The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 14, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1859
Page 4
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_ - _ REPORTED FOB fHE JDAHiT SBWS. ' . ' =^±irr : WMlainfCton M«tter». ; 000. 000. Amount subject to draft "ifr. .Greenwood, - tlie recently appointed Commissioner of Indian Aflaars, had entered upon his duties, . .--,omcii! q» THE bail.* NEWS, > -.•.-;. • , , : vv Wi . MHwiukee, May Uj,lU». ; .1 . . . MoKiT MiTiKES.— There Is • more atringtncy t ln the ] market tor Exchange J*U 1» hard to te'go-tat yctter- , M«y l£ ; .Iday 1 ? rite*. tWiqaotatlonB aristm afc game, namely"' l1 * 8 8920,^; ** ^»nker|i »tM.ajlid3«@2 tjj ouUiaera.^. CurreDc^ jr $7,000,- j i» In good »opply, ana can'oe hid readily on gooff' K"~ ourlty, iltttongh dealers icrutlnlie cloiely. The marteJ, was quite brisk to.;day, and thiftri tlon* Borraiderably e«eed f tbo«e : br*yeBier<lryTail'eclal- lyluwhuat, at the . ptjnlngthia-motnlngtherewM a ° mweffortsof Mlramon to *ai B e money in | ^'^»Pbido'«P«cK»«>u<»»**Wice« tote from two Enrope OH the church propartj, ar « considered j to three cents better In New York stiffened up the wa- as fnrfile in view of the hostile condition of ' verlng, and the buying became quite active ,to the affairs pa that continent. • , close, fully sustaining the figures of jetterdaj; and The GOT. General of Canada, through the ' leaving fellers to hope, that there might be a still fur- British Minister here, has made a demand Up- j ther rise, Tcr which some were holding back. on this government for the surrender of Depu- The tales of flour, us far as« e could glean, foot up ty Marshal Tyler, who shot tlie Captain of the j to about 8,000 bbls ; being about 2,000 more than was American brig Concord Of Cleveland,''while reported yeslerday. Tie prc»» ranging from 7,25 to laying in Sarnia, in Canada. Tyler, a short 7>£0 , or (prlng qualme ,. One , mol , lol of ,35 b bi, of time since, was tried in Michigan and con- whi u-Winter brought 8,00 victed of manslanghter. They now demand ; Wheal: The 8&lej , Vran6cen<j ltoi , of bis surrender under the Ashbnrton extradition treaty. There are questions of law involved in the case, which required it to be laid before the Attorney General, who has the ease now under consideration. ' Steamers Sold. NEW YORK, May 13. The rumored arrangement between Mr. Vanderbilt and the Pacific Mail Co., have taken a more-decided shape, and it is generally credited. It is said Mr. V. sells the Northern Light, Vanderbilt, North Star, Ariel, Daniel Webster, Ocean Queen, Uncle Sain and Cortez, for $2,600,000, to which the Pacific Hail Company contributes $600,000. A new company is to be formed for working the Atlantic end of the route, with a capital of §2.000,000, of this. amount lir. V. takes $500,000 Block and $500,000 bonds. The service is to be performed weekly between this city and San Francisco. Mauachuietts Supreme Court. yesterday anil «t prices fully sustaining; yesterday's figures. At l.he opening there was manifested an incl'r nation to pause ant) be assured th&t ihe kasi was fully up to the West before proceeding; this being learned, the work went on lively and sales this evening show a foollni of nearly 70,000 bus; besides, there were some transactions made ou private terms. (There was not much done In Uoro and Oat*. We have of two small gales, one of each, 100 bus of Corn at 88 and Z25 bus of Oats a.1,37 . We learn Hint COc hud been jtluied Tai Oats, buthear of no sales at that figure. .Till \vauRcf Wholesale Market. Freights.— the Frontier Pillstwg took 2011 bbli uf flour to Buffalo foi 15c, 8B)d the Schooner Gross Is chartered to take wheat to Oswepo for 5jjc. These rates are about the name as have been current for learn of nothing BOSTON, May 12. GOT. Banks has selected the following gen- j mmm tlemen to compose the Judges, of the new Superior Court, as established by the last legislature, the nominations to be confirmed by the executive council: For Chief Jnstaoe, Chas Allen, of Worcester; Judges, Julius Rockwell, of Pittsfield, Otie Lord, of Salem, Marcus Morton, Jr., of Andovei, Ezra Wilkinson, of Dedham. John Andrews, of Boston, Henry Vose, of Springfield, Seth Ames, of Cambridge, James 1). Colt of Pittsfield, and Thos. Russell, of Boston. Floating Rowpltal. NEW YORK, May 13. The ship Wm. Tapsoott arrived at this port yesterday, with 726 Mormon emigrant passengers. The quarantine commissioners have purchased the old steamer Falcon, and are fitting her up as a floating hospital for yellow fever patients and other infectious diseases. She will be got in readiness with all possible despatch, and anchored in the lower bar New Vork Matters. NEW YOBK. May IS. A select party of the Hard Shell democrats met at the Astor House yesterday p m., to devise some plan to re-unite the democracy of the State. A communication was addressed t,» the State Central Committee, couched in lie- coming terms, proposing a basis of union, by which the edict of proscription issued by tbe last State Convention, is recalled, tbe offices divided next fajl, and tlu- delegates to tbe Charleston Convention apportioned between Softs and Hards, according to their relative strength in the State. NEW I'onK, May 13. The anniversary meeting of the American Board of Foreign Missions, was held at tbe i Academy of Music to-day. Hon.Wm. Jessup, ! of Pennsylvania, presided. Addresses were made by Rev <J C. Baldwin, i of China mission, Rt-T. H M. Seudder. aud Charles A. Liana, and others. The Secretary's report stows the receipts for nine months,to the 30th ult.,to be§200 000 ' leaving $l4fl,000 to he raised during the rr I maining three months, to meet unaroid&ble expenditurss. High \Vntnr. PHAIBII DC CHIK.V, May In. The river al this point is higher than lor several years. The water glands two to four feet in the street? of the lower part of tbe lowji, aud still rising slowly. The body of a man, utan- unknown was found in the river this p. m LA CHOOSE, May 13. The Mississippi river, after having reached a point .nearly as high as in 1851, is DOW ut a stand. Weather cool but pleasant. PB.OVU.EKCE, R. 1., May 13. St. John's Encampment of Knight Templars numbering sixty-four men. accompanied by & band, left here this evening for Richmond, Va via Stonington and New Fork. ' They were joined at the depot by th- Molav Encampment at Boston, 80 strong some time. We. tiat't. been ahl<- further to-day. Flour—belt, r. Sales ftuo bblt Clly Mills 7't(l, SOU do Phoenli 7,40; 500 do Milwaukee 7,4(1, all (. o. b.; 600 do Commercial 7,30; 2,746 do City Mill.