The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on June 29, 1923 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 29, 1923
Page 4
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'9 PAGE FOUR. THE HUTCHINSON KEWS. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS I w. Y. MOROAN, roiTcm. F.ST A at -l t H ED 187Z. F P'M I'd •'• t 1 h" TN .rtMff !n Hut'-liiri- floli. K( IM«.I-I. fur ii:(iiH*iil--si;j'; lim-unii Vii*: infills as M.' eml-rlii.'.a niaUer. Tf-LXPIiONi: NO. 3. T'riv.'itc I riisi- h , <, nnti;.-: : ^ l»rn i»iv>r- «.(••<;• unsw*-' : J , '. <j {m: s-ii (!•; partitiulit wjiiitoih-- TERMS Of- SU03CVV.PTION: V-y inMI, ..II.- yrm $1 00 r .y innll, iiioiitliK , 2.00 • l ; v ,iK, II, threw Hi 'inthH 1-25 Hv intiii. (in.* m<*nih '. W I'.y mi Htir ir. 11 me!:in ««,:,. per \ve*k ,10 W uUv N(-v,tr, year o0 MEMBCn AUDIT L'UREAU OF CIRCULATIONS. PU D|_ ISH E RS>* ASSOCIATION, MEMBER OF" THE ASSOCIATED PRESS TIM- Asi-.'V-'!fit.ei] J»:-e-;c ex- Ui.ilvtly *n- tIM<*'l Mo l Is.' us»> for rc[jut»il/'mi«jli of nil ti' \\'t> croditPil t<» it o; nut i-tlier wisn crtM- lt.:ii in UIIF p:ip<T, ami aleo the local news MsJ.'l'.hol her ....... A I! t'ls J- r.-i ni rr piihllc/itlon of special f(i:-',.uich^M 1. train are nlso rv^crved. The Sidlinger Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS. Trtfitihor.e 91. No. 17 North Main Street, Hutchinson. THE DRIFTER. jnnl;; h> w: i!, ;n do'vii a qui tin 1'ri­ ffs to T")rifUT;«- Job (<)]!••( lini: UjX I nifiiit \vi: h a lamvalxu 3uat c.oalng Is three car- ii::n il, tanner-Labor, t ,\ms «rvaUve r.nUN .,1: oral. TWo lHZi 't mucli^of axi IfifUR, ft a near RH I onu figtiro out, ex- cepL which party Is to run tho prov- inen. The opposition parti OH charge thu . .trmor -I.abur adininiatratltm with oxt ravapance, high ta.^ua and tix> many officer!. Thvre id ialk umlor- uenth OL "wot tuul dry" but all iKirtiob i-luim to bo dry auti iu favor oi enforcing the present prohibition law. -The provincial legislatures ohose i thu c/ibii:ct which ia the oxtM -iitivo \ branch of the government. There is ! a "lieutenant governor", named by tho guv (Trior general of Canada, but liCi id purely ornamental, all tho irower resting ->\it.h tho, laglalaturo. Tho three parties have Tat?en having a warm time, and Just ae in the Unit<MI Slates each party frankly says that it tho opposition should bo,elect- «1 Uie eo \m try is v e ry sure to be ruined. But very likely niter the election renult 1B announced, the losing fiido will ivceept tho situation with lull confidence that at the next eloetion. tho decision will bo different. That is the way we do, and the Canadians ropy us in political methods ag well is in currency *=y»toui and Tn tariff. / In \very town visited today the motor earn have been niyhlntf hither and 4Gn, brini:in£ in th.: voters. On Abe Martin 1 STEPPED THE LOSS Abe Martin ) ACTgM r ANnM A N FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 1923 rirl: "•,# Pon't rock th' boat or !mg th" driver, an' tioii't croas th' Btreot unices It's absolutely uuavoldRble. Th' fwllor that attnaiptB aulcirte with a razor an' fa'.la would fail at any thing. have imputed tho sin of irritability to the u-sale purtrj?r of !ho marriage. My typewriter (lid that for me, but I i think it know what it was about. 