Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 20, 1977 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1977
Page 9
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Tuesday, December 20. 1977 HOPE (AUK.) STAK 57. GENERAL CONSTRUCTION OTB ASKEW & SON Dozer work, St Cutting Wade. Phone after 5:00 p.m. 887-2791. 11-Jtt-ff JOE FARRER COMPANY All types of dirt, topsoil, field sand, clay gravel, also dozer and loader work. Telephone 777-9547. 11-23-tf HOME INSULATION COMPANY: Blown insulation, Attic and walls. Get our price before you buy! Free estimates. Call 777-3873, Wayne White. 12-12-tf 59A. STEREOS PIONEER STEREO SALES. Prices start at $244.95 Pioneer makes a perfect Christmas gift. COLLINS ELECTRONIC SERVICE 1122 S. Mian in Hope. Phone 7774429. 12-16-tf 59B. TELEVISIONS QUASAR makes television Special again—See Quasar color Television today at Collins Electronic Service— 1122 South Main St. in Hope. You will be glad you did. Phone 777-3429. 12-10-tf YOU CAN AFFORD COLOR TELEVISION Rent color T.V. from $10.00, Black & white from $5.00, Steroes starting $5.00, MCB FURNITURE phone 777-9239. 11-30-tf 60. PAINTING SERVICES GET YOUR PAINTING DONE in the off season. Special prices on staining or painting wood fences. Call anytime for free estimates. 777-5083. 12-2-lmc ARTICLES FOR SALE 71. CARS OR TRUCKS DIGRAM'S USED CARS - Will buy used cars and pickups. Call J.B. Ingram, 777-9670. 12-3-tf WANTED: Late model Used Cars and pickups trucks. See James or Mike Gaines. Phone 777-6100. 12-3-tf 1975 MUSTANG II, Power steering, front disc brakes, am-fm radio, factory 8 track tape deck, air-conditioning, $2,200. Call 874-3382. 12-14-6tp ONE OWNER 1971 Cadillac, 48,900 miles. Steel Belted tires, 420 S. Spruce or Call 777-4084 after 6:00 p.m. $1600. 12-«-tf 1971 BEL AIR 4 door, good gas mileage. Call 777-8841 or 7775336 after 4:00 p.m. Make Offer. 11-21-tf PUTMAN'S USED CARS. We buy and well used cars & pickups. 201 S. Hazel, 7775762. 12-13-tf 1977 CHEV. VEGn, red, radio & 4 speed, $2500. Contact 777-9438. 12-20-6tp FURNITURE ——•—— MATTRESSES, MATTRESSES, MATTRESSES, Must sen now several name brands, all sizes, moat are still in wrappers, mattress and box spring set for $68. Terms available. See Freight Sales Co. 307 W. Broad, Texarkana, Texas, 11 to 8 weekdays, Saturday 9 to 5. 12-2Wf 78. MISCELLANEOUS WHY PAY MORE FOR LESS, When you can get the best at discount prices. All McCulloch models. Slightly used McCulloch 850-1300. HOPE OUTDOOR POWER St EQUIPMENT, Third & Hazel, 777-8585. 12-14f ATTENTION HUNTERS & Trappere. Buying furs at Hwy. 29 & Ave A, across from Jumbo Burger. Every Sunday 4:00 p.m. to 5:00. Absolutely Top Prices. John Boyd - Benton, AT. ll-»-lmp "IT'S A SONY" Your SONY Dealer in Hope is Collins Electronic Service-1122 South Main, Phone 777-3429. Serving you for 16 years. 12-10-tf TRAPPERS - HUNTERS - Top prices for your furs. Green, dry or whole - Also deer hides. Will be in Hope Every Wednesday 2:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Burger Center. Hwy 67 W. Vernon Lewis 214-822-3562. 12-5-lmp FIREWOOD FOR SALE: 777- ' 3085. 12-14-6tp FIREWOOD FOR SALE: $25.00 a rick, split $35.00 a rick. No longer than 2 feet. 777-5947. 12-20-12tc STANDARD SIZE Pool table. $100 or make offer. 777-5654. Call after 4:30 p.m. 12-20-4tp Page Nine 70. HOMES 74. FURNITURE RECUNERS, RECUNERS, RECUNERS. Must sell now. Good selection of recliners including wall hug ers and rocker recliners. We have 3 piece reclinera with good covers for $40-95. Terms Available. Freight Sales, 307 W. Broad, Texarkana, Texas 11 to 8 weekdays, Saturday 9 to 5. 12-20-tf Your LTollkrs NEW HOUSE. 3 or., 1 Hi bath, 1 3-10 acres, half brick, all electric, near Bois 'D Arce, 777-3085. 12-14-lBp THREE BEDROOM, 2 bath, large gameroom, CH&A, outside storage building, carpeted, built-in appliances, 505 W. Ave. D. 777-5249. 12-16-«tp THREE BEDROOM FRAME house to be torn down & moved if interested call 214276-3910. 12-lfrflc 83B. BOATS & MOTOR NEEL-CRAFT Boat manufacturing Inc. Has moved to the Hope Proving Grounds location and invited everyones repairs or any other service that we can do for you in the fiberglass line. Call 777-6466, JAMES NEEL' for free estimates or pickup and delivery. 11-24-tf 84 B. DOGS CHINESE PUGS, Boston Terrier puppies. One Lewallen setter bird dog, 8 months old. Will hold for Christmas, Country Puppy Farm, 777-2503. 