- 7,60; 480 do Pre>0. 200 do Si one Mill» 7,75; 400 do Madison City I 7,50, H* do common Country, Brands 7,i5; 100 City Mills, Be-iver Dam at 7,1»; ¥70 do Porlsge Cily, Extra Spring at 7,86, 18,'. do n'bite Winter In store st 9.0U. Wheat—o-^Gc better. Sales '2,0110 nun (last night) No. 1 f. o b.. 1.4U; 1011 I.Hi Ni. 1, 1,40; 17,000 Jo do 1.411, all!, o.b, 400 u,. prime N>.. 1, 1 jtS; l.OUU do No. 1, OJROPIT OOTBT, J , MllwMke*Conaty. ,|- ; " '•' "i Samuel B. DiggeU, Plalatlff, '. •••: V:.'.;>>--v*-'-««ml»l«t'o /•••!? !*t? Henry Miller, Juliana Miller, bit wife, N»x»ir« Stiue- But; or Noxali e Strenleni, Kphralm H. Hbwell, B. D.' WimauMOn,:- Jr., Treasurer, Jacob Schotnh Is, , ., ser, ao cotn s, Ml,h«el Bower. John Blakely, William Ulakely. tHenry MailUru, Frederick Althof, Herman Brrgmsn, A Ithot, Oharlea AlUiof, Jolm H. H«n»h»ri, James KneeUnd, Novelty Rubber Company, and jJohn B. A. Kern,DefcndwU. s ,-;,,.» '•-•• waft j te of Wltcoruln, to tbe above named defendants \7 OU are hereby Summoned *&&' required to answer JL the complaint In this action, which It filedIn the office of the Clerk nf the Circuit Court, for: Milwaukee County, and to serve a copy of your answer ta said complaint I on u»; at ou office,InWUcbell'* tullding, corner of Mlchlg*aand fast-Water streets, in the City of Milwaukee, within twenty days after the service htrerf, exclusive of the day of such service; and If you full to answer the complaint as aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply lo the Court for the retlef.dem*ndtd In the complaint. ~«- 1 Witness Hon. ARTHUR MoARTHDB, Judge ... O f S4iA circuit Oonr . at Milwaukee, this •12Ui day of April, 1859. Wittiest the se&t of said Court. MATTHRW KKKNiN, Clerk. .LIICB i STAKE, Plaintiff's Attorney, Milwaukee, ! -"- 1 :6t»L V, -v- I' WUcon»ln. aprld-lawCw truck, W.HJ di, Kxlra Nn. 1 In l>at» at l , :WO OIROU1TCOPBT, I Milwaukee County. ( William I'. Lynde. against Jolin Cuonniugs (John C. Goodrich, John F. lllrchard, Duncan C-RfL-d.O. P. Foote, David M. Mlsner, John Oummlngs, Trustees of Milwaukee Lod e No. 2, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows,) Oregor Menrel, Abraham B. Warper, Peter Kennle, The Qlobe Bank, William Smith, HeTn-y^enftleben, Abraham Btclnhail, Lewis J. Claude, George W. Peckham, Lewis S. Mack, Herman 8. Mack, Leander M. Bubby, Arthur Hughes, Samuel F. Lester, Badger State Bank, Robert 11. Bell, James .Longworth, Char les Kn«-p, John W. Butler, Henry Carter, Jervii Laogdon, Samuel W. .laniard and David M. Misner, Assignee. The State of Wisconsin, to cnch aud all the defendants Ai ore named, except the defendants, John Cumiutngx and John C. Goodrich ; Y OU are hereby s'unmoned and required to answer the complaint In this action, which was filed in Hie oflice of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, of the County of Milwaukee, on the 21st day of April, l»M(, and to serve a copy of your answer to the s: Id complaint, on the sub- sulbeis at their office, Noc. C and S Albany Bull llnp, Milwaukee, within ninety da\s after the pervici of tills summons on yon Of such service; and if you I. plaint within the time ufoi action will apply to Lh« Cm in ihe complaint. Dated April ^1, 1S39. FINCH t.- apr28-lawOw exclusive of the day 1 to answer the said com-aid, the plaintiff In this • for the relief ilrmamled t'NITED STATED WAKSHAt'!? SALE. Netrcomb OleTeland, * .....,.-«........ ' r -••:•' , -•.;;•:•';;<•. .•;-* e * MU- f MC«."'j> • -- '- The La .Crosse * _ waukee KaOroMCo. TN pursuance and by virtue of a Writ of frier! 'Facias X Issued out of the District Court of th'e United Sittti for the District of Wisconsin, in favor of thesaldSew- comb OleY«Und, Plaintiff,; »i»lnst the I/a Crone k BIN waukee Rail Road Company .defendant In tne above entitled, cause, Issued for the amount of one hundred and twelve thousand two hundred and seventy-one dollars and seventy-sU cents, recovered by ; the uld Plaintiff, £?*,',?«?*?* ""defendant, tbe Tth/d^yotOctober, A. D. 1S5T» by the judgment of the said District Court, tested, the twenty-second day of October, A. D. 1857, to mo rllFM.tA/1: I hh.... >.v_l-i'_* - * . • _i._l) _-ll .. Y^.k-ll_ me directed, I hav« levied upon and shall i«U at Public Auction, OD Toradky, the ; loth day of December next, at the United State* Manhil'j Office, In Iher City of Milwaukee, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of said day, the following pro Rail road and Vto wit: The La Crosse A Milwaukee ie Interest of the LaOroue t Milwaukee STATES HI Roiwell Ij. lienetlict, } Wllliaui A. H» I, I Ltw^ S. Benedu-l and | Henry 0. Souttwick. | LVNBK PlalntllTe Attorneya. , liSIIAI.'S S \l.l.. VA. do txtrn at 1^7; 1 »»0 do .]r*tr» No. 1 at 1,60; WV do kitr« »i 1,60; UK) do prlmcWo . al 1,40, 600 do Extra at 1.67, :i00do Doublt Extra at 1,65; 850 do Extra No. 1 1,60; l.OOU do Extra 1,60, 2ii do boubk- Kitral,6.'; 12,000 do Extra No. 1 f. o h. 1,60, b.Ouu do txlra 1,65' 200 do No. 1 lit 1,40; :>00 do Krtra al l^o. Con do Spring »t 1,6U; 600 do Ex-tr* Nu. 1 on llw i>lMlur«,. 1,60; 40,000 do No. 1 I. o. b., 1,40. Corn— 8c better. Stirs 7lio bus shelled at Sif. 5OO do do tit S5 on track. Potatoes -sales 101) bus Bed WrsU-rnn a. 4* Wood — savt-,1 and ^ht, hard, 4,;-", in xni ^,t»-Jif "*', not sawed 1,50 for bard. Ooieut- li.OU. 2,75 by tut s^^iit.u . Stu ceo — SanduskT l,i?6; M'chlpan l,6u. Land 1'lwte' — 1,40 and 1,30 by quoMit} Limr - 6t'c /,cr bbl. Lumber — common lumber hrui bl Ji,, .J <!, Jr. f 5. 2nd board! »'^, id plank J»(l, cle-nr buanli »' cl : ai plank SS; all. sl.iutrlet »-»rr«i .ted - T5@ »,W. We uiukt t),e follow iu^ ^uOlatibbp : ft heat — Nu. 2 SpriUf. 1 \VI,eat 1,80. No 1 y(.ritiK Ubeat 1,M it. mcirt. No 1 Extra Spring Wl,,-»! 1.46^ 1,50, C.uo Mithne Wl.rat I 'M{g,\ .tu, tslrn. \V nter Milling Red ; . 4»Vij, : ,G<> \\ ,i,ter ShllMj^ W t. : * \\heui j }.bUHt,},ttU, extra. Rye — >,l»Q,l,li Barley— 5oa«7 It Oat*— 6Cfit/i3, cetui: Corn— «0(g^si>, corn ,ean 76.JJ73 KgK* — PC, plenty. I John U. Mitchell, Phjlana Mucbrll, H. W Mitchell. Thompson Laicll. O.B. linker, W. B. Tliom|..oi., \\'. 