Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on October 15, 1938 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 15, 1938
Page 3
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The Maryland Merry-Go-Round High Washington seriously considering By DREW PEARSON officials are Conversely the poster picture of a plan for.Tytlings which was tacked up in Bal- Southern Maryland which not only jtimorc the other night had the photo- gives it the Lower Potomac bridge, | graph of Jackson blacked out. Only but n vital transportation link which 1 the Senator was saluting the swas- will affect the mil system of the'tika. Atlantic Seaboard. The plan is to run a short cut of the Pennsylvania Railroad over the proposed new bridge, thus giving the Pennsylvania a new line between Baltimore and Richmond. The line will cut off at Bowie and run over the present Pennsylvania tracks to Pope's Creek. This id just a mile-or so from Morgantown and the site of the bridge which the President inspected. Thus far the railroad would have to construct almost nothing. From Dahlgren, Va. to Fredericksburg, however, some new trackage would be necessary. The route would be used for through freight, thus avoiding congestion in the yards in Washington. Also two or three fast express trains might be routed over the bridge, particularly through trains between New York and Florida. The tentative plan is for the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to advance money to the Pennsylvania for the new trackage, while the Public Works Administration would put up gome of the money for the bridge. The railroad's use of the bridge, would increase the tolls and make the whole idea more acceptable to the bankers. Mrs. Toulson Jim Farley had an off the record press conference last week which got the Baltimore Sun sweating. Reason was that the Postmaster General discussed the case of Mrs. Toulson, Salisbury Postmistress, but did it completely off the record. In other words, This brought immediate howls from Millard, who telephoned his friend Rabbi Israel, imploring that he go on the air to say that Tj dings was not pro-Nazi. "I'm sorry Senator," replied Rabbi r-rael, "but I think its better for me not to get mixed up in political niat- :urs of this kind." Mencken vs. Hallgren duccd for an investigation, that presently developed that Mr. Raskob wa.s not in the market at nil and tlmt the j worst of the bears were Republicans, and the whole business naturally was dropped by the Republican leaders, or was carried on despite them. That is the basis for the claim of Republican authorship of this act that was included in the Republican campaign book's roster of "interfering" acts. We also learn fiom Cliaiiman Hamilton that bank deposit insurance was the brain child of Senator Van- denbcrg. As far back us 1908 the Democratic national platform contained this language: "We pledge ourselves to legislation under which the national banks shall be required to establish a guaranty fund for the prompt payment of the depositors of any insolvent national bank, under an equitable system which should be fairs was amusing anyhow as coining fiom the Republican t-onrce, inasmuch us Theodore Roosevelt and M m k I!:inn:i purged Foraker and under Coolidge tlio Senate Republicans passed a caucus resolution reading the older LaFoltctte, Lndd, Brookhart and Fiaxier out of the putty, even to :he extent of taking away their Senate Committee honors. Tire s:imu punishment was meted out to Wisconsin Republican, in tile House,--By Charles iMichelson, Diiertor of Pub- licitj, Democratic National Committee. Most interesting spectacle in Bal- nvai]ablu to a]1 state U J l n k j n f c , i l l h t j t u - no newspaper could comment on it without breaking confidence. Fred Essary, correspondent of the Baltimore Sun, urged Farley to release him and others present from this restriction, but Farley declined. So Fred has been looking pale and drawn for fear some newspaperman not present at the conference should spill the beans. Note--Here is a tip as to Farley's views on the lady from Salisbury: Jim believes in standing up for his friends, and when that friend is a lady he is particularly gallant. Bruce and Lewis It has not leaked out yet, but Howard Bruce has been pulling down heaven and earth to persuade Little Davey Lewis to serve on the "Advisory Committee" for the Democratic campaign which would, of course, include helping Millard Tydings. Just what the "Advisory Committee" is, or will be, remains a matter of doubt in the minds of most people, and there seems reason to suspect that perhaps it was created for the express purpose of roping Davey Lewis, together with the 125,000 Marylanders who voted for him, into the Tydings-O'Conor corral. Anyway, when Howard Bruce called Davey on the telephone and asked him to serve, Davey politely declined. He did not say so, but there ·was a note in his voice which indicated that he wanted no part of Millard Tydings. So Howard Bruce then tried thp strategy of having Kent Mulliken use his influence on Little Davey. Kent is a man of charm and considerable persuasion. However, even he made no progress with Little Davey. Then the idea was unfolded to Davey that the "Advisory Committee" should include some twenty or more names, thus somewhat camouflaging Davey's presence--if he accepted. However, even this made no headway with him. What is in the back of Lewis' mind 13 the fact that the Democratic Party 5n Maryland faces a choice between liberalism and conservatism. To him it is not a matter of personalities, not a question of Howard Bruce, or Kent Mulliken, or any of his friends, but a question of standing for the principle of liberalism within the party. Tydings, to him, represents the acme of