1 j shall HotthtlCiM bu aakud: "l-o «-iun- I cu never siwil the hapiilucss of mar- tho jillaso ^troets little itroupa of j rlel j j|f 0 by Irritability? Ml. answer OF TIME AND MONEY Ho Never L OMSII A Day Sinco Taking Tatilac, Say» y Clayboum. '"I 'Kolai: cprtalnly has done a Herculean job In my case, for besldcB rld- dlug mo of all my troubles, It has built mo up ten pounds In weight," Said JOBS Claybonrn, 1319 Eastern Ave., Kansas City, Mo., wollrknpwn painting and decorating business oWnor and runnuger. . "Iu tho pant two years my appetlto was very poor and uftov meals the gas on my stomach would make my heart palpitate like a trip hammer. I Buffered from biliousness and constipation and had such headaches and dizzy spells I often had to quit work and go home, losing time and money. "Well, what Tanlac has been worth to me can't bo exaggerated. 1 have a ravenous appetite now,- not an a.cho or pain of any.kind, and have BO much strength and energy I cim ivorlc right on. all day and go homo feeling spry anil fit as a fiddle. I'm always glad to say a good word for Teniae." Teniae Is for Bala by all good druggists. Accept no substitute. Over 37-mlIilon bottles Bold. Tanlar Vegetable I'ilJs are Nature's own remedy for constipation. Tor sale everywhere. .!.• I. I'll rrom liio bank, to T;uryif,\\:i," :i!"i:>: lo. Tarrylown. hired to tniin a t.OI (1H tlKit KitT:tthm .1; cr twu Lind tin-n \u- "Thu wa i-o writ,:,, "Hi.-, i in .s I'll i„,.v T,, Hill.-:»!!•! p'!s tl i-n'i 1, • 11 - -1 ml I! job o til,- the will eliarin reple tie:n |he- Hid )|.<m- * •a:r, a pViiM:.!. Jil.'.i',.. " fullne bum A, ti away. ir s tli-.-ir !ot-< i-t. And to !-la: v str." t!.<> liritt"! - roni-, lient and uruy. tab. „f tlirea'ibaie lo ot I'hancei- tiiiowu -n talk loud and shake their fists. 1; i*- * 1 l',vident leaders rkle from one iiolT 1 io^ 1,1 ' anudier itrgtrij; e::tra e 'Xeriion iu or- tier lu save the country. * , Thin city of Hamilton has over a hundred thousand people. It Is based on manufacturinfr,- the electric power coining from Niagara Falbi. fifty uTiley away. The highway from I^ondon. over which we traveled, was a gravel surface road, and a good one. There are many varieties of gravel ruud^. Mo.-,;, of them get bumpy and holey, fc r it regutres work to niaintaiu the stiriar". But with good gravel and vi^iiuiit attention a gravel road is coed enough f.u- anyhody wiio in w ill- in^- to keep speed down to 41) miles un lio'.ir. Anii for tho^e driver.--, who i iii ; 1 -1 on aaiiug faster tiian that, a few bumps and holea are wi ^e medi^'ine. W." Y. MORGAN. (11 to « . to a ' ,skatkii; ' to Hitter ' r.i'.hiejr ' lid then a burg was llvi> r -ii); sur- do their ••id-, ami now. Sometimes, but nowhere near so often as men. And tomorrow I will say something about the woman's position in this matter of irritability. <*> <$> ^ <S' ^> >i' 'i 1 ^- P I' 't' ^' 'I' SECOND HAND THOUGHTS. f By .1. K. House in the Bhtia<lell>b.ia Public Le-dgwr. Instant mm • CORNS of infection :ind - WALT :l'.)N. THE ARITHMETIC OF LIFE, lly Ruth Cameron. OVER IN ONTARIO. t 'l '.'dite-rini Co: renpoaidence.) llanii'.tou, Umiirio, June 25. Like inusH Americans, 1 have, noyer paid much attention to Canada and it Is difficult for mo to realize that rile Is bigger than the Culled States, li people ever find some way to live In (he Hudson May pan of the Dominion, Canada miglit lie lar,:er in population as it now la in squap- mi !e-e But juurb o; the llritish leriStery in North America is, i-waiiip anil lake, With a elimirtK. too cold to develop a ;;riculturi.., so the actually inhabited Canada only extends a couple of join-, drcd miles or less above the international boundary tine. This province of Ontario extends oast and wer-l from sianlloba to Quebec and north from the Ci/ited States to -the aurora boreuiis. ll'i area is about five times thai <i]' t .be state of Kansas, but til-- settled part, railed Southern Untaiio has Just about lip,OOP square miles, which is the area of Kansas. .Mjout. three million of the o!rht niiidon Cauadiaur. live in