11. Lyon and H. Price. A N pumuancr uiul by \irtij. District Couri (,l Hit Uni • o[ ^ iHcoriBtn on llir tenth dn , abovr entitled r&use, 1 uliali the Uniled Stales M&r&tiaJ'ii i traukee. In tins Il.slricl, ot. '1 May, 1S.W. al 3 o'clock F. n . property, or BU mucli there' ' sfctHIy fi:iJ .l-cre , l-i v\\ * • pari-fl <'( 'and AltuaU- in l. Stair- ol \Vi.ctiuii.. tnoan P u u-li Ke^iiinliw ut a f*>in I quarter B U4i,- ou tin- K esl ^ U;eo (lo), in lowushlfi nurtjb- of rin^r number eiphl Iblet x-enlreS»f llu Inplilriiy ClUrti • elgtlly-IIX (S(j| lief l-r» r-tlSt . i . (fMi)linL.n, u.t-tur n. TLI. b,\t i (ti) chaina Mi.l llarly (-!0) liune ; \SM defrrc<-e taal uvcnl.v ( '/ Iwelv, (12> ns, ifiencr <li; :iLI'l Bti-ii..n luo hundred nn.1 f.lart- t>l l-e^.nain^. .unla.f t sanu- tuoTr . r i.-i. . Mai-arml'i- e>lli<c, M:l«auk. • M.J. 1 i li A. A J 1." .^7 iak W RiTIU ir.arl'4-lfc» .1 In Ihe (Jillled 5il»lr« ills ct Court f..r the IMmri.-i Wl&t ,.[I9IU In |.(|Uily f n tlif.-ree mail* l.y ll i Si&lej for lh^ D.Alncl , ol Kt-bruary, ISM), in lhr : ell al public auction at . .c«, In the City of Mil- | .-stlnj. Ihe l.-nth drty of ' Ihe lollc.B M,i; tli-n j .IB I't I.ecrasary I, ] lhal rt-rlain pir.-e ur i 0"llllt> of P..;ta^ 4 hi..! de»cnl>, d m> l»iliiit>, t,. . n i H>; null i-ai; u! th.- ' ol jier-tion nunibri M- wrnty-Uire. tW(), n..rlh thence ni.ulh al.- n . II.r .'•t) cha ri». thence tuirtl. > - llJl .-' mns »n.l IIfly ! il.. tx-r norih ei>:hly-fiv. chklus, thenr^;l, ! Railroad Company therein', with all the franchljes, rights and privileges thereunto belonging and appertilntirg, including roads, roadways, rights of way and real es tate of every description, road beds, tracks, ties, rails, station homes and buildings and grounds, sheds and grounds, engine houses and grounds, shops and grounds, water bouses and grounds, cars and appurtenances, locomotive engines and appurtenances, more particularly described In the following schedule (marked A.) Also,-all that portion of the LaCrosse and Milwaukee Railroad,known as the Watertown Division of said Railroad, and all the Interest of the said LaCrosse and Milwaukee Railroad Company therein, with all the franchises, rights and privileges thereunto appertaining, Including roads, road ways, rights of way and real estate of every description, road beds, tracks, ties, rails, station homes and buildings and grounds, shops and grounds, water houses and grounds, engine houses and grounds, cars and appurtenances, locomotives and appurtenances; alao, about forty-five thousand bars of Railroad Iron, more particularly described In the (blowing schedule (marked B.) Also, lots ^, '0 and 11, In block S, and lots 1, 4, 8, in Mock 47jln tbe Fifth Ward al the Olty of Milwaukee.— Lot« 1 and 4, in blo«,k 150; lots 1, 2, 4,5, 6,7,8, 9,10, 11, li, la, 14, in block 155; x ot block 157, except lot 8 and 10 ol the bayou adjoining said block; >> of lots S, 9 and S, all of lots 12, IS and 14; >, of lots 16 and 17 and E X of 15, In block 15S, in the k'ourll. Ward of the City of Milwaukee. Schedule A., relerreU to above.) One paadenrcr depot v ono store house, two freight depots, grain platform aud sbed, blacksmith shop, three tank houses, machine Shop,'stationary engine house, paint shop, lumber house, coppersmith sliop, iron bouse, blacksmith shop, turntable, crrcul&r eiigine huuse, car shop, all In the City of Milwaukev; tank house on section twelve.of said Kail- road, one ditto on section 22; passenger and freight ue- pol, al lilchneld, one turn table and passenger and j freight depot, at KcliUlHHfiigerville; e.ngini houfe, tank house and pasaenger and freight uepot al Hartford, |.asi.*-nger and freight depot al Rul>lc..n; passenger and I friM^-lil dep<»l and tank bouse at W ,,o,lland. dill., at iron Hldge, lurn lal.le, padseliger and freight depot, eufrtoe boose and lank tiuuse at Uortcon; passenger anil freight depot M Junction; ditto at Rolling I'rairle; turn table, engine house, tank bouse ami passenger and freight depot at Beaver Dam; passenger and freight depot and tank house at Fox Lake; paaienger and freight depot at Cambria; passenger aud freight de|."l, lurn table, tank house and engine house at Uld- i l.i'ul. passenger and freight depot, turn table, en^in.- j hi.iur and lank house al PurtlKe Clly, together with tl.e I en-undo up.'U wtucli vuch lu.uses wid buildiuga are fciUmU-d aud which are 2-ppurletiaut thcrelu Tfteiity un«- locomotive engines, ten nrsl claas passt-n^ri oars, t«.. secoutl clasa ditto, lour baggage cara, 1 G-l I,..use (reijfl.t cars, 12(1 platform rant, W gravel .-ma and 17 hand < ari. (Schedule «., refer rr.1 I., lih.lli- ) Our .-n.H;.. I. .u.r it. Ihe City «! Milwaukee; one nation house Al ll.r Junction, one ililln an.l wood shed at Pcftauker, oi.c { nlal.un huu^r at llartlan.l. one dill,, at Hmr Lake >la- i lion; our witter House, un^ Woo<l ahed, aod ntir "lallon I I ..ut.c al l>. oh' i..\ .i.c staiiofi huu«e, Iraiue ihed, j t:.act.:t.r sh..;., ar it.. (., 4 knii.:Tl. »h.,p^ iw., wslrr l,..u»t-., .-nglue I.6U-. »n.l *,....) sh.,,1 A! Walt-: I..M i,, sta l.oi, !...u»i- an. watr- !,..usc al Lowell, slal..u . d.gin. aud B-Hlrr l...useal Ouluuibuji, logetlirr MIL], tl.v f I' mft. w '(•• I. Ml, I. h.'uitt I atol l.uiUI.D^.. 4 re MiiJ an. T . wliKl. .ire appurlenaul I'.e-tt-L.j. >. i . n i...AI Li.oii.. ^u^.l.ea.u. box .-irs, H5 ra,-k .:ari, ill haud,,vrs, »l-..,.l 4i 61.' l.»n ..' iron, nhicti 1,, ,^ll O f U.i saint- dfc) .a; l» .- ucK.Ci. |,near the La C, ,,sse Ilail- ...H.l lie|H.l.i.l. :-..., ka 4" »:,J U.iLlnecIt) ,,: Milwaukee, au-1 »b. ul 4-. 1.113 ,'l ittt.J(,-A.I .fot,, tth.. J. 1 4 l,all a.