Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 13, 1959 · Page 11
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 11

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1959
Page 11
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I* .Irummtff's Upholstery ' AtcocU f)ta! MO 4~ Uph6l*lel*d. Sed F CtiylSf. MO 4-S898. -- - ^ .«L . rfie*y'« N6W ftHd USed FOfnlUifS. f i. Gaadi 68 69 Miitellanwui Per Sale 69; JTEXAS PURNlTUftE CO. Notth cuyler MO 4-4623 *OD T7sed FrSeaer*, „„.,,,....,,..... laWklnS-Shafer Appliances. 848 W. '°?i?£: .HP--' 8 .?/! ).•.-. Newfon Furniture Store \V. Foster MO 4-3731 DON'S USED FURNITURE We Buy & Sell Used Furniture \V. Foster Phone MOJ_- : (B3^ •iECT-ntC Clothe* dryer. $49.06. t-aul !;nossma.n. 108 N. Russell. MQ 4-ngai, ^Whittington's Furn. Mart S'Low Prices Just Don't Happen— 5 They Are Made" • Ph. MO 5-3121 SALK on good used TV" sets. Some sets have new p'o- 'ure tube. All setn are solil on a guaranteed basis. Convenient bud?et terms. B. F. Goodrieh Store 88. Cuyler ___*!?.J. USRD Refrlgeratcrs In pscellent Condition an low a* $49.9n. CJuaran- Store. 117 3. Cuyler. " vteLAUoHLIN FURNITURE !8 S. Cuyler_ Phone M.O 4-49Q1. "SHELBY j. RUFF ' FURNITURE BOUfSIIT & ROT,P 8 S. Cuyler MQ 5-5318 FOR dALEJ ,veral us«d refrlgerfttom. Rich Plan. Vj W. Foster. Thompson's United Rent-Alls "We refit mosf anything" A fil~c73NlMTION.t N O~ covif §"mftd e"to fit any »lxe. Pampa. Tent rt Awning Co. 3i7 E. .«ro*n. MO 4-8541, Nil 80 98 U«fur«liri6j Hattin 98 ESKIMO Spitz, Toy Ko* Terriers, j Cockers, Pckl'ijire**, Dachshound, •• (•hlhuatnia. The Aquarium. 2314 Al-[ C''i ....^ unfurnished 2*bedroofn ... attached garafre, n«ftf Lftntftf School. $BO ihonth. MO •(-2932. 81^ fam MojPJf?1^ || iMcCORMIOTC farm Equipment Store, : for International parts and equlp- tiu-nt. Prlrft Road. MO l-Tlflfi. 69A Vacuum Gleaner* 84 Office, 84 3-HOOM unfnrnlshed modern yard. 31 S S. Somervllie. MO , . , _ , __ 3-nro'DROM unfurnished house, utility larte clo»cl.«. fi2l N. Hohart. re 632 N. Nelson. 103 Rial tifafe Per Sale 103 tOI Rtaf fifafe f«f Safe tOI Klrby Vacuum Clearier.i nntl all other makes. Call tin 4-2Mn. FOR HALM or Trade for ncreAg* near Pnmpa: 3-bedroom home, 2 baths,, !RENT late-model typewriter, gridln* j a^gafa^e^^^JJraJiam.^OjMMf ! machine of calculator by day, week month. Trl-Cil.y Offl'-e Mae.htnM romtuiiiy. Dioiin .MO 6-5110. ' n Muiieaf lAttrumenlft JO.™, . . ~ PIANOS AI..K or Trade: fi-room duplex, 2 hath?- and 2-room rental In rear. Call MO 4-SI33 or MO 4-4722. n'UHLTTTlBR AM) KNABll '.' -'ho..R" from CHKItRV, \VAI.NUT, ' Biggin-; MAHOHANV, MAPLL, KHONT. AND nLflND OAK, 'BQ nti Ibs. All-ln-Onc encli bnoklnft of I"' 1 ". JnniOH Kccd Store, Cuylnr. M' I f.-.'S")!. FIIKK with KQL'ITV" In .T-beiiroom homn. Car port, plumbed for washer and dryer. 1020 Xoel Hd. MO 6-2(151. 