reaction, and Lewis has made it clear to his friends that he would not let down the 125,000 liberals who voted for him. To take any part in ·the Tydings campaign, to him, would be selling out the cause of liberalism. Tommy D'Alesandro New Dealers who have been checking up on Tommy D'Alesandro, Democratic congressional nominee who beat Vincent Palmisano, arc a little skeptical about him. Despite Tommy's howls for Roosevelt all during the primary campaign, he fa beginning to look like just another Charlie McCarthy for Willie Curran. Every time anyone talks to D'Alesandro in Washington, Willie Curran knows all about it five minutes later. Nazi Posters Certain political lieutenants of Willie Curran woke up in Baltimore the other mornnig to find their fron' porches plastered with postern. Oi the posters was a photograph of Sen ator Tydings saluting the Nazi fifl[ at the German Bund meeting a shor time ago. The picture originally was taker "by the Associated Press and carriei in the Philadelphia Record. It als- appeared in the first edition of the Washington Star, but was immediately withdrawn when some one on thi paper caught the political significance. The Baltimore Sun, naturally did not even mention it The orginal picture was of both Tydings and Jackson. It has never been reported in the newspapers, but two days before the recent primary, hand-bills of Jackson saluting the Nazi flag were circulated all over Balimore's Jewish districts. Since the picture of Tydings had been blacked out, the handbill obviously was circulated by O'Conor forces. It was reported to have been instrumental in O'Conor's aweeping victory in Baltimore City. timore during the past two weeks has been the sight of Henry Mencken ,itting across the table from Mauritz Hallgren negotiating a contract between the Newspaper Guild and the Baltimore Sun. Hallgren once was associate editor of the Sun, resigned because of its constant anti-New Deal policy. Mencken is one of the most vigorous anti-New Dealers on the Sun. Hallgren was accused of being a communist by Senator Tydings. Mencken has been accused by many critics of being a Nazi. Howtver, the two men have got along very amicably in their transactions, and it looks as if a contract between the Guild and the Sun would be signed, despite the fact that the Guild is under the CIO. MARINES SOUTH SEAS ADVENTURE of Stianger than fiction is the iHory · ^ , Lieutenant John M. Gamble of th ,,,: . " Ol a tions willing to use it." Moreover, the newspapers of that day recount William Jennings Biy- an's making that the great issue of ,U. S. Mnitncs, who in a few brie his campaign, and the indignation months experienced more excitemen with which the G. 0. P. received it. 'and adventure than most men find i It seems to me that the kejnote a lifetime. Mutineers hud seized one of his thiee vessels; he burned a second ·ship, and with UK- sole remaining p t i - valuor taken from the British he j sailed foi the Sandwich I-lands w i t h ) his tiny crew, two-thiids of w h i c h , were invalids, and with only one man who knew anything about navigation. After fifteen days l,o at rived at what me n u w called the Hawaiian Islands, uheie he galliei d a native crew and again set sail. Fato again intervened when two days Liter he was captured by the U i i t i s h aboanl the Cherub, who eventually put him i hoic at Valparaiso. Months btc-r ho :cached New Yoik, leaving behind iim adventures uvwi more exciting than those which followed the f a - ' nou-s mutiny on the Bounty. speech against the "heresy" was made by Charles Evans Hughes, then Governor of New York. If Mr. Hamilton wns really willing to grant a boon not only to the pux- zled members of his own party but This gallant officer fought unde Commodore David Porter aboard th Essex in the Pacific elm-ing the Wa of 1812. Several British ships wer taken, and with a few men Gambit was left to guard three of thu cap DISPELLING THE FOG Recently the Republican National Committee issued a pamphlet for the guidance of anti-New Deal orators and newspaper editors. In this text- aook, which might be supposed to voice the policies of the minority par- y, if it has any definite policies, appeared n page headed "Control of Business," on which it said: "The fol- owing acts, interfering with the eco- lomic functions and private management of American business, have been enacted by the New Deal." There followed a list of 37 pieces of egislation, nearly all of which had been supported by a considerable lumber of Republicans Senators and ome of which had been introduced y Republican members of the Na- ional Legislature. There spoke a voice of the Liberty League branch of the Republican coalition, a.? part of the theme song that the New Deal is the enemy of business. When attention was called to this denunciation of measures that have the support of and whose merit is appreciated by a great majority of the American people, the less conservative elements of the minority aggregation were naturally bewildered. In its listing of "interfering" acts, the pamphlet makes no distinction between those that have been the subject of political controversy and those whose worth toward-the public welfare io universally admitted. This, of course, is simply a continuation of the basic Republican doctrine that President Roosevelt advocates can be right and that there is a dark, subtle and invidious intent even behind those that suggest a righteous purpose. Senator Barkley, the Majority Leader in his branch of Congress, having called attention to the extraordinary list, Chairman Hamilton of the Republican national organization, denied that his party demanded repeal of all 37 measures, though nobody had made that particular charge. However, if the self-constituted