-. I HI i,.ul ,.'i;... k 1'. M , tt.r 9tiii,r Jay. ^1 D<.u3in»Ii A C'/' .1 rk in ll.t C:l> "I M.lwaakt^. *l..l aU, u l i.LH"' bar. ... ».l ;r..n . i... I. 1 .hull .ell ui, Ihe 1 * 6 $L •"' ^»HEBIffFTS SALE'. (New ITATE OF WISCONSIN; J Dlrcttlt Court, Milwaukee County.) JosephR. Treaj, - - against ' ' : James W. Stearns, Benlaujln t. Stlla, The Pretldent of : the farmer* A Millers' liank. Dexter B. Brii ton, E. W.Wheelook, Horace B. rreeman and Illzabeth, Ws wile and Caleb H. Patterson. Judgment Foreclosure. I ti! virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In •aid Court, In the above entitled action, dated Marth B. 1859, I shall expose for sale and sen at pub. lie auction, at the Post-Office on the corner of Wisconsin end Milwaukee streets, In the cltj of Milwaukee, on Saturday? tbe 17Hi day of September, 185>, at the hour of 8 r. u. of that day, the following described mortgaged premises, or so much thereof an may b« necessary lo raise tlie amount of said judgment, Inteifest and costs, together with eipensesvof sale, to wit: "The south west quarter of ,ectlor»-number flf- - ieen-fW}, in township number seven [I], north bi range number twenty-one [at] east, eicept- Ing nineteen and K-lOO acres heretofore sold to thomas W. Riddle ty Christian Wloienrted and wife: said premises Mini: situate In the County Of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin." Dated Sheriffs Office, Milwaukee, March 10, lalil. K. ItiaaUBVLa, I A. J. LANQWORTHy, Pl'0»Att'y. ( Sh'fl. Mil. Co., Wls. myU)-lamgm-Ustlaw6« 5S9J SUEUII--F's SALE. i - 6TATE OF WISCONSIN i Circuit Court, Milwnnli.^ r,.,,. i y . ( Robert Menilen and | Robert W. McOlellan. | ^urvl-lng partners of ) Judgment «., i *,! \lt- trie UriD of. MenzleB l.« Lie'- Due 4 Co., agalual Cleuleoa KamAcliull, . I N Irtue of and pursuant lo a ••lid Court, in the above eullllel ». in..,, .1. I. ..I Pe>" ma-y .',, l»9, 1 uliall aipoie fur ".'.-• an,I •ell at Pub- lie Auction at the Post-Ufflce onthi .:..rt,er ..I rt l,ciin ainiknd Milwaukee streets, In the city »l &lilwsukee, on Saturday, tbe I4«b day 01 ,i|ay. li.'>9. al ihe hour of 4 r. « of thai Jar punuant :ci Cl,a].lcr 140 Revisad Statutes, eniill,:.! ol itiel.n. .1 '•Mechanics and uiheis," all the rulit, till.- mid l.itei --si of trie above named defendant in an-l I.. !!•. |.il|otr<jv ,>roperty on tbe Dth day of Febi us. y , l?£iU, to mi "A certain building situate ..n I .1 No. t«.,nl> l»o tfcij, in block one hun lr^-1 ar-,i Ir.lrxy -l^'l.i I 13*], In L. W. Week's subd..,».uii M. ' I.. r,...|l weal quarter of section ll/i-1 ."•) M I," v\, r ., the City of Mllvaukee. MK '••• ui • . th- said defendant In an I . ... , !.'!•>. on the 5th day .if l",i.r !<• Dau-d ShenlT'i Office, Mil i . »,. i KISOHBS, LTSDB A .Mn.Lts. i '^ ..-ii.v, PI'lTs Att'y! | .tl, aprl - lawow I'JTH] SUKKIFf^ N %I.K. i\r». STATK OF WISOON81N, I Circuit C..urt, Milwaukee Co. \ Hubert Uaney and jut.u D,.ll u «, Dtjunio Nugrni and Jamei Nugent. Execution. I^Y virtue of ai. ^»r.-utu. isjuird fr-nu .a. I D the entitle.! action, [o me .lirrct^ ben&ls Nugent an,l Jarr.t-i* Nut'enl, 1 l.bvr .e taken ll.c folli-wlriK .lea. rlbed real eatale i.n U, ty of thr defeii.lauL-i or c.lher .f i tie.u, t.. w.l E,'-L..l Lumber f.iur (4), l.'iock une l.un.lro thirty -[..ur 11A4; ID the First War.l ot il,. i-f M.lw*ukee, County .,f Milwaukee, fltai. H'ls.-or.pln, and all the nghl. Hue and Inlere tthu-i. tl.t nald defendaaut or either .if Lhein I,a it. *i..l to tatd premises M it,- dai^ ..f the rthn <,[ a ,-rrlaui warrant .,f au«.:hui^ru f.rrrl.jf..i h>*ur>l in Ihr a, l...n . I. • 1 lit. 11,e 311. Ja y J.u.e, Ills." -,ol In ClRCtllT COOBT. i Milwaukee County. ( CharletW. WIUar.1, PlainUff, ADVERTrSEMENTS William gmith, Henry SenWebea, Lucius B. Wart, John M. Klmball, Christian H. M-yer, Otto Fiehmit, C. Arnold, A. r. fuelflohn. frtderlck Mueller, Sidney I Shepard and Augustus u. Wood, Def«T»iunu. The State of Wisconsin, to the above tame.l defendants Y OO ARK hereby Summoned and required to u.- •Ter the complaint in this action, which .* tiled In the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, r., f the Counly of Milwaukee, at the City of Milwaukee, In said County, and to serve a copy of your .tuawer to the said complaint on the subscribers, at their ..nice, Nos- S aid 4 Alhanv Building, In Ihe said City ..f M,,- waukee, wlthto twenty days after the s-rvlc> urrt:.if, ex elusive of the day of such service; aud if you :iil t» answer the complaint within the time nf- rt_-»,-ui!, the plaintiff will apply to the Court for Hie relit l ,i..ui.ui<l ed In the csmplalnt. Witness the Hon. Arthur MeArilmr. Juddeof the C.rcuit Court for aaid C. ui ty ..f Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, (bin lliirly unl .i«y of March, IS59. HOUKKtt i JpAiNGKMlh: tt). :ii STA n- Cliainl-.Tl/im, j< •>•• r Dnkiu. l.Sfitf, t th.- I iii(*> ( | i Il-law6w Milwaukee, I.. B Y virtue of the above entitled action, tu 525] STATE Of WISCONSIN, • OtrcuitCourt.MUwaukeeCiiuuly- } Tbe Globe Bank,I 1 against (• Daniel H. Richards, I . Garret Vllet, f Kseruli.m Jasper vliet and | « John B. Smith. J un .a.nued from ^a..i l .11.1. illr-et. .1 AU.I I'-h errd against the personal and real i*ro|, r r'y >f it above oamed defei danu, I have seized an.l ^ev.e.1 .. the following real estate, I '.ng wild firing in ti'.r C ty Milwaukee, Counly i>r Mil wa,. «, - -in.l .-IIH.^ .r A'.*-.,, jin, u. wit. "Situate In Uie north eafel .juarter ..f 4ectn.ii ! .* low i r, rangv ^i, beginning al th,. I...ILI. r.i«. corner of said >|u.>rter scciloo, runrm.K al.. i^ the east line of safft^uaritrr seclion n,,rii .... * 6.34 chalnn lodth of the north -am ..r.... r nf sal'l quarter secll..n, bring l' . ,..ulli -a«( corner of land conveyed '.y t . 1,1 .* i. d.i i a ,.. lin- ,if said land conveyed to Srhl. f. (J f ^...t .,, t point 3lU feet earil of ml.Idle ->1 i(r». i, H ;i t r..*.l, thence south I'M) feet. th. n.-.- * ..i ,',tj t , Uie tilicidle i>f ftiilil t 14 i Hay *aiJ .(Barter 'fiiliou, iiiefi. tin- if aa d .(ti.irtcr tect-nu •lie ')( Ureen M^y r ( >a»l, thr;n< ill*? of said uT tsutt cunv urt, :•• ml .Je- i h ..I ippu ad 4:^tJ chain.* «yvtl by Da Oil, u r<l a > . i l rt l.iiili |.ro|,«rtj, 1 »ale »ell at P.i uj- C t) • \l '«auk I UilJ Ol .NcpK' i , •( tllal Jay lureaal.l. I .c Au,-tioti, at Ui« C. re, u o smurtlu), UbcT, l5iS, at Hie I. I^CULI.JII ail,l ujt 11 (he Ml i i: if l>aUr.! tfnertff 's, Oflice. M il » ault t-e. HrTLia. llcrrraici t C..ITK. HS.KMA.N ->,•? » i Ja, iainr.l l>ate.l li'l wr*t r.l :5.! ^ PA., /.li I- It., . I Mlloou ... ll,r l-.l Ra.lrua.l .,.( ,cl,,,l,. IIU I I MarrliAi' tilt.. . i. .he M ,.f M.l . I'lttfe. Cut R7, >, H Urrd. rr ,-nl. l';a lit.: 1 . ,u,l..K.n»6. L'.r 411 .U V •:! J Xl.u: I .- Mar^l.»iV illll,' J Tli'.jMA- L .- r... : i.. M , ..r u , t UutU;r— li folal Iil(.'liwiu M'hlakey BJICIII n> AU.) I'. — ^. , dull. . (;,.t,a > c auj BT Muvai-icr t lluri H I 'amp Challrs « Krnst If. Hertrberg, Preder H. Earn.CD, William 11 Itoben Minn , M rni S ,/., II •«»!,, John I'irk'.ns, Mu 1 Hill, C. f A Uiur.rlin. E.IK leu, Salomon JackBoi,, J< l>al , Join. U. lioudard, Ju.-ph S liastlugs, Jr . Thomas A i:.