Ontario. • . • The first experience I had with Oauadlun money was in Detroit, where tho hotel handed some out lu ouaugo and then tho hotel uews'tand would not a. eept tho stuff. Canada's ^money system is modeled on that of $he United Slatea and not on that ct (treat. Britain. Tho currency is iu dollars. Just now Canadian money is depreciated about three per cent, a Canadian dollar exchanging for 97 cent.; American money. This Is not because of any hick of en slit, but because Canada buys more &*om the I.uiled states than she sells to us, and the exeliiuiRe. un.!<T 'the law of supply am) demand is against her. Thu depreciation was us tuiicti as ten per ceut. in war time, but hurt fall wheu the bulk of Canadian wheat went to !,! liir.eapoli:, or Chicitgo, Canadian money was par. It Is expected to repeat the porferlnaneo this year. Nearly all the big American corporal oris have facterb .'S in Cauada. The International Harvester, the Ford company, the oil companies, and such, liaie plants on this side uf the line bfcau.-e Canada lias a 1 'protective lanl't' and it pays to inanufacturo hero. JCuglaud operates on the free trade piaipiwiitlon but Canada -wivuts her ftn tnrliM In Cauada rather than in the Culled iittsteil.l * « • Today Is (dectiou day in Ontario, the vole being 6n members of the provincial parliament, what we cAll our state legislature. Pour years ago at the last eltxslon tho combined United Farmers and Labor parlies secured control of the goveruiuent, the old parties, Conservative and Liberal beiug left iu tlie minority. Tho "It. ha .i been well sold that the difference between a man's habitual nub ntaa end habitual politeness is probably as great a difference as be will eve - b,\ able lo make- in the sum of human happiness. And the arithmetic of life consists In adding to or subtracting from the pleasurable moments of mortality." 1 don't suppose a day goes by but what some writer tellsus what is s the greatest muse of uuhnppiuess in married life. 1 believe 1 have trtumphaiilly uncovered the Oreatest Cause more thun once and 1 probably shall again. Ho do not (ry to trip me up by recalling past utterances when I tell you with all the fervor oj- today's belief that t thiuk there Is iho greater cloud to blot, out the sunshine of married lite and make it. gray and drab tb;tn the confirmed and uncontrolled habit of irritability. "He hud the most annoying traits you can think of," says one of George IClliot's characters. "One of them was to think that everything that happened to him was my l'uult.'.' And agaiu Oeorgo Klltot comments: "A man out of temper does not wait for proofs before feeling toward all things animate and Inanimate as if they were in a conspiracy against him hut at once thrashes his horse or kicks his dog in conaequence " Sl-.o might well have aflded "or lashes out at his wife.",. You will notice that I said above tho confirmed and uncontrolled habit of irritability. 1 picked out thoae words with care. For 1 am not speaking of the occasional Irritability that is tho result of overworked nerves or of exhaustion. Wo are all liable to such explosions. 1 mean Just what I say, the fixed Juibit of Irritability which Its possessor does not make any constant effort to control. If there were any way that the men who have this habit could have brought before their eyes sonic reckoning of th a happiness they defitroy, ! think most of them would ba abso iutoly appalled. I believe there are ntany larrer Kins —larger as tho world reckons ihe size of sins, for I wouldn't bo a bit surprised If the reckoning in the Big Ledger is very different. from earth's reckoning-- that do not cause half so much uuhuppluoBS as this uncontrolled habit of Irritability. •' Many a man who Is generous to his family In a material way ia unbelievably selfish to them In this matter of refusing to let them be happy when ho Is around.