322 S. MA VI-; NICK .1-bndroom brlrk home. \\lll trade for late model cleHii Chevrolet or Ford that is clear BTSqt,' , KBONT, ANH m/fiXD OAK, FHOM J58S BPiifli A KrriRliI KI-RO. Suitable 'Forms WILSON PIANO SALON 122) Willffrton -MO 4-ii571 3 blocks E. of Highland Hospital 89 Wantedo Buy payment. Call MO 4-4742. fn MO 4-3232 or ril'Ll) I-ike to buy 1 of ail kind,", fall MO 9-34lff._ or IP furniture WANTED: bppcal cabliie fire- _. New Kenmore semiautomatic washliiK machine. Also nice 21" Motorola TV, cabinet. Call l^_'_»:2'-5o. I, \VAVS right . . . keeps colors bright. . . . that's famous lilue l-us- tre car?>et and upholstery cleaner. Pampa Hardware. VVANTKD to buy: 2-wheel trailer. MO !-S2f.l or MO 4 -81 7H. SLir<KPINf.} Hoom." In V \Vcat. Inquire FOH SALR: 3-berlroorn brick, double garnKf. lot of bullt-lns, new KHA r-ommltmenl. Call for appointment, MO 4-776!)._aee at_6;H B. ISIh. SACRIKtCIS 2 bedroom excellent, location. Air conditioned. Wired 220, low payments, 211S U'tl- Ihnon. MO 4-:i724. HKDRROXr brick homr'wlttr double garage. See at 1125 K. Francis. ,, r i^.»»« hnmr. JKQUITY in 3-hftdroom home, attached ift W FrUSSJI: | X*™s*< nl« lawn. 1831 N. Sumner I 3 BEDROOM 2 BATHS BRICK Gl HOMES $45! TOTAL MOVE-IN COST $89,68 MONTHLY HOMES OPEN DAILY Iwllifatt to C. H, MUNDY, Rtalfar MO 4-3761 16S H "*" NIC13 3-BEt)Rd6il *HR l>—,...-... good location. $11,SW. Terms. Wilt take small house trailer on deal. Dandy 2-bedroom and den. carpets on living room and d*h, garftg*, fenced back yard, close In. $1000 down. 3 UKOROOM S. NftlSon $700 down. r>AN'OV .1 bedroom close In. Jlft.SOO, NICK 3 Bedroom & den on norland, garage, fenced yard. $2,000 doWn. Large 3-he<Jroom with fcarage. $5000, S. Schneider. Terms. Large 2-bedfoom, 100-foot front, with basement. $750 down, f! Room with 4 rentals close In $12..iOO. LAROK 2 Bedroom home, B. Browning $1000 down, owner carry loan. Like-new 2-bedroom, Attached gafaf* on Coffe* St. $1000 will handle. J-Bedroom, dining foom, l«rg* kltcn- en and garage. N. SUrkweathsf. $1500 wlltl hAndl*. „ , ^... LOVKLT a bedroom and den With rental and 2 car srtrage heir Saw Houston School. Good buy. 7-noom -with 2 rentals E. Francis. Dandy 6-bedroom home with servant* quarters, close In Priced fight. Good term*. Shown by appointment t»andv 3 bedroom brick. N. Faulkner 1% 'bath, ittaciied garag*. food buy. J unit apartmeni house S. Ballard, down. Owner carry loan. Dandy Motel Worth the moniy. sin THE PAMPA DAILY Yea* FRIDAY, FEBRUARY .._ I9S§ ft 114 TfaHif Hgaiit tJ4; ltoj^f*WuJ*tMi}3B PRlVAtB SPACE for Trailer house, $25. per month. All bills paid. Out of City_ jimi_t», Mo 4-2'is. WILL TflADE Trailer House for furniture of equity In 2-bndroom home. MO 6.8497 after 5tSO p.m. Ht J Jf f'ff f-f*' f "°- * * * a».». ^ mm, » * CULBeftSOK CHEVROLET 110 W. Fo8t*f —-'-"• ' 116 Aute Repaif Garaget 116 IJUKJLL A SON Bear Front End and Servlc* 9IS W. Foster Phont MO_4_-6U1 If" You Can't Step, Don't Start KILLIAN'S, MO 9-9841 Brak* and Winch Servlc* W. A. "BILL'" JONES Auto Engine Kebuildef isifi Aicock^ ^_ _^^, i_«_^2jii 7382 117 Bady Shop* ijj FORD'TSODYSHOP CM Palf'na—Body Worfc Jill N. Pros'- MO 4-4619 j j t ^»^i^»>j».