Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 7, 1930 · Page 15
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 15

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1930
Page 15
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DECATUR HERALD TUESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 7, 1930, DECATUR HERALD 'MoOQfc ftfi- 5RTCOMVIWCBO louVe SOTTO WHAT'S *-YES, S(f? b IfAS/NG MS*?,. I Wo'! [HAVE ML LITY ", V \ to S -rf- NCE FOR DER FOUND i 1 1 « i LtlfU ·nil.sUttllO f i l l flnlniul to Imvo V e i n , uho flftVS tin iscl t n l i i t k n l powJoi tlifin e-i ivhtch havo ilc« Jcr us tholr t'nd» B tlojicults which itr» bee known as IMfl- h dm found only thcr mik or frsa-10. diy, they form » iorous powder whfeti t 1130 BLOSSOMS ((fit JVlll Wls-- Sev«r»J *ppla cf Walter W«fh- townshlp, »rt In an the ir*fr*no# n spring time Th* w«r» nJjp«d by I ""·"""ASK JVO QUESTIONS**"TM" Renumc* Duff Dr. Cranson Points to Dracula as Murderer of the Stable Boy, Otto Weil, (i^ulnst tn« ud- of John Diamond, ownct ot · New York n w n p t i p b i , und Al vft Cropmiy innitHKlnft udltoi JOIHIM ti (lojiflitod coilntiy plarc Known ft* H r h l o * Hutiw, In Connecticut y c v n i u t jiifrvloiis ton- ituntH h:^e Ul«l t l m u utysiut- Imisly A n o l h f r , a lnllc Htmnjfc. ly ill,-wp[ic-\i e(I I h o kiiuo which Annni to |Hr«lat» In (it^nlntt D J U C - JfltH I h n L no i n n t t t i what hit|i- jiont thti t Hunt limit «Dk no |iii itlimw Aftrtfi'Oit inovfti In and timl t i n d t tlmt n cii^o In the p;lvali btii lal ;:i(jiincl i n Uiu p i o p t i t y his h e n nuwly n[n.nttl ttio, n i l l t l m o( d i t u n g D (nut (jlvci noUcu tluit hn U loavln^ ]{« -uii tonwsonu has btnn i l d l n f t JJiadilix « i d \ » i K ' itulllon UL nlptit A n n n " i i flntlr Otto la th* barn n u n (lend And rlosw hit- iildft him H H d ( f l n (.otitaln- inU » wnklinf; iliosn imd bildid f l m i j Tliu w h c i l f f nil coffin Jn (hn Imui mom ( l i f t open f l n \ e ' h i n hc n tin known li of- foils to Mt MI-tH Wt-it to 1cme jthc r(f i M Dulclt C'lnnvon on« llrrtft u f l u i i i a t h l u t i now (» un- t t v IIIH ulocthi 1 wlm V.UH an ml- j n l l f i 1 1 f f t i i i i RxnniilH flf-l ten ml »f t t l i U - K Hoimi!, culls to tdltfi (in- "f 'Tin f Ann(iK»nt pnln p ilc" (ft\l'1Mv \1 '"Hint i ii f i n " »»l i»0 yim 10 i Ill- tup in t tVitrwou /Lt) (ippiatlal v'j rimd irtrokcrt t h n t l ' i * dunk ' Mlut stood h« wna boingcttspflinged rolled it v,lok«d oyo and, when the little timn vontiued to lay a hand on the l)Rt» of the box stall, lot out a roar that could bo hsatd for hAlf a mile Tho next moment ho had char god two lows ot yellow tooth baiod for action C lansort gnutehid hl« hand away to mind, Sh« did not believe that Dnwula had killed tbo stablo boy NeverthelMs, she heard herwlf pro- teating "Otto was found In the eel- lar. He couldn't have got there alt- «rwe,rd, even--even by crawling on hla hands and knees. Anyway," with sudden relltf, "the stall would have shown sign* of--of what had happened--the stall and DracuU's hoofs" 'Unless," Dr, Cnnion insinuated softly, "the Wood was cleaned »wa.y by someone " "Oh, why do you say thnt»" cried the girl "What leason could anybody have for doing so senseless a thing?" But all the same, she went and peered th tough tha bam Like a cat with Its eye on a mouse, Cranson watched eveiy move He even stepped up behind his newly found employer as though h« meant with the picture of thouo mired horses as vivid in her mind as If ehe had been present when they war* sucked to their doom, "Tell mat IB there any truth In the rumor that a curse of some sort r«sts on this house?" The veterinary gave her a peculiar sidelong glance "I dunno U I ought to answer that," he mumbled. "Polka hereabouts don't ask questions concerning Bride's House But seeing as how you're a stranger and a '*·! at that, 1 think I ought to warn you Git out -- git cut now while you've got the chance Women go mad on this f Him--they go mad and kill themselves." His voice dropped to a whisper "I've heaid say there's a room in the house with a locked door, and that when the door open*, something comes out -- something; A w o r t ot puilM- lor finti of lie* t inn ilwini tournn.1 llm i l t f h l choril In M l i t hcttit ' B l u e I u l l i t l h i ( « tliiiu i' tin-turn Wl.l tin I K i tiw fit H«i IKS"! polo p o i k H Hi i t u i went it lull rhultfcrr ' j I |l ,] Will t i l l ' o W l V P l I UlP - V ( t | t r i m v i t l i l l i lit n nofi) nnd It f f l l i In « liuRian ' t H . (,'ltmcn t t t l t l l ujiu 11 i if tin' (lK«u- i i 'ho f l i i i l K t i t 1 \m tin tliti iinr! tnf · nwio the friii nt if ,'!i'iiii i r t i n n c d tj hU djcs " t will in i tin with ti C uotv,IM n t n m l l i i liu j i H i t n i / Iritt Uiou Uk MI Hhnii net Ixi fin thlni- honot fot Uw Iionl "hull idl ftliem Into Uw, h i n d · i " « » i n in ' ' \ n n t i M t i i ' tu i t u t t t t i f or the f i t l i ' m t \(HI ( ' t Hill 1 -''!! '' Chun I n A I I ) V - * "ir'v t u t l n l i i r f V l i i \\ i' wut imt U U i l i l n l l U i w l t n (hn f ink l"'m K \ 111 \ l I (III!)' Ill' llllUllllll.1.1 rc|h I i l l l i j ' i n l l v H ) 1 II 1 " (01 ' il i, tit Lhn ) t nl Atiby itootl, with n/ia( her young mistrett nat nort( to call the "Psatm-and-catcchsm-took," alt re- to giut this («/cff ([(/Jtlioit (9 the UtafMten mill w!n.h Halts Croutng wcmtJ to htr to kt innl hi i t t i l l i t i u i i l i i unit lit-) '-Inttilf*! fthlth II tirti t l l l l M u«l ' t i n HI i unlit hln / M I tlltl turn nm not (( lt( Btiti) -i nf i ho l i u l t i llimi wlitill !o ttim wlildi unit iciitnl Itt tlio HlKtit o[ tut Ton! ' ' In- t i l t l lur niul I h c i c wtit n nirttnin I n t i i w t l y l» Mm look w h l f h nitodipinilril Ilic ivt'td To cn'it r i l l I l i l n t f in Dili « In f i n e t l l u t ' /Vli ' wild it witM) »( till' tiitntl ninl n, tu- (l)i i n i i i ihitiii-r or ton" "liei t v . i t tin ^ft n l i K i i h i K l wilt Ml«« WctL Iti hci u l i n n p o ( n i i i i m n t u n Hint u n t i l lit (iillpil hui iidi'uUon tn tllii f p u t nil" liitd not u n t l ' H l tlu'V iloOil tidfoit ttic fftti n[ f'tldi'it Ifn ff T,t]H-rl nil Iturai'H U l t h :i - t n i t Hmt !»