- Atul then he wonders why, afteT all he liar, done for them, hbs wife and children do not ceom to love him as they love mtch other. I see, an I read, this ovor, that I <!- *; <t.' -•• ••:> -V •:• v v.. ;-• •••> Myself by Me—The "Old Sovereign Remedy. One evening in the early summer of 1S97 '•Jeff" Stnbble-tield. "Rally" Henry, "I'riacb.v.r" 1'Ileher, I rick Dads and,I were sitting around in the office of tho Mount .Sterling De-mocr.U-Mes- sage. We were waiting lor Hill llalley. Bill laid the key to the room over the furniture store, and we couldn't start the game ur.ttl he came. Poll was iule, and his tardiness had gi'owr^lrkseiaie. • 'We could have played a t'aous-aret hands by this time," growled "Jeff" Slubblefield. 1 was "resting'' between engagements. I.bad yind a Job In tho spring. 1 expected preeeiUiy, if one offered, to take another. I bad gone so far as to set some linos. Mcanwirite, there was no hurry. I had ?aU or SCO in cash and t-a, wardrol.e w'hlch v.ould have attract- attention anywhere. And 1 liked Mount Sterling. One of the earlier "Adelaides" lived there. Quite aside from ihjt m it was a good town and 1 sii",l like it. v.' You c*n end tho 1 >r. Sd«(;ir» Zmo-p-uH will do I of rem*,*, in end tr.o pai . Sch^il-i tin it, f r liiry icmnve the muse —iiietiun- premiie, and Ucil the irritation. Tliui you Avoid infectitrn (rem (uT.iinj; your cprt.a or waterproof. Siif J U>v tor»». CaHc-.tseE, bunions. Gft ?. bi.,1 iminy at yucrdrugssil'i or- ehoe dealer'*. DZSchoM's MaJt in ihe l&aralorus of Th.' Echclt Mf e . Co., naiirs of Dr. Sckcin I'oU Ccnfori JpplUnct.-, Arch Subparts, rtc. Put one on—the pain is gone! As we sat there grumbling, Gill Davia, who was Post may ler, aa well aa publisher of the. Democrat-Message, came In with the evening mall. He ant down at hbs det^k^ picked a Ugrht- brown envelope ofi the stack, clipped tdie end and btgan reading its con- tcmtK. "Hero is something," he said, and read the letter aloud. It was from a Philadelphia advertising agency then L-nguj-'ed, anions other thiuRf;, in hundliug^the account of "Dr. Perkins' Piile^PUls for Pink People." It rV eouuted the fact of a miraculous cure wrought by 'Pale fills'* in tho im mediate vicinity 'Mount- Sterling. A (-'itimo'iial was (ic^ir -.-il, Wou'd Mr, D;\vis luive the convalescent eraiuip .iMl by a reputable physician, his picture taken by a good i>hoto^ra'[>hor, the phyakian'ri depoyltiory taken by a notary pubiic and a story written by hia bi>st rt'i;ortor? Mr. I>avlii would, !!<.• carrit .'d considerable buslnesa from the agency in question, and besides that he ia a most a-ccommodatiivu; gen- tleinan. He turned LO me. "1 £iieaa," he said, ''you're the be3t reporter In town. Anyhow, you*re the only one. If you can gt>* your own consent to work a couple of hours tomorrow, we can all pull dowA a little piece of change." t I liked Inll, and so I org reed to do it.' Xh© advertipriR agency bad suppliwl the name. AVe located the place wit;h 'the uid of n county map and net the expedition fur the following afternoon. that -was largely my fault. • I found that a job without an overlord had ita drawbacks. One of them was my reluctance toSvork steadily at It. Still, I did pretty well. When necessity drove, as it sometimes did, 1 coul-d always go out and fin-d a new miracle oyer which to rave. And I had the pleasure of aetdug my bluff in all the bl£ papers, 1 remember one of ray stories "which ran on the editorial page of the Chicago Daily