^^»J.^ijl»Ji H p.jfc ^.j..^*---.*-^--^*-^.*-* i 120 Automebilcj For Sate 120 (MESON MbfOR CO. StudMhaU.*r — 8«*« — BefW s ?60 E. Brgyn St. MO 4-8«.» 195fi DODQB 3 cylinder Custom Royfll Hardtop. Automatic, transmission, power brakes, new tires, radio, heater, intone color. 2",40n actual mil*/. Cleanest In Texas i,..*$»$ •1931 CADILLAC Sedan. Extra HMO, 1950 'CADILLAC coupe'' sVrfa'n one Pampa owner, low mileage, t'lesneSt In the Panhandle . $;-?:..On 195I< FORD Customllne tudor o n « owner, extra. Slick, low mlleape, V-S motor »4(5.00 Ponhondle Co, 124 Tires, Accessories 124 859 W. Fo' ! *"v--Open MO 4-T.W — MO !>- R')OM for rent: en tr- iii ill BUY A HOME FIRST pyivlitpl.alh, private I °V ' ^ riv-iivii. i IFNJI entrance. C. B. Martin. r,19 K. KlnRS-! VETKIIANS: Look atthe_n«w Homes VIRGILE'S BIKE SHOP complete rtock ot pans one day IK Cu'y^ I'M MO 4-3.1.0 Furnished Apartments 95 apai.menw $S and up weekly. Bllla paid. Sea Mr». Mustek al04 B. KOI! {JALK: 2 rpRistered Jproey milch cow? Hotli iUNl. fr"«h. Call Vcrnon Turner. HII2-J-I. Mt-Lfau. Texns, between 7 a.m. ati'l I" a.m. 2 K.VTIIA Inrjro roonis w^ll furnished, private bath. bIMs paid, '.'all 4-3705, .'(l'lT7l<l'N"ij~"2 (£~~ft room, clean with I steam henf, ii'ilet, no pet?, no drinking. 302 K. KliiBsmlll._ Bills_rmid. 5^(JoMT~prTvate'~htVrh'. ~ T V" "" antenna. -. . washer anil dryer, bills paid. 418 N. " now undnr construction In the Monterrey Addition. 'Jo east on Browning St. and south on Lefors St. to site. These are nice 3 bedroom homes with attached (ramies, mahogany cabinets and doors, forced air hfintimc and plenty of closets for only ItilfiO. Total move-in cost only $2Sft. SRI a month. Salesman at location Hat. and Hun. afternoons. New ,1-bedroom on X. Wells, birch calilnets. tile bntli with colored fixtures, air conditioner on roof, down and assume loan, Imme |nt.«,«e.«.«ion. 2 IJKDKOUM home near Lamar Hcho- 3-BKDROOM house, fully furnished, wool ruR on llvlnsr room, fenced back vard and Raraxe. $6000. Phone MO 5-1521. FOR 8ALK or Trade: S-brdroorn with utility room, double garatce and storm cellar. \VII1 trade equity for lots. MO 4-223S. J. E. Rice Real Estate 712 N. Somerville Phone MO 4-2301 !C!OOD 2 bedroom, close in on Lincoln i Street, $1750 down. NKAHLY KKW 3 bedroom, Brick, ffsrage, cnrpeted, fenced back yard. $14.ono. filfi Fowe.ll St. MO 4-Sfi(fi.. w7~M. UANt WEALtY 715 W. Foster Ph. 4-3641 or 9-9504 A. L. PatrlcltiAssoclatc. MO FOR SALK or trade: 194S Hulck 4-door Sedan. Dependable, runs good. 1041 _ 193D MOllKL