Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on February 18, 1897 · Page 9
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1897
Page 9
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ILMNOIS, FEBRUARY 18, 1897. HtJGGETS. «~Tha Savanna carfew ordinance went lato efteet Friday. Kids undtt Iks sge ot fourteen years must be at hottje by 8 o'clock. * —Matthew and William Appenzeller left the city Friday on an afternoon train tof Perry, la,, where they •*& tpend some time with f rteudj* —fiiii Maflgftn had at hid shop Saturday a-large robe which he had tanned *« Bd Coe, of Bock Island Junction- rlfi-'waiJ'JMRds f com the hide of a cow ownsd by Mr.'Ooc. - —Henry Ifeath, of Bound Grov0, sold to Baker & Co., of Morrison, on last week Thursday/nine nogs that <. were eight months old and averaged 806 pound* each. Who can beat it? •—MaltheW Swartz, of Jordan, broke a buggy wheel while coining to town Saturday afternoon. Fortunately the •wheel did not collapse, entirely before ."he reached a place where repairs could 'f tfe made. Prophetstown Spike: Bev, Of over C. Clark delivered an able sermon in the Methodist ' Church last,Sunday evening, at the .conclusion of which the Wilder, auflieted'by Bev..Clrifflo, admin- Tistered the sacrament. •—George Qetz and sons have been * *• • .» _ LA >»lk ff\Vt Vltltl/11tl(y A —The annual meeting of the Illinois! ADDITION Al. PEKSOJNAL.S. Stat* Bftky Association will be held at PeKalb, Feb. 14, ^5 afid 26. Many prominent men will be present. V. — (Jontradtor George Qetz will build aff addition to his home on Second avenue agfioon M ths weathtr will Iiermlt. The addition will consist of a dining room and kitchen. • —Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ahrens deserve the sympathy of al), for their five boys are all sick with meSales.. Ed says he has not slept for a week, and he looks as thqbgb itwaft a fact. new house for JofinTox'on Second ~avenne. The building will stand on the Jot where Mr. Fox now lives and will cost about 81,000. —Charles Scholler, a blacksmith'em- ployed by Justus Becker, had his hand injured by a horse which he was shoeing on Friday, and has been unable to do any work Wnce. The injury is not ' thought to be very serious, however. ' ^Lieut. Taminosian, of the Volun." teera, will address the W. C. T. 'the* meeting next Thursday evening. ' Ift, two weeks from that time he will give'an open meeting, illustrating , again the manners and customs of the ,' Mohammedans. , •'• 'V—A letter was ' received ' Sunday • Daoraing by Miss Hattie LeFevre trdm her mother's sister, who lives on Prince 'Edwards Island, that her son died on -3an;-89^nd-oB-tbe-niotnlng of the fu- ; tteral, Feb. i, r her .husband dropped dead at bet side. . t i-The Whlteslde County Building and Loan Association has judt issued to receive large quantities of old harness from the farmers who want to have things in shape to begin spring work at the first opportunity. • —L. W. Pratt, of fealt, will hold a public sale of a number of fine driving and work hbrses on Friday, Feb. 19, at his^hotne, one*half mile south of Gait. Elwood J, Pittman will cry the sale. -r-W, D. Bo«hm is exhibiting the latest thing in electric burglar alarms. .The device can be applied to any 'door or window making It absolutely "impossible to open either withoufrtnrnlng In the alarm. ; —Mr! aid Mrs. H. H. Higby entertained at their pleasant home in the First ward Friday, their children and a sister of J the former, Mrs. George 7 Joh^Pfafif, ofiMllledgWille, was in the city Saturday on business, ' Billy Herzogg, of Dlxon, visited with his many friends here Sunday. Chatties Dosine, of Deer Grove, was In the city Thursday on business. . Charles G, Bort, of Jordan, spent Thursday in the city with friends. Frank Ohlwlne, of Polo, was In the city Saturday with horses for sale. Mr. and Mra. Fred Vick, of Walnut, visited f riendsln this city on Friday. "Aiiini, THURSDAY CORNING AT KANSAS CITY, MO, rfwnsint frp AttMraooti nt -Tl«>« Will fw* Held 8 O*c!»