News. It wati a beautiful tribute to 'Palo Pills" which had found Its impetus in the • restoration'- to health of a retired C a m p bed 1 i t e—p r e a c he r. In the^time of which I write Printer's Ink was my favorite publication. It, paid on^ tho.nail. I knew nothing about-advertising, but I coirtnhuted'Hw-^ it occasional articles on the science \ of reaching the buying public. I sold I it a good tn|iiy'such a'rtlclcu. I could I write an article on adverting on Sunday afternoon, mail It out of tho Middle West Sunday night and have a check for $5 front Prlnter'aWnk by the following Friday morning. Presently, as I pursued the "beneficiaries of "Patg~ Pills" I began to write a little for Printer's Wlc on the subject of proprietary medicine advertising. One such article brought a response from tho president of a proprietary medicine coheem located in Northern In- dhma.-'VIa effect he said: "I don't think you know much about proprietary remedy advertising, but you are plausible and you can -write. 1 never saw a finer eolloction of soul-piercing adjectives. If you are not tle4 fast to your present Job, whatever it is, I think wo can use you in our organization." . Trie ORIGW V Malted Vfl the Originsd F«od-Drtak for All Ale*. g ukklvuachatHomt.OfficehFoutitabuk ichMilk, MaltodOndnBxixactlaPow- derbTabletfurau. N«rWtet-No«<!l4n«. Wo made something of a holiday of the affair and Bill wont along to stage-manago it. It probably was tho most elaborate expedition to penetrate tho rural fastnesses of that vicinity. We had a physician, a photographer and a notary public along and wo 'went in style. Nine nrilea out we located'the family sought in a miserable shack on the edge of a little bottom farm. The miracle bad happened to "L/it^le Jody," aa I called him in the throbbing Story which I subsequently wrote of Ills recovery. "Little Jcslv" was four years old. He was, if appearances went for anything, mentally bankrupt, If ho grew up it la a safe bet he reads every motion-picture magazine he can lay his hands on. •And 'ho looked like anything but a well child to me. But the mother said "Pale Pills" hod cured him after they had tried everything elBB" and ohe made, affidavit to that' effect . The physician examined him and #ald he seemed physically sound, and., the phr> tograyhers took his picture. Then we drovo back to town and I pulsated at white heat into tho story of the miraculous recovery. Tho advertising agency i'iald the bfll of expense presented. Including my fee of ?10, without a ^iiurmur, and as I fondled thp checK an idea leaped at me. I *had long wanted an easy, carefree Job which would remove mo from the. domination of oily editors ntld other overiords. It seemed to tno an asatgn- men', which contemplated tho location of lioneflclarlcH of a sovereign remedy at J 10 (.nil emjonsefl, for every location would bo that kind of a Job. And so 1 mndo -the advertising agency a proposition. ,Tho agency seemed happy, not to Buy iproud, to accept It, and wo Joined forceu. I bad coined a now sinecure, Expressed ia terms ot tlu- auce, tho now avocation did not work out uuilo an "rem M I bad hoped. But I wasn't tied fast and so apprised him. I was, ot a fact, pretty well fed up on "Pale Pill" panegyrics. And BO I Joined him at the highest salary I had ever drawn up to that time. J didn't sSt much relief. To this day Proprietary remedy advertising nauseates ma, I have written i>o much of it. But they kept me ten months before firing me for^Ing disrespectful. . An old man usually has a lot of 6«nae, but Is often so -orosa he oan'i. use It—A>tchJ»x! Globe. . For Vacation Discomforts The unaccustomed exercise ol •acation-tirae is apt to make tho muscles tore, stiff and paintul.