A Ford Coupe. MO 4-S234 424 N. Wells. HOMES 6Y Col. L V. GRACE Real Estate 108S E. Foster Broker MO 9-950S F B. Collett. MO 9-9832 PATSY R. NEWTON 4-3W ITane. SALK or trade for older car: 55 Olds Super 4-door. loaded. J1345. Sec at 616 N. Somerville after C> p.m. CLtDE~JONAS A1OTOR CO. —Authorized Rambler Dealer— 119 N. Ward MO n-M»fi REX "ROSE"" Service, Body. P*rt«, Trim Shop -' •- - •• - MO 4-6877 55 FORD 2-door custom V-S. MO 4- S234. 424 N. Wells. »!t\V. M--l.f.tu. Texas. K. K. THE AUCTION SALES rice Hoad MO 4-6409 To Better Serve You, We Have Moved! Our New Home Is: 303 West Brown Street Amarillo. Highway No.60 PAMPA, TEXAS Phone MO 4-4791 After Hours—Phone MOhavvk 4.8836—.John King Phone MO 1-7885— Roy Johnson Power-Transmission & Equipment Co., Inc. YOUR ALLIS-CHALMERS, BUDA ENGIN^. DEALER ALSO nislrihutor« Of— •Worthington Q.D. Sheaves—Goodyear Hose and Belts— Hasting Piston Rings—Diamond Roller Chain And .Sprockets—Wix Oil Filters—Twin Disc Clutch Parrs— Ensign Carburetors—Murphy Safety Controls. .2 I«')OM furnished apartment. Cc itral heating and refrigerated air., I ' S. Ballard. Inunirc nt. .No. - or T-KiK)M"~inodern~"R;irHRi' apartmont, 2 I'.KDKljiTM~ino<lern, furnl.«hed, bills tinltl. Apply at Toms Place. S42 h. ol. HaraKe, fenced yard, Immediate ~ i possesHion. AsHiime 4% loan, pays I nu-ntH only S47 inn. ?72(in. '3'3 BKOROOJI on Hamilton, I'^^haUis. iVKuO.Vi furnlsht'd apartment. Call | AID .'i-;!(H2. Sl."> lUitli. • ;f-Ki iliM"~irrd<l"rn~effk ; icnry apurlnient, , lulls iiiiid. 118 X. I'urvlance. i 96 Unfurnished Apartments 96 j lIKPKCOKATKn 4 room duplex apurt- ni.MiV. 'J Mils i>rti<l. Adlltf only. So |iet.«. Coffrr. St._ MO 4-74_'l». a.TriT("iM~unfnnii.<b(vI a|u<rTinent. pri- i \iiie bath, clean, bllK pjiul. M<' l-j ap.irliiient.-. \Mit'.'f and K»* I'al'l. 417 j K. ITtji. C:ill_M'i 4-7.;nr>. I L".NI' T i'iT.v7sili-:i'"diip'<'.'<. :i rooms titui bnth. i'142 S. K.-iulkner. MO J*^ 7 £ : ^_ : 97 Furnished Houses 971 ;! HKUROOM furnlshefl liuu^i'. Call MH 4-3i>iiO. Iminire I- n'iir. tiftor i"i:.">ii week days. 4 r{i'jriM~""Moderrr~furiirshecl house, Inriuire ."21 S. SornervlUe. •,'-Y>iK)M furnished bouse, iittn^Jivil y>trni;t-. Couple. No prt«. M f * l-T.'/i^. 98 Unfurnished Houses 98 pi.|c-il \\.ill in wiiM. ilr.ipc", - rat;f. inir • -iinl. \»<» <if -lii-ub n;i fii'-nisiicd. Mil ri-SIS"!!;. I'ixVLV I "•' orau il. ^-lit'ilrn ni-lii (I or unfuniifbtMl bousr year-round air conditioning. $14,000. $1,1.:!0i| lo«n commitment. NK'K 2 Hedroom on Magnolia, roorn.« are good size with extra large closets, newly refiniflhed in.«lde and outside, big garage, redwood fence. LAH'tK 3 Bedroom on Coffee, 1H hnth.«. utility room. lU'.Mft. 2 liKDRO'.i.M on N. Sunnier, newly refJnished inside and outside, nat- uriil woodwork, irarage. J't'OO. LARIIK It) room house In Fraser Add. suitable for large family or as -' family residence, excellent condition. 