(! In It Until « i i | n l t nod n. u n m i i ' unMiiincis »ho "tnnil ii|i ill Ihi' ( u l n i l y t l l i l u l n c d ^ I n i l t i u tin h i t l l " ^ i l mots tho IHKI i-iiiif ml liit'li i lilmiit 1 ) 1 ' 'I hi 11 ic ' v.ii-1 Im iiti'n i \ n . L l i l i it" «tH! 'll.l r i n t i i Un nlillo ntnl b u i i k i i l hn m i n tluniu-h Him- ( t i l l ' t H tirkllc M liu*f Mm d t f nut ont- of thOT foolt-ih |i i|l it tin ftru ttlmltl tn t o n t o h e r o ' l t ) i xcKTlmiri Inlil til« liunrlu en ))i w l i Ittt ( l i l t t fuin ' V V h v ihoiilil [ l» " l i l t \ o l i D t. iituli il im i t \ t r cut H I t ] i n i i h lie M i i i i | i n k l t i ( , ' LII V fm i- 11 i Im u l i i t l t i t U m i * « n w h e n I Ihl i dlit I . I K I hi lil fm tin nil thnt ^ i mint m n l nntl l'i u i t l l t i l A f l t l ' n i m i . In t h e m i n t i l i i K \t f l o u i - just Iti t l i m ll\t tneo ttttnctl giy 'A, vklotisi beast ho said trembling Lucky ho H In DO noccl of tluctorlng 1 t wouldn't touth liim-tio. not even If hu wcte too sJijk to mnvo Mist Weat looltctl thoughtful "He's 1 boun thnt wny uvci since litot n l ^ h t ' t cun't i[Ultti nmlto It out Do you hi nulUc'i -tttuitu Imp- AnldtuH a r t ) veiy MnslLlvc lo titif.cdj homo liltit ot It seamt tn ctniie to H u m nn Iho alt A jie- nclunrc. If you t whut I tnunn Sec It a gdppcd h i m no\t Uh look' look" Tho bid uUlllon luid rulsca hla hond (tud wd4 staling lounil the Irttpdoot In tlio htiincsa tudtn a v u i - lousiy c t p c c t u n t iKpicsaion on hla to look ow»r her shoultior to ««o whether tliu clue to Otto s fiito might actually be found In the hny under the otilllon'a /cot But when Mise Weat luinetl suddenly with tt shake of tho head to say (the had scon nothing, he skipped nimbly back, a look ot mingled aurprla* and disappointment on hit wizened face il do all I can -nil I can ' he kept ic Iterating on theli way back to thu hotw 'I don't Jive so tut off Just on tho other aide of the v/oode there'" A nod ofc.tho Ull silk hat indicated the ticet beyond the south pnstute Mlas Wcit'H reply to this was an cxpre^alon of rollef liult-bidck fnoc Even hla ( f t i * were ( O L k t t l listening "liters *»ton*h tho Mutxltnr" "I bullcvp ' ivhlipfrcd tho girl 'thid ho Uii(i\\H who killed Otto antl In t i y l n p to tell m« Perlmpl the i n u t d L T u i a a o n i D \ % h c i o a r o u n t l ' In litt rxtlti*mcnt slio cuustllt tho vet- u l n a i y b tho aloovu ' Pethapa h o s h c t n n o w - t i g h t thla v e r y m i n u t e 1 ' no i c p l ) , ilid turned tin- antl iuw thnt the hoise doctot wtii »yvlng hct stallion w i t h hltv It h nit d o w n F ml w l L h f i i Lil t c i n t i u i O [^ i t ! (tn tuimlii t nl If n l « l lit Allou mi- ' l ( i Imd op- f n i i l t i n t'litft niul w m vmltlntt fin t i l l I i [,i ml. h l t n I ' t i n - hiiiiac vh n \hirt 'itixnt w i t h w l i i t t hn *"IHII, i n l i t i M - . u i i t v i o n t to Pdlli ' t l i i | nim mul i n l i t i i l i t t i i n l 1 wlih W M 'i I t u l i ' . I'm ilnr « i ' m i ' I hu i . IH n o | l i d IM n i h n hml \ H l i t i l tnlf ll"i J h l N hi l|u tthlli* l u i t i Ml'ii Wi'it « i i s ( i m \ t n t i i 1 tluit till- lojHitftllon