-t-« Jstncs Pattee, J..M, M Mrfarla. U .. A.i.l.a He til.r-1 ,1,. \\.rrel, I Ji.l.n H"I.r . •I Heltuer !..[. I tt'.llel-. J,.«e li Bur£r.«!i. K, al the U .!.• ol U.A. etl uVe h , wf?,-[) , J a., jar^ 4, i V aUil \N euDes-la ( M J.Tl'iiiMA.-. U .- Uarif.a, slr-.i.y Inr'.'.rr s.ljoururd lo>. 1 <>-, sV UO'CI.M k a.'» l'-tl. ', M i* Adk- , Acepl ..i. u.. Ll. :."1 II. .-,:.,.,I...r H . n.n '^r.Q A ;, la»t 1 Iftlr I t.KM A > L ,-h'l M,l lir.KM.IN I. .-< TT SI H V KMA N I- I 1 l u t .- ir U.i Co . w- 'I 1 K Ml The ftate V ii'. a V .- ofhoe . l.f V :. thin artf '.t.r r.n i.. 4 A il.any H.:. .! rour era, a: r abov ihe • a^k.-.,J»i. M J rtl.iU - 1,,-rrby I .1 • ' l,.r.l. III I' H ; rial. A,v. wii. ft. in IIOA IK:', <r, W ' e7ar nrr I. KIC^£Ip•r^ UT May !;, _1.44<. I 1IJ,B3( ll.f >ul,di I W A I KEt & !JO« ftl.eal, HSi U. ..^-.. i ri|>.l». I) . ••- :Jll.U,l.t M. Al'.riil K. MILW ADKEE COUNTY, i Olty of ilillrauket. It. Justice'* Cou Tc Fredrick Henry Muller : Y OC art hereby notified that s warrantor at.. ment hog been issued agalnsl you, and your pri- p«rty attacht-d to satisfy the demand of Lester Sellor, U>nn Sexton, George Keruii and Edward holies (being tbe firm of Sexton Bro B i Ck,.,) amountlnc to on. hundred dollars. Now, unlest you shall appear before Albert Smith, » Jnstl -t of the Peacr In and for said County, at hl» office ic said City. or. the 23d day of April, a. n., 1SSS, ai nine in the forenoo judgment will be rendered against yon, pent Bold tc day tbe debl. Oaledthu day, March SI, 18a9. LOR1N SKXTON, LE8TKESEXTON, GEORGE BKXTON KDWARD BOLLES By their Attorney LKBTEH hinio*. I'. our —hat auva •itles :i'u«i T.'^KttT.oo for extra rtate, ffesUrrn, 7,^*«T,.,7o lor coujDion ; t SO&*.,W lor d<. round h.-opuli") and Canadiai. [lour i.,,nj, folnmon to trhok-e extra Ry* Dour — 4.00^1,.'., uo. When t— adranred .••, < j,.'<: but eitra w estert. l lolin,- ht-aty .'.y^T,".^.'. f..r red "edterL. 1 . inferior iii,j.ed of said day, aud your pro- 1 . 1.8i> for Winter H I.IU ky western, s»,'. "I »hue -oull.rrii, 91 all ili.J, hariey —tinner, » ilet ;5.fh I. l.u.- , Uatt—aleody a.1 ,',1*^6: t.,r »ln'. ' tern and Caiiuiliat, bone- 41 ,S , 1' M 54-. . N v'c 7) 81 k , M C 42, O t c Cz V, C i T Jl heavi Mil I ,OD (o M . I'MTED M AI'KN .H AKSHAI.'s alary Ann Adatur, adrQuii^trri j tnx of Kre-leriri \V A,I hi:,. , IISM.I I' Hull, Marion AIL.i, Hull. ; 1,1» I r. Palmer, Ir,.-I.. | Mir.'iarl C'oiii:',! r,, byrrn; v\ (.'lark, j t:..,Hrl,f .« I'lart [ I : Roberl b. lirii. l L ...u Trie Kariu.-r. A M.'..ri bal,k,;..f V , Henry L Palu.,r, Herman *v-riw m.d A.. | ptisl Sn,fn,. r , , f i' , ; People's Hank ..f Hae-i. dreenieaf Al-un.(.H:.> Klnsr.l d. Tjlrr. Ji.1...- II Fnslei, H..ra<-r H. Honn, Jasper K. (io'.rlr .1., ai i Anilrli— l)'..inei an.l V ill lam J. Al.'Hnia. I N pursuer., k.r.1 I \ . .in. ,,r R .I l>i^trict I'ourt ..I th-l,'i..l-il ,- lal '.' rt tPConflin, ..ri tt.r rlk'MI' .1 .«l II > . v are I' H-j ,-l. Tely t.. l'ur».|n r , ,4. 1<»5, al , Ivi-. at H , jj . II. f 14Uj o he L' .•* Mar .,1 It.'l.lroa.l ir .ljourDV'l rt A|.r., 15, l HilllA.-, C II. e ab*. • ai th« C j M . wa.ik n Court ..: -rir I .!., w(, Ulr' r enlltlr'l .'au*r, ". .-. M :..lay, : Ajrl o - '-'•'> f. Iv.Sl, "J ..'.XI 1 •ly i- r'n.laj .ee. Jui,. I.'.. .rHo.MA.-, errl.y f..rtl : AufJ-l, l Mniiau J , i. , . SJ-ln 1,1 ay 16, r ll , July i towt,«h,j, nuLilt'er .eve;, ten ^l which eal estate I.. . ril. a-u. ,.. l ir . t -.J L ^ Ma r.l. a. i6s. «i II .'.- ...-k l.. Hror.rmlay, Fr. uy. A u fc -u.i U ve [,l ,.rs 'llro A C 41 J • Soil, ee, Mlrrh J^. i3i^ TUU.MA.-, L (!. .Mar.r.a. l ,r mar'M-'. awit rehv a.1, ,uro-,l I,, M r,.lay. : thr k/jihal'l Ool<> l.lo-U.'.l SI ukrr. M»y J TH.iMt ,\IJo ,,U "i. 1 Lot* 2, o, 4 L..I 'j, 1,1 OCK I 1..,- i,. bi... t I-.,I t, l,i,,, t . ,: n v :, r fj -, ^. . TlliiM'fS. C. ..-irr,y luithe n.iefl Stat. , \V t dr.e", ^tar>l J aprl-la iflercbandlzc [No. Notice ol the postponement lor u bri«-I pertodof the public sale» ai the land office at Superior City, Wisconsin, ordered by proclamation No. eag. N OTICE If liereby given thai the publir sales order ,»«c td S y Proclamafloi, No. 02h, dated Dec.ri.ber 1M 1BOS, to be held at the land office at Superior City Wn' cousin, on the i!d and 10th day F of May next are'here by declaretl to be postponed until days of June next. Luk Vutt PE»*OKI. IK TL't OTT.—G Pnster. <. D Nt.rr.s. Il k i Oady, llradley A Mtlcaif, hreccL Hrr.s. FOE PERSOM, i» TBI Ci/csTKY.—Thou Harrison, J~ne, ville. tiram i Jolmtuli, M Paul, N 1 rm rnr "ei. Bloui, Towrmend « Hells, Foi I.,ke Wl.llr * Marks, Mantalo. A Oanuat. A Co, Brand.navi nrr i Chase, Eat. Clalr. H H Wherloc, n.-..,. ; ^'h.-elock 4 Co. Ha. Kuril Loriuier A pi 10»a (•ert T ,10 w . •• Lol l.i.nib. ' i.un.l.rre.l neT. ', ['^5J. in Khermi.• Ma-Khal'i, U !!., A C. MAT. i\. \ (.[ April. l%',y • Hi Publir A ucl.r. i. !hr Cltr < f Mllv . I , ll.r . .1 U. U ,ee, Mi,} ;. 1519 TIlOllA.-, I' 8 .:-.. n.a}.-w- aukee : ihre, •d ,.-, cl. are aajo B., the rjlh d ck *. M., at the I" S. pt the sate-1 of Itailr,. hich are a.ljr urned , ftkin- Clayl., on, my l """ i ' ttl the d aotl. Land Office, al . Sl*a.n,tr t',fTrland—l> d: if ft t „ TL10S. A.UENDEICKS, CommisBloner. ? i xtV ' , 0 '* U "' '• 7>rr y * u ". » A >'"<•' * Co, U A J Atiirr, C.h», (ilDord, Lamed 4 U. Green 4 Button, J H__» i O o. aWrt,,,, 4 t-,,..^. t Harunm. 4 Fink, H M iiunn, French tt Ur, J Llolil- SHERIFF'S SALE. |!\ew. (STATE OF WISCONSIN, i Oircult Court, Milwaukee County, j Lewis Blake, ) against V Jndgmeiil Foreclosure WUll»m W.-Keltb. J 1 TN virtue of and purauanl to a judgment rendered In A Bald Court, In the .above entitled action dated February 21, 1859, I shall expose for sale and sell al Public Auction, at the Post-Offlce, In the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, tUe SHU day of Jalf. 185S, at the hour of 2 p. »., of that day the following described mortgaged premises, or so' much thereof 03 may be necessary to raise the amount of Bald judgment, interest aud COBU. together with ey . penses of (ale, to wit : •The equal undivided one-half of lot No. one, in block No. ninety-flvt, and the equal undivided one-half of lot six, In block So. one hundred Mid eleven, all In th. Fifth Wurd, of the City of Milwaukee, in the Btate of Wisconsin. Dated Sheriff 's Office, Milwaukee, April Q 1859 ^ E. MAEIHKK, I A. J. LANOWOETHT Pl'ffl Att'y- f Sh'ff Mil. Co., Wis. aprS-STn-llnJir NOTICE. I B horeby given that all the countersigned drcolatlu Bftta lasned by the People's Bank of Hajrtel, Green leaf * Co., of the Olty of Milwaukee, must be presenter at 'he office of the Bank Comptroller, within two yean fn? o, 2* U °' tWB Dotlc *' or """ the ftu ">« deposited fortheredempuon o( . ald circulating notes, will b Bonking Association or Itr A» r ,1 lir.. Ri man i Co, llc»» tl i. Chapman W Iirwrv j Atkins, Me«le & W, J (vhloper, llerachled ll ton, 61 H Kerioiu, U t br«« n, Oai'l A Pr'an'l M^'r.