12-9-lmc 2-THREE MONTH Old Labador Retriever, $75.00 registered 777-6802 days after 6:00 p.m 777-3748. 12-19-6tp Cattle producers Non-union miners go back to Still losing money wol *k ""dor court protection 85.WEARING APPAREL DICK'S CUSTOM SHIRTS for all members of the family. Custom shirts will be appreciated for Christmas. ^ 11-28-tf SHOP BONNIE'S* DRESS SHOP: Bodcaw for something different for Christmas. Beautiful fashions, reasonable prices. Shop til 7 p.m. & Sunday afternoons. Yellow tag Sale. 12-5-lmc MAKE OVERTURF'S Your Christmas store, the gift that comes in pairs - "We have time for you." 11-28-tf By DON KENDALL AP Farm Writer WASHINGTON (AP) Cattle feeding has improved financially because of generally lower feed costs, but it will be six months or more before farmers and feedlot operators are able to cover all their expenses of producing beef, according to the Agriculture Department. Currently, according to a new analysis issued Monday by the department's Economic Research Service, producers are able to get enough for cattle to cover feed costs but are still losing money when all expenses are figured. s The analysis was included in a new report on the livestock and meat situation and involved production costs and other factors involved in feeding cattle in the Corn Belt. According to the analysis — which was based on the current costs of producing feedlot cattle — a producer needs to get $37.52 per 100 pounds for a choice-grade steer to cover feed expenses of feeding the animal since last May. Market prices now are more than that. Looking ahead, the report showed that if a farmer bought a lightweight steer last month and fed it for six months he would need to get $33.88 per hundredweight next May to break even on feed costs. The department projects fed cattle prices at $39 to $41 in the second quarter of 1978. If all costs are taken into account, the price of choice-grade steers would have to be $43.54 per 100 pounds next May for a producer to break even. Not all cattle producers — those who turn out "fed" beef — operate a full six-month feeding program as used by the agency's experts in defining costs of production. But the figures do provide a basis for comparing beef costs from one month or year to another. Thus, according to the report, here are some of the factors involved in producing a 1,050- pound feedlot steer for market next May, based on current costs: Thru Hope Star* A SOfr-pound feeder steer bought last month would have cost 1239.64 at average November prices. By the time the animal weighs 1,050 pounds next May. the producer will have $457.20 invested in the steer, including W7.30 for corn, $29.60 for silage, $26.19 for protein siipple- ment, $9.35 for hay, $10.80 for labor, and $10.78 for interest over six months. Veterinary medicine, fuel, depreciation, death losses, transportation, marketing expenses, management and other items make up the remainder of the $457.20 expense total in producing the finished steer. Thus, the report said, the producer will have to get $43.54 Per 100 pounds to break even on the 1,050-pound steer sold next May. Lorry Flynt quits smut magazine COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) Larry Flynt, who says he has undergone a religious conversion, has resigned as publisher of the sex-oriented Hustler magazine. Cynthia Johnson, a spokesman for Husiler, said Monday that Flynt announced his resignation at the staff Christmas party Friday, but withheld public announcement of the decision. Flynt recently promised to change the format of the magazine to advocate healthy attitudes toward sex and discontinue features that display women as "pieces of meat." Flynt says his conversion came about with the help of evangelist Ruth Carter Stapleton, sister of President Carter. By Non-union miners from thrtp companies headed to work to- Any under the protection of a Pennsylvania court. In Washington, United Mine Workers negotiators scheduled more meetings today with the Bituminous Coal Operators Association in hopes of ending the strike by 160,000 miners, entering its third week. Permanent injunctions against violence related to the nationwide strike were granted Monday by Fayctte County, Pa., Judge Roy House to C&K Coal, Glascial Minerals and Chemicky Coal Co. C&K was shut down four