n( Ndiiti I'lnliulv hnd t K i ' n t ^ i Pnlck f l l l l l l . ! ! o ( bdlltf t i l l l « l t X P U l I l l t i l l tt» I l l l l f l I I I D I I I I l l Hill tl()t tl\l\K- Ku i t i I I l i c I l l l h - t i i i t n Htn'W "11 t h i t i un-i tt k n u w nlxnit hoiicn 1 itnlini, inn 11 hi n n t l fiiftt or hfttid- line li i i i i n i l l i t h d t hiul ( h u f i ' d umlci tun a . i M c 11 mil) In wan no loUKfi Hit' p t t h i - i l i h i t l f . i t t i t M ' i l t i n m i i 1ml « 1T1III) of (lHlli(lU I titlftl'l ItlltllS- tfilni; t.) thi' ill It llull tl)0tl(tll hla 1VM(I D I l l V » look of sttanpc "A» you auy, nioini, Iho mutdeioi ll Inilnoil liuc.' An nccmlng flnget jiolntrd to tliw box blatl ' T h a t e he s t f t n t h Yout pet 11 wuu ho who klllod t h M a d " KM) "Dldnt thev w llic hrod ot the corpus ^as bat- lei Ml utmost bi(ind rer-ORnitlon" Mtat WMt Cuultl not Kpicss a ilitiildct at thought of the soonu that wot builod long tiga A-Twilight was gliding out from \m dei all tho trcei to Jay steally lingers on lh« house and gaidena From somewhere not fai off, A WORKMEN CLEAN OUT FA1RV1EW PARK AREA New Bridge Thrown Acros$ Stephens Creek At Foot o f " Puitc workmen have been busy cleaning out the Fair view park *.rtn border I DR on Stevens creek northwest of the developed district d tiling tha lt»t (ow MreeltB A bridge hat been thrown boron the creek at th« foot at the hill at th« west end of the present pork anil It being- used for workmen and equipment Constructed of old tlmbois taken Iicnt tho Umber which the park workmen or* thinning out as part of the pi f partition tor convcitlng thi area Into a park Addition, tho bridge I* sufficiently strong to hold th« welpht OC pedestrians and horses B«of the steep grade npproath- the creek however, uutomobllei unable to use the bridge es y«t the ctrlvo will not be open to the public for some time to conn? Prisoner's Feed Bill In September Was $850 Heal* foi county Jail prisoner* In September coat Macon county I860 it was shown Monday in claim* filed by Sheriff C. A Thrift Th* ftvetagc coot of each meal WAD nhown to to 13} cent« Sheriff Ttttlft operated automobile* In use of hi* office at an average cost of five and one- tenth cents per mile during September WIKNBR ROAST TUKSDAY Members of thd Northeast proup of the English Lutheran church, will give it wiener roast Tuemtav evening, In the home of Mr. And Mr* Wilt Nowlin on the OreM) Switch road The public la Invited to Attend Serving will stfirt at 6 30 o'clock, five joyful exptesdon to Homo Idea which the situation he writ putting behind him had nuggestcd (To B« Continued) (CopyHght. 1830, by The Bell Syndl onte Tnc } If anything went wrong with one of the ponies nht could run over and get him Crantion Wnrnn Aniinmm "No, you musn't do that," h» has- tenod to tell her "You must nevei go any farther than the fence of tho south pttture A swump'a In them woods and quicksands Two of Mr Runnel's plow hois«a was loal there once Mired before you could any 'Jack Robinson' Thcv died n, slow death -BUflooated-- rlsht before out oyoi " "Hortlble 1 " ciled tho girl And will