- Other spoil-sports are sunburn, Insect bitca and poison oak or polBon ivy. Vicks can be applied to pre-. vent thess discomforts am! ia also a soothine relief. It helps, too. In case of summer colds, iuj fever or headache. WICKS V Can You Finish This Picture? Complete the drawing by tracing from figure on* to two asui ao on to tha «n4. Than uaa your vi'ayosx or water-oolora and see bow nicely you "W FOR SWOLLEN TIRED, ACHING FEET The mlnuta you put your feet In a "Tl£" bath you fexl pain being drawn out and comfort soakiug In. How good your tlted, swollen, burning feet feel. "TIZ" instantly draws out the poisonous exuda- tlonH that puff up your feet and cause Bore, inflamed, sweaty feet. "TIZ" and uiily "TIZ" takes the pain and sorenoss out of corns, cal­ louses and bunions. Get a .box of "TIZ" at any drug or department store for a few cents. Your feet are never going to bother you any more. A whole year's foof conifor^ guaranteed. MAN POSTPONES HIS FUNERAL "1 am 66 year3 old /and for past two years have been Buffering' BO badly from stomach and liver troubles, bloaUng and eollo attacks that I did not expect to live more than a few months and was arranging my/affairs and even my funeral. Three doses qt Mayr's Wonderful Homedy have entirely cureYJ me." It 1B a simple, harmless preparation 'that removes tho catarrhal mucus'from the intestinal tract and allays the inflammation which causes practically all stomach, liver and Intestinal aliments, including uppandlcitls. One done will convince or money .rejgnded^ "' " Drugglsta'; ^. 'x.- RAILROAD-TIME TABLES, SANTA FE. Westbound Trains. ^ No. Arrives 1—The Scout 0:36 pm S—Caltf. Limited 3:35 pm 8—Colo. Kxpnvia 6:20 pm 1— Fargo Kxpress .... 4:16pm 8—Tho Navajo 4:45 am U—Colcv Fast Mail .... S:S6 am 65—Local PUBS 4:40 pin 61—Local PU-SB. (ex. Sun.) 67— Passenger 8:30 am 49—11. * S. Pass. (South} Eastbound Trams. iNo. Arrives 2—The Navajo 2:06 p m ' -Calif. Limit.,* !:60pm. Depart* *•*>> P» - pm 4:10 pra 4:S0 am 1:00 am ,;M 1 100 an :M an Dsp &rta 5 :85 pm iSO wi •Chicago. Es.......'...,jli:30am 11:40 . .Santa Fe 10—The Scout ... 12—K. C. Flyer . G6—Local Pasa. , GE—Pasaenaer ... «2—Local Pas.i. r,i\ —H X* s, PMKJ. „ 25 pm U:!0 pm 8:56 am B:2& am ,.}3:JB am 111:40 am ..12:5o pro 1:05 pm ..10:10 pm 10:20 pm .. 8:40 pm ex. Sua, ROCK ISLAND. Eastbound. No. . Arrive Leave 4—Gplden State Llm. 11:00 am 11:00 am 812—Local Pass S:S0am 8:S5 am 2-Tbo Calltornlan ..10:56pm 10:66>ni 80—Local Freight .... 12:16 cm ( | , Weetbound. vm , 1— Tlie Callfornlan .. 8*16 am itu am 3^Qolden Shite Llm.. 8:40 pm^8:40 Dm Bll-Looal Pass 8:20 pm 8:30 ?S 81—Local Freight .... 1:40 pm '^MISSOURI PACIFIC. Wastbour.d. Departa »:17 am 6:34 pm 433--Passengor , 413—Paaeenijflr 405—Local Freight- PlEnm «1-Pa»a«.ger li :5 o Im tastbound. 1 tieparts ........ 6:41 am 10:43 am ••' 3:50 pm 10;00 am 413—Passenger .... 414— Pajiseneer .... 434—Passenger 450—Local ih-oight ARKANSAS VALLKV INTl^RURBAN. Loca: Loea Depart 6:30 am 7:46 am LImUod v \." SilBam Local ,...,10:16 am Limited -'Local ... 1105 pm Limited .. Silfi pm Local j,.., IilSpm Limited, 4:16 iim- Locei ..... 6:16 pm Local 8:25 pm Local .., .,11:40 pm All (rains are p u .,, U^°, U /! h "' al , na „ b tS."'e ""tCleflli .-m set Wlcblta, ami al ttoiui malm direct oonJ asctiou at Van Aradale for Newion. Kaa." l^ocal Local ... Limited ... I^ocal Limited ... Looai Lljnlted ... Lovul Limited ,,. Local Local .... , f.oeal Bally Tr.i!n.i ""lltclef Arrive • :3E am 10:06 am 11:15 am 12:35 pm 8:00 pm 3:2r, pm <:12 pm 6:35 pm 6:12 pm . &:15 pm .10:36 pm . 1^40 am

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