^''* 1 Bro, U Pllster, Btrobn i ' , Fun PEJMCSS IB TBK Corsrav — A w, i,a ,, J H i » atsou LaCnuse, I)unninc A Jn-ji-» y« i,', jVir" I H Strausse, U Bauinan, Madison, llorcb i'Le»'i> H W Forbes, Portage CUty, Chapman 4 Tl,.,r| Km. 1'lu'lrc CUM Petersen, Rcc;ne. A J (iurrn >e j, Lake City B Foelz A Son, Burlington, H' A Dewey, Fund du Lac' W W Foster, Lyiuan 4 Bone, Kenoslia- Uauicad a Siultl., Brodbead, M C Sui:th 4 (Jo, Janenville Coombrs I i liro, Callicarl 4 Co, H K Pulinoij, J h Campbell Si I Paul- H K Kelly, Spans., N Wynck i Go, Trar-rse de. ! Sioui, White t Marsh, Mannio, J 4 J Bro.n, Sheboygan; J K Cook, aochestcr, U K Moore, Uelolt. Mi»i Mary Gooden, Plaitsburg; Mclniyre i Sheldon, Hcd Wing; W Volkman, Thos Cooly Walerlown; North i Case, Hastings; Michael Traierae, Kansas H Pa ten, Beiolt. Ward t Sharp, Delevan; Buell 4 Ha'milto Berlin. I N pursuance and by virtue Dlatrlct Court i MARINE RECORD. 1859. Dated December Z9, i. n., 1857. ! HKNEi 1 L. PALM*. I A JE? D8TD BGEBDIj'i,H I HEKMAN SCHWA RTIK(. Audgneet of the People's Bank of B ser< • I ( reF , .' Oo. fdeo»-dl«wSyl, H. H* > - > • ' , . ... SIOHT iJElt'E AND At Mo. »8 Eondolpt, corner •trart. i. LOST BIGHT AND ' Upwards ot TWO HUNDRED bare been Dr. 0. within the last four.weeks, many toeea blind for months and yean, have had ___ .„,.,. restored toiintly by dtUeatt and difflotiUoperau^ t^*^"*! **"; inaT » been «offeren fromdlseia.e,' iuwe-oaea r silraxuiloualy> -• • *.j.--* - .. - ^^ •ly.cured by mild and gentle trcat- o JVM1I required for an examination SoOeaaulot pervlce. that are «rt I'orl of 13 AKICIl'KD. Elrar Traveler, Sweeny, Chicago, 18.'. pkgj sundries, 1 pa^B. Prop klunlcr, Dlckson, Collingwood, I'J I mdz, GOO bu wheat, 62 bbls hlghwineb, 4 pass. Prop Evergreen Olty, Chamberlln, Chicago. Bcbr Sandusky, gymoods, Hiieboygau, 60 cjids «oed OS empty pork bbls. 8chr Guido, Johnson, Two Cleeks, loo corda bark 8chr Wild Rover, Fountain, Chicago. CLEAIlliD. BtmrClty of Cleveland, Squler, Orard Haven, V tuus corn meal. Bcbr Bandnskj, Bymonds, theboyan. " ir S? ld01 Jol ' n "on, Two Creeks, 2 t feed, 0 bbls beef ar wild Rover, Fountain, Ogdensburg. 12.015 bus wheat. ' ' IN LIQUID 1TION Bargain* iit Dry THAT IMMENSE STOCK OF r y C3t- o No. 1 87 Water SlrceJ, MUST BE CLOSED OUT 'i-;H.E ASfelGNKK. reat Bargains maj be Expected. »prl7-dtf JOSEPH CAKY, I'M TED S TATFS tl Vlisll \ I • C'-arl.-. W IV,i,,, :. • Davi.l P Hull, ! Marian All. i. 11..1., ' Kdwln Palmer, Tr,,,tr r . j Joehua Uatbaway. ; Byron W. Clark, i Tl.e Partners'A M.llri'. bank , 1., K , , . , Henry L Palmer, ilermao ^-.1. w-artii.^- mi.) Augusl Gn-ulich, Assigi of ihePeoplr'i Bank ,.f U u-1, Greenleaf A Co.. Kdward 0. Tyler, J»bei II. Foster, liurace H. Hunn an.) Jasper E. Goodrich. ecr.-e ruadr by Lh -f the L'nit. I Htales for tht Diwlncl "f Wisconsin, on the eighth d-iy of April, ». n , IsdK, n the above entitled cause, 1 ah.,1 sell at Public Auction, i-l Ihe l.'niud Htatcs Marfil, .1'^ Oflire, in Iht Clly of Milwaukee, 01. Thursday, the il"t day- of July, I85U „, ^ f. »., lb«- following .Ii-i*.-rilled pruprrly, Ir. wil Tim east on,, hundred ( m"l feel ol lots numbered "even |7) an i eight (S) in l.lo. « numbered luenty-Cvi. ('£>>, In Sherman's Aduitloo. n the Klrth Ward of thr Clt.i of MiUaukee. Marshal'a Ottic.e, Milwaukr. \;..I1',S l-.i>y aprlK-lin*.:!,,, M. J. -, HilMAS, I'. «. Marshal 9SI4| »01U.M.| t> SA , ,. %....... 8TATK OP WISOONStN, *••«-• i •» • n « Circuit Court, Milwaukee Count v, ( Matilda r'i...l!e, Herman I, Page, George B. ilallory, Garretl M Fit: gerald, Harah Pilzgerald, h. xife, Tlinman T Reev and Gilbert W. Hoe. Judgment of Foreclosure und Sale. I N virtue of and to a Judgment rendei i v. n '" " al<1 Vourt ' ln ""• al>uvi; en"Ue-J action I shan expose for sale and sell al public auction attn Court House in the city of Milwaukee, on SatdV- dav, the 18th day of June, 1859, ,t th hour of 2 f. n. of that day, the following describee mortgaged premises, or so much thereof as may b necessary to raise the amount due to the said ulalntll '.igcther with Interest and expenses of sale, to wit "Quarter block twenty-nine [29J, In the east half ' of the south west quarter of section No. twenty-one [21], IlLtownship No. seven [7J, north of ranee twenty -two [22 J eosl, in the First Ward, of the City of Milwaukee, in tlie County of Milwaukee and State of Wisrouriln." Dated Coroner's Offlce, UH ivaukee, Dec. 10, 1858 A 7 iLDO 4 OBT, I HOBERT WASOK, Jr., Pl'Bs Att'ys, f Ooroner Mil. Co., Wls, decl8-6m-8rtt4>6 mlam>nevt8wlaw-last8w2aw CIRCUIT OOFJRT, i Milwaukee County. I Theodoslus fitrang, ] James B. Adrlance and | Stephen B.Strang, | against | nathan Mafle, | Almtra J. Uagie, j lames A. Swain, I Frances E.Bwaln, | The Btite Bank of Wls- | consln, | Joseph M. Ogden, I "eter V. Lane, ' Vllllam H. Guild and j lolin Ogden. ^ j il&le of Wisconsin, lo thu a: ove named defendants l.rr ty, 1 ber I, 1%'rt, »l .. o meri Honed an.. * r. K, pt I 6-1 a« tt ff~ Tl.r al...>M..H 'a, , ll.r ,,tl illn. e. U l) t. Vl > , ali.l t'n,l ll Ille re M J "Mil i« Aft. U'. ;.. r .« l.rlrl.J furUlrr (l.ij. rul I. r. 1 1.. .!.»} ..f Srj.trmbrr, K.S, at 11 Marsha.'s Omr», M.Uaukee, a.i iror, tn. ulM.r.ed in «ct.r,|ule rrspr, L, \ cly t,. \\ e>!oe--»daj , Vlo.-k r « , an.l Friday, (Jcli. * , M I'u- rrsf.ri-ll * r' r( i:>:iO; MI i: in i i •> s A i i . > BTATt. uf WlsC NCIN. I tj'rcul i' u'l. M !»au rfC. iiaty | Uiaua H Bn'ihi, a^a.usl 11 -nry .-*hew, William ^hew *:,,! Kl. Ifc oeU. rfhe'v, S.a Thouia* C^mlle, J&uje* P.rter, The Fa,-iser» 1 lers bar.K, Jiree^,aa/ L) Norris acj Chrwt., V I. I I I , lo -. 'i Bsha M.I il,er uf I N virtue .,( an I pur-ua n»ld Unurt, it, :.J .^.»l , M .. wankre, >e^I 1:., iHi-v M J 1 ,iuMA», C. S Ma -i.e I- 1,-rel.) ailjo .1.1) of D,-,, n.her, llJ". al 11 l.a. nr-l I,. 'clo I .