hud bodun Us melancholy plaint Miss Weat faced Hie pioapect u another night on tliti haunted farm "Don't tell me 1 " ah( cilcd in iud- ilon punk "Wall till some othci lime" 1 Tho votctlnary look hei at her word and they walked the rout of the wuy Jn siietiC'C At Uio duoi, uftfi tln^lr KOod-bybB Imd been said, he htild hci loi a moment longer while ho nmcto pieUnsi 1 of studying the BKy "Rfiln'i ovet," was hh pio- nounccment 'We II have a moon to- nlt'ht" Mian Went said she since roly hoped so, and oinc this unquestionably tornilnated the Interview M fai sho wis concerned, Dr Cronaon had no choke but to bow hlmaell and his tall silk hat down the brick walk and out the gate. Tho last glimpse the new mSttress of Bildo'fl House caught o( h*i ex- ttaordlnAry visitor WAS a hop, skip and Jump fur down the road, as though the vetcilnary thinking nlm- Kelt well out of sight must needs DON'T GIVE ME THAT FISHY OIL D O yen forte yew cbttdnn to t*Jn eod tirer oil? Do you ebofce and ·putter ov«r the alfany fish7*t«*tu« od yow»e!P You do? WeH, you don't have to do rt toy won) Today you can »rt cod liver nl in Ublec form) Tiny tMtele* tablet* that contain all the vitamins of purot cod livtr oil To f et them you (imply to to your druuknt »od ask Tor a bo* of McCoy'*. Tbete tabkti nave been tested sod approved by the Good Houaekeepuif Institute, Doctcti now arc Rcowownd- at them. So, to put youmU on tht road to normal wcicht and beahh, aik your t UcCoy'i today, LEGAL NOTICE id* riiall li* OIHII to tn* «»bll« f«r ulna; and Immiei in aootrdanc* wlih thi "1 lull Cod* of Illlnol* 1 ' and tha flamt Cod* at Illlnoll" «Mtpl that lr*ppln« ti Tho luflilii 10 *«t aildii at nanutuirti* for jonit mi) *ann bird* ana wild »nl- n*lf anl aa unmuli-K. nlhlnv, nlonltklnM anil ftnural outdoor ro«r*Mlonal irmadk fthall not b* u**d lor hUNtinv. rliinin* tr l)urpoM* not ihall as if hunt In I. tiltlne or trtppltiR be ptrinU(«tl th««tn, itnitt dim th* dtiHirtnioiit m*y dmroy my prMlttorr or rttttnictlt* *ntnikU «r birrit OB imcli linil*, or rtmeit towsh « uiitlnirinilili ntli (r«M nroMmn 'ilia Until H MI ntd* u **nttn*rt«i for *OIK mil) SAW* hlrdii «»rt wlla *ni. ntil* »nd fa fc« xforiittii (hall b* ti*n dlort in tha dopmmtm In nttorlltnct with ih* luoHt apvro\4 intthodi tt ttr- Htiy havins nuo r»*nrd lor tin e»n»tr. mien uim pupniMlon at sum* 'tin jftiannifni n»y Aaivtm nai tu «· c««d in* hundrod airt* of (tub' "it thuuHnil ni.r«* or tlm tuml ·Mjulrtil tin- Jor Die urmlnlen* et (Mr A i t to t)i* Mtou vf ttnia tulUbl* for t*td tnr innl inn« lilrdt and (or wild animal*. lht JtiHiitmoiii mty it* Iht wcrh n»cn- lury to prwlms ilila sraln or nmr t«»o tho Uml lo otntitt vita will 1,10.1 uct tht Kiulii fui « tuila Mnl that It tiiMoinary n the lucjtUy No pnrt or \i* landH ou«n to Ih* pudllc for fluftfiii and Imntlii* mac »· fi«iwd sioiit fur Iho production of «r«!» M boiit iHnitdmi liut tllf IXl«rtlllotlt »t oimgi vnttun mar lt«« a iwrtiwi or tin atid nit ntldn tor (onorel rtcrtatlon lo 01 oiicuUittloni .ir(«nlnd tor n«tt for piuflt. LEGAL NOTICE tir*vlil»R* ol iht* Act during Ui* r*ar *nd lat on ill* pr*e*d1nf Ihlnr-tint day ot UM.