«k Fro«n th« Hl*« tery t>t ft 8t««nl*g Boy. by 's eighty-fourth birthday. • —Milton Landis., a young man who has bden employed for some time past on John Frey's tarm.a few miles north of the city, was ejurumoned to his home in Pennsylvania Friday by a tel- gram announcing the death of his .'father.: .': ..;•. : _.' ( .. ' ; '.-- ; ' , .-. y, ' V ;• • — D. : N. Foster's son had a , lively time of It Thursday afternoon. While driving his lather's horse, the animal became frightened. It cut a great dash around several blocks, threw the boy out and, finally, went home. No\ serious damage was done. •-The 'Book' Elver -Valley Medical Association met in Dlxon Wednesday. Drs, J. B. Keefer and J. B. Crandall 'were present from Sterling. The latter read an interesting paper on Tendon Conrad~Bchoar,"of down to the city Saturday on business. George Keister, of Nelson, -was a guest of friends in our city on Thursday. .-.'•.•' George Parmenter, of Lyndon, ' was in the city Friday attending to bual- nasB. ; . . Judge Farrand, of Dlxon, was in Sterling on business Thursday afternoon.' Henry and Conradt Fraum, of Chadwick, transacted business in this city on Friday, . Joseph Bell and A. W. Plum, of Sugar Grove, were in this city Thursday on business. ' John Bracken and Douglas Deyo, of Hazelhurst, were on. the streets- of our lie announcement of the death of Ed H. LeFevre at Kaoaa* City, Mo,, Thursday morning was a shock to the many friends of that gentlemen, who reside in Sterling. The remains were brought to this city for burial, arriving here at 10:30 o'clock this morning* The funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at 8 oleloek from thOTesldence of Jasper LeFeyre, fourth avenue and East Seventh street. Mr. LeFevre's death was the result of an attack of la grippe. He waa taken ill Monday, Feb. I, and suffered a relapse Saturday, Feb. 6. Pneumonia developed, and be gradually ,grew worse until his death Thursday morn- ingj notwithstanding the best of medical as6istance r -— -'•-- -.-• Edward H. Le Fever was born Nov; 3,1865, in Sterling, He waa educated at the Sterling School and afterward waa graduated from the Sterling Business and Phonographic College. He was, for a time, employed by Batcbel- ler<Sb8on,ofIlock Falls'. At the ago of tweuty-one he went to Arkansas Oity and engaged in business. He remained there but six months. Since that time he has been with the Badger Lumber Co, of Kansas City, Kansas, the greater part of the time as the company's business manager. He was the most trusted employe of th'e company and every confidence was reposed in him. , His employers and those who were associated with him in business unite in glowing worda of eulogy re- gardlng-hls-honesty^ntegritytindustry At MOSES DILLON'S f ' • you, can buy the for $7,00 per ton CASH. «#• • - • > Please Remember that my Stock of Lumber, Sash, Doors and Building Material is complete. See me before you buy. . Prices right. Plenty of Good Dry Oak Stove Wood on hand. Telephone No. 19. B. W. Mathews, of Bound Grove, was in the city Friday, visiting With hla, brothers. ' ..•.;. \ Mr. and.Mrs. John Butte'l, of New Genesee, were guests of friends in this city on Friday: • : ' . Thomas Fuller and Sanford Deyb, of Sanfordville, drove do.wn to the city Friday on business. ' Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hartman, of Dlxon, were guests Friday of Mr. and Mrs. John'G. Koberstine. Mrs. Grace Bourk was granted a divorce on the eleventh of this month by "Judge Shaw, at Morrison. ' • Miss Nohe, of Oregon, arrived in the cllylast evanlng'and. will visit with friends here for some time. D. Long,a merchant of Malvern.tran- with .those i"of his own enterprise. Mr. Le Fevro Is well known In Ster ling, the home of his boyhood. He was beloved by his friends and school mites for his sterling worth. He early showed the characteristics which in later