days last week, Glascial was closed all last week and Cher- nlcky was closed last week and yestertay, their lawyers said, because of threats and violent acts by hundreds of UMW pickets. The companies charged that the miners roamed the county destroying about $60,000 worth 400 on strike at Crossetl CROSSETT, Ark. (AP) More than 400 employees of the Bemis, Co. here are on strike because of a contract dispute. Employees who are members of the United Papcrworkera International Union are asking for higher wages and Improved pension and hospitallzation plans. Union spokesman Randall Wilson says workers won't accept less than the last two-year contract, which provided for a 10 percent general wage increase. Wilson says the company has offered a 9V4 percent increase for the next two years. Bemis officials say they don't expect an early settlement. The company makes paper bags. "A 'no' averts seventy troubles." Indian Proverb »nd threatening nonunion miners. In Illinois, Alexander County Orruit Judge Robert I^ndsden HiheM a temporary Injunction that limits the number of pickets allowed at the entrance of a coal-loading facility In Metropolis, 111., that allegedly was menaced by some 300 UMW pickets last week. The Injunction restrains the UMW from mass picketing, violence and threats of violence and obstruction of travel to and from the Cook Coal Terminal. Th« damage done by the pickets kept the terminal closed Monday, and officials were unsure when It would reopen. In Hwrlsonvtlle, Ohio, the 170 pupils of an elementary school •voided a second forced vacation Monday when striking min- era agreed to allow a truckload of coal through to the school. "I can't see penalUing kida for the strike," said Gene Oiler president of United Mine Work- era Ix>c«l 1886. BRIDGE Oswald and Jim Jacoby Count your losers first VOHTIt * .1 'i .'. V A K 4 + l\ I .< i>i K.v.vr k •' * 8 X* () i 10 .'i y 117 n 11>«:.-.' *A..UH \ « < *• .1 m r, :i .SOI Til * AQI07M V H.r> V ulnIT.i Me Neither, Dealer North Wrsl NoMh '|.;,,, I* I'if, I'.iv, INT I'.is I'itVS U |';, s Soiilli 1* : lr;nl Cjiieen of Hy Oswald & James Jacoby Reese's first rule for suit piny is to look for mid count your losers. He also counts winners, but feels that the losing trick count is the more important of the two. Then your next step is to look at the trump suit iirul decide if yon should play trumps immediately. South wins the first trick and a careless player will immediately try a trump finesse. A mon: careful player will see four potential lose is One trump if Hie finest loses, one heart arid the two inissuiK ares. Can he do any tiling about one of those losers? He sure can if he hjis time He ran discard one of hK hearts on one of dummy's diamonds To do this "he must leave trumps alone and lead a diamond toward his queen. Hast will duck but South will lead a second diamond and knock out the fire, Kast plays a second heart, but .South »;i'ts to discard his potential loser on » Kootl diamond before taking the trump finesse. A MiiNSiirhiiseLs render wants to know if there is such a play as the Coon coup. Some years a^o Charles toon of Boston playing for America in the world's championship made a most unusual but successful lead against Italy and the plav was then named the Coon coup. 1 > l Al I 1 .'I r.N 11'.IU'Kl.SI'" .VX.SN \ If-or a ctifty of JACOBY /UOOFA1A/. tsond $1 to "Win at flm/c;o." c-'o tins newspaper P.O. Box Jfl!), Radio City Station Now York, N V 10019) For information come by our office or call 777-8841 and ask for Penny. ,9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 i > another great gift idea from Kusins Furniture of Hope A snuggy way to stay warm this winter...THE SNUG SACK! only 5 ! 7 with the purchase of any recliner at Kusins Furniture of Hope Just step in and pull up the no-snag, nylon zipper. Then sit down, lie back, curl up. or doze off in your favorite chair, effortlessly cozy and snug. Snug Sack can warm up the entire family., there's a size to fit everyone. And, it's simple to clean, just drop it in your washer/dryer. Snug Sack...once you have one, you'll wonder how you made it through the winter without it. FAMOUS NAME RECLINERS by Stratford, Action by Lane, La-Z-Boy & Pontiac See hundreds of exciting Christmas Gift ideas on display this week! iFurnmir^

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