- Marnbol's otllrr. Mll«auk™, f icr-p • lairs ol ..allrt.i.l iron in schr-duleb, ., f. are a.l...«irned rrspecuvrlj I,. Monday. l>e t -rn f..lV»1, »l •: ii'cl...-k r * , »,,.! Wednesday, liet'rm •sped, vr placrj thr .I Marrtial's ttli<r, M il « auk.-e,-<<Vi.t. 'iy, 1-^8 »rpt:Mi-oa»-C« M.J. '.HoMAj, L S Ms %ST~ Thr above ..ale i» hrrebj rurllier adjourned lo Wednei-day, ll.e IStti day of January, 185'J, at 11 ,,'cli,ck i. y , at U.r 1', r. Marshal's uflio, Milwaukee, except ihe saien of Railroad iron meatloocd !Q the schedule B wl.lch are adjourned respectively lo U'eitnesdhy, Janu' »ry 12, l»i». al 'J i.Yhick r. u , and Friday, January U, l5.'>a, at ;l o'clock f ll., al the respective places men- jit>uij.— For Kellel. (Com Inol ser Y OU are hereby summon--,] and required to answer the complaint in tula action, which was filed lo ic office of the Clerk of ih. Oiruu't Court, County of illwankee, at Milwaukee, uu tn« 19tli day of April, 859, and to serve a copy <>f<.your answer lo the said omplalnt on the Bnbscribcr, at his olUce, In the city f Milwaukee, within ninety Ua.vs after the service of this sumuKiua on you, ojiclusive of the day of such ervlce ; and If yon fall to aassrer the said complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiffs In tbli action will apply to tbe Court for the relief demanded In the omplalnt. Witness the Hon. ABl'HUR MoiaiHDE, Judge of the Oircult Court for Mid County of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, the 14th day of Aprt', 186B. E. MAKINEB, aprSO-Oawfiw Plalntta"! Attorney. loned abi Marshal'! l»fh. e, Milwaukee, Dec f,, !•,;,•). deci-oawu M.J. THOMArl, U 3. Marshal. \JP T'-e ab-.vt sale !• hereby furllu-r adjourned Monday, ihe 14th day of February 1S5B, ol II n'nl.i i. «., at the U. S. Marshal's Office, M'l-waukee, excen tht »alea of R-aflruad iron mention.-il In the achedul B-, which are adjourtu-rl reir.ociivi-ly u, Monday, Febr ary U, ISS'J, al i o'clock r. M., and Wednesday, Fe^ ruory 16, 1SS9, al 8 uViock r. »., at the resppi-tlv places mentioned llbove. Marshal's Ofllce, Milwaukee, Jon. 12, ISiy. jonl.l-oairtt M J. THOM A.i, U. a. Marshal. tST" The abt've sale la hereby further adjourned t Thursday, the S4lh day nf February, !:>&», at lo o'clocl A. u., at the U rf. Marshal's OQice, Milwaukee, excep the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned In schedule B. which are adjourned respectively to Thursday, Febru arj Mth, 1SS9, al 2 o'clock p. »., and Saturday, Febru ary Mth, 1869, at 3 o'c.ock r. «.. at Uie respertlv places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Feb. 12, 1359. febLVoowtt M.J. THOMAS U. 8. Marshal. &ST" Tlrt above sale Is hereby further adjourned Wednesday, the i3d day of March, lt>09, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, at tin U. B. Marshal') office, Mllwau kee, except the sales of Railroad iron mentioned In schedule B;, which are adjourned respectively to Wed nesday, March 28, ISM, at 2 o'clock r. M,, and. Friday March '2i, 1859, at S o'clock r. «., al Uie rtspectlvi places mentioned abovju Marshal's Offlce, Milwaukee, Feb. 24, IBM. feb2&-lawtt M. 1. THOMAS, U. B. J Marshal. s37~ The above saleJ Is hereby further adjourned to Saturday, ihe 2d day of April, lsS9, al 10 o'clock A. H. at the Dnlted States Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned In schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Saturday, Aprl 2, lor,9, at 2 o'clock p. M., and Monday, April 4, 1859, 8 o'clock r. 11., at the retpcctlvt places mentionet! above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, March 23, 1359. mortl-liwu M.J. THOMAS, D. 8. Marshal. 1&^ The above sale 1s hereby further adjourned lo Saturday, the Ith day of May, 1868, al 10 o'clock A. at the United States Marshal's Office. Milwaukee, ex«P^he_»ales of Kallroart Iron mentioned In schedule 7 8 above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, April 2, 1S59. aprS-lawtt M. J. TUOMAS, D. S. Marshal. .,BT The above lalen hereby further adjourned to Monday, the Cth day of June, 1859, at 10 o'clock A. n at tne United States Marshal'. Offlce. Milwaukee, ei- cept the calei of Railroad' Iron mentioned In ichedulo ?"i RM e \"i e adjourned/re»pectlvely to Monday, June .4 '.s'., 0 ' 0100 " '• "- and w "lnesday, June 8, 9 "° C ' OCl ' r -''- * "'' «!>«"»• P&« »»• a ,ad^lueul r-i, In - I iu the ahove entitled ».-t;.,i., laielSrpt '^4, 1S53, 1 shall etpose (or tale and »ell al Puhiic Au,I ,,n, at the O.urt ilouse, in the t_'H/ ol M.lwaukee ,,i. ontnrday, the Uih Ji>> ol July, is-,j at Ihe hour of If. M , of that day , ih- fyllowlnit J.-OT.IK.,! luortira^ed premises or to much thereof aj ciiy he lutbclent to raise the amount uf said judgment, ,t.l. ' est and cokU, lorfether « Ih e < penses of «ale, lo » il "All that certain iracl. piece ur force! ,,f land known and descnhe-l aj f ,|]..TJ, to a--; Cn> lot No two (ti. in bl.ick V „ fifty a?- 1A talkers PolDl, rifth War .1, City i.f Milmukee, .'- (X-unly of Milwaukee, State ,,f W.s.-o.'ja.u • Daleil MiliraQaee, April 4, laoy. Ktnoai 1 OaiOLo-r, I IIEll.VlA.N L. PAiif., Pl'ffs Att'ys. (< aJi'tf. Mil. Co , Wla. . i [,,, ,,rner ol .l..l :epi me sales of Kallroail Iron mentioned In ichedule 1., which are adjourned respectively to Saturday, May , 1859, at 2 o'clock r. «., and Monday, May 9,1859, o clock r. «., at the respective places mentioned In the sale of Uie franchises and other corporal* property, the person who shall satisfy the execution, with aU 1 legal feohand e»p«,«es thereon, and sh»Il agree to take tuch franchlne for the shortest period of time, and to receive during that time all such toll as gold corporation would by law be entitled to demand, shall be con-S Idtred the hubest bidder. Manh'l'a Office., Milwaukee, May T, 1S59. m4y8 7 lawtl M.J. THOMAS, U. S. Marshal. 1 A A " BLS MK8S BKKF ' ln ito "» 'or lale. LUU »n«lB LAYTONIPLAKINTON. nEE pliwti to buy Qroeerles u at L > BOHBJ* OEOBBV^ 1H53] SHEItlt K'N «. %l> " >,.