years gave him the' confidence of his employers and made his life in the business world so highly successful. He was a true friend and his death ig sincerely and deeply mourned by his friends here, and their number la legion, , . ' ... • • Two Bister*, Mrs. Charles Snyder and Miss Hattie Le Fever; and one brother, Jasjpejr Le Fever, survive him.' , MRS.' JAMES KELSEY. End of the Season Clearing Sale; , We will sell all our Winter Goods at Cost in order to make room for Spring Stock, which is Now is the time. TJon't delayr~ Nothing f eserveft: PRICES Fb IPIS SALE ' '''' • association is in excellent condition : ftlia« received $5,824.77 in installments and has paid out 82,035.89. The cash in tt» bank is »3,319.92. This is considered an excellent showing, considering th« times. * ' '•— President Byers. of the Woodlawn Debating Club, has appointed the f ol- lowing persons to assist him in his administration; Executive Committee, Jsaap' N.'' Martin, Chairman,; Frank dore £» -Hess,- William filler t . Eeii.«Lor of Woodlawn, Ludlow D. Cannon; AB- atstaats, Charles Buyers, Barclay John ; Printer, Philip Alderf er. _ , , The Men's meeting in the Y. M, 0.' rooms Sunday afternoon, was led C. Lelarid, of Dlxon -who spoke from Luke 10-21. The ad- dreaa is highly spoken of by those, who werepreant, A large attendanpe was a noticeable feature of the afternoon, the audienfie numbering over 100. Leo PWHps led the singing and F. F. Kloa- terman had general, charge of the ser- to the new hospital and all were well pleased with its splendid appointments, --Journalistic' item from a Tennessee paper: "Crock Floods died last persuasion in our city on Friday. , Josh Harrison is reported quite sick at his home in Hopkins. His, illness is not thought to be dangerous^ however. " —The Keystone Band have moved $h«!r headquarters from Bock Falls to this side of the river. It is understood that the change wag niade for several reasons, chief of which is the difference In the amount of rent paW for rooms. Ithe organization to in good 'shape and a number of improvement* «W now being contemplated. A permanent leader will aoon ba Engaged and.sys- fcematie work resumed. , —A letter was received at this' office ftom the Bey 1 , Martin Post, of Atlanta, Ga., this morning, Mr, Post says that B bank and publishing house In that > city o«ivf» "recently gone to'the wallihot tbat tite pressure of the times is not feltioteyereiythereasla some parts of «ie country. He says they experi- ^W three days of cold weather in .January, T above zero,being the fow ittf and that only for one d»y» , ' —It is remarked by an exchange that t^« lady who gwtly tapped her ,hus- " on th« shoulder with a fan at the the other evening end said: it ie f rowlisg late; i think we |ja4 Better go home," IB the e%me who, g hopf, shook the rolliag now »»d said: leafgle-tootb IwK at that subscription. It la reported that he said that just before he pegged, out that be felt like he was floating upward. No doubt of it. Crock bad got EO low that he bad to slide up hill to get into perdition."..'-'.';' •: .,''.' ' •' - ' . ' •- • • —Mies Mable" Wade, of Aurora, was. the victim of a very singular accident recently. /While seated, near a bob stove, reading, her side comb nearest (be stove became heated and spontaneous combustion followed. ' The melted ceUulold ran dowii onjto_the_scalp and laef breathe ttre coulifbe put out her head bad been severely burned. .-' , t — Mrs. ' Samuel Newcomer entertained a large party of ladies Thursday at ber home east of the oity. The 'affair was an old-fashioned quilting, with a dinner made up of all the good things known ^o houawifery. The guests arrived early and the party did not break up until the shades of evening bed begun to fall. A number of ladtea from the city were among the guests. , — Pasts of Carrpll county are infested with gangs of thieves who confide their depredations to wood piles, coal and chicken houses and barns. They have become BO annoying that the people have formed a league by which they hope to Burpress and break op the bands. It would eeem from tbiir that the officers of the county were' either incompetent or. tfroealy careleBB in do- Jng their duty, ^ . '•.'