2 HOrsKP oji X. Hanks. Oood In- COIUP property. JSiiiM*. fjAKHK :l Iteilrofirn In auod ••los«>-ln liii-iitinn. Bl(f living room with wool i-arpel, (lining room, utility room, ciiriicc, top mndltl'in. Jlo.-snft n"nTurnToTr^d f>™l Nice 2 bedroom on llMinllton, ' newly refinished Inside and outside, bin llvlnif room, utility room, ganifju. JlLTiil't. I.AHGiO " liedroom on big corner lot (Mi Hamilton, b\s carpeted livliiR room with mahogany paneling, at- lra<-tivf location. JlX.OOn. We Sell, Trade Or Buy _ . »droom and den, carpeted living room, drapes, Built-in electric stove. $14.500. N. Banks: 2 BF/DRROM brick, Attached garage. Iccntral heat $ 12,200. NIC'K S BKDROOM rock, all carpeted, attached Karage. N. Russell $14,400. 13 BEDROOM, large attached garage, central heat, carpeted living room $13.200. Chestnut Nice 3 bedroom, 114 baths, nice car- i petlnp, central heat, fenced yard, ! $20,500. i FOR SALE or Trade: Will Mke 3 or 4-room nous* on new 2 or 3-bedroom home Henry St. 3-MEDROOM brick 'on Beech Ixiw down_paynient._MO_ii^o_43j. LcyVBLY .i-bedroom, near Stephen F. Austin and Senior High. $800 down plus loan expenBe. BOOTH-PATRICK Real Estate MO 4-3503 C. C. MEAD Usea Cars * Oarage. We buy, sell and service all ma'<es. Trailer's and U v liars for rent. 318 K, Brown. MO 4-47B1. 104 Forms for Rent 104 ; FOR SALE: 1918 Bulck. roadmaster 2-door, In good condition. A good buy. Call MO 9-9'3'i. If no answer call MO 4-2243. WILL Sell equity in 1959"rhe'vTolet Imnala convertible. Call MO 5-4248 before 5 p.m. REBUILT MOTORS Let Ward's. Pampa's headquarters for guarant.-'>d motor?, replar* yours today. Completely rebuilt to exacting specification*. \PW part? u.«?d In all vitnl spots, rre-te.'-ed and 100% rirlit wh«n Jv'i set It. Models to fit nil». 107b down and balance in 18 months Expert Installation Montgomery Ward 817_North Cuylsr _ __1_M?_4;S2M Gii"aFantoed"'Used" Tires.""All sizes and prices over 2000 in stock, pood sel- eleotlmi of truck tires. Hall Tire C6 700 W. Forter. MO 4-3S21. 11 HAVE buyers for farm land In Car| FOI\. Armstrong, Donley, and r,ray ! Counties. List with me for quick € a. K. ROACH. Realtors, Groom, Texas, P.O. Box 148, Phone 3721 & Accessories 125 CASH PAID FOR CARS MO 5-5743 Bob Kwing 1200 Alcock BOAT REPAIRING, Marine Supplies, Cnsey Boat Shop. S. E. of City MO 105 Lott 105 TEX EVAN'S BUICK CO. Buick - OMC - OPEL - Slmca 123 North Gray MO 4-4677 RITEWAT MOTORS Home of the Edatl Automobile 71(5 W. Foster MO 4-nr>49 Hose in, -. ,rf.|-7-|k| VA/II i |AM^ Hill at UUtlNIIIN W i LLI A(V\i, lr\ hri.-i;. ii-1 IV Sanford. f'i>« >711 10 i. f I -ii Krt-l- Hugh«M Bids- M° 4-2323; , (ilorin Hlttiiton—MO 9-9373 i i \'elm«. Lev-ter— MO !l-9Kfi'> ! i P.ob Smith Res. Phone MO 4-1460 ! Helen Kelley MO ^-71'J6 i .Tlin Palley.-Re... AIO f.