«inli*r 'Ilia dotomor m»7 c*u» tli* b*ak* and tflalt* of **ld dt|Mrt«i*nt r». lailnc ta ih* work pnuldMI for h«r*Jo. t* In) ntxlllnd In Mch /m t II 111* noo*r lu I bo coiuMrtailoB and Dubllg mrraitleii fund uriatid ty aim und*r Ih* Dfovlniom tt "An Art (· t«tl* tk* law in r*IM1on n tli* »nMrv«tlan (if rlih, iiUKi»li, fret* atid turilot In i h « Htal* tt Illlnnla, oi.H t« provtd* n«n*lllr* fur iht iiuhnliii tlinmor and to r*l**l fill Acti In fttnriH with thin Act.' ar- nravid Jun* it. 1»1, u ilntnitiri uJn] Ah Art lo rtrl** In* law In ralailoH to ilia cofiiiirtmlon of icainir, *ltd anliunl*. wIM fu*n nnd bird* In IN* Dial* or JI| noli. *ml to u»vtd* tmtiallMi for th* iiolnilon tburoof, *nd I* rrtwn) til AM* In ton (lift wlih tilt* A i l " auproviid Junt 10. ISM m ·mon.lnJ, *)ia1l flr*t lit n| M ? . . C O Y ' S C O D L I V t R O I L T A B L E T S avinqDme l a M K b t i l ) i t l l i * i In "nf oT Ihc Ullt C l l l M liuiuilit lititirhi U N HnU W Dun nit t l u n Iio Innl boon I n t t o d t i t r - d to him, notlik inn v t ( l t i w l t H HttU' rnlliusi- nnti tf the Munition) I'.lnckt. n t i i t « f i n tlm flpil-tril il Antb | t u i i intil tin 1 fu » I W hois,' { f our wewtctn Strung mnl ImmNuin* but nnt«mithh ' Mo jjnod ptt-t'i't for ^ |iui|Mini4 wtts i h n wnv In he itiniiiidl 11 ji lilt Kllli't iii i hour h IIP under- Our traffic can nbow rou how tint cm be Hnvfd on ship men ti when the routing is rl* these lines. Ptnwiwl attention la IJT- *n ftcry sluprocnt--be ii A train, a cor or a troth load. Our centrally located terminnta and Interchange with othtr rftllways »r* alib to th« saving of tine. SMpntnt* accepted to or from *nr Point In the United States, Phone Mr traffic department (or * demonstration. ILLINOIS TERMINAL R.R. SYSTEM Vonv«nlen(--Krelfthl HottM* Dial 4108 A Ctty's Water Supply Every Hour . «lectricllT reqoiMa an enorrooua amount deao,cooltfre«h water for condensing purpotes. In a station of 100,000 kilowatt capacity, which U not A very large plant a» they are now con* ·tructed, there wUl be required 150*000 gallon* of water per minute. That la aa much water in one hour aa the modern American city of 75,000 people would u*e in 24 hours but tt U returned after acrving a» a cooling agent. That ia why the preaent day generating plant ia located along riven or on lakes, often far from the ddea that rumiah a market for the generated tui i tut, Illinois Power Corporation LEGAL NOTICE __ ~ OK-l-lCIAt, H J W M t J A I l ' J S A itfltcMuit nt unit i unco il In u il ctrMIn Ait at iltts tt/tyitlrtb tlmiral AutuMu I t br iiibilifM if tn lltv pc'ipli (it bi t ttrt irit tit ttuj yiL,rti^ clLtflon (o be jlitlil in Aoitwilxj, ito r niitltil a? A'Hntu · A N AClf In r u l n l l m to t h n »niuliltliin nuil eHUIillgihiutm I1 t n u Stutu ot Mil- Ilul." lit II Btlllo ivjllil H 9 t l i n ot rlllMlHt. i l i s i ninl f.inHt iirom-tvM nnil jjuWk rptr*- ntlun L'luuii't" ""'I t h n L i u M i l o n ut nn nun foi tlm jwijmimt n( t)ia CVP! thdisuf h) m n»u« ot ti«id« Dt Hit NUtt tt Illl- nulH ' Nulil ^'1 I* I.' 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