•-; .'.'•• : • ••• ".•-;.-'• • —The Pullman company ia adopting in its best care a novel arrangement for waktog passengers in their berths when they desire to be called. It con- state of a handsome clock about twenty inches in diameter, placed at the end of the car. and. there is an- elec«le~jit- tecbia^nt which ie so arranged that at, a given hour it will ring a bell, in the place occupied by the porter and at the same time a bell in the berth, which will awaken (he passenger at the hour desired. , '. — -A young iady of this city while out walking with a young gentleman! asked, him how much he thought ehe would weigh, After thinking for a few minutes he replied that he could not tell unlfiis he could "belt" her. The young lady KutdB no objection; be placed his her sleeker waist and rsls- ' home in Bock Falls Friday, after a visit of two weeks with relatives in Hockford. • ,' • v ; -.. • James Coats, of Jordan, had a little son to the city on Friday where the lit- man had an unpleasant interview with a dentist. "' ' ." Guy Book,, of Dlxon. drove down to the city Thursday . afternoon and remained until after he /had attended the. theatre. . William Murry, of Hazelhurst, brought a large -load -of ; -pbtatoes^t6- town Monday, which he disposed of among the grocers. W. A. Myers and F, Harrisdn] of Dlxon, were in • this city Saturday for the purpose of purchasing horses for Eastern shipment. :, . •' J Matthew Wilber, of Coletaj drove down to* the city Thursday, where \ he attended to eojne business and incidentally visited with friends. ' Mias'Loomis, of E ropb.et8toj¥n, wbo ha«i been a, guest of Miss Florence Aument, of this city, for the 'past week, 'returned to ber home Mondaymorning. John Fox, *whp baa, made his home in this city nearly four years, left this morning with bis family for Williamson, Fa. He will hereafter make that place hU home. Mr. and Mrs. Frank; Weber, of Prairie ville, re turned home Saturday from their wedding journey .through the East. They have been away for the past two months. , : Ed Coe, of Rook Island Junction, h&a been having a serious time of it Eta wife, bis eon, the hired girl »nfl he have ell been confined to" the bed by All are m^ch better now. —--"- The Story of the Life of u Good Woman . Dead. -,.... ... 0villa .ClaypoJU>~jya9-bojJX .. county; Ohio, Oct. 25,1828. When but thirteen years of age she came to Sterling, and has resided here ever since. She was married at Sterling on the 13th Fleece Lined Shirts;, heavy weight, 76cvalu«v. All Wool Shirts and. Drawers, worth $ 1, Woolen Over-shirts, worth 76c Calif Skiu Blitt«iiK, Flee<o JLlned, worth 75c, FasciuatorH, all colors, worth 76c, Men's All Wool Socks, LadiesVHeavy Wool Stockings* former price 25c, :.,' • Horse Blankets, worth $1.50, We shall offer in this sale a . good 25c Broom lor. " Feather Dnsters, worth 156, "ered, 30c 49c 39c 38c 25o lUc 70c 19c 7c 2c ed her fees* the ground ; {tfte* which he would weigh about ninety g&a looked a^ jtt|p to* •ClfcW Hr, and Mrs. Joba Butt, of Prairie' ville, who have been spending their honeymoon in Frank llij county, Pa"., where they were the guests of relatives, arrived home ?n an afternoon 1 train Saturday. Joch 8. Miller left last Saturday for Hew York and Philadelphia, where he will remain untih the inauguration of President McKinley takes place at Washington. ; He exf eot* to be present at that ceremony; f f * J. K. Bick«r» of Gait, left Mou- Say for Chawberabuif ^Pa., f of a week's »aA pleasure trip, Mr, Ricks* son, to James Kelsey, .who survives her. Had she lived until the 13th day of the coming May, she'and her husband could have celebrated the golden anniversary of their wedding. The only