-329-t QIIP:II ln_\Vini_am.s —_ Res. MO -'-jOoJ —CONSTRUCTION STARTED— Select Youc Home Today $8250—FHA $250 DOWN—$60 MONTH 3-Bedroom Homes with attached garni;e, HOxlP.l-ft. I^ots. in i hi- new Kelmer Addition Dunham Const. Co. lio out. S. HiirncH to McCullough F.a.-i In Site MI'J 5-",:i:::! DHV, MH ''-' r:. .\. MAI'K „. :-bedroom and garage, fenc- PI| yanl. J1330 down Close"in: Two 2-bprlroorn house!! and Iwo 2-room -partments on 100-ft. front. .IlL'.'i per month Income. JSSOO. GOOD RIIV: 2 f-«droom furnls_hed <u«l (ruraffe $7SOO r,(p(TD niT'I-KX, N. Kmst. $1750 down JT.Vi DOWN N. WelU: 3 bedroom and double, crtrane. $l..1.=iO DOWN": Garland, nice 2 bedroom, jrarni^e, fenced yard. GOOD MOWN town bu.xinef.i building, lenHi'd for ii years, with S year option $2»" per month, pood buy. BKST IH'V in town, large 3 bedroom double Karage on 100 ft. corner lot, S Hob;irt. $12,000. V 'I('H .'! room modern and garace N. Kiink.x. 100 ft. corner lot. 14500. ifF, i iT!"cTTfT" KiTTiTf y~in~'3~ iied'room. i '~\ bath, central heatlnf?. owner trails- ferred. must sell. 1101 Cinderella. Mil I-'S27. NICIJ )ti:siDI-:NTIAL I/ot .10x140 ft. Ciri- location. fSO'i, good buy. K SALH: Nice lot 7n ft. front, r.00 101 FOOT Corner lot — 1900 Dogrwood MO 4-3724. j ^^•^- ^ j-_<- j-r j- s- j _* *- f -f -r f tr <- i— .r r ~- -, 113 Property to oe Moved 113! FOR SALK: 4-Room modern house, Idle of closet and cabinet, space, bark porch. 2-Room hou.«e. One 12x14 room and one 12x22 room, large parni;* 11x22 ft. 2 Large chicken hou.«>>* or storage, located on .1. B. Mowers 1ea.«p. ft miles south of town, to lie moved. Can be seen nft<-r 1C:iVt noon anytime. Priced at $ I -l:^-^''' • t ' 2l!sl ''- FriR~s r ALK: Apartment housa to be moved. 2 bedrooms, llvlngr room, klti-hen and bath $<iSS. located at riunnvlxla. 2 miles west of Border. See W. I!. Lawrence. Phone BR 4- 21S>i Boricer or TRemonl 8-2073 Stinnett. jfTT frailer Homei 1*14 KOU RENT or Sale: mobile jcpijt , i trailers. Post Offira TralUr ' 12:! .S. Itnllunl. MO 4-3101. JOE TAYLOK MOTOR CO. We Buy. Sell and Trade 1200 W. Wllks Phone MO 4-6922 !9.">S FORD Falrlane cHib coup*. Radio and heater, real nice. J«95. 532 Red Deer. FOR SALK or Trade: f»BS VoM >'alr- lane "600." will take clean older model car for oqulty. MO fi-42"2 Friday and Saturday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. FOR PALK: 19."i9 Ptudeliaker Lark 6 ! Station wagon. MO _4-34i;t. llSHT FORD "Station Wnion. IIS S. I Faulkner. Call MO 4-R778. FOR LEASE A Major Company SERVICE STATION DOWNTOWN LOCATION MO 4-3751 M04- r 3571 Fill! ft Price $2,101). ..-, v ...» ... --. ...-..-, outside th, clty,. ; " NEW" ANL tfSKb TRAILERS IMjik Rates BFST TRAILER SALES Highway (!0 Ph. MO 4-3250 S. JAMESON, Real Estate for 2 bedroom home in north east or north p«n of city, MO 4-3438 or 1 207 K. Brown. 