The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 1, 1971 · Page 19
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 19

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1971
Page 19
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TV REVUE AND PREVUE laugh-In' Climbs Again in Ratings QgdenStandard-Examiner, Friday, .October;!,: 1971 7B By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) —Although two top NBC-TV series, the Jimmy Stewart Show and "Bonanza," fizzled surprisingly in 1be premiere week ratings, another program on the network, "Laugh-In," indicated signs of a strong comeback. Toward the end of. last season, it looked as though "Laugh-In" was finally about to make a steep plunge in the ratings after several years of ranking near the top. It was definitely not helped by the • ABC's new , j „„_. pro football games. On the other hand, even a failure this season would not have diminished admiration for the ability of "Laugh-In" to continue as long as it has with such a .demanding amount of v.ieekly material. surprise in the poor rating of; another movie name, Henry Fonda, whose returning ABC show,' "The Smith Family," about a police officer, his wife and kids, was a strong contender last season. In' this season's premiere, it came in competition of Monday night Fonda got knocked off in this rating by CBS-TV's "Medical Center," still popular, and the new "NBC Mystery Movie," with Peter Falk as a detective. "Medical Center" and Falk also clobbered Miss MacLaine's_new series, and Falk But the premiere week ratings reveal that "Laugh-In" ranked 10th among all shows, which is very strong. What is ironic is that it came in back- to-back with its head-on CBS competition, "Gunsmoke," which placed ninth. There is obviously a demographically divided audience at this viewing hour, with "Laugh-In" viewers undoubtedly younger, though not necessarily wiser. "Guns- moke" is a fine show too. FLIP DOES WELL On Nov. 1, "Laugh-In" will present its 100th show, featuring "graduates" of the series — Arte Johnson, Judy Carne, Tiny Tim, Henry Gibson, Jo Anne Worley, Teresa Graves and the program's first John Wayne. cameo guest, The ratings also reveal that I!** Tt7il<?fvn*r. tf-"h/\nr d^-mc TTIOTft Flip Wilson's show seems more popular than ever this season finishing second only to "Mar •*«•-•——J "Marcus Welby, M.D." The Wilson hour, on NBC, simply murdered ABC's "Alias Smith and Jones" and CBS's new Rod Taylor series, "Bearcats." Both "Alias Smith and Jones" and "Bearcats" are derivatives of the Butch Cassidy-Sundance Kid type of lightehearted western. Tony Curtis, meanwhile, has had a peculiar reaction from audiences in his new ABC adventure series, "The Persuaders," which costars Roger The premiere episode Moore, scored very well in the OV»U11.U r*-*J ,,~~. -overnight ratings in New York and Los Angeles, .yet in the national rankings the series came in a dreadful 56th. The ratings failure of movie stars Curtis, Taylor, Stewart, Shirley MacLatne, Gene Kelly and Anthony Quinn in the pemieres of their new series has already been recorded (Glenn Ford and James Garner But there was another 1 and Carol to wallop of Eddie's deserves a Burnett combined "The. Courtship Father," which setter fate. TONIGHT'S HIGHLIGHTS 6:30-7:30 (CBS) — O'Hara, United States Treasury has its most interesting episode to date: David Janssen is working with the Secret Service branch which, the show informs you, is the oldest general law enforcement agency in the country, and handles counterfeiting and forgery, as well as its more famous chore of protecting the President. Stolen bonds are at issue here and Janssen once again goes undercover, but this time in more elegant settings.