„. - J TATE OF WISCONSIN, , Circuit t'ourl, Milwaukee County | Iteori-eW Peckham, i Ju,l|fm«lll .' f.,r-. -|,,,ure !D,l akainsl .sale Datid P. Hull. ( I N virtue of and pursuant lo a judgment rendered ,a said Court, In Ihe entitled, I shall ex p-,se for lale and sell at Puhlic Auction, at the Court House, in the Clly of Milwaukee, nSullirdnv, the 28iU day of Tlaj-, 1569, 11 u.etioar.ifi e M.,of Uiat day, the folliwlnx described innntrajed prenilses, or -no much there. if as maj he nece»»ikr; i., rajse the amount due lo the plaintiff for prim-lpaj, :n l> rest and costs, together with expencen of iiile, t., w:i "All that lot or parcel u f land known and ,|e scribed as tot number eleven [111, in Mock ,rwe hundred and ill ^1015), In Ihe Sevenlli Wanl, (formerly Ihe Firsl War,!,) uf the said City of Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee and State ,,l Wisconsin " Doted: Sheriff's Oince, Milwaukee, NOT !i4,l^a« FnoB«SkLmD« * Mtu«a, I HERMAN L. PAlif Pl'ffs Att'ys, f Sh'lf. Mil. Co., W;, no v25~cm-firs t4\ m 1 am -o e x t3w la w-laatSw 01BOUIT COCRT, I I Mllwoultee Counly. [ N. Oeorge CFark, 1'la.nurr, against Charles J. Kershaw, Jesse U. Uavenwarth, Merrlck Murplly, John T. Perkins, John Planklnton, John linden, Lindsay Ward, Lyman P. Swift, James U Rojen, Receiver of the Germania Bank of U,o Pap- endlfk * Co., Charles. B. Curtis, Johu O. Meysr, Wll- Ham John Hoe, Charles Kuehn, Oeorife B Miner CyrnsD. Davis, James iUrshaw, De/eudann. ' ! Tlie StaU! of Wisconsin, to th« above named defendants \ ' OD are hereby summoned and required to answer i tlie complaint In this action, which u Bled i n the ' office of Oic Clerk of sold Court, and lo serve a copy ol your answer to thei-kld complainl, on the subscribers an ihelr office, Nos 3. qd 4, Albany Building, Milwaukee,, within twent> days after the service hereof, exclua ve of Ih. day of such service and if you fall lo answer the said complainl within t»e time aforesaid, the plaintiff In ihia action will apply to the Oourl for the relief demanded In the complaint i Witness the Honorable AHTUUR MoAH -*- I THOB, Judge of the Circuit Court for said " L f 1^'V »»-« 1 '«. « Milwaukee, this v^-1 t.aliia I*. Til Ihe'nce aloni! middle '.u ,.'1 ,-ha,ioj n.,r '.i. ,uaru-r sect. on, tlie (.IH^e ..I bei^riM,!!;.' in.l he r..; ,,n '.f,,- * road. AUn the follow [i* Qvjrth east jr ,jl .--,- !l,!lU It the HOUI'I -. • ectioii, running -ih i. ter section n .rth ',u '.he o,, rth j a*t c ir'te l.y iai.1 K •-.'IrnCf wl -.-hlorpl . .tilth r?,U I,, tli.T..'r t • . Ull. t.. llir <,,0 thrni'r »rnt Li.H ler a.'.-!".!! t.. i seres, heintf on ro.d Also the f.ill., i said north rast al rth said .(uarter section ; ihi'ti.-. north lint* of aai.l .quarter oh^lns 1-. inid.llr .if Irrevn ttay south alootf tul.ldle of said r A 1,1 I 4. , day of March, tn ihe .year one thonsand eight hundred and fifty-nine ,^ „ . apr-j-dlawfl, eg unred and fifty-nine HOOKER 4 SPANGfiNBEKO, Pl'tlff's AllMllwaukee. WI.. T, i County ot Milwaukee, f Peter J. I^otallng t Plaintiff, .11 . in tho 0iab M. Jioslln, f ummons for Relief. Paulina Si Joslln,, fOom. not served.) JamefP.OrBveg,' Jeorge W J Blahop and William P-JTonng, Defend'ts. Jtate of Wisconsin, to the above named defendants, Ellab M.; Joslln and Palillraa fl. Joslln : Y OU ari hereby summoned and required to answer th* complaint In this action, which will be lied In the office, of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, County ot: Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint on the sub* crlbers, at their office. In the City of Sniwaukee, wlta- n ninety days after the service of this summons on •on, exclusive of the day of such service ; and if you all to answer the said complaint within the time aforesaid,tbe plaintiff In this action will apply to the Court for ihe relief demanded In the complainl. Dated AptlllJ v lsW. I OPOAM It QRAHASI, _< . , i Plaintiff's Attorneys, aso, .v • 2 enti °ned complaint w»» died April 12, S69, In the>offic8 of ths>'Clerk of said Court, at ifJlwsa- :ee, Wisconsin,. Dated April SI, V859. UPHAU * GRAHAJ1, » PlalnlUTs A«orn«v«. ' to north west corner ,,( land ,.o Daulel U. Iticharda to Christoph theuce weal aii,ni{ north line tl ..-I..I eOSl lll.eol .aid ijuarter seel .<n :.'. J Uience uorUi l.3d ^cliania u. »e K aboul li acres Also Lot i, hlockiSI, Second Haid. LoLH 11, 13 n Block Wo, Sevenll, « . Lol a, in block 3-1, Third War Lot u, in bl oct Uo, Fourth War. I. Lotsi ond 9, In bloct 59, P'rth War ( Luta 3 aniM, In block US. fifth Wir .' Ol the City of Milwaukee, in the tj. Milwaukee an.l Stale jf Wisconsin, *,,. richs title and interest o( u.e iu.1 del,;, da or either of theiu in and to the ,,ii.l pr-in,* and appurtenances on the £ld day ,11 rteplemh 1837, or since acquired thereto. Which said property, aa aforesaid, 1 -dull .-«,„. role aad sell at Public Auction at the Court ilou.iu Citv of Milwaukee, ou Snt.ij-il.,y , th<- lOtli or TiarcH, isaa, »t ihe'hour 01 i r , ,,i .,, ;1 , to aatisfy 'aid execution, together with expens sale. Date.1 SherttTs Oulce, Milwaukee, Feb. rt, l«a:». FMCHIS, * MILLIE, (A. J LA.NUWuRTHV, Pl'ffs Att'ys. f Hh'lt Mil Co , W Jao'it-dlawow §3^ The above sale l-i lie eny pontoon d till rsa day, tbe i6th day of March, ISA!), at ttie Punt oni, the hour of 2 r. u. Sheriff'! OlBce, Milwaukee, March i'J, l.->£9. A. J. LA^OWOSTHV, mar*20 Sheriff Milwaukee Co ^ff^ The above «Ale Is further postponed In *V,d- nesday, the dth day of April, ut ihe same place and time of day. Daled Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, MiirrOi 'ill li a A. J. L.NmVOKTUY, mart* Sheriff Mil. i.' ,i Eff~ The above sale la further postponed lo Saturday, the 2 1st day ol May, VS59, at ihe I't.-rt uifiee, u the hour of '2 t. M., of tint day. Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, \uril d, A. J. LANriWOKlHY, aprl sheriff MUwau , et'o r , I- . ^ -.t -In u j-'i 1 tut-HI *y> S'l'Ai'K Uf WI^CHNSI N '.'Ir.-u.t C.>ur'. M,i«, u ,,» c.. I l Kphi . M ii ».ic.|, M •'h.l M , -.m I s ,f kll NOTICE. I d hereby given that all the countersigned circulating notes issued by ihe "People's Bank" si Milwaukee, must be presented at the office of the tiank Comptroller i S lthln three years from the dale of this notice, or that | e funds deposited tor the redemption of sold circulating nt ten will be'given up c, the said Bunking ASSU- clttlon. Milwaukee, March i'J, 136U. B-. RAKRTEL, anr!6 Pnaldent of the P:ople'i Bank. J .u.d C.HUI, n Hi.: -,:,.. l.'.lh. l-i.11). I ,„..:; .; Vi.,-ii..n. tl Mi.. ['.,.( yitu. u. suturtluv. tlif is:, i, u tl,.. A.. ur .' i lo*int( oacriUi!'• (ji cuinn • Die s.mth (Kill ; . uluttti uumtitTf-l if i. U.. : Clij till! .Ttliit.' J i oiiii.-tt. \ l«-v nt ered Iu l Marrh Jttljr ^he fol- \l,l ,, PI'llJ Atl'ys. aprl-llnajr

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