1958 CHBVROLKT 2-door V-S. Radio, heater, air conditioned .. • 1956 FORD 4-door Country Sedan. Heafr, Fordomatic, power steering: 1956 DODOK V-<i Custom Royal 4-door Hardtop. Radio, heater. Powerfllte trans., air conditioner ... 1955 FORD V-S 4-door Customllne. Radio, heater, overdrive 1951 LINCOLN 4-door. Radio, heater, Hydrs-matic 2,1- PURSLEY MOTOR CO. $1895 $1595 $1495 $995 $195 4-(fi54 MO _ "~B."E:FERRELL AGENCY !»1 N. FruM M«> I-III1 or Mil -l-T 300 POPHAM, WHITE DEER, TEXAS F.H.A OME 1 P.M. to 7 P.M. SAT. Cr SUN. LET US BUILD A COOPER HOME FOR YOU! FHA-.--GI LOANS! CONVENTIONAL OR CASH! ON YOUR LOT OR OURS! IN PANHANDLE OR WHITE LET'S BE CONGENIAL! COOPER HOMES AMARILUO, TEXAS r\-(ss) ^090 m^^ ^Cff t^sPrt . > v JC*- r e OF OUR FURNISHED MODEL HOME IN JARVIS-SONE W. ADDITION 2100 N. DWIGHT Be one of the first to see our Model Home, Open Saturday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. for Special Preview Showing Come out Saturday and avoid Sunday's crowd at our formal open- Wt- have combined choice furniture of exclusive beauty and moderate prices in our outstanding display. The most discriminutinK furniture shopper will be thrilled with the distinction of desgn and quality of const ruction con- spicious in every piece from occasional tables to sofas. To be certain of lasting satisfaction in your selection, and of the utmost value, choose from our brilliant furniture offerings. The striking sculptured line of modern Scandinavian design are evident in this unusual Ihinu room ensemble. Sofa and chair with solid walnut frames and bouyand foam rubber /.ippcred cushion*.. Step, cocktail and harvest table are superbly constructed in walnut woods. All 3 bedrooms are tastely done in -Johnson Carper, Plan maker (iroup. High pressure matching nbstic tups plus extra draper space, you've always wanted. Beauty ami style as modern as tomorrow, plus utility that affords maximum use of wall space including corners. You'll go for the versatile Planmaker Group by Johnson and Carper. Shown in oak and walnut. Beautiful new draperies, a complete concept in fresh thinking translated for your windows The n»n fo\IM» loofc In ensembles for your bedroom. Lovely cafe curtains and bedspreads that will gm- jour ro..m«. tlMiun Darkling personality. Texas Furn. Co. Hot Point & Maytaq Appliances By Hawkins-Shafer NEW F.H.A. HOMES NOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION PRICED FROM 12,200 to 13,2 EXTEKIOR: Smart new color asbestos aiding. Little mainUMnnee i>v quiifd Brick trim. IXTKKIOK: Mahugany kiu.hen cabinets, formU'a cabii\et tops, hard-AW? '.'~ wed b«ai fiAiui-cS. vanities built into huths, central he-ting, large c!oj-*<= " «li.iiti]f Uovra. u-iiumeJ out gi,rag-es, washer-dryer space and all conn?cti- r,=- Highland Homes Inc. Pampa's Leading Quality Home Builders

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