhefns*lv*s 3*. Keeping tfx» smalle-it, r«o«>t groufxd atctjrui )h* cashier frtin •10 put peoples' rtrrm ,i/«- t-jii Ifwv, qi,-.! SK)>;f>S 41. A -ItH sh*irf of p!y .'itxxl vjer Iv/o t*VAKo* **•> you a rnjji;eV»S? 'ilft'P 4J F' r;i up VQ.'f'.p p> .111'*. ••>»• imatl iltrmt 4). Put il ft 1 * f!o-ii,r'", of ()firi-*ii ;« a .,11* '<* .•Mention 'o if •44 Be '.ufp (<i fc^x- off or sJeiKl) <?-.}f'«- stow. rt.'r no' tor Vrtlf A {jiilrf'tKo re*! •.ifevf <..i<-. shtefd tf ••<•}*• gosxls {t<r»f «' .-isr. g-p' ,iv ntAtvj rvj *,»1!»- itrrtu o« I O) lujh! it's !>:>•. ii!;*r 45 Kf*-p I hip c,hii(!f <•-" ^.iijsp I a Ml !c! >Nr s»,l .'MOA'.t? u'wMfu'tMtJ f;,. ( f.o.inq ,t t<o» lit <j*tJ *,! vo ?u »'«?•*> Reducing Leftovers r-.tpt.Vf *'* 0' ??'=Ic Voy c,tn ip-virn (!•«? irMtr. r' '. •' ;'. f .1 n f o-r V) s. o f^ ? *, 44 A r •<!;. !•. 4 D,Hf! ,',,) . \ ,)••.:.'-'-<•" f.,'.V Sc-.-. , ' or, ' •x.l f of (ji'Ming n«J of ipHo.rr -v ..'./>,• !!<-»T-. c' q?o.;p o' i ilerrn pric**<J ufifh-r SIC*! 1 < .if" !M- ,id vpr titod '" .s ) l:n* ,itl for 4(lAfS for (,«!> JS u4 A r!<) ; ' , ryij» I i,^c'. i o;' just Jt 6* earh 4» Pul !f-,f> ' i,Kj • items snfo .» {Mq f,w (KT..t ,if'c' let .' 50 Give ili'ifl, or>f »tf«i for P. cry tM'c<- items purchi»V"t! f. ' on*- !»<>o shirt Ahc*> .•> buys three The Sale is Completed < C f il Have paper h^gs or lw«ei .irr Customers' small purth<v,e', S2 Locale your cashier ,» ,1 ^pot A here everyone f«* lo pass <n she (wives w SJ. Be sure to h,wc plenty ot change 54, A muffin tin makes ,1 handy money drawer (or the cashier. 5$. If you have « large s<ilt», two or more persons wearing carponters aprons for the mooey and price tags can speed transactions $4. Remove the tags as items are sold ano put thorn in a coffee can or box You'll ne«d them lo divide / the receipts at the end of the day 57. A borrowed or rented addirvg machine insures I accuracy in totallying purchases for each customer : and your sales at the end 58. Courtesy, friendliness, fair dealing and willingness to be of service are all important and especially so if you plan another sale in the future, 5». After the sale Is over, take down all ol your signs 44 immediately. 40. Have a good time. Garage sales are not only fun, they're profitable — and think of all the extra room you're going to have. Want Ads help make nice things happen

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