- 6:30-8:30 (NBC)—NBC World Premiere Movie has' '^River of Gold," a cliche adventure tale which benefits from having been filmed in Brazil. The opening shot of Rio's famous beach and a later one of Christ of the Andes, where a scene is played high above the city, are sensational to see. GOOD PERFORMERS Vic Morrow and Claude Akins, two very good performers, play soldiers of fortune hired for a job in the wilds that involves: trucking nitro across dangerous roads, mercenaries in a border country, bandits who are really good guys, and a mysterious female. Louise Sorel plays the latter and, in a skimpy bathing suit, she vies with the Brazilian scenery. 7:30-8:30 (CBS) — Mannix (Mike Connors) spends most of this show in great trouble and] is bewildered as to why. He's! HOW ABOUT .ANOTHER-ROUND/ ' OUT: M AKINS WS LIT ABNER THAR U'L MOSES STARTED QUIVEWN , VJIF ECSTASY, > WHEN THEY SEEN I TH'SKAOSOV/ER V ERIE, PA-. r f VL -AKJ' GOBBLE ALL TH 1 GLOP AS FAR NORTrt AS &ANGOB.,fv\AIME- .Ah4- AS FAR SOUTH AS BALTIMORE.//" CLAWING ATTHl EXIT? AH \$ LEAVIKTNUFF GO&BL.EGLOPS IN MOO VAWK TO '' MULT1PJ-Y" • F1RST--TEU- ME .If* ANYBODY LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE THE WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEORGE wi,- CRANE Jerry M.,' aged 17, killed 4 people. '• "Dr.: Crane," a highway policeman informed me, '"Jerry LANCELOT •r COKIK * FINN (THOSE WOULP0NIV \ (/SKIP THREE Tines IJ Teen Speedsters Crave Attention . The psychological profile. .o£ the typical teen-age? speedster usually involves a.-'"show-off" male, who craves.' the"" social spotlight and admiration;- >.pf girls, but hasn't won was speeding" in a new car. | athletics, scholastic -honors, 'etc. ,,„ _, ,— T-..-_ ... . jj e jg a j so n0 £ li^y -ft have carried a newspaper-route nor to have been a Boy Scout : nor to have earned his ownvspending money,, so he lacks ; - "horse sense.".. '.,'] IGNORES INDICATORS' U n Li k e the experienced aviator, who constantly; keeps iis eyes' circling around . to observe the various dials, he ;ends to ignore such . inside indicators, as well as, many warning signs posted along the '.'He -must .. ..have been exceeding\90 miles per hour when he:failed.'to make a sharp'tum. "So he rolled /over and his automobile was ' twisted clear around a, large .maple tree.. "Meanwhile/ Jerry was killed and jsff'.were the 3 .other, teenagers Jifcthei same car. • "Jerj&-hid;been:guilty ,of -fast '' - this wasn't his first o'fferiselv- .- • "Dr. "G;ane;;'can: you • please psychoanalyze'. ".- 1 h e young speedsters'- • 'and -'.warn . their sweethearts about the/hazards of riding with such juveniles?" ~ " our splendid driver in high nearly 1O UCW JlUtA GV» t»«? •"V "•"J ' •«•»•* "| — been on vacation where he has! ALLJEY OOP met two nice girls. One.-o£ them. 1 is killed on the ski slope and he can't believe it's an accident. 8:30-10 (CBS)—The New CBS Friday Night Movies has "The Deadly Hunt," which starts out to be good, then settles back] and misses the mark. It was filmed in and around Vancouver, highways. Short, frail males are also likely to be speedsters, thinking that if they zoom a car past, the 90-mile mark, that will intimate they are rugged he-men! . ..•• Actually, a frail 90-pound eoed can push the throttle to the floor and hit the 100-mark,. so fast ' ' sign of male speed is no dominance! You high schoolers numbered.questions above! might of the i CT.LCXLLI jutu. CLUU •J«AU&I» v**^***-* AAu.u^'vt •«» w**\*. —^— ——— • —-— —, did all right with their new B. C., so there is some spectacular scenery. shows). T¥L EV IS I ON PROG RAMS ACCURACY of television schedule is the responsibility of the station. The following is printed exactly as submitted to the Ogden Standard-Examiner. CHANNEL O KUTV-(NBC) CHANNEL Q KCPX (ABC) CHANNEL 0 KSL (CBS) EVENING •Denotes Color FRIDAY, OCT. 