champion of "business" objects to acts of interference with business, it might be a logical deduction. Then, Chairman Hamilton .branched off to claim credit for stock market regulation for the Republicans. According to him the very basis of stock market regulation was laid in a resolution (sponsored by Senator Walcott of Connecticut and supported by a Senate with a Republican majority. In his statement Mr. Hamilton seems to be as unsure of himself as he is about Republican policies in general, for the record shows that it wns Senator Hastings of Delaware and not Walcott of Connecticut, who introduced the resolution. Resolution a Boomerang My recollection is that this occurred during the Hoover panic. The President of that day became ob- ·essed with the notion that whenever ic issued one of his "around the corner" prophecies of a market upturn, the bears in Wall Street promptly smashed the market to lower levels. The idea was to catch certain important Democrats, among them John Raskob, then the Democratic Chairman, engaged in this nefarious work. So the Hastings resolution was intro- to those other Ameiican citizens w h o ' L u i c ' ( l vessel, in the Marquesas Is would like to get some clear notion la "'s. Porter then sailed aboard tlio of the issues of the campaign, he J E s t ex for Valpauiiso with one of his might differentiate the New Deal !l )n '_ zi -' s renamed the Essex Jr. measures of which his party appioves ' w "ile another vessel left for the Unit on Heater is the SUPERFEX HEATER Come in and let us demon-' Strate the clean, steady heat of these heaters, made by Perfection Stove Company. They burn low-cost fuel oil. Cooper Furniture Co. Phone 130 Denton, Md. and those which it condemn.-. now, judging from the campaign book, it wishes to convey to the Hoover wing of the party that it would like to do away with all of them; to the farmers that it would like to do away with all of them except those that benefit the farmer; to the laboring people everything except the labor legislation; and so on. If the listing of 37 New Deal enactments as "interfering with business" didn't mean condemnation of tho-e acts, it would be interesting to get a j Republican idea of what it did mean, or why it was included in the pamphlet devoted exclusively to criticism of the Roosevelt policies and purporting to show that the Democratic party did not curry out its campaign promises, What Do Republicans Stand For? I admit that the Republican propagandists have no easy task, and probably there is nobody in their whole organization who has authority to or is willing to tell their spokesmen, official or unofficial, what to plug for and what to knock. But after nil n party, even a minority party, is supposed to stand for something. Just now these propagandists are reverting to the dictator business. Throughout the Democratic primaries they filled the air with their lamentations that the President, in his capacity as leader of his party, was recommending ccitain nominations and objecting to certain other proposed nominations. They also had a great deal to say about the misuse of the iclief funds for campaign purposes. Now that the primaries are over, they are pointing out that Franklin D. Roosevelt has lapsed in influence because certain candidates were nominated despite his opposition. This hardly fits in with the Hitler and Mussolini comparisons that have been so frequent in Republican oratory. The thought that the President should not take any part in party af- ed StiiUv with some of the spoils of war. No sooner had Poiter departeti thnn tumble bloke out among the natives. Gamble quickly subdued the disorder and lived in comparative peace for a few months while he waited for Porter to return. Meanwhile, the coinmndoic had reached Valparaiso, and the Essex was subsequently defeated by the British ship, Phoebe and Cherub in an unequal sea fight. Unnwaie of Porter's mishap, Gamble finally decided to abandon the Pai ific base. His plans were upset when a mutiny broke out among some of his men, and he was badly wounded in the foot. Again the natives rebelled, and at the conclusion of a den- pcrnto encounter he found himself with eight men, only two of whom weic able-bodied. A Gift That is Appreciated A Lifetime A Scth Thomas mantel clock with chimes in a beautiful ma- hngany case $22.50. Here is a gift that will be useful for many years., truly a lifetime gift. We have one of the finest selections of clocks on the Eastern Shore. Let us show you. Gustav Good Watchmaker Jeweler Stationery -:- Gifts Denton, Md. RADIO SERVICE At Minimum Cost . . . BY CERTIFIED EXPERTS IN DENTON EVERY MONDAY DON'T WAIT - CALL US TODAY! L. M. R O Y E R Cordova, Md. 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Now Buys a regular 7c sliced and wrapped loaf of VICTOR BREAD A GOOD THING For A RAINY DAY Hi- Yo Silver THE LONE RANGER IS HERE Don't miss the thrilling exploits of this great idol of the Western Plains Also These Great New Features $10,000 PUZZLE CONTEST WIGGLE LINE MOVIE CUTOUTS STARS STRIPES PUZZLE GAMES DOLL CUTOUTS And the'rest of the favorites in the world of comics including-Popeye, Bringing Up Father. Harnoy Google, Skippy, Prince Valiant, Mickey Mouse, Tillie the Toiler, Tim Tjler's Luck and a Host Of Other Comics In Color Every Sunday in the Comic Weekly "Puck" Distributed with the BALTIMORE AMERICAN On sale at all newsstands NEW ANIMAL STAMPS RIPLEY'S "BELIEVE IT OR NOT" FEG MURRAY'S "SEEIN' STARS" Wk*t We THIS IS FIRE PREVENTION WEEK Often, it is too late to save anything after a Ere starts. Bui before a fire starts you can easily save all of your important papers and valuables that properly belong in a safe deposit box. 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