one wbo was present at their wedding, who is known to be living today, is Noah Merrill, who is still a resident of this city, Mrs. Kelsey was of a quiet, home- loving disposition, a prominent feature of ber character being her com- pletei unselfishness,i_and_w_lllingne_ss_tp_ "sacrifice her own~comfort and pleasure: to that of, others. On account of her ill health for a number of years,Bhe did not have an extensive acquaintance outside of her immediate circle of friends. ' • . She leaves surviving her, besides her husband, one son, Porter G. Kelsey, and four daughters: Mra. Ella Tower and Mrs. Walter N. Haskell, of this cityj Mrs. Howard E, Schpck, Colorado Springs, and Mrs, William E. Cady, of^ Omaha. , .The funeral'. services will be held at ber late borne,'408 Eleventh avenue, Wednesday, afternoon at 2 .o'clock. •' 21c Car of The West End 0rocer. HIRAM MOVER, Milk and Butter Depot, A) ^ » * / Is the place to buy pure milk, cream, butter, skim milk; and bntter-mUk, in any quantity. Order* delivered to an part of, the city. No, 111 East Third Street SMOKE T The newest and best Cigar out. GATE POST, --SF*= rianufactured by E J. COOK. JACOB EISELE & 00. We announce to the poblicthat oor stocks ot New Fallaod W.inter now Iriuand are chiefu, wotth lOc, Clark's Best Quality 'Darning 1 Cotton, per ball,' A Set of 3-Plated Nickel ^ Irons, (Mother Potts) ^Fea Kettles, copper bottom, ' '• > ^Preserving Kettles, re-tinned, extra heavy, a qt. 6c, 3 qt. 8c, 4t qt. lie, 5 qt.' We Have Just Received a ' Full Uine of White Ware. A Tea Set of 66 Pieces for $2.65 A Set of G Cups and Saucers, tea or coffee. Without Handles, 1OO Clothes Pins for 7 Packages of Tacks for Gum Drops, per pound, Chocolate- Covered _ z Caramels, per pound, Hoarhound Candy, per lb., Nobby Scotch Suitings, In Colors and Plaids. MAJOR M'KINLEY CAN'T COME. Bonds His KogreU to tbo State Euoamp- suent Cowmlttee at Qaletbuurg. • Galeaburg Mail: The Encampment Committee met last night in t he Gales burg Club rooms and talked over some matters of interest. .They .discussed the question of badges for that occasion, but as yet no particular one has been determined upon for 'the official souvenir. A letter was read, from Major William i MoKinley, written at the dictatiori"~pIThiC private"' secretary^ James £oyle, in which he acknowledges the receipt of the invitation to attend the coming encampment. ' Major McKinley is of the opinion that he will be unable to attend. , - He — Capp aiid Danreiter have closeS a contract to build a handsome $3,500 residence for Samuel Wetael at 'the head of Locust street.' The work will be started as soon aa the weather will permit, and pushed as rapidly as possible, Tiiia is one of the flret cpotracts let for the coming eeasou, —The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. George K. Mft»gan, of E^e, died Hop- day. Tb6 little one wse Sat four Old. Mjf, &$sd Mrs, 1^ city who f|«a] sortow. 34c 29c 6c 6c 5c 20c lOc Give us a call and convince yourselves that we can, and will, save you money. Sterling Department Store WALLACE BLOCK. Locust and NinthStrs, For Sale. '••',, • •. • .. * Good desirable Lois, dry, and cheap. Prices and terms right ' Call Scotch Suitings, Worsted Suitings.. Great care Las been exercised in selecting our stock for* Fall.'. ' and Winter Overcoats is complete. l Our line pf Pants JGoods .of neat, tasty Plaids, Stripes-.. —aird'riclrMixed and-Plain"ma-;, 'terials. GIVE US A CALL And get a Perfe.ct Fit, Well Made 1 and Finiehed in J|an Artistic . Manner. Our Prices are in accord with the, ": times, -. YOUK Patronage Solicited. . Ground Bone, Ojster Shells, Lee's and Kentfield's iller. . v Cor. Sd Av*. «nd St. „Then you are interested tn "Sherer'I Tea" in mis, what you get for FlRST-a pound o new crop, rich flavor ft»4 SECQUtfra one quart t.ovei'fed pail containing the tea. v- THIRD-a genuine imposed $ Tea Cup a«d Saucer

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