1 «;00 0 Scene Today— H* O Truth or Consequences* 0 Channel 5 Eyewitness News* 8:30 'O' NBC 'World,Premiere Movie, "Biver of Gold"* with Vic Morrow, Claude Akins O Partridge Family* 0 OHara, United States Treasury* 7:00 Q Friday Night Movie •"Mickey One" with Warren Beatty 7:30 @ Mannix* 8:30 -Q Night Gallery* Q CBS Friday Night Movies, "The Deadly - Hunt"* with Tony Franciosa, Peter Lawf ord 9:00 O Love. American Style* 9:30 O World of Sports Illustrated* 10:00 O Scene Tonight* Q Perry Mason 0 Channel 5 Eyewitness News* 10:30 O Tonight Show* 10:40 0 Friday Night Theater, "The Sundowners"* with Deborah Kerr, Robert Mitchum 11:00 'O llth Hour News' 11:30 Q Nightmare Theater, 12:00 O Man to Woman 12:05 0 The Late Show, ' "Foreign Correspondent" with Joel McCrea, Laraine Day SATURDAY, OCT. 2 5-30 0 Sunrise Semester* 6-00 & Dr. Dolittle* 0 Will the Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down* 0 Bugs Bunny Show* 6-30 & Woody Woodpecker* O Road Runner 0 Scooby Doo, Where Are You?* 6:56 0 In the News* 7:00 0 Deputy Dawg* •Q Funky Phantom 0 Harlem Globetrotters* 7:25 0 In the News* 7:30 '0 Pink Panther* O Jackson 5 .0 Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch* 7:56 0 In the News* 8:00 0 Barrier Reef O Bewitched* i0 Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm* 8:26 0 In the News* 8:30 0 Inquiring Editor* O IJdsvffle* 0 Archie's TV Funnies* 8:56 0 In the News* 9-00 0 Prep Football, Cyprus vs. Granger* O Curiosily Shop* 0 Sabrina,. Teen-age Witch* 9:26 0 In the News* 9:30 0 Josie and the Pussycats* 9:56 0 In the News* 10:00 O Johnny Quest* 0 IDS Conference* 10:30 O Lancelot Link* 11:00 0 Major League Baseball, Oakland at Baltimore* American Bandstand* 11:30 Q Saturday'Matinee, SATURDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 0 My Friend Flicka* 12:30 :0 Young Americans* 1-00 O NCAA Football, Colorado State at Wyoming* 0 Eleventh Hour* 1:30 0 World Tomorrow* 2:00 0 Major League Baseball* 0 LDS Conference* 4:00 0 Lassie* . 4-30 0 I Dream of Jeannie* 'O ABC Wide World of Sports 0 CBS News* 5:00 0 NBC Nightly News* 0 Hee Haw* 5:30 0 Adam-12* KUO-1438 14 H«in Billy Kim, Sn»rt». Mwlc "RADIO NETWORK STATIONS KSL-11M I KVOG-14W KANN Mm. M»«l« INDEPENDENT RA'DIO STATIONS KBUH—100 4:43 «.IH.-$:4S p.m. Mm, M.ilc KCPX—1320 Niw<, Mnclt 7 i.m. ANSWERS- Across— -3. LINCOLN, 6. GLASSES, 8. TAIt, 10 BUMrVn. THEATRE. Down-1. UKULELE, 2. HORN,. X. NEST, 5. TELEPHONE. 7. STAMP, 9. WITCH. /'I'M- SOPRV AW COOK&& ' S71WT TURN OUT wew..' LOR! THESE APE £V THAN TH£ LA&T 0ATCH Ht>U HAMLIN! school, 30.000 youths were killed in auto accidents last year. DOES TH«T MEAN WEU. HAVE TO WAIT UNTI1- HE RE-ENTERS IT TO CONTINUE THE PROJECT? About one-third of air traffic 'Z'COVEREDTHE IT'S OBVIOUSIY NOT THE UNIT.' SEE?, THE CAPITOL'S , CLEAR AS A BELL! fatalities were among the-age --.- ANDRNP HIM.' group Why? - : We psychologists realize that write themes on some many people with a high l.Q. .Girls, . avoid; , dating such 'show-off" male; juveniles! immature that they should be termed "Emotional Morons'."" THE JACKSON TWINS wow* U<E'HISARS«*S DON'T LET THE SANG cove TONIGHT. MX) CAN TiaJST TOVl'TRLBr TO COME UP WITH SCWETHINGNeVV.' •y LANK LEONARD MICKEY FINN GAS DRYER OOT OF THAT JOINT/ ,„..„, BAR,'ON' THE OTHER SfOEj WE HAVENT TRIED THIS STREET JOE PALOOKA , WONPERFIJL White —-«toras» *raii*r PORT DISHWASHER Hotpoint, tap '.leader HOTPOINT 15 CU. FT. Side- by lidW avecad», flosr model . HOTPOINT 30" 'DROP $ Brush, -chrome top, ideal for apt cabin, 1 '-'• only, door Included . . BUGS BUNNY HEKE'6 TO A PAY OF 6OOI7 INS..,.THAT SORT OF THINS, GUVNOR: HOTPOINT DISPOSAL MA300 6AMES AMt> TOYS KSVN—739 4:45 >.m.-5:44 p.m. Ntwi, Muiic, KBOC Mi-FMtllty Mu FM—101.J

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